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It was a warm spring day that found yours truly with a day off from the daily grind idly wandering around the shelves of an old backstreet city bookshop that bore the quaint name of "Books ‘R’ Us ".

Wandering just about summed it up. That’s the problem with days off work, you invariably find yourself at a loss, bored fucking rigid and wishing you were really back at work so you wouldn't be bored on your day off !!

Anyway, I really needed something to take my mind off life, the universe and everything since my last would -be-forever relationship had walked out spectacularly a week ago. I was probably feeling sorry for myself and now bereft of regular bonking it felt like my scrotum was dragging on the floor.My lack of an emotional and sexual outlet had come about suddenly during a heated row about something I forget with a hysterical Cybil, a drama queen if ever there was one, running round our/now my flat screaming blue murder that I was, to quote "Bloody boring and useless in bed !!." Oh ouch, is that all. Spare my feelings why don't you ?!! At the time that hurt more than I was willing to admit, even if there was more than a grain of truth to it. As she threw her things in her suitcase and I stood there like a stuttering idiot she reached the door and delivered her coup de gras "And you've got a tiny dick too !!" SLAM. With that Cybil, the bitch queen from hell, left my life. I stood there stunned for a second watching in the third person as my life went "pffffffsssst"

As things unravelled, I walked to my window and happened to glance out just in time to see a flash blue convertible pull up and Cybil, my Cybil, throw her suitcase into the back and jump in next to a greaseball with slicked black hair and sporting a pair of cool looking shades. My nice, cosy, humdrum life that had deflated like a lead balloon suddenly went pop. Why that conieving, lying, two faced little slut !! In a sudden flash of angered inspiration I flung my window wide open and shouted to the two figures lipo-sucking below "AND YOU'RE A CRAP COCKSUCKER TOO !!" before slamming it shut again enjoying her new beau's rather startled double take no doubt wondering where that rather despiriting bit of information had come from. Despite knowing it was a complete lie, Cybil could suck a golf ball through a straw and make me whimper like a little pup, it made me feel better…..a little.

So here I was, single, sexless and bored browsing in a backstreet bookshop trying to keep my mind off where the hell my next shag was going to come from when….

"He's good isn't he ?" suddenly came a soft feminine voice from somewhere behind my left shoulder. Jumping slightly I turned to find myself staring open mouthed at a young women of, say, 20 years with dusky blonde straight hair reaching just past her slim shoulders, a figure that was hidden behind sensible clothes of a white blouse and dark black skirt with black tights (?) and scuffed low heeled black shoes. She had a pixieish face that tapered into a small chin and wore owl like spectacles where a pair of wide green eyes twinkled at my confused and blushing state. Whoa, holy shit. As usual in first meetings with the opposite sex my mind went walkabout. Involuntary, my eyes dropped to the dark divide which peeked from the open neck of her blouse which hinted off a pair of tits that would make Dolly Parton feel inadequate. Noticing my eyes popping she just smiled a lovely smile. Whoa, whoa……

And those lips. The thought of those slipping slowly over my pecker end, down to my short and curlies before drawing back up with an obscenely sucking slurp made me feel like I'd just eating a hot chillie whole. Oh where the hell have you been in my life ? Do you want to have my babies ? Why'd I have to go through dispiriting relationships with Angela, Lulu, Jenny and finally that slut from hell, Cybil to get too you ? I stood there doing my best gormless goofy impersonation still holding the hardback. "Who ?" was the best I could come up with. Shit Henry, get with the program !!

I lifted the book and looked at the cover. "Oh Baxter, y..yes very. You a fan ?" I finished lamely as she tilted her head to one side as if considering the gibbering wreck in front of her. I'd begun to notice things, little things like the faint spray of freckles across the bridge of her nose, the fine arch of slightly darker eyelashes, the way she "ummmed" before saying anything and, with a frission of relief, no rings on her fingers. It was then I also realised she was pulling a wooden trolley stacked with new paperbacks with that wonderful freshly printed smell of paper in the air. "Oh, you er work here ?" I asked.

She turned and picked up a few books in her slim hand. "Ummm huh. Nearly 3 months now. I'm on my gap year at Uni. Figured I needed to earn some money to help pay off my debts and keep the landlord off my back, literally !!" she laughed, with more than a hint of irony. She even turned a delightful shade of pink. I wanted to beat her landlord sensless and shake his hand for having exquisite taste at the same time. My eyebrows raised at her comment.

She just waved her hand. "Kidding, he's ummmmmmm like 70. Seriously, it isn't easy being a student these days you know." She nodded at the book in my hand. "Its nice to see someone with good taste. Not everyone's a Tolkien or Star Trek groupie. God knows we get plenty of those in here. I like my science fiction more science than fiction and I just love Stephen Baxter."

Trying to ignore the vision of her being ravished by Klingons I nodded. "Same here, though some of his stuff is pretty way out. I'm just surprised a, you…er."

"That a girl like me is into hard science fiction ?" she laughed gently. "Oh ummmm, we're not all obsessed with Mills & Boon you know !!" she finished, reaching past me and re-stacking the shelf with , surprise surprise, Tolkien books. Oh boy, I could smell her, she had a faint sent of primrose that wafted enticingly under my nose making my toes curl as my eyes watched the shifting of her bust under her blouse. She looked well graced in that department. What I wouldn't give to suck on those babies. Nervously, I glanced around wondering why she was talking to me. Perhap's she thought I was a shoplifter or something. But as she continued, she seemed content to make small talk and sensing my shyness (I am, honest!!) was able, to my obvious relief,and determined not to let our conversation slip away into an awkward silence. We talked about familiar things like work, interests and books of course. To my growing delight, relief, surprise and confidence she appeared in no rush to end our chat or not bothered at all that I was obviously a good few years older than her (I'm just 30 and look it). It then dawned on me that maybe I should ask her out. A date? Oh shit, I could feel my heart thudding at the very thought of asking her. What if she was just doing her job, cajoling a customer to spend his money ? Maybe she's just the friendly sort. Oh fuck, maybe she had a boyfriend who's built like a brick shithouse and possessive !!

It was just as I was about to show some balls and tentatively ask her out when suddenly she said. "Ummm, I'm due to finish work in 15 minutes and there's a coffee shop just round the corner I usually go to. Ummm, I was wondering if you fancy joining me… and me."

Such was my delighted surprise that it took a while to lift my jaw off the floor and accept her invitation.

With a knowing look she offered me her free hand. "Hi I'm Rachel by the way."


Over a coffee we got to know each other better. I found her a delight. Despite our age difference she seemed interested in most things and spoke her mind about it with the confidence that youth brought. So refreshing, it was wonderful to have a conversation where I didn't feel like I needed to prove anything. So unlike that bitch Cybil who would always look at me with a "and what's that supposed to mean ?" expression before ignoring what I said and doing it her way anyway. God, she made me feel good, she really did and she was lovely to look at with an indifference of her charms that I found refreshingly disarming. I could look and listen to her all day. As she got up to go to the counter my eyes dropped onto her pear shaped backside that swayed unashamedly in her loose skirt. I swallowed hard knowing if I played my cards right I just might get to see what lay hidden underneath the cloth. It was as I stared I suddenly realised she had bent further over the counter making her buttocks jut out further and was watching my reaction over her shoulder. Feeling like a dirty old man caught snooping I met her gaze and to my relief watched as her smile widened and she winked…..


It was on our second date after a meal at a local restaurant and we walked back to my car did she invite me back to her flat for a "nightcap" She stood before me on tip-toe in a short black dress and black stockings idly kissing the end of my nose when she suggested it. Does a bear shit in woods ? "Maybe we could discuss the merits of literary erotica ?" she grinned as she slipped her arm through mine and we made our way up the steps outside her building.

"Literary erotica hmmmm ?" I teased, resting my open palm on her right buttcheek. I tapped it gently, idly, playfully not thinking, just enjoying the pliable feel of of what promised to be a meaty morsel to chew on. She paused for a second and tilted her head looking at me in the overhanging shadows of the archway. For a moment we stared at each other as if she was deciding something, convincing herself about something that mattered only to secret self. It was gone in the twinkle of an eye as she suddenly hugged me to her and whispered "You and me are going to have some serious fun tonight..."


Rachel's idea of "some serious fun" kicked in as soon as she had dragged me through the lobby, up the stairs and after a brief fumble in her bag for her keys, finally into her flat. Maybe its a part of my emotional make-up that seems to attract up front women for Rachel pushed me back against her front door and proceeded to lick my tonsils in some serious tongue fencing that had her panting like a bitch on heat and me gasping and wincing as she grasped my wedding tackle in a firm grip that had me standing on tip-toes eyes watering. Its either that or I'm walking around with a flashing sign above my head saying "In desperate need to be mothered..."

Deciding to give as good as I got (in these womens lib times, a fella's got to keep the male pecker up and fly the flag) I blindly reached round and took a firm grip of her arse and had a right good squeeze that made her grunt and shove her tongue further down my throat. Fucking nora, this horny little miss is going to wear me out !!

With a final sloppy slurp, she let my lips go and began to scrambled for my shirt buttons. "Ummmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh, keep doing that harder. OOO yessssss I love that." she sighed hoarsly as she ripped open my shirt and started to kiss and lick the hairs on my chest with a passion that had me bone hard and rigid in my shorts. Do what ? Grip her butt ? Sure, no problem I can do that. My hands up. Spreading the fingers of each hand I teased and fondled the packed flesh of her rounded backside until she was whining and purring noisily.

"Like that ?" I asked off-handedly. I sure as fuck did. This young vixen was seriously stacked in the big bum department. I promised myself that I'd give it due care and attention once I'd stripped her naked. A light bulb went on above my head. Hmmmm, wonder if she likes it stuffed up her Khyber Pass ? Would madam like a little rectal reaming perchance ? It'd been quite a while since I'd rode the old back road of a willing victim, Cybil ( the bitch queen to out bitch them all lest we forget ) used to throw a fit, pummel me silly and call me every perverted name under the sun if I'd so much as rub the crown of my cock against her butthole. Maybe I should just keep to the main road until we get to know each others little kinks better and besides this WAS still only our second date. Bad boy Henry, don't be greedy. Be satisfied with the main course you randy sod. Please Miss can I have some more ? Before I could say anything she spun round, grabbed my hand and dragged me to her bedroom.

I resisted her pull, sort of. "My mother told me never to get undressed in front of a date until at least we were engaged." I protested laughing as she grasped my other hand and bumped her bedroom door open with her bum.

"Really, and what would your mother think if she knew you were being seduced by a much younger woman who also intended to ravish you until your pips squeak mmmmm ?" she asked seductively with a sly smile.

"She'd think I'd lost my mind going out with a floozey, a strumptet with loose morals who enjoyed corrupting innocent older men." I teased as she drew me to her double bed and helped me to slip my jacket off. Suddenly, she pushed against my chest and I fell on the matress with a bounce as she quickly straddled my waist and lent down to rub herself against me like a purring cat. Her short skirt had ridden up revealing her stocking tops and an expanse of creamy white thigh and buttock below the taught material of stretched black knickers that had me swallowing hard. Grinning as she straightened up, I reached and grasped her hips as she began a slow striptease that had me licking my lips in anticipation and pure lust. To add to the effect I could feel her rubbing the soft mound of her fanny against my rigid member that jerked wantonly in my shorts. Finally, she tugged her blouse free of her skirt and slipped it sexily off before twirling it round her head once or twice and casting it around the room. I whistled low.

She hunched her shoulders together causing the valley of her already impressive bust to deepen as her titty flesh bulged out over the lace. "Ummm, do you like them Henry. Do you want to see them ?" she teased, the points of each hardened nipple thrusting against the material of her quivering bra.

I was nigh on a gibbering wreck, a pool of pent up testosterone that was about to go off like a geyser if she wasn't careful. "Yes please. I like very much. Take them out, show me." I panted as I bounced my hips off the bed as a judder of desire leapt along my groin. Smiling slyly, she reached around and unfastened the clasp and teasing me more, she slipped the bra nearly off holding it protectively across her chest peek-a-boo-style. After a pause, she let her hands drop, resting the palms on my bare chest as I just laid there gawping in admiration. Bloody hell, they were, well, perfect. Absolutely perfect. They sat there full, round, slightly pendulous and trembling in their owners obvious lust. Each was topped off with a large dark crescent tinged with small goosebump like spots from which an inch long teat protruded pointing directly at me, inviting me to fondle, pinch and suck to my hearts content. Tentatively I reached up, cupping each bazoom tenderly feeling the weight of each sucker before using my thumb to tweek each nub that made her rub her cuntal opening vigorously against my still hidden dick.

"Ahhhh ummmmm harder, really squeeze them harder. I like it hard.....go on do it." she breathed as we both watched her flesh ooze out from between my steadily grasping fingers like bakers dough. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh shit. Oh yeah. Pinch me, pull my nipples." she urged. Using my thumb and forefinger on each hand I grasped her nipples hard and stretched her tits away from her chest obscenely until they resembled torpedo tits. All the while, Rachel was jerking and grunting with mini-climaxes that had her rotating her head and her hair flying. Well, well. Seems like this young lady likes it a bit rough and ready. Not really my thing but who the hell am I to complain ? Not me, not this fucking night.....


Call me Mr Average in the floppy sausage department but by the time my young date had eased my jockeys down and off leaving me bollock naked and bobbing up and down in the wind I was in serious trouble of a pre-coital eruption of what felt in my acorns a major tankfull of cha-cha juice. In short, I had everything I could think of crossed as she licked her rosy lips, reached up and gently grasped my member just behind the swollen knob. I wondered what she was thinking as she started to squeeze me causing the crown to bulge hugely and flare near purple. Least she hadn't sat back, hands on hips and muttered something along the lines of "Is that it ??!!" or "Stop the ride, I want to get off !!" No, thankfully, she seemed quite happy as she glanced knowingly up at me, pressed my throbbing pecker back against my groin and began to lick its sweaty underside with her pointy, dainty tongue. Oh boy. She's an obvious linguist this one. Yikes. Drumming her tongue over my knob end she twirled it around sending sensations rocketing up to my brain that made me go weak at the knee's, so much so in fact I dropped back down onto the bed and just laid there watching as she played around with my dick and got down dirty into some serious cocksucking.


"Hmmmmmmmm...." smiled Rachel as she sat back on her haunches licking her lips as I flopped back groaning. Reaching up, she wiped some of my spend which had slithered down her chin and licked it off her palm watching my reaction all the while. "Hair trigger, sharp shooter ?" she smiled, idly fondling her right breast and teasing its elongated nipple.

Blowing out my cheeks, it felt like she'd sucked me dry. "Its a curse. If I was the Lone Ranger I'd shoot myself in the foot before I could draw sweat. Sorry." I explained, wheezing and feeling embarrassed at my "'d better not suck me that hard or I'm going to..." She might as well have been eating ice-cream for all my warning mattered.

She swatted my floppy tool (ouch !!) "Don't be silly Henry. It happens, besides your spunk is rather tasty. " Oh, thank you very much. Cybil would of gagged and thrown a fit. I was so surprised she laughed at my bemused look. "What do you want to do next hmmm ?"

Er. Now there's a loaded question.

Before I could answer, she slipped off the bed and began to fiddle with the clasp of her skirt. Oh, a show. Front row seat too. Groggily, I sat up and watched eagerly. Rachel turned to face away from me then bent right over and touched her toes giving me a perfect view of her spectacular rump. To my delight she fumbled behind her and tugged the skirt over the hump of her spread backside slowly revealing her stretched black knickers. Once clear she let her skirt fall where she stepped out of it leaving her just in her knickers and black self supporting stockings. To be honest, I was fucking drooling in sheer ping pong lust. I never considered myself an arse, tit or leg man (I'm far too immature for that) but the sight of this girls bum staring me in the face made me an instant devotee of the pear shaped treat. Sitting forward, I reached across and grasped the material slowly tightening it until the fabric disappeared into the dark crack between her cheeks as my eyes glanced at the soft swing of her pendulous breasts that hung from her chest swaying hypnotically. Rachel, her hands on her knee's, lifted her head slightly and closed her eyes murmuring endearments and other obscene things she wanted me to do to her. Don't you worry lass, it will really be my pleasure - honest. Taking her in hand, I see-sawed her knickers over both cheeks leaving her bare to my gaze. Oh, blimey !! A bare puss !! Cool, she shaves her snatch...well I never. I'd never seen a kojak fanny before. The nub of her sex was defined by a thin split with little lips from which her clit peeked and the road up to her anus was hairless too. She was also dripping and sighed loudly as I fiddled about diddling her button whilst she swayed her hips erotically. Wow, does that ring my bells or what !!

Rachel squealed loudly suddenly, jumped away from my hand. Stopped, hopped around for a second grasping her crotch then, to my surprise, promptly jumped my bones so to speak. Which resulted in a serious bed squeaking session of sweaty proportions as we both fucked our brains out big time....


Rachel's delighful arse rose above me like some sexual moon as we laid head to toe and vice versa enjoying a lazy, hazy post intercourse playtime. She, tenderly licked my spent dick as I lavished my oral technique (I do have one...just) on her sated sexpot. Her bum was spectacular, made all the more so because its proportions were spot on. It was big I grant you, but it was perfect. A bit bubble butt shaped with a prominent curvy underhang where pliable padding met thigh and with each cheek seperated by a deep dark cleft that looked like some mysterious stretch of the Amazon, just waiting to be explored.

"So I'm your rebound ummm ?" she asked with a smile.

Uhoh. Not a question to ask your lover when his tongue is half way up your honeypot toots. Not a question to be answered lightly either seeing as she's your throbbing doodah in her grip. Was she ? No, the way I looked at it now was that Cybil had done me a big favour without knowing it. The last thing I would do is call this firecracker a rebound. WIth a last flick of her versuvious I withdrew and massaged her firm young thighs. "No, of course not. You have no idea how bloody happy I am being here with a faceful of your snatch." I replied, wincing as she burst out laughing and wanking my member harder.

"Oh, I'm glad to hear it Sir !!" she giggled, waggling her tush in my face. "I just thought, well, after you told me what happened, that you might, know. EEK !!"

Slipping a finger between her pussylips, I rubbed my thumb over her back hole that had hre gasping loudly. "Don't even begin to think that Rachel. Not ever, you hear ?"

On the up-suck she sighed. "Yes Sir."

As she slurped on my willy like some eager kid licking an ice cream I began to notice something on each of her cheeks, something faint but there. Grasping each sphere, I squeezed them together like some gigantic marshmallow. "Whats wrong with your bum ?" I asked intruiged. From what I could tell It looked like she'd been sitting on a wooden park bench or something. Rachel stopped sucking and turned her head to look at me sheepishly or so I thought.

Her face flushed red before she found her voice. "Oh that, its er something I do, did, tried to do. I er..." she flustered, turning an even deeper shade of red. The look on her flushed face was curious, it was like she wanted to drop the subject sharpish but at the same time, explain it. I reached up again and traced the faint outline of one of the, what looked like, a fading bruised rectangular stripe. As I did so, she thrust her hips back hard, rotating them and beginning to whimper. Blimey, what the hell is up with her ?

Being the caring fella I am I asked her again. "Its okay, you can tell me. I won't tell a soul." I was serious. Honest. Suddenly I found myself smothered by an avalanche of arse flesh as she sat up quickly and turned herself around to straddle my waist again with my erect cock stuck up like a flagpole between us. She had a pensive look on her face. "Look, if its a secret. You don't really have to. We all have them you know."

Dropping forward, her wonderful bust flattening across my chest her face not 6 inches from mine I watched as she bit her lip and began to explain."Ummmm no, Henry. Its just, well, a bit personal you know and I've never told anyone about it, thing." she finished, her teeth nipping her lower lip sexily. Her thing, oh aye ?

"Only if you want to toots. I don't want anything to come between us and spoil what we're sharing tonight." I smiled meaning every word, taking a stray strand of her hair and twirling it around my fingers as she glanced nervously at me. I could sense her mind racing to Christ knows where. Should I, shouldn't I ? With a deep breath she told me about her "thing."


Not to put too fine a point on it...I was shocked.

It would never of occured to me in a million years that she was interested in that. No way. I mean, well, I wasn't born yesterday but that sort of thing just never entered my little plastic bubble of simple masculine randiness. I rubbed my chin as she watched me, gauging my reaction I felt. God, men are such simple creatures. Our pleasures are straight up and down, in and out with an hours sleep at the end. Ten minutes (if you're lucky!!) of vigorous exercise followed by a brief explosion and fireworks display followed by a cure for insomnia. Voila. But women, bloody hell. Truly the phrase "Never judge a book by its cover" was never more apt. So this young woman, gorgeous, vivacious, sexy and above all carefree was into getting her delectable bum spanked. A fetish for being spanked. Spanked. Spanked, spanked, SPANKED. The word echoed through my mind. Didn't Madonna do a record about it ? Hanky panky, nothing like a good spanky....

None of my other paramours were remotely interested in anything like that. Jeez, I considered myself lucky if I got to have another go on the rollercoaster !! "I'm going to spank you now..." would of seen me behind bars. Though with that bitch Cybil she'd of castraited me first. Was spanking sexual for her ? Was it for me ? Hmmmm. The thought of a woman wriggling over my lap as I slapped happy away did have a certain appeal. But who was I to know ? I'd never done it.

Rachel was licking my chin, watching me. "Ummm, I, well, what you think Henry ?" she whispered. This was important. For her. I could see it in her eyes.

"Well, can't pretend I'm not surprised Rachel. Never crossed my mind that any woman, let alone you, is into getting someone to give them a walloping, " I began carefully. "How, well, how many men, er, how many spankings have you had ?" I asked quickly. Tact Henry, show some fucking tact.

Rachel glanced away, embarrassed. "Ummmm well, to be honest....none."

Eh ? None ?

"None ?" I blurted out.

Rachel shook her head sadly. "No, none. Nobodies spanked me....yet."

I was in a daze. Then how come. "But the marks.....on your arse." I said confused.

Resting her chin on my chest, Rachel peeked impishly up at me with an imploring look on her young face. "Ummm, those, I.....did myself." she blushed. "With an old belt I found."

Oh, holy shit. Self flaggelation. I didn't know whether to feel relief or sad for her that she hadn't been able to trust anyone to tell. Until now. I cupped her pink face. "Its alright. I understand." I smiled and kissed the tip of her nose lovingly. It was then something suddenly occured to me like a bolt out of the blue.

"....................yet ???!!!!!!"

Slithering further up my body, her lips found my right ear and into which she whispered enticingly, huskily. "Ummm, if you do to me what I need, you can tell me what you like and I might just do it for you."


Part 2.

Rachel, to quote, was most definitely hot to trot and warming to her subject with an outpouring like a dam breaking. She was really getting it off her (impressive) chest. Sitting on her bed, me naked, her still in her self - supporting black stockings she was radiant in her obvious relief that I'd not thought of her secret kink as some sort of perverted character flaw, even though I had reservations about the actual act itself.

"Ummmm," she continued, pausing for a second as she considered my question."Well, ever since I can remember I guess. My parents were pretty strict, especially my mother. My dad would just send me to bed and ground me but my mother used to make me fetch her slipper." she explained, screwing up her face as the memories came flooding back. "She really knew how to punish her kids she did !!"

Blimey. I urged her to continue intruiged.

"Ummm, I guess it really began to turn me on when I reached puberty. I was pretty quiet as a child and kept most things to myself, emotionally that is. Mother always said I was the dreamer in the family. By the time I was 13 or so I was always getting into trouble for stupid things and found myself secretly wishing that it was my mother who found out first. A sub-concious yearning I guess." she sighed with a far away look in her green eyes.

"Wasn't it painful ?"

Rachel shrugged." Oh sure. Of course. The more trouble I got into the harder she'd hit me. I had some right thrashings, real over the knee screamers that made me nearly faint with the pain. But, and this is really hard to explain, there was something else. In here you know...." she pressed her hand to her chest."A kind of, ummmmm excitement. A scary excitement. Being afraid but not, all at the same time. Afterwards, I'd be sent up to my room for the rest of the day and making sure the door was locked I'd play with my pussy something rotten and have the most intense feelings. It was lovely...."

"Viva la masterbation !!" I laughed.

Rachel giggled, reached over and pinched my willy. "Not this night, not when I have Dicky Dangler at my disposal. This chap can come visit all my haunts any time he wants. "she grinned. "After you deal with my big fat arse first though...ok ?"

Enjoying her stroking, I nodded enthuiastically. "Absolutely toots. I'll do you then you can do me. Deal ?"

"Deal." she grinned. Then she lent over and whispered in my ear seductively."I think I know what you like Henry." she breathed. "You can do that to me if you want to lover, but just make sure I'm well greased ok ?"

Licking my lips I looked her in the eyes. "One expert in vaseline coming up." I promised her. Oh boy, I could feel all my hormones running around shouting "Ppppppppppppparty time!!!!" But being the gentleman I am, satisfying her first was the next order of sexual business.


Ass, arse, butt, bum, bott, bottom, backside, behind, derriere. All derivations flashed through my mind as this young woman bent over in front of me as I sat on the end of her bed and made me lick her all over as she purred like a sated pussy. Yum, yum, yum. She especially liked it when I shoved my forked tongue up her dripping snatch then distributed her juices over each of her creamy cheeks leaving it in a crystal glistening sheen of sexual shimmer.

"Oh, ah yessss Henry. I like that, lick my pussy and bumhole again !!" she pleaded as I grabbed her hips to keep her still. Be my pleasure toots. After more suckage, she jumped up and flung herself over my lap where she bounced around giggling like a 10 year old waggling her pristine behind in my face like some sexual treat. Bouncing, that is, on my extended appendage don't you know. Ouch. That hurt, really fucking hurt. If she wasn't careful she'd be spending an embarrassing time explaining to a nurse in A & E how my dick got so bent while I laid whimpering like a wimp on a trolley in some cubicle. Spending a night in hospital with a wounded cock was the last thing on my mind. She saw my groan and sat up gripping my hand (she should apologise to my dick first methinks) "Ohhhh...Henry, I'm so sorry. I'll kiss it better later I promise !!" she said, kissing my cheek. I made a face as she settled back down making sure she didn't flatten my loofah in the process. "But now I need you to spank me Henry. SPANK ME SPANK ME HURRY !!!!"


Well, it wasn't like I thought it would be. Nope. I figured it'd be a simple exercise of giving her tush a few whacks before she'd be satisfied with my efforts and be in a hurry to stuff me up her honeypot. But no. She seemed intent on telling me EXACTLY what she wanted, how hard, soft, where, how often, fast or slow. A spank, a slap, a wallop, whatever and all the while her beachbum got redder and redder and hotter and hotter. Not to mention she got wetter and wetter and hornier and hornier. It was as I had spanked her for the umpteenth time across the summit of both cheeks did she suddenly scream "OH !!" (a hiccup and much squeezing of womanly thighs) "FAST, FASTER " (me - spank, spank, spank.) "OH-MYYYYYYY-EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Ding dong, ding dong. It took her a full minute to come round from her climax. Blimey, was I impressed. Bloody women, they have all the sodding luck. All we get is a 5 second goofy impression and end up sounding like Donald Duck for our efforts whereas women get not only the carnival but the whole fucking parade with jazz bands included too !!

Gee, I never knew spanking could be such a liberating thing for women. Shows how much I know. Another page added to my sexual textbook. I was about to let her up when she groaned, lifted her head from the floor and pulling the hair from her face said. "Ohhhhhhhh that was fucking great. Do it again !!!"


A looooooooooooong while and much vaginal and anal plodging later I was completely knackered and thought I'd gone to a mixture of heaven and hell. Heaven because I'd discovered a whole new aspect of my sexuality that I hadn't known about before and hell because there was no way my dick was going to work again for a month of sundays. In other words, I was totally fucked. My pride and joy was waving the white flag. If Rachel wanted more fucking I'd have to raid the fridge for the biggest baddest cucumber I could find. Rachel, her head on my chest looked sympathetically up at me with those doe eyes of hers. "Awwwwwwwww, thats the problem with men. Once, twice, three times maybe. No stamina. Still you're a lucky boy Henry. This naughty girl is quite happy to be spanked anyway. In fact, "she said brightly, jumping up and running from her room red arsed." I have a really really bendy ruler somewhere !!"

Lying back on the bed grinning like a love-struck fool I thought to myself "Well Henry old son, if things pan out as you hope you'd better get with this spanking lark if you're to keep your main squeeze happy during those long winter nights. Christ, its a hard life isn't it !!"

Looks like I was now an honorary member of the bottom slapper brigade - first class.


The following 6 months were wonderful. Rachel was as special as I thought she'd be when I first set eyes on her in that bookshop all those days ago. She'd turned my life upside down, inside out and round again. It was an odd relationship in a way I guess, she did her studenty thing while I got on with doing the daily 9 till 5 which I usually spent clockwatching wishing I was home again so we could have some FUN. After much discussion (and persuasion by way of a good hard slippering - even she was surprised at my vigorous swing) she finally moved in with me and in those first weeks we were usually fucking like rabbits every opportunity we could get. As for her little "thang..." suffice to say, she spent more time inspecting the carpet at close quarters than my hoover. She loved it. Many a time I'd come home from work all hassled and frazzled to find her in a skimpy outfit (oh, she got to know my little foibles far too well !!) just demanding I give her what for across her delicious bottom whether it be by hand, slipper, belt, spoon (LONG story) or, in the end, a length of bamboo she found in my garden shed holding up the tomato plant. I was becoming addicted to her fetish. I used to spend my time at work eyeing up my female colleagues giving them marks out of 10 in the "most succulent arse I'd like to thrash." sweepstakes. Mrs Oddy won by a country mile. She had a bum the size of the backend of a battleship. God, how I wished I could strip her naked, bend her over the counter and give her 30 lashes with my belt. Stop it Henry, you're becoming a daydream believer in your old age.

So as you can see life was ticking along nicely.

That is until one day when I got home and found the note......


So here I am. Single and sexless again. What is it with women and me ? Am I some sort of lost cause, maybe they can spot a sucker a mile off. It'd been just over a month since Rachel had finished our relationship. She'd decided to go back and live with her mam and dad saying she was homesick and all that. Personally, I think she just grew out of me and wanted something more for herself now that her needs had been met so to speak. It was just my flamming luck that "home" was the other end of the country and nothing I could say would change her mind. Life ? Don't talk to me about life. So there I was, not only single and sexless but thanks to Rachel, spankeeless too. With a dawning realisation I craved it. Needed it. I missed its urgent thrill of flattening buttocks, shrill cries and the heady buttfucking that always followed. Why, oh why oh why.....

Life, without Rachel and her glorious bottom just wouldn't be the same.

Or would it ?


It was one afternoon a week or so later and I was doing much of a nothingness just lazing around feeling sorry for myself as was my wont these days when there was a soft tapping on my door. With a grunt, I got to my feet and went to open it. As the door swung open I gasped with surprise. It was Cybil. Cybil, the Bitch Queen from Hell and she was standing there looking at me like a little girl lost (oh boy, she sure as hell hadn't forgotten how much that used to turn me on big-time !!!) and at her feet was her suitcase. There was a deafening silence as we stared at each other until "I...I was wondering...." she said hesitantly, biting her lower lip. Uhoh. I had warning bells and sirens going off everywhere. "Can..can I come in Henry, please...?"


I am, am I not, the worlds biggest fool.

I should have "Born, lived, died a sucker." tattooed on my forehead as I sat listening to Cybil, all pleading and begging, telling me how much she missed me and that she really, truly, did love me despite her trist with the Fonz. By rights, I should of kicked her, her fat arse and her suitcase out of my flat right that second for having the sheer brass balls to even cross my path again. But I didn't. For something had changed. I had changed.

As Cybil babbled on saying she would do "anything - absolutely ANYTHING " to make amends and repair our relationship (again) my eyes happened to glance from her tear stained face to the thing that was hanging from a single hook on the back of my front door. Oh you bad boy Henry. You bad bad strapping man. I began to grin from ear to ear.

"Anything Cybil ?"


The end.



2007-05-04 05:50:51
I rather enjoyed that. But I agree with the general..More detail


2006-02-06 19:47:52
Brilliant... absolutely brilliant...


2005-05-20 20:13:48
Do you write General. Probably not. Anyway GREAT story. I loved it. Loved getting spanked myself a time or two also. It is a wonderful thing but i agree with Assman, you need a part two. Tell us about spanking cybil. She needs it a lot and I think after a moment or two she will like it ALOT. Kisses


2005-03-22 11:10:32
this was a great story, you should write a 2nd one about how bad you spanked cybil for being such a fucking slut.


2004-09-28 00:48:19
story is rather intriguing no doubt butt leaves some to be desolate.. too long too many flashbacks of cybil.. no details of the anal play she allowed ,,should have included a few things such as #1. info on the anal play she allowed. #2. should have included the option to let her spank you, with belt ,or shoe etc ,, 3#. spend less time on details of pussy licking .#4.should have shortend the stroy into poss 2 paragraphs . this one is much much to long ,

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