Wife Learns What It Means To Respect and Obey
Amber sat in the bride’s room thinking it through for a few minutes, not quite ready to go out and mingle with her guests. How could it have happened? She had emailed the vows to the preacher’s secretary on three separate occasions. She supposed that, as he performed many weddings throughout the year, he could have just fallen back on tradition without thinking about it. It had been mortifying: standing at the altar in front of her parents and family and all of their friends, mouth agape and stuttering as she tried to recall if she had heard him correctly. Love, respect, and obey: those were the words he had spoken – presenting to her for her consideration. Love, honor and cherish were the vows she had specifically asked for! Three times! The audience had begun to titter and she realized that everyone was wondering what was going through her mind – Eric had leaned in and whispered through her veil, “Take all the time you need to think it over. Vows are forever.” Amber didn’t want to think it over – she wanted the damn preacher to provide her with the proper vows – but everyone was waiting and she never would have lived it down if she had asked him to change them. So, she took a deep breath, and uttered those words, “I do.”

I do. Three measly letters, and yet they held within them volumes of information. Amber took the idea of vows very seriously. This was a promise she had made before her whole family, before God, and it wasn’t something to be casually thought of. Eric was a good man, she was sure of it, and she even embraced the idea of submitting to her husband, as they had learned in pre-marital counseling, but she just didn’t like the words “respect and obey”.

Eric came into the room, shutting the door behind him. “Everyone is waiting for us, my darling.” He crossed the room in three long strides and lifting her to her feet, pressed her against the wall and brought his lips to hers, kissing her firmly. It was aggressive, forceful, and it took her breath away. He had never kissed her like that – she wouldn’t have stood for it. Such passion only led down the path of temptation and she had been devoted to her purity. But he was her husband now, within a few short hours he would be claiming her purity as his own, and yet it was strange to be handled in such a way. He was much stronger than she had realized, and he was pressing himself completely against her, holding nothing back – indeed, she could feel his manhood pulsating against her thigh and she realized that she had never felt a man before.

Suddenly she was a bit frightened of him. Certainly she had known that honoring her boundaries during their courtship had been challenging for him – but he was a cauldron of passion now, seemingly on the verge of boiling over. Her heart was beating faster as she measured him and realized that within him was a power that she hadn’t sensed previously. His eyes were afire with lust, and his hands were upon her – possessing her and though her virginal mind resisted, she was his wife – he had the right to touch her. His tongue presented itself to her mouth and she allowed it entrance – for the first time – tasting him and not finding it unpleasant. Yet, she hadn’t known this moment was going to arrive so soon – she thought she would have more time to prepare.

Eric knelt before her, gathered the hem of her gown, and stood back up revealing her legs all the way up to her white garters. No man had ever seen this much of her, and though he was her husband, she blushed deeply. “Everyone we know in the world is on the other side of that door!” she whispered urgently. That unlocked door, her mind insisted! He ignored her, holding her gown in one hand, while his other slid up her stocking until his fingers touched the naked flesh of her upper thigh, causing her to gasp and then laugh a bit, nervous as she was caressed for the first time. His hand found the lacy edge of her panties and then he pressed against her, his fingers rubbing her most private place. She felt the silk press against her bud, sending a sensation straight up through her stomach and into her breasts. Taking in air, she tried to move back but found only wall as her husband’s index finger breached her last line of defense and wormed its way through her patch of curly red pubic hair and discovered the wet folds of her womanhood. He was invading her, but her body put up none of the resistance that her mind was enduring. A man was inside of her! She felt his finger opening her and it was pleasurable, yet all she wanted was to retreat – to reset this moment on her own terms. Why was she so damned wet?

Amber began to fear that he intended to claim her virtue right on this spot – in the church! – with only a few inches of wood between her and every living soul that mattered, but her body was craving more as he began to slowly fuck his digit in and out of her, teasing her clit, while his lips and tongue resumed their assault on her mouth and neck.

This was not how it was supposed to be! She was supposed to give herself to him – to open herself up like a blooming flower – to guide him in the ways of pleasing her as she learned how to do the same for him. Instead he was taking her, seizing control of her body, and imposing his will upon her. It was the embodiment of the vows she had not intended to make – and yet had done so to protect her damned pride!

Her body trembled as he quickened the pace and she realized, somehow, that her senses were building – pushing her along the path that would only lead to orgasm and in her mind she solidified her defenses. He would not conquer her this easily! Theirs would be a union, not a conquest. The more she fought it, though, the more easily it rushed upon her until she finally felt the dam break and moaned into his open mouth as the pleasure coursed through her like an electric shock. Her eyes flew open wide as it consumed her, and for a few seconds it was everything, all of her objections forgotten until it began to subside and she became aware of the smile that she was now kissing. He knew! She knew that he was very much aware of the victory he had just achieved, and the part of her that despised him for it was almost as heavy as the part that just wanted him to do it again.

He cooed into her ear, whispering that she was a good girl and that she had done so well. It was maddening the way her heart soared at the praise that only served to anger her mind with its condescension. Bringing his finger to his nose he inhaled deeply and she could see the glistening of her cum running down his hand. “Clean it,” he said, almost casually, but it was clearly an order and she knew exactly what he wanted though before that moment the notion of licking her own bodily fluids had never even crossed her sheltered mind. Amber narrowed her eyes a bit, raising her eyebrows in protest – though her mouth failed to voice any of the accusations her mind spat forth. How dare he suggest such a filthy thing to her, she thought even as she closed her lips around his finger and tasted her juices with her tongue. For a long moment she gently sucked his finger, bathing it with her saliva, surprised at the pleasant taste of herself, aware in the deep part of herself that this was an acknowledgement that her mouth was now a sexual organ – that later when he presented another larger digit to her lips that she would willingly part them and grant him entrance. Again he told her she was a good girl and then said she had earned herself a nice reward.

Eric took something from his tuxedo pocket and held it up to her face. It was a white plastic egg, connected by a thin cord to a small black box with a switch on it. Though she had heard of vibrators, this device was so foreign to her that its purpose was not evident until she felt him sliding it inside of her panties where it seemed to find her opening on its own accord, settling in partway and held in place by the panties. He took the black box and tucked it into the band of her stocking. “Eric, I don’t think –“ she began, but he put a finger to her lips and she surprised herself by immediately complying.

He held up a second black box now, a remote with a red button and a dial. Pressing the red button she immediately felt it in her pussy, vibration running through her, stimulating her oversensitive clit and making her gasp. Eric turned the dial and she felt it intensify, until her knees gave out and she slumped to the floor. Her hands flew to her crotch, but he brushed them away. “You are not to touch it,” he instructed, and she looked up at him with disbelieving eyes. Never in her life had she been spoken to in such a manner, and yet she again surprised herself by simply obeying.

Amber felt a second orgasm building inside of her, and she steeled herself for it, wanting nothing more than to tear the egg from her body and regain control of herself. Eric dialed back the device and left her simmering, like a creamy sauce on the stove. If anything this was worse! She was torn between desperately wanting to climax, and relief at not being forced to lose control again.

He led her to a chair and sat her down, ignoring her almost inaudible pleas to take the egg out. From his other tuxedo pocket he presented her with two items. One was a black collar with a large silver ring on the front the other was a delicate gold chain with a padlock pendant serving as the clasp. “When we are in public, you will wear this chain,” he said gently as he put it around her neck and secured it. Eric held up a beautiful gold key and then wore it around his own neck on a sturdy gold chain. “When we are alone, you will present this collar to me and if I so choose, I will remove your chain and collar you. You will always wear one or the other – as a reminder that you are my pet.”

She watched as he placed the collar in her small white purse. His pet? Who was he kidding? But again her voice simply failed to repeat any of the objections her mind produced.

“You did so well, Amber, receiving pleasure from me. But the true test of your obedience will be in your acceptance of pain.” Again his hand sank into the black silk pocket of his jacket and returned holding a black velvet box, it could have been the same one that had held her ring on the night he had proposed. It clicked open and she saw two gold rings. One had the same heart design as the purity ring she had worn until yesterday. “I see that you recognize it. I had your purity ring turned into these lovely nipple rings. For months now I have seen this design and associated it with the pain of not being able to touch you. Now you will learn to associate it with the pain of being my slut.”

Slut? Did he just call her a slut? “Eric, this isn’t funny,” she began, but she knew that he was being serious. Who was this man? Never had she ever even suspected such a vile creature was inside of him. And yet she still sat here before him, her pussy trembling from the egg, her heart beating, golden collar on her neck. She should be screaming at him in righteous indignation – storming out and demanding an annulment! Instead she chose to reason with him. “We obviously need to discuss some boundaries.”

His blue eyes twinkled a bit as a smile came to his lips. “I’ve honored every boundary that you’ve set before me, pet. Not once did I even attempt to violate your virtue in all of our courtship. It was difficult, of course I thought about collaring you sooner, but you were right to insist upon waiting. You have given yourself to me completely – by vows – and soon by blood.”

“You’re scaring me, Eric!” her voice was small and broken, not at all as forceful as she had intended.

“Oh I am very much aware of that,” he chuckled and took her hand, “you do tremble so sweetly. I do so hope you never lose this part of your innocence. Reaching around her, he began to unbutton the back of her bodice and she felt the fabric loosen around her breasts. Why was she not rising to her feet? He pulled first one arm and then the other through her sleeves and then carefully folded her gown down into her lap.

Amber was now sitting topless before her new husband, and her cheeks were flush with color again. No one had ever seen her breasts, not even a doctor, and though she knew this was allowed within the confines of her marriage, she still felt shamefully exposed. Eric whistled low, admiring her full bosom and gently flicking her nipples until they stood out proudly. She found they were quite sensitive since her earlier orgasm. “Wow,” he said in an awed voice, “I knew they were large, but I had no idea they were this huge.” She blushed even deeper; Amber had always been self-conscious about her breasts doing whatever she could to minimize them with loose fitting clothing and corsets. As he moved his hand over them, she found herself pleased that he liked them – it was a fear relieved which was a little surreal as this thought was mingled in with her newfound thoughts that perhaps she ought to be reconsidering her marriage to this crazy man.

Eric gently kissed her breasts and then began to suckle, moving his tongue over her nipple and making her gasp again. She was now acutely aware of the egg stimulating her pussy and she felt another orgasm building again. Amber had had no idea that a man could so thoroughly control her body this way. As if to punctuate her thought, he pulled away, and for the second time her orgasm eluded her leaving her more frustrated. She had only ever masturbated twice in her whole life but now she desperately wanted to finger herself, but he had told her to leave the egg alone and she found herself in compliance.

“This is going to pinch a bit,” he said, pulling her nipple out so that her whole breast was lifted up. She groaned in pain and fear as he produced a needle and she remembered why he had bared her breasts in the first place. Amber was not a person who approved of piercings, except in the ear, and yet she did nothing to stop him. In fascination she watched as he pierced her skin, yelping in pain as the needle moved through her nipple and then left in its wake the gold ring that had until yesterday been her purity ring. The pain wasn’t as bad as she had imagined, and yet was substantial enough to bring tears to her eyes. Eric kissed the tears on her cheeks, and told her what a good girl she was being.

After a moment he began on her second breast, and she nearly panicked, but somehow managed to sit still as he pulled her nipple out. But then he did a strange thing: he turned the dial on the remote to full her pussy came alive with sensation. She was squirming in the chair, her pussy on fire and her nipple burning and when the needle pierced her she came hard – only barely able to keep from screaming – her whole body shuddering in pleasure and pain combined. When he finally turned the egg back down and her orgasm subsided, she was shocked to see her second nipple had been ringed.

He gently tugged on each ring, sending pain shooting through her breasts, and then he taped squares of gauze and helped her back into her gown. Amber was now sobbing. Confused and torn between sexual exhaustion and anger. He kissed her again, again forcefully, and again she allowed him to explore her mouth with his tongue.

Taking her hands he guided her to her feet and led her over to the small table where she allowed him to bend her over it. He lifted her train and piled it up on her lower back. He lowered her panties down to just under her buttocks and then began firmly rubbing her with both hands. Amber knew she had a fat butt, but nothing she had ever done had managed to reduce it. It was full and round, and as he grabbed it harshly she was ashamed. However, Eric seemed pleased with it, telling her what a great ass she had, and then kneeling behind her and kissing it all over. He had to be lying, but she believed him, and she had never known that having a man rub her ass would feel so nice.

When his tongue found her puckered hole, she squealed as he pressed it inside. “What are you doing?” She cried out, but it felt good and she didn’t try to get away. Analingus was not something she had ever considered or even heard about, and yet here she was, sprawled over a table in her wedding gown, Eric’s tongue rimming her asshole. It was filthy and she hoped he wasn’t going to expect her to return the favor!

After a few minutes, during which she felt a third orgasm rising up, he stopped. She didn’t know if she should be relieved the humiliating act was over, or beg him to keep going so she could cum again. There was no way she was going to ask him to do it, though, because if he ever asked her to do it she wanted to be able to decline. They obviously were going to need to have a serious discussion about boundaries.

No sooner had she thought those words, than she felt his thumb pop into her asshole and push its way deep inside. The pain was severe, but Eric spit on her and the lubrication soothed her until his thumb pumping in and out of her ass actually felt kind of nice. Again that damned orgasm rose to the surface and teased at her mind. She did not want to have his thumb in her ass, but she desperately wanted to cum again.

How long had they been in here? It had to be near to half-an-hour and it wouldn’t be long before her maid of honor came looking for her. They had a cake to cut, and a garter to toss, and pictures to take. She looked up at the door, seeing the lock was not turned and desperately hoping that if anyone came along they would have the good sense to knock first.

Eric had removed his thumb and replaced it with first one, and then two fingers. It was filthy and disgusting, having a man’s fingers in her bottom, but she had to admit that it felt good. Still, it wasn’t right. “Eric, you can’t do this.”

“I’m doing it, Amber. Trust me, you’ll be glad I loosened you up in a minute.”

What did that mean? But she didn’t have to wait long to find out. Eric pulled his fingers out, and then spat on her again. It was so humiliating to be spat on, but she said nothing. What was wrong with her? Why was she letting him just do whatever he wanted? She was pierced, and had a damn egg in her virgin pussy, and her husband had her bent over a table while he fingered her asshole just mere feet away from her parents and all of their family and friends! All of these thoughts left her head though, when she heard the sound of his zipper and twisted around to see him freeing his cock from his tuxedo trousers.

For a brief moment she thought he was going to take her virginity – right here in the church – but that was a short lived notion as she felt the head of his cock press up against her asshole. Oh God, no! She tried to get away but found the table impassible and his body too strong to wriggle away from. An inch went inside of her, stretching her tightest hole as he violated her.

“Stop it, Eric! Stop it right now!” This was not going to happen! She did not have anal sex. It was disgusting, degrading, and incredibly painful.

But he wasn’t stopping. In fact he was pushing more and more of his good sized cock into her ass. She thought about calling for help, but the thought of being seen like this was more terrifying than the thought of being sodomized by her new husband.

“Oh, you bastard! How could you?” she cried, as she felt his balls press against her ass cheeks. The pain was gigantic, unbearable, and yet she did bear it. Slowly he pulled out, and then slowly he pushed it back in again. He was holding her hands behind her back to stop her from swinging at him, which meant that she had no way to support herself and keep her newly pierced nipples from pressing into the table. Amber was being truly fucked now! He was stroking in and out of her asshole, grunting as her asshole gripped his cock like a greedy hand.

This could not be happening to her! She was being raped, in the ass, by the only man she had ever loved. She was crying, bawling, as he pounded her over and over, “Oh take it up your sweet ass, slut!”
“Oh God, please stop! Please stop!”

“I’ll stop when you cum, slut!” Amber felt only pain until suddenly her pussy came alive again as he turned up the egg. The pain and the pleasure merged into one and she lost her mind. The humiliation she felt was mixed into the desire she had to climax. The need to get away from Eric, to get his cock out of her asshole, was mingled with a sick sense that this was her purpose now, to be used for his pleasure. The orgasm rushed up on her and so completely overtook her that she let out a scream, “Yessss!” and she heard loud laughs coming from outside the door. Everyone knew! Everyone knew she was cumming!

Eric’s cock pulsed inside of her and she felt his hot cum shoot into her ass. A man was cumming inside of her for the first time, and it was deep in her bowels that she felt it. Another orgasm coursed through her, her sphincter clamping tightly on Eric’s rod, milking him until he finally pulled out.

She lay there panting for a moment, still crying, still shuddering from her orgasm. Eric pulled her panties up, and then grabbed her long curly red hair and literally dragged her off the table and onto her knees. “Clean it,” he commanded calmly and she looked up at him through smeared mascara to see his cock, slick with his cum. Her eyes were emerald colored pools of tears as she shook her head, but his grip in her hair pulled her in close so she could smell his musk and her own ass on his cock. Amber kept shaking her head even as she stuck out her tongue and began licking his cock, tasting the saltiness of his cum. In a moment her mouth was full of his cock, her tongue extending out and licking the sweat and goop from his balls. Thoroughly she bathed his cock, until there was no remnant of his seed or her ass on it.

The iron returned to his dick, so that he was now forcing the head into the back of her throat – down her throat – ignoring her gagging noises as he developed a rhythm. Both hands in her hair, he fucked her mouth, smearing her lipstick. He used her face like a cunt, and she cried and cried until he finally began to cum again, shooting the first squirt down her throat and the next all over her pretty face.

“You are such a good girl, Amber,” he said, putting his cock back into his pants. She was still sobbing, humiliated, confused, disgusted. “But we have guests waiting, so get your face cleaned up.” He turned down the egg. “Leave the panties and your egg alone. Just fix your makeup and get out there.”

Eric walked out, humming a happy tune. She could hear everyone congratulating him as she sat in front of the mirror and wiped his cum from her face. The egg buzzed away as she worked, removing her makeup and reapplying it, and she realized that she wasn’t far away from having another orgasm. She had already cum so many times and she was still a virgin. A virgin with her purity ring pierced through her nipples.

She felt the chain around her neck. Certainly she could have refused it. Amber could have called for help at any time, and yet she had allowed him to abuse her, to rape her ass and mouth, and to cum all over her face. Even now, she could rip the chain from her neck, or pull the egg out of her cunt, or wipe the cum from her asshole – but she didn’t do anything of these things. In that moment she looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she hated him – every bit as much as she loved him. Amber had vowed to obey him, and she had kept her vow – but she would never give herself to him now. He would never know what it was like for her to open herself up for him.

Love. Respect. Obey. That was her promise to him. She had no doubt now that he had insisted the preacher go with such traditional vows. And she had chosen to make them. So she was to be his pet. And apparently, whether she liked it or not, her body was his willing slut. But she would never cherish him – that vow she made to herself.

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