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My niece and her fucking forest.
Fbailey story number 574

My Fucking Forest

I needed some help and my sister-in-law needed a break from Beth. Well Beth is short for Bethany and she just turned fourteen and apparently gained an attitude. So it was, that we were stuck with each other for the entire summer.

I was a confirmed bachelor as it was. Oh don’t get me wrong I have dated and once I even found the girl of my dreams, however I was too stupid to realize it. She found my brother. Yes, my sister-in-law is the girl of my dreams and has been for years. My niece Beth is the spiting image of her mother.

That first day we were out back shoveling some dirt into a trench that I had dug to bury some electrical cable going to my garage. Needless to say we both got sweaty and dirty. So after going into the house I puttered around for a few minutes then decided to take a shower. I got naked as I threw my clothes into the washing machine, then I trudged through the house to the bathroom, and then I opened the door. Oh crap.

There was Beth standing in the middle of the room with her arms up tucking a towel in around her wet hair. Her body was petite at maybe five foot two and a hundred pounds soaking wet. Her breasts were much bigger than anyone would expect, possibly a 30-DD. Her pussy was completely covered with a full thick patch of dark hair. She just stood there like a deer caught in headlights and we stared at each other. I had forgotten that I was naked and the excitement of seeing my beautiful niece naked was too much for me…my erection was standing up straight.

Beth finally said, “Go ahead and laugh.”

I was dumb founded and replied, “I’m not going to laugh at the most beautiful girl that I have ever laid eyes on, including your mother.”

Beth asked, “What about my ridiculously huge breasts?”

I replied, “Oh my God, Beth they are absolutely perfect. Women pay a small fortune to look that good and you come by it naturally.”

Beth asked, “Okay then, what about my fucking forest? I can shave my pussy bald and it will look like this in two weeks. It’s so embarrassing.”

I replied, “I love a thick bush. It feels so good when I’m in there licking up a storm.”

Beth said, “Yeah right. I tried to give my virginity to two boys. The first one took one look at me naked and ran away. The second one reached into my pants then into my panties and then he grabbed a handful of hair. That bastard gave it a yank and hurt me. I slapped him right across the face and then I left him standing there with a hard-on.”

I said, “So the most beautiful girl in the world is also a virgin that has tried to give it away twice? Would you like to make it three times?”

Beth said, “So you want to fuck my forest with that?” Then she pointed between my legs.

I looked down and was totally impressed with my six-inch long normal cock. It was swollen to the maximum, the head was engorged with blood, a pretty red color, and the big vein along the bottom was full and pulsing. My cock was throbbing and slapping itself against my stomach, I was oozing precum, and Beth couldn’t keep her eyes off it.

I replied, “Can I take a shower first?”

Beth finally blushed and said, “Oh I’m sorry. Can I sit here and wait?” Then she sat down on the toilet.

I took the fastest shower on record. I actually cleaned every part of my body but I did it in record time. When I stepped out, Beth was staring at my cock again…it never had a chance to go down. She was still sitting on the toilet but now she had her legs spread wide and both hands down there spreading her pussy lips open. She had one finger diddling her engorged clit and it was protruding from its hood like a tiny cock. Beth’s mother had a large clit too, along with big jugs and a furry pussy. It was like stepping back in time to when I took her mother’s virginity. She was fourteen at the time too. Can history repeat itself?

Beth asked, “Still want to lick my fucking forest? The very idea has me gushing.”

Just then I watched her eyes roll up into her eyelids, she stopped breathing, and she shuttered as her orgasm struck. That girl had what most women would call an Earth shattering, life altering event. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if my cock were in there.

I picked Beth up in my arms and carried her to my bed. She smiled and opened her legs up for me and raised her knees up slightly. I knelt on the bed between her ankles and admired the vision of loveliness before me.

Using both of my hands I parted her thick forest, her big clit was right there at the top of her pink slit, then I touched the tip of my tongue to it. Immediately two things happened, first she tasted as sweet as sugar, second she had another orgasm just as good as her self induced one on the toilet. I was impressed.

Needless to say I didn’t stop licking her clit and she didn’t stop cumming. Finally she pushed my head away and slammed her knees shut. Like that was going to stop me.

You see a girl that thin is called a gaper because she cannot close her legs under her pussy. I just lifted her legs up in the air and then over onto her chest as I slipped my cock into her very wet hole. She took in a deep breath as I hit bottom in her virgin pussy, her legs parted, and she wrapped them around my neck, pulling me down on top of her.

Finally Beth said, “Oh my God, that feels so good.”

I had to agree, “Yes, it does.”

Then I started fucking her forest with earnest. Each stroke gave both of us pleasure. The feeling built up, her legs relaxed down to my waist, and we were in complete unison as we made love for the very first time. I don’t know how I managed to keep from cumming for so long but it sure gave Beth her money’s worth. When I finally started shooting several big gobs of thick white cream into her, Beth cried out in pleasure. That little girl thrashed and thrashed for what seemed like forever but in reality was only two or three minutes. She was drained of energy from cumming so much, and she actually passed out.

I was massaging her big beautiful breasts when she opened her eyes, smiled, and asked, “Can we do that again?”

I replied, “You betcha, but not tonight. I’m old enough to need time to recuperate. How about we do it again in the morning when we wake up. Twice a day should satisfy a near-virgin like you and it shouldn’t be enough to kill me either.”

Beth kissed me, cuddled in close, and said, “I’m so glad you like my fucking forest because I like your hard cock in it.”

We closed our eyes and slept pretty soundly that night…and every night until summer was over and Beth had to return home to attend school.

She was only gone for two days when she and her mother moved in with me and she changed schools. She made a deal with her mother that she gets me every night, her mother gets me every morning, and they take turns sleeping with me.

The End
My Fucking Forest
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