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Just another poem of love, infidelity, commitment, remorse and whatever...
My love did sometimes wander,
And my thoughts did often roam,
From the one who held them dear,
And gave my love a home.

But I was young and restless,
And my heart would long to play,
Never thinking of the one I’d hurt,
When my love would go astray.

They say if you play with fire,
You sometimes will get burned,
And though the lessons were often hard,
The lessons did get learned.

For I know my heart belongs right here,
With the one whose love is true,
And if my thoughts should wander again,
They will wander back to you.


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2012-11-22 17:30:44
Yes, I've been there. I used to work for Sony, and in their head office, in Coquitlam, there was no place for me to hide other than the mecadil room. Thankfully, I was also an industrial first aid attendant, so I was able to utilize the space without much question.A suggestion? Get a cd/mp3 player, a pair of good headphones, and find a quiet spot in the building to collect your thoughts. I find that always helps during a highly stressful day.*hugs*

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