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***Warning: This story contains homosexual content between brothers, if this type of content offends you read no further.***

As Jim lay in bed a smile came to his face as he thought of his whirlwind summer… Jim’s 17 year old brother returned from his camp three weeks into the summer, through a stroke of pure luck and indiscretion, on the night of Tom’s arrival Jim returned from a shower to discover his brother masturbating to a porn site on Jim’s brand new computer. The ensuing evening was one of great pleasure for both of them, culminating in each brother sucking the other to completion.

All of the morning after and the days following Jim waited for Tom to say something, anything at all, the longer Jim waited the more he feared his brother was disgusted with him or in denial that anything had ever happened. As a full week passed with no hint from his brother that anything eventful had happened the night of his return, Jim assumed the worse and gave up hope.

His parents were out of town on business and just as Jim had given up hope that night, he got the sign he was looking for.

As Jim was lying in bed after giving up hope, thinking of how it felt to have his brother’s warm mouth caress his throbbing cock, his door creaked open. Tom’s voice whispered from the dark, “Jim, you awake?”

Jim’s 7.2 inch cock sprang from an erection to a rock hard throbbing mound of flesh. In an attempted calm voice Jim responded “Yeah” but his voice betrayed his excitement.

Tom heard the excitement in his brother’s voice and took it as a good sign, he proceeded into his brother’s room and asked “Why have you not said anything about what happened?”

“I was waiting for you to.” Replied a relieved Jim

Tom’s heart soared “So do you think you would like to do something like that again?”

“Yes” Came a somewhat rushed reply from Jim as he threw off the covers Tom closed the door and turned on the lights.

Jim’s eyes fell on his older brother’s body taking in ever inch, from his sandy brown hair his chiseled chin and tanned body, his slightly bulging pecks, down to his well defined 6 pack, following the slight happy trail into his tight blue boxer briefs. Tom was a god in Jim’s eyes, a guy who never had problems with the ladies but had chosen him!

Although Jim couldn’t see it in himself he was not far from his brother in the looks department and the girls fawned over him without Jim even noticing. Where Tom’s eyes were a dazzling green Jim’s were a deep blue, they had the same tanned skin and happy trail leading to their almost identical packages.

As Jim threw off the covers Tom noticed Jim’s throbbing erection barely contained by his tight boxer briefs.

“What did you have in mind?” asked an expectant Jim.

“That I give you a late birthday present.” replied Tom. “Just lie on your stomach and relax.”

As Jim lay on his stomach Tom mounted his brother, sitting on Jim’s butt with his knees supporting his weight one on either side of his prone brother. Tom began to give his brother a deep tissue massage starting as his shoulders rubbing a large amount of his coco butter into the tanned skin.

Tom slowly worked his way down his brother’s back intentionally avoiding the spot his brother wanted him to go. Demounting his brother Tom skipped instead to his brother’s feet and worked his way up. As he reached Jim’s inner thighs Tom massaged deeply to relive the stress and casually brushed Jims growing package.

Tom heard his brother’s slight moans of frustration and decided to end the teasing and remounted his brother and pressed his chest to his brother’s back and nibbled slightly on Jim’s neck and ears and asks in a soft voice “Are you ready for the next part of your present?”

A soft moan was Jim’s only response so Tom gently rolled his brother onto his stomach, keeping his position Tom sat lightly on his brother’s rock hard throbbing member. Tom leaned forward pressing their chests together and slowly ground their cocks together through their boxer briefs. Tom listened to his brother’s breathing and knew Jim was getting well worked up, suddenly Tom slipped back, pulling Jim’s briefs with him and taking Jim’s whole cock down his throat.

The sudden change caused Jim to shudder and blow his load down his brother’s throat as Tom’s throat contracted around his cock. Jim gasped at the sudden violent orgasm and his brother continued to milk his cock with his lips to fully pleasure him.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed a breathless Jim. “That was incredible.”

Letting Jim’s cock slip from his lips Tom replied “Happy belated birthday.”

“Best. Present. Ever.” replied Jim in-between gasps still riding the waves of pleasure at being deep throated again.

Looking up at Tom still sitting atop his thighs Jim was filled with an emotion he couldn’t place, then it came to him, it was genuine love.

Jim decided what he’d do next, in a quick movement he flipped his brother onto his back and Jim assumed the dominant position. Jim leaned down and brushed his lips against Tom’s and whispered “I love you.”

Tom looked deep into his brother’s eyes and replied the same.

After looking at his brother for another second Jim slid between his brother’s legs and nipped gently at the fabric restraining his brother manhood. Then with both hands Jim slid the briefs down to his brother’s thighs allowing Tom’s throbbing erection to slap against his stomach.

Jim gently took Tom’s 7.5 inch cock in one hand and his brother’s hefty balls in the other. Jim lowered his lips over his brother’s cockhead have softly circled his tongue around Tom’s sensitive glands eliciting a moan of pleasure from Tom.

As Jim pushed more and more of his brother’s shaft into his mouth Jim began to massage his brother’s balls. Tom quivered in pleasure.

As Tom’s bulbous head hit the back of Jim’s throat Jim relaxed and allowed Tom to enter his throat, in one pass Jim took all of Tom’s ample cock into his throat. Tom lay in pure ecstasy as his brother deep throated him.

Surfacing for air Jim allowed his brother’s cock head to slip between his lips, only pausing for a moment to catch his breath Jim took each of his brothers balls into his mouth gently sucking them one at a time and then both at the same time, the combined size of them filled Jim’s mouth fully. Jim began suckling on his brother’s balls as he continued to jack his brother off.

Tom almost exploded right there.

Jim returned his mouth to his brother’s swollen prick taking his brothers balls back in his hand. Jim knew his brother was close and wanted to do a big finish so Jim went from tip to base in one go encasing his brother’s cock in his throat and as Jim started swallowing hard, milking his brothers cock with his throat, Jim slipped his index finger in his brother’s puckered asshole.

Tom exploded in his brother’s throat shooting shot after shot of his steamy cum into his brother’s waiting throat, riding the waves of passion Tom continued dumping his cum into his younger brother almost 10 shots of full blast nearly drowned his brother in cum but Jim took it like a pro.
Letting his brother’s flaccid cock slip between his lips Jim crawled up beside him and the two fell asleep.

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2013-03-24 10:31:47
Nice nice. very nicely written both parts. will read part 3.


2012-04-20 19:39:03
I can almost feel the cock in my mouth. I wish I had one of my own to suck


2011-01-31 14:43:14
Installment 3 is in the validation process.


2011-01-29 22:04:33
I hope there will be a part 3!

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