A sequel to "Gina Gets Hers" where 16 year old Gina lost her virginity, her remaining virginal orifice is violated by her daddy
My sixteen year old daughter, Gina, was getting out of control. Her school work was terrible, she was surly and uncooperative at home then, the night before last she had come home so drunk she could barely walk. It was the last straw. Last night I’d given her a bare bottomed spanking followed by a series of punishment enemas. Unbelievably, although the glycerin and soapy enemas she’d received were an agony to her, she’d enjoyed the last two, a warm water rinse and a small bulb full of Merlot. Even more amazingly, she’d asked me to repeat the last two. We’d both gotten aroused and I’d taken her virginity.


Gina had gone to sleep almost immediately. The spanking and the enemas had worn her out. Still, she was in my bed, sleeping beside me. Even with her wild auburn hair a mess and her face streaked black from running mascara as she cried she was beautiful. I knew, with every breath I took that what I’d done was wrong. I should have just disciplined her and been done with it, but I hadn’t. I knew I should be remorseful; I wasn’t. Looking down at her nude sleeping body I knew I’d have her again and again. With those prurient thoughts, I spooned against her bare bottom and dozed off.

I was the first to awake the next morning. I was staring at Gina, admiring her youthful form when her eyes slowly opened. She saw me taking in the sight of her.

Sleepily she said, “Good morning Daddy, do you remember your promise from last night?”

I certainly did. Gina had asked me to give her more enemas.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” I answered.

Gina rolled over on her back and snuggled against me.

Taking my hand she guided it to her sex, saying, “Daddy, will you do me again?”

I couldn’t refuse. I pulled her into my arms, hugged her and kissed her with a passion. I took my hand from her pussy and, kissing down her body began to fondle her breasts and suck her nipples. Gina stroked my head and cooed with pleasure. I kissed down her torso, tickling her belly button with the tip of my tongue then licked through the wild tangle of auburn covering her mons venires.

I paused for a moment after spreading her lips, taking in the sight of her coral slit and enjoying the light aroma of a young woman’s vagina. I could see her clitoris, high between her lips, covered until I slid back her hood. She was a darker shade of pink here than were her lips and the tip of her clit was a pearly pink, inviting me to taste.

Her clit would have to wait though; I didn’t want to bring her off too fast. Starting near her anus I followed her pink slit laving her with my tongue and tugging at her lips with mine. Her vaginal opening was still red and slightly swollen from my intrusion the previous evening. As I pushed my tongue into her I felt her wince. She was tender from the loss of her virginity. I worked back down covering both lips with my mouth ‘til I reached her bottom. I lifted her hips a little so that I could get to her then tongued her tight rosebud, circling, tasting, smelling. It was heady, her musky redolence filled my nostrils and her tangy flavor pulled me in. I speared my tongue into her tight bottom, pumping it in and out. Gina moaned loudly with pleasure. Not now but soon I knew I’d take this virgin orifice, too.

Abandoning her bottom for another time, I snaked along her coral lips to her clit. Taking it between my lips I sucked, pulling it out while I batted her pearly tip with my tongue. Nursing like I was on a nipple I stimulated her. I felt Gina tense; her tummy muscles tightened then began to ripple as a thunderous orgasm rocked my beautiful daughter. She screamed out, incoherently, no words, just sounds. While she was in the throes of her climax, I reached under her and slid one finger into her anus. Continuing to suck her clit, I pumped into her tight ring. The orgasmic spasms of her vagina caused her muscles to contract, tightening against my invading finger. I wasn’t ready to take her bottom yet. Licking and sucking her pussy, fingering her small, tight ring, I brought her to yet another orgasm.

Gina lay, spent and exhausted after her climax. I still had my finger in her. I rolled her onto her tummy, spread her nether cheeks and tongued her brown eye. I wanted to accustom her to my attentions there, to convince her that this was another sexual opening that I could utilize for her gratification. After a few moments she started pushing back to meet my tongue.

Reluctantly, I stopped my anal ministrations and rolled her onto her back. Spreading her legs, I leaned forward, gave her a kiss and a hug then prepared to mount her. I pushed her knees back until they were nearly resting on her chest. She was open for me. Her pretty pink lips had parted allowing me to see her clit and further down her reddened vaginal opening. I poised the head of my cock at the mouth of her love tunnel and pushed forward. I still watched her eyes as I slid into her young depths.

My strokes weren’t violent but they weren’t gentle either. With her legs positioned as they were, I was able to obtain maximum penetration. I hit her cervix and she moaned. With each additional thrust, I pounded into her, hitting bottom. Her moaning intensified in volume and frequency. I saw as her eyes began to tear. The pounding against her cervix was causing her pain. I didn’t care; I was still miffed at her over her previous conduct. Maybe this was additional punishment. Still I didn’t want to hurt her badly; I lowered her legs and set up a gentler in and out stroke, riding high so that I was contacting her clit.

Gina’s moans turned from ones of pain to those of pleasure as she felt yet another orgasm build. The sensation was fantastic, as the orgasm washed over her; the muscles of her vaginal wall were spasming, milking me. She was tight to begin with; her contractions made me feel as though I was being grasped by a velvet gloved hand. I nearly came but, fortunately, Gina relaxed and I was able to go on.

Pulling out I looked Gina over. She seemed almost washed out. The multiple orgasms had tired her. No matter, there was one other thing I wanted to do.

Rolling her onto her tummy, I caressed her bottom then; straddling her hips I raised her onto hands and knees. I wanted her pussy from behind. I wanted to feel my balls slap against her and I wanted her to become used to being taken from behind, after all that is how I will first enter her when she lost her anal virginity.

I pulled a pillow over and gently pushed her head down on it. Then, spreading her labia I pushed into her. If I’d enjoyed watching as I entered her earlier, this was spectacular. With each outward stroke I could see her tender flesh being pulled from her and each inward thrust replaced it. It was mesmerizing to watch. Diverted by this sight I was lasting longer that usual. It wasn’t until Gina began to softly mewl and push back to meet my strokes that I gave our sex my undivided attention. Gripping her hips I pushed deeper into her. I could again hit her cervix but I didn’t want to give her any more pain. I shortened my thrusts but sped up. Gina threw her hips back against me matching my rhythm. I felt my cum rising then I exploded into her, filling her tight young pussy with my cum. While I was spewing into her, Gina climaxed again. Her clutching vagina squeezed and milked the last of my cum from me. Still, I held her up, still encased in her until I’d shriveled and fallen out. Even then, I watched as our co-mingled fluids leaked from her and oozed down her inner thighs.

I have no idea what inspired me, it wasn’t something I’d even consider with another woman but looking and listening to Gina; she still had her face buried in her pillow and she was mewling interspaced with gentle sobs, seeing the lewd sight of her gaping vagina leaking our juices, I couldn’t resist.

I licked along her inner thighs, tasting our flavors; wiping her clean then with a quick lick of her asshole I sucked our juices from her cunt, emptying her.

We were both spent, I pushed her down onto the bed and lay beside her, spooning with her and stroking her hair as I gently nuzzled her neck. We lay quietly for fifteen or twenty minutes before Gina turned toward me, pushing me onto my back she lay across my chest, crushing her taut young breast against me then she hugged my neck and gave me a huge wet kiss before saying, “Daddy I love you.”

Over the next several days we couldn’t get enough of each other. We fucked like minks, in any conceivable place and in every conceivable position. The Kama Sutra had nothing on us when it came to sexual positions.

Gina had given me several hand jobs and attempted to perform fellatio on me; some work was needed here but Gina was a quick study, yet there was one thing I did want from her, well two but her tight little bottom would wait, I was saving that for my dessert.

This morning after we’d had sex for the third time I opened her up and cleaned our co-mingled juices with my tongue and mouth. I had begun to enjoy this ritual.

We usually had sex four or five times during the day. We didn’t shower at night, we would normally be to physically spent. Shower time was after our morning romp.

So it was today, we’d fucked in the back yard beside the pool, in the pool and in the family room. We’d had our dinner and watched a little TV. Then Gina grinned at me, switched off the TV and led me to the bedroom. With no foreplay, she pushed me down on the mattress pulled the leg of her panties aside and mounted me. She often kept her panties on when she took the top; I think she liked to have them on so she wouldn’t leak out before I could help clean her.

Tonight she rode my like a wild woman, bouncing so high that sometimes I would slide out then pounding down on me. When she’d drop down on me I’d still hit her cervix and she’d moan but she didn’t stop. I think she was learning to enjoy a little pain. When we came her panties couldn’t contain it all, some leaked into my pubic hair, matting it. After we’d slowed I held her by her narrow hips and told her how much I loved her. She just smiled at me then slid off.

Gina lay beside me and took my penis in her hand, slowly masturbating me. She wanted to go again. I tugged her panties off and cleaned her then, getting out of bed, I pulled her up with me. I had a large overstuffed chair in my bedroom. I led her to it and bent her over the arm. There was a pillow in the seat if she wanted it. I pushed into her from behind. Amazingly, after the sex we’d had she was still incredibly tight. As I stroked into her I spread her hind cheeks and massaged her sphincter, I still hadn’t gotten there, hadn't gotten my dessert.

Gripping her by her hips I started to plow into her, striking her cervix time and again. She took advantage of the pillow, burying her head and moaning. Then I thrust into her, pulled her hips to me and holding us still, I filled her with my cum. I continued to stroke into her until I was drained then I stood her up and kissed her.

I was holding her when I told her I wanted more, one more time. She smiled up at me. She was always ready. I told her she’d have to help me, get me hard.

Gina reached for my penis, intending to masturbate me but I pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. Her face was right at the level with my flaccid cock when I said, “With your mouth.”

Gina looked up at me. She said nothing but shook her head no. I knew it wasn’t because she wouldn’t suck me; it was just that she didn’t want to taste herself.

I let the tip of my cock brush across her sealed lips, a bead of cum was left, and said, “Please.”

Again she shook her head no but her tongue flicked out and cleaned her lip.

“Please,” I implored.

Finally with a bit of a grimace she answered, “Anything for you Daddy.”

With a great deal of obvious trepidation she licked gingerly along my shaft before taking me between her lips and into her mouth. She moved up and down my shaft, she wasn’t a great cock sucker but she was learning. I didn’t pump into her mouth; I let her do all the work ‘til she’d raised a full erection. Taking hold of my hard on and with a self-satisfied smirk of a smile she led me back to the bed for another round.

Gina dozed off but I sat thinking, remembering her tight little rosebud. It was ripe for the picking and tomorrow night would be the night.

I dreamed of her plump little cheeks, her narrow hips and slim thighs and awoke with a raging erection. An erection that I wasn’t going to cure, I wanted all of my juice and my lust for tonight.

When Gina awoke she reached for me. I put her off saying, “Let’s wait, I have something special planned for later. Now, let’s get breakfast and do a little shopping.”

Gina looked at me like I was crazy. She couldn’t fathom me turning down sex and offering to take her shopping, not her Daddy. Nevertheless, she shrugged and got up to shower.

Gina never had gotten her enemas. She’d hinted about wanting them but hadn’t come out and really insisted on it. She was having too much fun with the sex, still she hinted. Well, tonight, she’d get them.

When she came out of the shower she asked what they were going shopping for.

I answered that I thought she might like a couple of new outfits and some sexy lingerie, we’d try Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret at the mall. Her eyes lit up, “Thanks Daddy,” she said.

Then I added that I wanted to stop at the wine shop and pick up a bottle of Merlot.

It took a moment for what I’d said to register before she let a little gasp escaped from her lips. She shyly and in a low quiet voice asked, “Tonight?”

“Tonight,” I replied.

She leapt forward and hugged me and I patted her bottom.

All through breakfast she wriggled in her chair like she had worms. I asked what was with her. Her reply was that she could hardly wait for tonight. I thought, me too.

We got through breakfast and, at ten o’clock headed to the mall. I shopped with her at Macy’s watching her model outfits for me, oohing and aahing in all the appropriate times.

Finally, she settled on four outfits and several t-shirts. I paid and we went out into the mall again.

Saying, “Why don’t you take care of your shopping at Victoria’s Secrets alone, I wouldn’t be all that comfortable there?”

She looked a little crestfallen that I wasn’t going to accompany her but when I gave her one of my credit cards and told her to knock herself out she perked right up. Really, I wanted to be alone. I had a little private shopping to do.

There was a sex novelty store in the mall and I wanted to pick up a few things.

I wanted Gina to have her own equipment. For hygienic reasons, sharing wasn’t wise.
I chose a light blue two quart enema bag and a collection of various nozzles. Tonight, I’d use a douche type tip. I also got her a small ball enema bag for her servings of wine. Then I found a vaginal vibrator. Finally, I opted for two butt plugs, one slim and one larger, about the same size as me. The larger one was also a vibrator. We wouldn’t use those tonight. They were for the “potty training” I was going to give her.

My purchases were put into ubiquitous brown bags and I walked to Victoria’s Secret. Gina was still in the store so I sat on the concrete bench outside the door to wait.

Thirty minutes later Gina came bouncing out with an arm load of bags.

“Buy out the store?” I asked.

She flashed me a smile, saying, “Pretty much.”

Leaving the mall we loaded our purchases in the trunk then drove to the wine shop.

“Want to come in,” I asked. “Maybe you can choose.”

She selected a mid-priced Merlot. I’d have gone cheap. You can’t taste it the way I was going to serve it, but maybe we’d share a glass beforehand.

As soon as we got in Gina wanted to model her new under things for me but I told her I’d like to get a light early dinner so we’d have all evening and night.

She agreed saying, “Seeing me in sexy panties could help get you ready,too.”

I couldn’t help but agree. I found it odd, I’d seen her buck naked dozens of times recently and had explored every inch of her anatomy; inside and out, yet the thought of her in skimpy panties fired me up.

We went out to a local eatery, I had fish and Gina opted for just a salad, which she didn’t eat. She couldn’t sit still long enough to finish. She was in high spirits but, underlying I could tell she was a little tense and nervous, like she could sense that more was going to happen tonight than a modeling session and her long awaited enemas.

When we got home I said, “Why don’t you get ready for your modeling assignment while I get your stage ready? Where do you want to put on your show, here in the family room or in my bedroom?”

“I’d rather be in the bedroom.”

“Ok, give me a few minutes then come on up.”

I opened a bottle of chilled champagne, put it in a ice bucket, opened the Merlot, grabbed stemware for the bubbly and headed upstairs. I put things on my night stand, rinsed her rubber goods for later and put a tube of Astroglide on the bed side stand. I was ready for the show.

Gina came in carrying a selection of hot little numbers. She put things on the bed and strutted towards me. Clad in a hot pink thong, little was left to the imagination. As she neared me she pivoted, turned her back to me, leaned forward, hands on knees and shook her cute little bottom at me. My cock sprang to attention; looking between her legs at me she noticed and grinned.

“Like the show so far, Big Boy,” she asked as she leered at me.

“Lovin’ it,” I replied.

She stepped into the bathroom and came out in another sexy pair of panties, these high cut silk trimmed in French lace.

On they came, ten pairs of the hottest panties I’d ever seen. She hadn’t bought any bras, here at home she didn’t wear one and these panties were for my viewing pleasure. Her pert breasts stood out high and proud.

When she got to the last pair, these in a pale lilac she noticed the champagne.

“Is that for us,” she asked. I nodded, yes.

She poured two flutes and came to sit on my lap. Wiggling her tight little butt, she worked my cock into her crack. I was bare so the only thing between us was a flimsy piece of fabric. She wiggled some more and beamed at me, asking, “Did you like it Daddy, the show I mean.”

“Baby, I loved it.”

“When can we start?” she asked.

“Let’s finish our champagne then we’ll get started, ok?”

There were, no doubt going to be some pain and tears later tonight. I wanted her to have as much fun as she could ‘til then. Then, my fun would begin.

I was heavy handed as I refilled Gina’s glass several times and she was giggling and a little unsteady on her feet when she went to the bathroom. She didn’t shut the door and I could hear her urine gush.

When she came out she said, “I’m ready Daddy.” But she came and climbed back on my lap. She was trembling.

“Nervous, Baby?” I asked.

“Yeah Daddy, I’m nervous. My tummy is turning flip flops and I feel like I wanna pee again.”

“I understand,” I said as I rubbed her back. “We’ll take at your speed, let me know when your ready.”

“Daddy, how many are you going to give me?”

“Three, the first will only be a quart but it will be soapy. I want to clean you out then I’ll do a two quart one with warm water and finally I’ll serve you a little Merlot.”

“Daddy, I’ve got to pee again,” she said as she jumped off my lap.

While she was gone I moved my hat rack to the side of the bed and got a packet of Castille soap.

When she came out I went into the bath and fixed a one quart enema, adding the soap.

I hung the equipment on the rack and got out the Astroglide.

Gina was standing beside my chair. I walked to her and put my arms around her. She was still quivering. I stroked her hair and rubbed her back then walked her to the bed.

I sat her on the side of the bed and removed her panties then I lay her in the Sims position, on her left side with her right knee pulled up toward her chest. Massaging her bottom with one hand I got the Astroglide with the other then parted her cheeks and applied a little to her rosebud, rubbing in circles then pushing a finger into her. Gina gasped at the intrusion.

“Ok Baby, it’s time,” I said as I pressed the nozzle to her opening. Twisting it as it entered her I seated it and began the water flow.

I kept the bag low and the flow slow trying to make it as painless as possible but I knew she’d have some cramping. That always happens with a soapy enema.

The bag was over half empty before Gina started to feel some discomfort. I stopped the flow and rubbed her tummy then started again.

By the time the bag was empty Gina was moaning softly. I could tell when a cramp hit, she’d say Oooh.

I removed the nozzle but asked Gina to wait a little. I wanted to be sure that the soapy enema had done its work, cleaning her out. The next two were for her, this one was for me.

I helped her to the commode, I probably should have given her some privacy but I didn’t, I stayed, rinsed out the bag and fixed a two quart plain clear warm water enema.

I carried it out and hung it while she finished evacuating and cleaning herself up.

She came back and climbed onto the bed.

“This time I want you on your hands and knees, ok Baby.”

She nodded yes and got into position.

I rubbed a little lube into her then greased the nozzle. I’d lifted the bag a little. The flow would be more brisk but that shouldn’t matter, the warm water wouldn’t cause the cramping like the soap.

I twisted the tip into her then pushed it in all the way and started the water running.

“Gina smiled and said, “This is nice, I like the feeling it gives me.”

When the bag was just a little over half empty Gina started feeling a little discomfort. The water filling her was distending her tummy. I massaged her, working the water further into her bowel. I also masturbated her clit. She moaned, the warm water and the attention her pussy was getting were arousing her. From my viewpoint I could see moisture forming in her cunt.

I twirled the nozzle, and pumped it in and out of her. Her bottom was wriggling, she was reacting but still she moaned. We were nearly finished and I could see that her belly looked like she was nine months pregnant, distended by 64 ounces of water.

I pulled the tip from her as the bag emptied. There was no need to wait this time. I helped her to her feet and walked with her to the bathroom. This time I gave her some privacy, taking the small ball enema and leaving the room, shutting the door behind me.

When Gina came out I was sitting on the bed with my back against the headboard. The Merlot filled syringe rested beside me. She walked to the bedside and looked at me. I took her hand and pulled her across my lap.

“Ready for your wine?” I asked.

I didn’t wait for an answer. I spread her cheeks, applied a dab of lube and slipped the small tube into her. I expelled the contents into her then refilled the syringe from the wine bottle and gave her that, too. Not too much, I didn’t want to harm her or even get her overly drunk. Just tipsy, mellow and relaxed.

I held my finger against her orifice so the wine wouldn’t leak. She lay across my lap for about ten minutes; neither of us saying a word as I massaged her lower cheeks.

Gina started to get up but I held her in place.

She asked, “Don’t I need to go to the bathroom?”

“Not for the wine. I want your body to absorb it.”

About ten minutes later I asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Mellow Dad, fucking mellow, wow this is great, fucking mellow.”

“Gina,” I said. She immediately knew it was about the language.

Suddenly it dawned on her that she was in a precarious position.

In a little girl voice she said, “Daddy, are you going to spank me for what I said?”

Teasing her, I asked, “Do you think I should?”

“Maybe just a little, I shouldn’t have said that,” she whispered as she ground her pubic mound onto my leg.

I could feel her arousal. I thought, my God, she wants me to spank her. How could I refuse her?

I said, “Well, ok, only ‘cause you think I should.”

‘I do, Daddy, I do.”

‘Do you want a pillow?” I asked.

“Please Daddy,” she whispered.

I positioned a pillow under her head and asked if she was ready.

In that little girl voice, soft and fearful she said, “I’m ready Daddy.”

I didn’t intend to hurt her; I’d just turn her posterior pink and let her cry a little.

“Here we go,” I said as I delivered the first blow.

Gina gasped and wiggled on my lap. I delivered the second slap on her other cheek then alternated, one cheek then the other ‘til she’d gotten ten on each. They weren’t withering harsh blows but they wee harder than a love pat. Gina was crying into her pillow by the time I’d finished.

“Is that enough?” I asked her.

“Yes Daddy,” she sniveled.

The spanking had taken the edge off for Gina and I wanted her a little inebriated. I refilled the bulb, telling her that I was going to serve her a little more wine. I gave her about six ounces then rubbed her back and bottom. She was a nice shade of pink.

I kept her over my lap until she said, “Daddy, I love that wine. It’s the finest Merlot I’ve ever tasted, aaah maybe not tasted, but been served.”

She giggled at her little joke. She was as ready as she’d ever be. I got the Astroglide and started getting her prepared.

As a little prep work, I took her clit between thumb and forefinger and masturbated her, warming her up and heightening her arousal. She was squirming all over my lap when I released her clit and spread her cheeks. I circled her tight little brown eye, lubricating it then I plunged a finger into her. She pushed back to meet the intruder and I pushed in a second. She grunted when I’d seated two digits in her rectum then I started pumping her and opening her, stretching her delicate tissue. Finally, I inserted a third working them to dilate her.

Pulling my fingers out I lifted Gina from my lap and got up. I helped her to the floor, took some of the lube and slicked it on my cock and led her to the chair. I bent her over the padded arm, positioned her pillow and pushed her down. I stood back for a moment just to admire her. She had the cutest little bubble butt, narrow, girlish hips and slim, sleek thighs. She also had a tight, virginal rosebud that I was about to invade.

I stepped between her thighs and spread her cheeks, exposing my target. Guiding the head of my cock to her tight little sphincter I pushed into her. She screamed, “Oh God Daddy what are you doing to me, oh, you’re hurting me, why are you hurting me, oh, oh, oooh, not this, take it out, please, please, pleeeese take it out. I didn’t take it out; I just stood motionless, letting her adjust to the feel.

It hadn’t taken her long to decide this wasn’t some experience she wanted; she was bawling, flinging her head from side to side, her auburn locks swinging wildly as she tried to escape me. I put a hand in the small of her back and held her in place.

Then she went limp and pulled her pillow to her. No more screams, no more fighting to get away. She was mewling like a injured kitten and occasionally softly sobbing.

I didn’t stab into her. I just leaned forward, using gentle pressure. I could feel myself inching into her. I stroked her hips and rubbed her back, talking to her gently, all the while getting deeper and deeper into her as I pushed slowly forward.

Perhaps because I was going slow with her, was massaging her body, was talking so gently to her she thought I was taking pity on her. Between sobs she rasped out, “Daddy, please stop, please take it out.”

This time I answered her. “No Baby, I’m not going to take it out. We’ll finish this and we’ll do it again. We’ll do the things you want to do most of the time, but once a day I’ll take you this way.”

I’d gotten as deep as I could go while we’d talked. My pubic hairs were resting against her bottom. I started to pump her, slow gentle, long strokes. The head of my cock nearly leaving her tight tunnel then back into her deep dark depths. Slow and easy, getting her accustomed to the feel. I wanted to really jab into her, to make her feel it but I didn’t. Just slow and easy.

She was so unbelievably tight, even her virgin pussy couldn’t compare.

I wanted her to participate. I patted her on her butt and said, “I want you to squeeze me with your bottom. Tighten your muscles and milk me.”

She didn’t immediately respond so I thrust into her hard several time. She grunted each time I pushed into her. Her face was forced deeper into the pillow and she started to cry again. I stopped and just held her hips, I was embedded deeply in her but I wasn’t pounding into her, just waiting.

“Milk me,” I said.

Again, I felt no response.

I gripped her slim hips, pulled back ‘til I was nearly out then slammed into her. She wailed in agony, I slammed her again and again, several times coming clear out, forcing her to re-experience her sphincter muscle being forced open, being violated.

I held her tight against me, my cock buried in her and waited.

I felt the first pressure; she was tightening herself, squeezing me. I felt her relax and then squeeze again. Again and again she repeated this, tightening, squeezing me then relaxing, and then again. It was fantastic and she was joining in.

Now, I wanted her to really get with the program. Gina had such narrow hips, such a slim waist that I could reach around and under her. I cupped her hot sex and lay a finger on her clit. Each time she’d squeeze me I’d apply a little pressure and rub her.

After a few minutes she started moving her hips, trying to get more stimulation on her clit. As she was pumping onto my finger, she was pumping herself up and down my cock.

At last she said, in that little girl voice, “Daddy you can fuck my ass a little harder if you want to.”

I almost yelled yippee ki yi yea, as I picked up the pace. I didn’t move my hand from her clit though. I wanted to get her off with me buried in her nether hole.

I didn’t really slam her but I could hear my balls slapping her ass with each stroke.

With my hand under her I was able to feel Gina tense up, I felt her tummy ripple, she was ready and so was I. As her climax washed over her she bore down on my hand rubbing hard against it. As her pulsing gushes soaked my hand, my throbbing cock filled her bowels I continued to stroke into her as she kept riding my hand.

Slowly we both wound down. I continued to hold her sex and remained buried in her. She was a princess; she started to milk me with her muscles as I softened. I slipped out of her, turned her around and hugged her. She kissed me then buried her face in my chest.

I walked her to the bed and lay her on her tummy then; spreading her legs and opening her cheeks I cleaned her as I always do. She squirmed a little, I don’t know from pain or from stimulation until I’d finished then she rolled over and pulled me down on her.

Her voice was low and soft, almost a whisper as she said, “Daddy you hurt me but that’s ok. If you want to do that again we will, even everyday like you said, I love you and want to give you what you want, you’re always ready for me, I will be ready for you.”

“My sweet, sweet Baby, yes, I knew it would hurt you but your bottom is so cute, so desirable, I wanted it just like I want the rest of you. Will you forgive me?”

“Daddy, there’s nothing to forgive. You wanted me, you took me. I take you when I want you.”

Sweetheart, there’s something I need to ask. “Did you like your enemas? I ask because I won’t usually give you the soapy one, only the warm water and, if you like the wine.”

“Daddy, I loved them. And I want the wine…every time. It makes me so mellow, so relaxed, I love the feeling.”

“One other question, did you want and like the spanking?”

Gina turned her head away in embarrassment. I gently turned her chin toward me and gazed into her eyes. “Baby, there’s no need to be ashamed of your feelings. Let me know what you like, what you need, I’ll do everything in my power for you.”

She still couldn’t hold my gaze. She cast her eyes down and whispered, “Yes Daddy, I liked the spanking. I’d never have asked for one. I’m not into pain, well, maybe a little pain, but there I was poised across your lap. I’d been a bad girl; I wanted you to discipline me.”

“Will you want that again, do you think?” I asked.

Almost inaudibly I heard her say, “Yes Daddy, I’ll want it again.”

Then she said, “Daddy, will you make love to me now?”

‘I’d like that,” I replied, “Just let me wash up. There’s a risk of infection from where I’ve been.

I started to rise when she pushed me down saying, “I’ll take care of that,” as she took me into her mouth.

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