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When families are close, it's usually a sign for something else. Based on real people.
The events in this story are fictional, but the characters aren’t. They’re very much real, granted they’re nothing like what the characters below are (at least, I think not. lol). I changed their names but all the physical details (age, weight/figures) are the same. I know the family very well (best friends with “Will”) and often when there’s a lack of inspiring whack-off material, I’ll think of them in scenarios akin to this story. Haha. Kind of pathetic, yes, but because they’re such a close-nit family and “Rachel” has the perfect face to cum on, it makes them so hot to think about.

The middle aged man sat alone on his bed. Frustrated. Not getting enough from his wife of twenty plus years, but getting too much work at his job. He worked early mornings through to afternoons or even sundown, at times. With what little time he did have to relax, he spent making repairs to the family house and whatnot. And when the family had a holiday (which would come around 3-4 times a year), he was lucky enough to be the one who would fork out the money. Yes, Steve was a giver. His wife, Naomi, not so much. She had a full-time job, but it was more just for something to do. She didn’t earn the bucks quite like her husband.

They loved each other, but as married couples know, relationships strain. And for one reason or another, people grow apart. They lose touch of what the other one is thinking, or their physical spark fades. For Steve and Naomi, the sex was non-existent. That closeness hadn’t been the same for two whole decades -- especially with three kids at home. They had Will, 20, Rachel, 18, and Abby, 16. There was no real room to get raunchy.

But things were going to change. In no time at all, the Waldron’s were not going to be the same ever again.

Naomi entered the room, night gown on and a biscuit in hand. She wasn’t overly fat, but she had some chubbiness to her. 5’4” and 160 pounds, at most. She bent over and gave Steve a peck on the forehead, before finishing off her snack and lying down with the sheets over her. This is what their marital status had come to. No words, just a kiss (with no real heart to it) and then it was goodnight. Steve stood up, slouching a little, and made his way to the bathroom, down the hall of their ground level house. This was his time – his only time – to jerk off. He locked the door behind him and as he scurried to his usual ‘fap’ corner, he spotted lingerie on the sink counter. His eldest daughter, Rachel’s, lingerie. It barely even skimmed his mind how wrong it was to do what he was thinking. Like an eagle, he swooped in and grabbed the matching bra and panty set. These have to be Rachel’s, he thought. Naomi wouldn’t let Abby buy these. They were black and irresistibly sexy. He was right. Naomi had actually bought this particular pair for Rachel on her 18th birthday and kept it a mother-to-daughter secret. Naomi was an awesome, loving and caring mother, but she wanted Rachel to get some. She knew it would send Rachel’s boyfriend, Tim, wild. If only she could see how crazy it was sending her husband.

Steve pulled his work pants down around his ankles, taking out his wallet from the back pocket first. He adjusted himself on the chair as he scanned through the wallet and pulled out a small 4x6 photo. It was a picture of him and Rachel on her prom night. She was looking sexier than ever, and Steve had the biggest smile on his face in the photo, standing next to his little princess in her stunning red dress. He dumped Rachel’s lingerie on the ground below him and held the photo out in front of him. Steve knew deep down this is what it would come to one day. He knew how much of a looker Rachel was, and now he was jacking off to not just a picture of her, but her lingerie as well. I can’t resist, he thought. She won’t realise. Just do it.

Never had Steve gone from mopey to horny so quickly. He was about to ejaculate and had made up his mind that Rachel’s lingerie was going to be his cumdump.
“Fuck!” He grunted, trying to keep quiet. His dick surged, cum spitting out and making its target, just as Steve had planned. That was wrong, Steve. What are you doing, that’s your daughter?

But the deed was done. He got his pants back on and cleaned his cum off the lingerie with a dirty towel from the laundry basket. Then he buried the lingerie deep down in the same basket, confident nobody would bother looking anyway. They wouldn’t suspect something so taboo, after all. And he had a rostered day off of work tomorrow, so he’d do the washing, just in case Naomi picked up the scent of semen on her innocent daughter’s clothes.

* * * * * *

The next day, Steve woke up thinking about Rachel. He had dreamt about her all night, prancing around the house with that lingerie on. Naomi was gone, and he’d forgotten where to. She told him at dinner last night, but fucked if he could remember.
“If only I could have you,” he sighed, thinking of Rachel. He knew it was messed up to think such a thing, but he had to say it aloud. Last night was the most spunk he had spurted out in years, and it was over before he even knew it, too.
“Hey, dad.”
Speak of the devil, Steve thought.
“Rachel. Morning,” he returned with a smile.
“Want breakfast?” This was a welcomed surprise.
“That’d be good. Thanks.”
“’Kay.” She had only poked her head through the door, and was gone soon after, but that was enough to get Steve hard and hungry for more. He never realised how beautiful her barely legal face was before now.

He sat up on the bed, energized and enthused. Not slouchy at all. It felt like forever that Steve had been this refreshed. This vibrant. And he owed it all to his sexy 18-year-old. He got up, got dressed and made his way out to the kitchen. Yawning and rubbing his eyes, what proceeded changed the way Steve Waldron thought about things. And it changed the relationship he had with his family, forever.

“Rachel, wh... What are you doing?” Steve was shell-shocked. His heart about to explode out from his chest. Rachel was sitting on the family table, wearing her familiar black panties and bra, and legs spread.
“I know what you did, daddy.” She smooched her bra; the cum stains. She seemed to savour the taste.
“What did I do?” Steve went pale in the face. He knew damn right what he had done, and he was well aware that Rachel knew, also.
“Had a little jerk on my stuff.” She looked at him vigorously; meanwhile Steve could barely muster up any sort of eye contact. “Don’t lie, now, daddy...”
“I—I don’t know what you’re... May—Maybe Will done something.”
“Will wasn’t here. Will’s been gone for two days, remember?”
“Rachel, I don’t know what this is about.” Steve did his best to pull himself together. “Please get down from there and get dressed.”
“But don’t you want breakfast, daddy? This is breakfast.” She spread her crotch further again. “I’m still a virgin... Wanna change that, daddy?”

Steve stood staring and speechless for what seemed an ten minutes. Here was Rachel, ravishingly beautiful, coming onto him and being a dirty tease about it.
“I’m not on my period. Promise,” she wore her innocent, naive face well. It was all part of the act to look youthful and delectable.
“Where’s your mother?”
“In town.” Steve knew that would buy him a couple of hours.
“And Abby?”
“At a friend’s. She’ll be gone all day.” Rachel grinned. “You want it, don’t you? You want me.”
“Do you?” he queried. Steve couldn’t turn this down. He’d made up his mind quickly that if it was what Rachel really wanted, he would lunge at the opportunity.
“I’m a responsible, consenting adult.” She smiled devilishly.
“Yes, you are.” Steve smiled a smile he hadn’t felt the likes of in a good ten years.

And just like that, Rachel plopped herself down onto the floor and had her father’s cock making good use of her hands in no time. She looked up at him and this was about the time things turned real for lucky ol’ Steve. Her eyes were perfect. Big, round, lustful. It was downright filthy to have your own flesh and blood jerking your man-meat, but Steve had no quarrels. It wasn’t long until Rachel was chugging on his dick and gagging and moaning like a pornstar. Just imagine the sex, Steve thought. If she was this loud just going down on a guy, imagine what she’d be like getting fucked.

“Don’t cum yet. Don’t cum yet, daddy.” But Steve wanted to.
“I’m going to if you don’t stop soon,” he warned. And Rachel stopped.
“Fuck me.” Those magic words. The words that make you jizz in your pants anytime it comes out of a hot and horny 18 year old’s mouth. Rachel seemed to rip her lingerie off like Superwoman, and before Steve knew what to do with himself, she was bending over, awaiting his thick schlong. “Be gentle, daddy,” she giggled.
“You’re so beautiful, angel,” he came ‘round and kissed her shoulder. Steve just assumed she was lying about her virginity when she mentioned it before, and thought she was using it as a tool to lure him. But he learnt the hard way that wasn’t the case. He didn’t exactly pick up on what Rachel meant by “Should we get a towel?”

Sure enough, as Steve inched himself into her, Rachel’s hymen broke. She cried in pain a little - one solitary tear down her cheek – and the pair of them hopped in the shower together for a minute. He washed his dick clean of blood and helped Rachel with the remainder of it (at times) pouring out of her.
“I thought you and Tim would have...”
“I’m a good girl, daddy... Was a good girl.”

The pair grew a little more accustomed to one another’s naked bodies in the shower, and the second they got themselves out and dry (with no pesky ‘crying vagina’ to bother them anymore), they made their way to Rachel’s room and locked the door.
“Fuck me hard. Don’t hold back.”
“Say ‘daddy’.”
“You like that, daddy? Wanna fuck me, huh? Then do it, daddy. FUCK ME. FUCK ME, DADDY!” Steve turned her over and pounded Rachel’s cunt like none other. He was a whole new man banging her pussy. She was a petite little thing, and Steve had never squeezed himself into anything so tight. “Yes, daddy! Oooo – FUCK MEEEE!”

They worked up a sweat humping like rabbits, and Rachel was in for a treat. Never a fan of creampies, Steve pulled out and emptied his load on Rachel’s face. Like a naughty bitch, she licked up all she could, then went straight back for seconds. The pair fucked solid for the next hour, then fooled around until their hearts content. 11:15 AM and it was about time they get back to normality. To the rest of the world, where they’d have to pretend this morning never happened. Little did they know that Naomi was in just about the same position. But she’d been doing it for a while now.

* * * * * *

Naomi was still out on another one of her so-called “shopping routes”. What this really meant - majority of the time - was that she was out screwing her son’s best friends. Today, she was doing just what husband Steve was... Fucking one of her own kids. Will, the eldest of their three children, had a good five inches on his mother, and he was built solid. Naomi had fantasized about him since around his senior years at high school. Today she had sucked and fucked him like no other man. Every week this vivacious MILF was getting slammed by young cock, and Will had known for quite some time. Now he wanted a piece.

Will called it blackmail, but Naomi called it a convenient way to “finally fuck his brains out.” He was a clued on chap, but he still thought she was getting the raw end of the bargain. Not only did were exploiting incest full-on, but Will had two of his best friends watching and tag-teaming.

“Fuck my ass, Will!”
The three boys roared as Naomi pleaded like a slut. Without hesitation, the 20 year old stuffed his prick up her pooper and got an inapt reaction. Naomi jumped, and after a couple pumps back and forth, was loving it. Before Naomi knew it, she had a cock down her throat once again today, and just as she could feel Will slowing down, he ass was pumped with fluid.
“He’s cumming in her butt!” One friend announced, in hysterics. “Naomi Waldron, you SLUT.”

Just fucking his mother was not enough for Will. He had to leave his spunk up her butt.
“Good boy, cumming in your mother’s ass.” She looked at him with delight; panting and exhausted. “You’re such a stud, Will.”

This family was messed up. So messed up. And what’s worse, they could go on living like everything was perfectly mellow between them all. As if this insane day never happened. As if these parents didn’t just bang their pride and joys. The question is... Would they want to hide it? Or would they chance their arm, share their secrets, and have some incredible orgy in the very house that was once so innocent? If they knew what was good for them, the latter would be the way to go; correct, Reader?

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My Dear Mr. luvmyrealitykings...No.1-The Apple of her Daddy's eye, Pt1, No.2- 2 Polieceman, a mother and her 7-year-old, Pt1, No.3 Caitlin must be bred! 1, A little sister's yearning, Pt1. All of these storys were posted by you in June and Sept of 2010 and this one in 2011-02-20 and nothing sence then. What happened to part 2 of all these storys ???..Get tired of writing them or bored with it ???...To bad that you stopped...You were good, good plots, great action...I for one will miss your writing RIP...


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Get together at home and really fuck each other!!!

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