The geezer takes his gals on a fucking good vacation
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This is the third Geezer installment. You can read it as an independent short story if you wish, but it will make more sense if you have read the other two first. As always, I appreciate your votes and feedback.

Chapter 1

I was finished now with Suzy. Rachel and I had worked to help her learn about sex, not only the physical aspects, but the emotional giving and taking, as well. In the end Suzy had partnered with Brian, and, from what Rachel had been telling me, they were behaving like rabbits every day.

“Brian’s dad bought him a car,” Rachel began, “so he’s driving to school every day. Suzy says they are either fucking or sucking each other off every morning and again after school. Hell, yesterday I was blocking for them in the cafeteria.”

“Excuse me?” I replied. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Well… Brian was sitting at the end of the table next to the wall… and Suzy was sitting next to him. I was next to Suzy. She pulled Brian’s cock out—he’s got a pretty big one, but it’s not as nice as yours--and started to jerk him off. He was using his left hand to finger her and rub her clit under her skirt. All the kids knew what was happening; some were even laughing and cheering, but those cafeteria monitors—they must be idiots or blind. Every time one came near I stood up and blocked the view. I know it’s noisy in the cafeteria but everyone could hear Suzy groaning and Brian panting. I was really relieved when Brian finally came all over the wall and Suzy squirted on the floor. They both collapsed on the table so I don’t know how they went to class next period.

“I think it was Monday… we all went outside after lunch. Suzy said she had to use to lav and she’d meet us out by the wall. She must have removed her panties and lubed up her ass because she came out, stood right in front of him, pulled his cock out, hiding it with her skirt, and pushed it right up her ass. Brian could only stand there because he was against the wall so she humped back and forth. I thought there was going to be trouble, for sure, G, when a cop car drove up the block. She’s really out of control.”

“I don’t think it’s a great idea to get involved. I know Suzy is your friend and all but you don’t need to get into trouble covering for them,” I said. All the while I was feeling like Dr. Frankenstein. Suzy was a chaste, albeit unwilling, virgin when she came to me; now she was a wanton slut. I had created a monster. Hopefully, she’d get her act together soon.

I’d taught Rachel as much as I could about the physical side of sex. Now I wanted to expand her horizons. I couldn’t take her to an adult store—she was too young, only 16—so I did the next best thing. I ordered some catalogs over the internet. I got three—Adam and Eve, Toy4Pleasure, and Blowfish—and one more-- from Frederick’s of Hollywood. When they had all arrived I set them out in the living room where I knew Rachel would find them, then made sure I’d be late getting home. When I arrived Rachel was, as expected, thoroughly engrossed. “Did you get these for me, G?”

“Of course. It’s time we moved forward with your instruction.”

“What else can I learn? You’ve already taught me all about fucking and a ton of positions. You’ve told me I’m a great cock sucker, I love having my pussy sucked and 69, and we’ve done anal so many times and so many ways I should be an expert. Hell, G, I’ve even seen my mom fuck you with a strap-on a bunch of times so I’m sure I could do that.”

“Believe me, you still have a lot to learn. You were looking at these, weren’t you? Were you curious? Did you see anything that intrigued you? Any new experiences you might want to try? I want you to expand your horizons.”

“Sure, but….”

“Look them over and decide what you might like. Then you can order them over the internet, but you’ll have to use my name and address because you’re underage. You have to be 18 to buy stuff—sexual or not--and you have to be 18 to sign a binding contract. I’ll let you borrow my credit card when you’re ready.”

“OK, G. Some of this stuff looks kinda weird but a lot of it looks like a load of fun,” she said as she continued to read.

About an hour later she came into the bedroom where I was reading the latest Clive Cussler novel and pulled the book from my hands. “Huh?” I said.

“Aren’t I going to get my daily fucking? Suzy isn’t the only horny one, you know.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to finish. You will notice that I am here in the bedroom.”

“Good, after watching Suzy and Brian all day I’m really horny. I’m probably going to need it in both my pussy and my ass. OK?”

We undressed and she came into my arms. We kissed deeply and passionately, our tongues exploring every crevice of each other’s mouths. We’d kissed plenty of times before—so often I could tell where Rachel’s fillings were with my tongue—but every time was a new adventure with her. As hot as Rachel was—5’7” with long shapely legs, about 115 pounds, 34C-24-34, with a round firm ass, a flat abdomen, and a 4-inch spread between her legs-- I still couldn’t believe, after all these months, that she had chosen me, a 67 year old geezer, to be her lover. Even better, I got to know her mother, Becky, almost a mirror image, in the same way. I had been a lonely widower; now I had two gorgeous sexy—and insatiable-- lovers.

Rachel reached down and grasped my hardening cock. “Ummm,” she whispered. “I think this requires some personal attention.”

I just stood there while Rachel kissed her way down toward my yearning erection. She knelt in front of me then slowly and teasingly licked my shaft from stem to tip. She kissed every part of my cock, driving me crazy with desire. When she took me into her hot mouth she rubbed my ball sack and gently massaged each testicle. When my cock was completely wet, she put a finger into her mouth and rubbed and sucked simultaneously. She was right! She had learned a hell of a lot over the past months. I realized just how much when she took her wet digit and inserted it right into my ass. I couldn’t suppress a groan of ultimate pleasure.

I lifted her, carried her in my arms, and laid her on the bed. I went between her legs, placing one on each shoulder as I moved forward to taste her delightful young sex. I licked from her ass forward to her slit and clit. I teased her by running the tip of my tongue ever so lightly over her clit. She groaned loudly. Slowly, I moved back to slip my tongue deep into her love canal. Now it was Rachel’s turn to moan. “Oh God, G, I just love it when you do that. But I really want you inside me. Please fuck me, G. Please!” I moved farther forward so her feet were now next to her head. Her cunt was directly beneath my cock head. Before I could touch it, she grabbed my cock and pulled it to her, raising her hips in the process to meet me. I slid effortlessly into her. For a moment she just lay there smiling and contented, then looked directly into my eyes and smiled. “I love you, G. I love what you do to me, but I really love you.” “I know, Rachel. You know how much I love you.”

Slowly we began to move together. In this position I was right into her womb. I could feel her cervix clamped around me. The sensations for both of us were electric. Our pace quickened and soon we were approaching the speed of sound, so hard were we working for each other’s gratification. As her cunt started to clamp my cock, a sign that she was nearing climax, I could feel my balls churn. My thick ropes of sperm rammed into her just as her body shuddered repeatedly with her orgasm. We collapsed into a tangle of arms, legs, and bodies. This was pure ecstasy.

I thought we were done, but, wow, was I wrong! We had rested for about five minutes when she pushed me over onto my back. She rose onto all fours and began stroking and licking my pole. Soon I was clean of our combined juices. Rachel slowly lowered herself onto my thick strong rod and started to rotate her cunt around me. When I was all lubed up she rose and repositioned so her tight sphincter was now just above me. When she sat back down my dick was securely in her vise-like colon. She started to move up and down, moaning in delight. I reached between her legs and teased her clit with my fingers. Her pussy dripped all over my abdomen as she approached her second orgasm. I could feel her ass constrict as she rocked back and suddenly exploded, screaming in delight. Rachel was wringing wet when she fell onto my chest and into my arms.

Caressing her, I asked, “Feeling better now?”

Ooooohhhh…yes. Much…much…better. Oh, I needed that so badly. I can’t tell you how badly.”

“Well, why don’t we shower before you have to go home? I’ll give you a ride when you’re ready. I need to talk to Becky. I know she’ll be home tonight.”

“Why do you need to talk to Mom, G?”

“Let’s just say it’s a surprise and leave it at that, OK? Let’s get that shower.”

Rachel and I had taken a lot of showers together and they usually involved sex in one form or another, but today all we did was wash.

Chapter 2

Becky was at home, as expected. She greeted me with a huge kiss when we walked in. When Rachel laughed Becky told her, “Listen, you had your chance. Now it’s my turn, so stand back and let me do what I have to.” With that, she turned back to me and laid on another. Her left hand was behind my head while her right grabbed and stroked my growing cock. Her tongue was deep in my throat. Suddenly she pulled away. She turned to Rachel saying, “Amuse your self for a while. We’ll be back—but not too soon.”

She led me by the hand straight to the bedroom, not that I didn’t already know the way. You may be asking--how I could fuck so many times at my age? Easy! I use Levitra every day (Thank God for Canadian online pharmacies!) so I can get and stay hard, but I can’t always cum. Hell, this was nothing! I’d already had some sessions with Rachel and Becky that went more than an hour non-stop. Becky had stripped down before we were in the bedroom. I wasn’t quite so fast so she frowned. She didn’t want to wait. She pulled my pants down and swallowed my cock in a single motion. In an instant I was rock hard. Becky was a wonderful cock sucker. She used every part of her mouth and throat to pleasure me. I reached down for her breasts, gently massaging her luscious globes while firmly rolling and pinching her nipples. I could hear her groan right through my cock. This was one thing she loved rough. I lay back on the bed, pulling her with me and moving her into a 69. I loved this with her. I kissed her clit before giving her a vigorous tongue fucking. I stuck my forefinger first into her pussy to moisten it (no problem there, she was dripping onto my face) before moving it to her butt hole. Soon I was fingering her ass, as well as ramming my tongue deep into her cunt. Meanwhile, her head was going up and down my pole and fingering my asshole with rapidity. At this pace I knew it wouldn’t be long before she lost control. I was right! A few minutes later she jumped off me and lowered her butt onto my erection just as Rachel had done less than an hour earlier. Rachel was a good student; this was a trick Becky had taught her weeks ago. I tried to move with Becky but she pushed me back and held me there with a hand on my chest. “I need to do this myself, Michael,” she whispered. So I just lay there and let her work. Up…down…up…down, she arched her back forcing my cock against her bowel walls. When I reached for her clit a shock ran through her. She jumped up a foot when the orgasm struck, then collapsed on my chest. “I hope you weren’t expecting dinner, Michael. I don’t think I can even move.”

“You know I’m having dinner at the country club tonight, so…why don’t you and Rachel join me?” I responded. “But we need to talk about next week.” So I shared the arrangements I had already made.

A few days later I answered the door and found Brian there, head down. “Hi, Brian, everything OK?”

“May I come in Mr. G? I need to talk to someone.”

“Does this have to do with Suzy? I hear she’s all over you.”

“Yeah, it does.” So I led Brian into the living room. We sat and I waited for him to speak. When nothing was forthcoming I tried to get things going. “Can I guess, Brian, something to do with sex in school?”

“How’d you guess, Mr. G? I love Suzy but some of the things she wants to do are scary.”

“I agree. Can you bring her here tomorrow afternoon?”

“Sure, I’ll just drive here right after school, if that’s OK with you.”

“Yes, that’ll be fine. I’ll be here. Now promise me—no more sex in school, and that includes anywhere on school grounds. There’s a lot of potential danger for both of you.”

Brian left, returning the following afternoon with Suzy in tow. “Suzy, we need to talk. I know you and Brian have been having all kinds of sex. That’s OK, in fact it’s great.. That’s why I taught you all about it. But doing it is school is nothing but trouble. Do you care for Brian?”

“Yes, of course. I really love him, Mr. G.”

“Well, how’d you like to visit him in prison? If one student, or adult, sees and reports him he--and probably you, too—will be in a shitload of trouble. There are a lot of criminal charges you could face, like Public Lewdness and even some felonies if the district attorney wants to be a prick. I know. It happened when I was a principal. The cops took the kid out of school in handcuffs. And the worst part is that Brian could be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Is that what you want, Suzy?”

She could barely speak, but eventually “No” escaped from her mouth.

“OK, both of you. No more sex either in school or in public places. You have plenty of private places around here where you can do anything you want and, truthfully, making love is much more fun in private. You can still have just as much sex as before. Just don’t be stupid. Got it?”

They both nodded then left, probably to find a quiet place to fuck each other silly. That’s what I would have done at their age.

Chapter 3

Becky had given Rachel a note excusing her early from school and saying that I would pick her up. I walked into the high school office about ten minutes early. “Hi, I’m here to pick up Rachel Foster.”

“Hi, Mr. G. I’ll get her for you.” It was Marge, one of the school secretaries.

Suddenly, Steve Jackson, the principal, appeared in his office doorway. He spoke loudly,“I’ve been hearing a lot of gossip about you and Rachel. What I’m hearing is pretty disgusting.”

“Um… do I still work here?”


“Then…this would be your business…because? Since when do you have any authority over ordinary citizens?”

‘It’s my job to watch over the welfare of my students and to protect them,” he said angrily.

I was facing Jackson’s office so I hadn’t noticed Rachel walk into the office. But I heard her soon enough. “Mr. Jackson, you can tell me what to do in school, but what I do when I’m not here isn’t any of your business—that’s why I have a mom.”

I could see where this was going so I grabbed Rachel’s book bag in one hand and her arm in the other, steering her out the door. It was a tight squeeze so I couldn’t react when she suddenly spun around, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately right in the doorway. Jackson and the secretaries stood there with their mouths open. Some kids in the office high-fived and gave Rachel a thumbs-up. I just stood there dumbfounded. When Rachel broke the kiss she turned to the Principal and said, “I’ll kiss whoever I want and I’ll fuck whoever I want, too! And if you don’t like it you can talk to my mom—but I wouldn’t if I were you.” She turned and we walked to my car.

Once in my car I asked Rachel, “What was that all about?”

‘Mr. Jackson is usually a nice guy but every once in a while he gets kind of controlling, like today. He needs to learn to mind his own business. If he calls Mom about this he’ll be making a big mistake. Trust me.”

I didn’t say anything else until we got home. Becky was already there and had just finished packing the SUV. We were taking off for Spring Break. I could tell by the expression on her face that Jackson had already called, but I waited for her to speak. It wasn’t long before she did.

“Rachel, I understand you put on quite a show when you were leaving school today. Mr. Jackson called and had a lot to say. I told him that I was aware of your involvement with Michael and that I approved. I also told him to keep his nose out of our affairs. I’ll handle his talking about you and Michael in a such a public area when we return. But, please, behave your self in school. Understand?”

“Yes, Mom. Thanks for supporting me.”

I drove for the first couple of hours, until we reached the interstate. Becky was still really pissed at Jackson and I was sure this episode wasn’t over. It was really poor judgment to approach me in the main office where the conversation would be public. It would be all over the school in minutes. Jackson was going to catch some real shit if I knew Becky.

She took over the driving with Rachel in the front seat and me lying in the back, my head resting on two pillows propped against the rear driver side door. I was trying to catch a nap. Yeah, right, like it was almost going to happen. I was there about ten minutes, eyes closed, when I heard the front seat reclining. I figured if I kept my eyes closed I might be able to fool Rachel, but a minute later I felt her hands on my belt buckle. I opened my eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Just trying to help you rest.”

“Yeah, Rachel, like playing with my cock will put me to sleep.”

“Well, I figured if you came it would help you. I’m only thinking about you.” With this she lowered her mouth over my cock which was growing rapidly. It wasn’t long before I was hard as granite and Rachel was slurping away at me. She moved her head up and down—slowly at first—as she used her tongue all over my dick. When we pulled up to a tractor trailer the driver hit his horn three short beeps. Rachel looked up at him, gave him a big smile, pointed to my cock, and went right back to work. When she started to lick my tip I couldn’t hold back. She knew I was really near so she closed her mouth over me, and just in time. I exploded over and over into her mouth—long thick streams of hot cum. She swallowed every drop and licked me clean. That earned another air horn salute from the trucker. Rachel was right, after all. I fell immediately to sleep.

Chapter 4

We stopped for the night in southern Georgia in a little town I knew from previous trips. We found a nice-looking motel and took a room with a king-sized bed. I also ordered a cot. We weren’t going to use it, but I figured there might be a lot of questions about the three of us in one bed.

We had a great dinner at Sonny’s Real Pit Barbeque. I love barbequed pork when it’s smoked correctly. We had salad bar, lots of Texas Toast, and some great bbq’d beans, too. Then we returned for our showers. Actually, I should have said “shower.” It was the start of one long unending orgy for the three of us. This was a pretty small tub shower so they had to take turns. Becky pulled rank and joined me first. I had recovered from my blow job so I got hard in a hurry. I was soaping Becky when she started to suck my cock. I damn near fell—it felt so great! No wonder statistics show the bath is such a dangerous place. When I got to her legs we reversed. I sat so I could wash her legs and suck her wet pussy simultaneously. After she came once she staggered out to dry off. Rachel replaced her immediately. I had my mouth on her snatch before she was even wet from the shower. She must have been playing with herself; her pussy was already dripping and yummy. I reached up to fondle her breasts. Rachel could never handle this and tonight was no exception. She groaned and almost fell on top of me. I told you the tub was a dangerous place! Eventually, we managed to get her off a couple of times and we were actually pretty clean, too.

We mussed up the cot just to keep up appearances before climbing into the big bed. Surprise! My girls left a big space in the middle for me. We had the TV on and made believe we were at the movies. I placed a hand on each pussy, rubbing their slits to get them wet. I ran a finger around each asshole before moving it right into their hot cunts. I finger-fucked with my middle finger faster and faster, leaving my thumbs free for clit duty. Soon Becky and Rachel writhed under my touch. Becky seemed a bit further along so I leaned in her direction kissing her before taking her clit into my mouth. She came in an instant, leaving her completely wiped out. Now I turned to Rachel. She leaned forward to kiss me. “Oh, G,” she panted, “Do it to me hard. I want it hard tonight.” I pressed hard on her clit, rubbing in circles with my thumb. When I moved down to her cunt I first sucked and then bit her clit. She jumped a foot in exquisite pain as her orgasm claimed her entire body. She and Becky lay in two piles, barely able to move. I pulled up the blankets as I said, “Well, I guess we can all go to sleep now.”

They raised their heads and looked at each other before staring at me. “Won’t you ever learn, Michael. We’re just getting started. You’re not getting off that easily. You still have a lot of work to do, but first….” She never finished that sentence. They were both all over me in a flash, pinning me to the bed before having their way with me. Becky kissed me forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. OK, it didn’t really require that much forcing—I was more than willing. Rachel started in on my cock, first stroking and then licking and sucking. When Becky finished kissing me she also moved south to lick and swallow my balls. She had done this before so she knew just how much I loved it. When both testicles were in her mouth she licked circles around each and sucked gently. They were driving me crazy with desire. My cock was as hard as it ever has been in Rachel’s mouth. She was moving her head up and down at a frantic pace, almost as fast as I was moaning with delight. I was practically gasping for breath. When Becky first licked my ass and then put two fingers in the feeling was unbelievable. There was a direct link from my ass to my balls to my dick that was short-circuiting everything-- every other sensation. She massaged my colon stimulating my prostate while Rachel rolled me onto her and guided my throbbing cock into her eager cunt. She wrapped her legs around my waist so Becky would have plenty of room to finger my ass while she ground her clit into me. She had a great angle for this. Fortunately, it was a great angle for me, too. The front edge of her snatch rubbed repeatedly against my cock. I felt her tighten and shudder just before I rammed home splurge after splurge of hot cum. I collapsed on her, but before she could say anything I gasped, “I…know…Rachel…I’m really heavy. But just now I can’t do anything about it.” I slowly managed to roll off between her and Becky. Now it was, finally, time to sleep.

Chapter 5

We hit the road early the next morning, but not so early that we didn’t have time for some great cunt licking. I woke up first and decided to take some loving revenge on my two women. I slipped down the bed and positioned myself between Rachel’s legs. She was sleeping on her stomach so my first licks were right around her tight asshole. Slowly, I rotated my tongue, teasing her from sleep. “Geez, can’t a girl get any sleep here, G? I’m still tired.”

“Well, excuse me!” I teased. “Wasn’t I tired last night? Did I get to go right to sleep? Noooo! Now it’s my turn so flip over while I go to work on you.” Rachel groaned, but rolled over, opening her legs to welcome my mouth to her sex. I gently licked her side to side and up and down, pausing briefly to blow gently right onto her clit. I got the expected reaction from her. She spread her legs farther and raised her pussy to my waiting mouth. This was my invitation to tongue fuck her, but I gave her more, rubbing her clit with my nose. “I’m sure you’ve heard of a nose job,” I whispered to her. “Well, I’m glad you didn’t have one. You’d never be able to reach all the way up there.” I laughed into her cunt giving her even greater enjoyment. I knew I’d drive her wild with my last move—sliding a pussy-wet finger into her tight ass. That drove her right over the top. She clamped her thighs around my head as her entire body shook with her release. “That was a great way to wake up, G. Thanks.”

“I hope you have some of that left for me.” It was Becky. She was lying on her back so she shrugged off the blankets, grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up and apart in one motion. The part I loved best was wide open for me. I lowered my head to her waiting, wet pussy. She had obviously been rubbing it while I was taking care of Rachel. I could see it throbbing as I started to lick. “I wouldn’t object to one of those nose jobs, Michael, and my ass could use some attention, too.”

“Boy, we’re demanding this morning. Good thing I’m in an accommodating mood,” were my last words before burying my head in my work. Becky is really horny most of the time. She’s a mid-thirties sexaholic. Well, that’s not actually true. She’s only a sexaholic with me. Aren’t I lucky? I loved my work and it must have shown. It was only a few moments before I was clasped between Becky’s thighs as she had a huge orgasm.

It was still early so we rested a while before getting up for breakfast and the final leg of our drive. Our plan was to stop for a few days in Fort Lauderdale before driving down to Marathon Key where I had rented a small beach-side bungalow for a week. I expected Fort Lauderdale to be loaded with Spring Breakers and I wasn’t disappointed. The resort area was loaded with college kids and all the activities we associate with Spring Break. Our hotel was right on the beach, with a great pool and hot tub. Best of all it had a minimum age of 25 to check in (they even checked my ID and I’m 67) so we’d leave all the kids once we were on hotel property. Rachel wanted to be on the beach so I rented an umbrella and beach chairs. We were right up close to all the Frisbee and football, and once the guys got a good look at Rachel and Becky it seemed as though the entire beach moved closer.

I was sitting under the umbrella reading my novel when Rachel and Becky decided to go down to the water. Naturally, both kissed me before leaving. I could see a nearby group of guys giving them a lot of attention. There was an animated conversation after they left. Shortly, one of the young men approached cautiously.

“Hi,” I said, “Great day, huh?”

“Oh, uh yeah,” the kid replied. “Uh, we were just wondering—are those girls taken? I mean they’re really young and hot, and you’re really..”

“I think the word you’re looking for is ‘old.’ But, if you want to know about them I think it would be best to ask them, don’t you?”

‘Uh, I guess so,” he said returning to his buddies. I was watching them hash it over, and eventually three of the guys, all wearing ‘Pitt’ tees and board shorts, walked to the water to try their luck. They chatted up Rachel and Becky for a while then returned up the beach with defeated looks on their faces.

“Uh, we kinda thought you might be their grandfather, but they both said they’re your girlfriend.” It was the young man who had made the initial query. “Both of them?”

“Uh…yeah both,” I admitted. “They help keep me young.”

“Shit, man. You’re one lucky dude…one lucky dude.”

“You don’t know the half of it, I replied. “I’m even luckier than that.”

I could see Becky waving to me, calling me to the water. “Sorry, but I gotta go. Good luck to you. Keep looking, you’ll find someone.”

“Yeah, but it’ll be a big step down,” he grumbled as he shuffled off to his pals.

I rose from the chair thinking we were both right—it was almost certainly going to be a big step down when he finally met someone and he definitely didn’t know the half of it. We played in the water for a while before moving waist deep where we could jump the waves. No sooner had I turned around to scout a wave than I felt a hand moving up the leg of my trunks. I was expecting Rachel so I was surprised when I saw her about ten feet away. On the other side Becky was leaning into me. She looked up just as she reached her quarry. “Didn’t you get enough this morning?” I asked.

“Sure, I had more than enough and so did Rachel, but what about you? There are a lot of gorgeous horny girls on the beach here. I need to protect my interests,” she joked. “And the best way is to keep your cock right here in my hand.”

“OK, if you insist. Of course, I can think of a couple of other places I’d like to put it!”

“That’ll have to wait for tonight,” she whispered as she moved close behind me. Hugging me with her left hand, she pulled my prick out with her right. She proceeded to jerk me off under cover of the water with long strong strokes. She almost had me ready one time when a big wave wiped us both out and she had to start over almost from scratch. The motion of her hand was creating splashes which I thought might give us away, but Becky was determined. Soon, I once again, was ready. When she sensed my climax, she lowered my cock so I would shoot into the water. It was interesting to see the ropes of milky white cum spewing from my cock head. When she finished I was glad the water was so buoyant. I was going to need some help getting back to shore.

We had a good time in Fort Lauderdale. Becky and Rachel attracted a lot of attention, especially the next morning they came out in matching string bikinis, but I was looking forward to our rental in the Keys where we would have almost total privacy. I’d learned that the bungalow was well off the beaten track and Becky had told me she was looking forward to sunbathing nude. I tried to imagine cavorting in the warm water; I got hard every time.

Chapter 6

It was about a five hour drive so we left after a leisurely breakfast. We stopped just south of Miami for some staples—milk, coffee, bread, English Muffins, cereal, fruit, and snacks. I figured everything would be much more expensive in the Keys. When we got to Marathon I closely followed the directions to the real estate office where we paid our cleaning deposit and collected our keys. From there it was only about a mile and a half to the bungalow. I knew it was an old structure from the 60’s, but it had been completely renovated inside. It had cable TV, DVD players, a modern kitchen where we planned to have an occasional breakfast, and a fairly new washer/dryer combo. Bet of all it was just steps from the north shore beach where the water would be calm for swimming and snorkeling.

We agreed to go for a swim as soon as we had unpacked. I was really surprised when they both dressed in the master bath—door closed.

I was changed first so I called out, “I’m ready to go. Want me to wait or go ahead?

“Go ahead, Michael, we’ll catch up to you. It’s taking a little longer to get ready than we expected.”

I knew something was up, but most of their surprises worked out really well for me, so I just went along. I grabbed our three chairs from the breezeway, and off I went. I had just set up the chairs when I saw them walk out the back door. Now I knew something was afoot. They were both wearing mid-thigh terry cloth beach cover-ups. When they reached the chairs I learned the secret. First Becky, and then Rachel removed her cover-up. They were wearing tiny thong bikinis. The tent in my suit showed my reaction all too clearly. Becky’s was three little triangles of a jungle print. I’d seen more on strippers. The bra barely covered her areolas but left about 95% of her breasts exposed. The thong barely covered her newly shaved pussy, but both butt cheeks were clear to see. “Well, Michael. When you get your tongue back in your mouth, tell me what you think.”

Then it was Rachel’s turn. She too wore a skimpy thong bikini. Hers was a shiny blue with white stars trimmed with red. Like her mom’s, there were little bows tied on each side. I was pretty sure this would spend as much time off as on. “Thanks for showing me how to order on the internet, G. We started at Frederick’s and moved to the really hot stuff from there. Mom and I had a lot of fun picking these out and ordering them. But, since you’re paying for this trip, we figured we’d buy these and surprise you with them. They’re part of our present to you.”

I was speechless. I had a strong feeling, mostly in my crotch, what the rest of that surprise included. They led me across the beach to the water. It was warm--mid-80’s--and crystal clear. We gazed up and down the beach, seeing not one other person. Becky looked at Rachel and said, “It looks like we’re the only ones here so why don’t we move on with the rest of our present?” It took about five seconds for them to strip down from the suits. Hell, there wasn’t all that much there to begin with. Becky jammed both suits in my rear pocket and dove into the water.

“I hope you put some sun screen on. I know you hate tan lines but….”

“Yup,” Rachel replied. “That’s one of the reasons we took so long. SPF 50, and all over.” Then she too dove into the calm water.

“Why don’t you lose that suit, Michael? Join the fun,” yelled Becky.

“Well, first of all, as you already know, I don’t look quite as good naked as you do. And, secondly, I don’t have sun screen all over like you.”

“Don’t worry, G, we won’t let you get burned. C’mon.” Rachel waved me on.

I shrugged my shoulders, walked back to the chairs, and dropped my suit. Feeling stupid, with my white butt and my growing cock, I walked slowly back to the water and my waiting lovers. Getting into the water was easy—a couple of steps and a shallow dive. I swam underwater until I was between Becky and Rachel. I grabbed a piece of each ass as I broke the surface.

“Oww,” they both screamed. “We’ll get you for that!”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping,” I said laughing. Just then Rachel reached out for my cock.

“Hmmm,” she said, “looks like we’re all going to have a great time, G. You’re obviously ready.”

Rachel started stroking my cock while Becky kissed me deeply. I floated her on her back so I could explore her wonderful hot pussy with my tongue. I rubbed her before probing, making her really slippery. By this time Rachel had made me so hard by first stroking and then giving my some underwater oral. I had no idea she could hold her breath so long. I moved Becky over and, using her natural buoyancy, balanced her on the tip of my cock. Our eyes met and locked on each other. That’s when it happened. I mouthed the three words I thought I’d never say again—the three words that would change our relationship forever—‘I love you’. Becky reached for me and pulled me close as she kissed me hard with an intensity I had rarely experienced. In the same movement she quickly lowered herself onto my erection. We met each other in our love and passion. There was nothing in my universe but Becky and me. Our movements created first ripples and then wavelets in the water as our intensity increased. It was a hot scenario—palm trees, tropical seas, and the woman I loved—so it didn’t take either of us long. We fell into each other as we came simultaneously.

Rachel had stood in the water nearby during our coupling unaware of the sudden change in our relationship. That changed when we both looked at her as we held each other cheek to cheek. Something in our expressions told her of our love as surely as if we had come out and said it. She rushed to us and encircled us in her arms. We were a family!

We frolicked in the water a while until it was almost sunset, then left to get ready for a celebration dinner.
The following morning we went out for breakfast and to rent some snorkeling gear. I remembered seeing a place near the real estate office that had everything we needed. When we returned to the bungalow Rachel rushed inside to change into her suit. ‘Why bother?’ I thought. Once again the beach was deserted. That’s the biggest reason I had selected this location—so we could have privacy. Once Becky and I made it to the beach we all stripped down and put on our masks, snorkels, and fins. This time I did have sun screen all over. We enjoyed seeing the fish and all their colors. I was an experienced snorkeler, but for Becky and Rachel it was their first time ever. They were both fairly good swimmers and with their natural built-in “water wings” I knew they had nothing to fear... except me, that is! Rachel was approaching a small reef one afternoon when I approached. I reached out and massaged her breast. She moaned through the snorkel as she rubbed my cock and balls. I moved behind her and inserted my cock into her as we continued to swim. I stayed at a slight angle to her so as not to force her under the water.
Swimming was slow, but we weren’t in a hurry. I slid my cock into and out of her as we glided over the reef. I ran my hand over her clit to make sure she came. Her body shook violently as she reached her climax. Just a few seconds later I felt my balls pump my sperm deep into her pussy. I rolled off her and we kissed before continuing our exploration.

Chapter 7

We had no routine; we just did whatever came to mind. But every day we made it to the beach and we were usually naked. I had placed our beach chairs under a small grove of palms, as usual, and had just settled in for a short nap. I reclined the chair, stretched my legs, and closed my eyes. I was just falling asleep when I heard a “wooshing” noise and felt something wet on my groin.

‘Can I just get a short nap, please?”

“No, G.” It was Rachel. “I want to fuck—badly—and I need to shave you first. Just stay still and I’ll make it worth your while. Trust me.”

“Yeah, that’s what I used to say to unsuspecting young girls. No fair using it on me.”

Rachel had shaved my cock and balls dozens of times, usually in the shower after I shaved her. She knew exactly what to do. She spread the warm soap and stretched my skin before applying the razor. She rinsed me off with sea water.

“You’re going to taste a little salty, but that’s OK. It’s going to be yummy anyway,” she said just before lowering her mouth onto my cock. Damn, she was great at sucking cock! Her mouth was soft and hot, applying strong pressure as she sucked me into her mouth and less pressure but more tongue on the way out.

“Well. Michael. I can see what a great teacher you’ve been. No wonder she loves to suck cock so much.”

“Feel free to join in,” I gasped. My breathing was getting ragged. Instead of sucking on me, however, Becky dropped her suit and straddled my head.

“I have a better idea,” she whispered as she first kissed me and then lowered her love tunnel right onto my mouth. This was becoming some nap. I’d be more tired when I finished than when I started. I began to lick her all over her pussy. She was already wet and very tasty—combining her natural juices with the residue from her swim. I was just getting into it when Rachel said, “Time for me to get in on the fun.” She also straddled me, positioning her dripping pussy right over my now rigid cock. Rachel lowered herself very, very slowly, savoring the feeling of my filling her hot cunt. As soon as I was fully in her she started humping hard, rubbing her clit against me over and over driving her self toward a powerful orgasm. At the same time Becky was grinding away on my mouth. She was leaning forward, supporting herself with her hands against one of the palms while I licked away, trying to cover every area of her pussy. Rachel and Becky started to twitch almost simultaneously as their orgasms started to take control of their bodies. They came hard and collapsed onto me.

“Wow, that was incredible”

We looked up to find a young attractive woman about 10 feet away. There was no sense covering up; she had seen everything.

“Sorry,” I said. “We thought we were alone.”

“Oh, don’t apologize. That was the hottest thing I’ve seen in ages. I just wish I had the opportunity to join you. It seemed like such fun. I haven’t had any sex since my divorce more than six months ago.”

“It was plenty of fun,” laughed Becky and Rachel together.

We introduced ourselves. She was Shirley, 28, divorced, and renting the place about a half mile down the beach. Shirley was a good looking woman—tall, maybe five feet ten or eleven with a thin athletic body. She had long blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail. Rachel and Becky had moved to their chairs and I noticed she had her eyes on my still hard cock. Becky noticed, too.

”As you can see, Michael is a bit older than us. He doesn’t always cum, something Rachel and I take shameless advantage of.” With that, Becky leaned over and took a couple of pulls on my cock which was covered with Rachel’s secretions. “You know, Shirley, I don’t think Michael would object your helping him get off. He’s very civic minded at home, always involved in helping the less fortunate, aren’t you, Michael?”

“Oh, yes, always doing a good deed, that’s me for sure. I’d love to help you just as I have helped these two poor damsels in distress!”

“Gee, uh, I don’t know,” she said hesitatingly.

But Becky rose from her chair and led her directly to my cock, placing her hand on it, rubbing me up and down.

Shirley closed her eyes, “Umm, that feels so good.”

“If you think that feels good, try it in your pussy,” chimed Rachel. Now Becky and Rachel moved to Shirley and removed her suit. I spread my legs so Shirley could sit there as she slowly took my cock into her hand. She had a light touch as she gently stroked me. She leaned forward but stopped halfway and peered at Becky. “Go ahead. It’s OK,” Becky said. Shirley continued her lean and moved me into her mouth. She stared at Rachel. “You taste good.” Then she gazed at me. “So do you.” She increased her pressure and her pace until she was sucking me with great zeal.

“That feels really good, but why don’t you climb aboard?” When we all nodded our agreement that’s exactly what she did. She was obviously hungry. She didn’t ride my cock, she attacked it. It was only a few minutes when I could feel her pussy clamp my cock as she prepared to orgasm. Fortunately, I was only seconds behind her. Her orgasm was so intense she squirted at least a quart all over my abdomen. That was OK with me. I squirted what felt like a quart of hot cum—one stream after another—right into her. She collapsed onto me and it was several minutes before she was able to speak.

“Damn. That was the best fuck I’ve had in years. If my husband could have fucked like that I’d still be married.” Then she rose, seeming to be embarrassed, but there was no need. Becky told her, “We’re going to be here through Friday so feel free to stop by again. We’re happy to share, aren’t we Rachel?”

“You bet, Mom. I bet we could have lots of fun together.”

But we never saw Shirley again. We walked down to the neighboring house but it was empty. If Shirley had been there, she was gone now.

Chapter 8

We had a great time, but all too soon it was Saturday—time to leave. We packed up almost everything Friday night so we could get away early. It would be a good day and a half of driving to get home. We dropped off our key at about 6:00 a.m. and hit the road just as the sun rose. We planned to drive for at least two hours before stopping for breakfast. We reflected on everything we had done, all the fun we had. As we went down the list, Becky said, ”and…” as she looked into my eyes, grasped my arm, and kissed my gently on my cheek in recognition of our relationship moving to a much higher level.

The trip was uneventful—no naptime blowjobs, no appreciative truckers, although I could have sworn we were paced by several as we made out way up the interstate through Florida. We stopped in Jacksonville where once again we took a room with a king sized bed. We just loved sleeping together. We ate at another Sonny’s and had another great barbeque meal.

We got home around three Sunday afternoon. I didn’t realize it but several packages—Rachel’s adult store orders—waited for me in the post office. There would be new adventures ahead, but not until my next story

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