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One woman's pride gets the best of her when she's challenged to either put-up or shut-up. Before long her libido gets involved and it becomes a game of put-up or put-out!
It started out as just another night at home with friends. The same group of couples and singles showed up at Dave and Barb’s for the usual beer and BBQ. It was the typical ‘good-time-had-by-all’ occasion.
Tim, an old friend that had moved up north and two of his buddies had been passing through on their way to Spring Break when they stopped by. Dave had invited them to stay the night and continued their trip in the morning.
Throughout the night Barb and Tim exchanged good natured shots back and forth with each other, as they used to when Tim still lived in the area. Several times during the night Tim mentioned that if they only had a deck of cards they could start a game of strip poker. Barb would just roll her eyes and continue going about being the gracious hostess.
As the night continued and Barb made her rounds she noticed that Tim’s two friends kept checking her out. One was Richard. He was tall, muscular and quite handsome in a rugged, boyish way. She caught the other one, Doug, watching her from time to time, but he would blush and turn away when he realized she spotted him looking. It pleased her every time she caught one of them checking her out. But something about the way Richard watched her sent a slight shiver through her.
As the night wore on people starting saying their goodbyes and thanking their hosts for another great get-together. Pretty soon all but three guests had left.
Dave, Barb and Tim ended up in the kitchen talking about old times. Tim again teased Barb that if they only had a deck of cards they could all play strip poker. “Well we don’t”, she replied. “And besides, everyone is either gone or asleep.” They all looked around. Richard and Doug were the only other people left, and they had both passed out watching a game in the living room. “I know, you’re just scared,” Tim shot back. She glared back at him, rolled her eyes and finished her beer.
Dave had been listening to their frisky banter all night and decided to find out how tough they both were. “Well, there’s always the pool table,” he said. They both looked at him for a second and then looked at each other. Then a big grin spread across Barb’s face as she turned to get a fresh beer. "Well Timmy boy," she called over her shoulder, “its time to put-up or shut-up.” With that she walked out of the kitchen. Tim looked back at Dave a little confused. “Hey, you started this whole strip-poker thing, it’s your own fault.” Dave stated.
Dave got up and grabbed two beers out of the fridge and handed one to Tim. Then they both followed Barb through the living room and into the den. Barb stopped at the door and when both of them moved into the room she closed the sliding the door. “What’s the matter,” Tim chided, “afraid they might wake up and see you losing.” “We’ll just see who they find losing,” she answered.
Some time, and few beers later Barb found herself in a little bit of trouble. She hadn’t really considered Tim a serious threat. After all, it was her home and her pool table. And she was pretty good. But all she had left were her shorts, bra and panties; he still had on jeans, shirt and a t-shirt. If he made this shot though then her shorts were the next to go. She was glad she had decided to wear panties tonight. If he was going commando then they would be even. If not, then she needed to get busy. She watched as he lined up for the shot. He kept looking from the cue ball to the eight ball to the corner pocket. She began to shift from one foot to the other as she waited for his shot, but he kept looking from the eight ball to the pocket, spending a great deal of time eying the corner pocket. Dave broke out laughing as Tim suddenly put his head on the side of the pool table. Barb looked from Dave to Tim and started to get pissed.
"What’s so funny?" she demanded. Dave stopped laughing and looked at his wife. "Honey, I think Tim's having a hard time concentrating." Barb looked from cue ball to the eight ball to the corner pocket. Then back to the eight ball and back to the pocket again. Then she looked straight down and began to blush. She was leaning up against the pool table, her pool stick between her slightly spread legs, and the shot was lined-up perfectly with her crotch. Without thinking her hands slid down her pool stick to cover her crotch. Dave started laughing again and Barb could feel her face burning red as she almost trip over her pool stick trying to move away from the table. Tim took a deep breath and lined up for the shot again. With a long, single, smooth stroke he knocked the eight ball into the pocket.
Barb watched as Tim made the shot and got that little grin that was so, Tim. As he began to rise up from the shot he paused and looked at her. Her breath caught as his eyes followed the contours of her body until they were looking at her face. And when their eyes met a small shiver gently shook her body. She had never really considered her playful shots back and forth with Tim as flirting, but suddenly the look in his eyes somehow changed that. She felt a rush of passion sweep through her as she continued to look into Tim's eyes. Suddenly Tim turned away and reached for his beer. Finishing it he half turned and said, "I'm going for another beer, anyone want one?" "Ya," said Dave, "bring us both one."
Dave turned back towards Barb when Tim left the den. "Well," he said.
"Well what?" she replied.
"You appear to be a little over dressed at the moment," he stated as he looked her up and down.
"Oh, and you're just loving this aren't you?" She said, placing her pool stick on the table.
"Yup," he replied, "it’s not every day that I get to watch someone get the best of you."
As she unbuttoned her shorts and began to slide them down her legs she realized that Tim had left the door to the den open. She felt a bit flushed as she thought of what would happen if Richard came through the door. Just then she noticed Dave grinning at her. "And just what do you find so funny?"
"Oh, nothing," he replied, "Just haven't seen your cheeks blush like that in quite a while."
"Keep it up mister and you'll find yourself sleeping on the couch tonight."
"I guess that would mean Tim's friends are going to have to sleep in our bed." He said looking thoughtful. "That could be interesting."
She was stepping out of her shorts and was about to fold then when her breath caught in her throat. She had just been thinking about Richard walking through the door and catching sight of her when Dave said that. Again, she felt her cheeks flush as the thought of Richard lying naked beside her flashed through her mind. She barely realized she had drop her shorts as she heard Dave chuckle. Embarrassed, and suddenly pissed off she snatched the shorts off the floor and flung them into the chair where the rest of her clothes lay. Storming back to the pool table she began to rack the balls as Tim came back in and shut the door. He stopped and looked at the two he had just left. Dave was trying to stifle another chuckle and Barb looked upset about something. "Um, do you guys just want to call it a night?"
"No, we're fine." Dave replied
"Hell no!" Barb fired back “We're going to finish this game and I'm going to see you naked before I go to bed tonight!" She froze when she realized what she had just said and refused to look at either of them as she replaced the triangle and grabbed her pool stick. As she sat down she finally looked over at the two men and almost broke out laughing. Dave had a crooked grin on his face as he look at her, but Tim's mouth was still hanging to the floor. "Come on Tim, let’s finish this."
Once again she lost and she didn't even turn around as she reached behind her, undid her bra, letting the straps slide off her shoulders and the bra fall to the floor. Again she racked the balls for the next game as Tim went for more beer and Dave headed for the bathroom. When both men were back in the den Barb looked from Tim to Dave and said, "I don't care if I only have one item of clothing left. This is my house and I'm not getting naked without a fight!" Barb realized that she had had a lot of beer already, but that made perfect sense to her at the moment.
"OK, so what happens if you lose the next one?" Dave asked.
“I don’t know, but I’m not going to be completely naked while he’s still mostly dressed, so think of something.” Barb said.
“OK, well since Tim has been fetching the beers this whole time if you lose the next on then you get the next round.” Dave decided.
“Right, like I’m gonna walk out there practically naked to get caught by Tim’s drunk friends.” She shot back.
“Well then, I guess you’ll lose the panties next round,” Dave said.
“Fine, IF I lose I’ll get the damn beer.” Barb conceded.
Of course as luck would have it, she lost again. Setting down her pool-stick she didn’t look at either of them as she crossed the den. But as she prepared to open the door her confidence began to waver. Barb hesitated only a moment before opening the door to the den. As she crossed the living room she was relieved to see that Tim's friends were still passed out on the couch. She walked into the kitchen and quickly retrieved three beers from the fridge. She quietly made her way through the living room and back into the den, closing the door behind her.
Again they played until she had the eight ball lined up and ready to sink. Finally, she thought. I’m finally gonna get a break. But as her stick hit the cue ball she slipped and the eight ball found it’s was into the wrong hole. Damn, she thought. As Tim began to rack the balls again Barb made her way to the door.
“You know dear,” Dave said with a grin, “if we run out of beer before this game is over you’re just gonna have to drop those panties.”
The last thing he saw of her as she walked out the door was her upturned finger. Barb was so ticked that she was halfway across the living room before she realized that Doug was the only one still passed out on the couch, Richard was nowhere to be seen. Barb froze, unsure of what to do next. She couldn’t hear any movement and she didn’t see him in the kitchen, what part she could see from here. If he were at the sink she would walk right in on him and not know it until she was in plain view. On the other hand if she stayed there he was bound to come back and find her, standing there in only her panties (a slight shiver ran up her back at the thought of Richard, tall and handsome, finding her right like this). Of course Doug could always wake-up and see her only a few feet away, at which she hurried to the kitchen as a blush spread over her cheeks as she thought about getting caught almost completely naked by Tim’s handsome friend. As she entered the kitchen she peeked around the corner. Richard was nowhere in sight. She quickly crossed to the refrigerator and grabbed three more beers before heading back for the den. As she peeked into the den Doug was still asleep on the couch, but Richard was still missing. As she quietly moved toward the door to the den she heard a toilet flush and the door to the hallway bathroom open up. Barb darted the last few yards to the den and almost dropped a bottle of beer trying to get the door closed. Dave laughed and said, “you know, if you spill any alcohol you’ll have to pay a penalty for the party foul.” When Barb caught her breath she shot him a dirty look. She only just realized that she was breathing heavy and wasn’t sure how much of it was from the sprint to the den and how much was from the thought of Richard catching her semi-nude holding three beers in the living room. She could only imagine what Richard might think, or do, in such a situation (a chill ran up her spine at the thought).
As she handed out the beers and the game began again Dave realized that this was going to get interesting very soon. Though Barb was actually quite a good pool player, normally, she had consumed several more beers then she usually did when she was playing to win. And he realized that she wasn’t aware of how it was affecting her game. Her cocky attitude told him she really thought she was going to win this despite that fact she was standing in their den, almost completely naked and Tim still had most of his clothes on.
Just as Dave had thought, Barb lost yet another round. But he was quite surprised when she chose to lose her panties instead of getting the next round of beer. He almost asked her why, but then decided against it. Barb on the other hand knew exactly why she didn’t want to get the next round from the kitchen. She hoped she didn’t look as flushed as she felt at the moment. She realized she had no choice, so she with her back to Dave and Tim then slowly began to push her panties over her ass and down her tan legs. She decided to have some fun at Tim’s expense, so she made sure to take her time and give him a good, long look. Maybe that would give him an image to take his mind off his game. It did seem like a good idea at the time. As she stepped out of her panties she took a look behind her, and nearly fell over laughing. Tim was almost drooling with his mouth open like a stuffed big mouth bass. “Now don’t you look intelligent, staring like a schoolboy seeing a girl's panties for the first time,” she laughed. “Well, ya, least I’m not the naked one here,” he managed to stammer out. Barb laughed all the harder. Dave just shook his head and tried to hide his grin. Barb wasn’t sure exactly what Dave found so amusing, or why he had allowed this to go this far. But right now she didn’t care. Tim was not going to win this contest, no matter what. Dave said he’d get the next round and left the den. Tim began inspecting something on the floor as Barb began to rack the balls for the next round, but she caught him sneaking peeks when he thought she wasn’t paying attention. When she put the triangle back under the pool table she again took her time while bending over. When she straightened up and looked over her shoulder Tim suddenly turned around, blushing bright red. Barb was satisfied with the effect she had on him and hoped it would give her an advantage. She had no idea how Dave planned to keep the game going with her being completely out of clothes to wager, but she wasn't about to let Tim have the satisfaction of beating her at pool in her own home. Actually, she wasn't sure how far Dave would let this go, but the way he'd been grinning through the whole thing he just might be up to something, and that thought gave her a slight shiver. Tim had obviously been shooting a lot of pool in his off time to have gotten this good, and it was time to even the playing field. Barb decided it was time to up the stakes a little. She had accidentally distracted him once tonight, now it was time to 'lay it all on the table'. The thought of what she was about to do made her feel a bit saucy.
When Dave returned Tim picked up his pool cue and leaned over the first shot. Just then Barb stepped up to the side of the table, with her thighs just touching the edge, and leaned over slightly to watch him shoot. Tim paused for a moment, then lined up the shot and started to draw his arm back. He found it difficult to concentrate on the shot when out the corner of his eye he could clearly see Barb’s smoothly shaven mound, not more than six feet away. He had caught glimpses of it after she had taken off her shorts, but now it was in full view and she obviously new it.
Barb smiled as she watched his discomfort. This was exactly the affect she had wanted. Now maybe she could get some of his clothes off. As he made the break the balls scattered, but none fell in to the pockets. With a knowing smirk, Barb sauntered around the table until she found the shot she wanted. She took her time lining it up and then dropped the ball she shot at. Again she took her time circling the table until she found her shot, and then made it. On the third shot she missed, but was quite pleased with her change of fortune.
Tim had been watching Barb the whole time she was taking her shots, particularly when she leaned over the table with her tits just touching the felt. He made his first shot, but just as he lined up for the next Barb moved to please herself right in front of his line of sight. Or more precisely, her crutch right in his line of sight. As Tim took the shot Barb took a half step to the side causing her legs to part slightly. Tim missed the shot and Barb began circling the table again. During the course of the round Barb continued to distract Tim every time he started to catch up to her lead. And every time he’d fumble the shot. At one point Barb noticed that Tim had a bulge in the front of his pants that was partially hidden by his shirt. That thought brought her back from her little high. She suddenly felt very naughty. The game progressed and she finally won. “I’m sorry Tim, but I think you lost your concentration there,” Barb chided him.
As Tim began removing his shirt Dave got up and head to the door. Barb quickly followed him.
When he saw her coming he said, “I thought since you won and Tim was ditching his shirt that I’d get the beer this round.”
“Yes, but I have to pee,” she said.
“Then why don’t you fetch the beer while you’re at it?” Dave replied.
“Don’t be an ass, just go!” she said back.
As they headed into the living room Barb saw that Richard was back, but now stretched out on the recliner. She watched him to see if he was really sleeping, but he didn’t move. When Dave turned to head into the kitchen to fetch the beer Barb headed for the hallway and to their room. But before she got too far she turned and met Dave in the kitchen. He was just bending over to get more beer when she came up behind her and squeezed his ass. Dave quickly stood up and turned around.
“Just what it the hell do you think you’re doing? I thought you had to pee?” He said with a surprised look on his face.
“Oh, I just thought I’d tell you that when I’m done with Tim I’m gonna take you to bed and have my way with you.”
“So when you’re done having your way with Tim then you’re going to take me to bed? Are you sure you’re going to have enough energy left over?” He said with a grin.
Barb hit Dave in the shoulder and said, “you know what I mean.”
“Just sounds like you’re getting a little frisky. Is showing off for Tim exciting you that much?”
“Actually, I think it is. That’s why I wanna finish this and take you to bed.”
“Well if he starts winning again we might have to find another way for you to make up for your lack of clothes to lose,” he replied.
“Well I’m not worried about losing, cause I’ve got my secret weapon in play. I think I can keep his mind off the game long enough to get him naked and win this. Then, I’m gonna get you naked and let you totally ravish me,” she stated.
“Well darling we’re almost out of beer, and I don’t think THAT weapon is a secret anymore,” he said.
“Wait a minute, what the hell does running out of beer got to do with anything?” she asked.
“Well, if Tim starts winning again then we’ll have to find something else for you to do when the beer runs out. Your secret weapon may come into play a lot sooner then you planned tonight,” he said winking at her.
“Oh you’d like that a lot, wouldn’t you?” she asked with a disgusted look on her face. With that Barb turned and headed for her bathroom. A few minutes later she came back into the kitchen and found that Dave was nowhere to be seen. ‘Son of a bitch,’ she thought, ‘That rat left me.’ She peeked into the living room and saw Doug on the couch and Richard on the recliner. Both were apparently asleep. She hesitated a second, then her heart beating quickly she tip-toed past the sleeping men and into the den. As Barb closed the door she turned and shot Dave a withering glare.
"What’s that for?" he asked innocently.
Barb didn't say a word, but pick up her pool cue and leaned against the small card table. Her heart was still racing slightly with the thought of getting caught naked by Tim's good looking friend Richard. She was just thankful that he had gone back to sleep instead of investigating where everyone was at.
As she stood there thinking about Richard she jumped when Dave cleared his throat, “It’s your break my dear.” She blushed deeply almost as if he had caught her doing something. She moved over to the pool table, somewhat distracted by a lingering feel, and took her shot. The cue ball only glanced the #1 ball and barely broke up the triangle formation. No balls dropped as a result.
Tim walked up and surveyed the table briefly before selecting his shot. The cue ball hit the center of the loose triangle formation and sent balls in all directions. Three balls fell, two striped and one solid. “I’ll take stripes, thank you,” he announced with a grin. Tim proceeded to sink three more balls before missing a shot. Barb took and made her next shot, but missed the following one. Tim dropped the last two striped balls and lined up on the eight ball.
Dave had walked up to Barb and as Tim dropped the eight ball Dave whispered, “Not sure what you were thinking about, but I hope it was worth it.” Barb realized that while she was thinking about Richard she had completely forgotten about distracting Tim.
Barb realized that this meant she was going to have to walk through the living room again to get the beer. As she stood there a moment thinking about walking naked past Tim’s two, hopefully sleeping friends, Dave asked if she was ready to concede defeat. She thrust the pool cue at him and stalked to the door of the den, opened it and walked into the living room. Though she had boldly stepped into the living room, she now was trying to close the door as quietly as possible. Richard and Doug were still asleep where she had last seen them so she felt safe crossing into the kitchen.
Barb carefully opened the refrigerator door and reached down to where the beer was kept. She pulled out two bottles and was bent over searching for a third when suddenly there was a bright flash from behind her followed by the whirling click of a camera. She immediately stood up and turned around and came face to face with Richard as he walked up behind her with a camera phone in his hand.
“Now that’s a beautiful picture,” he said, still admiring the image on his phone. He then lowered the phone and began looking her up and down. As he raised the phone to take another picture Barb immediately spun around to face the still open refrigerator. Her heart was racing as Richard stepped up behind her. He leaned over her shoulder and whispered, “You know when I first saw you going back into the den with only your panties on I couldn’t believe my eyes. And when you came back out later without your panties I thought I was going bust my jeans wide open. You are a beautiful woman and Dave is a very lucky man.”
With his soft, deep voice whispering in her ear and his warm breath caressing her neck Barb felt an involuntary shiver work its way through her body. And when she felt her nipples harden like marbles she wasn’t sure if it was because of the effect he was having on her or the fact she was standing in front of the still open refrigerator, or both. Barb looked down and suddenly realized that with the refrigerator door open and Richard leaning over her shoulder he had a perfect view at her breasts and her rock hard nipples. Quickly she moved to shut the refrigerator door, but in doing so she had to back up slightly into Richard. As she pushed into him she felt his hands come to rest on her hips and the bulge in his pants. Her breath caught in her throat as he pressed forward slightly with his hips.
Barb suddenly stepped forward away for Richard. His hands lifted reluctantly off her hips and she sensed him step back from her. “I sorry if I was too forward, I just had to get closer to see you. You have an amazing body,” he said.
“I have to go…to get back…to the game that is,” she managed to stammer out.
“Are you sure,” he asked?
“Yes, I do need to get back,” she said with a little more calm in her voice.
“Well, may I take just one more picture, to remember this moment,” he asked, sounding very sincere.
Slowly Barb turned around and stood there before him. As he stood there looking into her eyes, by the dim light coming in through the kitchen window he smiled in a very warm and disarming way. Barb realized she was clutching the cold beer bottles to her breast and forced herself to relax enough to drop her hands to her sides. When he cocked his head slightly and his smile widened she completely relaxed her pose, shook her hair slightly and smiled back at him. Richard slowly raised the phone up and again the room filled with the flash of its camera. He slowly lowered it and again and just smiled at her. As Barb moved to pass by him he leaned over into her path slightly. At first she feared he might try and kiss her. Not that that would be a totally unpleasant thing, but she wasn’t sure how far it might go. Her body was in high gear and she really wanted to finish this pool game and take Dave to their bedroom. Hell, the way she felt right now she just might kick Tim out of the den and have Dave take her right there on the pool table. But as Richard leaned closer he whispered, “Thank you.”
As she moved passed him she felt a sudden rush of relief and disappointment. It has been a long time since someone other than her husband had made her feel that way, and she really didn’t know at this point if she would’ve have stopped what she almost hoped he was about to start.
When she finally got back into the den Dave and Tim, who were standing there chatting, both turned and looked at her. Tim almost immediately turned his head back towards the pool table. Barb just couldn’t believe how boyishly cute that was at the moment. “Damn Barb, for a minute we thought you might have run to the store to get more beer; and forgotten that your clothes are still on the chair over there.” Dave chuckled.
“Well, I couldn’t find a third beer in the frig, so I’m gonna pass them to you two.” She said back.
“I see. Well, with no more beer to fetch I guess you’re just gonna have to forfeit the game,” Dave said thoughtfully.
“Oh hell no I’m not,” Barb shot back. Suddenly the encounter with Richard took a backseat to her ego. “This isn’t over until he’s as naked as I am!”
“OK, since we’re all out of beer then what would be fair if you lose the next round?” Dave asked.
"Well I have no idea what would 'fair' for your entertainment, but I'm not going to be the only one naked here so come up with something," she replied as she walked up to him. "And I really need you so think of thing quick, please!" she whispered in his ear.
"Ok, ok, I gotta take a piss,” Dave announced as he got up from his chair, “you guys think about it and I’ll be right back.” He crossed the den, but before he opened the door to leave he turned and said, “You two behave." As Dave closed the den door he thought about the situation. Barb appeared be somewhat flustered, and really excited at the same time. He knew she was serious about beating Tim, but he wasn’t sure what else he could come up with to keep the challenge fair, and interesting. He had never seen her quite this worked up and horny at the same time before. As he passed the kitchen Dave realized that there was someone sitting at the table. And by the porch light coming in through the window it looked like they were drinking a beer.
“Well,” Tim asked, “any ideas?”
“Well, what do YOU think would be fair?” Barb snapped back at him.
Tim realized Barb had her mind elsewhere at the moment, as did he. Here he was playing pool with beautiful, naked woman with her husband’s permission. Tim had know Dave and Barb a long time and never in a million years could have imagined being in this situation. In fact he had never thought he would ever see her nude, though he had fantasized about it many times. He kept glancing her way when she wasn’t looking to take in as much as possible. This situation was like a dream come true. A weird sort of dream, but a dream non-the-less.
Barb felt bad about snapping at Tim that way. It wasn’t his fault she kept thinking about his friend in the next room. “You know Tim, it’s ok if you look at me. You’ve earned the right to so far.”
“I know, I know…it’s just this is a little weird for me.” He replied.
“Why,” Barb pretended to sound wounded, “don’t you like my body? I’ve worked very hard to stay in shape and I thought I had a nice body. Your friends have been watching me all night.”
“No, no, that’s not it.” Tim stammered. “It’s just that we’ve been friends for awhile and I’ve never really thought of seeing you naked.”
“You’ve never thought about seeing me naked,” she asked, “or never thought you’d have the opportunity to see me naked?”
Tim blushed slightly at the question and said, “Well of course I’ve thought about it…I’m mean…you know…you have a great body.” He said.
“Then why don’t you look at it, I mean really look at it.” Barb said. “You’ve been sneaking peeks at it like a schoolboy ever since I started losing my clothes, but you really haven’t LOOKED at it.” As Tim turned and really looked at her Barb felt a small rush of excitement. She shifted her hips and cocked her head slightly as she watched him watching her. “Do you like what you see?” She asked.
“Yes, I like it a lot.” Tim said, as he began to look her over. With her giving him permission, almost challenging him, he started to feel bolder as he looked her up and down. He couldn’t help pausing every time his eyes passed over her full breasts or hairless crotch.
“You know Tim, it makes a married woman feel good to know that she’s still desirable to other men.” She commented. “Please feel free to enjoy the view, while the game lasts that is.” With that Barb turned and replaced the triangle, giving Tim a good long look at her ass as she bent over. When she turned back around she saw that he was still watching her closely. She smiled as she walked around the table. “Have you ever thought about touching my body?” She asked as she looked at him.
Tim suddenly looked away for a moment, then looked back and said, “Yes, actually I have.”
Barb thought about that for a second. She had started feeling frisky even before encountering Richard in the kitchen. At this point she was feeling very turned on by the fact that she was standing naked in front of a man who was obviously excited by her nudity. She was giving serious thought to a suggestion if Dave couldn’t think of anything.
Just then Dave came back into the den. As he closed the door behind him he set something on the floor, then he didn’t make eye contact with either of them until he walked across the den and was standing next to Tim. “Well, have either of you thought about something fair and appropriate should Barb loose again?” He asked, looking at them both. Tim shook his head indicating no. Dave looked to Barb and saw a very peculiar look in her eyes, but she didn’t say a word. “Well, let’s see. It’s late and we’re all tired, and I’d like to go to bed soon. But I can tell we’re going to have to finish this one way or another, so here’s my plan. First off, to make things interesting, I’m going to set up the camcorder.” Tim looked from Dave to Barb then back to Dave. Dave looked at Tim and said, “Don’t worry, we occasionally video some of the more interesting things that happen in the house for our own pleasure or amusement.” Tim saw Barb turn away suddenly and noticed she was blushing slightly. “No matter what happens here tonight, no one will ever see this tape but the three of us.” When Tim suddenly looked at Dave, Dave continued, “Yes, that means you can come back and watch it with us if you like. Now, that part is for me having to part up with the two of you carrying on like teenagers. And, because if Barb loses I will enjoy this tape for years. Deal?”
Barb turned back with a smirk on her face and said, “Fine with me, deal.”
Tim said, “OK with me, I guess. But what do you mean I can come back and watch it?”
“Well, anytime you’d like to come visit us we’ll pull the tape out of storage and watch it if you like. Whether you win or lose.” He replied. When Tim looked uncertain for a moment Dave looked over at Barb and asked, “Barb?”
Barb looked down, smiled, then walked over to Tim and placed a hand on his shoulder before saying, “Yes Tim, anytime you’d like to visit we’ll all sit down and watch it together.” She then reached up kissed him lightly on the cheek. She then looked at Dave before resuming her spot by the pool table.
“Now, as for what will happen should Barb lose again,” Dave began, “since there is no more beer, and she has no more clothes to wager, if Barb loses this next round then I’ll invite Tim’s friends in to watch the rest of the game.”
“WHAT?!?” Barb shouted, astonished.
“What?” Tim, somewhat confused, echoed her almost in unison.
“You heard me.” Dave replied. “As much as I like to watch you run around naked, my dear, and as much fun as you’re having at Tim’s expense this could go on all-night. So I figured that we might as well make things interesting. Besides, Richard is awake and just sitting in the kitchen all by himself. He knew we were in here, but has been very polite and not interrupted us. As hosts I figure it’s the only polite thing to do.” Dave looked at Barb and added, “Unless, of course you wish to concede Tim the victory.”
“No, we’ll play it your way.” Barb said. She didn’t feel as confident as she thought she sounded, but she had invested too much in this contest to just give up now. Besides, Richard had already seen her naked. In fact he had pictures to prove it.
Dave began setting up the camera as he watched Tim grab his pool cue and walk to the table deep in thought. Barb just stood there watching Tim, also deep in thought. He planned to up the stakes each round that Barb lost. Either she was going to quit, and let Tim win, or this was going to get very interesting. Richard had admitted that he had seen Barb go into the kitchen naked, but that was all he said. Dave wondered if that was all that had happened, because of how distracted Barb had seemed when she came back to the den. But he trusted Tim as a friend not to bring someone into his home that might not be trustworthy in that regard. And he trusted Barb enough to know that she would have said something had anything happened she didn’t approve of. Of course, in her admitted state of arousal what she might approve of could be interesting. He had upped the ante and was prepared to see how far his naked wife was going to take it. Either way he would have it captured on film. ‘Ya, life was good sometimes,’ he decided.
As Tim broke, Barb moved around the table trying to distract him from his shots. On a couple of shots she stood on the opposite side of the table on her tippy-toes with her feet should-width apart. Tim just could not keep his focus and blew both shots. She even leaned over the pool table so far for one of his shots that the cue ball barely missed brushing her nipple as it went off course under one breast. Tim lost that round and took off his t-shirt. Now the bulge in his pants was evident to all.
On the next round though Tim got focused, and try as she might Barb couldn’t keep him from sinking the eight-ball.
As Dave got up to invite Tim’s guests in to watch, Barb couldn’t fight a slight shiver at the thought of Richard watching her, especially when she made her shots. Tim began racking the balls and had just finished as Dave and Richard stepped into the den. Barb couldn’t look up as they both came into the room and get comfortable. Dave returned to his bar stool and Richard sat back on the couch along the wall. From there he had a clear shot of the one side of the pool table and the spot where she’d have to bend over for the initial break. As soon as Barb realized this she shot a look at Dave. Dave looked over at her and said, “By the way, Doug was crashed out pretty hard, so we decided to let him sleep.” He winked at her and grinned.
As Barb stepped up to the table she had to take a moment to steady herself. Not that she, at this point, was afraid of exposing herself to an almost complete stranger in her own home, but of the effect his presence was having on her. She kept thinking of how she felt when he was standing right behind her whispering into her ear, his warm breath caressing down her neck. She shook her head to try and clear that thought. This was not going to be easy, so she better start cheating.
She made the break, but nothing fell. She quickly remembered their new spectator was sitting behind her and stood up from her present position. As Tim surveyed the table for his first shot Barb glanced at Richard and confirmed what that he was following her every move. She wasn’t sure if it showed, but she felt her cheeks go flush. As Tim made the shot Barb realized it was time for drastic measures. At first she positioned herself opposite of Tim and pressed her thighs against the table’s edge so that her pussy was setting right in his line of sight. When Tim made that shot too, Barb decided to start playing dirty. She was determined to break this losing streak.
As Tim lined up for his next shot Barb made her way around the table to stand right beside Tim. Tim glanced to his left and was greeted by her right breast practically in his face. As he drew back of the shot he felt a finger trace a line down his back. That was so unexpected that he hit the cue ball across the table completely missing his intended ball. As Barb circle around the table to look for a shot Tim turned around and looked at Dave. “Is that fair?” he asked.
“That’s a very good question,” he noted, “Barb, your thoughts?
“I’m the naked one here and it’s my house.” She replied as a matter of fact.
“Sorry Tim, but I’m only a co-founder of the house rules.” Dave said. “And since I’m not the naked one my vote won’t count for much tonight.”
Barb found and made an easy shot and began to circle the table again. Again she found and sank her ball and smiled a wide grin at Tim. Tim looked toward Dave again and all Dave did was shrug his shoulders. Barb had a choice of two shots, but the easy one would require she bend over right in front of Richard. She took the harder of the two and missed. But when Tim got up to take his shot Barb was right there to distract him. This continued until Barb sank the eight ball and Tim just stead there looking at the table.
Barb walked over and stood just a few feet away looking Tim up and down. Tim knew what he had to do, but suddenly turned towards Dave and asked, “Wait a minute. You never said what was supposed to happen if Barb had lost this last round.”
“But I didn’t lose,” Barb replied, “and you’re forgetting something.” She looked down at his shorts.
“No,” Dave noted, “Tim’s got a point. Considering how Barb won this last round if she loses the next then you get to ‘distract’ her during her shots. That seems fair to me.”
“And just how am I supposed to win another round if I never get the opportunity to ‘distract’ her?” Tim asked.
“Tim, old friend, Barb’s been naked for most of this game. I can’t help you on this one.” Dave said.
With that Tim proceeded to take off his shorts. Much to Barb’s disappointment he hadn’t gone commando. But she planned to fix that. The next round went very similar to the last and Barb could all but taste victory (so to speak). Barb couldn’t help but notice that Tim had a serious erection going on in his tighty-whities. Fortunately for her he didn’t think to use that as she had used her naked body to distract him. Unfortunately for her, as she lined up to sink the eight ball one more time, Tim was standing in such a position as to grant her and very good look right at his crotch. It was straining against the fabric of his underwear so much that she could tell that he had a good size to him and that he was circumcised. Barb had to force herself to focus on the cue ball vs. looking at his dick.
But just as she was taking the winning shot, she leaned forward enough to cause her nipples brushed against the felt of the table. The feeling this contact caused was one thing, but she actually saw his dick twitch and stretch inside his underwear. She struck the cue ball off-center and scratched. She slowly rose for the table, not believing what had just happened. Her body was still a tingle from both the feel of the felt on her nipples to the sight of Tim’s dick actually moving in his underwear. She realized that he must have seen her nipples brush against the felt and that excited him enough take cause his dick to twitch. And now he was going to be able to touch her while she made her shots. The whole time Richard would be watching him do it, probably wishing it was him. And her husband would be letting him do it, probably wishing it was both of them, or all three of them. Barb felt a tingle begin inside her that caused her breath to deepen slightly. She finally got her breathing under control and looks to see where everyone had went.
All of them were sitting on or near the couch watching her. Her mind raced at what they might be looking at. She started to look down to see of her nipples looked as hard as they felt. She was almost afraid that they might actually being able to see what she felt; that she was starting to get wet with excitement. As she tried to figure out what exactly they were looking at she looked to Dave. Surely he wouldn’t let her humiliate herself like that. Finally Dave said something. “Sweetheart, you lost that one. You need to rack the balls for the next round.”
Dave could tell by Barb’s demeanor that she was pretty horny already. She was acting like a schoolgirl who had followed the football team to the boy’s locker room and had no idea what she was going to do next. So far this had all been innocent enough, but he was about to change that. If Barb persisted in playing this out then he was not only going to let her, but he planned to help her along that route. By now he was starting to get a little excited with the possibilities of where this could lead. And he really couldn’t wait to find out how far she’d go.
It was Richard that broke the silence hanging in the room. Looking over to Dave he asked, “So what’s the bet now if Barb loses?”
Dave had been thinking about that very question for awhile now. He had an idea of how he wanted the evening to go, but he knew that if he didn’t play this just right then she’d catch on and she’d never go for it. He really needed to put his wife in a situation that would cause her to want to take the next step. And then he just had to make sure the following steps kept her going down his desired path. It didn’t take much to get her fire lit, and that fire had been slowly burning hotter as the game wore on. He just had to keep stoking that fire until she was red hot. This round was going to really turn up her heat, but he needed something to get her to the next level. Then it hit him.
“Hmmm, let’s see,” Dave mused out loud, “we need something interesting in the event Barb loses. Something equivalent to the loss of an article of clothing. Hmmm…how about a spanking? Say, one swat for each ball you leave on the table?”
Tim’s jaw hit the ground. Richard got a huge grin on his face. And Barb’s breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t imagine what Dave was thinking. He knew the affect a spanking had on her from their rougher sex play. She thought, ‘he must really want to end this game and go to bed to pull that one out.’ But she was not to be bullied in her own den.
“Fine,” she said, “but it sure as hell won’t be Tim who gives it or he’ll make sure I can’t stand for a week.”
“OK, fair enough,” Dave replied, “so I guess Richard will have to administer the spanking.”
Barb just stood there, her heart racing. The thought of her bent over the pool table with Richard slapping her naked ass, and both Tim and her husband watching stirred something deep within her. She realized she was really starting to get excited by this whole evening and hoped no one had noticed. She wasn’t sure what to do at this point.
Dave had noticed Barb flush slightly at the news and had noticed other signs of her arousal as the game progressed.
“You know Barb, it is getting late so if you want to call the game then that’s fine with me.” He lied, trying to look somewhat concerned.
After a moment Barb said, “No, I don’t think I’d ever live it down if I gave in now.” Dave inwardly chuckled to himself. ‘One way or another, giving in is exactly what you’re going to have to do tonight my dear.’ He thought.
Tim stepped up to the table ready to break. Barb was right there softly running her fingers up the back of his thigh. It took him several tries before he finally hit the cue ball. It almost missed the formation of balls completely. Barb moved over and chose a shot from the side of the table. Tim moved over to stand beside her, but made no move to touch her. She looked back at him several times before taking the shot. Just as her arm began its forward motion Tim reached over and slid three finger-tips up the back of one thigh all the way to her ass. Barb lunged forward so fast that Dave stood up to make sure she hadn’t turn through the felt of the table. The cue ball spun across the table hitting only the side walls. She turned and gave Tim a murderous look. Dave realized that was going to be a long round.
The next round was longer than the previous rounds as Barb and Tim tried different ‘tactics’ to distract the other. Most involved light touching only, but the tactics got bolder as the round continued. By the end of the round Barb was sliding her hand between Tim’s legs from behind and lightly grazing Tim’s balls. Tim on the other hand had figured out how sensitive Barb’s nipples were and developed a breast-stroke with a nipple-tweak. In the end, the breast-stroke won out.
By this time Barb had developed a permanent blush, and her breathing was quite noticeable to all.
Shortly before the eight ball fell Richard had gotten up to talk to Dave. “Hey Dave, I gotta ask you a question.” He asked in a hushed tone.
“About spanking Barb?” Dave asked.
“Ya, about spanking Barb.” Richard said.
“Richard, are you telling me that you’ve never spanked a grown woman before?” Dave asked as if in mock disbelief.
Richard chuckled softly before answering, “Of course I have. Before sex, during sex, and sometimes both. Some women love it.” He stated.
Dave reached up and placed his hand firmly on Richard’s shoulder and said, “Then Richard, you already know the answer.” Dave then turned to watch the end of the round.
Richard did his best to keep a shit-eating grin off his face.
Barb realized what was about to happen and still couldn’t believe it. As she walked around to the pool table Richard met her at half way. She stood in front of him, completely naked and looked up into his baby blue eyes. With one hand he took for her pool cue and with the other he gestured toward the pool table. As she turned she saw Dave watching with that stupid little grin of his. She slowly bent forward and placed both hands on the green felt. She was pretty sure the other could see how deeply she was breathing, but she just couldn’t control it. Her first encounter with Richard in the kitchen had stirred something deep within her, and now he was about to place his hand on her naked ass. As she braced herself she saw him walking around the table to face her from the opposite side. Barb had no idea what he was going to do from there, but she stayed in her current position, looking into his eyes, almost obediently. When he was directly across from her he reached out gently grabbed both of her wrists. Gently he began to pull her wrists toward him until her thighs were pressed against her side of the table and her elbows were resting on the table itself. He then release her wrists, slid his own hands down over top of hers, and gave them a soft, reassuring squeeze. Slowly he stood up, never taking his eyes off of hers, and began to walk back around the table.
Barb waited for what seemed to her for ever before she felt his hand on her ass. He pressed his hand softly on her ass cheek as if he were gently copping a feel. His left her for a second, then SMACK! Her thighs pressed harder against the side of the table as the first blow landed. She gasped at the adrenaline rush that hit her system and waited for the next blow. She had four balls left on the table and three more swats to go. SMACK, two. SMACK, three. Then she felt hand rest lightly on her other cheek for a second, then SMACK! Her breathing by now came in short, deep gasps. As she started to regain some control of her breathing Dave walked up beside her and asked if she was OK. Dave knew now how turned on she was by her breathing and the look on her face. He asked if she wanted to call it a night. She hesitated before shaking her head no. Slowly Barb rose up and off the table and turned to see Richard standing there. He didn’t say a word, but offered her pool cue back to her. He then returned to the couch and sat down.
By the time she was fully ready to begin the next round someone had already racked the balls. Tim was at the head of the table waiting. “Are you ready for the next bet?” He asked her.
“Do I have a choice?” She responded.
“Only if you want to continue, otherwise Tim wins.” Dave replied.
“Ya, right. Like I’m going to just give up? Not gonna happen my dear, so what’cha got in your little bag of tricks now?” Barb shot back.
“Well, first off I think I need something to drink. Be right back.” Dave said as he headed for the door.
Barb stood there a second, and then followed him out. As she left the den and was crossing the living room she realized Doug was still passed out on the couch. She hurried to the kitchen and hoped he didn’t wake up. As she entered the kitchen Dave was filling up the party blender with ice. As he placed it back on the motor section Barb looked at him and asked, “Won’t that wake Doug up?”
“You’re right.” Dave said. He turned back to the freezer and put more ice into it. He then placed it back on the motor section and began adding stuff to the ice.
“Smart-ass, you know what I meant.” Barb said as she looked toward the living room.
“Well then I suggest you get back in the den before I fire this up.” He replied.
“And just what do you have in mind for the next bet?” she asked, in a slightly cautious tone.
“Actually, something you said gave me an idea.” He replied as he added some lime to the mix.
“And what exactly did I say to seal my own fate?” She asked.
“You’ll find out in a few minutes, or more exactly, if you lose again.” He smiled back at her.
As Barb left the kitchen the blender fired up. She didn’t even look at the couch as she bolted for the door to the den. As she shot through, and closed the door behind her, both Tim and Richard looked over at her. She tried to catch her breath without looking like she was trying to catch her breath. She was very conscious of fact that she was butt-ass naked and they were both looking at her intently. Barb decided there was no use playing the embarrassed schoolgirl routine and walked between them back to the pool table. As she stood at the table with her back to them she glanced at one of the decorative mirrors on the far wall. She could see that both of them were looking at her ass. She leaned forward and placed both hands on the pool table. She watched in the mirror as both of them follow her movement. She then moved to her left a couple of feet and continued to watch them through the mirror as they again followed her movement. Tim tapped Richard and leaned in to say something. Richard never took his eyes off of her ass, but nodded as if in response to the question or statement from Tim. Barb started to feel a little frisky by all this attention and started to arch her back seductively. She could tell by their expressions that they were both surprised and pleased by her movement. Suddenly both of them turned to look behind them. Barb tried to follow their gaze through the mirror, but could see much beyond them. She then realized that there were two possibilities. She suddenly spun around and found Dave staring at her with a big grin on his face.
Barb stood there a moment longer knowing that she’d been caught as Dave placed several glasses and the margarita blend on the table. He dropped something at his feet, but she couldn’t see what it was with the guys moving toward Dave for drinks. When Dave moved away from the table brought with him two things. A drink, presumably for her, and a medium sized leather satchel. The rosy glow that had graced her cheeks all evening turned white.
“Dave, what are you doing with THAT out here?!” She whispered with frantically. She looked over Dave’s shoulder to see if the other two had any clue what was in the bag. “Sweetheart, you can’t possibly be thinking about opening that up out here? Not in front of Tim and Richard!”
“Well, first off I’m going to be here no matter what happens. And you know that if anything happens or you thing something is going to happen that you really feel uncomfortable about then all you have to do is say stop. Plain and simple. Other than that this is just a game and we can stop anytime you want to. But from what I saw a moment ago I think you’re enjoying yourself quite a bit. I think you like all this attention.” Dave said.
“I know…and I guess I am. It’s been quite some time since I’ve gotten reactions like this from another man, other than you, and now I’ve got two man literally following my every move.” Barb admitted. “I’m sorry, but I just got excited by the thought of the affect I was having on them. I like it I guess.”
Dave chuckled softly before adding, “And you should. You’re sexy, desirable woman and they want you.” With that he handed her the glass and set the bag on the pool table. Barb didn’t need to look at it as she knew all too well what it held. Barb gulped her drink and wasn’t surprised to see Dave bringing not only a drink for himself, but also the pitcher to refill hers.
After refilling her glass Dave set the pitcher down on the floor and then reached into the top of the leather satchel. “Gentlemen, if my lovely wife loses this next round then I’ll reach into this bag and pull out an item. Tim will get to his imagination for 60 seconds, but then must stop so we can move on to the next round. I’ll be the official time keeper. After that, every round Barb loses I’ll pull another item out of this bag, add an additional 60 seconds to the last time, and you both may use your imaginations with any items out of the bag, until I call time of course. This process will continue until Barb wins or I run out of things in the bag.”
Richard looked at the bag and then at Dave and asked, “And what happens if you RUN out of things in the bag?”
“Well, then I guess I just have to use MY imagination.” Dave replied. “But just to make things interesting, let’s see what we have here.”
Barb was speechless as Dave announced the new rules. She knew the things that were in that bag and could not imagine Dave pulling them out in front of anyone, much less letting them use them on her. As Dave raised his hand into the air she looked up with an equal measure of fear and curiosity. The bag had been the center of many interesting nights in this home. When she saw what was in his hand she sighed a breath of relief. Dave hold up a leather blindfold for all to see. “This of course is for Barb to wear while you use the other items in the bag. Any questions?” Dave asked. When Tim and Richard both shook their heads no, Dave announced, “Game on.”
Tim made the next break.
Barb and Tim knocked the balls around the table for about twenty minutes and half of them were still on the table. Two were Tim’s and five belonged to Barb. Even though Barb taken an early lead by doing what Dave thought of as a reach-around tickle maneuver, Tim quickly gave up the breast-stroke tactic he used last round. Now when Barb bent over to take a shot Tim would reach up between her legs from behind, cup her pussy with an open hand and then lightly drag his finger-tips down over her mound and back up her ass. And Dave was pretty sure by her reaction that Tim had trailed a finger through the crack of her ass when he did it. By the time the eight ball fell, Barb was fit to be tied.
Dave walked up to Barb and placed the blindfold on her head and over her eyes. He then placed his hand inside the bag and slowly rummaged around. A moment later Barb heard Tim and Richard “oooh” and “aaah” at the first selection. Barb heard someone move up to from behind and she felt them place their hands on her hips. She was about to protest when Dave whispered in her ear, “please spread you legs slightly and raise your arms away from your sides.” After she did as instructed Dave stepped away and called, “Go.”
Barb didn’t have to wait long until she felt a light touch caress her skin. It started at her hip and glided down her outer thigh. Once it got just past her knee it moved across the front of her calf and began to track up her inner thigh. It then lightly brushed across her out labia before making its way down her other thigh. It had crossed over and was on its way up her outer thigh when she heard Dave call, “Time.” She stood there trying to catch her breath when she heard something being moved across the carpet. Shortly after it stopped moving someone removed her blindfold. Dave smiled at her before turning and stepping over to the small table someone had moved closer to the pool table. She watched him place the blindfold next to the feather that had just been used on her. Dave had watched the whole thing and inwardly smiled. He watched for the signs that would tell him how excited she really was, and he liked what he saw. From sucking her lower lip in and biting down on it, to arching her back ever so slightly. Barb was definitely on her way to giving in to his silent desire. They had talked about introducing others into their love making, and it really got her hot. He would sometimes describe to her what the ‘others’ were doing to her to make her cum. It was always a great turn-on during sex, but after she came out of her euphoric state she’d usually just blush slightly and say that she couldn’t really bring herself to do such a thing.
Barb walked right up and put her arms around Dave’s neck. “I NEED you, right fucking NOW!” She whispered into his ear.
“Sweetheart, I’d love to take you into our bedroom and fuck you senseless. Hell, I got half a mind to just kick these guys out of the den and take you right there on the pool table. But I just can’t do that.”
“What?” She asked in disbelief, looking him straight in the face.
“Barb, you’ve made a wreck of these guys. Just look at Tim.” Barb turned her head and saw Tim standing there, fingers tapping nervously on his pool cue and a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit. “Sweetheart, he’s been sporting wood since before you were completely naked, and that was over an hour ago. He’s one of our oldest friends and I wouldn’t feel right leaving him on the couch with that hard-on and a case of blue-balls while he listens to you getting your brains fucked out just down the hall. You’re not exactly quiet when you cum, you know.” Barb blushed even more at Dave’s mention of how vocal she was when in passion. “And Richard has probably been sporting wood since the first time you broke the balls.” Dave waited to see the affect this would have on her. “I just wouldn’t feel right about it, that’s all. I mean, maybe if you just beat Tim then that might be fairer then just walking out and leaving them like that.”
Barb look into his eyes again before nodding her head. “You’re right, Tim would be miserable all night.” She said. She didn’t trust her voice enough to comment on Richard’s condition. She had been thinking about him since the kitchen encounter. Barb thought long and hard on the events leading up to this point. With a look he couldn’t quite read, she kissed him on the cheek and returned to the game.
Tim made the break and dropped two striped balls. Barb made no attempt to distract him either on the break or as he lined up for his next shot. After Tim made that shot he realized Barb was standing across the table just watching. He looked to Dave and Richard as if to ask what now. Dave shrugged his shoulders. Secretly he hoped that Barb was considering other optional ways to ending the evening than trying to win. Unbeknownst him, Barb had realized by now that at this point she wasn’t likely to win. Tim made the next shot, but missed the following one. Barb walked around the table and looked intently at her possible shots. She then selected a shot, bent over the table and took it. Dave, Tim and Richard could only stare at the beautiful ass staring right at them. She missed the shot, but no one noticed until she finally, slowly stood up. Tim just stood there a moment until Dave cleared his throat. Tim stepped back up to the table took his next shot.
A short time later Tim sunk the eight ball. Barb set her pool stick down and walked around the table to stand near the small card table. Dave placed the blindfold over her eyes again and she heard him reach in and fumble around inside the bag again. When he was done she heard the guys whispering for a moment then stop. They gathered around her, waited a moment, the she heard Dave say, “Go.”
Again she felt the feather on her inner thighs, but something prickly began tingling up the back of her right thigh like little pins marching up her leg. She suddenly drew her breath in as the ‘little pins’ stopped marching and she felt the rough points drag up her ass cheek. She then remembered the brush Dave had confiscated from her dresser one night. It had hundreds of thin, prickly bristles that went completely around it. She bought it to put a little curl and body in her hair, Dave liked the big hair look sometimes, but Dave found out that he could both roll it over as well as drag it across her skin. It was a weird, but exciting feeling, particularly when she was blindfolded. The brush alternated between rolling and scraping over her ass cheeks. Then the feather made its way up one thigh, across her pussy, and back down her other thigh. The feather then reversed its course back up her inner thigh as the brush rolled down her ass cheek and then over the back of her left thigh. As the two objects fought for her attention she tried desperately to control the feelings welling up inside her.
These new sensations were becoming more intoxicating then both the beer and margaritas combined. To top these feelings was the fact she was standing in the middle of her den, completely naked, while two men, neither her husband, used these objects to create these sensations. One was wearing nothing but his briefs and sporting a very respectable hard-on, and the other was tall, handsome and had started her juices flowing just by whispering in her ear. He had so overwhelmed her in the kitchen that she had allowed him to take a nude picture of her. Up until that moment only her husband had been allowed that privilege. And somewhere nearby was her loving husband watching this all to happen. She couldn’t help but tremble at the mental scene this produced in her mind. Just then the feather stopped as it stopped as it touched her pussy, then it began to trace up and down over her smoothly shaven labia. At the same time the brush had reached the bottom of the back of her thigh and was now rolling its way up the inner portion. The feather just kept brushing lightly up, then back down over her pussy. Just as the brush was about to roll past the halfway point up her inner Dave called, “Time.”
Barb was still breathing heavily when Dave removed the blindfold and placed it on the table next to the brush and feather. She couldn’t ever remember being this turned on from foreplay alone. She recognized the scent of her own sex and knew the others must smell it too. She thought about the events that led up to this point and really couldn’t put together where she had lost control of the situation. Then she remembered Dave’s part in all of it. Barb knew that he had always expressed an interest in bringing others into their love play, especially other men. What she couldn’t figure out was whether this was his plan all along or had he merely seized an opportunity. She knew that was no graceful way to back out of this. Whether or not Tim and Richard were a part of this from the beginning, they were certainly a part of it now. Even if they were not in on “the plan” they knew something was about to happen and that they had a part in. Barb loved Dave with all her heart and trusted him completed, so if this is what Dave wanted then this was what she’d give him.
Barb opened her eyes and looked around the room, stopping at each of their faces. She looked deep into Tim’s, then Richard’s eyes before walking over to Dave. She looked into his eyes for a moment before leaning closer and whispering in his ear. As Dave listened, Tim and Richard watched as his eyes grew wider. When Barb was done Dave looked at her, then she nodded, and finally he said, “OK.”
Barb moved to the side of the pool table and waited. Tim looked at Dave and when he gestured towards the head of the pool table Tim slowly walked over and prepared to break. Barb quickly crossed to his side and began to gently caress the bulge in his briefs with the tips of two fingers. It wasn’t as distracting as when she was trying to throw off his game earlier, but it did cause him to get even harder. He drew back, held his breath and drove the pool stick forward. ‘Crack’ went the balls as the clean break scattered balls everywhere. As a solid ball dropped into one of the pockets, Barb stepped back and allowed him to move around the table to find his next shot. Once he was in position he bent slightly to line up his shot as Barb again began to softly stroke his dick through his briefs. Again it wasn’t too distracting, but it did cause his dick to swell even more. It was well over an hour now that his dick had harden at seeing Barb’s near nudity and it had stayed hard while watching her prance around completely nude for the rest of the game. Now she was making it start to ache with her teasing touch and he didn’t know how much more of this he could take. Again he took and made his shot.
This continued for five more solid balls. Each time Tim would line up and make the shot as she teased his dick through his briefs, and each time it got more difficult to straighten up and move around the table. So far he hadn’t missed a shot. As he moved to stand where he planned to sink the eight ball he paused to allow his breathing to slow a bit. His dick was so hard now it hurt and there was nothing he could do at the moment to relieve it. This whole situation had gone well beyond his imagination and he couldn’t begin to think of how this evening was going to end. This last shot looked easy enough, but as he bent forward to prepare for it Barb reached up between his legs and began to finger stroke his dick from behind. This caused the heel of her hand to gently rub against his balls. And then he felt her other hand begin to trace slow circles around and over one of his nipples. Suddenly he found himself breathing as hard as she had been earlier and he knew if it kept up much longer then he was going to spooge into his briefs in front of everyone. He lined up as best he could, took a couple of slow, deliberate practice strokes and then shot the cue ball. The cue ball hit the eight ball and the eight ball dropped into the side pocket. As he stood up it took him a second to slow his breathing down.
Barb slowly walked around the pool table and stood where she had before, waiting for what was to come next. Tim just stood there a few minutes longer as Dave walked over and placed the blindfold back over Barb’s eyes. He then looked over at Tim and waited.
Tim leaned the pool stick up against the table and slowly made his way around to where everyone was waiting. Even Richard was there with a look of curiosity as to what would happen next.
When both men were standing next to Barb, Dave reached in the bag and pulled out what appeared to be a collar. Dave reached up and fastened it around Barb’s neck. She flexed her neck and gently shook her head. Dave readjusted it and she tested it again. Then she nodded once before lifting her head as if looking at the ceiling. Dave then turned and reached into the bag again. This time he pulled out a leather leash. He turned, holding the snap-end in one hand and the rest rolled up in his other hand. Then he handed both ends to Tim. Tim stood there a moment looking at the leash. When he looked up again, Dave motioned with a hooked finger at his own throat, then turned and gestured at Barb. Tim saw that there were rings on the collar on either side of Barb’s neck and one in the front. He looked back a Dave, and when Dave nodded Tim walked over and hooked the snap on the front ring.
Barb’s hands immediately shot to her sides and her head shot downward as if looking at the floor as she asked, “How may I please you, Master?”
Tim just stood there looking at her. There she stood, completely naked, with her hands at her sides fully exposing her whole body for his viewing pleasure and waiting for him to respond.
“Please Master, tell how I may please you.” She asked again.
Tim looked at Dave. Dave never took his eyes off his wife, but with a stern look only nodded once. Tim then looked at Richard, who only took his eyes off Barb’s nudity long enough to nod vigorously at Tim to go for it.
“PLEASE, Master,” Barb pleaded, with a sense of urgency in her voice, “I beg that you let me please you!”
As Tim’s dick hardened even more, threatening to rip out of his briefs, he forced out a “Yes.”
Barb immediately dropped to her knees in front of him and reached out with both hands. When she found his thighs both hands raced up to grab the top of his briefs. She then yanked them to his feet in one swift motion.
Tim was so surprised that he had to quickly move one of his feet to keep from falling over, almost tripping over his own briefs.
Barb’s hands immediately reached back behind Tim’s thighs and grabbed his ass as she leaned in to place her face close to his dick.
Tim sucked in his breath as Barb’s lips found and made contact with the head of his dick. But instead of taking it into her mouth she slowly slid her lips down one side toward his body. When her cheek made contact with his stomach she lowered and tilted her head, then reached out with her tongue and licked one of his balls. His dick jerked at her intimate touch as if it had a life of its own. She then started to slowly trace her lips back up along the side of his dick until she reach the head again, before tracing her way down the other side. Again, as her cheek reached his stomach she lowered and tilted her head enough to reach out and lick his other ball. And again Tim’s dick jerked of its own accord several times, threatening to cum any moment. As she made her way back up his dick Tim realized he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer with this teasing. So when Barb reached the head of his dick again Tim grabbed her head with both hands. He looked down at her as he held her head right in front of his dick. Her face so close that he could feel her breath on its head. ‘It would be so easy,’ he thought as he stared down at her kneeling in front of him. ‘So damned easy.’
Barb’s face was so close to Tim’s dick that she could smell his pre-cum. She had felt it jerk and was a little surprised that she wasn’t wearing his cum on her face right now. But she wasn’t by any means disappointed. She knew what was about to happen as she reached her tongue out to lick the head of his dick and taste the milky jewel waiting for her.
As Tim watched Barb’s tongue reach out and lick the head of his dick he couldn’t take any more. He pulled her head right onto his dick until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. And then he held her head still between both hands for just a moment before he began to fuck her face with great urgency.
Dave watched with morbid fascination as his beautiful wife took on a character he had never seen in her before. He knew that before tonight he had been the only man she had ever taken into her mouth. And he has always been very careful not to go too fast with her while she was giving him oral pleasure. In fact, he had always let her set the pace for fear of causing her to choke or gag. And now his lovely wife was being literally face-fucked by one of their oldest friends, in the middle of their den, and she wasn’t missing a beat. Things had just changed in their life and he wasn’t exactly sure how much yet. But he was pretty damn sure that at the moment that he liked it.
He watched as Tim’s whole body seemed to tighten up, his eyes closed, mouth opened and head fell back. Dave watched as Tim did something to Barb that he himself, after years of marriage, had only fantasized of doing to her; force his dick all the way into her mouth and ejaculate straight into her throat.
Tim had never felt this level of need before as he fucked the face of the woman in front of him. He had barely thrust he dick into her mouth a handful of times before he felt his balls tighten, his body lockup and the semen come rushing out of his body. All he could do was hold on to her head as surge after surge erupted out of his dick. Again and again he felt the jets of cum gush from his body and flood into her mouth. He had never felt this much raw power course through him during sex before. And when it was done, as he felt her mouth nurse the last bit of semen out of his dick, he realized he had never felt this spent before either.
Dave and Richard both watched in awe as their friend’s body shock with the force of his orgasm and then tremble as if his last bit of strength was quite literally sucked from him. Dave quickly pushed a nearby chair up behind him as Tim wobbled slightly then collapsed back into it. Tim’s breath continued to come in short gasps for several minutes more. Both Richard and Dave looked down at Barb who, though still kneeling was now sitting back on her heals with the palms of her hands resting flat against the top of her thighs. Though her head was down they could see that she wore an ever so slight smile. They could also see there wasn’t a drop of cum anywhere on her face; she had swallowed it all.
Dave also noticed that Barb was trembling slightly, as if she were cold. But he knew different. After all that had happened this evening he could only imagine how badly she needed relief. But he never would have guessed she’d have gone this far to get it. He almost went into shock when just before the last round started she whispered to him, “If I lose the next round the pullout the collar, put it around my neck and hand Tim the leash.”
The collar was a very special game they played, with only two rules. Barb had to choose to have the collar put on, but once placed around her neck she had to obey every command given her, no matter what. There were no exceptions to either rule. It was as much a game of trust as it was of sex. But ultimately it was a game of trust. He had accidently tested limits of that theory one weekend, but that’s another story.
Dave couldn’t imagine why Barb would introduce the collar in this situation, unless she figured out that he had guided the events of the evening to fulfill his ultimate fantasy. And in pushing her to her limits, maybe she was now testing his. But now that the collar was around her neck, and according to the rules she could be told to do anything and she would have to obey. It was a very solemn vow she made by excepting the collar. She trusted him enough to obey without question. The only problem was Dave had never had to share that authority with another person. He wasn’t sure exactly how you share such ultimate authority as the collar implied. They had never discussed it because it was never an issue. It was never meant to be an issue. Even when he’d teased her with the possibility of introducing a third party into their love life, using the collar had never crossed his mind. What could he do? What would she have him do? Then it hit him, she had already decided what he should do. By asking him to place the collar around her neck and hand the leash to Tim, Barb had both created and set into play rule number three.
Dave looked up to see Richard looking at him. He carefully considered what he was about to do. Then he walked over to Tim, who was still slumped in the chair trying to catch his breath, and asked, “Tim, will you release control of…her to me?” Dave almost slipped and said the name he used for her whenever the collar was in play, but quickly decided against it. That was part of their private game and would remain so.
“Sure,” Tim answered, a little surprised by the question. Dave reached a hand toward Tim palm up and waited. Tim looked at him for a second before realizing what he wanted. He then placed the end of the leash into Dave’s open hand.
Holding the end of the leash in one hand, Dave slid his other hand halfway down the length of the leash. He then began to take up the slack until it produced a gentle tug on the collar. This was Barb’s cue to stand, and she immediately leapt to her feet. Once standing Barb looked down and with her hands at her side again. “How may I please you, Master?”
“It appears that another of our…” Dave paused before correcting himself, “…another of MY guests has become aroused by your actions this night.”
“I humbly beg your forgiveness, Master,” She said in a meek voice. “I did not mean to cause you embarrassment, or your guests any discomfort by my indecent display. Will you punish me now, Master?”
“I am considering it,” Dave replied. “But perhaps you can make amends for your behavior.”
“I WILL make amends for my actions, Master, but I feel it would be appropriate for your guest to punish me, for every ‘inch’ of discomfort I have cause him.” Barb said.
Dave got a curious look on his face as he looked at his wife a moment longer more, and then turned to look at Richard.
Richard also had a curious look on his face as if he hadn’t heard her right. Then he grinned as if he suddenly understood her meaning. He looked at Dave and nodded. Dave gestured towards the couch and Richard went over and sat down on the middle of it. Dave then Barb over to the couch then stopped her in front of Richard.
“Do you prefer you right or left hand for such things?” Dave asked, gesturing toward Richard’s lap.
“The right, I believe will do nicely.” Richard replied.
Dave guided Barb around so that she was on the right side of Richard’s legs. Then he brought his one hand to her collar and guided her to a near kneeling position before bending her over Richard’s knees. “You may begin whenever you are ready.” Dave said.
Richard placed his hand on Barb’s back, and then slowly slid it down her back until he reached her ass. His hand began to softly stroke Barb’s ass for a moment, then looked up at Dave. Dave had been watching Barb’s reaction when Richard looked up at him. Richard nodded down toward Barb’s ass and then raised his eyebrows. Dave just smiled back at him and nodded. Richard’s caress grew softer and softer until he gently removed his fingertips completely. Then he quietly drew his hand back and SMACK! Barb raised her head suddenly as her whole body tingled with excitement. SMACK! She felt her body begin to tremble before the sting even started fading. SMACK! Barb starting breathing faster as she felt her face grow as flush as her ass must be.
As Barb lay across Richard’s legs she waited for the next blow. Her body was on fire as she tried to control her breathing. She needed someone inside her and wanted them now. But she knew the rules of this game and couldn’t do anything until he…no, until they decided it.
SMACK! Her body was on fire now and she could control neither her breathing nor her trembling. Again she waited for the next wonderful blow, anticipating the feelings it would send through. She involuntarily jumped when Richard’s hand touched her ass and then began to caress it softly. She knew this to be a trick and she waited for his hand to suddenly pull away again. But his hand began to slowly trace from the top of the crack of her ass all the way down to her pussy, and then back up again. She so badly wanted to push back against his hand in the hopes that he’s slip his fingers into her, but she knew that was forbidden.
Suddenly, “Richard, is that really ALL you have for her?” Dave asked, as if he didn’t truly believe it. From what she felt laying across his lap, she certainly didn’t.
“Actually Dave, I was thinking of only giving her half of her punishment now and the other half if she fails please me.” Richard replied.
Barb quickly started doing the math in her head, ‘two, three, four…oh my’ she thought as she realized the implication. She now wished she’d tried a different tactic, because now she was at their mercy. And though she blamed Dave for letting this go this far, she had only herself to blame for the route she’d chosen.
“Well then I guess we’ll have to see what she can do about that, won’t we.” Dave said as he gave a slight tug, the signal for her to stand. As Barb quickly came to her feet Dave guided her to stand in front of Richard. After a moment’s pause she heard Richard move slightly on the couch. Then Dave guided her another half-step forward. “Kneel.” He said. She immediately did as she was told and knelt down. “You may begin.”
Barb reached out with both hands and found Richard’s legs spread open. As she slid her hands up his pants she scooted forward on her knees until her hands reached his crouch. As she slid her hands the fabric of his jeans to find his belt she found the large bulge in his pants first. She couldn’t help giving it a squeeze as she admired its size. She heard Richard groan as she did this and she thought ‘He wasn’t kidding when he said half’. Quickly she found his belt and began fumbling with the buckle. She could only assume that at this point that Dave was going to let his fantasy play out. And as reluctant as she’d been in the past on this subject, things had gone way too far and she was way too horny to turn back now. All she was thinking about was the very large dick in these pants and how she wanted it inside her. But for now she had to play the game she had started. Finally she got the belt undone and had unzipped Richard’s pants. She grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down until her fingertips felt his dick. She pulled the boxers down farther and felt his dick pop up as it was released from its hiding place. Barb paused for moment before deciding to remove all obstacles in her way first. She used her hands to follow the top of his pants until her hands were just about on his hips before pulling them off his ass and down his thighs. Of course Richard helped by bringing his legs together and lifting his ass just enough to slide them off.
Barb pulled his pants over his knees and let them drop to his ankles. Then she grabbed his knees and pushed them wide apart before sliding her hands up his bare thighs. When she reached his crouch she slowly brought her hands together searching for his dick. For a second Barb was puzzled by the fact she couldn't find his pubic hair…but then she found his dick. She realized by the light stubble she felt that Richard had obviously shaved his pubic hair within the last week. This fact excited her even further as Dave had never shaved and she had always wondered what it would feel like.
Her curiosity took over and she seemed almost hypnotized as her fingers slowly curled around his dick. When she had both hands locked around his dick Richard gave out a soft groan. With one hand locked around the base of his dick she slowly slid the other up its length. As her hand slowly made its way up length of his shaft she realized that Richard might actually be longer then Dave, and he certainly was a little thicker. A moment later she confirmed it as her fingers reached its head. Richard was at least an inch, if not two inches longer, and Dave was not slouch in that department. Barb began to slide her hand up and down Richard’s dick several times before she felt a hand touch the back of her head and guide her downward. She slid her hand back up to the head of the dick and guided her mouth towards it. The hand guiding her head was so gently that at first she thought it might be Dave’s hand. But then she realized that from that angle it must be Richard’s.
When Barb's lips made contact with his dick the hand on the back of her head lightened its pull and she felt just the finger tips now lightly brushing her neck. She opened her mouth and reached out slowly with her tongue. She heard Richard's sudden intake of breath and felt him arch his back slightly as she began tracing her tongue around the head of his dick. The fingers softly slid up the back of her head and gently pulled her head downward. She opened her mouth a little more and allowed the head of his dick to enter. As it did she closed her lips around his dick and began to softly lick and suck the head. Again Richard's back arched slightly as she continued teasing him. After a few more moments of her licking and sucking she felt his whole hand cup the back of her head and pull her further onto his dick. When the hand relaxed its pull she slid of her hands up to meet her lips. She then held onto his dick and pulled her head back. The hand only let her pull back an inch or so before it began to pull her downward again. As she was pulled downward she felt the head of the dick getting closer to the back of her mouth and she tried to relax her throat. But she couldn't help herself as she felt her gag reflex start up. The hand again relaxed its pressure on the back of her head. She pulled back about an inch and the hand let her.
Barb resumed licking the shaft of the dick as she relaxed her throat. She wanted to take him all into her mouth. The thought that Dave, and Tim were both watching fueled her desire to meet this challenge. The hand began to softly stroking her neck again with just fingertips. She both admired and appreciated his patience, and thought that he might be more forceful after her performance with Tim. When she felt herself ready she began taking more of him into her. Slowly his dick made its way towards the back of her throat. She paused a moment, took a deep breath and continued. After two more pauses she finally reached the base of his dick, she had done it.
As Barb paused to let her throat completely relax she felt the hand cup the back of her head again. For a moment she thought he might be about to shoot his load and was going to hold her head down on him while he did, but she then felt someone touch her ass. As she knelt there she realized someone was now kneeling behind her and rubbing her ass. The hand then traced its way down her ass and began brushing the lips pussy. The passion that she had tried to forget came rushing back into her mind. Her she was, nude in front of three men (one being her husband), with a very large dick touching the back of her throat and someone was now kneeling behind her about to do anything they pleased with her.
Barb's breath started coming faster as her new unknown partner inserted first one, then two fingers deep into her pussy. She knew she was extremely turned on already, but the ease at which the fingers slid up into her told her how wet and excited she really was. She tried to concentrate on the dick in her throat as she didn't want to start gagging now. But fingers now sliding in and out of her were making it difficult. As the fingers got into a slow, steady rhythmn the hand on her head gently grabbed her head by the hair and began to pull her head upward. When the dick was almost completely out of her mouth the hand stopped pulling, and then began to slowly push her back down onto the dick again. She was still having a hard time concentrating on the dick in her mouth despite the fact it was slowly making its way towards her throat again. The fingers continued to thrust into her with a slow and steady rhythmn. Barb's body was on fire as the dick made its way to the back of her throat again. With the fingers working her body into a frenzy she didn't know if she was going to be able to keep her throat relaxed. But then the hand on her head let go. She immediately pulled back up a couple of inches before relaxing her throat muscles again. As the fingers continued to fight for her attention she grabbed the base of the dick in one hand while grasping the shaft with the other. Slowly she raised her head upward until the head of the dick was between her lips again, before lowering her head and sliding the dick all the way back into her mouth.
As Barb started to get a good rhythmn going she listened to Richard's breathing begin to get faster and deeper. She loved doing this to Dave and the fact that she was now doing it to anther man, while Dave watched, only heightened her euphoria. And now someone, maybe Dave, was trusting his fingers into her wet pussy while she was giving head to Richard. Barb found a good pace and began to slide her fist up and down the dick even as her mouth continued its did the same. Richard began to squirm and she could taste his pre-cum as it began leaking out of his dick.
As her confidence in her abilities began to increase she a power she had only felt with Dave. Though she Dave wasn't her first, he was the first to teach her it was OK for her to take the lead and control the situation in a sexual encounter. This realization had given her a power she had never felt with another man before, until now. Up until now only Dave had benefitted from this blossoming within her. But now, that had changed. And now he was benefitting again as he watched her. Even in her submissive role she was taking control of the situation. She wanted to make Richard cum even over her own pleasure and hadn't realized that fact until the person behind her joined the game. Now her own pleasure was on the verge of overwhelming her and she decided she needed to finish Richard quickly.
It was time for a new tactic. When she had pulled back far enough that the head of his dick was resting on her tongue, she began sliding her fist up and down its shaft. She pushed her mouth back onto his dick until the head reached the back of her tongue and then pulled up again. In this fashion her mouth stroked the upper part of his dick while her fist stroked the lower. As she got her rhythm down she then took her free hand and slowly traced her fingertips down his inner thigh until she found his balls.
Richard had been enjoying Barb's talented mouth and was very interested in what Tim was doing at her other end. When Tim began to stroke her naked ass he felt her falter for a moment before regaining her concentration. He watched as Tim reached up under Barb with one hand and her reaction. Tim must have started fingering her as her body had begun to tremble slightly her ass began to slowly rock back toward him. When he let go of her head she had started a nice pace, but now she had changed her method. Richard gripped then cushions on either side of him in a death grip. This was one amazing woman and she really knew what she was doing. As Richard felt his desire building his gaze went from the head of soft hair working on his dick, down her back and over the curves of her lovely ass to look at his buddy working the other end of the hot woman.
Tim looked up from the bobbing head to see Richard look his way. He nodded toward the back of Barb's head and smiled at his good friend. When Richard smiled back Tim held up one hand and made a serious of gestures. A moment later Richard raised an eyebrow as he caught on to what his buddy was about to do. Tim watched as Richard nodded and a shit-eating grin crossed his face.
Barb was sure that Richard wasn't going to last much longer and she was quite pleased with herself. She only hoped he had good stamina, because really wanted his dick in her pussy. And the more she thought of that the more she wanted to finish him before the fingers inside of her sent her over the edge. Just then a third finger pushed its way inside of her and stretched her open even more. A sudden wave of pleasure shot through her and it again became a little difficult to maintain her rhythm, but she concentrated hard on the dick in her mouth. In fact she began to pick-up the pace as she felt her body respond to the extra finger inside her. She wondered if Richard was trying to hold back or not. She knew she wasn't going to be able to last much longer and doubled her efforts on the dick she was working on.
Richard watched as Tim inserted a third digit in to Barb's pussy, just as he indicated he was going to do. Though he couldn't actually see Tim's hand, he could see by the reaction of Barb's body and the renewed effort she put on her dick that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Richard was surprised Tim hadn’t shoved his own dick up into Barb by now, just as he was hoping to do. But for now he wasn't going to complain. Here he was in another man's home, about to shoot his spunk into the mouth of that man's beautiful wife as she was giving him a great blowjob. Hell, even the meal they provided was top-notch. This was by far the best road trip he'd ever been on. Even the ones he'd lied about to his poker buddies.
As Barb felt her own orgasm building she knew she didn't have much time left, so she decided it was time to finish this stud now. Time for a little trick she had learned while going down on Dave one night. She stopped fondling Richard's balls with her one hand, and then opened her mouth to lick this side of his dick and to wet one of her fingers at that same time. She then went back to fondling his balls.
Richard looked down when Barb stopped playing with his balls. He was enjoying that and wondered why she had stopped. It looked like she was going for a double-fisted grip on his dick, but then he noticed Dave walk over and whisper something to Tim as he looked down at his wife. Tim looked at Barb’s head as it went up and down, got a huge grin on his face, and then nodded his head. Then he did something that puzzled Richard for a moment. Tim stuck his thumb in his mouth and started licking it. At the same time Dave went back over to a chair he had pulled over near the end of the couch and made an adjustment to the video cam sitting on a tripod. Richard hadn’t even noticed him set the thing up.
Richard felt Barb begin to play with his balls again and looked down at her as she continued to suck and jerk him at the same time. He didn’t know how much longer he would last at this point, but at that moment he looked up at Tim and realized why he had been licking his own thumb. As Tim’s thumb descended towards Barb’s ass Richard realized what was about to happen and knew he wouldn’t last long if it had the affect he thought it was going to. Because if her husband suggested it then Richard had a feeling she was about to lose all control. Just thinking about watching this little bombshell’s body coming unglued with passion was making it very difficult hold on. And he was really hoping to hold out long enough for a shot at Barb’s sweet pussy. As he watched Tim’s hand come to rest on the back of her ass Richard tried to prepare himself for what was about to happen next. He had no idea.
Suddenly Richard’s back arched and his fists locked onto the cushions he had been holding as Barb’s wet finger made its way into his ass. His hips began to thrust upward on their own and then, “WHAM” his dick erupted into Barb’s mouth.
Richard’s ass didn’t touch back down on the couch as jet after jet of cum shot out of him. And Barb didn’t miss a drop as her fist and mouth continued their piston-like motion. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes to Richard, his orgasm began to subside and his ass slowly came back down on to the edge of the couch. Barb continued to nurse his dick with her mouth as the hand on his dick let go and began fondling his balls.
Barb was even more pleased with herself now. But she didn’t have long to gloat over her little triumph. She felt something press again her asshole, something hard and wet. Tim still had three fingers deep inside of her and the effect was wonderful, but now something was rubbing against her sensitive ass and it was having its own effect. It just kept rubbing in slow, wet circles across her asshole, and it was really starting to turn her on even more. What was really blowing her mind was that she couldn’t figure out what it was. Was it a finger or his dick? As it continued to rub against her ass the fingers inside of her were changing their movement pattern. Now she was finding it difficult to focus on the two activities at the same time. As she concentrated on one, the other would draw her focus back again.
She was finding it even more difficult to maintain her ‘slave’ composure as her body got even more turned on with each passing moment. Normally Dave would tease her throughout an evening until she was ready to explode, before giving her release. It took a bit of time playing this game for her to build up the control not give in to her urges with reckless abandon, as she usually did during the love making. But once she had learned to control herself she found that her orgasms were not as strong starting out, but more frequently and continued to build in strength. Almost as if she was having a series of mini-orgasms, before they began to overwhelm her. And on some nights she would nearly pass-out from pure exhaustion, which was one of the reasons she had come to love ‘collar’ night.
A shiver shot up her spine suddenly. That ‘something’ pressing against her ass suddenly pushed its way inside her. It had only gone about a half an inch, but the effect was amazing. Her breath caught in her throat and her back arched as she waited for what was to come next. Just as suddenly the fingers inside her pulled out and left her feeling empty and needing. The thing in her ass hadn’t moved and she knew better then to push back, no matter how badly she wanted to.
She had to remain passive until told to do otherwise. That was part of the game. But they’d never included a third party before, so this was all new territory. Still, she was the one who asked for the collar so she was stuck with the rules.
With the blindfold on Bard couldn’t see Dave signaling to Tim. So far Dave had not participated that she knew of, and she was beginning to wonder if he would join in or just watch. Then she remembered their video camera. They had recorded many of the ‘play’ sessions and often enjoyed watching them, usually as a warm-up to later events. Now she was sure that’s why he hadn’t joined in. As she was pondering this she suddenly felt something entering her pussy.
A sharp intake of breath and her entire body going stiff was the only responses to indicate the effect invading object had on her. Barb fought to control herself as this new sensation hit her. Even Dave was impressed at her self control, as he was sure she was ready to explode. He would have to remember to show her his appreciation of her skills later. A day pass at the spa and a very nice dinner were in order. But for now he had other priorities.
Dave had watched as Tim used his free hand to guide his dick toward Barb’s pussy. He had wondered how long she would be able to maintain her “role” and he was pleasantly surprised so far. Just as the head of Tim’s dick was about to touch her pussy lips, Tim stopped and looked over at Dave. Dave was transfixed as he watched his long time fantasy about to come true. Barb hadn’t been fucked by another man since she married Dave, despite his urging that it might be fun. There had been two times in a resort Jacuzzi, and once in an elevator, where she had fooled around with another man in Dave’s presence. All three times had only led to her being finger-fucked and a couple of hand jobs. And though she a Dave fucked like rabbits afterwards, he had secretly regretted that it had not led to something more interesting. But watching her receive pleasure from and give pleasure to another man only heightened his desire to watch her take it to the next level.
And now his moment had arrived. Barb was not only going to fulfill his fantasy, but she was going to do with two men, not just one. Life was good sometimes, and sometimes it was great.
Dave woke from his trance when he realized Tim’s dick had stopped just before entering Barb. He looked up to find Tim looking back at him. Tim raised both eyebrows as if to confirm this was really ok. Dave quickly looked down at the camera’s viewfinder and then back Tim. With a wicked grin on his face he nodded.
Barb’s sudden intake of breath caught everyone’s attention. All three men watched her whole body locked up as Tim’s dick entered her. They watched as she began to tremble, but otherwise didn’t move of muscle. All three men watched in utter fascination as Barb fought to control her own body. And all three men knew that sometime soon she was going to lose that fight. And they couldn’t wait.
As Tim’s dick slowly entered Barb’s hot, and very wet pussy he had only gotten about half-way in before he saw, and felt her whole body lock-up. But what the others couldn’t see was that her pussy had tightened just as hard as the rest of her body. And despite how wet she was her inner muscles clamped down so hard it momentarily stopped his forward movement. Tim already had just placed his hands on her hips when she locked-up. Instantly he released his grip in surprise, thinking that something had gone wrong. But just as quickly as he let go of her hips, the sensation from the pressure of her pussy’s vice-like grip on his dick caused another reaction within him.
Barb fought hard to regain control of her body. She so desperately wanted to thrust back and impale herself on the dick now inside her. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this game up. As she was starting to catch her breath and force her body to relax she felt two strong hands grab her hips. Suddenly she was thrust forward with such force that she couldn’t help but gasp in surprise and pleasure. Barb’s whole body came alive as thrust after thrust slammed into her with reckless abandon, forcing her face into the naked crotch in front of her. And as her excitement began to grow, so did the soft, warm dick pressed against her face.
As the first wave of this new sensation hit Tim he paused for only a second. Without thinking he grabbed Barb’s and thrust himself as deep into her as he could. When his thighs slapped against her hips he held himself there for only a second before pulling back and slamming forward again. He realized how worked up he had gotten teasing her with his fingers and now he needed release. He looked down and watched as his dick slid in and out of her pussy with ease. He could feel how wet she was and could now see her juices glistening on his dick every time he pulled back. As he continued his assault on her very hot pussy he looked up to see her face rubbing against Richard’s dick every time he thrust forward. As Tim continued to watch he saw Richard’s dick begin to harden. Every time her face rubbed against it it seemed to grow a little more. Tim watched as Barb’s faced continued to rub against Richard’s dick until it was fully erect. He watched as Barb breathing turned into open mouthed gasps against the dick in front of her. Tim felt Barb’s pussy start to tighten around his own dick in soft contractions and he looked to watch himself slide in and out of her again. As he watched he noticed her little sphincter muscle tightening and loosening just as her pussy muscles were doing on his dick. Just then he remembered what Dave head said about how sensitive she was down there during sex and got an idea.
Barb was in seventh heaven as Tim continued thrusting into her. She knew that soon she would go over the edge again and couldn’t wait. But then she felt something odd probing at the base of her pussy, just below his dick. Something was rubbing around the outside of her even as his dick pushing in and out. This new feeling was adding a great deal of pleasure to an already great fuck and she knew it would be long now. She wasn’t sure what it was, maybe Dave had given Tim one of her toys, but she could figure out which one it could be. Suddenly the thing slipped partly into her alongside the thrusting dick. The feelings running through her intensified as this new object stretched her already sensitive pussy open even more. As it continued rubbing around just inside of her she felt her pending orgasm starting to built. She was concentrating on her pleasure as she neared the breaking point when suddenly the new object pulled out. She almost cried out ‘NO’ when she just as suddenly felt something begin tracing circles around her asshole. Her near disappointment did a drastic 180. Boy was she in for a surprise.
As Tim pulled his thumb out of her pussy, now slick with her own juices, he quickly brought it up to her asshole and began making wet circles around and around the sensitive little muscle. He watched her reaction as he freed his thumb from inside her and her new reaction as he began stimulating anus. She was getting into it again and her breathing began to take on the short, fast gasps from a moment ago. As he continued pounding his dick into her and watching as her breathing came faster and harder he decided it was time.
Barb hovered on the edge of ecstasy and couldn’t believe she was about to come again so soon. It was building and she knew she couldn’t last much longer. As she tried to brace herself for yet another massive orgasm that ‘something’ pushed its way passed her sensitive sphincter and into her ass. Suddenly her whole world was swimming with electrical energy! Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as the object in her ass matched pace with the intense fucking she was receiving. Again and again her whole body locked up and relaxed as the pleasure continued to course through her. After awhile she lost track of time as her passion swept through. But finally, as her breathing began to slow, she realized that no one was moving. While her pussy muscles twitched and tightened all on their own she discovered that the dick was still inside of her. And that her face was resting against a very hard dick that had twitched a couple of times in response to her breath softly caressing it.
As she raised her head the dick in her pussy began to move within her again in long, slow strokes. When she moved her face the dick she’d been resting on pulsed again. Slowly, she turned her head to bring her lips against its shaft before tracing her way up its length to reach the head. As her mind began to clear she remembered that this was Richard’s long, tasty dick. The one she sucked off once already. As she reached the top she took the head into her mouth and heard a sharp intake of breath. She loved the effect she had on this handsome man and was looking forward to repeating her earlier performance. Though she would have loved to feel his manhood deep within her, she was in no position to make requests. So far Tim had done a pretty good job at bringing her pleasure. In fact, he was doing a pretty damn good job of right now! As she slowly started to take Richard into her mouth again, she felt her body begin to respond to the effect that Tim’s fucking was having on her, again. When she finally had all of Richard’s dick in her mouth she slowly began to work her way back up his shaft. Again and again she took his whole dick into her mouth and raise back up again until only the head remained inside her lips. As she continued this she imagined that it was Richard’s dick inside her pussy, slowly stroking in and out again. When she finally got her rhythm going she found herself matching the dick in her pussy with the one in her mouth, stroke for stroke. And as she listened to Richard’s breathing she really got into the fantasy that it was Richard fucking her.
Suddenly she was hit with the realization that tonight she had probably crossed more lines (sexually speaking) than she had ever crossed in her entire life. This was the first time she had had sex with someone other than Dave since their marriage. And she had broken her wedding vows with not one man, but two. She had gone down on two men in one night, all in front of her husband. And now she was giving pleasure to two men at the same time! In fact that very image was now stuck in her head and really starting to get her excited again. She couldn’t believe how much pleasure she’d enjoyed already and that her body wanted more. As the image played out in her mind her body began to respond as if she was building up to her first climax of the night. She was loving every sensation she now felt, from the two dicks inside her, the hands firmly holding her hips, the heavy breathing coming from Richard, to the fact that Dave was somewhere in the room watching it all. She couldn’t believe this had gone this far. Much farther than even his admitted fantasy would have taken her. She hoped he was as pleased with her as she was with the experience. And she hoped he really was recording this for later viewing, as she knew she’d be reliving it again and again with him before many future love-making sessions.
As Barb continued to visualize the events playing out she felt her excitement continue to build. She wished Dave would get involved and as she visualized what he might do in addition to what the two men were already doing her pulse quickened even more. The thought of three men at once was suddenly caused her to falter slightly in the blowjob she was giving. As she renewed her effect Tim’s pace began to falter. She realized that he had been at it for some time and he was probably pretty close to coming. Barb tried to focus on her own pleasure, not wanting Tim to finish before she came again. But as her own orgasm was slowly starting to build she felt Tim’s pace speed up and then suddenly slow down as he pounded into her with great effort. After several powerful thrusts he pulled her ass to his thighs, holding her against him as his body quivered and shook violently. Holding onto her hips he rocked several times before finally stopping all movement.
Barb knelt there, body trembling as Tim leaned against her naked ass. She knew he was done and her body was still on fire with need. She had been so close that couldn’t believe he hadn’t lasted longer. Her whole body quivered from need. She hadn’t even realized that Richard’s dick had slipped from her mouth and was pressed against her cheek again. She wanted so badly to finger herself right now that her body wouldn’t stop trembling. But she didn’t want to disappoint Dave. She couldn’t believe that he had let her enjoy this much pleasure and didn’t want to break the rules of the game that she herself had asked to play. Her body began to shake as Tim finally pulled his shrinking member from her pussy. In fact her whole body shook with need for a few moments longer, until it began to subside to minor shivers. She had lost track of time and was just kneeling there when she felt someone grab her collar. She knelt there naked, knees spread apart, her arms still resting on Richard’s thighs, his dick still resting hard, wet and hot against her face, body still trembling and waited for what was to come next. After all that had happened she was not prepared for what happened next.
The hand on her collar fumbled around until she felt the collar unfasten and pull away from her neck. Stunned, she knelt there not knowing what to do. This was not the way this game ever ended. Normally Dave finished her off completely before the collar came off. Now she knelt there in the center of three men, her naked body still trembling slightly with sexual need. It was as if he was releasing to her do as she pleased. She had felt empowered a moments before because she could enjoy all the pleasure she wanted with no decision, or responsibility on her part. Now the collar had been removed she didn’t know what to do. She had never been in a situation any like this before. As her mind spun with indecision she felt something caress the back of her neck. It softly drifted over her shoulders and down her back. By the time it reached the top of her ass she realized it was one of her fantasy feathers. Dave loved to caress her with them sometimes as foreplay and he never failed to arouse her when he did. Now the feather slid down between her ass cheeks and she trembled visibly as it gently glided over her sensitive sphincter. It continued to move further down until it passed over her pussy lips and then brushed up over her clit. As the top of the feather slid past her overly sensitive clit the rest of the feather continued to slide over it as well. By the time he reversed the feather’s direction, pulling its length back against her clit she was practically shaking with need. Back up it moved over her pussy lips, back over her hyper sensitive anus and along her back until it came to rest against her neck again. Then it slid up under her right ear to come to rest on her cheek. Her body was on fire as it began to trace slow, ever-widening circles along her cheek until it passed over the place where her cheek rested against Richard’s dick. Upon contact the dick twitched, breaking its contact against Barb’s cheek for just an instant before bumping against her cheek again. It was almost as if it were slapping her. Another circle and the dick jumped again and her breath caught in her throat. As she continued to kneel there the feather made its way back down to her back until it begin to passed over her ass and hit her clitoris again. Back and forth from her clit to her ass it moved until her body shook with sexual need. Like a bolt of lightning it hit her; the collar was off and there was nothing to stop her from acting on her own.
Suddenly she planted both hands firmly on the thighs she was kneeling between and pushed herself off her knees. Barb practically leapt onto the couch and straddled Richard’s hip in one motion. With her knees planted firmly on either side of him she reached between her legs and grabbed his dick with one hand, while the other grabbed his shoulder to steady herself. Her hand was shaking slightly as she guided the dick between her labia. As she watched, and felt the head of his dick enter her she slowly began to lower herself upon it. Every couple of inches her body locked-up slightly as a shiver ran through her. After several such shivers her ass finally met his thighs and her whole began to shake uncontrollably. When she stopped shaking she took a deep breath. Then she began to raise herself upward.
Richard had watched in fascination as Tim first fingered Barb, and then began to fuck her. He watched as her breathing changed the closer she got to coming. And he as absolutely thrilled as he watched Tim push his thumb up her ass, again! As he watched her going through yet another orgasm he marveled at her libido and wonder how this night would end. He had only read, and fantasized about women who could come again and again like this. He only hoped he’d get a chance to fuck her himself. He watched as Tim finally shot his load deep inside her and how she had just about come again before Tim stopped. When Dave walked over to the table and reached into the bag he wondered if he’d pull out a big, black dildo or some kind of vibrator. When Dave walked back with a large feather Richard’s first thought was, ‘what the fuck is he gonna do with that?’ As he watched as Dave removed the collar and began to apply the feather, and the effect it had on her. He then realized two things; one Dave really knew what turned his wife on, and two, he definitely had to get one of those toy bags himself! As the scene in front of his got hotter he thought about grabbing her head and lowering it down on his dick again. But then she suddenly leapt up onto the couch and lowered her hot pussy onto his hard dick!
Richard couldn’t believe this! This woman had gone from being this perfect little hostess housewife to an insatiable little hose-beast! As she raised herself up her body shivered again, before lowering her pussy back down on him. Again she raised herself up and lowered herself, and again she shivered. He watched as she continued this riding his dick, picking up speed a little at a time. As he watched her breath begin to deepen he felt his own breath starting to pick up pace. She reached up with both hands and grabbed two fists full of hair. He watched as she slowly pulled her hands away from her head. Her hair stretched tight between her clinched fists and her head as her breath was not forcing its way in and out through her gritted teeth. When the last strands fell from her fists she placed her hands back on his shoulders. As he watched her cheeks expanded and contracted with the effort of breathing through clinched teeth he decided he had to remove her blindfold. He had loved the expression on her beautiful face when he caught her naked in the kitchen. Now he wanted to see the passion in her eyes as she rode his dick.
He reached for the blindfold, but when his fingers began to took it off her hands quickly grabbed his wrists and she said, “No!” With a total look of surprise on his face Richard sat there just looking at her. That was the first time she had spoken since begging Tim to let her please him. And that had been in a much more submissive tone. Now as she sat there, naked and glistening with sweat, chest heaving with her passion, straddling his lap and impaled on his dick, and she just told him “no” like she meant it.
Slowly she pulled his wrists downward until his hands came in contact with her breasts. When he began to squeeze her breasts she raised herself upward and then back down again. Richard didn’t understand why she wanted to keep the blindfold on, but he wasn’t about to argue. As she began to get her timing back he began to kneed and massage her breasts with gusto. He squeezed them softly at first and then slightly harder as she responded with a pleasurable moan. He squeezed a little harder and she responded by picking up her pace and moaning even louder. When he squeezed even harder she groaned slightly and started to falter in her down stroke. He relaxed his grip a little and she again respond with a pleasurable moan, then grabbed his hands and pressed them again her breasts even harder.
When Richard’s fingers worked their way to her nipples she quickly reached up and grabbed her hair again. Up and down she rode his dick as alternated between squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. As her breath began to deepen he could tell she was working towards another orgasm. Faster and faster her hips rode his dick like there was no tomorrow. Now she was twisting her head from side to side, fingers twisted in her hair and clenched into fists, and her moans getting louder and louder. Without the collar on she was make no attempt to control her passion. Harder and harder she slammed herself down onto his dick as she shook with passion and moaned with pleasure. He couldn’t believe how hot this woman was and he didn’t know if he was going to last much longer. Just watching her probably could have gotten him off and here she was attached to his dick and going crazy. Suddenly she grabbed his arms as her whole body began to shake and her hips ground onto his dick, rocking back and forth against his crouch. She through her head back and a guttural gasp escaped her mouth. Back and forth she continued to grind as her cries softened to the point he could almost not hear them. Then she collapsed forward, falling against him in soft, trembling mass.
Richard let go of her breasts as she fell forward and collapsed gently against him. With her laying warm against his chest he placed his hands on her back. She trembled slightly as his warm hands came to rest on her sensitive skin, but then settled down again. Richard looked over and saw Dave just watching. He wasn’t exactly sure, but it almost looked like Dave was pleased beyond measure. Here his wife was sitting, passed out from pleasure, on another man’s dick and he looked pretty happy about it. Go figure. As hot as Barb was maybe he couldn’t give her all the pleasure she needed. That would explain all the toys in that black bag.
As Richard mused over this line of thinking he began to gently caress Barb’s back as he held her. Suddenly her whole body began to tremble as she rose up slightly. His dick twitch as her body moved and she arched her back in response. This, in turn provided him with two beautiful breasts staring right at him. Richard didn’t think twice as he immediately took one the nipples into his mouth. He began to suck and nibble on one as his hand found and played with the other. His free hand reached behind her and held her to him as she lifted up and began to ride his dick again. He continued to nibble and suck on one nipple as his fingers pinched and twisted the other nipple. Her pace increased as body responded to his touch. Her breathing deepen and she began to moan in time with her downward thrusts. Richard couldn’t believe she was building up another orgasm and knew it wouldn’t be long before it her. The problem was he was close to coming too, and he really wanted her to come again before he did. He really began to work on her nipples and her body responded to everything he did. But his body was responding just as eagerly. Again and again she thrust down on his dick and he knew it would be long for him. Just then he remembered something.
Barb was close, and she knew Richard was getting close himself. His breathing had picked up and his hands were gripping her back and breast more than massaging, as they were earlier. And he had stopped thrusting upward to meet her thrusts. The hand on her back began caressing again, going up and down her back in soft strokes. Each pass it went farther up and farther down her back, until the hand reached her ass. Slowly it began to caress and massage her one ass-cheek. This caused a shiver to race up her spine as his fingers kept brushing closer and closer to the crack of her ass. As she enjoyed this new feeling she reached up and ran her fingers through her hair. She could feel her orgasm building and she picked up her pace a little. As the feelings continued to build she threw head back and almost lost her balance. Luckily Richard brought his hand up off her ass and caught her.
Once she had balance back she started riding his wonderful dick once more. When she had her rhythm again Richard let go of her breast with his hand and brought it around to join his other hand on her back. She then felt both of his hands slide down her back and grab both of her ass-cheeks with a firm grip. As she continued to ride his dick he began to alternate massaging, then roughly grabbing both cheeks. She picked up her pace again and was rewarded with a sharp slap to her ass. More massaging and then another slap to the other side. As this continued he raked the nipple in his mouth with his teeth as he tugged it towards him, before letting go. Her sudden disappointment was short lived as his mouth sucked the other nipple into it and began to alternately suck, lick and nibble on it. This took Barb by surprise and she might have lost her balance again, but one of his hands reached up and held her in place. With one hand pressing her against his eager mouth, and the other smacking and rubbing her ass, she concentrated on her pending orgasm. He still wasn’t thrusting upwards into her, but she didn’t care anymore. She could feel body beginning respond to his every touch now and she knew that the first waves of pleasure were about to wash over her. As she continued thrusting downward onto his dick she felt the hand on his ass slide between her cheeks and his fingers start to rub along the bottom of her pussy, right were his dick was sliding in and out of her. This shot a bolt of pleasure up through her and she couldn’t but utter, “Yes…oh yes, that’s it…that’s its…yes, oh yes!” Then his fingers began sliding their way back up the crack of her ass again.
Richard had held off as long as he could. He had watched this amazing sex machine respond Tim’s touch and now it was his turn. He had slid his hand down between her ass-cheeks and began playing with her wet pussy, even as she rode his hard dick. He slid his fingers between them felt her body respond. It didn’t take long before she was moaning out loud. When she started chanting ‘oh yes’ he knew it was time. He slid his wet fingers up her ass-crack, and then thrust his middle finger into her!
“Oh my ga….Oh my g…Oh, Oh, Ooooh myyyy gaaawww…” Lightning shot straight through as this sudden invasion caused her to slam down on his dick, again, and again, and again! She threw her head back as her whole body shook. She grabbed her breasts, pinched her nipples and threw her head from side to side. She was lost in a sea of passion as she slammed back down and began rocking back and forth against his groin. She ground her sensitive pubic mound against his pelvic bone again and again. And again and again wave upon wave of electric pleasure washed over her until she lost all sense of time. Every time she thought it would subside a new series of waves hit her. Every time she began to wind down her own trembling would start the cycle over again. And just when she thought she might actually begin to collapse from pure pleasure she felt his hips rise up and thrust into her.
Barb had lost all sense of balance, but somehow she was still sitting up, kneeling over him as his dick thrust upward again, again. Another wave crashed through her, but still her body stayed upright. Thrust after thrust, wave after wave, she had lost all sense of up or down with the passion coursing through her. The euphoric state of her mind knew only pleasure now, and she didn’t care about anything else. She had long lost track of how many time she came, or even if it was one huge orgasm. Drifting on the winds of pleasure she dreamed…


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Super story, IdleHands! You put a lot of work into it and none of it got wasted. This kind of story has been done before, but like a true master, you've added your own unique touch that makes it exceptionally memorable. Thanks for writing and posting this.

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It made me stick my 3DS stylus in my dick's pee hole and shove it down to my bladder. It's still there. I can't get it out. I'll have to wait till I piss. But right now, it feels so good I'll probably put it back in!

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Wow this is an amazing story it is long but there ia nothin wrong with that just keeps you building longer to make for a good nut my wige and i both read this and we fucled like crazy after words and gave us lots of good ideas!! Thank you hope to see more soon

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