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Bear with me for the first couple of paragraphs, but I felt that proper exposition was required for this story and possibly series of stories.

Alexis never thought of herself as different. She went to a typical high school, dressed like a typical 17 year old girl, and had typical 17 year old girl friends. Since moving to the United States 4 years prior to her final year of school, she had blended in superbly with the different lifestyle embodied by Americans. Where she was from, Australia, school was different. The majority of out-of-classroom interaction was undertaken outside – which was different to the US in the way that American schools had indoor corridors and a lot more inter-student relationships. As mentioned before, she took to American life as easily as a Slavic refugee. It was very comforting, and an easy environment in which to form relationships.

She had had a few boyfriends before entering her final year of high school – but none too serious. In the summer vacation between her penultimate and final years of high school she had come to the realization that she did not, in fact, enjoy the company of ‘boys,’ as much as she did the fairer sex. She had come to the realization that she was a lesbian. This did not worry her nearly as much after she had figured it out as before – now that she knew there was nothing wrong with her for not becoming aroused when around boys. The only problem that she could comprehend in the future was determining which girls, like her, were lesbians. She would be mortified to approach someone straight and offend her. So, she slowly slipped into a melancholy drudgery during that summer vacation, barely talking to anyone and venturing out of her bedroom only to do the necessities. The day before her final high school year began she decided that this was going to change…

That evening, after dinner, she began texting everyone and anyone whose phone number she had, apologizing for her slovenly and disparaging attitude to friendships, and promising to be more outgoing in the months to come that would determine the outcome of her life, to some extent. Little did she know that her intellectual AND sexual future were to both be determined by this final high school year.
The morning arrived of her first day, and Alexis parted for school in her car. Before getting completely dressed she admired herself in the mirror in her personal bathroom; she was hot. Her features and body had developed over the last couple of months astoundingly, and she liked what she saw. Too bad for the males of the school that she was a lesbian, she would reflect later in hindsight. Her buttocks were well rounded but firm – courtesy of her one ‘out-of-bedroom’ regular activity besides eating: working out. She worked out every two days, bar Sunday. Her ass was probably the best feature of hers, although her full yet pert lips, her flowed, toned and flawless waist-length dirty-blonde hair were striking features that at first brought attention to her. Her breasts were as developed as the rest of the women in her family – only coming to B cup size. Nevertheless, her breasts were desirable, being perky and firm – much like the rest of her toned and athletic body.
As Alexis drove the 15 minutes to her school, she saw a number of texts pop on to the screen of her cell – late responses from last night’s texting episode. She pulled into the parking lot of the school, and read the 6 texts she had received after turning off her cell phone. 4 were from guys, asking here out as a result of her being very nice to them in her texts. These she deleted immediately. She read the last text with a little interest, as it was from the one known, out of the closet lesbian in the whole school. Prior to the summer, she had not really had much discourse with Chloe Stevens, the girl, as they were part of different social circles. She made a mental note to speak with the girl, or at least call her later; the context of her text intrigued and excited Alexis.

The rest of the day was as the first day of a school year is meant to be – purely academic; pun intended. Mostly administration was done on the day; the real schooling started on the second day. Immediately Alexis searched for Chloe, but could not see her. She decided to wait for 20 minutes and meet Chloe where the morning’s text had said she would be – the school library. Not the most original place to meet, the library was a fantastic place for private meetings, as long as they did not become very loud.

Alexis walked into the library, and typically started searching with her eyes for Chloe. She saw her sitting in the back alcove of the library, reading a novel by one of the Bronte sisters – Alexis could not make out which sister or which novel. It mattered little anyway. Alexis went and sat down next to Chloe, and waited for her to speak. She reread the text she received that morning in her mind:
‘Alexis, bbe, we dnt talk much as it is, but I know wht you went thru this summer. Meet me in the library after scul today if u want to discuss your sexuality.’

Sexuality was an interesting topic to discuss off the bat, and Alexis assumed that Chloe Stevens had gone through a similar summer vacation or period of time, and knew that Alexis had decided that she was a lesbian. Why else would she use the word “sexuality”? Alexis waited for about 2 minutes, after which Chloe abruptly said ‘have you ever had sex with another girl, Alexis?’ This sentence immediately told Alexis Chloe had her figured out, and thought of her as a possible person of “interest”.
‘No, never,’ she said quietly, wondering what was coming next.
‘Would you like to?’
‘My house is empty and 15 minutes away…’ she apprehensively said.
The two beautiful girls discussed themselves on the way to Alexis’ car, and found they had a lot in common. As they drove to Alexis’ house, they admired each other as much as the drive would allow. Alexis saw that her new friend had long, dark brown hair, green eyes (like hers), a slim build and breasts of similar size to herself. Chloe abruptly put her hand on Alexis’ thigh, and said ‘Alexis, I want you right now, but I also want to try to be in a relationship with you – we have so much in common!’
‘I agree babe, but I’ve never had sex before, and I really want to do you right now. I would if I weren’t driving.’

They agreed on how far each one of them was willing to go today and in future; pretty much deciding that they would ‘feel each other’s bodies out,’ and go much further when they were deeper into their relationship. Alexis made sure her mother (she lived alone with her mother) was out, and almost literally dragged Chloe to her bedroom; it seemed ‘typique,’ but she felt more comfortable in there, and her ‘naughty drawer’ was in there too. Alexis had never really considered herself to be particularly extroverted, but she found herself wanting to throw this girl onto the floor and devour her right there. They made it to her bedroom, and Chloe, as the experienced one in all-girl sexual matters took charge right away. ‘Alexis, baby, let me show you how to do things first, I know what I’m doing, okay?’ Alexis felt her eyes grow huge, and simply nodded, not trusting her voice to not betray her nervousness.

Chloe pushed Alexis lightly onto her back on the bed, and immediately started kissing her passionately, her tongue tracing Alexis’ lips and jaw-line. ‘Babe, I’d like to kiss you all day, but I couldn’t stand the sexual tension,’ Chloe said in a slightly hoarse voice. She pulled Alexis’ shoes off, and her sweater followed shortly after. The tight blue t-shirt Alexis was wearing was no match for Chloe’s fast hands, which were soon holding Alexis’ beautiful breasts; ‘Alexis, babe, I love your tits, they’re a perfect handful – or mouthful.’ Chloe whispered sexily into Alexis’ ear.
‘Mmm, maybe you should use that sexy mouth on them, Chloe.’
Alexis said this just as Chloe was lowering her mouth to Alexis’ right nipple, lightly nibbling on it, while her hand tweaked the nipple on her left breast. She next turned her attention to Alexis’ right nipple, giving it some attention.

Chloe slid down Alexis’ chest slowly, tracing a pattern with her tongue, sending shivers down Alexis’ spine. ‘Baby, if you don’t teasing me, I’m going to cum right now, before you even take my pants off,’ Alexis said shakily. Chloe simply winked at her sexily and stuck out her tongue. She then undid the button on Alexis’ jeans, and slid them down and off past her sock covered feet. Chloe spent a moment to take in the beautiful sight before her; Alexis had a fantastic body that had been honed by the gym. It was toned, and her breasts were perfect. She was panting slightly, and waiting eagerly for Chloe to get down to business. But Chloe wanted to make Alexis’ first time special. She started by kissing the inside of Alexis’ thighs and tracing patterns with her tongue. Eventually she made her way up to Alexis’ panties, and put her nose next to them, and inhaled, taking in her new girlfriend’s musky and sexy smell. ‘Babe, please,’ Alexis moaned; in anticipation it would seem. Chloe slowly pulled Alexis’ panties down to her knees, and she couldn’t help but smell them before she cast them off to a corner of the room. Chloe immediately dove between Alexis’ legs, and licked over the top of her pussy, and around it, driving Alexis insane with want for relief in the process. Chloe traced the line of Alexis’ slit with her right index finger, withdrawing it to taste her soon-to-be-lover’s juices on her finger. ‘Tasty,’ she said, with a wink.

Next, she put her tongue at the base of Alexis’ pussy, and licked slowly just inside her outer lips. Alexis moaned softly, and Chloe decided enough teasing was enough for the moment. She dove straight into Alexis’ virgin pussy, sticking her tongue in as far as it would go, and devouring Alexis’ juices as they dripped on her tongue as she drew it out. Chloe stuck her right index finger into Alexis’ pussy, and started pumping it in and out in a steady, rhythmic motion with nibbling lightly on Alexis’ clit. Chloe stuck a second and third finger in as she went down and gave Alexis’ asshole a tentative lick. Her lover was too occupied to notice much, but an extra load ‘mmm,’ told Chloe she liked what she was getting. Chloe drew a breath and inhaled Alexis’ unique smell, and then dove straight back into her pussy, tweaking Alexis’ clit with her left hand while three fingers of her right hand where buried in her cunt, along with half of her tongue. She pulled a small pink vibrator from her bag, and pushed it into Alexis’ pussy, leaving it there to vibrate while she turned her attention to her lover’s asshole. She rimmed Alexis until her hole became a little more receptive, while Alexis yelled ‘lick my ass, babe, make me come!’ Chloe obliged, and as she sunk her first knuckle of her right index finger into Alexis’ ass, her lover game buckets, literally squirting all over Chloe. Chloe lapped up Alexis’ love juices with pleasure, and drew out the vibrator from her lover’s fuck-hole as she lent up to kiss Alexis, sharing her own juices with her. Alexis moaned as Chloe rubbed her sensitive clit and tasted herself in her new girlfriend’s mouth. ‘Mmm, babe, I fucking love you, I want you right now,’ Alexis said; a little shaky from the earth-shattering orgasm she had just enjoyed.
‘Yeah babe, it’s your turn next, but it’ll have to wait; clean yourself up, your mom’s home…’

Thanks for reading, I will post the next installment soon - understand that there is a 2-3 day validation period. I won't take any ideas for the next installment, as it is already planned. However, suggestions will be taken into account at the end of the next story.

**Also, read the first installment of my other series, which I sadly wasn't able to finish. If there is any call at all to provide another story, I will, as I am once again writing frequently. Any and all comments welcome, thanks guys (and girls?)

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