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This is a continuing story about a young white girls travels as a white slave to black men
White Slavery or is it Really Part 2

Part 2

The boy at first did not know what to do. But seeing these older women used in this brutal manor and animal way, plus the sounds and actions the young girls were making. Immediately started his wangee to become very hard once again. He had watched the girls swim and play nude in the creeks and river near there village, a situation that had aroused him in the past but nothing like what was happening to him now. He had heard these men say something but did not understand, most of what was said, in effect it was something like they would save these girls, especially Adanna for tomorrow evening and with the drug that was smeared on them. They would be ready and willing to do anything there captors would want them to do, and this would bring a higher price especially for the white one when she was sold! As the boy slipped off into the jungle, he still did not quite understand what he had seen, or why his wangee was still so hard? He did know that if the warriors from his village did not return soon, to this place and save these girls they would never be seen again!

When he had finally made his way back to the village he had gone straight to the tribal elders and when the word spread, the fathers of the abducted girls including Adanna's all wanted to find and rescue their daughters before anything bad could happen to them.
By now it was getting dark and they would not be able to go until early the next morning. As they gathered early the following day in preparation, Adanna's parents were shocked to see these peace loving people arming themselves with bows arrows, bolo knives and poison darts! Her father and mother were both peace loving idealists, and had never seen these people so mad or intent on returning these girls from harm. Adanna's father asked the chief and his able warriors if they were going to use deadly force to get the girls back, they all answered nodding their heads with a firm yes. Then they stated that these men who had taken there daughters were mercenaries, men with guns that had no concern for others, and would not hesitate to use them!. Further they stated that if they did not get there very early this morning they would probably have no hope of rescuing the girls!

Adanna's father chose not to go as he could not bring himself to be part of this forceful rescue even if it meant that he would never see his young daughter again!. He wanted them to negotiate, talk and reason with them or offer them things of value in exchange for the girls release.
The chief and his warriors only laughed at this naive view of the circumstances, saying that they had nothing to offer that would equal what the girls would bring on the open slave market. The chief and his warriors then slipped off into the jungle with there weapons and war paint. The young boy, who normally would not have been allowed to go on such a dangerous outing had to, because he was the only one that could lead them to the place where the girls were being held.
They had made there plans as to how they were going to raid and recover the girls, once there they crouched hidden from view early that morning waiting, and watching this group of men most of which had gotten quite drunk the night before. The previous evening the girls were tied in such a way that they were able to watch these men brutally rape and abuse the women of the camp. Several of these men would forcefully bend these women over crude wooden stakes with a cross piece. First tying there wrists and then their ankles, one would get in front, the other in back and would both penetrate her at the same time! After some time of this, these men would just grab the women's heads while the other man would hold there bottoms and force them hard on to their wangee's "pricks", holding them their until they exploded into their mouths or cunts they would then moan and groan with pleasure as the women would shriek from this brutal abuse!.

As the girls watched, some of the young ones with a mixture of dread, and older ones with anticipation especially with their privates, so wanting attention! They did not fully understand the mixed sensual feelings of puberty their young bodies were having.
None of the girls were able to sleep in this condition and just ended up hanging from their bindings as this spectacle unfolded before them. The Chief, warriors and the young boy had archived complete surprise. The guards that had been posted were in a drunken stupor and were easily overpowered and clubbed into unconsciousness. Only one of the mercenary tribesmen had to be killed as he had got off a few wild shots before the poison darts took effect.
The girls were aware that something had happened, but due to there condition and how tired they were from their ordeal did not know or realize what that was. When their hands were finally released they immediately went to there genitals to relive themselves of this terrible sexual desire, even though most of the sex type drug that they had been smeared with had finally worn off.

All the girls were now safe, as they made the long trip back to there village they were left nude. To put leather briefs back on them would have created more uncontrollable desire, with it rubbing on their pubic area as they walked. The young boy who had helped in their rescue was now a true warrior and looked on these girls in a new and much different way. Once the girls were back in camp they were greeted by there parents, who were all very happy to see them all well and relatively untouched. The older women of the village had been warming pots of soapy water, and as each girl was brought to the communal bath they were placed in a shallow granite basin, while warm water was pored over them and with this soapy water their nipples and gentiles were washed clean in this process. Each girl would react with a very pleasurable squeal as there nipples and pubic area was vigorously scrubbed clean by these older women!

This young warrior who had lead the rescue party, was allowed to help carry the warm water and could not help but noticed the swollen nipples and clits as each girl was washed especially Adanna's contrasting pink nipples and very swollen clitoris this was in contrast to her very fair white skin. The sight of this made it difficult for him to keep his very hard member from poking out from under his leather loin cloth briefs. Adanna's parents were relieved that there daughter had returned unharmed, and were further relieved that only one of the mercenaries had been killed!

Only several months after this had happened, her father had a fatal heart attack! She found out later that he had been suffering from a heart condition for some time. This is one of the reasons that they had stayed in this village with these kind and simple people, this place was also the reason that allowed him to live as long as he did.
He was buried in this place, near the village that he loved, and where he had spent so much of his life. His death however had created problems that they were unable to solve. Her mother being a single white woman could no longer live in the village without a husband. She had thought about marring one of the tribal elders, but most already had numerous wives and although she was still an attractive woman for being in her late thirties, she also had health problems from all the years of living in this crude jungle environment.

So, it was decided that they would return to the states. This would allow her mother to get the needed medical attention, and health care that she would need and hopefully resolve these problems. The thought of returning to the states for Adanna was quite a shock, and very upsetting especially after just loosing her father. She had lived so simply that it was very hard for her to comprehend all the new and frightening possibilities that she would now have to face. She had been born in the states as an infant, but knew nothing of this strange new land that they were about to become part of!.

Her mother tried to explain many of the things she would have to know, and do. Automobiles, trains, bus's, airplanes and the people! So many of them, especially in the big city where they were going to live. Her mother had home schooled her, as well as many of the other native children, and although she had listened and learned she had not really paid close attention to the details, never thinking that one day she would return and have to live there.

But now, she tried to remember all the things her mother had taught her. It was decided that after they returned to the states she would attend one of the smaller private colleges, so that she would become more worldly, and with the idea of perhaps pursuing some sort of college degree.

Her mother surprised her by suggesting that they bring along one of the native girls so that she, would not have to face all these new things by herself, and also to keep some contact with her past. Samanya it seemed was the perfect choice, she was almost two years older than Adanna, and for some reason had been somewhat of an outcast in their village? She had grown up and developed much faster than the other girls.
She was very bright perceptive, and worldly beyond her years, she had read every kind of book and piece of literature she could get her hands on, about Europe and America and had paid very close attention to what Adanna's mother had taught her about the wonders of the world and this strange new land. The big cities, and all the opportunities they had to offer, good and bad. Samanya had never dreamed,that this would now be offered to her.
The fact that she, had also been the older girl who had talked the other girls into investigating Adanna's gentiles and that the results of this had lead to the girls new, stimulating and very pleasurable sexual experience seemed to make this choice all the better. Further because of the personal sexual experience they had enjoyed were now very close friends. Almost like sisters, and they had been spending a lot of time together after her fathers death.

She, had also been one of the girls along with Adanna that had been abducted and had experienced first hand being smeared with this erotic drug that had lead to her and the other girls experiencing uncontrolled sexual desires, as well as having this revelation of men lusting for her! She, much like Adanna had at the time, been very disappointed that they had not deflowered her, a condition she had been looking forward to with some apprehension, and even more anticipation. Samanya had asked Adannas mother many questions about life in the states, about sex, racial discourse, marriage and relationships. The fact that in Africa where they lived almost everyone was black and that during her young life she had seen very few whites the exception of course were several missionaries and Adanna's parents.

Samanya was told that in America blacks were considered to be the minority, and for many years had been treated badly, and thought of as second class citizens. She was further told that this had been changing for the better over the last dozen years. She had also been told that over 150 years ago there had been a very lucrative slave trade, and that many people had made large sums of money dealing in the slave business. The irony of this, had allowed many black people in the states to benefit from the guilt of whites for the brutal and degrading things that had been perpetrated on these black slaves well over 100 years ago, especially the black slave girls. Adanna was now sixteen years old and after the death of her father, the trauma from that, alongwith the new life changing possibilities of living in this new land had matured her physically. But she was still a very naive and innocent young girl. She did however look somewhat older than her 16 years!

As they packed there belongings Adanna's mother had a number of clothes that had been stored away for many years as well as some the prudish missionaries had given, in trying to keep the village women from leaving their bare breasts exposed and uncovered. This of course had not worked as the women of the village thought it was silly, so Adanna's mother had saved many of these clothes and although they were very plain they were at least presentable. She let the girls pick through all these items, and the dresses they picked quickly revealed, that on them, with there fully developed young bodies, left little to ones imagination. Especially because there were no bras or underwear among the clothes they had picked from!.

Money had never been a problem, in the small village where they lived. They had never wanted or needed much. But now they were going to one of the biggest cities in America to live, where money and affluence would be required. Adanna wondered as she finally realized, and started to worry,.. how would they afford to survive?

She had posed this question to her mother, who finally set down with her and in a matter of fact way had tried to explained that they were very well off. This situation had come about by the fact that her grand parents and even her great grand parents had been quite well to do. When they had passed on they had left a rather large sum of money in trust for them knowing that some day they would return to live in the states. Her fathers annual income for the almost 20 years or so that they had spent in Africa although modest had been invested and reinvested wisely. It alone had done quite well. They of course had never needed much, do to their frugal lifestyle and even the subsistence he received was rarely used. The results of all this would allow all three of them to live quite comfortably, and to take care of her mothers health problems, the fact was, that they would not have any worries about money.

Now with there few belongings packed, the local villagers helped them haul it to the only road, a very long trek through the jungle of almost 70 miles that took several days. From there it was on a tired old bus that jerked and bumped along until they finally arrived in the big city of Bangi at this point they boarded a train that took them on to Cameroon.

They both had dressed in identical very plain white cotton dresses that barely covered their breasts, ended at there knees, and were held up by a small cord that was tied behind their necks in a bow.
They were very shapely and beautiful young women. The fact that the dresses they wore did little to hide the shape of their breasts their nipples or the curves of their attractive young bodies, this fact had at first not dawned on any of them including Adanna's mother. It soon became apparent that most of men in their company and a number of women seemed to be staring at them, no matter where they went. Both had become quite inseparable and in awe of this strange new place Bangi! They, had paid little attention to the strange and interesting looks they were now getting. Samanya was quite amused and really enjoyed this new found attention! Adanna on the other hand was very bashful and naively uncomfortable with the blatant stares, and could not understand why these men were looking at her in this most unusual way, and then remembered the tribes men that had abducted them had also looked at them in this most lustful and unsettling way! .Adanna had very mixed emotions about those that looked her over?

Once at the Cameroon airport, and as they checked in for there flight to London there had been some sort of problem with Samanya's passport and documents. The area in the Central African Empire of the Congo where they had came from, had been well known for diamond and drug smuggling. The smugglers in the past had supposedly used innocent young women in this endeavor and they, just coming from the area coupled with the fact that Adanna's mother earlier had called on some very influential old friends that had government connections to help secure the needed documents. This along with a large sum of money to the right persons was intended to speed up and ensure that Samanya would be granted the proper paper work a passport and permanent citizenship in the US.

The security and customs people in Cameroon had never seen documents, with this kind of high level endorsements and automatically assumed that they were forged and that the girls were involved in some sort of illicit activity. The fact that they were both listed as sisters and with the same last name, one being black, and the other white, had confounded and compounded the authorities interest in them. Although Adanna's passport was quite in order they took her along with Samanya anyway, thinking that somehow she to was also involved!

They were both taken to a large room several floors below the main terminal that was quite secluded. Adanna's mother had vigorously protested, but was assured that it was quite normal, due to the circumstances. Once in this room there was a small table and a several chairs, and with a guard on the door this matronly security agent told the girls to take off all their clothes! Neither of the girls were wearing a bra, and Samanya without hesitation and not wanting to incur any kind of problems with the authorities undid her bow and wiggled out of her dress quickly followed by pulling the laces on her thong type briefs and was standing there totally nude in front of this woman in less than a minute!.

Continued in Part 3

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VERY cool! I’m glad to hear soomene actually use it to find something, even if it was just the unit itself. We use ours to allow people to track us on our rides. Our non-riding spouses need to know when to fire up the grill, don’t they?Thanks for the fun post!


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Keep writing. I like the build up since my ancestors where in bondage once upon a time.

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