This is just a short story and I would appreciate any constructive comments.
By now Sonya was nearly 40 and a senior manager in the bank, in charge of a department of over 300. After 2 kids, her body was not quite as firm as it once was, but she was still really hot. There were quite a few young males in their early twenties who worked for her and she was regarded as the ultimate MILF. Some of them were unashamed in their flirting with Sonya, and she didn’t complain as she loved to see the bulge of their cocks in their trousers, as they tried to gain her affection, even though she was older and married.

As was part of her job, Sonya often had to go away on business and was speaking at a residential training course for some of the junior managers. Five of the young males she managed were attending the course and were obviously staying over at the hotel.

The five guys got together over a few drinks and decided that one of them should try to seduce Sonya and get to fuck her. To do this they decided to get her really drunk and and then chance it with her. They drew lots and Michael was the lucky guy who was chosen. That night when Sonya joined them in the bar for a few drinks, they made sure that she got plenty to drink. The guys kept on topping up her glass of wine, and then they started ordering shots and giving Sonya doubles and playing drinking games, making sure that Sonya lost loads and had to drink more as a forfeit.

By the end of the night Sonya was so drunk that she could hardly stand and so Michael ‘volunteered‘ to help her up to her room. As Sonya staggered along laughing wildly, Michael made sure that he got a good feel of her ass and tits as he helped her along. When they got to Sonya’s room, Michael had to get her keycard for her out of her bag and opened the door and helped her in to the room.

Once in the room Michael closed the door, and started to kiss Sonya on the lips, “No!” she said “Stop it!” as she tried to push Michael away, but she was so drunk that she almost fell over. Michael caught her and pulled her close to him and started to kiss her again while groping her ass. At first Sonya struggled slightly but he tasted so good and she could feel his rock hard cock pushing up against her pussy, that she started to kiss him back, before pushing him away again and staggering over to the bed and sitting down on it. “I’m OK, you can go now” she said, but Michael just walked over towards her and undid his trousers and dropped them to the floor, before taking his cock out of his boxers. “What the fuck!” said Sonya as she looked at the biggest cock she had ever seen in the flesh, about 9 inches long and very thick.

“Look, you have to go” Sonya murmured as she stood up and staggered towards Michael, who grabbed her close to him, reached round and undid the zip on her skirt and pulled it down and started to run his hands up the back of her legs, over her holdups and onto the bare flesh of her thighs and her ass, as she was only wearing a thong. Sonya groaned as Michael slipped a hand inside the front of her thong and started to rub her clit. “Go!” moaned Sonya, “OK” said Michael who ripped her blouse open at the front popping the buttons, before slipping his hand inside her bra and tweaking her fully erect nipple, while starting to rub her clit again and then sliding a couple of fingers inside her soaking wet pussy.

After a minute or so Michael turned Sonya round and laid her face down on the bed with her knees still on the floor. He pulled her thong to one side and slowly slid his huge cock into her pussy. Sonya let out a slight scream as she felt a cock go further inside her than ever before. Michael slowly started to fuck her and as Sonya got wetter and wetter Michael got faster and harder before Sonya came, squirting all over his cock and balls. Michael then slowed down and reached round sliding his hand inside her thong and started rubbing her clit again, faster and faster until she came time and time again, until she almost passed out with exhaustion and drunkenness. Michael then took his right hand which was covered in her love juices and rubbed the juices around the rosebud of her ass. He then rammed his cock as hard and far as he could into her cunt and at the same time stuck a finger right into her ass, something that Sonya had never experienced before. Sonya let out a muffled scream into the bed as Michael continued to ram his cock in and out of her cunt, while finger fucking her ass.

When he could hold it in no longer Michael came and started to shoot his spunk all inside Sonya’s cunt. He then pulled out his still hard cock and spurted the last bit of spunk into her slightly gaping asshole. Michael then took off Sonya’s thong and took it with him as a trophy as he left her half on, half off the bed and went back to his own room.

Sonya woke up the next morning in the same position, with a throbbing pain in her pussy and ass like she had never felt before, as well as a thumping headache. She staggered up onto her feet, noticing that her tits were hanging out of her bra, the buttons of her blouse were ripped off and her thong missing. She felt the stickiness on her pussy and thighs and slowly remembered that she had been fucked by a massive cock, but couldn’t remember who it was who owned it, or how he even got into her room.

If that was bad enough, she then realised that the guy had not been wearing a condom and she was not on the pill!

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2011-06-08 05:52:34
nice story but next time u could write tht she gets blackmailed etc wit more details.


2011-05-30 00:55:48
I didn't like the whole uh oh prego thing

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2011-01-28 07:23:26
nice--am kind of surprised you didna have all the guys play with her-and it looks as if you proofread your work--awesome story but could have had her enjoy it more

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2011-01-27 17:29:55
senin amın koyum
lasımınhfef yuu6y

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