Thios is the conclusion to the "I'm Not Alone" series.
I awoke the next morning feeling totally satisfied. I felt satisfied with myself, my friends, especially Annie, my Mom and with my life in general. I was a lucky guy and I was just starting to realize just how lucky I was. Nearing the 13th anniversary of my birth, I no longer had to wonder about that great mystery that most people my age spent all of their time fantasying about. I knew it pretty well already because I was lucky. I had a willing mother who wanted to teach me everything about satisfying a girl’s wants. I had a girl who wanted to explore the wondrous beauty of love making with me. And I had the best of friends who weren’t too ashamed of their bodies that they would participate in a cockamamie show and tell performance for the rest of us. Yes I was one lucky guy.

I rolled out of bed and went to take a shower and afterwards, I went into the kitchen but found only a note from my Mom telling me that she had to go out for the morning. I fixed my own breakfast and wondered outside to get some fresh air. It was Sunday and we only had two more weeks before we started back to school.

All of us four were going into the 8th grade this year; the last year before we graduated into high school. This year we were the “cocks of the walks” and we were going to have some fun. But before that fun began, I wanted our summer of fun to conclude with a bang. So I headed over to Jimmy’s house to see if we could plan something spectacular.

I went to the front door and rang the bell and after a minute or so, Jimmy came to the door. He was grinning from ear to ear and as he escorted me out of his yard, around to the back yard and into the park, he was bursting at the seems wanting to tell me something. After we were safely out of ear shout of his parents, He blurted out, “Me and Kim did it last night!”

It took a minute for it to sink in what he had said and when it did, the mathematical side of me kicked in. I hesitated to say anything to burst his bubble but I felt that I needed to let him in on reality of the situation.

“Did Kim say anything about her time of the month or anything about protection?” I asked as delicately as I could.

“No. What do you mean “her time of the month”?” he asked in an insistent voice.

“Didn’t she say anything about when she had her last period or anything like that?” I persisted.

“No! Now what’s this all about? I thought you would be excited about me and Kim doing it. It was wonderful! My gosh, I blew my wad into her so hard I thought that it would come out of her ass,” he said in an excited tone.

“Jimmy, the safest time for a girl to have sex, especially unprotected sex is just after her last period,” I told him like a gym teacher would have.

“You mean when she bleeds down there? Gosh no, she didn’t say anything except that she wanted me to put it in her all the way. So I did,” he explained.

“Well, she probably knows what she doing then,” I tried to brush it off. “Gosh Jimmy, where did you two do it?” I asked enthusiastically, trying not to spoil his grand moment.

“At her house. Her parents went out for the evening and left her there by herself. So she came over and knocked on my window and asked me to come on over, she had something to show me. So as soon as I got there, she showed me something alright; she took off her pants and showed me her pussy. Man I just about shot my stuff right then and there. Then we laid down on her bed and…” he was telling me the story but I interrupted him by saying, “Jimmy, that’s kind of private don’t you want to keep that to yourself?”

“?mean, don’t you have any feeling for Kim? Do you think that she would want everybody knowing that you two did it?” I asked.

“Yeah, you’re probably right, but I just wanted to tell someone,” he explained.

“Yeah, I know, but just think of Kim’s side of the story for a second,” I said, raising my eyebrows. “Maybe if she doesn’t mind you can share it with me, but I think that you should ask her first.”

“Yeah, you’re right. We’ll see,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders as he discontinued the conversation.

I decided that he didn’t need anything else to get excited about so I didn’t bring up my idea for a spectacular conclusion to our summer break. I only hoped that he and Kim didn’t do something last night that fell under that category. We talked and joked around for quite awhile and then we parted company and each walked back to our houses.

The weather took a turn for the worst on Monday and it began to rain in the afternoon and it didn’t let up until Thursday late afternoon, so we all stayed away from the park. It was the most boring time of the entire summer break. The only saving grace was that it left lots of time for Mom to continue with her instruction. We did it in one form or another for three days straight and after each session, I had a new found attraction for my mother.

The things that she taught me were unbelievable. She showed me different positions that you can do it in, not just the missionary position and what hole you can put it in. I didn’t know if I would try one of the holes out with Annie just yet, but it was fantastic to learn about it and try it out. It felt entirely different that her pussy hole. She showed me the 69 position and a lot about oral sex. I think I really like oral sex. Anyway, I was a little upset when it stopped raining but was glad to see Annie again.

It was Thursday night at the playground of the park and I was swinging there around 8:30, hoping that someone would show up for our nightly meeting. I didn’t even care about going out and peeping at anybody anymore, I just wanted one of my friends to show up so I could see them again. And then I saw Annie round the bend in the path on her way to the meeting place. She smiled at me and walked up and gave me a big hug around my neck. It felt so good to have my girl friend to once again give me a hug. I almost started to tear up.

“What are you doing?” she asked out of habit, not really wanting to know what I was doing but more of a greeting than anything.

“Oh nothing I guess,” I responded in an equally predictable manner. “Just swinging,” I said. “What’s up?” I asked and almost chuckled to my self with the triteness of the question.

“I was just practicing for my performance and decided to come out and see if anyone was here. I guess that we are going to be alone tonight.”

“Yeah, did you hear about Jimmy and Kim? It sounds like they are getting kind of serious as a couple,” I commented.

“Yeah, Kim was over last night and told me that they did it,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Jimmy told me the same thing,” I said. “I told him that I didn’t want to hear about it. It should be personal and kept between them.”

She didn’t reply to that statement for awhile but after thinking on it for a moment, she asked, “Did you tell anybody about us doing it?”

“No and I won’t either. That was private, just between me and you, and I think it should stay that way. It would cheapen it if everybody knew about it and I don’t want to cheapen it. It was too special,” I told her.

Again she did not respond but she came over to where I was sitting and, putting her arms around my neck, gave me a great big kiss right on my lips.

“What’s that for?” I asked after she removed her lips from mine.

“That’s for being you,” she said with a contented smile. “Be sure to be there tomorrow night. I prepared a performance just for you. Then meet me the next afternoon at our secret place. I’m looking forward to being with you again.” She got up out of the swing and headed back down the path in the direction of her house. I wondered what her performance was going to be all about.

I waited for the next night to arrive and as the three of us gathered at the playground at about 8:15 or so I could hardly keep my composure. Finally the time came for us to return to my house and take up our positions outside of my window. The light was on and the blinds were open. We peered in to an empty room and waited for her performance to start. My heart was beating out of my chest I was so anxious.

There came to us, on the outside through the partially open window, the strains of wonderfully soft and melodic music coming from my closet and then the door opened and out danced my Annie, dressed in a flowing white robe that went all the way to the floor. As she glided out into the center of the room, slowly twirling around and around with exaggerated and artistic arm and leg movements, she stopped right in front of her audience with her back facing us and slowly removed the rope off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. What was left was a vision of beauty. My small framed Annie, was wearing a body glove, you know the type that covers your entire body but is so tight that it clings to every inch of you as if it was painted on. Standing there for an instant before she started her dance, I was shocked at her absolute beauty and her gorgeous body showing through her pale white outfit.

As she started her expressive dance, she slowly moved her limbs and body as one, giving the viewer the impression of a frail little bird trying its first flight from the nest. As her story unfolded, I had trouble following the story line because all I could see was each indentation of her body, every hill and valley straining against the body glove as it gave and retracted to the movement of its occupant. It was almost translucent in its coverage of her body in that you could clearly see her developing breasts including her perky little nipples standing tall and as she gracefully stepped over into a modified back bend, her light patch of pubic hair made its appearance. Not only her pubic hair but the folds of her lips and her crack showed through as it seemed to be more dramatically emphasized through the tightness of her suit.

Her slender yet strong legs and arms balanced her tender young body in various strenuous positions, each straining different muscles as she fought effortlessly for her balance. You could see the energy that this dance drew from her as she made it all look so easy and flowing. Her curves shown brightly under the restrictive cover of the body glove and the material was like a paint on canvas as it hugged her every crack and valley, defining her shape in the finest detail.

She left little doubt of the tightness of her crotch as she showed it just three or four feet in front of me or us, as she straighten up out of her back bend and went into an immediate straight legged split and then turned it into a front split. Sitting there on the floor with each legs sticking straight out to the side, she smiled at me for just a second and then, placing both hands flat on the floor in front of her did a handstand into another inverted split. Her finale was a dramatic fall from the nest into a continuous one legged stretch with her arms extended outward and her legs pointing straight to the rear and then she collapsed into a stylized heap on the floor just as the music ended.

The three of us stood there with our mouths open for an instant and spontaneously burst into applause and cheers. We all looked at each other and suddenly remembered where we were and shushed one other into silence as we covered our mouths and greeted Annie with our gratitude. She covered her face and grinned a joyous smile as she looked upward to high heaven and then she ran the two steps over to the open window to give us all a hug of gratitude. Finally we left her to change and to meet us back at the playground as we strolled back to the park chattering all the way.

“Chris, did you know that Annie could dance like that. I mean she was good!” Kim exclaimed.

“I had no idea. Really, that was amazing. That girl has more surprises that anyone I know,” I said, shaking my head. “Gosh,” I said and my mind kind of drifted away to the thoughts of tomorrow afternoon. “Yeah, she’s quite a girl.”

We all greeted Annie with the accolades that her performance disserved when she showed up a few minutes later. She gave us all hugs and she gave me a warm kiss also, as the evening kind of started to breakup. She was holding my hand, swinging in the swing next to mine when Jimmy and Kim made their way down the path towards their houses. I noticed the Jimmy took Kim’s hand as they rounded the bend and I wondered who was getting their hooks into whom in that budding relationship.

But as they got out of sight, Annie brought me back into the reality of the moment by standing up in my swing path and stopping the action of the swing and started another type of action. She scooted in between my legs and put her crotch in direct contact with mine as she gave me a rather passionate kiss. After a moment of opened mouthed explorations on both of our parts, she backed away a little and asked, “Well, did you like my performance?”

“It was okay,” I said in jest. Deflecting a blow to my mid-section, I said, “Annie it was beautiful. I never knew you could dance like that. How long have you been dancing, anyway?”

“Only since I was about four,” she said with a smile on her face. “Chris, I really love it. I feel so free to express myself and move and stuff. I took a break this summer but I can hardly wait to get back in it again. Did you really like it?” she asked in earnest.

“Annie, I loved it. You were speaking just to me. Thank you for sharing it with me,” I said sincerely, giving her a big hug.

“And are you going to share something with me tomorrow?” she asked in a teasing way.

“What do you think?” I replied.

We said our good nights, kissed each other warmly and separated until tomorrow afternoon. As I was crawling through my window into my darkened room, the door opened and my Mom came in turning on the light.

“Why don’t you come in the front door instead of climbing through the window?” she asked nonchalantly.

“I don’t know, habit I guess. Did you see Annie’s performance tonight?” I asked but I knew the answer.

“My gosh, that girl has some talent, doesn’t she? You’ve got to reward her tomorrow with a special gift. You’ve got to remember everything I’ve taught you about satisfying a girl now, you got to make this time special for her,” she was saying not looking at me but preoccupied in her own thoughts.
“I can take off the edge for you tomorrow morning so you will not have to worry about pre-ejaculation or anything. Remember to take it slow at first, build it up tenderly and don’t forget you can bring her to orgasm before you penetrate her vagina.”

“Mom, I’ll be just fine. In fact, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t follow me tomorrow. I don’t know if I could do it if I knew you were watching. Please Mom, would you stay home and not follow me tomorrow?” I asked.
The look on her face was one of devastation. She wanted to see us do it. She had prepared me for this moment. But a look of understanding came over her and she smiled a consenting smile and agreed. I told her thank you as she retreated from my room for the evening. I changed into my pajamas and slipped into my bed, thinking all the while about tomorrow in the park with Annie, my sweet loving little Annie.

I wanted to love her so much. I wanted to touch her little body all over, to taste her sweetness and run my hands all through her curves I wanted to enter her tight pussy with my throbbing cock and slide it in and out of her and continue to feel the pressure build up within my groin. I felt it build up and was about to explode when I woke up to my Mom bobbing up and down on my shooting cock with her mouth.

She was sucking the day lights out of me and swallowing it down her throat as I became aware that it was a dream that I was having; a wonderful dream but a dream none the less. I was fully awake when the last of my juices exited my cock. My Mom withdrew from it slowly, licking the last of my stuff from the end of it as she smiled and can up and gave me a good morning kiss and hug.

“That should take some of the starch out of you this morning,” she was saying as she wiped her mouth of my stuff. “Did you have some pleasant dreams last night, Son?”

I answered that I had one good one and then I woke up and we both laughed. Mom went to fix some breakfast for me I went in to take a shower and get cleaned up. When I walked out to the kitchen, my Mom was just putting my plate out on the table. I ate and we talked about anything and everything except my event this afternoon. Mom was taking quite an interest in my friends, my self and my future, saying that after I get into high school that I only had four more years and then I was gone. She started tearing up and changed the subject.

Before long, it was time to head to the park and my Mom said a cheerful goodbye and waved as if I was never going to return home. I didn’t see what the big deal was, it wasn’t like me and Annie had never done it before. But this time it felt different, it was more special or something. It was planned and thought out, I had prepared myself and I assume Annie had done the same. This was going to be a special time in my life, in our lives. It was going to be great.

I remembered to bring a blanket along, at my Mom’s encouragement. She said that it was the gentlemanly thing to do. So when I arrived at the secret spot, I spread the blanket out and sat down to wait for my Annie.

The spot that she picked out was well off the beaten path of the park. It was about a hundred yards up a knoll through the trees on an unmarked trail. On top of the knoll was a grassy little opening, about 10 feet square, guarded on the down hill side by a fallen tree about three feet in circumference. On the up hill side of the fallen tree was a nice level place where I had spread the blanket out in an inviting gesture.

I heard her approaching the place and I rose to my feet and peered over the log. Annie spotted me, smiled and continued her walk up the small rise. When she got to my position, she hugged me around the neck and submitted to a big, sensuous kiss. Her lips felt so good to me, I just couldn’t get enough of her. Pretty soon, I was kissing her passionately and rubbing my hands all over her back. I felt my cock start to grow and wondered if my Mom had kept her word and stayed away.

We broke off the kiss and leaned in to each other, placing our foreheads together in a gesture of love and contentment. Then she started to unbutton my shirt, one button at a time, from the bottom to the top. When she released the top button, she slid it off of my shoulders exposing my bare chest to her view.
She looked up at me and smiled a nervous smile.

“Are you nervous?” she asked in an almost apprehensive way.

“No, no I’m not at all,” I said in a surprisingly calm voice. “I know what you want and I want the same thing. So I’m going to take it slow and do it right. There’s nothing to be nervous about,” I said with confidence as a started to remove her top.
As I slowly slid it up and over the outstretched arms, my eyes went immediately to her bra covered breast area. It had been only since last night since I had seen her breasts and I remembered something; they seemed to have grown some in the last few months and were no longer just little mounds of flesh but they seemed to be more substantial.

As I released the pullover top to the blanket, she got closer to me and rubbed her breasts into my bare chest. They were soft and mushy feeling, yes they had grown since earlier this summer. Rubbing up against them, I reached around to her back and fumbled with the hook and it released on the first try. Maybe everything was ordained this time to be perfect.

The look she gave me as she backed away a little was one of confidence. Letting the bra fall free from her chest, exposing her lily white globes to my gaze, she tossed it to the ground over her top and stood back up as if to proudly expose them for my examination. Yes, they were bigger. They were much fuller and had more depth to them. Her pinkish areolas and their nipples were as small as I remembered them being and I couldn’t help myself, I had to take them into my mouth, one at a time.

She moaned slightly as she rolled her head back when I took it in between my lips. Sucking on it tenderly, I started rotating my mouth around and moved my lips in a continuous suction upon the nipple part of her breast. It got hard instantly and her slight moan turned into one much louder.

“Chris, can I sink down to my knees. I want the log to block the view of anyone passing by,” she said with reason.

Without taking my mouth away from her breast, I slowly repositioned myself down on my knees and brought her along with me. As her knees hit the blanket, my hands went to her bare back and they started to massage her muscles and she started to relax. Switching breasts, my hands pulled her into my mouth and I took this one all into my wide open mouth. She whimpered a little at this new sensation but I settled in on her nipple, the same as I did before on the other one.

I moved my hands to her front now as I raised my mouth to hers and gave her an opened mouth kiss. As I ground my lips into hers, my hands engulfed her tender breasts, one in each palm, and I rubbed her nipples and caused her to break off the kiss as her moans turned into loud sighs. Then she turned and rotated to her back as she lay down upon the blanket and pulled me down on top of her.

I kissed her passionately as I ran my hands all over her chest and then raising my hip off of hers, I place a hand right on her crotch and started rubbing it through her cotton shorts. She groaned once again and she moved her hip up and her legs out in an invitation for me to continue with this line of probing. I was pressing on her pussy and running my fingers down between her legs and she was starting to buck her hips with the lust I was building in her. She moved her face to the side as she said in a halting voice, “Oh Chris, I love the way you touch me.” She paused for just a moment and then she said, “Chris, I love you.” and ground her hips high into my touch in an attempt to open herself to me.

Did she say that she loved me? “My gosh, Annie, I love you too,” I said. I drove my hand down her shorts, under her underwear onto her soft pubic hairs. She had sucked in her tummy in an invitation as I gladly accepted her decision. I found it warm, moist and inviting and as I separated the slit between her lips, I felt a flood of juices escaping out of her vagina. She was almost there already and I had just started.

I cupped my hand over her entire crotch and dug in with my fingers. Applying the pressure in the way my Mom had directed me to place on her, I quickly brought her to her first orgasm of the day. She let out a small cry as she tensed up then started to gyrate her hips and then she held her breath in an effort to extract the sensation out between her legs, she began humping my hand with her crotch and swaying back and forth. After a brief moment or two, she started to relax as she cooed and cuddled into my hand.

I swiftly unbuttoned her shorts and then unzipped them completely. She raised her hips off of the blanket as I slid them over her hips. Her panties were next and soon she was completely naked under my greedy, devouring eyes. I noticed her eyes opening and glance in my direction. She smiled at me and then closed her eyes once again. I placed each hand on the inside of the thighs a spread them apart. She moaned softly and eagerly complied.

I moved down between her out stretched legs and settled in with my head pointing down at her crotch. I could smell that wonderful aroma that I was learning to love and I was craving to find its source and lick it clean. “Oh my God,” she whispered with her eyes tightly shut, feeling my tongue run up her slit to the top and, jerking just a little as it settled into the treasure node, she flung her hips up in the air wildly and grabbed a handful of my hair and drove my face into her pussy.

“God, Chris, oh my God, what are you doing?” she shrieked.

I instantly moved my hand to cover her mouth and whispered into her crotch, “Do you like it?”

“Oh god yes, Chris, I love it. Do it again,” she commanded.

I dove into her slit again, running my tongue the full length of it from her opening up to her clitoris. She went wild again throwing her hips up into my mouth and planting her clitoris right on my front teeth. She made contact with them and that sent her over the top. She was a wild woman at this stage; bucking her hips wildly into my face, thrashing around, trying to make contact with anything she could to ease her desire. I placed my finger on her saturated opening and drove it home as far as I could reach.

“YES!” she cried out. I put my hand to her mouth once again as she bit her lip and tried to control herself. “Oh Chris,” she sobbed and continued to extend her orgasmic bliss. As the tears of joy flowed out of her eyes and rolled off her cheeks, she started coming down from her clitoral release. It was as my Mom had explained it to me, an unbelievable sensation for a girl; one that she will not soon forget.

We lay there not moving but resting for a few moments. I was catching my breath and Annie was trying to stay awake after an exhausting sexual buildup. But when she came awake again from her sleepy little snooze, she rolled onto her side facing me and looked up and smiled.

“Where did you learn to do that?” she inquired.

“A very special someone told me what a girl likes,” I said, not wanting to divulge who that someone was.

“Well, whoever it was, tell them it works for me,” she said, scooting her self up to me even tighter.

“I will,” I acknowledged.

We lay there talking sweet nothings into each others ears for a long time before I brought up the “L” word. “Annie, did you mean it when you said that you loved me?”

She looked deep into my eyes and said, “Chris I do love you, I know that now, and yes, I meant it. I have felt it for some time but I was afraid to say anything because I didn’t want to scare you off or anything. But tonight, when you touched me the way you did, I had to tell you. I love you, Chris,” she said and she started to cry.

I held her close and rocked her in my arms. I kept saying over and over again, “Annie, my sweet little Annie, I love you, too.”

She raised her head up to mine and we kissed a lovers kiss. It was warm yet sweet, passionate yet tender. It was a kiss of love. It was a kiss of lovers. It was the best kiss ever.

She rolled over and took me with her. I was lying on top of her, between her separated legs with my hard cock resting right on her private area. “Take me,” she said softly. “I’m giving myself to only you, Chris. Take me and bring me to the place where only lovers can go.”

I quickly shed my shorts, rose up on my knees and placed my hand on her pussy. I started to rub it and pressed my fingers deep between her legs, looking for her opening. She was still as wet as she could possibly be so I ran my finger up into her vagina. I curled it up and felt for the rough spot that my Mom had shown me on herself and rubbed on it. She instantly reacted by getting hot and bothered once again. I rotated my thumb up to her clitoris and she pushed my hand away and jerked her hips to the side. “Oh please Chris, I can’t take any more stimulation. I want to feel you deep inside me. Oh Chris my love, put it in me now. Please put it in me,” she said opening up her legs even wider and grabbing me by my butt.

I placed it at her opening and started to insert it into her vagina, but even as lubricated as it was, I could feel the tightness of her channel as the walls only allowed my intrusion reluctantly. It felt like a latex glove giving way to your fingers as you had to force them into its interior. The squeezing of the walls on my cock was very erotic and as I penetrated to its full length and started to withdraw, the contracting walls almost spit it out of her.

I remembered the instruction of my Mom and raised and lowered the angle of each thrust. As I continued to alternate angles, force and speed, we were both nearing our blissful reckoning and I started to lose my rhythm as she started to cry out. I could no longer keep the pace and my instructions went by the wayside. I could not breathe, I could not move any longer. I was ready to explode with all of the intensity of my short life. Then I felt her walls contract around my engorged, pulsating cock and suck the life right out of the end. I splashed my semen deep within her non fertile womb, feeling our juices combine into a gooey mass of sexual fluids. Over and over I exploded into her, filling her up and the excess escaping out around my instrument and running down between her legs. I kept up my prodding in and out of her long after I had finished shooting, it felt so good, and it was only after she sighed a contented sigh did I realize that it was time to stop.

We lay there, perfectly content for over an hour, feeling totally in love. It was only after the sun started to set and the air on our naked bodies made it a little chilly that we reluctantly agreed to get ourselves up and out of there. I walked her home and we stopped and kissed a long passionate kiss. Then we said good night and I walked back to my house. It was totally dark when I got there.

We had our first fall rain the next day and it continued to come down for two weeks. During that time I would make a rain soaked trip to Annie’s house at least every other day. Occasionally, I’d stop by and see Jimmy to check in and see how everything was. He and Kim were getting awful serious but the good news was that she started her period so they got really lucky this time. I told him that he had better get some protection or find out when it’s safe to put it in her.

Annie would come over every once in a while at first but soon my Mom befriended her and I think she came over to see Mom as much as she did to see me. It didn’t take her very long before Mom was covering for her with her parents and she was spending a lot of time in my bed room. Mom even took her to the doctor and got her on the pill. Now we were free the make love any time we wanted. Life was grand. We really didn’t need to go out and peep any more, so we kind of gave that up. But once in a while, we would go out, just for old time’s sake.

This went on for the better part of three years, me and Annie doing it in my bedroom and Jimmy and Kim doing it who knows where but they were doing it. There was a question as to whether they planned it that way or not, but in our junior year in high school, Jimmy and Kim got pregnant. They got married right away, moved in with his parents and while Kim sat home and got big, Jimmy finished school. After graduation, he went to the local community college and then went to work at the police force. They have five kids now and are as happy as they were at 12 years old.

During that period of time back in middle school, I would satisfy my Mom when she really needed it, but sometime in my senior year in high school, my Dad slipped on an icy spot and ruptured a disk in his back. The bakery took him out of his truck and put him behind a desk. It was a life saver because my dad became another person. He didn’t have to get up so early and that meant that he could go to bed with my Mom. Well, you could hear them all over the house and now they are like a couple of 13 year olds; can’t keep their hands off of each other.

After that day in the park with Annie, I told my Mom that I had told Annie that I loved her and my Mom raised her eyebrows and said to take it slow and that every body has a first love. Well I knew back then that I would only have one love in my life and that it would be my Annie. Seven years later I made her my bride. We were in our junior year in college; Annie studying Classical Dance and me taking Business Administration. That summer we got married; we didn’t have to, we wanted to. I will never forget our wedding night because it was perfect.

After the reception, we finally made it back to our hotel room. We were going away the next day on our honeymoon, so I booked a hotel for the night. When we walked in the room we had a discussion as to whether we would make love that night or not. We made a join decision that even though we were both so tired we could hardly stand up, our first night as husband and wife would only come once so we decided to take a shower and meet back here in the bed.

I was the first one through, so I waited patiently, trying desperately not to go to sleep, for her to come out of the bathroom. Suddenly the door opened and out stepped the most angelic figure I could have ever asked for. My Annie stood there in the back light of the bathroom wearing the most sexy, full length night gown I had ever seen. Her legs were slightly separated and I could make out just a suggestion of pubic hair as it shown through the gown. I was instantly awake and my cock grew to its full length.

She approached me slowly and she crawled over the covers on her hands and knees to kiss me warmly. Her full, firm breasts were almost falling out of her gown and as I looked down her cleavage, I could almost see down to her crotch. She kissed me tenderly and scooted down into a cuddling position. I suddenly felt as content as I had ever felt in my life.

I kissed her forehead and pulled her head into my shoulder. Then rolling her over onto her back, I rolled on top of her and she spread her legs out to receive me. From that position on top, I smiled lovingly into her joyful eyes and I bent down to kiss her one more time. This kiss turned from tender to passionate in the blink of an eye and before long I was exploring her mouth with my tongue and she into mine. My hands went up to her breasts and massaged them through the silkiness of her gown. She was moaning softly into my ear as pulled the straps off of her shoulders and open up her breasts to my touch and my mouth.

I sucked on them gently, softly, caressingly, taking them into my mouth as I teasingly bit down on her nipples. She was in heaven and she removed the straps from her arms. I reached down and grabbed her night gown by the hem line and pulled it up so that I could expose her heavenly junction to my hand and fingers. But instead of pressing down hard into her vagina, I gently stroked her lips and lightly touched her clitoris. She moaned out loud and pulled me close. She said to me in a whisper, “Oh Chris, I love you so much. Make love with me Honey, just make love with me.” I felt the same love for her that she was expressing for me and that was what I intended to do; make love with my bride.

I positioned my cock at her opening and started to penetrate the head into her channel. I had to force it in almost, it was so tight. I thought for a moment that it was as tight as it used to be when she was 13 or so, but now I couldn’t believe it. After forcing it in further, she relaxed a little and it slid right in the rest of the way. As I bottomed out, she contracted the walls of her vagina and she clamped down on the intruder once again as I slid it out. I suddenly knew that my Mom had instructed her on how to please a man. It felt just kind the technique that my Mom used on me long ago.

I felt so much love for my Annie at this point, I started to well up as I continued to slide it in and out of her. Faster and harder, I was pumping as she placed her heels on the bed and rose up to meet my every thrust. We were sending each other into an orgasmic ecstasy as we each built it towards our climax. We were one with each other. We were no longer Chris and Annie; we were ChrisAnnie, we were like one person, we were forever.

We now have two children of our own, live in a modest home by the park and every once in a while, we go out into the park after the kids are in bed and just watch and look to see what we can. And if the situation is right, we actually peep into a window or two because we’re never alone.

Post Script: Thank you to all who have faithfully followed this series and gave me encouragement to continue writing. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have writing it.

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