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This is my first post to XNXX. I have enjoyed reading many of the stories posted by others, especially the true stories. I’ve been thinking for some time about writing about a few of the sexual experiences involving my wife and me. I don’t profess to be a good writer. I realize that some readers might be critical of both my writing ability and the content, and justifiably so. But as I approach age 60, I find myself reminiscing more and more about the past with an increasing urge to tell someone about some of the sexually fun times. I hope that at least a few readers will get some degree of entertainment out of reading my ramblings.

My wife Julie and I have been married nearly 38 years. We got married our junior year of college when we were both 21. Julie and I have had a long successful marriage due in no small part to our sexual compatibility and our willingness to spice things up now and then. Our sexual compatibility stems from the fact that I am a little dominant and a bit of a voyeur and Julie is a little submissive and a bit of an exhibitionist. I think that we have been that way from the very beginning, and how we have made the most of it has evolved over time resulting in some fond memories.

From the beginning Julie liked to tease and draw the attention of men. It never failed to excite both of us, when she succeeded in nonchalantly allowing men to get a glimpse up her skirt, dress, or the legs of her shorts, and down her tops. The challenge was for her to let men get peeks at her treasures without them knowing that she was letting them. Julie was really a “good girl”, and she didn’t want anyone who knew us to think otherwise. But at times, especially after a few drinks and some attention from other men, she would loose her inhibitions and her strong sexual desires would take control.

I first discovered Julie’s propensity for teasing, quite soon after we started dating. I also quickly learned the difference between flirting and teasing. Julie would flirt with me and she would tease others, especially my college roommate, who was 9 years old than us. She liked him and he was crazy about her. Our interactions with him went a lot further than him just getting a glimpse of her firm creamy legs, breasts and pussy now and then, but that will be the topic of another story if anyone is interested. I want to talk here about a next door neighbor of ours that we met about a year after J and I got married.

Julie is 5’6” and when we were in college, she weighed about 114 lbs. She was a “girl next door” type with great legs, ass, and great nipples to go with her b-cup sized breasts. If any discreet person would like to see what she looked like, just message me with your ASL and email address. There won’t be any totally revealing pictures of her from back then though. Those came later. There were no digital cameras back in the early and mid 1970s. We did however have a video camera that made little three minute film tapes that had to be watched on a movie projector, that I am in process of converting to .mpg files.

Julie and I stayed in an apartment near campus our first year of marriage. We had to leave when the University took over the property. We then rented a small two bedroom frame house in January, 1974. The house was at the end of a circle about three blocks from the main road. Julie and I came from modest families and we were just getting by through school because of work, school loans, my scholarship, and a monthly ROTC allowance. As a result, we had to find inexpensive housing. The house to the right of us on the circle was vacant and not habitable. An old gentleman was renting the house to the left of ours. Our house was separated from his by a small gravel driveway.

Julie and I used the bedroom at the back of the house which had a window facing north, in the direction of the old man’s house, and a window facing east, out to the backyard. The bathroom was next to the bedroom and also had a window facing east to the backyard. We consciously kept the blinds closed on the window facing the old gentleman’s house, but didn’t pay much attention to the blinds on the bedroom and bathroom windows facing the backyard. We had a small backyard which was bordered on the back and south side by a large undeveloped wooded area, dense with trees, bushes and bramble. There were no houses or any development behind our house.

Julie and I were young and perhaps na?, so we didn’t think about someone going into our back yard and looking through the back window. The year was 1974, and one just didn’t hear about voyeurs peeking into windows back then, especially in a conservative southeastern U.S. college town. At times the blinds might be closed, opened, partially opened or pulled all the way up. We really paid not attention to them. The bathroom window was much higher than the bedroom windows and no one could see into it anyway.

We met our old gentlemanly neighbor the first day that we moved in. He offered to help. He was a 67 year old widower and living on social security. He seemed ancient to Julie and I, who were only 22 at the time, not so ancient now that that I am near 60. I say gentlemanly, because he was. He was really nice, lonely, but nice. We had compassion for him because he had lost his wife some five years before and was lonely. It wasn’t long before the old gentleman was coming over to talk, play cards and board games, etc.. We got to know him pretty well. As far as we were concerned, the old gentleman was just a nice lonely old man who needed some company. Having said this, the old guy appeared to be in good health, and the fact that Julie was a young college coed with a good figure and great legs didn’t escape his attention. It was not hard, especially after he had a few beers, to catch him eyeing Julie and checking her out. This was especially true if she was wearing short shorts, which she often did.

Our opinion of the old gentleman changed a little about three months after we moved in. Julie and I were both in school and I worked in the hardware department of a retail chain store part time after classes. I usually got home about 10:00 o’clock P.M. I came home early one evening. It was dark and I was getting groceries out of the trunk when I heard some noise on the gravel driveway. I looked over the raised trunk lid to see our old neighbor scooting across the driveway from our backyard to his. I wondered what he had been up to. I set the groceries on the front steps and went around the other side of the house to our backyard. When I looked along the back of the house, I could see the light from our back bedroom illuminating the ground. I walked over to the window and looked in. The blinds were partially opened and I could clearly see Julie on the bed.

Julie was reclined propped up against a pillow and the headboard of the bed. She had her knees pulled up supporting a book that she was reading. She was wearing a night gown that because of her position was gathered up and not covering her legs. Her knees were together but I could see all of her legs and a nice outline of her panty covered crotch. A great “camel toe” was clearly visible. If indeed our old neighbor had been standing where I was standing, he got a good clear view of a whole lot of Julie. Heck, the view was so hot and arousing, that I was tempted to jerk off right there on the spot.

I went back to the front of the house, gathered the groceries and went inside. I was trying to decide whether to tell Julie about our little old neighbor, and elected not to until I was certain. After all, it would have been terrible to tell Julie that our neighbor was spying on her if he wasn’t. As it was though, I was so horny that I tore my clothes off, jumped on the bed and fucked Julie like I was a teenager. She didn’t know what had gotten into me, but she wasn’t complaining. I wondered all the while if our neighbor had come back and was watching. If he did, he was treated to a good show.

The next morning without raising too much suspicion, I found out that Julie had a predictable routine at night. She usually got a bath or shower between 8:30 P.M and 9:00 P.M. She then went to bed and read or watched television while she waited for me to get home. I decided that I would find a way to leave work and get home before 8:30 and see if I could catch the old gentleman in the act..

I left work early and got home at 8:00 P.M. I parked my car down the street out of view from our houses. I walked up the street and worked my way into the woods behind our backyard. I got in position so that I could see both the back of our house and our neighbor’s house. Approximately, 15 minutes later, I saw our old neighbor walk out his back door and go to the old dilapidated garage at the end of the driveway. Once he got there, he was hidden from my view by the garage. About 20 minutes later, the light in our bedroom came on. When the light came on, the old guy scurried to our window and started looking in,

I could see that the blinds were down but the slats were opened enough for him to see inside. I was only about 75 feet away, but I couldn’t see clearly through the blinds. I could see Julie’s form moving around but I couldn’t tell her state of dress. I remember wishing that I had a pair of binoculars. But the old pervert was definitely in position to see what she was or wasn’t wearing.

After a few minutes the bathroom light came on and the old guy moved away from the window and went back to the garage. I started to leave but knew that I couldn’t without the old guy hearing me. I had to wait until I saw him go back into his house. About ten minutes passed and I saw the guy go back to the bedroom window. Shortly after that, the bathroom light went off and Julie was back in the bedroom. Again I could see Julie’s form through the bedroom window. I believed that she was completely naked and appeared to be drying with a towel. She also walked to the dresser and I figured that she was pulling out her bedtime clothes. Any doubt about her being naked was erased when I saw that the old guy had pulled his cock out and was jerking off. I couldn’t see his cock, but I could tell by the movement of his right arm that he was stroking away.

It was a huge turn-on for me to watch him jerking off while he looked at my wife. I only wished that I could see what he was seeing. Then the ceiling light went off. The lamp by the head of the bed was still on. I knew that Julie was in the bed either reading or watching television, or both. I didn’t know if she was still naked or not. Whether dressed, undressed or somewhere in between, didn’t appear to matter to the old guy because he just kept stroking away. The view must have been pretty good, because the old guy was not in any hurry to finish and leave. I sensed that he would get close to cumming and then stop. Finally, perhaps because he knew it was getting close to the time for me to come home, he finished and shot his load. He pulled out a handkerchief or paper towel, wiped his cock, put it back in his pants, and sneaked back into his house.

On the way back to my car, I went into the backyard and peaked through our window. Julie was sitting there much as she was the night before, reading a book with legs exposed and panties visible. I returned to my car, pulled up into the driveway and went inside.

I knew that I was going to have to tell Julie about what our neighbor was up to, but before I did, I wanted to find out what he had seen. After repeatedly asking me why I wanted to know; Julie told me that she undressed in the bedroom, took a bath, and then returned to the bedroom and dressed for bed. I knew then that the neighbor had seen her completely nude in the bedroom just before and after her bath.

Trying my best not to alarm her, I told Julie about our neighbor looking at her and why I knew. She was understandably upset and immediately went to the window, looked out, and then closed the blinds. We discussed it on into the night and I left the decision up as to what if anything that we would do. I told her that if she wanted, I would confront the old guy and tell him that we would have him arrested if he did it again. I wasn’t in favor of just calling the police without confronting the guy and giving him a chance to stop. On the other end of the spectrum was the option of not doing anything. If we didn’t do anything, then Julie could control whether the guy ever looked at her again by simply closing the blinds. I felt sure that the guy was harmless and just getting his rocks off at J’s expense. I wasn’t concerned about him being dangerous or breaking into the house and raping Julie or anything like that. It was just a matter of whether Julie wanted him to stop watching her. Of course, I wasn’t Julie though, and what mattered was what she thought. We fell asleep with the understanding that I would confront the guy and put an end to it.

When we woke the next morning, Julie had calmed down and we talked about it some more. I told her that I couldn’t blame the guy for wanting to see her naked and that he should be flattered that she was so desirable to him, so much so that he couldn’t resist jerking off while he looked at her. I painted the picture of him just being a lonely old man who got off looking at her hot body, which was true. Julie let me know that she wasn’t scared of him or worried about him being violent. She just felt violated. I didn’t sense that Julie minded so much that the old geezer had seen her naked, but that he had done it under circumstances that had violated her privacy. I told her that I would do anything that she wanted me to do about him, but now that she knew; it could be something that we could use to our advantage. If we stopped him it would be over. But if we didn’t say anything to him, the option of letting him see her under her conditions would still be opened. After all, all she had to do to keep him from seeing her was to close the blinds. If she was in the mood to allow it, she could enjoy it under her terms. She would be in control and decide if, when, and how much he would see. Julie decided to think about it.

We didn’t talk much about our neighbor for several days, and Julie didn’t have me say anything to him. Finally, she said that she would let him watch her again, but she wanted me to be home when it happened. I told her that posed a problem because he would always leave before I got home. But where there is a will there is a way. J and I planned an evening for me to come home early without the guy knowing that I was there.

In preparation, we adjusted the blinds until we had them in position for maximum visibility without being too obvious. We pulled the blinds down leaving about six inches of space at the bottom, and the slats were almost completely opened. We knew that the old guy could clearly see Julie through the blinds. In addition, he could squat down and see under the blinds with no obstruction whatsoever. Had it not been April and chilly outside, we would have opened the window. But that would have been too out of place on a cool evening and would have to wait until warmer days. As it was, I even cleaned the window to enhance his view.

We planned for Julie to follow her normal routine with some exciting changes. First of all, after undressing and before she took her bath, she was to tidy things up in the room, put things in the closet, etc. She was to do things that would cause her to walk around the room nonchalantly while completely nude. She would have the television on and at times pause to watch it. We planned to make sure that the old guy got to see every inch of her from every angle, and at times, close to the window. Secondly, after she got her bath, Julie was to stay undressed and get an erotic story magazine out of the night stand, and start reading it. Hopefully, she would have an overwhelming desire to masturbate in front of the guy. I felt sure that she would, but it was certainly left up to her. To help insure that she would, Julie agreed to have a couple of drinks before I got home. Julie has never been able to tolerate alcohol well. She really looses her inhibitions after only a couple of drinks.

Some of you reading this might not fully appreciate the planning and preparation. Some might even think that J and I were crazy. But the planning and the anticipation were a large part of the excitement. There are times for spontaneity, but there are also times when the planning and anticipation is as arousing and exciting as the event, if not more so. It certainly extends the enjoyment. After all, our brains are our biggest sex organ. I know that on the day of the planned event, I couldn’t keep my mind on classes or work. I didn’t think that evening would ever come. I later found out that Julie felt the same way.

The time finally came and I parked my car down the street and sneaked into the house about 8:00 o’clock P.M. I found Julie, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. I could tell that she had indeed had something to drink. I could taste and smell just a hint of the alcohol. I asked her how many and she told me two drinks, as we had talked about. I asked if she wanted another and she said that two was quite enough. She said that she didn’t want to get drunk. With that, I sneaked her into the other bedroom and we started making out with her. It didn’t take long for me to feel how wet she was. I teased her and played with her but wouldn’t let her climax. By 8:30, she was ripe and ready to get started.

Julie went into the bedroom and turned on the ceiling light, illuminating the entire room and then turned on the television. The television was on top of the base of a mirrored dresser on the south wall of the room and only about five feet from the window. She didn’t undress immediately to give me time to see if our anticipated onlooker was watching. I didn’t want to miss her undressing. I went out the front door around the far corner and peaked around into the backyard. The old guy was predicable. He was there waiting and watching.

I went back in the house and stayed out of sight of the window. Without Julie giving any indication to our visitor that I was there; I nodded and let her know that the old guy was watching her. I watched her from the hallway.

The bedroom was small, only about 10’ x 10’ or perhaps 10’ x 12’. There was no part of the bedroom that could not be seen clearly from the back window. Anyone in the room could never be more than 10 or 12 feet from the window. Julie stood at the right corner of the foot of the bed about 7 feet from the window. The other corner of the bed was less than two feet from the window and just to the left. There was only room between the bed and the back wall to allow one to squeeze by to change the bedding. To put it in perspective, if the window was opened, one could reach in and touch the foot of the bed.

Julie was turned toward the television and the window. The old guy had a full clear frontal view of her. While pretending to be interested in the television, Julie pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it to her left near the middle of the bed. She then reached around, unsnapped her bra, took it off, and tossed it on the bed closer to the foot of the bed and the window. She began to massage her breasts to make them feel better after just having been released from the confines of her bra. Then she lowered her shorts and panties down and stepped out of them. She was completely nude and fully exposed for our onlooker. I then expected Julie to move nonchalantly around the room, perhaps go to the closet. But she had other plans.

She started looking at herself in the part of the mirror that was not blocked by the small television. She turned her front toward the window, but kept her head turned to her right, looking into the mirror. She arched her shoulders back and pushed her breasts forward and massaged them. Then she started running her hands along her body, turning in every direction. She was inspecting and admiring her body in the mirror as the old guy looked on and admired it from outside the window. She moved and turned in front of the mirror letting him see every inch and curve of her from every angle. Then she turned facing the mirror and opened her legs. She slid her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing it slowly, sliding a finger between her labia and teasing her clit. I almost lost my load when she did that. I was hoping that she would masturbate in front of the guy, but I was surprised that she wasn’t waiting until after her bath. Then I was again surprised when she stopped rubbing her pussy after less than a minute. She turned toward me and slipped her finger glistening with her juices into her mouth. She pulled it out slowly and winked at me. I thought she was just letting me know that she knew that she had done a good job and that she was enjoying it. I soon found out though that the wink meant to watch, because she had a surprise for me.

Instead of leaving the room, Julie walked over to the night stand next to the head of the bed and took out the erotic magazine that we had placed there. The magazine was mostly erotic stories which turned Julie on more than pictures; but there were enough pictures for the guy to see that it was porn. She looked through the pages and then laid the magazine on the bed, opened to a page. Then she walked back to the foot of the bed and pulled open a dresser drawer. She pulled out a long white plastic vibrator and turned it on.

FUCK ME! I had never seen the vibrator before. I had no clue where it came from. Man oh man! That gal was full of surprises. She quickly turned it off and tossed it on the bed. Then she started gathering her clothes. She first picked up her shorts and panties from the floor. Then she went to the corner of the bed closest to the window and bent over and gathered her shirt and bra. Her ass and pussy was almost touching against the window. If the window had been opened, the old guy could have easily reached in and pushed his finger(s) up in her.

Then Julie walked toward me with a broad smile on her face. When she got into the hall with me and out of sight of the guy, Julie asked, “You Okay?”

I was almost speechless, but I didn’t need to say much. My erection jutting out in front of me spoke volumes.

Julie grabbed my cock and said, “I want you to fuck me!”

I asked, “You through with the guy?”

She just said, “Fuck me now, pleeeeeaasssse?” and leaned over placing her hands on the wall.

I lined my cock up behind her and easily pushed into her. She was wet, wet, wet. She insisted that I fuck her fast and hard, and I did. I knew that I wasn’t going to last long, and I didn’t. Fortunately, Julie didn’t either. I heard her muffle a scream and felt her open up. I let go and flooded her pussy with cum. God it was intense. I didn’t think that I would ever stop cumming. Julie was ready to keep going but I was spent. Back then in my youth, I could normally keep an erection after the first time, but not that night. The climax was so intense that my cock went soft and I slipped out of her. Whew, it was great!

I pulled my pants up and made a move to go get my car. She asked where I was going and I told her to get the car. She let me know quickly that she was not finished yet. I told her that the guy was probably gone. She said that she didn’t think so, not with the magazine and vibrator lying on the bed. She had a good point. Smart girl! Then I asked her where in the hell did the vibrator come from. She said that she knew how to make plans too.

Then she said that she wanted another drink and went into the kitchen and made one. When she came back with it, she said, “You may want to find you a chair”, and went back into the bedroom. Damn, I love that gal.

Julie went back into the room, set her drink on the night stand, got into her normal reading position leaning back with her knees together and up supporting the magazine. This time though, she was completely naked, reading porn, and knew that she had an admirer watching, (two including me). And this time, there was no panty covered camel toe. It was her exposed pussy peaking out between her thighs.

I wondered though if Julie was right about the guy still watching. Had the sight of the magazine and vibrator on the bed caused him to hang around?. Surely he was still there waiting to see what would happen with the vibrator? I had to be sure, so I let J know that I was going to check on him. As it turned out, Julie was right as she usually is. He was there. I went back inside and took Julie’s advice. I found me a chair and settled in for the show.

Julie did not disappoint. She lifted the magazine up and spread her legs. She had a full perfectly shaped dark bush. Shaven pussy was not in vogue in the 1970s. Though she was just 22, Julie was all woman, fertile and in her prime. She reached down between her legs and teased her mound, pussy, and clit, sliding her finger along the slit, and parting her labia. She was turned enough so the old guy had a direct clear view of her pussy. The only interruption in the action was when Julie had to turn the pages of the magazine. Eventually, she lay the magazine aside and put both hands between her legs.

She opened her legs wide and slid her hands slowing up and down the inside of her firm creamy thighs, spreading them wide, driving me and no doubt her voyeur, wild crazy with desire to have her. Finally, she found her pussy again. She spread her labia and inserted first one and then two fingers into her pussy. She arched her hips upward faster and faster until she was humping against her hand and fingers while she fucked herself. She came hard and lifted her head up so that we could see her face as she did. Her eyes were rolled up into the top of her head and she clamped her thighs against her hand while she rode the wave. After recovering, she got her vibrator and put it to use, first vibrating against her clit and then inside her vagina. She fucked herself with it, climaxing repeatedly. She was insatiable. It would not have surprised me if she had forgotten all about her onlooker and myself watching. But she didn’t.

Near the end, she got on her knees with her ass facing the window. She took the vibrator, reached between her legs and pushed it in. She started fucking herself with the vibrator with her ass and pussy only a few feet from the window. Lubrication was not a problem. Throughout all of it I could hear how wet she was. She not only had her juices flowing, but she still had some of my cum that I had deposited in her earlier.

Finally, she was finished. I lost count of how many orgasms she had. Once she starts cumming, she can’t stop. I counted 26 times within 40 minutes in one of the videos that I made of her later when she was in her 30s. She collapsed onto her stomach with her legs and ass facing toward the window. The vibrator was implanted and humming away in her pussy. She finally reached back turned the vibrator off and slowly pulled it out. She rose up on her knees and elbows with her ass and exposed pussy still facing the window. She was motionless as if catching her breath. Then she rolled over and scooted toward the window and the corner of the bed, grabbing her vibrator as she did.

After reaching the end of the bed, J stood up, reached over and got some tissue from the top of the dresser. Then she sat down at the foot of the bed, only a couple of feet from the window. Her legs were parted giving her onlooker one last good look at her wet pussy while she wiped the vibrator with the tissue. Then she spread her legs even wider directly in front of the window, and wiped her pussy with the tissue.

Julie came into the hall, a bit weak with exhaustion, but asked again if I was Okay with what had happened. Again, I was almost speechless. I opened my hand to reveal a spent cock and a hand full of cum. I planted kisses on her and thanked her for everything. She smiled and said that she was going to soak in the tub.

I sneaked out the front door and checked to see if the old guy was still around. I hoped that he wasn’t lying on the ground with a heart attack. Not to worry though. I spotted him just as he was about to open his back door. I then went and got my car.

Later, Julie and I lay cuddled together in the bed, talking about what had happened and what it would be like the next time the old guy came over for a normal visit. I knew that it wouldn’t be the same. Julie and I would be thinking about him having seen all that he had seen. He would be thinking about Julie naked, perhaps smug in the knowledge that he knew full well what she looked like under her clothing. But he wouldn’t know that we knew. I wondered if there would be sexual tension in the air as we sat around playing cards, or whatever, and making casual conversation. I wondered about what the immediate future had in store. Would things continue as they were? Would Julie put and end to everything? Would Julie allow him to do more than just watch her? I certainly had no way of knowing at the time. But, I felt sure about one thing, and that was that I had married one hell of great sex partner.


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well written allowing the reader to get in volved

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