Ellie recovers, and becomes a law officer
Ellie part 2

“My God, Ellie, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Eli told the eightteen year-old whore. Ellie had become the most popular prostitute in Cassie’s Place, “Samantha can’t do half those things with her cunt muscles. I don’t have to pay for her pussy, but it’s always there, anytime I want it. She’ll do anything I want, but she’s not as good as you.
“Since the baby was born, I haven’t had any, but she told me we’d be able to do it, in another week, or so. I won’t be seeing as much of you, but I’ll still save up, and when I get ten bucks she don’t know about, I’ll be here, sinkin’ my cock in you.”

Old doc Marsh had driven his buggy out to check on Ellie, two weeks after her paw had raped her. She still had internal bleeding, even though her torn pussy had healed, nicely. The old man’s ten inches, combined with the beating, had damaged her small body, in more ways than one.
Doc Marsh said she wouldn’t ever be able to have children. That fact, along with her injuries, had driven Ellie to cry, night and day, rarely even taking time to eat.
Bobby was a constant companion to her, holding her when she cried, washing her bloodied clothes, cooking food, and trying to get her to eat.

When the bleeding finally stopped, Ellie gradually began to feel better. She began asking Bobby why he stayed so much, taking care of her.
“If I hadn’t been there with you, if I hadn’t been naked with you, if your paw….”
Ellie jumped to her feet, scolding him, “Don’t even mention that bastard, Bobby! Never! I wanted you to be the first one to fuck me. Someday, I still want your cock in me, but I need to get over this first.” She wrapped her small arms around Bobby’s neck, kissed him on the cheek, and spoke quietly into his ear, “Thank you for taking care of me. I don’t have anybody else, just you and Samantha. When I get well, I’ll take care of you, I promise.”

And fuck him she did. After the first time, she knew her paw had done her a special service. She loved the way Bobby’s dick felt in her, and couldn’t get enough.
Knowing she couldn’t get pregnant, she wasn’t hesitant about trying anything, as long as she didn’t incur any pain.
In addition to her sudden addiction to hard cocks, she began shooting her father’s Walker Colt. She liked the feel of power it gave to her. Within three months, she was as accomplished as most men. She could knock the neck off a beer bottle, at forty yards, and hit a tin can, rolling, with an average of four, out of six, shots.
It didn’t take long for Bobby to figure out that he couldn’t satisfy Ellie’s sexual desires, but he was her friend, and he would be forever.

Ellie was only working for Cassie four days a week. On the other three days, she saw to the sharecroppers, working her fields. On those days, when she was at home, Bobby often stayed with her, draining his testicles and prostate, as often as possible.
She accepted his cock in all three holes, as well as jacking him off, from time to time, just for a change of pace, for old time’s sake, but never charging her best friend a nickel.
What neither Ellie, nor Eli knew, was that Bobby had been pouring his ’baby batter’ into Samantha, since ten days after her baby had been born. In fact. there was a good chance that the new baby’s daddy was Bobby, instead of Eli.


At eighteen, Ellie’s sexual desires began giving more room, for her desire to enforce the law. She constantly kept trouble makers in check, at Cassie’s, and she often lent a hand to the town marshal, when drovers got out of hand.
As a part-time deputy, she was known to occasionally make a prisoner put his back to the bars, handcuff his wrists through the bars, above his head, drop the man’s drawers, and help herself to some hard cock, while the owner couldn’t resist. The old marshal didn’t care. He had some good help, and it didn’t cost him anything.


On her twenty-first birthday, Bobby took Ellie to the dining room of the Palace Hotel. She had just been elected as town marshal, replacing the old man, who had retired.

As a retirement present, Ellie had sneaked quietly into the cell, where he was taking a nap. Ever so easily, she unbuckled his belt, and loosened the metal buttons on his britches. He had already hung his gunbelt on the hat rack, and as the fly opened up, Ellie discovered the marshal was wearing no underwear.
His sixty-six year old meat flopped out, dangling from above some of the largest balls Ellie had ever seen….and she had seen hundreds.
She sank to her knees, took the flaccid member in her hand, and began slowly stroking it.
The old marshal rolled his head slightly, inhaled deeply, then let it out, slowly. His dream was more fact, than fantasy, but he didn’t know it…yet.
Ellie’s warm, experienced, lips slid firmly over the growing shaft. The lawman’s wife had died six years before, and since then, his dick had been touched by nobody, except his own hands.

Her tongue began it’s work. The old man’s member was cleaner than she thought it would be, but then again, he never smelled dirty, like most men do, at one time or another.
When force of her suction began, the marshal woke up. At first, he started to object, but Ellie stopped her ministrations, long enough to tell him to lie back and shut up.
He did.

It took a little over ten minutes for him to begin his hard thrusts, upward, into Ellie’s mouth. She knew his balls were beginning to spasm, slightly. ‘I better be ready for this,’ she thought, ‘with nuts this size, I may not be able to swallow all of his cum.’
She felt the first wave, with her thumb, as it rose through the underside of his fat cock. ‘I’ll bet this was one helluva lover when he was a young man,’ she thought, ‘I wish I’d have known him when he was thirty.’
The first shot hit the back of her throat, but it was just the preliminary round. His second spurt was more, but as the third, fourth, and fifth exploded, it was all Ellie could do, to contain the flow within her cheeks.
She did it, though. Eventually, she managed to gulp the entire load down her throat. She had enjoyed the old man’s blow job, more than any she had ever given.

As she continued to massage his cock with her hand, Ellie told the marshal, “There’s no need to thank me, but if you ever decide you want to fuck somebody, or need another blow job, just give me a holler.”

As the young couple ate their birthday supper, Bobby asked Ellie to move in with him, in his house, on his parents’ ranch.
“If you want to get married, that’s fine with me, I’m for it. But, if you don’t want to, I just want to be in your bed at night, every night. I know you probably need more dick than I can give you, but I’ll understand, when you get some fucking somewhere else.
“I just want you to come home to me, when you need my arms, and my kisses. I love you Ellie, I always have, I guess. C’mon, come live with me.”

Ellie moved in with Bobby. Their relationship with Eli and Samantha became an open affair. Many nights, found the four of them, rolling around on the floor of their home, sucking, fucking, fondling, fisting, even having a chain of sex, in one form or another. When Samantha found out that Eli had been experimenting with her hand carved dildo, she told Bobby. ‘Why not?’ Bobby thought.
When the next opportunity presented, with Eli’s ass in the air while he was eating Ellie’s snatch, Bobby grabbed a little lard, smoothed it on his dick, and entered Eli’s asshole.
Eli was surprised, but didn’t object. His face returned to Ellie’s pussy and, within minutes, Bobby’s pumping caused Eli to cum, squirting all over Ellie’s legs.

Ellie moved her old boss in with herself and Bobby. The old man was subjected to her desires often, but came to love her as a daughter.
As time progressed, the old marshal, Bobby, Eli, and Samantha were able to satisfy all Ellie’s sex needs. Samantha had three more children, maybe Eli’s, maybe Bobby’s, maybe even the marshal’s.
With all the newly found activities and exercise, the marshal’s health improved. He lived to be eighty seven, and died in his sleep, dreaming about the blow job he had just received….from Eli.

Ellie died at the age of forty one, as a result of serious gunshot wounds. She had been wounded, breaking up a bar fight. During the incident, she had killed three men, herself.
Her last wish was that she be buried naked, with all three of their dicks in her. The biggest in her cunt, the next in her asshole, the smallest in her mouth.
Since she had fucked the undertaker, many times, he obliged. He pumped the amputated members as full of real blood as he could get them.
After mounting Ellie’s cold, dead, body, for one last screw, he stuck the largest one in her, holding his own sperm in place.
The casket was never opened, except for Bobby. The undertaker pulled a stool close, so Bobby could stand high enough to jack-off onto her naked body.

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