young innocence is destroyed by an irate father
Ellie, part one

“You need to haul your ass outta here, before paw comes lookin’ for me.” Ellie Branson had just let a boy fondle her young, peach-sized tits, for her first time.
Bobby lived on his uncle’s ranch, about two miles away, but had been talking shit to Ellie, every since the street dance in Deer Creek, two months ago.

She was sixteen, now, and her paw was very protective of her. He had watched, glaring at Bobby, when they danced. After their third one, he told her not to dance with Bobby anymore. “That boy ain’t no good, girl,” he had said, “he got other things on his mind, besides dancin’.”
She knew what her paw was referring to, but she liked Bobby, and had been flirting with him at the schoolhouse.

Her friend, Samantha, who was three years older, had been telling Ellie about having sex with Bobby’s brother, Eli. “We’re gonna get married, Ellie, but we’re gonna have to wait until after fall round-up.
“Eli’s gonna have enough money to buy his own team and wagon. He’s already building a cabin, back by the foothills. That’s where we go fuck, every chance we get. We don’t have a bed there, yet, but we don’t need one. We just run all over the place naked, and he pokes his dick in me every time I stop.
“I don’t run very long, or very far, either. God, I love it. If I lived in a big town, I’d probably be a whore, just ’cause I like to fuck.”

Ellie had managed to meet Bobby several times, after school, down by the creek, after which the town was named. Deer Creek was spring fed, and had only frozen over once, in Ellie’s sixteen years. The water had cold, and hot springs feeding it, and the most popular meeting places depended on the current weather.
After their third meeting, at the cold springs, Ellie let the young man hold her hand, but pulled away as he tried to kiss her.
“No,” she said, “not yet. Maybe next time, Bobby. I’m not ready to kiss a boy. Besides, if anyone sees us, I’m going to be in deep shit, and paw will kill you. I gotta go home, now, but I’ll meet you here next Monday, right after school.”

Another three meetings came, and went, before Bobby got his kiss. Just one, but Ellie promised more, next time. Twice, he had placed his hand on her young, hard breast. At least it felt hard through her dress and undergarments.

This day, though, the undergarments, and dress, were left in Ellie’s bedroom. She had let Bobby rub the tits, which felt much softer to him, through her brocade shirt. Then, as they kissed, Ellie began to unbutton the top buttons, revealing more skin with each one.
When she pulled her shirt tail out, the shirt fell open, exposing her beautiful, rose colored, aureoles and pointed nipples. She stopped Bobby, when his rubbing and pinching began to hurt, but gasped with pleasure, when he took a nipple in his mouth.

After hearing a horse snort, her head cleared, and she stopped his advance. It was then she realized his hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy, through her jeans.
“You need to haul your ass outta here, before paw comes lookin’ for me. Damn, Bobby, that felt good.” Ellie was fastening buttons, as fast as her hands could work, “I’ll meet you again Monday, but not here, it’s too close to paw’s shop. If he doesn’t see me moving around the yard, he usually comes huntin’ me up. If he finds you here, he’ll beat me hard and kill you.
“Now git…Wait!” she grabbed the front of his shirt, kissed him, smiled and said, “now you can git.”

“Goody, goody, goody, goody,” Samantha was clapping her hands and bouncing, as she reacted to the news, Ellie had told her, “when are you gonna let him in your pants? I’ve been screwing since I was fourteen, so you’re old enough. Oh, it’s so good Ellie, you’re going to just love it.
“Can you keep a secret? Bobby’s dick is bigger than Eli’s. I saw it once. He didn’t know I was in their barn, waiting for Eli. Bobby needed to pee, and when he got through, he looked around for a few seconds, then he jacked off. Just as he started cumming, I stepped out of the stall. It scared the shit out of him, but I told I wouldn’t tell anybody, if he’d let me check him out.
“I looked his pecker over, squeezed his balls a little, and the fuckin’ thing jumped back, full hard. He watched while I jacked him off again. I kinda wanted to fuck him, too, but I knew you wanted him for yourself, so I just jacked him a while, then sucked him off. He blew a pretty good load, considering it was his second one. He saw Eli coming, so I hid back in the stall, and Bobby went out the back door.
“I couldn’t get enough of Eli that day, just thinkin’ on Bobby’s dick. I think that his is the biggest, of all nine I’ve seen. When Eli and I get married, I’ll probably try to get Bobby to fuck me on the side, unless you marry him. I wouldn’t do that to my best friend.”

A long week later, Ellie and Bobby finally met again. Ellie’s paw had taken a load of corn to the grist mill, so the kids met in the barn, at Ellie’s place.
Although they hadn’t mentioned it to each other, they were both determined to lose their virginities that day. Two horse blankets on the pile of corn, in the crib, were all they needed.
Both undressed quickly, but Ellie made Bobby go slow. She wanted to take the time to enjoy her first sexual experience, and be able to remember it, forever….and remember it, she did.

She examined Bobby’s body, inch by inch. A particular seven inch long part received extra attention. Ellie rubbed the shaft, felt the soft skin, pulled and pushed the foreskin, pulled the sides of the head, blew her breath into the hole, then she began to plant hot kisses under the ring of the head.
Bobby had enjoyed all aspects of the inspection, but Ellie’s hot breath and warm kisses made his precum begin to appear.
Samantha had told Ellie about this stage of the game, so when she saw the glistening juice, her tongue flicked at it.
The fifth lick sent Bobby over the edge. Many times he had jacked off, thinking about exactly what was happening, but he never dreamed of blasting his load so fast.
As soon as Ellie saw the first rope of cum leave it’s cannon, her soft lips closed over Bobby’s cock, drawing him in as deep as she could. Even after draining him, she kept sucking until he became semi-flaccid.

She rubbed his balls, then giggled, lying back on the blankets and parting her legs, slightly. “Now then,” she puckered her lips, as though inviting a kiss, “it’s your turn. Kiss me. Kiss me a lot. Start with my cheeks, then work your way down. When you get here,” she rubbed her slit, “I want you to lick me until I beg you to stop.
“Then, if your dicky will get hard again, I want you to fuck me, Bobby. Fuck me until I beg you to stop that, too.”

Ellie was moaning by the time Bobby’s kisses were being planted on her neck. By the time he crossed her navel, she was writhing, and mumbling every dirty word Samantha had taught her.
As his thick tongue hit her nether lips, Ellie’s whining reached a pitch that made her paw’s hound howl.
Combined, the howling and the whining drowned out the sound of her paw’s wagon, at it returned to the barnyard. The miller had been sick, so he returned, much sooner than the lovers were expecting.

Just as Bobby raised up on his knees, aiming his solid hard-on at Ellie’s virgin slot, the crib door opened. Her paw’s scream scared Bobby, worse than a gunshot would have. Reaction made him dodge to the right. He felt the whistle of the pitchfork, barely missing face, as he rolled over. The sixteen year old leaped the crib wall, and ran from the barn, his balls slapping his legs with each step.
Ellie tried to get up, but her paw’s fist caught her on the left side of her neck, addling her senses. When she became aware of what was going on, he was beating her with his leather suspenders. After a while, the pain was so great, she just lay there, taking it.

All the time he was thrashing his daughter, Ellie’s paw was calling her names. “Whore! Bitch! Seductress! Jezebel! Cunt!”
He rattled about being just like her mother, “I stopped that whore, though, I made hog feed out of her, you little bitch. You want to let a man use your body? Well, by God, I’ll show you what a woman is made for!”
As she opened her swollen eyes, Ellie saw her paw, naked, stroking his massive cock, and lowering his body onto her lithe frame.
When he entered her, he rammed her hard. His third stroke hit something inside her, sending blinding pain, throughout her teenage body. Her screams just egged him on, pounding her young pussy like a jackhammer.
His nuts sent blast after blast of old, stagnant, cum into Ellie’s tunnel. She felt the surge, and began to cry, knowing the assault was coming to an end.

Suddenly, he slapped the poor battered girl, “Shut up your fucking whining, you little bitch,” he ordered, “get your ass in the house and get cleaned up. Don’t get dressed, either, you whore, I’m fucking you some more, as soon as I get my dick hard again.”
He watched, as Ellie picked up her clothes. Blood and cum were running down her legs. She wondered if Bobby would ever get his things back.

“Why did you have to be like your Goddamn mother, you cunt?” he asked, “Why do you want to fuck other men? Why wasn’t I good enough for you, Liz? You shouldn’t have turned to David, he was a bastard, and couldn’t have been as good as me, my cock was twice his size.”
Ellie realized that her paw was re-living something in the past. Her mother had been unfaithful.
The man had gone crazy. He shook his big finger at Ellie and yelled, “I fixed your fucking ass, though, you slut. You and that Goddamn David Pratt, too. I cut off his cock and rammed it down your throat. Then I killed him, while you flopped on the floor, choking on dead meat. Yeah, the hogs ate good for a couple of days.”

He seemed to snap out of his old memories, when Ellie tried to ease past him, wanting to get into the house. He slapped her down, again, and told her to get on her hands and knees. After several punches to her kidneys, he figured out that her asshole was too small for his cock. He entered her torn, bleeding, pussy again, and rode her, like a dog.
It took about twenty minutes, the second time, before his sperm shot into his little girl. His energy was spent, too, so he just rolled off, and ordered her, again, to get inside.
Ellie stood, looked down at her father. He had always fed her good, and taken care of her. Only since she started developing into a young woman, had he become protective, to the point of being mean. But, today he had hurt her….bad.
Elmer Dawson never knew when the pitchfork entered his neck. The center tine severed his spinal cord, killing him instantly.

Bobby slipped quietly into the barn, hoping his clothes were still where he had left them. When he saw the trail of blood leaving the corn crib, he raised slowly, peering over the door. The grisly sight took his breath.


“My only regret,” Ellie told the sheriff later, “was that the sorry mother-fucker never suffered any pain. He beat me, and beat me, then raped me, his own daughter…twice. I’d kill the bastard again, if I could.”

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I liked the ending justice.

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What made me like this story the most was the rural setting. Many of the stories I read have an urban setting. I also like the idea of a father having a flash-back causing him to project his unfaithful wife onto his daughter as a motivation to rape.

However, what was somewhat dissapointing is the way you started the story very detailed and building up tension, only to finish the sexual encounter between Ellie and her father in record time. You should rewrite it from the moment her father walks in on the two young lovers and take more time to describe the sexual acts and the way both Ellie and her 'paw' experience this encounter.

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the deaths were weird to mention. killed the story for me. and it's labeled Anal, and there aren't any anal scenes.

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Yowee. Great story. Keep it going.

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