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How far Will he Go
Dangerous 3

He kissed her sex gently, delicately. All over the wet fleshy folds he placed butterfly kisses not missing one spot. Then he began to lick her pussy with his tongue, all around the outer lips then inside the outer lips then up and down the middle. He needed this, he had dealt out some serious sadism today but right now he wanted her…badly. He breathed in her musky scent and his erection throbbed. God he wanted this woman, but he must remain in control. He settled for tasting of her and licking her, eating her. He pushed his face hard into her sex and plunged his tongue deep inside her, as far and as hard as he could go. She moaned in pleasure as his tongue explored her depths. Then withdrew and made its way up to her hooded clitoris. Using the flat of his tongue he lashed the little hub; first using the smooth part, then rasping it with the roughness of his tongue. The squeals and gasps coming from the top of the bed telling him he was hitting the spot. Then he pulled the hood back and rasped at the shiny little button, his tongue flashing over the centre of her sex so fast, that she once again lost herself and an orgasm exploded through her once more. He felt her go rigid, felt her push up off the bed, her legs stiffened and she groaned loudly as her pussy vibrated at 7 times a second and her orgasm tore through her. A squirt of her juices landed on his face and he almost lost control and came without touching himself, such was the intensity of her peak. He could detect the change in her pussy, the different aroma as this highly on heat woman came once more. Her pussy was deep red and inflamed, full, swollen, and oohhh so fucking wet. Once again she relaxed and rested on the bed. He rose and watched her, contented her breathing slowing. A smile on her face, which he knew he was about to remove with the next bout of punishment. He hadn’t forgotten she spat in his face, that last pussy stimulation was more for him, not for her.

He picked up the nipple clamps from the floor and moved to her side. He opened them both at the same time as he watched her blindfolded face and let them once again bite onto her nipples. She cried out again as the springs clamped her tender skin, drawing air through her teeth as she tried to get used to the pain once again. He grinned and tortured her flesh by opening and closing the clamps again and again, the metal squeezing and pinching her sore and reddened nipples. There was no complaint, not even a cry…only groans of sexual pleasure coming from her as the delicious pain was now become pure pleasure. He nodded and left them in place.

Once again he moved to the dresser and picked up the next item. He walked to the bed and lifted one of her breasts then looped some remaining cord around the base several times. He then tightened it and knotted the cord so her breast was tied round the bottom, the top bulging and swollen. She protested at the tightness to no avail. He performed the same act on her other breast and tied more cord around her breast so it bulged out like the other. He stood back and looked at her. His plaything, his slave, to do with whatever he pleased. To whip, to flay, to punish. She moaned in discomfort as the rope was so tight around her skin. It wasn’t too tight he wasn’t going to damage his woman. He knew he could leave no marks…no permanent ones any way. Once again he went to the dresser and picked up the next item.
Flash, flash, flash. She heard the click of the camera as he took pictures of her in this so submissive position. She protested and struggled against the restraints. But she knew that the pictures were for her and him. No faces, just body shots of her…like this. Tied up, breasts tied and clamped. Covered in red welts. His submissive woman.

She lay there her wrists and ankles hurting now and her breasts pulsing away trussed up. She heard him fetch something and walk to the bedside. He rubbed something on her cheek. It was plastic, soft but firm. It was also warm as he had had it in warm water so it was more realistic. He pushed the implement to her lips and once again they parted. It was a large dildo, very large, so big that her lips stretched painfully around it and it filled her mouth.
He with drew it and stroked it down her skin, over her painfully trussed breasts, down her belly and then he nudged at her lips. She felt the warm tip of the dildo pushing at her opening and she burned down below as it ever so slowly began to enter her. Just as the head was in he withdrew it. “You fucking bastard”. She cried as once again he teased her. Smiling he pushed it again and her lips parted as he pushed in a little more, she gasped and groaned at the invasion, then protested as he then withdrew it. She began to pull against the restraints once again lifting her body trying to push herself on to the dildo. He let her try and let it slide in quickly just a couple of inches, a “Yes” escaping her lips, though too soon as he pulled it back again. Leaving her wanting pussy open and expecting. Her mouth opened and a torrent of abuse came from her lips. “Ohhh naughty Clair using profanity such as this, tut tut”. He scolded her as he fetched yet another item from his cache. He held her head and fastened the straps of the gag behind her head and pulled it tight so no more could she swear or talk. Only muffled words which one could only guess at. Then he returned to his task of teasing her. Once again he pushed the dildo into her opening and just held it inside, only an inch in. Then he began to move it very slowly just in and out only an inch. Teasing, probing, but not giving her the full penetration she so badly wanted. She was becoming frantic and angry too. Starting to thrash around on the bed as he teased her so cruelly with this toy. In out, in out just an inch at a time. He continued this for several minutes all the time she emitting muffled cries and what he guessed were obscenities at him. But he wouldn’t give it to her.
She was lifting her back from the bed so forcefully that she almost succeeded in getting it all inside her. He realised her actions were now so powerful, that he was in danger of it going in all the way. So he sighed and climbed onto her sitting astride, her not all his weight on her but enough to stop her thrashing around. Louder the muffled cries became as he continued with his tiny movements. Just the very tip of the dildo inside her, in out, in out.
She was tugging at the ropes on her wrists, oblivious to the cord chafing on her skin. Her frustration was total as she screamed at him through the gag, her ankles and wrists pulling hard at the restraints. Had she had enough he thought to himself? Maybe, so let’s tease her some more he said to himself. He flicked a switch and the vibrator buzzed to life. She threw herself back onto the bed and began to cry. She couldn’t stand it any longer, he had to push it into her now or she would go mad. But still he teased her, the vibrations only stimulating her opening. The burning need deep inside her body wasn’t being reached, wasn’t being touched. If her hands had been free she would have pounded him for doing this to her. Her tears of frustration streamed down her cheeks as he continued with the fucking tempting and probing and teasing. He was laughing at her actions, laughing at her tears, laughing at her wild thrashing and bucking beneath him. Had she had enough now? Does crying count as her release? He continued to only push the head of the toy in and out, in and out only a tiny amount. The vibrations driving her insane with lust…she screamed at him through the gag…the loudest she had done all day.

He then withdrew the dildo completely and violently plunged it into her in one go, burying all 10” deep inside her body, the tip forcing inside of her deep inside her belly. The sudden shock and pain mixed with sexual pleasure, relief, emotions screaming at her, from the tension finally released almost making her black out. The scream from her muffled by the gag as he began to plunge the weapon into her again and again and again. Each time the tip probing her very depths, the vibrating dildo flashing into her over and over. More tears from her as once again she cried, this time with relief and happiness as this man at last gave her what she so badly wanted. He climbed off her and continued to plunder her body with the weapon, each time pushing it deep inside of her to the limit, each time the tip of it hitting her deep in the pit of her stomach, taking her breath away. He continued this act for five minutes, ten minutes. She was loving it, each plunging thrust giving her the deep penetration she so craved and each time she pushed up to meet the toy as it fucked her again and again. Exhausted she was after so much today, her actions became less urgent and a sheen of perspiration shone on her body. He gave her just a few more deep penetrations till even he could take it no more and he removed the dildo and held the buzzing end against her clit. She had taken every single thrust with gusto and now the buzzing against her clitoris brought her peak closer and closer until once again she arched her back and another mighty orgasm rocked through her. Her body ached, from the pain caused by the bonds, from her clamped nipples to her trussed breasts, every muscle was aching as she stiffened through the waves of pleasure crashing over her. Groaning through the gag until her red mist faded and he removed the vibrating implement.

She was spent now utterly and completely spent. Her body was aching and sore, her pussy pounding and tender from the violent pounding and powerful orgasms. Her face was streaked with black makeup from her tears. She was exhausted. He removed the blindfold and she blinked in the light. He removed the gag and she breathed deeply. She lay back and he removed the cord from her breasts, and the pressure was released, painfully. He removed the nipple clamps and she drew in a breath as the blood returned to them and the sharp pain shot through her as they swelled to full size once more. He undid the ankle restraints and then her wrists were freed. She rubbed at her chafed skin where the rope had made marks. She rubbed her ankles feeling the sore rings on her skin from the cord. He watched her as he packed his things away. She looked at him not knowing whether to smile or swear. He looked back, seeing his plaything freed from her shackles, seeing the black streaks of tears on her face, she looked pitiful and his heart, yes he has one, finally melted. He moved to her and once again put his arms around her. He kissed her tears away, holding her tightly. He sat on the bed and rubbed at her sore ankles for her as she continued to bring life back to her hands. My god she was aching all over, her skin still raw from the whipping, still a dull burning on her skin. Her sex was pulsating and aching from the thrusting of the large dildo. She was spent and exhausted but began to smile at him, he smiled back. This dark sensual man who she had known for only a very short time. He was giving her exactly what she wanted, whether she knew it or not.
She realised that he himself had not reached any peak this afternoon and wondered about him. How can this man take enjoyment from dealing out pain and punishment? She thought about this and remembered that the fact is he didn’t, he took his enjoyment from the fact that she had taken so much pleasure from it….and that was the ultimate goal. What else could this man give her, she thought to herself…..and at that exact moment as she put her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder, in his dark, sensual, secret mind; he was planning just that.

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