Marcie's Daddy prepares her to take his 8 1/2 inches in her ass
Chapter Two:

I was exhausted, too, but sleep didn’t come rapidly. My mind was still awhirl about everything that had happened this evening. I’d always tried to be a good father to Marcie. Now I wasn’t sure. If she was so anxious to be initiated into sex I was not so sure her upbringing had been what I’d intended. Still, it was pretty obvious she wanted to become sexual active. And I’d decided I’d be her mentor. With that final thought I fell asleep.

I awakened first the following morning. We’d slept in later than usual but after everything that had happened last night it wasn’t surprising. I pushed Marcie’s hair off her cheek and whispered in her ear, rise and shine sleepyhead. Marcie looked up at me, yawned, closed her eyes and buried her head in the pillow. Saying, “Wake up,” I swatted her on the bottom. She howled, I’d forgotten how bruised her little butt was.

“I’m sorry Baby, I forgot.” I said as I turned down the sheet and looked.

It looked terrible, her entire bottom looked like one huge bruise, red, blue and purple and starting to get tinged in yellow. I said, “Why don’t you get a shower then come back here and I’ll use some aloe to take some of the sting out?”

Clean, her hair brushed out to a glistening sheen she came back to the bed. I’d gotten the lotion and asked her to lie over my lap. I squeezed the lotion onto my hand, warmed it a little and slathered it on. After covering her bottom I spread her legs and massaged the lotion onto her fiery red thighs. I couldn’t help myself, with her legs open I cupped her sex and ran a finger up and down her slit, letting the tip on my finger slide into her little love hole.

In a low, breathy voice Marcie asked, “Daddy are you going to fuck me?”

“One day, yes, but you’re a little small for me right now. But we’ll work on some other things ‘til you’re ready.”

‘I can’t really do anything to open your vagina without breaking your hymen and I don’t want to do that until you’re ready for me, but we can stretch your other entrance, just like you’d planned.”

“You’re going to take my bottom?” she asked.

“I’m going to get you ready for that,” I said.

Picking up the butt plug and the lubricant I asked, “Have you used the toilet yet?”

“Unh huh, I did before I took my shower.”

“Good, then we can get started.”

I covered my finger with some of the lube and circled Marcie’s anus. She wriggled in my lap.

“Marcie Baby, if I hurt you, let me know. I want to take it nice and slow with you, ok?”

She whispered, “I will Daddy, I will.”

I slipped a finger into her and slowly pushed forward. When I was completely buried in her, I rotated it and pumped. I probed her depths as she moved back to accept this invader. Her breathing became shallow and rapid. I added more lube then, reaching under her began to massage her little clitoris. She started pumping on my hand, riding my finger. I slipped a second finger into her bottom and let her hip action supply the in and out motion as she worked herself up to an orgasm. It was pretty awesome watching her bucking in my lap then seeing the flow from her tiny cunt. As she slowed and relaxed I pulled my fingers out and inserted the butt plug.

I handed Marcie the tight fitting panties she’d brought to the room last night.

‘Baby, I want you to put these on; they’ll help keep the plug in. I want you to keep it in you except when you go to school or when you need to use the toilet. Just let me know when it needs to come out and I’ll remove it.”

Pulling the panties on, she answered, “Ok Daddy.”

We got dressed and had breakfast. I told Marcie I had to run out for a little while and asked if she wanted anything. She grinned at me and said, “Maybe a soft cushion to sit on.” I laughed.

There was a sex shop several miles from our house; I’d noticed it as I drove to work. That was my destination. My two fingers were thicker than the slim plug that was now in Marcie. I was going to upgrade.

I selected three plugs in ascending sizes, all of them battery powered vibrating models, some additional lubricant, this flavored as Marcie was going to feel a lot of my tongue and, for future use a box of condoms then I went back and chose a dildo, it was 10 inches long but it was about the same diameter as me, then I checked out.

Back home, I changed into a pair of thin gym shorts, no underwear and a sport shirt that I left unbuttoned. I wasn’t ready to take Marcie yet but that didn’t mean I couldn’t accept some pleasure from her.

Marcie was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt; her normal attire. I asked her take off the shorts and tee, to dress only in her panties while we were alone at home.

I was sitting on the sofa. She took off her outer garments and came over and plopped in my lap.

I asked, “Are the panties holding things in?”

She kinda chuckled, “It tries to get out, I keep having to push it back.”

I felt her backside and could feel that the plug was trying to work its way out. Saying, “I see what you mean,” as I pushed it deep inside her. She gave a little gasp.

She put her arms around my neck and pulled my head down, kissing me and whispering, “I love you Daddy, I want to be your girl.”

“Baby, you’ve always been my girl and you always will be.” and I kissed her back.

“I know Daddy, but that’s not what I meant. Maybe I want to be your woman says it better, you know what I mean?”

Rolling her onto her side, her back against my chest, I rolled the back of her panties down until I could reach her plastic invader then, slipping my other hand her front, I cupped her pussy and rubbed her, saying, “I know what you mean, Baby, I know what you mean.

Grasping the butt plug I pulled it part way out then pushed it back in then out then in, fucking her tight little ass as I played with her cunt.

Her breathing was getting raspy, I knew she was going to climax and I wanted her to. I wanted her to come to enjoy and look forward to anal play. She shivered as her orgasm came, soaking the crotch of her panties. I just cupped her pussy, holding her while I continued to screw her ass.

The faux phallus slid in and out so easily I knew her sphincter muscle was completely relaxed. After about ten minutes Marcie said, “Daddy, I need to use the bathroom.”

I pulled the tool out and helped her up.

She was gone over ten minutes so I figured the intruder had stimulated her bowels.

When she came back she put her head in my lap but she was on her knees. The back of her panties were already rolled down, exposing her crinkle. I pressed a little lube into her and reseated her plug, rolling her panties back up then pushed her down flat.

Throughout it all I’d had a raging hard on. Now I wanted some relief. I pulled the leg of my shorts aside and let my erection spring free. I took Marcie’s hand and guided her to me. Marcie’s small hand couldn’t completely encircle me. She stared at my penis, gasped then, wide-eyed she looked up at me saying, “My God Daddy, you’re huge.”

It’s true, I’m hardly small, I’m a little over 8 ½ inches in length and over three inches in girth, and I was going to prepare my little thirteen year old to take it all up her ass. I had some work to do if I wasn’t going to split her.

I took her hand and guided her up and down my shaft. When she’d established her rhythm I cupped her butt cheeks and exerted pressure on her plug at the same pace that she was stroking me.

Slowly Marcie was working her way forward until she could reach my cock head with her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip then licked along the sides, twirling her tongue. Up and down she went several times before she took the head between her lips and let me slide slowly into her mouth. She played with my balls as she sucked me. She tried to go down on me but I hit the back of her throat before she’d taken half of my length.

Of course I masturbated but I hadn’t had a woman induced orgasm in thirteen years. It didn’t take me long. I could feel it building. I patted Marcie on the back of the head telling her, “Baby I’m about to cum. Do you want to catch it in something?”

She shook her head no and worked me even harder. To say that I exploded would be an understatement. I arched my hips and moaned as pulse after pulse of my cum flooded Marcie’s throat. She was sucking and swallowing as hard and fast as she could but she couldn’t keep up, cum leaked out of both sides of her mouth and pooled on her chin, even so, she kept at it ‘til she’d drained me. She kept me in her mouth until I was flaccid again then she beamed up at me.

“God that was fantastic Baby,” I managed to get out.

She got up and pulled on my hand, of course she wasn’t strong enough to pull me to my feet but I stood and let her lead me. She took me to my bedroom and pushed me back onto the bed saying, “I want a nap.” She went into the bathroom, rinsed her face and joined me in the bed, her back to me, spooning with me.

We lay for several minutes, neither of us speaking, her small bottom crushed against me crotch, me reaching around and holding her tiny breast when she mouthed in a small, fearful voice, “Daddy, you really are huge. Are you going to hurt me when you put it in me?”

“Baby, I’ll do everything I can to keep from hurting you, that’s why we’re going to wait a while for you to lose your virginity, ok.”

“Ok Daddy, but are you going to put it in my bottom. I don’t think it will go in.”

“You’ll be ready for it when we get there, it will go in, I promise you.”

“Daddy, I’m scared.”

“Rubbing her tummy and pulling her even closer to me I said, just relax, and let’s get that nap; you’ll be ok when the time comes.”

We took an hour nap then decided to go out to the pool. I asked Marcie if she wanted me to take the plug out but she wanted to keep it. Our yard was completely screened of from the neighbors by tall hedges so we swam nude.

We played in the water but half the time Marcie was holding her back side, the plug wanted out. Finally, we got out and just reclined on the chaise lounger, taking in some rays.

We went back in the house and Marcie fixed us sandwiches and chips with some pre-made Cole slaw for lunch. She had a Coke and I had a Stella Artois, my favorite beer.

When we finished I turned on the TV to watch some sports, Marcie didn’t want to watch so she went to her room to watch a movie on her TV.

At seven, when the game was over I climbed the stairs. Marcie was lying on her bed, on her tummy watching the final credits of her movie. I asked, “Want to go out and get some supper?”


“Ok, pull on some shorts and a top and let’s go.”

She got a little bug-eyed saying, “Like this?” as she patted her bottom.

“Yes, like that, it comes out for bathroom breaks and school, that’s all, remember?”

I put on some jeans and we went to a little neighborhood Italian joint. We were regulars so when I ordered a bottle of Chianti with the meal and poured Marcie a glass, nothing was said.

When we got home it was after nine. We don’t usually retire quite so early but tonight I wanted to. I asked Marcie if she wanted to take a shower, she said no, but she did need to use the bathroom. We went upstairs. I waited at her door while she kicked off her shoes and shed her shorts and t-shirt then she walked with me to my room.

I bent her over the side of the bed and took her plug out. She left the door open while she used the commode. I listened to her flow. I don’t know why but it was arousing to me.

I’d gotten the smallest of the three plugs I’d purchased and along with a tube of lube it was secreted under the pillow. Smallest of the three, yes, still it was over twice the girth and an inch longer than the slim job we’d been using. It was hidden because I didn’t want to scare her.

I was sitting on the bed when she came out. She crawled across my lap and raised her hips to accept the plug but, instead, I pulled her up to me and kissed her. She kissed me back and we tongue dueled for several minutes, whispering words of love to each other.
I was massaging her firm little breasts while we kissed then I leaned down and pushing then together, I took both nipples between my lips and suckled on them for several minutes before lapping and kissing down over her tummy and through her sparse hair ‘til I reached her slit. Laving along her coral lips, I penetrated her little hole then moved to her bottom where I probed her with my tongue. She was tense at first but I could feel her tight little ring loosening as she relaxed those muscles. Even after just one day, she was beginning to open and expand. I teased her there with my tongue for a while, listening to her quiet moans before moving to her clit. Laving it with my tongue, tweaking it, sucking on it, I brought her to a nice, tummy twisting orgasm. I licked up her juices as they flowed form her, gently tonguing her until she was cleaned. Then I climbed back up and pulled her to me, kissing her deeply and passionately. Yes, I did want to taste her lips but I also wanted her to taste herself.

She tried to turn her face away at first but then she opened her mouth and took in my tongue. When we separated, she licked the remains of herself off my face. She grinned at me, “Mean Daddy that was me I tasted. I’m not too bad am I?”

“How do you like getting oral sex?” I asked.

“Oh my God, Daddy, it’s mind blowing. When I climax that way it’s so intense it almost hurts, but oh what a fantastic pain. Now I know what you were telling me last night is true.”

“Daddy, do you want me to help you?”

“Not tonight sweetheart, it’s late, let’s get some rest, ok?”

“Yeah, I’m worn out, too. Let me get some fresh panties and I’ll be right back.”

Marcie already had her panties on when she came back. I looked at her like I was wondering why.

“It’s easier to just roll the back down and roll it back up. When it’s in me and I try to put on panties, it tries to slip out.”

“Smart girl,” I said, “But maybe I can fix that problem, come here.”

She crawled across my lap. I lubricated her, working first one and then a second into her, stretching her little by little, getting her ready step by step.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Sure Daddy,” she answered.

I thought, we’ll see.

I pulled my fingers out, got the new plug from under the pillow and greased it up then pressed it against her anus.

The first inch or so slid in easily but then it widened, stretching her further than she’d been opened before.

She gasped softly; she was feeling a little pain. I pressed forward; the widest part was yet to come. Gently I rubbed her back and caressed her tender, sensitive cheeks. I stopped pushing to let her grow accustomed to this larger invader.

While we rested, she said, “Daddy, that’s not the same one is it? This one is bigger, it hurts a little.”

“Yes, Baby, it’s a little bigger but if we’re going to get you ready we need to stretch you more that your little one would. It’s going to get a bit wider before I get it in; it’s going to stretch you more. Do you want me to take it slowly or push in fast? Fast may hurt more but it will be a sharp pain then be over, slow, well slow will extend the pain.”

I worked the plug out a little and pumped her a few times with the thinned end, adding more lube as I pumped. She shivered when the cold gel I was using contacted with her brown eye.

“Fast I guess Daddy.”

I didn’t let her think about it. Placing my palm over the base I shoved it all the way into her ‘til the base wedged between her cheeks. Marcie screamed in pain and started to cry.
I just rested my hand on the plug, pushing it even deeper into her. She’d taken to widest part, the narrow neck was now in her sphincter but I continued to push, I wanted her to feel the pressure up into her guts.

After I’d forced it as deep as it would go, I held it there with one hand while I rubbed her back with the other, then I stroked her beautiful hair.

“It’s in Marcie, you took it and I’m proud of you,” I said.

“Wow, Daddy,” she said, “I thought I was going to split open but it doesn’t hurt so much now, only I feel real full, like I have to go potty.”

“Marcie, this plug is only about half as big as I am. It’s going to be a little while before we can do anything, do you understand?”

“She was trembling with fear when she asked, in a whisper, “You’re twice as big? I don’t think I can do it Daddy.”

“Sure you will. Do you want me to rub you a little, maybe make you feel better?”

She knew what I meant but said, “Not tonight, I’m so tired. Please just hold me.”

I pulled her small body to me and let her snuggle against me like a small, hurt pet.

I pulled her panties up and snugged them against the plug, seating it. She was lying with her face buried in my chest. She took one of my nipples in her mouth and sucked like a baby. Soon I heard the steady respiration of a sleeper, her mouth opened and she fell off me, she’d fallen into the arms of Morpheus.

My own sleep was fitful, interrupted by periods of wakefulness when I considered what I was doing. Both the fact that I was in an illicit relationship with my daughter, my beautiful, tiny thirteen year old daughter, and also by the thought of the pain I would cause her; there was no getting around the fact that compared to her I was huge, my frame and my cock. An adult woman of her size would no doubt have run from me. I would have been intimidating even to them.

But morning did come and I did get a good morning kiss and hug.

“Morning Daddy, I need to use the potty.” She crawled over my lap, rolled down her panties and raised her hips.

I pulled the plug. Yes, she did need to use the potty, the evidence was on display. I followed her into the bathroom; I probably shouldn’t have done that as she was embarrassed by my presence. I quickly washed the piece of plastic and left her.

As usual I was sitting on the bed, my back against the headboard, waiting when she came out. She went to her room and came back dressed in a fresh pair of panties, crawled across my lap and waited.

I stroked her body, the back of her panties were rolled down, prepared for her invader but she was quiet, fearful, trembling as she lay still and quiet. I lubed her bottom and fingered her ‘til she quit shaking then asked, “Do you want to stop, quit, is it too much for you?”

“No Daddy, I don’t want to quit, I want to get ready for you but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, do you understand, understand how I feel?”

I lubed up the plug, pressed it against her and said, “Yes I think I understand, Baby, now do you want it fast or slow?”

She took a deep breath and buried her face in her pillow before she said, “Fast.”

I pushed it in and she screamed again then sobbed into the soft downy pillow. I waited ‘til she settled down, again, keeping pressure on the plug, forcing it as deeply as I could.

For two weeks we repeated this scenario, the plug out when she went to school then back in when she was at home except for potty breaks and when I was giving her oral sex.

She’d loosened up enough that I could pump the plug in and out like a dildo, the widest part only eliciting a grunt.

Several times she’d masturbated me and a couple of times she’d sucked me. It may sound strange but really, I let her do it for her. I could have done without it. I was concentrating on getting her ready.

And the time had come to step it up. It was a Saturday night. We went out to our favorite Italian joint. Their special was my favorite, osso bucco and I indulged. Marcie opted for shrimp Fra Diablo, another good choice. I ordered two bottles of wine, Chianti to go with my meat and a Souve for Marcie’s fish. We shared a tiramisu for dessert and sipped a glass of Madeira along with it. By the time we got home Marcie was a little tipsy and I, well, I was in a playful mood.

I put on some music and asked her to dance. It was my music, not today’s but some sixties stuff that were oldies when I was young. It was fun for both of us.

We started to run down, Marcie was the first to say something.

“Daddy, let’s go upstairs, I’m getting a little tired and, tonight I think I want a bath before we go to bed, ok?”

We had a Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom but a separate shower, Marcie had never used my tub. I said, “That sounds Bitchin’,” God what listening to sixties music will do, I sounded I was back there and I wasn’t even an embryo, I’d picked that up from my dad.

“Why don’t you use the bathroom and start filling the tub, it takes a while for that monster to fill,” I said as I led her to the bed, leaned her over and pulled the plug.

From the bath I heard Marcie’s sexy splash then the gushing flow of the tub being filled.

I’d tried to make tonight special for Marcie, good food, some wine, a nice dessert and dancing. I knew she’d enjoy the Jacuzzi; I was going to see that the jets stimulated her hot little pussy. I intended to bathe with her and then, we’d move up in size. The one I was going to use tonight was at least seven inches long and, no doubt two and a half inches in diameter, far bigger than most men but still small compared to me. Again, it waited hidden under the pillow. I had some scented bath oil, not something I’d buy, it was over thirteen years old, a remnant of my wife. I opened it and sniffed, it was still fragrant. I knocked on the closed door asking, “Are you about ready?”

“I’m ready, Daddy.”

I opened the door and walked in, at the tub I added a few ounces of the oil, released, the scent was Gardenia, my wife’s favorite. The tub was filled, I turned off the water and turned on the jets and stepped in saying, “Well come on Cutie daughter of mine.”

“Daddy, you’re going to take a bath with me?”

“Well it sure looks like it, come on.”

Her eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas, she was getting special attention, she splashed water over the side as she jumped in. She kissed me then turned so that her back was to me and scuched back so that her little butt was against my balls saying, “Wash my back.”

I had to smile; she was taking control of this experience. Wash my back indeed. There was a loofah sponge still waiting after thirteen years, I picked it up and immersed it fully expecting it to fall apart. Damned good thing, loofah sponges, It functioned like it was brand new. I soaped up Marcie’s back then slipped around to the front and did a little scrubbing there; Marcie leaned back against me, mellow and relaxed.

“This feels so nice, Daddy, let’s do it again.”

“Baby, if it makes you happy, we can do it any time you want,” I whispered to her. I set the sponge aside and let a hand wander over her breasts and down her tummy ‘til I could finger her clit. I massaged her there, working her up, getting her excited then I rolled her onto her side and backed her toward one of the spewing jets, not too close, I opened her up and let the water pulse over her. Damn, I think she fell in love, gasping, “Daddy, what are you doing, damn, Daddy, that feels so nice, oh shit, daddy, oh fuck what are you doing, oh, oh, oh, damn you Daddy, what did you do to me.”

Like I mentioned earlier, Marcie gushes when she climaxes. Her discharge floated to the surface.

I squeezed her to me saying, “Geeze, what a dirty mouth. Did you like?”

“Oh yeah, Daddy, I liked.”

I just hugged her to me.

As the water began to cool I helped her from the tub and joined her in the shower where we rinsed then I dried her and wrapped her in one of my huge bath towel. When I had dried, I walked her back to the bedroom. I climbed onto the bed in my usual position while Marcie went to my dresser. We’d finally devoted a couple of drawers to her, she kept clean panties there. She stepped into a pair and came to me.

Marcie knew the program; she rolled her panties down in back exposing her tight little cheeks and crawled across my lap. Usually, I’d insert now but I was still in a mellow mood, I lay back and pulled her across my chest until I could reach her lips, I kissed her with a flaming passion and told her how dear she was to me. I told her that she was both my Baby girl and my hot women. She wiggled like she was a happy puppy, cooing. I was only sorry that I was about to hurt her so I held her and let her snuggle until she started to nod.

“Daddy, I’m sleepy, you better fill me up or I’ll be asleep; I’m ready,” as she positioned herself over my lap.

As she lay over me I lubricated her, I could slide three fingers into her without excessive pain and I pumped all three into her working the lubricant deep into her and being sure that there was plenty at her entrance.

The plug for tonight was still not as big as I was but it was half again bigger than the one we were currently using; I was going to hurt her again.

She was lying over my lap, flat. I said, “Baby, get up on you’re knees.”

“Daddy, I don’t have to do that anymore, it will go in with no trouble.

“Baby, do it for me, please.”

She recognized the plea in my voice, she didn’t know exactly what was going to happen but she had a pretty good idea when she, in a quivering, trebly voice said, “Daddy, do I need my pillow?”

That had become a sorta catch phrase between us. It meant, “Daddy, are you going to hurt me.”

“Yes baby, I think you might want your pillow.”

She was on my lap, she did pull a pillow over where she could bury her head it, her eyes were already starting to leak a little in fearful anticipation, when she said, “Fast, Daddy, I want it fast.”

She got on her knees so that she was open for me. Using just the tip of the plug I pressed against her, I pumped her with just an inch or two of the plastic monster then asked, “Are you ready?”

She wasn’t of course, how could she have been, she’d never been invaded with anything close to this size but taking s deep breath and pulling her pillow closer, she rasped out, “Yes Daddy.”

I had about an inch and a half in her when she said yes daddy. As I had the last time, I placed the palm of my hand against the base of the device and pushed it into her. Again, I forced it deep, wedging the base between her cheeks and still pressing it forward, deeper. I was at least seven or seven and a half inches into her bowels. Marcie wailed and dropped flat on my lap, screaming, no Daddy, no, take it out, please take it out.

Not a chance. It was the wide flange of the plug that had hurt her, now the narrow neck was all that was stretching her muscles, it wouldn’t be painful once the shock of the invasion had worn off. I just held my hand against her bottom, forcing the tool in as deeply as it would, filling her. I rubbed her back and crooned to her, “Just relax Baby, let your self go, it hurts because you’re tense, just relax.”

She was still holding her pillow tight, her face buried, when she sobbed out, Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom, I need to hurry.”

“Marcie you don’t need to go, remember, you went a little while ago, now just lie here and relax.”

“No Daddy, I really have to go, please let me.”

“Tell you what, hold it for five minutes, if you still have to go I’ll take you, ok?”

I relaxed the pressure on her bottom and asked, still have to go as bad?”

“Not as bad but I still have to go.”

“I can make it feel like it’s urgent or I can take the feeling away, do you believe me?”

“Daddy, I really do have to go, why don’t you believe me?”

I forced the plug deeper, as far as I could force it then kept the pressure on, forcing it into her and filling her lower bowel. Of course she felt the need to evacuate. Her bowel was full just not of fecal matter but, instead with plastic. I kept it deep in her and rolled her panties back up. She didn’t need the panties to keep there plugs in place, their own width would it but it had become ritual.

Cupping her bottom with one hand to keep the plug deeply embedded I turned her head toward me and brought her face to my chest asking, “Suck my nipples Baby, will you do that for me.”

“Daddy, I really do have to go, please let my up, please?”

“Suck me for a little while then we’ll see.”

I knew that her having my nipple in her mouth was more relaxing to her than to me. Maybe because she’d missed nursing due to the death of her mother, whatever, it worked. I stroked her face, her head and massaged her shoulders and back. She was asleep in less than ten minutes. I just continued to hold her.

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