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For as long as I can remember she was the only one I truly lusted after. She alone , in her T-shirts and panties; in her halter tops and hot pants, made me go crazy with an aching need. Her sandy brown hair that hung in shimmering folds on her shoulders, her hazel eyes sparkling with life and energy. All of these things only increased my desire for her. Her budding B-cup breasts and 120 pounds of slenders curves wrapped in baby-soft tan skin. . . . . . . . ..My mouth waters even now at the thought of it. But dammit, you're not supposed to want your sister, are you?

I was sixteen, and she was fifteen at the time. She was on the brink of being a true teen and I was on the brink of losing my mind. How do you go to sleep, knowing that she's in the shower, lathering soap up and down her slick skin? How do you stand up without making a tent after watching her bend over to tie her shoes? You can't.

June 16
11:26 p.m.

I was lying in bed, thinking of her, as usual. My parents were asleep by now, and I was completely at a loss as to what to do. If I didn't do something soon, I'd crack under the pressure. I sat up in my bed, putting my head in my hands and feeling my dick pulsing against my briefs. I ran my fingers through my short hair and let out a deep breath I'd been holding. I'd taken to being silent around Janie, not trusting my words or actions not to betray me in the most horrible way. She'd begun to notice my odd behavior and couldn't figure it out. We'd always been close as siblings, but lately I'd been so distant. Something had to give.

I stood up and walked through the cloying darkness to my door. I opened it slightly, slipped on a pair of sweat pants, and tip-toed out into the carpeted hallway. Just across from my room was my sister's door. I could open it. . . . . .and then what? I was fooling myself. What would happen? Nothing I wanted to happen.

I looked down to my parents bedroom and saw something very odd. There was a dark shape in front of there door that I could just make out in the moonlight shining through the window. It looked vaguely human. Slowly, ever so slowly, I crept down the hallway. The shadow didn't move a bit, but I was now sure it was a person, and not just any person. But what was Janie doing? I came to stand right behind her, when something else caught my attention. The door was cracked open a good couple of inches, allowing a view right into my parents' bedroom.

The moon was bright that night, streaming down onto my parent's bed. I could see my mother's slim attractive figure bouncing up and down on my dad's cock. Her smooth pale ass rode up and down and deep moans came from inside her throat as she fucked my dad. The bed was squeaking quietly, and both of my parents' were moaning, but there was another sound. I looked down to see Janie sitting indian-style on the carpet in front of the door. All I could see was her slim back and shiny hair, but I had an idea of what was going on. Her right shoulder cept moving oddly and muted whimpers were coming from her. My little sister was fingering herself while watching our parents fuck!

My dick was instantly rock hard. In the background my parents were going at it harder, making more noise, but I tuned them out, listening intently to my sister's moans. Her hand was going faster now. I imagined her little pink pussy eagerly clenching down on her finger as she desperately fucked herself. She was gasping now, quietly, but audibly as my mother's ass continued to rise and fall on my dad's prone figure. My dick was unbearably hard. I reached down to adjust it. In my failed attempt to ease my aching hard-on, I settled my weight in a wrong spot, making the floor squeak just a bit underneath the carpet.

Janie instantly whirled her head around and our eyes locked. Shit.

She got up incredibly fast, making no noise and keeping her eyes on the floor. She rushed by me and I heard her door click shut. I was excited, dissapionted and I felt sorry for Janie. Most of all, I couldn't wait to see what would happen between my parents now. I could make out the fact that my mom had climbed off my father, but she was now swallowing his swollen dick, sucking on it hard, making wet slopping noises as she desperately strived to make him cum down her throat. I almost stayed, but didn't. I turned and went back to my end of the hallway. But instead of turning into Janie's room, I went to mine, opening the door and shutting it silently.

I went to my bed and sat down, mind racing and dick raging. The moon was bright, but for some reason I wanted more light. I clicked on the lamp beside my bed and was greeted with the sight of Janie, in an over-sized black T-shirt, her knees drawn up inside it, sitting on my chair. I merely stared at her for a lifetime of moments, my dick painfully obviously hard. She looked into my eyes. There were unshed tears there.

"You're not going to tell, are you?" She whispered fearfully. I wrinkled my brow, wondering what in the hell she was talking about.

"What?" I asked. She sighed and let her smooth legs slip down to touch the floor.

"Are you going to tell mom and dad what I was doing?" She asked. I smiled and was about to say how stupid she was being, and how I'd never tell, but she spoke first. "Please Brian, I'll do anything. . . . . . .just don't tell." Her voice cracked.

I was about to tell I wouldn't when my fevered mind focused on her words. Anything? What a low, rotten thing to do. There's supposed to be trust between siblings. You're supposed to count on eachother. But I looked at her slim figure, her tousled hair, and her smooth legs, and my brain died, leaving me as a man-beast with lust ruling all my actions.

"Anything?" I asked, slightly cruelly.

"Y-y-yes." She stammered. I looked into her eyes and stood up, gesturing her to come forward. She also rose and I looked down at her face. Her eyes were wide and scared, and God help me, that turned me on even more. I kissed her. Slowly at first, just a brushing of lips, but soon slipped my tongue inside her mouth, teasing her tongue with mine. Her body felt stiff and tense as I wrapped my arms around the small of her back. I kissed her harder, and her boddy relaxed a little, her mouth slowly responding to my efforts. My dick was hard as steel and pressed into her belly. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes.

She shook her head, and I nodded. She knew what I wanted. I put my hands on her shoulders, pressing down hard until she dropped to her knees in front of me. I bent down and grabbed the hem of her shirt, lifting it over her body and off her head. There she was, on her knees, wearing only a pair of black panties. Her breasts were perky and firm, her nipples large and pink. She looked up at me with a strange look on her face. I was smiling, my mind not really working, just intent on my own desires.

I pulled my pants and briefs down and let them fall to my ankles. My dick, fully hard at seven inches, was waving in front of her pretty little face. Her mouth was closed as she looked up at me, a terrified ghost flashing through her eyes.

"Open up, Janie." I whispered. She slowly opened her mouth, still looking into my eyes. I put my dick inside her mouth slowly, the head just brushing across her full lips. It was so hot and wet inside, I almost died. Without being told, her mouth clamped down on my tool, her teeth almost painful on my dick. Her took me the rest of the way in, and I grabbed her hair.

"Watch the teeth, Janie." Her eyes closed, her teeth were felt no more, and silent tears rolled down her pretty cheeks. I held the back of her head and guided myself in and out of her wet mouth. Her tongue was like melting silk laving the underside of my shaft. I knew, after all this waiting, I was finally going to come inside my sister. She sobbed suddenly, and the reflex clenched on my dick, instantly making me shoot my first jet of cum inside her mouth. I held her head.

"Keep sucking, oh, God. . . . ..swallow it, swallow it all." I murmured. She did as I said, crying as she swallowed my sperm down her delicate throat. I slowly ran my sensitive dick over her tongue. She had been lucky I hadn't put all of it inside her and gagged her. She released me and a dribble of cum came out between her lips. She opened her eyes and I looked into them. She stood quickly and left, returning to her own room.

June 18
1:34 a.m.

I was awake again, feeling terrible. I'd used my sister for my own sexual release! There was something so wrong about that, but, still, I loved it. And I wanted it again.

Her door opened slowly. In the dim room, I could make out Janie's form on her bed, sleeping. I walked forward and laid down on the bed beside her. She woke up with a gasp, looking directly into my eyes.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. I was surprised. She hadn't spoken to me since the other night. And now such fire?

"I came to make it up to you." I said softly, peeling the covers down over her shoulder. She tried to reach for it, but it was ripped off of her completely before she knew it. She was only wearing a thin white pair of panties.

"Make it up to me? You can't." she whispered as she struggled to cover her naked breasts from me. I laughed quietly and rolled over on top of her, pinning her down on her back. I kissed her roughly, my mind once again losing all sense of reality. All that mattered was her, and her beautiful body. I stopped kissing her and she looked up at me.

"Please don't make me do this." She whispered.

"You don't have to do anything." I said. I moved down her body until my face was over her crotch. I pried my hands between her thighs and pulled them apart. She struggled, but my fingers dug into her soft warm flesh and I separated her legs. She gave up then. I spread her legs wide and pushed her knees up. I could smell her pussy, a musky scent that I loved. I began to kiss and suck on her thighs, the inner part where it's so soft and smooth.

Surprisingly her hips arched up and I rubbed my hand over her pussy hard, feeling a slight wetness. I dispensed with her panties and returned her legs to their previous position. Her pussy was hot and ready for me. I couldn't really see, so I just laved the flat of my tongue against her slit, tasting the juices that were flowing from her center. She moaned loudly, an incoherent squeak in her throat. I did it again and felt my dick press against the bed.

I had come in here to give her pleasure, but now I had a different idea. I grabbed her hips and rolled her over onto her stomache. I grabbed her middle and pulled her up till she was on her hands and knees. She was perfectly obedient. She hadn't protested, and was doing everything I told her to do. I liked it.

I climbed to my knees behind her and positioned my hard shaft head against the ripe slit that was dripping with her juices. She tensed up and suddenly said,

"Please, Brian, please don't do it. I'll suck on you again, I'll kiss you, anything, but-" Her words turned into a quietly shriek of pain as I rammed my thick penis up inside her virgin pussy. It was all the way in, and felt awesome. Tight, wet and boiling hot. she encased me in the most devine of places. She was crying in pain, and even I, in my man-beasts phase, knew not to keep moving. I listened to her cry as I rubbed her big nipples and cupped her small breasts from behind.

Slowly, she stopped sobbing, and I started to rock in and out of my sister's pussy from behind. How many times had I dreamed of this? To be riding Janie, pounding into her sweet cunt while watching her full ass ripple and jiggle was something I never though I'd see. But here I was, slowly fucking my hot sister like she was mine to dominate.

I pulled up so my dick rubbed the back wall of her pussy hard. She moaned in pleasure. I smiled. I knew she'd like it. Even harder, I rubbed the same spot. Her entire body shuddered and she slammed her ass back against my body, burying my penis even deeper inside herself. That broke it for me. I grasped her hips and pummeled her backside. Her beautiful ass rocked back and forth as I slammed my penis home. Now she was mewing and moaning loud enough for me to be satisfied. I was gonna cum soon anyway. Harder, faster, deeper I shoved my self. Always thirsting for another milimeter inside her sweet pussy, always aching for a higher moan. She was now cumming, I registered somewhere in my mind. She was cumming on my dick, squeezing my flesh with her pussy muscles.

Her moans were loud in my ears, but soon faded into groans as I came, every muscle in my body contracting as I shot my sperm deep inside her. My sister's ass was full and I dug my fingers into her cheeks as my dick continued to spasm inside her cunt. We both ended up breathing hard and revelling at what had just happened between us. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and a stream of hot juices squirted out. I rubbed her ass and got off the bed, picking up my clothes and exiting the room, leaving my sister on her knees on the bed. I laughed to myself.

I wasn't finished with her yet.

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