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First story that I've really let anyone read.. Let me know (:
I'd greet you at the door as you come home from work.. Wearing a short French maid outfit just waiting to do whatever u ask. You walk in with a hard cock and push me to my knees and tell me to suck.. You put your hands on the back of my head and slam your cock into my mouth and start fucking my throat. It's so tight and feels so good that you cum pretty fast, over my face and tits just the way I like it..You go up for a shower and tell me to clean myself up while I'm licking your cum off my lips.. 

You walk into your bedroom and see me on the bed with a brunette with double d's. I'm kissing her lips then down her neck and chest to slowly suck on her nipples.. We notice you in the room, rip your towel off and tie you to a chair.. We get back onto the bed and I continue sucking and biting her tits but now you have a great view of my pussy which she's rubbing and it's starting to get real wet.. Your cocks rock hard but we ignore you and focus on each other. I'm wanting to taste her pussy so I slide down her body kissing it on my way down. The first lick makes her jump Coz my tongue bars so cold.. I lick up her clit and start slowly nibbling it.. I move into the 69 position so you can see what I'm doing to her wet cunt. She slides two fingers in me and then gets a facefull of sweet wet pussy. I'm eating her like mad fingering her with three fingers hard while shes moaning into my pussy .. The vibration feels so good I'm almost going to explode.. I keep licking and sucking the sluts cunt and I feel her grinding against my face.. She wants to cum so I stop and start slowly running my tongue up and down her clit, in turn she bites mine for teasing. I get straight back into it and lick up and down her clit and she's once again bucking wildly grinding against my face.. With three fingers in her I start to feel her cum and that pushes me over the edge with a loud moan we both cum and god she tastes so good! Out of breath we begin kissing and swapping juices. Then we remember ur in the room.

We walk over to your chair and she kisses you as I lean over ur cock letting my hair touch the end just teasing you. I lick the head of ur dick and suck it a little bit but ur not getting it that easy! I rub ur cock over my tits and it slides easily with all ur precum.. You start movin back and forth. You wanna fuck my tits so I let you, for now. You get a hand free and slide ur fingers into her pussy. Surprisingly u feel mine already there pleasuring the slut while ur still kissing her. I take mine out and start to pump my hand up and down your cock slowly. I lick and suck ur balls, then massaging them in one hand and pumping with the other hand I put the head of ur cock into my mouth and start sucking while flicking my tongue madly across it. I tilt my head to the side and let your rock hard dick rub against my cheek. I start letting it slide down my throat. Further and further each time til ur once again fucking my throat. She turns around and forces my head all the way onto your cock and holds it there while I put my tongue out and lick your balls.. Her hand grabs my hair as you feel her pussy tighten around your fingers as she cums again, this time she let's out a bit of a scream and you tighten in your chair and hold off a bit longer. She drops to her knees next to me as I move my head off your cock and kiss her. We lick up a side of your cock and kiss around the head of it. Then I let her suck the head of your cock as I lick and suck your balls again. It all starts to get too much and as you start getting ready to cum I join her licking sucking and kissing your cock. That's it you can't take anymore, you cum over both of our faces, we weren't prepared and both jump as ur cum drips down our faces. We lick it off each other Mmm your cum tastes so good.. 

I come sit on your lap and kiss you . Then her. Then she kisses you. Then we all kiss together. As I'm on your lap, legs on each side I feel your cock harden between my legs.. With your free hand u lift me and slide your cock into my pussy, it's dripping wet but so fucking tight. I scream as I lower myself onto your thick cock and bite down on your lip. She notices your untied hand and reties them then comes back and kisses me while ur pounding my pussy. I'm moaning as I feel every inch of you as I slowly slide up and down. I slide off and turn around bent over in front of you and she licks my pussy to taste both of us.. Then I rub my ass against ur cock and let you slide it into my ass.. I dig my nails into ur legs as I sigh with pain and pleasure.. You manage to get your hand free again and pull me back onto you so I'm sitting on your lap riding ur cock. She gets a thick black dildo and slides it into my pussy making me moan again. She licks my clit whilst madly fucking me with your free hand pinching and squeezing my tits.. With each squeeze tighter and longer I know you're getting closer. You kiss my neck and that sends me over the edge. I let out a big sigh as I cum she slides her fingers into me to feel my pussy tighten on her. You get your other hand free as you push me down onto your cock and fill my ass with your hot sticky cum. You tell her to leave the house and push me onto the bed, completely exhausted I obey as you kiss me, your body rubbing against against mine. I hear a click and look up.. My hands are cuffed to the bed as I watch you leave the room..

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2012-02-11 21:04:47
cCAWuL Thanks for the article! I hope the author does not mind if I use it for my course work!...

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