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This is the true story of how I had sex with my cousin. If you’re not really into incest, I recommend you stop reading this story right now. This is what happens when you go out and get baked, and than afterwards going to a friends house to catch up and have some shots.

It was Friday evening around 5 o’clock, when I’ve arrived from my hometown to the city to visit my uncle, aunt, and my cousins that I haven’t seen in over 2 years. It was pretty dark because it was around wintertime. Anyway my uncle didn’t live far from the airport, maybe like a 30-minute walk, it was after the wrestling season so I was still pretty in shape. I finally arrived to my uncle’s house, knocked on the door and gave a few hugs. I was surprised to see how much my cousins have grown, but in my mind I was wondering where Becca was, my favorite cousin. We used to do crazy shit together back when she lived in the small town. I walked up to the guess room not only to find out that it was a nice guestroom but also to find out Becca’s room was next door.

I decided to knock and right away she opens the door. We embrace in a hug and talked about the old days back in high school. We were both 21 but me being 3 months older. After we caught up, Becca ask me if I still smoked weed. I told her I haven’t smoked in 3 months because off wrestling season. I told her I wanted to really bad, so she tells me to hang out with Jason for awhile, while she got ready. Jason was her younger brother and the chillest cousin to hang out with because he too was a party freak.

A few minutes later, Becca told me to meet her in the garage so we could bounce and some of that chronic that she got from a friend. When I saw her, I couldn’t believe what she was wearing. Shw had on one of those tight tanktops that showed clevage, a mini skirt, knee high socks that had red with black tripes on it, and too top it off black ugg boots. I didn’t know what came over me but instantly I felt something hard in my pants. We headed out and found a nice spot to smoke without worrying about the cops. We were so blazed that driving felt impossible. We couldn’t go home just yet, because my uncle too was a pothead in his days and knew what weed smelt liked.

I found out from her that one of our buddies from high school had a nice apartment in the city, so we decided to call and see what was up. Soon as we know it we were at Matt’s house having a couple of shots, not only were we all best friends, but my cousin and Matt had a thing in high school. It was 11 o’clock still feeling a little high and drunk, we decided to bounce. We would of stayed longer, but Matt had too much to drink, so he was passed out on his couch.

We arrived at my cousin’s house about 12 o’ clock, we said high to my uncle and aunt and headed off to her room. Back in high school we would always chilled in her room when we were messed up. She turned on her stereo and the first song to pla on her ipod was Popular by Lil Wayne. Out of know where she tells me that her and matt had sex to this song last week. We just laughed and still talked about the old days.

All of a sudden, Becca falls off her bed and lands on me, being all wasted we just laughed it off. I brought up the fact that she still owed me money for the time we bought a bottle. She laughed, and suddenly we began to make-out. With no hesitation, I start to take off my shirt. Becca does the same, then while still making out I take my right hand and start grasping her left boob. She gives out a little moan. I tell her to shut up because someone might hear us, but she shut me up and told me they were all asleep. I started to unbutton her mini skirt and start kissing her slender, soft stomach. And before you know it i’m taking off her thong with my teeth. I started to spread those juicy vagina lips and started licking. She couldn’t help but moan. I took my two fingers and shoved it up her vagina, back and forth my fingers slid in and out with ease. She couldn’t stop moaning, after 10 minutes of it I told her it was my turn. So she got on top and started unbuttoning my jeans. Before she could go down she was laughing at my pink boxers that I bought at aeropostale. I told her that everytime I wore them I’ve ended up getting laid. We both laughed and she pulled down my boxers, my already erected penis stood 8 inches tall, she started to suck. Man did she suck like a pro, she even took it all in without gagging. I realize now why her and my best friend Matt was together for so long.

I couldn’t stop groaning, it felt so good, pre-cum started to come out and she didn’t mind, she started licking it off. To my dismay she even started jerking me off. Then she stopped, I asked her what was up, and she whispered in my ear that she wanted me in her. So I chucked her to the side and now it was my turn on top. I started to spread those nice legs of hers and slowly inserted my cock into her vagina. After a minute of teasing her vagina I started rocking back and forth, being a wrestler and all I had pretty good stamina, both of us started moaning. Back and forth back and forth I was tearing that pussy up. She liked it, I liked it, we were both in our own world. I told her I was gonna come and she told me to pull out. I did was she I told her and started whacking off. She opened her mouth, just like that I busted a loud in her mouth, and yes fellas she swallowed. The next morning we woke up on the ground naked, we stared into each other’s eyes and laughed. We shared a passionate kiss and headed down to breakfast.

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2011-02-26 12:55:51
i hope you can write more. don't worry about hypocritical reviews

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2011-01-29 01:00:10
dude, clean this up and spend more time and detail on the sex

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2011-01-28 17:06:55
where are the proff readers who validated this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2011-01-28 17:06:39
where are the proff readers who validated this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2011-01-28 11:43:01
his grammer and spelling are so bad because he is an infantile prick who wouldn't know a cunt if it bit him

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