my first sexual story so be nice lol
“Gentleman it is time for action, we have the plan and our girl so lets get going”

A loud chorus of cheers echoed around the room as the leader finished his speech, the leader of the group was a handsome man around mid twenties, his hair was short and dark brown and his eyes were a clear grey colour.
There were five other gentlemen in the room with him all roughly the same age, same physical type and same height. They all picked up a hold-all bag and left the room, laughing and joking with one another, the main boss man his second in command and the driver all walked past the two other men who were now starting to set up in their individual rooms.
The main boss man and his second in command jumped into the back of a white van, whilst the third man got into the front and started driving to their destination.

On the cold streets of Portsmouth a young woman was wandering the streets alone as she always did trying to look around for work like she always did. As it was summer she was dressed in a knee length black skirt, a casual red and white shirt and her closed in flat shoes, a cardigan draped over her arm as it was way too hot to wear it and a bunch of c.v’s in her other hand, well actually they were a little less than a bunch now, she smiled to herself pleased with all the places she had handed them into she only had a few left, she knew she would be done by lunch time, so with new vigour in her step she walked down the street and handed the last of her c.v’s in.
She then treated herself to a lunch at a bar called Taz666 apparently it was a new bar where only the creatures of the night drank, the bar did look very deserted for lunch time rush hour, and the decorations of the place looked gothic and out of it’s time zone, she shook her head as she left the bar and started to make her way slowly back home, considering it was a nice day she would take her time over going home, so instead of going the quick way round the front of the streets she went down the back roads, going from road to road, taking a nice walk home in the dying sunlight.

She hardly noticed the sun going down as she got closer and closer to home, it wasn’t until she looked up at the sky to see it turned a blueish black colour realising that her skin now held Goosebumps, she shrugged her cardigan back onto her shoulders as she felt a slight chill in the evening air. She turned into her road, smiling to herself wanting to get home as she was starting to feel tired from all the walking that she had been doing during the day.

Suddenly as she passed an open white van she was grabbed from behind, a gloved hand clamped over her mouth, and dragged her, kicking and screaming into the van, the door slammed shut behind them and it started to move away from her street. The person holding her tightened their grip as the person in front of her started to take off her clothes, once she was naked they tied her wrists behind her back with rope, they then did the same with her ankles, they removed her glasses and blindfolded her and lastly they gagged her using a bit of cloth that made her feel drowsy, before she knew what was happening she passed out.

When she woke she felt sick and her head was pounding, she could feel cold, hard wood under her bare bottom, she moved her head slightly to try and release some of the tension from it, as soon as she moved a hand went into her hair and forced her head back, she felt something cold and steel go around her exposed neck before it was thrown back into the original position, then she felt hands tenderly caressing her breasts, she tried to struggle against it, the hands stopped caressing her and she felt relieved but then she felt hot stinging pain as the hand slapped her breast, she screamed against the gag, but then the hands were back caressing her tits, lips kissed the part that had been slapped and she felt a shiver go down her spine and her pussy getting wet. Then she felt a hand start caressing her pussy, a finger slipping in and out with ease, her head fell back as she started to moan, her gag was removed but was quickly filled with a mans cock, forced down her throat she almost gagged, automatically moving her head away from the obstruction to breath and chock.

"Oh no you don't"

A strong male voice said, forcing her head back to it's original position and forcing the cock back down her throat, she struggled frantically against the chair but the more she struggled the more they kept going, her struggles soon stopped as her body started to relax, the pleasure that the fingers were giving her were taking over, the mans cock started to pump faster in and out of her mouth, the fingers also getting faster, then just as suddenly as it had started it finished, the cock and fingers were removed leaving her pussy aching for more. The gag was replaced and she soon fell unconscious.

This time she was woken abruptly when freezing cold water was chucked over her, she coughed against the gag and started to shiver. Again her head was forced up by a hand in her hair; a painful slap fell across her face, slap after slap fell heavily on each cheek, she started to groan with pain it felt like it was never going to end, two more smacks fell across her face and then her head was thrown back down, her cheeks sore and red, she had tear stains down her cheeks and her breathing was only just returning to normal before she was pulled up off the chair and layed belly down on the floor, a sudden whoosh was heard before the loud crack that ended up on her ass, shooting pain all around her lower body, she yelled as loud as she could in pain against the gag protruding her mouth.
The worst thing about it was during the whole of the time she was being whipped and tortured no one spoke to her, not a single laugh or comment came out of the mouths of the people doing this to her. Finally after what seemed like hours they stopped beating her, she knew that her body was red and would be bruised the next day, she could even feel a couple of cuts that were bleeding a little. Her hair was tangled from all the tears that had fallen into it, her breathing was irregular and her throat seemed to have dried up from all the screaming she had been doing, they carefully turned her onto her back, she started to struggle thinking they were about to torture her some more, but her struggles were weak, she was over tired and knew it wouldn’t help so she soon stopped, resolved just to given up, then something strange happened she heard a low buzzing sound get casually closer and closer to her and before she knew what was happening she felt the vibrations hit her it was like instant pleasure all around her body she felt shivers take a hold, her hips starting to buck with the motions, all the pleasure of earlier taking it’s toll on her, she started screaming in pleasure already, her hips bucking faster and faster against this vibrator, her head was right back, her back was arched and her body was trembling, behind the blindfold her eyes were rolled back, her head kept twisting from side to side, she moaned really loud once more before collapsing, unconscious on the floor.

When she woke this time the whole world was spinning, every part of her ached and screamed even at the slightest of movement, her eyes tried to open but they just wouldn’t like something was around them, she tried to turn her body over but groaned when pain shot through her entire body, she couldn’t believe how sore she was, she must of slept in a strange position, well after the dream she had she wasn’t surprised, she knew she had to get out of bed and into a bath but that involved moving, she tried to reach under her pillows to see the time as soon as her eyes opened that was, but her hands wouldn’t move either, great she thought I can’t even move my hands, she sighed heavily but then she felt a hand go around her wrist and it felt like it was being massaged, then the same thing happened to her other wrist followed by her ankles, and even though she was picked up very gently she still had to suppress a painful scream as she was carried to who knows where as her eyes would still not open.
Suddenly she felt the room get hot and steamy, and she felt as though she was being lowered onto something that would be hot, she couldn’t resist it, her body was screaming to much to let her struggle, but then she felt hot water on her bum and realised she must be being put into a bath, she sighed in relief her mum must of realised she was in pain and got her a bath ready, she was gently put into the bath and every part of her was instantly relaxed.
She felt her body being lifted into a sitting position where a sponge was rubbed around her body with soap adding silk and wonderful smells, the young girl realised that she still couldn’t open her eyes, she tried to communicate this but was shocked when it came out muffled, she wondered what was going on, she tried shaking her head, trying to tell herself to wake up she didn’t want to be in the dream anymore she should be out of it and enjoying this bath.

“Now isn’t that better”

A mans voice receded around the room

The young girl recognised it from the dream, then she realised it must not be a dream she was kidnapped, being washed by a man she didn’t know, she started to struggle against the man, but he pushed on her sternly not budging.

“Well it was going well until you started struggling, we have to get you ready for the boss so you have to co-operate”

The mans voice rang around the room once more as he continued soaping her body before washing it off and lifting her out of the bath, he placed her carefully on her feet, she stood there a little wobbly while he wrapped a towel around her body before adding one around her head for her hair, he then picked her up again and sat her on the bed, and started drying her, then she was laid down carefully back onto the bed where she was re-tied but she did feel a bit more better, even a little sleepy from the warm water, she could feel her eyes drooping and gave into the sleep that was over taking her but it wasn’t long before she was awoken by someone slapping her across the face, she started to stir, a hand went around her throat, she felt the cold steel go around he neck she hadn’t even realised that it had been taken off. She was untied from the bed posts and dragged into a standing position.

“Now then girl, I’m hoping that the training that you just went through has prepared you for what is to come”

The man spoke, placing his hand onto her right shoulder

The girl thought she recognised the voice but she couldn’t quite place it, she started to feel pressure on her right shoulder like she was being forced down, she slowly sunk to her knees trying to keep her balance.

“Oh, ho, good job boys we got a quick learner on our hands this should be good.”

The man spoke again, his laugh echoing around the room as the five men laughed with him.

Her hands were placed behind her back and tied, she heard another clinking sound and a click of something being placed on the collar around her neck, she felt a small tug on her neck and wobbled a little, which got another echo of laughter. She felt another tug on the collar but this time it was harder and she fell onto her stomach her head bouncing as she tried to stop it from hitting the floor even though she didn’t know where it was she missed it and breathed a sigh of relief, her hands were untied, a foot on her back keeping her to the floor

“Get onto your hands and knees”

The man said releasing the foot on her back

She heasently pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, then she felt another pull on the collar but it was more prolonged like she needed to follow, then she was pulled into action, the guy holding the other end gave an almighty heave and she started crawling around on the stone floor and as she passed the other men her ass was whipped or spanked.
She could feel her cheeks were really hot and knew that she was blushing, she was keeping her head lowered and was too busy thinking about not trying to trip over herself that she bumped into something soft, her head was raised by a hand lifting her chin

“Good puppy”

Said the man

The girl felt her cheeks go even redder and she trued to turn her head away from the man, she wasn’t a puppy she was a human.

“Awwww, the puppy doesn’t like her name I think we should find something else to call you”

The man chuckled as he tugged on the chain again and she was pulled into crawling once more, when they came to another stop she was pulled into a sitting position and her hands tied to the bottom leg of the bed, her legs were forced into a spread position, she kept her head lowered not wanting to show her face but it was forced up by the chain attached to the collar and held there so she was looking out into the room.

“Now then we’re going to find a name for you even if it takes all evening”

She felt something cold and hard placed onto her clit and strapped onto her, and then the gag was removed

They started to say names at her really bad names and every time she didn’t say anything she would get a small buzz from the device strapped to her

“Ok we like all those names so now you have to decide between, slut, whore or bitch”
The man said his voice harsh

The girl shook her head


The mans voice had the tiniest hint of laughter in it and before she knew the device was vibrating fiercely against her. She started to moan softly and then suddenly it stopped, and then started again, every few minutes it would go on then off leaving her aching for more. Then it was turned on to the highest setting and left on.

“Now tell us what you want to be called”

The mans voice rose over the vibrations

She shook her head, biting her lip trying not to scream and moan feeling the pleasure starting to take that familiar hold, suddenly she felt something start to probe her wet pussy, going slowly in and out of her at first and then it got faster gliding in and out of her pussy with ease

“Give us a name”

The man said again

She shook her head again, her mouth falling open as her breathing got faster. The dildo was now being rammed into her deep and faster and in spite of herself she couldn’t help but moan.

“No you’re not allowed to climax until you give us a name”

The vibrations were so intense, the dildo ramming into her, she felt herself getting very close to the edge.


She cried out finally and with one final push she climaxed, her chest heaving and sweat running down her forehead

“Good girl”

Said the man that was next to her

They released her from the end of the bed and was forced into the crawling position again, the gag was not replaced, the leash was though and she was led crawling after the man again, every now and then she would fall a little behind and would receive a small smack on her ass, finally they came to a stop, she was picked up and placed onto her feet.
“Gentlemen they day is late so we will finish for today, thank you for your help see you tomorrow”

Said the man

She heard four sets of feet walk away and when it had gone quiet she only heard one mans breathing as he moved her forward, he picked her up and placed her on a comfortable bed, she didn’t know why but she wasn’t feeling all that tired, her left ankle was tied to the bed but everything else was left untied, she was rolled onto her back and she felt him move over her. He gently pushed his cock into her aching wet pussy. He started off really slow being careful with her not saying a word as he built up stamina, soon her legs were up on his lower back and their bodies were moving in sync, fast and deep just like she had been put through all day, soon he finished, gave her a kiss on the forehead and then left, before she knew it she was fast asleep again.
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