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The Gift

Sarah signed for the package. She noticed that the Fed Ex driver never raised his glance above her breasts. Sarah didn’t mind, she liked the power that he tits gave her over men. In short, our dear Sarah was what was once called a tease.

Since she was expecting nothing and had ordered nothing she was curious about the contents of the box and set to opening it. Inside was a collar and a note. The collar was pleasant enough, even though it did have links for attaching things. Still Sarah could see herself wearing it in public without being embarrassed.
She opened the note and across the top of the page was one word, “WARNING.” Then the note went on. “Once this collar is placed around the neck and snapped closed it cannot be removed by anyone except its owner or authorized agent. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!”

Sarah snapped the collar shut and opened it again with no problem. “Well, if I can open and close it so easily, then I must be the owner,” she laughed to herself. She sat the box with the collar in it on her desk and went about her day.

That night, she thought about the collar again, and took it out. It did have an attraction about it. It was well designed and well made. Sarah looked into her mirror and held the collar up to her neck. She had to admit that she liked the way the collar made her look. After testing the snap lock a number of times, she put it around her neck and snapped it shut. Her phone rang.

“You have just put on my collar,” a voice said. “I will contact you again tomorrow night. In the meantime have a pleasant evening and get a good night’s sleep.” Sarah could hear laughter as the caller disconnected. Sarah looked at her caller ID. Shit! He had blocked his number. Sarah was feeling strange and a bit light headed. “I’m taking this piece of shit off,” she said to herself. But, as she half suspected, the snap lock would not respond. “Fuck,” Sarah said aloud, “I will cut this fucker off.” She grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to slide a blade between her skin and the leather. But something was happening. There was no room to slide the blade; the collar was growing into her and becoming a part of her.
“I need help. I am off to the ER,” but as she reached her door, she found that all she really wanted to do was go to bed. She was so sleepy that she barely made it to her bedroom and out of her clothes before she fell into a deep but very troubled sleep.

Her dreams that night were what may be called a mixture of the classic male wet dream and nightmares. She was been sucked down a whirlpool of sex and pain. She was being flogged dissolved into the most beautiful cock she had ever seen dissolved in something painful being forced into her ass dissolved into her as a slave girl at the feet of her beloved owner and master.

When she woke up the collar was gone!

Just as she finished her morning coffee, the same Fed Ex man came to the door and enjoyed her tits while she signed for another package. He gave her a lewd smile, turned, and left. After she left, she realized that she was just wearing an old boy friend’s shirt and her tits and cunt were on display for the driver. Now, Sarah liked to tease now and then, but unconscious flashing was just not her style, but then she decided not to let it bother her, and sat down with the package. The first thing she saw upon opening the box was a note – she sat it aside. Next she found a trench coat; she sat that aside as well. “Strange,” she thought. Left in the box was a red garter belt, a package of red nylons, a red half bra, sheer red panties, a set of handcuffs, and a set of the most evil looking nipple clamps that Sarah had ever seen. These had teeth! Sarah reached for her neck and felt the collar! “No,” she thought, “this can’t be happening.” She raced to the bathroom mirror but her neck was clean. She reached up to touch her neck where the collar used to be, and felt the collar! Sarah was really scared. She stood there in the bathroom looking into the mirror watching herself breaking down into tears.

She went back and read the note:

Dear Sarah:
As you must now be aware, you life is in the midst of a major change. You are now owned by the collar, and the collar is owned by me. The collar wants you to obey, and be pleasing to your new owner. Tonight, at eight PM, you will appear before the door of 56 Mozart Street. You will have dressed only in what was in the box. When you have left your car, and arrived at the door, you may simply enter. The door will be open. You will then remove the trench coat and handcuff your hands behind your back. You will also be sure to wear your nipple clamps. In fact, I think you should have a chance to get use to them, so put them on now and leave them on for thirty minutes.
Till tonight.
Your owner.

Sarah decided that she had enough of this shit. She was not going to put on those clamps, and suffer for not good reason. She started to stand up when she found that she could not breathe! She fell to the floor. She was being strangled and she was passing out just when the pressure was released. “This must be what it is like being water boarded,” Sarah thought as her air was once again cut off. This time, just as she was sure she was going to die, the collar let her have some air, not much. Sarah had to crawl to the table and pull down the box. She took the first nipple clamp and applied it, there was more air which Sarah used to cry out. She cried out again when she placed the second clamp on. Through her tears she could breathe again. She sat on the floor panting and hurting.

After thirty minutes, she had to remove them. She could feel the collar throbbing around her neck. She removed the first clamp, and screamed as the blood flowed back into her nipple. In the midst of the pain, she orgasmed. Panting, she looked down at her remaining clamped nipple. She grit her teeth and removed it, to another orgasmic scream. She was holding her tits in her hands trying to comfort them and crying as her legs kept twitching around her clit. She reached down to comfort her self when her air was restricted again. She got the message. She was not to pleasure herself. Suddenly she needed to lie down. She was just so weary. She spread herself over her bed and just lay there looking at the ceiling, when she discovered that she could not move. It was like she was tied spread eagled on her bed, but worse, she could not even struggle. She just couldn’t move. Then energy from the collar began to spread out. It went right into her mind filling her with ideas of slavery, submission, there were images of cocks and cunts and her wanting them wanting to serve them being controlled and used was all that she wanted. She saw herself sucking a faceless man, and being encouraged with a whip. By this time the energy had reached her cunt which was more than wet, it was screaming for some relief, but she couldn’t move her hands. Then she felt that she was being fucked. She found that now she could move. Now it was more like she really was tied. She would rise up to me the invisible cock that was fucking her and feel him (?) ride her down. She tried to buck him off, but he simply matched her every move up and down like an expert horseman maintains his saddle. The cock stayed with her. She couldn’t buck it off and she couldn’t withdraw from it. The cock was riding her to orgasm. She was at the peak, almost there, and . . .nothing. Everything just stopped, and she was about to start crying when the phone rang. She had no trouble picking up the receiver.

“Hello, my pet. You may address me as, ‘Master’”

“Yes, Master,” answered a defeated Sarah.

“Do you understand that I control you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“However, there is a level of feeling that is beyond my control. And that you will be offering me. But until then and until tonight, you will have two more fuck sessions on your bed. You will not be allowed to come either time. In fact, I haven’t decided if I will ever allow you to come again or not.”

Sarah began to weep.

“To show you a bit more of the collar’s power, I am allowing you to touch yourself all you want, except when you have your two bed sessions. You will be spread eagled and unable to use your hands during those sessions. However,” the voice went on cheerfully, “you are now allowed to touch yourself to your heart’s content, as long as you are not on the bed. Be sure to make yourself pretty for tonight.”

He hung up.

She sat there crying. She got off the bed and went into her bathroom. She liked to watch her own face in the mirror when she came. She reached down and started to stroke her clit. Nothing, she felt nothing. She squeezed one of her nipples, pain –yes, but that was all. It was like pinching the skin behind her left knee. He had taken it away. The collar had neutered her. She began to wonder if this is what insanity felt like. This horror inside of her, controlling even her breathing was the most real thing in her life.
When she was called to the bed (there is no other way of putting it), it was a relief and a sense of real joy that she found that she could be turned on again. This time she became a more willing participant. She loved the images in her mind, she worshiped the cock in her cunt, this is what she wanted she wanted to come she was so close when it stopped.

For most of the day all Sarah did was look ahead to her next session. She would do whatever the collar asked of her. She was looking forward to getting fucked by an invisible non-existent cock like a dog waiting for its owner to return.

At the end of the third session the phone rang.

“Do you want me to un-neuter you?”

“Please, Master,” Sarah begged.

“You are begging me to allow you to be you? Is that about it, Cunt?”

“Please, Master, I’ll do anything,” she sobbed.

“You will already do anything, what else have you got?”

At once, Sarah knew what she must say, “Master, please accept me as your property. I wish nothing more than to belong and please you. Please take me, Master, I am begging from the bottom of my heart.” And she meant every word of it.

“Good girl,” said the voice, “Good girl”

The voice hung up.

Sarah reached up to scratch her neck and felt that the collar was there. She ran to a mirror. The collar was there. She could see it. She felt . . . free! She was breathing like she had never breathed before. She reached up and removed the collar, just as she knew that she could.

Later that night, as she was preparing to leave for Mozart Street, she reattached the snaps on her collar. She checked herself out in the mirror. She decided to hold off on the nipple clamps until she actually arrived. They would be a distraction to her driving. Her black hair and collar set off by her red half-bra and garter belt, and panties. She put her hands on her hips and spread her legs. “Looking good,” she admired herself. She put on the trench coat and drove to her future.

She pulled up in front of the house. She attached her nipple clamps. She cried out a bit, but the collar made it feel something else as well as pain. “Oh, God, I am so wet,” she thought. As she walked up to the house, she heard party music. The door was open. She walked in, removed her coat, and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Then she waited, and waited. Finally a young man noticed her, and called out, “Hey, guys, entertainment is here!”


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I love this story.

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What an odd ending, babe :) But funny anyhow :)

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