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Horny student gets more than he bargained for after a rude awakening!
Rodger awoke to the racket of the vacuum cleaner working it’s way down the landing, past his bedroom door and down the staircase.

Damn those cleaners! Why do they have to make so much noise on a Saturday morning?!
Rodge thought irritably as he rubbed his eyes and sat up in bed.
And why did Mum insist on bringing the cleaners in when she and Dad were away for the next two weeks?!
Like he cared if the house was slightly dusty! And Rodge would be the only one to see it.. Well he and his college friends when they would party the night away next weekend!

Grumbling to himself he got up. Feeling a little fragile from last night’s exertions Rodge stumbled along the landing to the bathroom.
A good long shower will do the trick. Best hangover cure he thought to himself.

The cleaner was now halfway down the stairs. He wondered which cleaner the agency had sent this week. Probably Mabel or Joan, knowing his luck! They were 50 something, chain smoking chatterboxes and if they saw him he’d never be able to get away- they’d be here all day!

Rodge wished the agency would send Tara to their house more often. She was fine!
Although rather a chav, she was hot nevertheless.
Tara lived on the council estate a few miles away. But it was a million miles away from Rodge and his friends’ comfortable lifestyle. They lived in the good area of town, in nice big houses and attended the better college down the road.

Rodge occasionally saw Tara around his college. Her cleaning agency also had the contract to clean the college corridors, classrooms and toilets.
His friends thought she was a skanky girl and Rodge would laugh and agree, although secretly he would love to fuck her!

Tara seemed friendly and appeared to know Rodge (probably from the few times she had cleaned his parents house).
She was a very pretty girl.
Quite tall with very shapely long legs, which she showed off by wearing very tight jeans that hugged her tight sexy backside.
Her breasts… well thinking about it Rodge had not really seen them very clearly.. Tara was usually dressed in a coat or baggy cleaning tabard when he saw her.
She had a very pretty face. With dark brown eyes surrounded by dark eye shadow and long curved lashes. Her pale mouth had a typical cherry like shape to them.
Tara had long blonde hair that she tied back in a high ponytail. She did not have a fringe and wore an alice band to keep her long strands of hair out of her face.

Rodge stepped out of the shower, already feeling refreshed and miles better!
Damn those pesky cleaners!!
They had taken all the darn towels and washed them!
How the hell am I supposed to dry myself off ?!
Rodge thought angrily, attempting to cover his modesty with the insignificant hand towel.

Sneaking down the clean stairs Rodge cautiously made his way to the laundry room to find a dry towel.
He really didn’t want to bump into Joan or Mabel now! Dressed in a tiny towel that could pop off at any moment, it’d be the ultimate embarrassment. They would probably laugh and tell everyone at the agency!

As he rounded the corner his heart leapt and he stood stock still.
There, bent over the washing machine dressed in figure hugging tracksuit bottoms was Tara!
Her bottom looked awesome! Clad in the grey jogging bottoms, those cheeks looked so damn juicy, Rodge was tempted to jump forward and grab them!

Tara must have sensed Rodge’s presence. She turned round.
“Hahaha! What the fuck are you wearing?!” she exclaimed looking down at his tiny towel.
Slightly taken aback at her coarseness, Rodge felt irritated.
“Well if you will take all the towels from the bathroom and not leave me with anything to dry mys-ARRGH!”
The tiny towel could not contain his waist any longer and slipped free, exposing his entire pubic region!

Tara swung away looking embarrassed, but sniggering to herself, barely hiding her broad smile with a dainty hand.
“Are you pleased to see me?” She enquired.
“Wha- eh, Huh!?” Rodge was scrambling about on the floor trying to cover his modesty with the hand towel.
As he stood red faced and feeling hot with shame he realised that looking at Tara’s sexy rump for that brief period had given him quite a semi hard on!

“Don’t worry mate, Ive seen it all before” Tara grinned.
Rodge’s embarrassment turned to anger.
“S-So do y-you have a fucking clean towel or not?!” He demanded, shaking slightly.
Everyone at college would be sure to hear about this by Monday! This mouthy chav would be sure of it! Rodge thought resentfully.

“Well there’s no need to be rude!” Snapped Tara indignantly.
“Anyway I need to clean that towel now, after you‘ve soiled it!” She added.
And before poor Rodger could react Tara swiped the hand towel from his waist, again exposing the stiffening penis.

Rodge was aghast! He attempted to cover himself with his hands.
What the hell was she playing at!?
Then it dawned on him! Tara was looking at his long penis intently.
He was not particularly thick in girth but he more than made up for it in length! A good 7 ¾ inches of veiny hardening pork sword. His foreskin covered the swollen shiny bell end, so that the eye was just poking out from it’s hood of skin.

Looking up at Rodge, she stepped over to him. Her pretty eyes trying to lock gaze with his shifting eyes.
As suddenly as she had whipped the towel away, Tara grasped hold of the now rigid cock.
Rodge dared not believe his luck! The hot cleaner was gripping his eager young prick tightly.
Then she began to jerk it. Slow at first, then, upon hearing the quiet groans issuing from Rodge, she increased the velocity.
All the while she looked into Rodge’s face intently.
“You like that, do you?” She enquired, gritting her teeth in her sexy manner.

Tara serviced Rodger’s entire lucky length, stroking her hand up and down, pulling his foreskin back, so that the shining wet helmet was exposed fully. She ran her long nailed fingers down to the tight ball bag and tickled it softly, reaching behind, slipping a nail along his gooch.
“Hmmmm yeeeeeeaah!” Whispered Rodge happily. He was now grinding his crotch against her hand.
Tara giggled watching him as she teased his groin area. He looked a little foolish; head thrown back, eyes closed. His erection thrust forward, presented to her, gyrating as he went.

“Don’t stop baby” He grunted happily.
“Well what if I were to do this?” Tara enquired, sinking to her knees.
“Ho YESSSS!” Rodge cried gleefully.
Tara looked up at Rodge. Rodge looked down at her. She really did have sexy eyes!

Slowly and sensually Tara opened her mouth. Her soft pink lips barely parted. Still looking up into his eyes she poked out her red tongue and licked his shiny bud.
Tara continued to circle her tongue around the slightly pointed end of his dick head. The narrow slit like opening began to drool as Rodge became more and more excited. It felt absolutely amazing! That wet little tongue was taking him to heaven and beyond!

Rodge became more bold and took the blonde head between his hands and plunged his long skinny cock straight into her mouth.
“Mmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmm!” Tara sounded contented. Her head bobbed back and forth. Her long eyelashes spread down her cheeks.
She liked the taste of pre cum, especially this rich guy’s!

“Oooooooh! Keep suckin’ babe, keep tickling my gooch, sexy!” Rodge cried happily.

Then he realised that both Tara’s hands were delicately placed on either of his hips…. Then who was fondling his gooch?!

Startled Rodge leaped back as he turned to see another girl behind him!
“Who-who are you?!” He gasped in shock.
“I’m Mandy” Said the peroxide blonde girl who had appeared from behind him, as if from nowhere.
“I was outside, cleaning the windows. And I come in to find Tara’s been bunking off her share of the work!” Mandy said in mock-indignation.

With a stab of excitement Rodge recognised Mandy.
He had seen her cleaning the grounds of the college also!
She was a chav girl as well. Bleach blonde thin hair, usually clipped up in a bunched ponytail .She had a pretty face with harsh features, but most sexy. She was petite, wearing large hooped earrings, and she had one hell of a cute little bum!

Rodge scarcely dared believe his luck! Last night he had left the party early, because the girl he had been after had gone off to a bedroom with someone else. But now here he was with two these two stunning young ladies, about to treble the number of sexual partners he had had in his life!

“As you were!” He said to Mandy after taking it all in and marvelling at the new addition to this soiree.
“Well ok, but I think Tara’s waiting for you.” Mandy nodded toward the washing machine.
Rodge turned to see Tara bending over the machine with her hot buns hoisted in the air. He swung round and roughly grabbed a buttock in each hand. They felt as good as they looked, so firm and pert!
Mandy gently massaged his big bulgy ball sack from behind.
He poked Tara’s jogging bottom-clad rear with his hard on. It felt good. He began to rub himself against her. His entire length was now pressed deep into the soft material. It felt amazing. He was fondling Tara’s round tits. They felt great. Too big for one handful. Rodge massaged them, tickling the hardening nipples, still dry humping the jogging bottoms.

Mandy withdrew her hand from his underside and replaced it with her bright red tongue. Licking between his bald legs, scrotum to wrinkled arsehole, where she would trace circles around his ring.

“How about getting these tracky bottoms off me then?” Tara enquired.
Realising he must look a bit foolish, gyrating against her, Rodge grabbed the elastic and slipped the grey trackies down Tara’s long slender legs. Christ thy were hot legs! And so smooth!

Looking up her legs Rodge’s morning just got even better!
Tara was wearing a barely there thong! A small pink lacey thing that disappeared up the crack of her stunning arse!
“Uh huh uh huh!” Rodge groaned in appreciation of his situation!
Sliding a finger behind the top of Tara’s thong Rodge pulled the string out of her crack, running his index finger down until he was at her crotch.
He was there, at her promised land!

It felt good! Warm, fleshy and moist. Rodger went to work, caressing her snatch with eager fingers. Tara’s breathing became heavier. She writhed about on his fingers. He worked his fingers into her hole, ring finger, middle finger. Right inside her. Rodger’s index finger found Tara’s hard clit and he stroked it. Tara melted. Cooing and moaning softly she squirmed at his mercy.

Meanwhile underneath him little Mandy engulfed those juicey spunk plums in her mouth and suckled upon them loudly, making squelching and lip smacking noises, Rodge ground his groin onto her face, rubbing his freshly cleaned anus on her cute nose, shaming her.

His ever probing bell end was pointing straight at the sopping wet snatch in front of him, but Mandy wanted a taste of dick first.. Forcing the ever so stiff rod downwards, forcing horny Rodge to squat over her face, Mandy swallowed the length greedily, inch after inch entered the gaping mouth. His fat, dripping helmet hit the back of Mandy’s throat, but she did not gag. Mandy was a true pro at deep throat and she saw this long length as a challenge! She had managed to take him down to the hilt and she did this several times. Rodge grunted in appreciation, forcing it in each time.
“Good God that feels great” He growled, fucking her throat with gusto.

Mandy let him pop free. Shining wet with cock juice and spit. Rodge’s rod rubbed against the smooth buttock of Tara.
Pulling the G string aside Rodge aimed for penetration. Tara’s cunt was open and ready to receive him.
Rodge slid in with ease.
“Oooooooooh Yessssss!” Gasped Tara, head lolling back, hand gripping the sides of the washing machine tightly.
“Uhhhhhhhhuhhhhhh!!” Rodge grunted again. Her soft warm womb walls felt like nothing he’d ever imagined! He thought he could be in heaven and he would still not be able to match such a feeling!
He took hold of Tara’s hips and pushing her forwards over the washing machine he pushed the final 2 inches all the way inside her heavenly hole.
Tara cried out noisily. This spurred Rodge on even more and pounded her good and hard. This caused Tara to cry louder. Cries of ecstasy.

Mandy cupped Rodger’s balls, rubbing them and kissing his neck. Using her free hand she unfastened her belt and let her tight jeans fall to the floor. Then she slipped her small hand into her white lace knickers and began diddling her swollen clitty.
In the same rhythm Mandy caressed the smooth balls, nice and snug in her little hand.
Mandy started to moan softly to herself. She was inevitably drowned out by Tara’s loud moans and Rodge’s angry sounding grunts and huffs.
Rodge ran his hands up Tara’s loose t shirt and reached the elusive titties! No bra, he realised. Not that Tara needed one. Although she was well endowed, her breasts were very firm with rock hard nipples. Rodge had great fun fondling them as he continued to ram his 7 ¾ inches home.

Little Mandy wanted her turn on this big tool now and she had a plan of how to get her way. Releasing the swollen plums, she worked her hand up the pumping base of the shaft to the foaming fanny entrance of her friend. Feeling the baldness of her pubic region excited Mandy.
She located what she was after. The swollen little clit of her friend! Expertly Mandy began rubbing it. Gently at first, then harder and faster as she felt Tara shuddering against her skinny finger.
All the while Mandy was fondling her friend’s clitoris, she was playing with her own. Gasping she felt her knees go weak, She mustn’t cum yet! She wanted some dick too!

Reluctantly Mandy removed her damp hand from her knickers and moved it up to Rodger’s mouth. He licked her fingers. The her pussy juices tasted sweet! Rodge sucked her hands clean.
Tara was beginning to weaken at the knees. The incessant pounding her pussy was taking from the 7 ¾ inches of pork sword, along with the teasing fingers on her clitoris was all to much.
Like a fire deep inside her uterus, rushing up through her body to her chest and erupting from her lungs in the form of a deafening and drawn out yell, Tara’s orgasm tore through her body.
“HOOOOOOOOUUH! FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK! Yessssssssssss!!” She cried shaking and banging her hands on the washing machine.
“SSSSSTOP!! Ssstop! Oooooh please stop! Its too too much!” Gasped poor Tara breathlessly.
Rodger slipped free letting the quivering wreck of a girl sink to the floor on the clean towels that she had been folding previously.

He turned to face little Mandy who was slipping off her skimpy panties. Her pussy was bare, like Tara’s, bit a tiny blonde landing strip of hair was just visible to Rodge.
Mandy grabbed him by the stiffy and pulled him close to her.
Rodge stood over her. He was much bigger and taller than Mandy’s petite figure.

He looked down on her. She looked up at him. They kissed passionately. His greedy hands groped her body. He pulled up her t shirt. Her tits were small but well formed. Rodge un clipped the white bra and let it fall to the ground. Her pink nipples looked tasty, perched on top of her pale mounds of flesh.
Rodge sucked her breasts hard, rolling the nipple between his teeth. Mandy wanked the sticky stiff rod. She could feel the veins pulsating. Pumping blood into the ever hardening dong.

Rodge ran his hands down her back and reached her buttocks. They were not as he expected! There was a nice lot of flesh on her pert little arse, more flesh than anywhere on the rest of her body!

He squeezed those adorably cute butt cheeks, pulling them apart so her pink tight arsehole was stretched out and he poked it with a big finger.

Mandy raised a slim thigh up to Rodger’s hip. She guided his drooling dong to her glistening cunt opening. Rodge grabbed her other thigh and roughly hoisted Mandy up in the air. She squealed in excitement as he lowered her down onto his dick. Standing to attention his inches forced their way into the tight vagina.

It was more difficult than entering Tara’s eager hole. Mandy’s face was creased with a mixture of pain and pleasure. 6 inches were now inside little Mandy and they were off. Bow legged big Rodge pumped the petite pussy. Mandy’s legs were rapped around Rodge’s body and her peroxide ponytail bounced against the top of her head.
His hands were supporting her buttocks.
Mandy’s cunt was stretched wide with his veiny dick lodged deep inside. Her anus was also spread wide like a little pink starfish.

Somewhat recovered, Tara crawled underneath the fucking pair. She looked up at the jiggling balls and gaping red cunt, forced open by the fat rock hard rod.
Tara knelt up. She licked the tight ball bag, to the base of the cock and back. After doing this several times, hearing Rodge’s groans of joy, Tara moved up to her little friend. She slurped the foam around Mandy’s pussy mouth, then moved her tongue to the pink starfish. Here she traced her tongue round Mandy’s wrinkled anal gape. Rodge knew what she was doing down below and he forced Mandy’s butt cheeks wider, creating a small opening for Tara’s tongue to probe into Mandy’s back passage. Mandy moaned in delight.

Rodge sank back on the towels, so she was straddling him, hunched over his torso, slamming her tight body down repeatedly onto his cock. Her ass cheeks were still spread wide as she rode the big man. Tara alternated between licking and sucking Rodge’s balls to running her tongue up the base of the shaft and into Mandy’s sexy rear end.

Rodge was barely able to contain himself any longer!
Never, not in his wildest horniest fantasies, did he ever think he would be having hard dirty sex with the two sexy chavvy cleaners!!

“HuuhHuuuuuuh! GET UP G-GET UP!” He roared.
Obediently, Mandy rolled off Rodge, a squelching noise issuing as she dismounted.
Tara climbed up on her knees, Mandy did the same.
Rodge had leapt to his feet. Pounding his long stiff pole and groaning loudly. He could feel the cum boiling up inside him, rushing through his testes, up his lengthy shaft and…
He roared as the hot pearly white squirts of semen fired out the end of his gaping eye. It cascaded onto Tara’s forehead, into her tightly shut eyes and ran down her pretty face. It shot into Mandy’s open mouth and dripped off her chin onto her tits.

The girls obligingly sucked their employers’ son’ dick clean of pussy juice and cum.

Tara handed him a towel.
“Was this what you were after?” She laughed.

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