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hey there this is my first story so please comment
I woke up one Thursday morning horny, so I decided to take a shower, I got up grabing a black lace bra and g-string thong, white blouse and jean short shorts. I headed to the bathroom right next to my room, I bent over turning on the water and i looked back into the door length mirror on the wall and smiled at myself, in a red night gown with no panties on underneeth, I could easily see how wet my pussy was already from the juices that were running down my legs. I climb into the shower and start washing my body off, I had always flanted my body at the boys at my school, but would could blame me, I was 5ft 6", black hair,150 pounds and had 34D tits. I grabed my strawberry shampoo and washed my hair then i grabed my body wash and did the same to by body. When I got to my legs I ran my fingers over my pussy and they slid inside with ease, so i finished washing my body then I lied down letting the water run and i moved so that the water fell hitting my clit, I started to pinch and twist it moaning softly so not to alet my parents. I kept doing this for 2 mins before i was oozing out juices from my pussy, I then grabed a small soap bottle and started to fuck my pussy with it. I kept going moaning louder and going faster and deeper. After another 4 mins I took the bottle out and grabed a glass I kept hidden in the bathroom and climbed out and put the glass right under my pussy and fingered myself till I started squirting into the glass. When it was 34 of the glass full I sat on the bathroom counter and drank it. After I finished i turned off the shower and drived off, when I dried off my legs the fabric of the towel tickled my clit. I got dressed then went downstairs and made some eggs and toast for me and my little brother Andrew, he was 14 and just starting highschool. "why can't I just go to a normal highschool?" he complained when i put the eggs on the tabble "Andrew we been through this, we can't go to a normal school, cause were not normal teenagers" "he laughed" im not normal, but u are sis" I sighed knowing he was right, cause my family was actualy all werewolves, everyone but me, my parents told me to wait cause it will kick in eventualy. I grabed my purse and bag and went to the bus stop. "sis does mom know ur wearing those?" Andrew asked when he saw how all the boys at the bus stop were starting at me " nope and ur not going to tell, or I will tell about ur little fun with whats her name, Jasmine?" He shut up after that cause he didn't want our parents to know, when he was in grade 8 and the werewolf gene kicked in he fucked another grade 8 named Jasmine, as a wolf, of course she wouldn't tell but I still checked on her, cause I noticed that she was actting diffrently, she was eatting more and she was throwing up in the morning when she sneaked over at night and I could hear her. I shruged thinking it was probably just food poisining and sat on the bus in my usual seat near the back with some grade 12 girls cause we were all friends "hey Jess, I finaly did it." Ashley said when I sat next to her "you finaly fucked ur boyfriend james?" She smiled "yep, over the weekend I convinsed his parents that we weren't going to do anything but we did." I laughed listening to her story, I was also jelouse, cause I was still a virgin and even though I dated alot of guys, none of them were right for me. All the way to school me and Ashley talked about boys and the cheerleading tryouts tomorrow. "Jess I thought u had ur G2, y are u still riding the bus and not driving that car ur parents got u?" I just looked at her "cause it needs a paint job, it's pink remember i hate pink" the truth was not only the paint, but the car also needed a new muffler, oil change and tires. When the bus pulled into the school I took Andrew to the office so he can get his locker combo and locker number then he went to find his locker, me I went and put my bags in my locker and stood with Ashley, her boyfriend James and his friends. we all talked and had fun, I also noticed that james best friend Kevin was looking at me, I smiled back at him, I had a crush on him ever since I first met him back in grade 9. He couldn't help but look at my tits "hey Kevin keep ur eyes up perv" I said laughing and playfuly hitting him in the arm. Everyone laughed with me, even Kevin laughed "hey Jessica mind taking a walk with me?" he asked smiling at me and holding out his hand. "Sure Kevin I would love to" I said grabing his hand. We walked around the school and evended up in the courtyard "so Jessica, I was wondering... if maby you would, I don't know... like to go out to the movies with me?" Kevin asked leaning agenst a maple tree. "Sure Kevin that sounds like fun" I said hiding my face cause I was blushing, but Kevin moved my hands and when I looked at him he kissed me on the lips. I was shocked but I liked it so I put my arms around his neck and I pressed my body agenst his and I felt his cock getting hard in his pants " well,well someone is enjoying this" I said feeling his cock" Kevin just smiled " how about we go to the bathroom and you can play with that Jess?" Kevin asked me kissing my neck. "sure Kevin but which bathroom, boys or girls?" we started walking, Kevin kept his arm around my waist " how about girls?" I smiled at him "sure lets go" We went to the nearest girls bathroom and we snuck into one of the stalls. Soon as we got into the stall me and Kevin started to make out while I was slowly undoing his pants button, then when it was off I got on my knees and pulled them down a little then I did the same to his boxers and smiled seeing his cock which was completely hard and the knot near the bottom of it was already a little swollen "wow Kevin thats pretty big" I said running my tounge up and down the shaft. "thanks Jessica, ur the second girl to say that." I smiled "but im also the best" I said while I kept licking up and down the shaft while one of my hands started to rub his knot and the other hand played with his balls. I kept stroking so I could smile up at him and then I slowly put his cock into my mouth. I started to wrap my tounge all over the tip as I was sucking on it slowly taking more of it into my mouth at a time, my hands were still rubbing his slowly growing knot and his balls. "damm Jessica, your amazing" Kevin said smiling down at me "thanks Kevin, i play with myself every morning and at night, even in some of my boring classes as well." I smiled and stood up to kiss him again and I felt his hand go into my shorts and feel the growing wet lace over my pussy. "wow Jess, your getting soaking wet" I smiled going back down to his cock" thanks, i made these shorts myself, they absorb and dry really fast so it doesn't show" I started to suck on his cock faster, my hand that was rubbing his balls started to stroke his shaft while the other still rubbed his now golfball size knot " Kev, how big does ur knot get as a wolf?" I asked when i had to re posistion my top so Kevin could see my tits easier "i belive to about a tennis ball, sometimes a baseball. "I smiled and went back to sucking his cock.After another 3 mins of rubbing his knot and sucking his cock he smiled down at me and flooded my mouth with his cum. "wow Kevin thats alot of cum" I said swallowing as much as I can, but i couldn't and some of his cum ran down my chin. "you were amazing Jess, maby i can fill ur pussy next time?" I got up and looked at him "sure but your going to need to rip my hyman first big boy, but with that cock of urs u will with ease "Kevin just smiled widly" We went back to Ashley, James and his friends."hey you two where u been?" Ashley asked us when we got there." "we went and talked in the courtyard, and Ashley i need to cancel our plans for tonight." I said smiling up at Kevin. "oh I see Kevin asked you out?" I laughed "how did you know?" She smiled "cause ur leaning agenst him and he has his arms around ur waist." We all laughed, "ya he did" I leaned up and kissed Kevin." When the bell rang we all went to our classes, Kevin walked me to mine and when I went to go inside the classroom he pinched my ass, I just laughed and sat down in my desk. All first and second period I couldn't stop thinking about Kevin, when I did, my pussy would slowly get wet. When it was lunch I met Kevin at his locker. "hey Kevin, u wana go have more fun?" I said kissing him and pressing my tits agenst him. "sure babe, lets go." Kevin put his books in his locker and we went for a walk outside to a trail through the forest near the town. "how about u fill my pussy with ur cum, in here that way no one can hear us?" Kevin just smiled "sure lets go." We walked through the forest to a open area, we saw no one else there so I turned and started to kiss Kevin and un button his shirt. "Kevin i want you to fuck me as a wolf..." I said kissing his neck. "sure babe, just try to keep it quiet ok. " I smled and took myclothes and got on my hands and knees and shook my ass at Kevin. He smiled at me and took the rest off his clothes off and started to shake and turn into a dark brown wolf. When he was done he started to lick my pussy with his long rough tounge, I couldn't help but moan soflty,open my legs more and push back toward him when he licked me so his tounge would sometimes go into my pussy. I kept moaning louder and when he was ready he put his front paws on my waist and he thrusted at me trying to find my pussy. "Kevin do you need help finding the right hole?" I said laughing but I stoped when he drove his hard cock straight into my pussy and tearing my hyman all in a fluid motion "oh god yes!!!" I screamed out and I started pushing back toward Kevin with every thrust he made pushing his cock deeper into my soaking wet pussy. I kept moaning louder and louder with every thrust Kevin made. " oh god yes Kevin fuck me like the dirty little slut I am!!!!" I screamed and started to cum all over his cock. I looked up and saw another wolf, with gray fur, I knew he was male cause his cock was out of its sheath and dripping cum." mmmm Kevin , looks like we got another play mate." I said looking at him and he noded toward the wolf. The wolf moved right in front of my so that his cock was right in my face, I smiled and started to suck on it while Kevin still fucked my pussy. I sucked the wolf's cock fast and deep making sure he didn't shove his knot into my mouth. Kevin decided to go deeper so he shoved his baseball sized knot into my pussyI screamed and my tounge moved around the tip of the wolf's cock like crazy, he just howled and started to fuck my mouth. I just stayed on my hands and knees while 2 wolves had their way with me, one fucking my mouth and throat and the other fucking my pussy. I moved my tounge all over the tip of the gray wolf's cock and he pulled his cock out and started to cum like crazy, it went all over my face, hair and tits. "mmm this wolf sure can cum alot, think we can keep him?" I said looking back at Kevin with the wolf's cum all over my face." I looked at the wolf but then he changed back into a human and I gasped seeing it was James. "what the fuck, James where is Ashley?" He laughed "look under Kevin" I did as James said and there she was sucking on his balls" Hey Jess" She said moving from under him just as he howled filling my pussy with his hot cum. "oh god yess, thats so hot inside me!!!" Ashley just laughed "ya it is, just hope ur not ovulating or ur probably going to get pregnant" I looked at her" but, there not exactly human, thought they couldn't get me pregnant... right?" She just shruged " im not sure, i was lucky enough to find a big enough and strong enough condom for this guy here" she said resting her head on James's shoulder. I got up and got dressed after Kevin pulled his cock out and the cum came running out of my pussy. I smiled at Kevin and we all walked back to school "so jess you one of the packs's new sluts?" Ashley asked. "ummm ya I guess I am" I said smiling at Kevin. All the way to school I thought about how my life was going to change......

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2014-05-20 06:45:16
This is a great storyline but you need paragraphs and a bit more detail.

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2013-06-09 07:07:06
please make a whole lot more of stories

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2011-10-29 15:43:52
Pretty werewolf stories, but please use spell check/grammar check & split into paragraphs...its kinda hard to follow....felt like a giant run-on sentance. othewise..not bad! ready for the next chapter!! ;-)

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2011-10-29 15:43:03
Pretty werewolf stories, but please use spell check/grammar check & split into paragraphs...its kinda hard to follow....felt like a giant run-on sentance. othewise..not bad! ready for the next chapter!! ;-)


2011-09-21 09:29:41
how about paragraphs, makes for easier reading

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