Elaine waited in the room for what seemed like another eternity. She had no way to know how much time had passed, but she knew that at any moment Doctor K could return for her. She walked around the room, looking for a way out, but there was no escape. She was slow moving, her muscles had started to atrophy from months of inactivity, and she was packing an extra 30 pounds around with her new breast implants.

The outfit he made her wear was tight and inflexible and it took effort just to move. It was sweaty, it didn't breath at all, except for her pussy, tits and ass. It constricted her breathing, pulling her stomach tightly in. After awhile just wearing the suit was torture.

After what seemed like forever she heard a key in the door. The Doctor had returned.

“Hello Anal, the party's started, the turn out is much better than I could have imagined, you are going to be a very busy little fuck pig tonight” Doctor Karl sneered at her

He attached a leash to the collar on her neck and walked her out of the dungeon and up the stairs. When she arrived at the top she heard the excited voices of many many men in the next room. Karl led her through a pair of large double doors, and into his magnificent living room. Elaine's heart sank some more, there were over a hundred men in the room, all mostly naked, and drinking.

She noticed a line up of men across the room. At first she couldn't tell what they were lining up for, but then she saw. To her horror they were lining up to piss in a girls mouth. Another women wearing a tight latex outfit was chained in the corner, with a ring gag in her mouth, her head tied by her hair to a hook in her ass. Man after man pissed on her face, and in her mouth. Some were even cruel enough to shove the head of their cock through the ring gag and into her mouth before they pissed.

In another part of the room she could see a row of four more girls on there knees, with their hands cuffed to their ankles. The were laid back, and their faces were placed through toilet seats that were built into chairs. Three of the girls were occupied, with men sitting in the chairs, their bare asses crushing the girls faces. The men were having a conversation, and drinking beer as they watched a movie projected on a screen nearby. This is when Elaine noticed the movie was actually of Doctor Karl raping her in the basement. Another large sweaty fat man walked over to the empty chair and plunked his fat ass down on the last girls face, rubbing it back and forth as he did and laughing.

Doctor Karl lead Elaine into the middle of the room and made an announcement.

“I'd like to introduce our newest member Anal. She is eager to take it up the ass from everyone here tonight. But first she would like to french kiss each of your assholes. Since she is new here she has asked that she get special attention tonight. She wants you all to know that she craves to be a toilet whore, an anal fuck pig and a pain slut, so please, please feel free to let your imaginations go wild. She has expressed that she is willing to take a beating tonight, so please feel free to beat her.”

Elaine nearly fainted in horror as the drunken roar of the crowed filled the room. Dozens of men yelled how they couldn't wait to break the new whore in, or cum, piss or shit in her face.

Doctor Karl yanked on her leash hard “Well Anal, don't be shy, get out there and start kissing ass.”

Within moments a line of men were forming in front of her. Most of them horribly unattractive. The first man two arrive was fat, and smelled horrible. Elaine was sure he hadn't had a bath in a week. He walked up to her and smiled.

“Hey sweetie” he said, before he punched her in the stomach and shoved her to her knees.

Elaine let out a gasp of air, but was unable to so much as whimper without vocal cords. The man turned around and spread his fat ass. Then grabbed her back the back of the head and shoved her face in it. The smell almost made her puke. Clearly this mans didn't bathe enough. He wiped his ass with her face and then turned around and slapped her, hard.

“Stick your tongue up their you fucking cunt, or I'll break your fucking nose”

The man turned his ass to her again and shoved her face in it. Anal stuck her tongue into his asshole reluctantly, gagging. Whack, he rabbit punched the back of her head. She burried her face in deeper, sticking her tongue right into the mans ass. It tasted like shit, she was sure he didn't wipe properly. After several minutes he turned back and smacked her hard across the face again.

“You're fucking useless you whore.” he said as he walked away

Immediately another man was spread his ass in front of her.

“Get the fuck in there Anal” he laughed

Elaine shoved her face into the thinner mans ass. It was much nicer, and relatively clean. A relief after the last sweaty fat pig. He demanded that she stick her tongue up it and that she clean it really good. She did as she was told, afraid she would be punished if she disobeyed.

Dozens of men lined up and she stuck her tongue into each and every asshole, licking and sucking, fucking their asses with her tongue. Not for a second, or a minute but for several minutes each. Some were clean and washed, and some she he was sure they hadn't wiped at all. Some of the men apparently didn't bathe at all and stunk like BO.

It was a large muscular black man next. He had an elephant cock, and she was glad he wasn't there to fuck her. At least not yet. He approached her, started by punching her full force in the side of the head, knocking her to the floor. Then he spit on her, and kicked her in the ribs.

“Anal, you fucking piece of shit. Welcome to the club. I made extra sure not to wipe my ass tonight, just so a little whore like you could clean it for me.” the man laughed at her and kicked her in the ribs.

Elaine thought she heard a crack followed by an immense pain in her side. The large black buck sat his filthy ass right on her face, and used it like toilet paper. Then he pushed his ass down on her face and formed a tight seal over her nose and mouth. She couldn't breath and started to struggle, but her struggle was met by a series of savage blows and he punched her in the tits.

He punched her full force in each tit five or six times as he smothered her with his ass. He grabbed the padlocks in her pussy and pulled at them, stretching her lips. He kept smothering her with his ass until she passed out.

A few minutes later she woke up to a stream of hot urine in her face. The man pissed all over her and walked away laughing
Man after cruel man lined up and made her lick and suck and tongue their asses. For the first 3 hours she did nothing but tongue dirty asshole and take a beating.

But that was just the start of it. Doctor Karl came and got her. All she could smell was ass. The smell was all over he mask, all in her nose all over her. He took her to the corner where the girl had been catching piss in her mouth and placed a ring gag in Elaines, mouth and for the next 3 hours she was handcuffed and used as a urinal in the corner.

There was another line of men, one after another the pissed into her open mouth and on her face. Some of the men were much crueler than others. A few made her open her eyes and look at them as the pissed straight into her eyes. A couple of men pissed up her ass, but most pissed in her mouth. One of the men, an ugly little troll even pissed up her nose. He placed the tip of his cock against her nose hole and let rip.

Several of the men made a point of sticking there cocks into her crotchless/cup-less latex suit and urinating. She could feel herself stewing in it all night. Fortunately most of the men were drinking beer, so their urine was relatively clear and tasteless, but occasionally it was thick and yellow and smelled foul. It would sting her eyes and her piercings.

Three men made a point of giving her a piss enema, and then proceeded to make her drink it from a dog dish, while they laughed and took pictures of her. After an hour she was full, and she could feel herself start to get drunk. The alcohol that they excreted from their system was enough to have an effect. But it didn't stop there. She kept drinking and drinking and soon felt violently ill. She though she couldn't drink anymore, but when she shook her head several man kicked her and slapped her as others showered her with piss.

Next she was bent and tied over a saw horse, with each limp tied to a leg of the horse and her huge naked tits hanging on each side, the narrow cross bar digging into her sternum. Nearly a hundred different men lined up to fuck her in the ass. The first few had relatively small cocks. It didn't hurt to bad. But then the big black buck with the elephant cock had his way with her, and he was anything but gentle.

He spread her ass and burried his full 12 inches into it without warning. Her ass was on fire, it hurt so bad, but he didn't have an ounce of sympathy. His cock was as thick as her wrist, and he shoved it in her balls deep, stretching her asshole wide. He pumped her hard, splitting her open, she was in agony with each thrust. He fucked her as hard and as fast as he could, gaping her asshole wide, ruining it. As his passion grew he started to hit her. Punching her in the head and back. Each time he hit her she saw stars, but the blows didn't hurt nearly as much as the horse size cock in her tight young little ass.

She sobbed quietly, unable to make a sound without her vocal cords, but her painful hisses only encouraged him. He punched her in the back of the head again and pulled his cock out of her ass, moving around to the front of her, dangling his huge meat in her face. Her ass was immediately filled by another, smaller cock.

The big black man rubbed his cock under her nose, it stunk like shit.

“Clean it you fucking whore” he laughed and spit in her face.

She did as she was told with disdain. She licked his filthy cock straight out of her ass, gagging as she lapped up the frothy mix of piss cum and shit. He slipped his cock between her lips, forcing her jaw open painfully wide. He teeth scraped it, it was too big.
“You fucking piece of shit whore!” He yelled at her in anger as he proceeded to punch her in the jaw. Open your fucking mouth. Blow after savage blow, trying to break her jaw. He grabbed her her bottom and upper teeth in each hand and tried to open her mouth wider. It hurt so bad Elaine forgot about the next man fucking her ass entirely.

He pulled with both arms, trying to unhinge her jaw, then removed his hands and punched her in the jaw a few more times. Elaine saw stars, pain shot through her face, and she though she might pass out. Then she heard a loud crack, and experienced even greater agony.

He had broken her jaw, unhinging it like a snake. It was more painful than she could have imagined. But that was just the start. He shoved his cock into her broken and bleeding mouth and pushed it straight to the back of her throat.

Elaine gagged and puked up a bit of piss onto his cock, but he only laughed at her. He slapped her cheek, causing unbelievable radiating pain from her broken jaw. He pushed his cock in further, until it started to slip into her throat. He let out a moan of pleasure and started to fuck her throat, inching his cock ever further down. She couldn't breath at all. The cock in he throat was too big, it blocked her airway, but he didn't care at all. He started pumping it hard, thrusting it in deeper and deeper, stretching her throat. She could taste blood as he traumatized her young throat, forcing his cock ever deeper.

Another man took up position at her ass and started fucking it hard. His cock wasn't as big as the one in her throat, but it was big enough. It hurt, but not nearly as bad as the brutal face fucking with her broken jaw. She couldn't breath, she began slapping the mans thigh, trying to get him to pull his cock out of her throat so she could gasp for air, but he only pushed it deeper. Her eyes rolled, and she gagged with each thrust, thick mucus and snot gurgling out of her mouth and nose. Everything started to fade away and she lost consciousness.

When she came too the man was gone and someone else was fucking her ass. Her mouth hung open, an her jaw was swelling, she could no longer close her mouth. Another 30 men took turns fucking her in the ass, and most of them decided to fuck her open mouth when they were done. Some of them decided to slap her face, which hurt incredibly bad with her broken jaw. Most of the men didn't cum, but rather quit when they were close, but at least 20% couldn't hold their loads and so her ass was dripping with cum after a couple of hours.

By this time most of the men were shit faced drunk, and they only got crueler. The party escalated to a hedonistic fury. One of the men started finger fucking her gaping wrecked asshole with two callused fingers, then three. Then he put in a forth, working them in and out. His fingers were thick and rough, like a construction worker

“Hey Doc I see why you call this one Anal, her ass is fucking huge and sloppy, I see why you locked her tight little cunt up” He laughed as he stuck the tip of his thumb in

The man continued finger fucking her ass, spreading his fingers slightly, slipping them two the second knuckle. Another well hung man came around again to fuck her face while the other played with her asshole. He started by pissing in her swollen open mouth, and then slapped her broken jaw painfully a few times and slipped his cock into her mouth, pushing for her throat again.

The man at her asshole had worked his hand to just before the last knuckle on his hand. He continued to push, stretching her hole wider, as the other man cruelly fucked her throat. His large rough knuckles slipped inside and soon the rest of his meaty paw, until her asshole began to close around his wrist.
She was in utter agony at both ends. The man with the 10” cock in her throat grabbed both of her nipple rings and started slamming her broken jaw against him using her stretched swore beach ball tits as handles. The man in her ass made a fist inside her, and then tried to yank it out, using the throat rapists grip on her nipples to counter in the opposite direction.

Elaine nearly fainted again, but adrenaline wouldn't let her go. She couldn't imagine that it could get any worse, but it did. Another drunken man walked up beside her fat tits and started watching them getting yanked back and forth. The must have looked like punching bags because he started slamming his fists into them full force as he laughed. Several other drunk men also thought this looked like fun and soon there were 6 of them taking turns punching and kicking her huge tits, while the man with the 10” cock anchored them in place by her large nipple rings.

She was screaming for it to stop on the in inside, but she couldn't show her protest or indicate any sign of distress. She was soaking in a her latex suit full of piss, writhing tied to the saw horse with a huge fist trying to rip out of her ass, while being savagely throat fucked and used as a punching bag. Now she knew what hell was, or she thought she did.

The drunken man in her throat pulled his cock out and knelt down to look her in the face. He spit at her, his breath stinking of booze and then punched her in the bridge of the nose, breaking it. Then he laughed and shoved his 10 inch cock back into her throat and pumped it, slamming himself into her broken nose and jaw.

Elaine choked and gagged, puking up piss as she swallowed the massive cock. The group of men continued to beat on her breasts, and the man fisting her ass continued to try and yank his hand free. Finally, he was successful and pulled his large meaty fist out of her ass with a pop. But without hesitation he shoved it right back in before it could close. He kept repeating the action, over and over until her asshole was gaping as wide as his fist. The group continued for almost an hour, taking turns fisting her in the ass, punching her in the tits, and brutally fucking her broken face.

After all of that she was delegated as the only urinal at the party for the rest of the night. Doctor Karl attached a 4 one foot chains from her nose and lips to her pussy, doubling her over so her mouth pussy and ass were only about a foot apart. He locked the chains in place, and then chained her elbows under her knees, with her head between her legs, and rolled her onto her back in a small shallow kids pool. He inserted a huge hollow butt plug, to hold her asshole open and act as a funnel and then announced to the room.

“Anal has been such a good willing participant I have decided to give her the honour of being the sole urinal for the rest of the night. Please feel free to urinate in her ass and mouth for the rest of the night. I will be retiring for the evening, but you are all welcome to stay the night. We'll be doing the same thing next weekend, and I invite you to come back”

By this time there was only 60 or so really drunk men left at the party. Over the next 10 hours she was literally pissed in hundreds of times. A few men even spit their gum into her holes, or put out their cigarettes and flicked in bottle caps.

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