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When mom told me what I had to do, I thought that she was kidding.
Fbailey story number 576

I Have To What

Mom came into my bedroom and said, “You have to have sex with my boss’ daughter.”

I was shocked but quickly replied, “Oh no I don’t and you can’t make me.”

Mom was ready for that and replied, “Oh yes you do, or else I’ll make your life a living hell this summer. I’ll send you off to every camp that I can afford, starting with White Water Rafting in Idaho for a week.”

I knew that she would do it too, so I had another approach, “I’m a virgin. I don’t know how to have sex.”

Mom just started laughing and laughing, then she said, “My God you are a fourteen-year-old boy, of course you know how to have sex. I’ve washed enough of your sheets to know that you jerk off every night. You use my panties too, whenever you find them in the laundry basket. As you know I don’t always wear them when I go out.”

I replied, “Yeah I jerk off but I still don’t know how to have sex. I’ve never even seen a real live girl naked.”

Mom smiled and undressed. I was dumbfounded and just watched her as she undressed, unable to move. First she removed her blouse exposing her sexy bra, the bra was removed exposing her massive breasts, and then her skirt was removed revealing that she had worn no panties. Her pussy was covered in a neatly trimmed coat of dark brown hair just like she had on her head. She kicked her shoes across the room and stood there. Soon Mom said, “Now you have seen a full grown woman naked…from the front anyway.” Then Mom turned around slowly allowing me to see her from the side, her breasts were heavy and sagged, resting on her ribs slightly. Her nipples were hard and stuck out straight, like my cock usually does when I don’t want it too. From the rear Mom had an hourglass figure, some sag marks on her sides from the weight of her breasts, and a wonderful butt crack. I was wondering what her meaty cheeks were hiding when Mom bent over at the waist. Her butt crack opened and her rose colored asshole was exposed. Just below that was a perfect view of her pussy from behind. Her slit was slightly open and had parted her pubic fur nicely allowing me to see a little pink and some moisture that had formed. I knew all about moisture from my pre-cum and I knew that Mom was excited. Wow!

As she finished standing upright and showing me her other side, Mom said, “Now what you have to say for yourself?”

I replied, “Wow, Mom you are beautiful…can I see more of your pussy?”

Mom laughed and said, “Of course honey.” Then she crawled behind me and lay on her back opening her legs up for me. Then she said, “If you are going to examine me I think you need to get undressed too.”

I undressed as quickly as I could and got between her knees. Mom raised her knees and spread them. She then used both hands to open her pussy lips up wide. She was really putting on a show for me. I certainly got what I requested. She was very wet in there, very pink inside, and her clit was pierced. My mother had a body piercing, wow.

She saw me staring at her piercing and said, “That makes me just as horny as you are every day.”

I smiled and got closer to her open pussy. Then I got even closer to it. The smell was wonderful and much better than what I had learned to expect from her used panties. I stuck out my tongue and flicked her piercing, and then I licked her whole slit from the bottom of her slit to the top of it. Mom had a taste that was pungent but sweet at the same time, I loved it. Then I remembered her rose colored asshole, I tilted her pelvis, and then I licked her asshole, giving her the shivers. Mom squealed and begged me not to stop. Somehow I had gotten control and Mom was mine. I licked her asshole, but because I wanted too, not because she wanted me too.

With Mom spread wide open for me and blackmailing me into fucking her boss’ daughter, I decided to fuck Mom. I just got up on my knees and shoved my cock into her. My pelvis slammed into her hands, the ones that had been holding her pussy open for me. She removed her hands and held onto my shoulders. She did not say a word, she just let me do my thing. I guess sex comes naturally because I seemed to know what I liked and what felt good to me. I had no idea as to whether or not Mom was having similar feelings but then again I really didn’t care at that point in time.

When I was filling her with my cum, Mom asked, “Can you keep thrusting into me? Please! I’m so close.”

I figured what to hell and kept thrusting into her until she had her climax too. After all Mom had been so cooperative that I owed her that much.

When we had separated, I laid my head on one of Mom’s breasts and said, “Okay, I’ll fuck her daughter for you but I want to fuck you too.”

Mom smiled and said, “I was hoping that you would say that. How about you concentrate on Melissa for the next month, then if you still want me you can have me.”

It was only Wednesday and Melissa was not due to arrive until Saturday so I fucked Mom every chance that I got, and I do mean every chance. Friday I counted seven times that I had cum inside her. I loved her pussy and she loved having me in there.

Saturday morning Mom served me breakfast in bed, a treat that I had not had in a very long time. We were waiting for Melissa and her mother to arrive at ten o’clock. That woman sure was punctual, as the clock chimed off the hour the doorbell rang.

Mom opened the door and said, “Please come in. Hello Melissa my son is expecting you.”

I appeared moments later and saw a really cute girl. Then her mother pulled Melissa’s baggy dress up off from her and revealed a naked girl that was completely embarrassed.

The Boss said, “Fuck her now. I want to watch her loose her virginity. Don’t bother to make her enjoy it, I didn’t the first time.”

Melissa looked like she wanted to die.

I looked at her mother and said, “You have to get naked too…that’s the price of admission. You too Mom.”

Mom was naked first and we watched as her boss exposed her body for us. She was not as trim as my mother and she seemed a little older too. Her breasts were smaller and sagged more than my mother’s breasts did. Her belly and ass were softer and it jiggled. Her pussy was shaved bald.

I said, “Get down on your back and let your daughter kiss your pussy while I take her virginity.”

She did as I requested. I gently pushed Melissa down between her mother’s open legs and said, “Start kissing and be sure to lick her clit to an orgasm while you’re at it.” I then got on my knees behind Melissa and pushed my cock into her. I looked over at my mother to make sure that she was recording all of this for me. Melissa moaned into her mother’s pussy but kept licking. I ravished the poor girl until I filled her with my cum.

Then I looked at her mother and said, “Now kiss Melissa’s pussy goodbye and do just as good a job as she did on yours.”

Without any resistance she did as I said. Melissa smiled up at me and mouthed the words, “Thank you.”

I then got behind the Boss and shoved my cock into her pussy. She too grunted into the pussy before her. It took me longer but she kept licking her daughter’s pussy until I pulled out.

I looked over at Mom and said, “Okay it’s your turn. You are the only one that hasn’t tasted pussy this morning.”

I took the video camera from Mom and watched her eat her boss’ freshly used pussy.

I thought about fucking Mom, but I had so many times the day before. Then Melissa took the video camera, touched my once again hard cock, and pointed at my mother’s ass sticking up in the air. One thrust and Mom moaned into the pussy before her. It seemed to take forever for me to cum in Mom but it was worth it when it happened.

When I had all that I wanted I said to the Boss, “Okay you can go now but I get to keep Melissa for thirty days and fuck her all that I want too. Is that correct?”

The Boss said, “Yes, that is correct. Treat her like a whore. Fuck her face and fuck her ass too. I want her to know what it is like to be submissive to a man.”

That was it! I hadn’t put two and two together up until that point. Melissa’s mother was a submissive.

I added, “I want you to come back every Saturday morning. I like fucking you too. You can show Melissa how a real woman takes it up her ass.”

I heard a tiny smirk from Melissa and from Mom. The Boss got dressed and started to open the door but turned and said, “Thank you Master. Take good care of my precious little girl.”

I replied, “I will treat her the best of my three subs. Unfortunately you will be at the bottom of the group.”

She smiled and said, “Oh thank you, Master. I don’t mind being at the bottom.”

When she left I had her panties in my hand. I kissed Mom and told her to bring lunch up to us when it was time. Then I held Melissa’s hand and escorted her up to our new bedroom, the one that we would share for the next thirty days.

Mom came in with our lunch just as I was pulling out of Melissa and smiled at us. Then she said, “This does not have to end in thirty days.”

I looked at Mom and asked, “Really?”

She replied, “You are her mother’s Master, just tell her that you are keeping her daughter.”

Melissa said, “Oh yes, please do.”

The End
I Have To What
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