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“ Wake up bitch!”

She wakes up.

“Now it is your turn to pleasure me! First suck my tits.”

I dangle my tits above her mouth. She sucks on my breasts alternating between them. She licks my nipples. I moan in pleasure.

“Gently bite them. Oh……Yesssss!!!!!!”

I move my body up on her and turn around so that we are in a sixty-nine position.

“Eat my pussy you little bitch and make me cum’’

I shudder at the first stroke of her tongue. It feels heavenly. It is not long before I have a mind-blowing orgasm. After I settle down I grab the vibrator and start to work it in and out of her pussy. I fuck her with the vibrator until she is about to have an orgasm and then I stop. I do this two more times and then I turn the vibrator to high, shove it into her hilt and hold it there.

She shakes, bucks her hips and squirms beneath me. I take it out and turn it off. I put it to her mouth.

“Lick off your juices you filthy whore!!!!!!”

She obeys.

“Don’t move. I am going to untie you. It is shower time and then we will eat.”
I untie her wrists and ankles.

“Get up and on your knees.”

“Yes Mistress.”

We go to the bathroom and I turn on the water.

“Get in and stand up. Now wash me.”

She takes the showerhead and wets my hair. Gets the shampoo and washes my hair. She rinses the shampoo and puts in the conditioner. She takes the soap and soaps me up. She rinses my body.

“My turn. Turn around.”

She obeyed. I washed her hair and then grabbed the soap. I washed her back, legs and I paid close attention to her sexy ass, needing it in my hands. Then I reached around her and messaged her breasts.I hold her tightly to my body using my right hand to continue to massage her tits while I let my left hand slid down her stomach towards her pussy. I rub her clit slowly and gradually gain speed. Then I pushed a finger into her love hole. I added two more fingers. I finger fucked her until she climaxed. I turned off the water and we stepped out of the shower and dried each other off.

We head downstairs to the kitchen. I make dinner and we eat in silence. I clear the table off and wash it.

"Desert time. Get on the table now!"

She gets on the table. I make her lied down with her legs hanging over the edge. I go to the fridge and grab the chocolate syrup. I coat her tits and pussy in the chocolate. I slowly lick it off her tits and pussy until she has an orgasm.

"Now you do the same thing to me"

She does. It feels amazing and she licks me into a fabulous climax. We head back upstairs and go to my room. I lie down and get her to lie on top of me in a 69 position. She starts licking my pussy. I take my purple vibrator that I brought in from her room and turn it on and shove it into her love hole and fuck her with it. She climaxes and then I pull the vibrator out of her. I line it up with her asshole and shove it in to the hilt. She screams. I fuck her asshole while she screams continuously.

“Please stop! It hurts soooo badly. PLEASE MISTRESS!” She sobs

“If you don’t continue to lick my pussy I will not stop fucking your ass. Now lick me bitch!”

She continues to scream. I slap her ass hard.

“I said Lick me you filthy whore!’’

She cries but finally obeys.

“Mmmmmmm that’s better. You are so good a licking pussy. Do you like licking your mommy’s pussy?”

“Yes Mistress I do.”

I continue to fuck the vibrator in her ass and go back to licking her pussy. She moans. I take that as a sign that she is finally enjoying herself. Her hips buck wildly as she has her orgasm.

"You liked that bitch?"

"I like you licking me down there but not fucking me in my bum."

"It is called your pussy. Say it."

"P...p...pussy. I liked it when you licked my….... pussy."

"Good girl. Would you like me to put the vibrator back into you pussy?"


I slap her ass hard.

"Yes... What?"

"Yes Please Mistress!" She cries

I take the vibrator out of her ass and shove it into her pussy. I move it quickly in and out of her. She moans, groans and purrrrs.

"Oooooooooo........Uhhhhhhhhh.......Yessssssss...... Mmmmmmmmm. Thank you Mistress."

“I am shock to know that you are such a cum slut.”

I start to spank her ass. Lightly at first and then harder.

“Ouch! Please..... stop!”

“Stop what? Fucking you or spanking you?”

“Spanking. Please Mistress! Stop!”

“I don’t think so. The last time I spanked you, you were wet. I know you like it so just enjoy and keep licking my pussy.”

I continue to spank and fuck her and she has an orgasm in a matter of minutes.

“See I knew you enjoyed having you ass spanked. I am I right? Answer me truthfully.”

“Yes Mistress! I love being spank and with you fucking me it heightened the experience for me.”

“Lets have one more shower and go to bed.”

“Can I sleep with you tonight Mistress?”

“Of course.”

"I love you Mistress."

"I love you too sweetheart."

We showered together and went to bed naked and curled up together. I can wait for tomorrow's adventures. My dreams have finally come true!!!!!!!!

(to be continued?)

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2012-07-27 00:01:06
Ugh. FUcking NASTY. I hope you don't REALLY do this with your daughter. -___- EW.

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2011-05-12 17:03:48
DidnÂ’t know the forum rules allowed such brililant posts.

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Get her best friend in it too.


2011-04-11 16:28:30
Keep it going with Dad and some of her 3rd grade friends! Likeemyoung!!!

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Please continue!!! I hope the husband gets some too. Wish I had a mom like that

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