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Walking into school I knew today would be weird. Most of the school was on a field trip. Something about swimming with dolphins or something. I’m not the biggest fan of water so I decided not to go. As I walked into school, the hallways were practically dead. I went to my locker, said hi to a few friends, and found out that practically all my teachers didn’t have anything planned for today, since a good chunk of the students were on the trip. I got my books together and headed to my English class. There were 3 people present for the class. Including myself. Yeah, I could tell today was going to be fun.

“You guys can take off. I’m not about to teach right now,” said the teacher. Nice. A free period. I noticed one of the other two in the room was my friend Lulu. “Lulu is happiest and most cheery girl I know, I’m sure she won’t act weird around me if I spend some time with her,” I thought.

“Hey Lulu!” I said as I walked towards her.
“Oh hey Andy! What are you about to do right now?” she replied.
“Uh, well I didn’t have much planned being the first period of the day and all.” That seemed to make her happy. “Nice! I was afraid I’d have to be alone for this hour. Come with me I’m going to the art center to work on my drawing.” I didn’t oblige. With not much todo I figured it’d be nice to spend some time with my pal. Lulu was a cute girl. She was Chinese and very petite and short. I had to imagine her boobs couldn’t be that big given her size, but from what I’ve overheard her and her girlfriends talking about in the past she has a pretty plump ass.

We made it to the art center, her leading the way, and went into an empty room towards the back. “Teacher is on the trip,” she said. I wasn’t in this room too much seeing as it was the drawing room and I can’t draw, so naturally I felt a little out of place. I took a seat at one of the tables and Lulu went over to the shelves to find her drawing. She bent down to the VERY last shelf digging through the piles of artwork. I couldn’t help but follow her smooth legs up to the hem of her skirt, her ass just out of my view. Thinking about the conversation she had with her friends got me wondering just how juicy a butt can she have. My dick began to swell in my pants. Whoops, thought too much. By this time she had found her drawing and plopped onto the chair next to me.

She made casual conversation as I tried to hide my boner from her view. I noticed her getting fidgety and asked her if everything was alright. “It’s just really hot in here. And the fact that your dick is jumping out of your pants doesn’t help me much either.” Shit! She noticed it. How do I respond to that? “Uh…uhm, sorry Lulu,” I said incredibly embarrassed. She giggled, “That’s alright. I know dudes get them all the time. Is it from me?” Again, how do I respond to that? I can’t tell her I was staring at her ass. “It’s from when I bent over to get my drawing isn’t it?” Well I guess I can. “Yeah. Sorry I couldn’t help looking. You know a girl bends over it’s a guy’s reaction to look,” I replied timidly. “Well the least you can do in this situation is let me see it. I mean I caused it after all,” she said. I wasn’t sure I heard that right. Lulu, a good friend of mine who I thought to be a pretty conservative gal wanted to see my boner? “Come on take it out. No one is gonna come back here.” She could tell I was still a bit hesitant. “If you take it out I’ll let you see my ass that you seem to wanna see so bad,” she coaxed.

I started to undo my zipper. “There we go,” she said. I undid the button on my boxers and reached in to pull it out. “mmmm yeah, take it out baby. Let me see what my ass did to you.” Out sprang my 7 inch dick, as hard as a rock. “Oh wow! It’s so big!” she said. “Well a promise is a promise.” And with that she turned around and lifted up her skirt. She only had a thong on. Her ass was magnificent. It was rather plump for a girl of her size. I wanted to squeeze it, to feel just how juicy her asscheeks were.

She grabbed it and smacked it. “Everything you thought it’d be?” she asked. “Here take a feel.” She backed her way over to me and sat on my lap, rubbing her ass against my already hard dick. Her grinding her ass into my cock felt so good. It’s amazing how neither of our hands touched each other but it still felt incredible. She got up and turned around to give me a kiss. Our lips locked and our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. She placed her hand around my dick and slowly started massaging it with all her fingers. I couldn’t take her teasing anymore. “Ohhh jerk it, Lulu. Please jerk it,” I said. She slowly began sliding her hand up and down my dick, twisting it as she worked up and down. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to squeeze her ass. I reached around and planted to hands on her firm, sexy asscheeks. It was the squishiest ass I’ve ever felt. She stopped jerking me off to take her skirt off. Then she proceeded to remove my pants and shirt. She got down on her knees and continued her jerking. “I wonder what this big dick feels like in my mouth,” she playfully asked. I asked her if she’d take her top off too. “I don’t have much going on there, but alright”

She slid her shirt over her head and removed her bra. I was pleasantly surprised. She didn’t have massive tits by any means but she always wasn’t flat as a board either. “They’re only an A cup. I think they’re tiny,” she said. “Let me see,” I replied taking a tit in each hand. They were a handful, probably the size of an apple, which was totally fine for me. “I think they’re sexy,” I said. “Thanks, now where was I wit this dick.” She took her tongue and licked from the base all the way to the tip. She flicked back and forth right underneath the head. She grabbed my dick with her hand and massaged it as she began licking my balls. Her quick-moving, moist tongue slowly made its way licking all the way from my balls up my shaft and to the tip of my dick. She wasted no time sticking her entire mouth around my rod, engulfing it. Her head bobbed up and down lubing up my stiff dick very fast. She only would briefly take her head away to spit on my dick and jerk it while she caught her breath. She was good at sucking dick and it felt incredible.

“God I need to you fuck me right now I can’t take it anymore,” she said. I obliged. She bent across the table and I stuck my dick inside her only to feel what was probably the tightest pussy in the world. It took some effort to get it all the way in but when I did it felt amazing. I waited a moment for the pain in her eyes to disappear, only to be replaced with pure ecstacy. “It feels so fucking huge!” she moaned. I began to pump in and out of her, slowly at first then picking up speed. I squeezed her ass as I fucked her doggystyle across the table. Pretty soon I felt my balls begin to boil. “Lulu I can’t take much more of this, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

“Pull out I have an idea.” I did as told. She lied on her stomach across the table, her ass looking juicy as ever and began ever so slightly to wiggle it back and forth. “Jerk off Andy, cum all over my ass. You like when I jiggle it for you? Seeing it shake back and forth under your cock. Come on cum for me baby.” I couldn’t take anymore. I began to cum all over her jiggling ass. “Yeah that’s right baby cum all over my bouncing ass. Ohh damn babe that’s a lot of cum. Keep jerking. Jerk it dry.”

As I finally regained my breath and finished cumming I looked down to see my friends ass covered in my cum. “Mmm, thank you Andy. I was so fucking horny I needed that bad,” she said as she cleaned herself off. “Maybe we can do it again tomorrow.” She winked at me, put her clothes back on and headed for the door. “Don’t forget the lights!” and with that she was gone. I had a feeling I’d be skipping English tomorrow.

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2014-10-17 10:37:36
I love how you have written the days of the week in English and your jraunol entries in Spanish. The illustrations are very cool, even your jraunol is a piece of art!

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2011-09-06 16:00:29
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2011-05-15 17:46:12
sounds like summut i did to my baby sister yesterday shes 15. we had aa school trip but i and my sister wher o holiday and never got the slip. so we were hanging out in a science room. when she tripped over and her skit was flicced up. it looked real nice so i took out my dick and began to massage it. she turned and saw me. she gave me the best sex ever.

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2011-05-05 03:14:06
It make a litle hard

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2011-03-06 01:58:45
real good story, it was something simlar in highschool but it was on bus she was japanese she rode me all the way home.

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