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Inmate Dick 2

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My phone rang and woke me up around 3 in the afternoon by now my body was still a little bit sore from earlier sodomizing and fucking. I answered it and it was the chief deputy(in other words my boss) he said one of todays evening shift workers called in sick and he needed me to work both evening and night shift for $13.00 an hour instead of my regular $8.45. I accepted becuz a sister really needed the money.

I didnt exactly need it but in the future i planned to buy myself a mustang next year so i was really saving up. I got up to take a shower. I stepped into my narrow but comfortable shower stall and cut on the hot steaming water. I started to get a relaxed feeling throughout my body as the warm water hit my nipples and my little pierced naval. I pulled the shower head down and sprayed the water directly on my rock hard nipples.

Pleasure rippled through my body as the drops of warm steaming water hit them. I parted my legs and pushed the shower head right above my pussy. I started to lower the head even more so the water was closer to my clitty. I started to moan loudly as i felt a strong orgasm coming on. I lathered my pussy and shaved it bald just for Jamar because tonight i plan to take action.

I washed away the suds slowly paying close attention to my clitty. Soon i was sent into a blossoming orgasm. I rinsed off and walked out the shower. I had to be at work for 5 so i had about an hour left. I put on my uniform and left. I went straight to work even though i wasnt sposed to be there for another 20 minutes or so. When i got there my boss told me i had shower duties. I had never had shower duty. That is when the inmates come from outside physical activities and shower off in this huge room full of shower heads.

I saw a straight line of inmates coming from the yard main door. Soon i saw Jamar in line. I batted my eye lashes at him. I think he knew i was focused on him becuz he winked back. I was told to go to the showers and make sure that no fights, killings, or anything of that nature goes on. As i told u before i am a 5'6" tall ebony thick curvacious chick. 75% of the inmates wanted me and i knew it. I walked in the showers and noticed all the men strippin down to bare skin. I looked on in awe paying close attention to the flaccid dicks between the men's legs.

I was to sit in a small glass cubicle in a chair and make sure nothing happens. I looked down the line to see Jamar taking off his boxer shorts. When they fell to his ankles he turned around and pull them totally off. That's when i got 1st glance of his 8 and a half inch thick dick, full thick veins and a big head. This made my pussy tingle with delight. I started to unbutton my navy blue pants to tickle my clit.

Soon i was working away in my pants thinking none of the deliquants were paying me a bit of attention. Then i noticed number 4807(i think his name is Wayne but all the inmates call him ICE) come over into the little cubicle. I quickly yanked my hands out of my pants but i knew it smelled like sweet juices inside. I thought he didnt see me but i was totally wrong. He grabbed me by the wrist and didnt say a word. There was only that chair and a little desk in the cubicle.

I was speechless when he lifted me onto the table. I knew all of the inmates hadnt had a tight pussy in years. Especially not a wet ebony one. "Jay, i want u so fuckin bad i wanna fuck u til ur damn pussy hurts",Ice said. I sat there with my pussy tingling even more than before. I didnt utter a word. He unbuttoned my uniform pants and forced them off my legs and around my ankles then finally on the floor.

Because the walls were clear some inmates noticed and watched. I even noticed some were stroking their dicks with great force. He spread my legs apart and before i knew it his face was between my legs. He forced my legs even wider and wider then he moistened his fingers with my juices and pushed one inside my pussy, then two, then three. I felt so good from the excitement and and adrenaline rush. I soon felt his long tongue rasp my clit and lick the inner folds of my pussy. I bucked and shook in pleasure. Then he licked around my pussy finally returning to my clit.

I burst into a wonderful orgasm. My pussy juices were escaping my pussy sliding into my inner thighs while he finger fucked me. Ice got up after another orgasm and stroked his large white dick and positioned the head onto my pussy hole. He sliced it up and down on my slit and forcefully thrust forward pushing his large dick inside my pussy. He fucked me really slow then picking up his pace. He got faster each stroke until i burst into another wonderful yet brutal orgasm.

I screamed and moaned from the wonderful excitement and penetration of his dick. I felt him slide out and he flipped me over on my stomache and i looked back to see him stroking his dick that was covered with my sticky hot juices and then i heard a low grunt. Next thing i knew i felt his load of cumm on my juicy ass cheecks. He kept stroking until he blew another load on my ass cheecks.

I came again and looked into the showers. By now the showers were still about full. Ninety percent of the inmates were stroking their dicks and blowin loads watching us. Soon Ice got up and walked out. I put on my pants and walked out calmly and in my normal state. When i was making the annoucement that shower time was over i walked to the door to feel a hard smack on my juicy ass and a moan slipped from my lips.

I turned around to see who it was and it ended up being Jamar. I leaned over and whispered in his ear,"You will get all you want of me later". A slight smile formed on his face. I walked out and shut off the water. All the inmates were back in their orange jump suits in a matter of minutes. Thats when i saw the time. It was about 7 and almost time for the night shift. Three other day guards led the inmates back to their cells. I patrolled the halls doing my usual talking to every other inmate and just thinking about Jamar.

By now my pussy was gettin wet again thinkin that Ice was the 1st one to fuck me in the past six moths since my ex Dawayne. I clocked out for day shift and in for night shift around 9pm when i ran into Burt and Larry. The boss was gone and we were the only three there. I made sure i still wass going to be alone in the cellblock. They did a little bit of small talk and walked off. About 10 minutes later Larry told me that they were going over to the dog kennel and i could have the cell block to myself until 2 am.

I walked down the hall and into the lounge room. Even though i knew i was alone i locked the door. I went into my duffle bag and got out a few items. I went into the wash room and cleaned my pussy and did a touch up on my shave to make sure it my pussy was as bald as possible. Then i put on a little bit of perfum and fixed my hair into a bun and let the front hang loosley. I slid on some baby blue and white transparent thongs. Then i put back on my pants and walked out.

I walked down the hall, which was quiet because by now mostly everyone was sleep. I walked down to Jamar's cell on the end of the hall. His cell was a one bed cell with closed in walls except on the front and no inmates stay in the nearby cell's. I walked down the hall twisting my hips and letting my titties bounce in a sexy inviting way. I finally made it to his cell. He didnt notice me at first because his back was turned to me while he was reading a book. I opened the cell with my keys and let myself in.

"Well, well, well my wonderful pussy came to c my dick", he said in a nice flirty voice. I giggled with delight and pushed a whisp of hair behind my ear. I took off my uniform to reveal my sexy lingerie underneath. He sat on his bed and i gave him a slow lap dance. I turned towards him and waved my 38DD breasts in his face. My nipples were neatly tucked away behind my small triangle bra. When he reached out to touch them i pushed both of his hads around my waist. I turned my back towards him and slowly and sensually waved my ass in his face. I laughed as i saw his mouth water.

I made him let go and undid my bra while my back was turned to him. I threw it onto his bed. and turned around and waved them in my face. Before i knew it he grasped one in his mouth and sucked on it hard while he rolled the other on between to of his fingers slowly. His tongue danced across my nipples with great swiftness. He let go and because it was so hot he only had on his boxer shorts. I pushed them off his legs to expose his really hard eight and a half inch dick. I got on my knees and licked my lips then i nipped the head and licked it slowly with my tongue. I ran my fingers around his ball and marveling the thickness of his dick. I started to suck up and down on his dick slowly and steadily.

I picked up the pace faster and faster suckin as he grabbed my bun and pushed his dick all the way down until i felt his nutts under my chin. I started to tickle my clitty while he grabbed my nipples and clamped onto them. He held them tightly as he was near his cumm. I heard him moan just a little bit. He pushed me all the way back on so that i was deep throating him and he sent a long wad hot sticky cumm deep down my troat. I got up and licked away his cumm. He put me on the cot and told me to lay down. I lay on my back and spread my legs. He reached up on the shelf and pulled down a peppermint. He put it in his mouth and told me to put my legs over his shoulders. He lower his face onto my pussy lips and licked away the peppermint added a great sensation sending me into a large orgasm even before he made it to my clit. He rasped over my clit over and over again increasing the force and the speed.

I screamed his name not thinkin i would wake up other inmates. I moaned and screamed in ecstasy while he licked my pussy full speed and lickiing my asshole occasionally sucking my clit. I came three or four times before he let up."Get in doggystyle, i wanna tap dat ass", Jamar said in a strong voice. I got on all fours reflecting on the night before. He came over to me and gave my ass one bick smack making a loud sound but little pain at all. He came behind me with his dick in his hand and stroking it. He pushed it against my pussy hole and fucked me with just the head a few times then he pushed it really fast into my wet and hungry pussy.

My muscles in my pussy started to pulse as he fucked me. Fuuuuccckkk me, fuck mmeeeee, harrrrddeerrrrrrrrrrr. Oh god i was in heaven he smacked my ass every few strokes sending waves of pleasure through me. I started to push my ass against his dick everytime he thrust forward while fuckin me to make his member go deeper into my pussy. Every once in a while it would hit the back of my pussy sending me crashing into a hard and erotic orgasms.

Soon my pussy muscles clamped around his dick as he sent a hot wad of cumm deep in my pussy and womb. He soon got up and he lay down on the bed. I put some lube on his dick and positioned my ass right above it. I slid just the head in sending harsh pain but great pleasure i lowered my ebony ass hole onto him even more and more until he was entirely in me. I raised myself up and lowered my self slowly over and over again riding his dick gettin faster and faster. I trembled in deep pleasure.

Oh God! Fuck me. I went in and out of him faster and faster until i barely could stand it soon i collapsed as i went into the best cumm of my life when he squirted his cumm deep in my rectum up into my bowels and stomache. Soon i wobbled off of him. We cuddled and kissed abit and i straightened myself up and hobbled out the cell. I heard a few inmates whistle as i passed my with my hair in mess and shaking in the afterpleasure as i felt his cumm dribble from my really tight asshole.

I finally made it to the lounge area and locked the door. I looked at the time it was almost 2am. I undressed and washed a little making sure not to clean my pussy so that my juices and his cumm would slowly roll down my pussy and ass. Then right before i put on my thongs i grabbed a thick dildo and forced it up my delicious pussy and put on my clothes and went over to the kennell.

Burt and Larry greeted me. They had a weird smirk on their faces. I wondered....what will happen next.

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very nice


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that was a great story


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it really made my pussy wet too


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Tis good, but erm... spelling!!

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