After catching my sister sucking her boyfriend, I get in on the fun and them Mom joins us.
My name is James but everyone calls me Jim or Jimmy, except my father. About half the time he calls me Squirt. When I was seven I asked him why he called me squirt. He grinned and his reply was, "Cause that's how I made ya." It was about five years before I understood what he was talking about, that he ment that he had come in my mother and gotten her pregnant with me.

Now I am a seventeen-year-old high school senior. I'll be eighteen in two months. I'm 5'10" and weigh 158 pounds. I have light brown hair and a pretty nice body. I play first sting third base on the school baseball team so I stay in good shape. I'm hung with about seven inches and I lost my virginity when I was just a little past my fifteenth birthday. Between then and now, I have managed to fuck at least seven or eight girls, a couple of them regularly for several months while we considered ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend. Just a thought of fucking a girl or her holding my hand gets me hard as a rock. I jack off at least once a day if I'm not able to get a girl to fuck or suck me.

About a month ago I came home early from practice. Mom and Dad were still at work. As I was walking to my room, I went past my sister's room and heard a male voice saying, "Oh ya, deeper, take all of it." I pushed open the door a little and looked in. There was a boy sitting on the edge of my sister's bed with his pants on the floor and on the floor, with her top off and his cock deeply in her mouth, was my kid sister. His eyes were closed and her back was to me so neither of them saw me.

My sister is Janet. She's a petite little sixteen-year-old. She's 5'3" and I don't think she weighs more than a couple pounds over a hundred. She has shoulder length blond hair and very fair skin. She has really nice titties that are probably B-cups and a small waist. I saw her naked a lot when we were little kids but when she started getting her tits and pubic hair she started being more concerned about wearing clothes around the house.

At first I was shocked to see my kid sister giving head but then a big grin came over my face and quietly I went into the room. I took my already hard cock out and, standing next to her, started to masturbate. Finally, the boy groaned and gripped the sheets. I could see Janet's throat muscles contract as she swallowed his load. A little of it escaped her mouth and ran down his chin. At that point he opened his eyes and saw me. I held my finger up to my lips to tell him to be quiet and gave him the OK sign. Janet kept sucking him for a little bit longer and then pulled off. At that point I pointed to the door to tell him to leave.

As he got up to go I put my hand on top of my sister's head and turned it so she was facing my dick. She had a very startled look on her face. With one final stroke, I exploded and shot cum all over her hair and across one eye and over her nose and cheek. I put both hands on her head and pulled her to me. Her mouth was partly open so I was able to pull her onto my shaft. She didn't panic. I watched her cheeks pull in as she sucked hard on me, draining the last drops of my cum into her mouth. I continued fucking myself with her head till I started to go partly soft and then I stopped. She stayed on her knees and looked up at me.

"Well, well, it looks like my little sister is a slut. I think I've got myself a new fuck toy." "No, Jimmy, you can't have sex with me. I'm a virgin and I want to stay one till I get married." I pulled her up so she was sitting with me on the side of her bed and we talked. It turned out that she had lost her first two boyfriends because she would not let them fuck her. The third one convinced her that if she would not fuck, then she should at least suck his cock. It turned out that she enjoyed it and now has several guys that she sucks on a regular basis. "OK, Sis, but from now on, unless one of us is sick or not home, you are going to come to my room and give me a goodnight blowjob. OK?" "OK." Mom and Dad would be home soon so we got dressed and started our homework.

For the next month, everything was as good as I could hope that it could be. Our baseball team was on a winning streak, I got two girls from school to let me fuck them and almost every night my hot little sister would sneak into my room and suck my cock till I emptied it in her mouth. She appeared to be happy about doing it. It was easier than you might think. Our house is a two story with the master bedroom downstairs and our bedrooms up so we thought there was no chance of getting caught. I had heard Mom and Dad because Mom gets really loud, but I didn't think that we would make enough noise for them to hear us. The third time Janet came to my room, I deepthroated her, pulling her head hard to me till my shaft pushed its way into her throat. She had a strong gag reflex. She choked several times and puked in my lap. I continued till I shot my load straight into her stomach but after that time I didn't try it again. I just let her do me the way that she enjoyed and could easily do.

The end of that first month, Dad had gone on a Mexican fishing trip with his buddies and would be gone for three days. That night I lay in my bed with my sister's lips over my rod and my hands playing with her firm little titties. I enjoyed rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. From the way her nipples hardened and the way she moaned around my cock, I was sure that she enjoyed it too. I heard a little squeak come from over by my door and I looked over to see our mother standing in the doorway. She was dressed in just her bra and panties. One hand was down inside her panties and the other cupped one of her tits. When she saw me look in that direction, she quickly stepped back. Hoping that I was not in one big shit load of trouble, I waved for her to come in.

To my pleasant surprise, Mom walked to my bed, stripping out of her bra and panties as she did. The movement of her climbing onto my bed startled my sister and she sat up. Mom grabbed her face and gave her a deep kiss. "Dad and I thought we heard some interesting noises coming from up above our bedroom. Mind if I share your toy?" Janet sat there in shock as Mom lowered her face to my cock and with no trouble, swallowed every inch of my meat till her nose was tightly pressed against my belly. She held it there for probably ten seconds before coming up for air and licking the head. "Wow", was my only comment.

Then Mom rapidly bobbed up and down the full length of my cock. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing the walls of her throat and could feel each contraction as her throat tried to swallow with my cock in it. It wasn't long before she had me coming. As I did she held just the tip of my manhood in her lips and let me fill her mouth. When I stopped coming, Mom again gave Janet a big kiss, sharing my load with her. Janet had yet to say a word. I was about half soft now and Mom told Janet, "I'll bet that if you get back to sucking him, you'll be able to get him hard again. He's young and virile." Janet took over where Mom had left off and sure enough, within a short time I was back to full hardness.

This time it took Janet about ten minutes to get me to come again but she enthusiastically kept at it. While she was sucking me, Mom wiggled between her legs and started eating her pussy. Before I came, Mom had brought Janet to two big, wet orgasms. Finally we all just lay there. Mom looked at me. "You are wearing a rubber when you fuck your sister, aren’t you?" We explained to her that Janet was going to stay a virgin and that all we were doing was having Janet give me blowjobs. "You're at least returning the favor and eating her pussy, aren’t you?" I told her no, that we had never even thought about that. "That's going to change. Your sister deserves pleasure too. Show me that you know what to do." She pushed my head between my sister's legs. I had never eaten a pussy but I knew what to do and it did not take long for me to give Janet her third climax of the night and only the third one that she had ever had other than by her own hand.

"We have one more day and night before your dad gets home and we'll make the best of it." We sure did. The next morning Mom called us for breakfast. "Don't bother to get dressed. You won't need any clothes today." When we got to the kitchen, Mom had breakfast ready and she was there nude too. After breakfast she led us to her bedroom where there was a king size bed. And I really mean led. She held my cock like a leash.

I was hard before we got onto the bed. Mom kissed the tip of my cock. "Jimmy, you have a really nice cock. You're a little bit bigger than your dad and just as hard. You two know that if you want to fuck but don't want to take a chance on getting Janet pregnant, you can do anal. I love it when your dad fucks my ass hole." Mom got on her hands and knees. "We do it enough that it is easy for me to take a cock in there so all you need to do is put a little of your spit on the head of your cock and I'll be ready. You'll need to use a bunch of lube on your sister for a while. I got on my knees behind Mom, spit on my hand and rubbed it on my cock head. One long smooth push and I was buried balls deep in my mother's ass. It was as tight as any pussy I had been in. I stabbed hard into Mom and she pushed back in time with my thrusts. My balls swung and actually hit her swolen clit when they did. "Oh yes, Fuck my ass with that nice big cock, Jimmy. Pound it hard." Janet watched closely and rubbed her clit and fingered herself as Mom and I fucked. In about three minutes I filled her bowels with my seed. Janet and I were both shocked when Mom then spun around and sucked my cock clean. "Janet hon, not every woman likes to suck a cock after it has been in her ass but I do and you should try it to see if you do."

Mom put a porn movie in and we rested and watched. It was mostly threesomes with two guys and a woman. After the movie, Mom suggested we try something new. She had Janet sit on my face. Janet soon got into a rhythm, rubbing her slit up and back on my face while I licked her clit and stabbed my tongue into both of her holes. Mom would first suck Janet's tits and then kiss her while fisting my shaft. Then Mom had Janet get on her hands and knees. She reached into her nightstand and pulled out a tube of lube. "Put some of this on your finger and some on your sister's hole. Then gently work one finger in her and finger fuck her with it. Then work a second one in with some more lube and finger her some more. Then she'll be ready for your cock." We did like Mom said. Janet didn't look all that happy. Mom slid under Janet's chest and nursed on her nipples. That helped. Finally it was time and I got on my knees behind my sister, lubed my cockhead and touched it to her anal opening. "Slow and gentle," Mom said.

I pushed a little and nothing happened. I held her hips with one hand and pushed a little harder. My head popped in past her sphincter muscles. "Ouch, that hurt. You're too big. Take it easy." Slowly I sank a little deeper with each push. Janet kept telling me to take it easy. Finally I had half of my cock in her and I started slowly fucking her ass. I had never felt anything so tight in my life. Even when a girl was sucking hard on me, it didn't feel like this. Janet started to complain less and soon she was starting to slightly push back to my pushes. Eventually I was fully in her shit tube and stroking almost full length. "It's starting to feel better, Jimmy. I feel sooo full, like I have to take the biggest shit in my life. Go ahead and do it a little faster." A minute later I shot into her. "I can feel your cock pulse every time you shoot into me. Your cum feels really warm up there. I like that." I held myself still in her ass after I had finished unloading and then pulled out. Are you going to suck it now? Mom asked. Janet said, "No, maybe another time." "Then I will" Mom said as she dropped her head into my lap and surrounded my cock with her mouth.

The rest of the day and late into the night we fucked and sucked in many different ways. Mom even got Janet to eat her while I ate Janet and Mom sucked me. We all enjoyed that. I had never had so much sex at one time, not even close. When we quit I was whipped and ready to sleep. I don't think I could have gotten it up again if I had to. The last thing Mom said was, "Your dad will be home tomorrow. Here's what I want us to do. Everybody act normal and happy to see him. When he gets ready for bed, I'll tell him that I need to stay up for a little bit and that I will join him shortly. I'll make sure that the bedroom light is off. Then I'll come up and spend the night with Jim. Janet, you go into his room in the dark, naked and get in bed and start by sucking his cock. He'll know that it's not me when he first gets his hand on your tits. He's going to be super horny after three days without sex. Just make sure he doesn't take your virginity."



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