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Just a straight up sex story. Sorry. I think there's a story with a donkey and fruit the next aisle over! It's one of my first sex stories so be gentle!
I'm right now I'm imagining sitting in the passenger seat of a car that your driving down some road at night. It's an old muscle car, rock music is coming from the stereo and my foot is tapping with the beat of the drums.

My eyes can't stop watching your hands shifting the gears from time to time. Watching your hand wrap around the top of the gear shift just makes me wish your hand was touching and squeezing my breast.

My nipples are getting hard just thinking about your touch. My body starts to feel warm and excited and I begin to squirm in my seat a little, slowly rising my skirt up my thighs.

The strap on my top slips off one of my shoulders as I slowly wrap my arms around my waist, my breast squeezing together and I let out a slow sigh.

You do a quick glance at me and notice my position is trying to entice you. Looking back at the road, I noticed your smirk and lean more towards you, hoping you look again and see a little down my top.

Watching your hands start to hold on to the wheel a little tighter, I lick my lips and begin to bite my bottom lip, trying to hold back my excitement. My knees are pressed together as I move them up and down slowly, my pussy getting hotter at the thought of you touching me.

My breath starts to get heavy and you glance at me again, drinking in the site of me sitting beside you and being aroused. As you look back at the road again, I pout. Looking down at the floorboard, I bring my thumb up to my mouth and and start to slowly rub my nail against my lips, the tip of my tongue slipping out moistening my fingertip. I look up and see that your watching my tongue with more interest.

When you glance back at the road, your right hand reaches over and rests on my knee. I smile slyly and slowly separate my knees. Your hand begins to rub my knee, my breath beginning to quicken.

Your fingers begin to slide up my bare thigh. I sit up a little and lean over towards you, slipping my left hand into your lap. Slowly chewing now on my right index fingertip, my other hand slowly reaches up your thigh.

Your fingers are now under my skirt and you can feel the heat of my pussy even though your still an inch a way. My fingers touch your cock on the outside of your pants and you tell me we are going to have to pull over.

Putting your hand back on the wheel, you pull off the first exit while I am massaging your cock on the outside of your pants. You pull up to an old abandoned shack, off a quiet dirt road and park behind it, shuttinf off the engine and turning out the headlights. The radio is still on, playing the beginning of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. (Note- a song I have always wanted to have sex to).

In the dark interior of the car, you grab my face with both hands and pull me to your lips, kissing me fiercely. You let go of me after a few minutes and push open your car door telling me to come, forgetting to shut it.

I open my door and meet you at the hood of the car. Your leaning against it and I lean up against you. My breasts are pressed against your chest and I throw my arms around your neck. While I begin to kiss you, your knee slips between my legs, spreading them open a bit.

Your tongue slips in my mouth and I lightly suck on it, your hands are rubbing up and down my sides. You prop your knee that is between my open legs up a little and I can feel your knee up against my pussy making me hotter and wetter.

As I begin to moan in your mouth, you move your hands down my waist and around to my ass. After tracing the round part of my ass, you grab it hard, driving me up your body, closer than before.

A light rain begins to fall and I begin to get more excited, rubbing my pussy back and forth on your knee, soaking my panties. I slowly stop the kiss and take your lower lip in my mouth sucking on it for a moment and then move myself off your knee and look down. My fingers are scrambling to remove your pants while your hands massage my shoulders.

I finally free your cock and I'm able to see it from the interior light in the car. Grabbing the base of your hard, throbbing cock in my hand, I lean over and slide it slowly in my mouth. Your now bracing yourself with your hands behind your back as your lean further back onto the warm hood.

My tongue is teasingly moving around the shaft of your cock as I take you deeper in my mouth. My lips pressing tightly around your cock and I slowly move in and out. After a few minutes, your breathing gets faster and I slowly pull you out of my mouth, my tongue licking the head once as I lean back up to face you.

I hold onto your shoulders as I climb up on the bumper facing you. As I'm balancing my feet on the bumper, my chest is right in front of your face. You pull my top down and free a breast and take the nipple into your mouth. Holding the nipple lightly between your teeth, your tongue flicks across it very fast.

I tilt my head back with pleasure, my face getting wet from the rain. Your hand has slip my skirt up to my waist and your other hand cup my ass. I begin to moan louder and my breathing is fast. You reach up and tear my panties off, throwing them behind you, on the hood.

Your mouth and teeth are still teasing my nipple as one of your hands stroke the folds of my pussy, opening it, feeling how hot and wet you've made me.

My knees start to bend down and my breast is removed from your mouth and now exposed and getting wet in the rain.

Your hands move to my waist to steady me and I reach down and grab your stiff cock and guide you into my pussy. Balancing my feet on the bumper and using your shoulders, I slowly ride up and down on your cock, your hands are guiding my hips, and helping me with the pace.

I start to kiss you again, both of our faces wet with rain, and were both moaning in pleasure. Your cock feels so good....sliding in and out of me. I'm trying to match my movements to the beat of the song, moving up and down the length of your rock hard dick.

My pussy is so tight and wet as you slide all the way inside me... you can't stand it. I'm so hot for you. Neither of us care that we are out in the rain.

You then move your hands from my hips and grab my ass and lift me off the car while your still inside me. Turning me around, you lay me down on the warm hood. My wet hair is spread out behind me. You pull down the other side of my top and free my other breast.

Grasping them both in each hand your lean down and begin to suck them hard, one at a time. I love feeling you slowly move your cock in me, teasing me with slow circles.

You replace your mouth with your hands and continue to knead them, my nipples being squeezed tightly between your fingers as you sit up.

Wrapping my legs around your waist, you begin to pump your cock inside me. I begin to moan loudly and arch off the car in ecstasy. You watch writhe with pleasure in the soft light coming from the car.

Soon, you need to be in me more and throw one of my legs over your shoulder, grabbing my hips and slide me down to the edge of the hood. I tilt my head back and scream a little as you stroke the whole length of your cock inside me. Your watching my breasts sway up and down, slick and wet from the rain, with each hard thrust you give me.

After a few final thrusts, you cum inside me, my leg falls from your shoulder and both of my legs wrap you to tightly to me as we are both breathing hard and fast. Hot and wet.

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2012-02-12 07:30:22
P2fdpV Current blog, fresh information, I read it from time to time!!...


2011-02-07 15:45:34
I liked it do me next Justise.

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2011-01-29 13:44:02
OK! Thanks! I will try to check it better before I post another.... should I post another? I'm really trying to work on my skills and know I have to work on many more details- metalkitten

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2011-01-29 06:24:46
The content was fine however, the use of the words their, there, and they're .......should be understood when writing a story. It takes away from the flow of your writings when it is necessary to stop and rethink what is meant rather than what is.!!! Just a thought.

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