Marcie's father takes her anal virginity
Chapter Three:

She snored lightly against my chest. I wanted to go to sleep, I was tired but I didn’t. I reminisced and remembered.

Thirteen years ago when Marcie was born my wife and I so looked forward to her arrival, we’d known we were going to have a little girl and we’d fixed up a nursery all in pink. We were excited and ready to be parents. When my wife, Gosh, I haven’t even told you her name have I, she was named Marcella, we named Marcie for her, went into labor, I drove her to the hospital. We were ready; she’d packed a small bag with everything she’d need. We’d gone to Lamaze classes and read the materiel from La Lache. Marcella was going to breast feed, it’s best for the child. We were as prepared as first time parents could be, and we were first time parents but we intended to be second, third and fourth. We wanted four kids and hoped for two of each.

There is a Jewish proverb, men plan and God laughs. I was in the delivery room, coaching Marcella on her breathing, my Lamaze training, when something happened, something changed. The medical staff rushed me from the room. I sat for hours, apprehensive. No, that doesn’t define it, scared witless better expresses my emotional state before finally Marcella’s OBGYN came out. I could tell from his expression that he was the bearer of bad news.

I said, “We lost our baby didn’t we.” It was the worst thing I could imagine, but I was wrong.

No, Mr. Renfro, You have a beautiful baby daughter. I beamed at him, “I do, let me see her, is she with Marcella?”

“Mr. Renfro, I’m sorry, Marcella didn’t survive the delivery.”

“What are you saying, what are you telling me? Marcella didn’t survive the delivery, that’s crazy, she was prepared and she was in perfect health so you tell me what in the fuck went wrong?”

“Mr. Renfro, I don’t know. We, as you know intended a natural child birth; you were there. Maybe I made a mistake; her pelvic girdle was insufficiently wide to accommodate a child of the size of your daughter. That’s when I rushed you from the room and called for an anesthesiologist, I had to do an emergency C-section, a blood clot formed and went to Marcella’s brain. It was fatal.
The Doctor, head down walked away, I went to the chair in the waiting room, curled up and cried. What was I going to do? I’d lost the love of my life and I had a new born baby girl to take care of. Both Marcella and my parents had died young; there wasn’t even anyone that I could call on for help. I felt lost.
As I sobbed I began to think and plan. I knew I could get time off from my job, at least a month, maybe longer. If I could get two months off it could work out. I pulled out my cell phone and called my boss. When he heard it was me on the phone he assumed I was calling to brag about my new baby. He greeted me with, “How’s the proud papa?”
My Boss was James Fitzgerald but everyone called him Fitz. I said, “Fitz, I’m not too good, see, yeah, I’m a new papa; she’s a beautiful baby girl, but Fitz, I’m a brand new widower, too. Marcella died on the delivery table.”
In shock for a moment, finally Fitz said, Oh my God Don, what can I do, what can the company do?”
“Fitz all that I really need is some time off. I can live with a month but I’d really like two. See, I don’t have anyone to help. Marcella’s and my parents are all gone. I don’t even have any brothers or sisters and Marcella’s only brother in the Army in Afghanistan. I’m going to have to take care of a new born baby and arrange her funeral. Can you help me with the time off?”
“Don, yeah no problem with the two months off. We’ll miss you but we can cover that, but I think maybe I can take a little of the load off. I know it’s early and you’re probably not thinking too clearly but, let me ask you, were you and Marcella active in your faith?”
“Marcella more than me, she attended Faith Lutheran, I didn’t go.”
“Do you think she’d want a church funeral?”
“Yes she would, why?”
“Look Don, have you thought about a funeral home to take care of all the other arrangements?”
“Fitz, the first thing I thought to do was call you, why?”
“Don, I’ll contact the hospital and a funeral home and make the appropriate arrangements then I’ll talk to the minister at Faith Lutheran, I know him, in fact we’ve golfed together several time. I’ll take that off you so you can take care of the rest of the things that you need to do, and Don, let me give you a phone number. You’re going to need help with the baby and this lady‘s the best. Her name’s Mary Mahoney, she was my son’s nanny and you’re going to need one, give her a call.”
“Fitz, I can’t believe you’re doing this for me.”
“Don, what are friends for, I’ll let you know about the funeral arrangements, now give Mary a call.”
Mary cared for Marcie while they put Marcella in the ground. It was a fine funeral but I sleep walked thorough it.
With Fitz’ and Mary’s help I got through. Mary stayed with me for eleven years, if I wasn’t there Mary doctored the scraped knees and the hurt feelings, she was a Gaelic Angel and Fitz, Fitz was and still is a Prince among men, he’s still my boss but the levels have changed, he’s managing director of the corporation and I’m executive vice president of sales. I’d never have made it through without them.
Marcella had a total of $500,000 in life insurance between what her employer carried and her personal coverage. Maybe not enough to live in the lap of luxury for life but enough to keep the wolf from the door if one was frugal, and I was.
Marcie and I had gotten along pretty well; with Mary’s help I thought I’d raised a pretty smart and level headed daughter. I’d footed the bill for private schools and she’d excelled. Not quite a straight A student but close enough. With her exceptional Ed classes, weighted for difficulty, her GPA was 4.1. I was so damned proud of her. Oh, we’d had our moments. She was a headstrong and willful child. I enjoyed it, it made it more interesting, more fun, to raise her. That was, until that fateful night. Now our relationship had changed entirely. She wasn’t my bright, fun filled daughter, bubbly personality in tact, loved by all. No, I’d sexualized her, now, because of her actions and my response, she was a piece of ass, no, that’s not quite right, she has a slim, tight ass that I’m going to fuck. Probably in the next month or two, but, yes, I’m going to sodomize my little daughter. I really am a bastard, not necessarily because I’m going to do it but because I’m so looking forward to it.
I drifted off to sleep with most unsettling thoughts.
Marcie woke me the next morning with a smile and a kiss. “Good morning Daddy,” she said, “Do you want to help me, I need to go to the potty.”
I’d learned, when she said she needed to go to the potty she needed to void her bowels. She sprawled across my lap waiting to be unplugged. I pulled it out and she moaned a little as its wide flange came free. Then she bounced out of bed and ran to the bathroom and closed the door.
I’d also learned that when she was only taking a pee she left the door open so I could hear; otherwise, she shut the door. I should have cleaned our painful toy but I was still rethinking my thoughts from last night.
Marcie came out and started toward her drawer to get clean panties when she noticed that I was still sitting on the bed, the soiled plug still in my hand. She came to me, looked into my far away gaze and took her nemesis from my hand saying, “I’ll take care of this.” She brought it back scrubbed clean, lubed it, put it back in my hand and lay across my lap, waiting. When I didn’t react she took the tube of lubricant and squirted some into herself. After watching me stare into space for two or three minutes she said, “Daddy, I’m waiting.”
I don’t know why it registered with me when she said that, Daddy I’m waiting, but I suddenly understood she wanted this more that even I did. I hadn’t lost my willful and head strong girl, in spite of the pain this was not only something she wanted to do, it was something she was going to do and she was going to do it with me. Just the thought brought a smile to my face; I came back to the present.
Knowing what I’d just surmised I had to tease her a little, saying, “Are you sure Baby, we can quit you know.”
“Daddy, if you don’t put that damned thing back I’m going to bite you.”
She’d long since healed, her cheeks, small as they were beautifully unmarred so I gave her a little smack, causing her to wiggle on my lap. She brought her knees under her as she raised her bottom opening herself to display. I fingered her rosebud then placed the tip against her asking, “Fast or slow?”
“Daddy you always ask and I always say the same thing, fast damn it, fast.”
Before she’d even gotten it out I’d pushed it into her. She groaned as I seated it deep into her rectum.
It took six or seven weeks before Marcie could take this one without wincing in pain or moaning when it entered her. Finally, I was able to pump it in and out of her without pain, and I did. I fucked her not so tight little bottom with stroke after stroke and she just cooed. She was ready for the Big Boy, or, at least she was going to get it.
I told her to get dressed; we were going out to dinner. Instead of our usual Italian haunt I took her to a steak house. I was in the mood for some red meat before I had pink meat for dessert. I ordered a rare Delmonico. Marcie, not much of a red meat eater opted for the barbecued baby back ribs. I had my potato baked and loaded, she had fries. The drinks were two for one, we were dining early so the Happy Hour was still in effect, I ordered a vodka martini, two olives and an onion, shaken and strained and I shared one of my two with Marcie. She grimaced at her first sip but she finished it. I ordered a nice Cabernet Sauvignon and shared with Marcie.
This girl was sharp. Across the table she whispered like we were spies imparting secret information, and, when you think about it the information was pretty damned secret, shared buy only Marcie and me, she said, “Daddy, I really like coming out, having a nice meal and having you treat me like a woman, letting me have a drink or two, Daddy, I really do like coming out and being with you like this, being your woman even if it’s only for a little while, but Daddy you’re going to hurt me tonight aren’t you?” “You always make me feel really good before you hurt me, and Daddy, I don’t mind, you see I am your Baby girl and I am your woman. Will you tell me what you’re going to do?”
“Baby girl, I think you know.”
“Damn it Daddy, tell me. I’m scared and when I’m scared my bowels get watery and my bladder gets weak. In other words, I’m about to pee my panties and get diarrhea. Won’t you tell me?”
“No, I guess you’re going to have to poop and pee right where you’re sitting.”
“You really are a mean Daddy. Tell me, are you going to hurt me tonight? Don’t lie to me, remember, no more lies between us, your rule.”
“Probably, are you ready to go home?”
“Yes, I want you to hurt me, whatever it takes to prove I’m yours, that I’ll never lie to you again and that I’ll never let you down. Daddy, I realize I’m a little girl, a little woman and you’re huge, huge where people can see you and where people can’t. I can’t change that, I wish I was six feet tall and could walk along side you tall and proud. I’m five feet tall and maybe I’ll grow to five two or three but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk along side of you just as proud and, no, I’m not gonna whip anyone’s butt for you but I’ll let you whip my butt. I’ve loved being your daughter and I always will but, Daddy, I want you to take me and accept me as your woman. No, don’t say anything, just understand, I’ll do anything for you, as a daughter or as a lover. I want to be both to you and don’t you laugh. You haven’t had a lover in the last thirteen years, none since Mommy died. I think you were waiting for me, now, take me home.”
“I was nearly in tears, God Damned; my little thirteen year old daughter had called me out. She knew what I was going to do, or at least knew it meant she’d experience pain. Ok that was probably easy to figure out. I did always take her out before I hurt her but the rest of it. Particularly her comment that, since I’d lost Marcella I was waiting for her. Maybe there was some truth, oh hell no, a lot of truth there. Over thirteen years I could have scored at will. Not to be egotistical but I’m only thirty-eight with blonde hair which I wear just a little shaggy, most women find me handsome, I have an olive complexion as a stark contrast to my blonde locks, probably as a result of a Norseman’s assault on an Italian virgin aeons ago, I’ve mentioned my height and weight, what I hadn’t said that most people, both men and women find me cut. I run, work out at the Gym and teach a class in Korean Karate; still, in thirteen years I’ve had sex with no woman. Maybe Marcie’s right; maybe I have been waiting for her. The waiter had already taken our check, we were free to go. Marcie was the first to stand; she freed me from my thoughts when she tugged on my hand, pulling to get me to rise.
She said, “Take me home, we have a little work to do,” and she led me to the car.
“Get me home fast, I really am scared about tonight, I’m about to pee my panties, please just get me home.”
When we got to the house she ran up the stairs. She was standing nude at my bedside waiting for me. She bent over and I pulled her plug free then she streaked to the bathroom but the door remained open and I heard her and I knew she knew I listened.
She didn’t even pause to wipe, she bounced out of the bathroom telling me she wanted me to do what I was going to do.
I could see droplets of her golden liquid glistening on her lips so I said, no, not quite yet. I told her I wanted to wipe her clean. She walked over sat on the bed and splayed her legs. “If that’s what you want Daddy, that’s what I want.” I fell to my knees and cleaned her though I couldn’t help myself, I tongued her sweet slip.
She lifted my head saying, “Tomorrow, do that tomorrow, tonight, tell me what you’re going to do, tell me how you’re going to hurt me.”
‘You sure you want to know, don’t you think maybe it would better If I just surprised like I’ve done before?”
“It probably would, I wouldn’t know what to expect but, tonight, I do want to know. I want you to know I’m taking it because that’s what you want and what I want. Daddy, I want you in me and I’m willing to do what’s necessary. I do understand while we’ll wait for you to take my virginity. I am to small, maybe a little dick like Ray I could have handled but not my huge Daddy. Now that we have that out of the way show me what you have for me now.
Marcie didn’t have her panties on; she imagined that whatever her Daddy had for her tonight wouldn’t need any assistance to stay in. I took it from his drawer and handed it to her.
Marcie was terrified, it was huge.
“No Daddy, not that, God you’ll split me.”

I only asked, “Fast or slow.”
“Please Daddy, can’t we wait, can’t we keep using the other one?”
I only said, “Fast or slow.”
“Daddy, you can’t, you WILL split me. I can’t take something like that that.”
It was a pretty awesome sight, ten inches long and three and seven eights at its widest, it was even bigger than I am. Why was I using it? Because it would slide in or, at least be forced in then it would stay embedded, no pumping, no tearing tissue because my cock was too big, I wanted her opened up, ready to accommodate me. After several weeks with Big Boy I’d use the dildo on her for a few days to get her used to some action in her bottom then I’d have her. I took the massive tool from her, sat back on the bed in my usual position and pulled her over my lap.
She was trembling, I tried to calm her, rubbing her back and talking to her, telling her that this was nothing she couldn’t handle, how she was my brave girl. It didn’t help. She was one scared puppy.
I took a handful of lubricant and worked it into her. She accepted three fingers with no problem but when I placed the tip of the plug against her anus she nearly shook apart, crying, already shedding tears, pleading, “Please, no Daddy, please don’t, please use the other one.”
“Baby, that’s not open to discussion, It’s not this one or another one, it’s either fast or slow, your choice.”
It wasn’t a choice she was going to make and as tensed as she was, if I forced it into I’d tear her up pretty bad, not at all what I wanted, not at all what I was going to do.
I held the tip against her tight ring, gently pumping, trying to get her to relax so I could get it started into, not a chance. I had a damned dilemma. If I couldn’t get Big Boy into her, I probably couldn’t get into her but if I forced Big Boy in, I’d rip her up causing, perhaps permanent damage. Neither a choice I wanted to make.
Then I remembered both of my smaller plugs were battery powered vibrators although I’d never turned them on. So was Big Boy.
I lubed Big Boy up, Marcie was already prepared when switched Big Boy on and put the tip against her anus. The vibrations almost immediately started to relax her tensioned tightened ring, a half an inch slipped into her.

Marcie, in a tremulous voice whispered, “Daddy, what are you doing?”
As we talked, I kept a gentle pressure on the base of our shimmying friend, working another half inch into my sweet daughter. The vibrations were relaxing her tightened muscles. I was making progress.
“Does this feel good Marcie; can I go a little deeper?” I asked.
“Oh Daddy, stop, please don’t hurt me.”
“Baby, what I really want to know is, fast or slow?”
As I’d kept her talking and as the vibrations worked to relax her sphincter, I’d gotten an additional inch into her. She didn’t even seem aware that it was being worked slowly, insidiously into her darkest recesses. I had almost three inches in and was still moving forward, probing gently forward while the vibrations did their magic.
“Baby, if you can take this you’ll almost be ready for me, isn’t that what you want?”
Keep her talking, keep her thinking about the pay out, the reward, and keep pushing gently forward; opening her.
“Well, baby isn’t that what you want?”
“Daddy, it’s just too big, I can’t take that, I’m a little girl.”
I knew then how deep seated her fear was, falling back on the defense that she was a little girl. Yesterday had he called her a little girl she’d have come at him like a spitfire, letting me know she wasn’t a little girl anymore, she was my woman. If she’d use little girl as a shield she was terrified.
Didn’t matter, the conversation kept her distracted while the vibration loosened her muscles, I was nearly five inches into her but, now the problems could start, in another few inches the plug would widen to its full nearly four inches. Marcie wasn’t ready for that yet.
I kept the gentle pressure on and the vibrations were still letting me slowly, oh so slowly penetrate her but I’d finally worked everything but the wide flange into her. She was wiggling in my lap, not ready for any more. I’d worked her as far as I could with the gentle pressure, the vibes and the soft words. Now it was either I forced into her or she acquiesced. No other choices and one or the other was about to occur. With my palm resting on the base of the plug, ready to push, I lifted her chin so she and I could meet eye to eye. I could read the fear that still resided in her but finally I asked, “Fast or slow?”
I felt a shiver go through her but I also felt the plug slide further into her, she’d relaxed as far as she was able as she timorously rasped out, “Fast.”
And she was filled. Yes, she screamed in pain as the huge monster split her, yes, there was a little blood but nothing serious, and yes she did hug her pillow and cry but she’d taken it and I continued to push it in, filling her guts with ten inched of rubber, four inches thick. I knew her lower intestine wasn’t that large but I also knew the tissue was elastic, stretching to accommodate whether it be fecal materiel or my plastic invader, I pressed it deeper until the base was wedged between her soft cheeks then I held it in place.
With my other hand I stroked her back, her sides, her face and her hair saying, “You truly my woman, my brave, brave woman.”
She rolled onto her side; I could see how much it was costing her to move and she said, I told you I would do anything to be your woman. I am now, aren’t I?”
How could I deny her?
I cupped her bottom, holding the plug deep within her and pulled her to my lips. I kissed her with all the passion I had, I did love her, I loved her as my sweet daughter and I loved her as my passionate lover. I kissed and kissed her, cooing to her, telling her how proud I was of her. Then, she collapsed over my lap, lying quietly, motionless. She was totally spent, exhausted from her ordeal. The last thing she said was, Daddy, can we sleep now?” as she passed out sprawled across me.
I let her sleep on my lap for a few hours then I rolled her off onto the mattress, face down, on her tummy. I couldn’t help myself; I pushed forward on her plug. Even in her sleep she grunted as I forced it deeper into her but, then she needed to get used to it, she’d do a lot of grunting when I was pounding into her and that was no more that two weeks away.
Marcie shook me awake the next morning saying, “Daddy, you hurt me last night and it still hurts.”
“Baby, do you need to potty?”
She answered, Yes Daddy as she lay across my lap for removal. I pulled it out, watching her being stretched as the widest part slip from her. She moaned as it stretched her. Then she got up and went to the bathroom. The door stayed open for my benefit and I did enjoy it. She came to the side of the bed and looked at the monster I was holding in my hand. She reached for it saying, “Can I wash that off Daddy?” I handed it to her.
From the bathroom I heard the water running then it stopped. Marcie came back over to me and handed me Big Boy. She again looked at it then lay over my lap saying, “I’m ready Daddy.”
I was amazed, she had herself already lubed. She lay her head on my lap, no pillow, and pulled her knees under her, sticking out her cute bottom before she said, Ok Daddy, now.”
And now it was, I pushed Big Boy back into her and forced it deep. She moaned when the widest part penetrated her them mewled like an injured kitten. I pulled her to me and let her bury her face in my chest. I knew she liked to suck on my nipples, sucking like a baby when she hurt and, truly, I liked it, too. She sucked ‘til she fell asleep.
I only used Big Boy on her for a week, she was already loose from her previous training and she stretched her even further than I needed. Saturday evening I took it out. Her eyes registered surprise. She hadn’t asked to potty and it certainly wasn’t time to go to school. “What’s happening Daddy, she asked.”
I replied honestly, “Baby almost of your training’s over. By next week we’ll be ready. But we won’t keep you stuffed any more, ok?”
“Are you taking me to dinner tonight, Daddy?”
“Yes, we’re going to that little Italian joint but you can think about where you want to go next Saturday, it will be your choice, ok?”
“Sure, I already know where I want to go.”
“Well, keep it secret ‘til then.”
We had our dinners then shared wine and a dessert. It was time to start working up to the true entr? When we got home we went upstairs to my, well, I guess it was time to tell the truth, we went to our room. Out of force of habit I asked Marcie if she needed to use the bathroom. She said.” Yes.” Then she took me by the hand and led me in with her.
She seated me on the rim of the tub then dropped her shorts and panties; we were still dressed for the restaurant. She kicked out of her things and sat with her legs spread, showing me all of her beautiful self. She even used her fingers to open her coral slit so I could see everything. She looked me in the eyes and smiled at me. I have no idea how but she’d sensed my secret fetish. She guided my hand to her and cupped my hand around her labia. She released my hand, seeing how I’d react. I continued to hold her. I knew what she was going to do and I was waiting when she released her flow. I just held her and let her golden flow wash over my hand then, gathering up a pad of tissue I wiped her. I rinsed my hands and guided her to the bed, laying her down and sitting beside her.
“Baby, this will be the last week before you’re ready and I want to do some planning. It will make a difference as to what we do this week. Think, I can take you several ways.
I can hold you in our spooning position and enter you from behind. That would be the gentlest of ways, I wouldn’t penetrate you too deeply and you could control the action. Or you could sit on me, ride me. You’d control the motion but I would be deep in you
But I could take you from behind, doggie style. You’d have your pillow if you needed it, I’d be deep in you and when I stroked into you it would go deeper that any other way.
The last choice would be you on your back; I’d lift your legs, push your knees back to your breasts and enter you. I’ll get deep but, scrunched up you might be uncomfortable. The biggest advantage of this position is that we can look at each other, watch each others faces while we fuck. Do you have a choice?”
“Daddy, why do I have to choose now?”
“Because I want us to practice before we do anything. I want it perfect for you.”
“How are we going to practice?”
‘I have a dildo, about the same size as me. We’ll use it this week, ok?”
“Daddy, why do we need to wait another week? In ready and I want you. I want you in me not another darn piece of rubber.”
Then I thought if the damned dildo was the same size I am, why wait, she’s right.
She was anxious to start and I was even more ready. It had been over thirteen years since I buried my cock in girl flesh, heavenly woman; my cock leapt up just at the thought and my breath came faster. I was looking at my beautiful daughter.
I lay down beside her and pulled her onto my chest. I kissed her sweet, sweet lips then guided her down to where she could suck on my nipples, that always seemed to relax her, calm her and I wanted her calm.
I let her nurse for ten minutes or so then rolled her onto her back and sucked her nipples then I moved downward ‘til I could take her with my mouth. Down her slit my tongue traveled to her rear most orifice where I tickled and teased her with the tip of my tongue ‘til she was nearly wiggling off the bed. I roved upward and found her clit. I took it between my lips and suckled; one hand holding her little canyon of love open while with the other I’d gathered a handful of lubricant; working it into her, loosening her anal sphincter, sliding two then a third into her, pumping her while I teased her clitoris.
I eased up on her clit, I wanted her to have an orgasm but I didn’t want it to be mind blowing sapping her energy, just a small one to take the edge off. I felt Marcie slightly tremble then arch her hips seeking more pressure from my tongue. I tasted her release and licked her, cleaning her then I smiled up at her and asked her to hand me a pillow.

I lifted Marcie’s hips, placing the pillow under her then lubed my cock and raised her legs, draping them over my shoulders.
“Daddy, what are you doing?” She asked.
But from the look on her face and the fear in her eyes, she knew. Her question was just nervousness expressing itself.
I pressed her legs back, and she started to tremble. In her little girl voice she whispered, “Please Daddy, don’t hurt me.” Already, her eyes glistened with unshed tears.
She was such a little thing, I looked and felt gigantic, looming over her, I could understand her fright. I rubbed her sides and over her tummy, crooning, just relax Baby, relax for Daddy, as I positioned the head of my cock against her entrance. Her body was still trembling; her sphincter was contracting then relaxing, contracting then relaxing over and over. She was trying calm herself without tremendous success.
As I felt her loosen after the last contraction, I leaned forward, forcing the head into her, invading her for the first time with man flesh. Marcie wailed, “It hurts, Daddy, it hurts.”
She turned her head to the side, searching for a pillow to cry into as she released a small sob. “It hurts Daddy,” she repeated.
I let her rest for several moments, letting her stretch to accommodate me then I slowly pressed forward, letting inch after inch slide deeper into her.
I had almost six inches buried in her when she whispered, “Oh Daddy, you’re huge, you’re splitting me.”
Want an ego booster, have a girl tell you you’re huge as you’re sliding into her.
“And Baby, you’re so tight, God it feels so good, so damned good.”
I pressed deeper, seven inches; eight inches filled her, as she moaned.
The last half inch slipped home, I was completely encased in my daughter’s body.
“Baby, I’m in, all the way in. You took all of me, I’m so proud of you. You are my Baby girl, now you’re my woman, too.”
Through her tears Marcie smiled at me, “Yes Daddy, now I’m your woman.” In spite of her pain I could see that she was proud of herself.
“Ready?” I asked. She merely shook her head yes.

I eased back, pulling nearly out then pressed back in, filling her completely. I used long, slow languid strokes, pausing when had slid into her depths. Her tears had stopped, she said, “Oh Daddy, I feel so full, I can feel you way up in my guts. God Daddy you fill me up.”
I started to stroke harder. When I’d hit bottom, Marcie would grunt and as I pulled back she’d moan.
“Oooh, oooh, ugh, ugh, ooh, ooh, on pace with my strokes.
I pushed her legs even higher, exposing her completely, giving me all of her.
I looked down and watched myself pistoning in and out of her, listened to her moans and grunts and thought, I was without sex for thirteen years but for this, the wait was worth it, a time that we would both remember forever. There was no other woman I would rather be with than my sweet young daughter, no pussy or bottom I’d rather be in, it was heavenly.
I could feel my cum rising, my balls were full and tingling and I felt my cock swell, straining for release. I pounded Marcie hard for four or five thrusts the, gripping her narrow hips I pulled her against me, my raging cock deep in her bowels I erupted, flooding her. Thirteen years of pent up semen filled my little girl, thirteen years of waiting for the perfect woman, I pounded her hard, forcing pulse after pulse of my cum into her. I screamed out in ecstasy reaming her harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Her moans were music to my ears.

Yes, I’d wanted to hear Marcie, make her feel me, yes, even give her some pain; give her an experience she’d never forget. We’d have sex often now but there’s only one first time.
I’d stopped pumping her and was just holding her with her hips pressed against me, softening, sated.

I smoothed her hair back from her face and wiped her tear drenched eyes. She was smiling at me. “Wow, Baby, wow. This was the best sex I’ve ever had, you’re a hot woman, you’re all woman and you’re my woman, I love you dearly,” and I bent and kissed her. I was still in her as she reached up and hugged my neck, whispering in my ear, “Thank you Daddy, I want to be your woman, your one and only woman, forever,” then she kissed me back.

All good things must come to an end; I fell out of Marcie, my cock flaccid. But one last memory was still to be made; I’d filled her to beyond her capacity and over a cup of cum leaked from her distended rosebud, soaking the pillow under her.
I helped her to her feet and we walked to the shower to clean up.

Scrubbed, we went back to bed. Marcie, for the first time in weeks wasn’t stuffed with a butt plug. I lay on the bed and she joined me before rolling onto her side with her back to me.
I was holding her. I was nearly asleep when she stretched, reaching for something on the night stand. She got whatever it was she wanted then snuggled back against me. Then she spread her legs, I thought she was playing with herself, and I guess, in a way she was. Then she took my soft cock and stroked me until I was erect.

She pressed against my now rigid member then, reaching between her legs she gripped me and guided me to her bottom. Pushing back against me, forcing me into her she said, “Remember, I told you I wanted to try two positions tonight?”
Pressing forward until I was completely buried in her bowel I answered, “So you did.”

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2014-05-13 08:43:00
Ahh fuck. Being fucked up the ass is a wonderful felling. Beter then my pussy some days. ;) I love it. Wonderful story.

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2013-10-25 13:40:50
demLQR Thanks again for the post.Much thanks again. Great.

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Thanks for this lovely story, i'm an old man and i enjoyed it, you had me in tears a few times, well done.

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Ah, there's nothing like sweet, tender young ass.

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