Gina lost anal virginity the previous night, now her Daddy says he'll take her bottom once a day.
I introduced you to Gina in July of 2010. I took a hiatus from writing for several months but came back with a sequel this month, "Daddy, you're a real pain in the ass."
This will probably end my Gina trilogy, though, the truth be known she's one of my favorite characters. Hell, I want to fuck her and I created her.


We’d had sex one final time last night; I’d just held my sixteen year old daughter Gina and we went to sleep. Several weeks ago she’d lost her virginity to me. Last night her remaining virginal orifice had surrendered to me. And, as Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day. It’s now tomorrow, and the day begins:


After Gina had gotten what she wanted last night then we’d fallen asleep. We no longer made any pretense, Gina slept with me, not in her room but in mine. She’s my sixteen year old daughter but, more than that she’s my lover; hot, sometimes demanding but always available and wanting.

Last night I’d taken her anal virginity. It was a painful ordeal for her, only through my ministrations to her clitoris while I was taking her from behind had we gotten through. Finally, although she’d agreed to surrender her tight little bottom to me once a day, I knew it would take more than just her assurance. I knew how painful anal sex could be and I wanted to inure her from the pain.

As normal, I awakened before Gina. I loved to watch as her sleep filled-eyes took me in. It didn’t take long for her to adjust and it took even a shorter time for her to mount me. She really did like to ride on top. This morning she didn’t have her panties on; she liked to wear them when she rode me but she’d make an exception for an early morning jaunt.

I liked sex with Gina in each and every way but I really reveled in her exuberance when she rode me. She was like some wild crazy cowgirl, no, that’s not quite right; she was more like an English steeplechase rider, posting up and down. She always pounded down on me so hard that I hit her cervix, she always moaned in pain when that happened and she always came back for more. I think the girl was becoming a pain junkie; we’d find out.

We always showered after our first romp in the hay and today was no exception. She and I bathed together, I washed her and she washed me. We got out and toweled dry. Normally, we’d go down for breakfast now but I had something else in mind. I had a little gift for Gina; it was waiting in my night stand drawer.

Of course were both naked but Gina started to walk toward the stairs, the stairs that would take her to the living room and on through to the kitchen where she would fix our breakfast. This morning, our, plans or at least mine had changed.

I put my arm around her and guided her to the side of the bed. Expecting that I wanted her again she started to climb on the bed but I stopped her, asking her to just stand there for a few moments. I got onto the bed and, sitting with my back braced against the headboard, I pulled her across my lap.

Gina’s eyes teared as she, quietly, fearfully asked, “Daddy, are you going to spank me again? I haven’t been a bad girl have I, what did I do?”

“Nothing, you didn’t do anything. And, no I’m not going to spank you unless you want me to. Do you remember what we talked about last night?’’

“Daddy, are you talking about how much you like my booty?”

“Yeah Baby that’s what I’m talking about.”

Breathlessly, fearfully, her breath lost in her throat, Gina, with almost a pleading voice asked, “Daddy, is that what you’re going to do to me now? If you want to spank me I’d rather get that.”

As we talked, I caressed her bottom. I was trying to relax her and alleviate her fears. Unthinkingly, I probably had the opposite effect. She was fearful that I was going to painfully invade her tight young brown eye and I was massaging her as though I was preparing her.

“No Baby, what I’m going to do may help make it easier in the future but I’m not going to take you now.”

I continued to caress and massage her wonderfully soft and round cheeks for several minutes until she started to squirm on his lap. Then I opened the night stand drawer and took out my gift. I stood it on end in the Astroglide tub; she couldn’t see it, an I said, “Baby, I don’t want to hurt you again like I did last night, but like we talked about, we are going to do that again, were going to do it a lot. I have a present for you, maybe not like your new clothes and panties but a gift that will help to keep you from a lot of pain in the future. Do you want my gift?”

I kept rubbing her bottom, separating her cheeks and tickling her tight little rose bud as I awaited her answer. I also realized the implied threat, my fingering her from behind what her answer would be.

“Yes, Daddy, I want your gift. Are you going to give it to me now or are you going to save it for later? But before you do, please spank me just a little. I’m scared about what’s going to happen. I want to cry before I answer you. Will you do that for me?”

She crawled across further over my lap, elevating her hips and raising her cute bottom, inviting, no, asking for mild punishment. I certainly wasn’t going to refuse her.

“Gina baby, are you sure this is what you want?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy, please do it. I want to cry.”

“Are you ready?” I asked.

Gina, my sweet Gina ground her self against me, splaying her legs and letting her hot pussy leak on my thigh as she said, “Please daddy, now.”

I cracked her on her right cheek then again on her left. Back and forth I went giving her the same on both sides. I planned on her having ten on both sides but at seven she ground her pussy into my leg and climaxed. She kept herself in place, she knew she had three more on each cheek coming but her release soaked my thigh. I thought, if she reacted like this to a little spanking that we should incorporate it into our sexual play. I liked it and, evidentially, so did she. It was amazing to watch. Her head was buried in her pillow, she was sobbing, in obvious pain from the spanking and yet she was pumping, not leaking but pumping her hot juices onto my leg; awesome.

But I had to get back to where we were.

I said, “About my gift to you. Do you want it now or later? You tell me, do you want to wait?’

Knowing it wasn’t something she’d really want but also realizing that, to delay could result in an excruciating pain she said, “Daddy, I’m always ready to receive any gift from you. Please give it to me now.”

I smiled down at her prostrate form. Sprawled across my lap she couldn’t see my face. She was squirming, I could feel her pubis grinding into my leg but it wasn’t sexual arousal, she was scared.

“Well, ok, if you want your gift now, I’ll not deny you,” I said as I spread her cheeks.

I dipped a finger into the Astroglide and lubed her tight little ring then I took the slim butt plug from the lubricant and, holding her open said, “Baby, this may be a little uncomfortable but it will save you a lot of agony in the future.”

I let the tip of the butt plug rest against her clinching sphincter and gently pressed. I wanted her to accept this small invader on her own.

My hand was still on her cute little bubble butt and I could feel her tighten, trying to stave off the alien invader. I rubbed her lower back and massaged her tightened little bottom.

“Baby, just relax, this won’t hurt you,” I said.

I kept a slight pressure on the plug, pushing into her. Each time she loosened a little more it would slide into her but the tough part was still to come. A butt plug works like this, it’s tapered to its widest part then shrinks to a narrow neck. The object, the idea is that, once the wide part has been inserted and the narrow part is clasped by the anal sphincter, that the seated plug will remain in place, gripped by the sphincter muscle. Good idea, and it works, the only problem is getting past the wide part and that’s where we were nearing with Gina.

Continuing to stroke her, her sides, along her breasts and over her back and bottom I crooned, “Come on Baby, just relax for Daddy, just relax.”

It worked, my words and my assurances. The plug plunged into her to its maximum depth. She grunted, obviously feeling a little pain as the wide flange penetrated her but it was momentary. She lay quietly, awaiting my words, waiting for my instructions.

“Are you ok Baby?” I asked.

The little girl voice was back, “Yes Daddy, I’m ok, what do you want me to do now?”

I’d brought a pair of her new panties to the bed; they were on my night stand, awaiting her. Yes, they were tight and form fitting, just what I wanted for right now.

I rolled her over onto her back and sat her up. She was sitting on the plug, I knew she could feel it invading her but it wouldn’t be painful. It would create a full feeling in her bowel, like she needed to use the bathroom. When I had her seated on the side of the bed I embraced her and kissed her, whispering that she was a brave girl, no, a brave woman…and she was my woman. I asked if she wanted to be my woman.

In spite of her evident discomfort she smiled at me saying, “Yes Daddy, I want to be your woman.”

I knelt in front of her, worshiping at her sex then, lifting her feet I pulled her panties on. I tugged them up to mid thigh then stood her up and lifted them until they bit into her crack.

Then I walked her to a hard seated chair, not my overstuffed one but another, a vanity stool that my former wife had used. I sat her down so we could have a conversation but I’d placed her in this particular chair for a purpose. I knew as she sat the plug would be pressed deeply within her by her own weight. I watched her closely as she worked to get comfortable. Finally I saw her relax and let the plug slide into her to its maximum depth.

I thought I’d play with her a little as I asked, “Are you ok, are you comfortable? How do you like my gift?”

I had no idea how she would answer me. Here she was sitting in front of me with six or seven inches of plastic rammed up her ass and I’m trying to conduct a civilized conversation.

“It’s not bad Daddy, sometimes I like it.” She squirmed in her seat, driving it even deeper. “I like it right now. Do you like watching me while I squirm, do you Daddy?”

Her smile was almost a smirk; she was trying to get a rise out of me. I stood up and pulled her to her feet, tugging her panties up ‘til the were buried in her butt crack.

“Keep them pulled up, it will hold your plug in place until I take it out this evening, do you understand,” I asked.

I walked her out to the living room asking if she wanted to watch a little TV or did she want to go to her room and read? She opted for her room. I followed her in. She chose a novel and lay on her bed, tummy down and opened the book. I placed my hand on her bottom, I could feel the plug trying to work itself out, I pushed, seating it back in place. Gina grunted as I said, “Keep it in.” Then I walked from the room.

I didn’t come back until almost six. Gina hadn’t come out and I had our supper ready.

When I walked back in she was still lying on her tummy, reading her book She didn’t seem to notice my presence ‘til I cupped her bottom and pushed forward, forcing her plastic friend deeper. She gave out a little grunt before rolling over and looking at me.

“Is this how it’s always going to be? You’ll take what you want and fuck Gina, fuck how Gina feels? Is that how it’s going to be, Daddy? If it is, tell me, I can live with that, I don’t want to but I can. Dammit Daddy, don’t you understand, I love you, I love you with all my heart. I’ll do anything you want, endure what ever you want to put me through. It doesn’t matter; I’ll be there what ever you do to me.”

There were tears in her eyes, pleading for me to understand how she felt for me, about me and what she would do for me.

I watched and listened to Gina, my beautiful, sexy daughter and I realized I’d done something I’d never intended to do. I’d broken her. Whatever I told her to do, she’d do no matter how degrading. She’d probably eat shit if I told her to do it.

Christ on a fucking crutch, this was never my intention. Not brain control, I wanted her hot little ass, not just once but again and again. Now I’d reduced my beautiful, bright and sexy daughter to a zombie.

She was still sitting on the hard stool, working the faux phallus deeper into her. I walked to her, took her hand and pulled her up to me. I hugged her and kissed her saying, “Oh my little Baby I’m so sorry what I’ve done to you.”

She had one arm around me but the other was behind her, forcing the dildoe deeper and deeper into her as she asked, “Daddy, why are you sorry, you got what you wanted, didn’t you.”

“Oh my God no, I wanted you, yes, of course, I wanted your bottom along with the rest of you but I wanted my wild child not this zombie that you’ve become. What can I do to help you back to the young woman that you were, the feisty, fiery little fireball that I had to live with? What can I do?”

“How about you kiss me and tell me that you love me then take me to bed. That would be a nice start.”

I helped her rise and walked her to the bed. She sat,on the bed side, wiggling down on her piece of plastic, forcing it even deeper into her.

I sat beside her and lay her back on the bed then rolled her onto her tummy. She was still attired in only the tight panties that I’d put on her earlier. I couldn’t even pull them down, I had to roll them over hips and down her thighs,before, finally I could tug them off.

As she lay before me I could see the base of the plug. It was a vivid purple. I wanted to pull it out and go back to how we’d been. Gina had other ideas and, all things considered, she was not to be denied.

She rolled onto her side, exposing her fantastic breasts to my view.

“Daddy, tonight can we do things how I want to do them?” she asked.

“Yeah, Baby, tonight’s your night. Tell me what you want.”

She pulled him to her and said, “I want your cock in my cunt, right now, I want to know how it feels to have both holes filled at the same time.”

I rolled her onto her back and mounted her. No hesitation, I pushed into her. She was already sopping wet in anticipation. As I stroked into her, I cupped her sweet ass with my free hand, keeping her plastic friend in place, assuring that she got pumped there, too.

I felt Gina start to respond then I felt a tsunami building in her body. Her belly rippled with wave after wave of passion, it flowed down through her hips as she flung herself wildly about. Her cunt was gripping me as spasm followed by spasm threw her into an exotica that she’d never experienced. Her legs were wrapped around my neck as I pounded into her harder and faster than ever before. In her position, her plastic friend was slipping out of her. Even in her state she could still feel her bottom being emptied. She cried out, “No don’t let it get out. Push it back, push it back.”

I did and using one hand I cupped her bottom and pushed it back in. As it was nearly forced out again I gripped it and fucked her ass with it as she finished on my cock.

It was over, Gina lay on the bed, sweat covered and exhausted. I’d fucked her as hard as she’d ever been fucked while at the same time I was working her plastic partner in and out of her. She rolled onto her back and looked into my eyes.

“Daddy she asked, “Was that fun for you?”

Her expression was almost begging me to say no. I didn’t have to lie. Wild, indecent, lewd, and even cruel, maybe all of those adjectives fit but fun, no.

I took Gina into my arms, arms that thought they might lose her. “No baby, that wasn’t fun. I thought I might lose you and I couldn’t endure that pain. No, it wasn’t fun.”

I smothered her with kisses and held her tightly. I was happy and satisfied that she was with me, I couldn’t ask for more.

It was exactly how I felt but, as Gina beamed up at me I knew it was the answer she wanted to hear.

She walked me to the bed and sat me down saying she’d be back in a minute. She went to the bathroom and closed the door. A few minutes later I heard the water start to run. It flowed for several minutes, I knew it took a little while for the hot water to come up then I could hear her scrubbing something. The only thing I could imagine was her plastic buddy. I waited ‘til she came out. She was still clad in her panties, maybe nothing had changed but, nonetheless, I cupped her tight little buns as I kissed her. Yes, it was her dildoe, nothing was filling her now.

She gazed deeply into my eyes, staring it seemed into my soul before she led me to the bed.

Standing beside me she stepped out of her panties and handed me a tube of lube. Climbing onto the bed, she pulled her pillow under her head, lifted her hips while keeping her head buried in the pillow then, in a lewd invitation she wiggled her bottom, inviting me in as she reminded me, once a night, every night.

She’d already lubricated herself; she was ready and waiting for me. My stiff rod touched her waiting portal; I started to push into her when she thrust back against me. I was buried in her to her balls deep as she uttered a little moan and then worked her ass back and forth rasping out, fuck me hard Daddy, fuck me deep Daddy, fuck meeee!”

I did, pounding her hard and fast, I wanted to finish quickly, I wanted to just hold my sweet Gina.

She didn’t cum, I’d help her later, I blasted into her, she was slamming back at me, taking me in as deeply as she could. I held her narrow hips and drained myself into her.

Exhausted, I rolled off of her and resumed my position against the head board. Gina was still lying on her tummy. She looked deeply into my eyes then crawled across my lap. She lifted her hips, presenting her cute bubble butt and whispered, “Daddy, please spank me.”

I never turn her down. Lifting my hand I smacked her right cheek.

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