Who knew a slumber party could be so much fun.
It was finally graduation week. I couldn’t believe that I and my daughter, Jamie, had finally made it to this point. After her mother ran out on us when she was three, I figured I was going to be in trouble. I really had no idea how to be a father, but I had always just done the best I could and we seemed to survive. Jamie was super smart, and a dad just couldn’t be more proud. She asked me if she could have a slumber party with four of her closest friends to end her high school years. She knew before she asked that it would be okay, but it was still nice to be asked. The only thing that worried me was the fact that we didn’t really have an apartment built for slumber parties. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with an open loft that set above the living room. Jamie always had the bedroom downstairs, but it was super small, and barely had room for her bed and dresser. She wasn’t worried though, she said that they would just hang out all night in the living room, and I could stay upstairs in my loft. It was okay with me; that was what my big screen and my headphones were for.
That Friday afternoon was crazy. Jamie had me running all over town for different things. We had to get some snack foods from one store; a meat platter from another, and of course she had to go buy her a little night gown for the occasion. I gave her a hard time about how skimpy it was, but the fact was that we had basically grown up together, so seeing my daughter in a skimpy nightgown was not new to me. But as she held up her cute little pink nightie, it was the first time I actually thought about the fact that there was about to be 4 other 17 year olds that I wasn’t accustomed to seeing running around half naked in my house. If it hadn’t been for Cinemax and a couple naughty websites on my computer, I really had no sex life. It’s not that I didn’t want one; it was just that I had decided to focus on raising my daughter instead.

After a last stop to the video store, we finally made it home. Jamie and I decorated the kitchen table with all the food, and finished up just in time before the door bell rang. Lacy was the first one to show up. She was a cute little blond with incredible green eyes. I had known her for a few years now, and had never once thought about her in a sexual way…until now. For some reason as she walked through my front door and gave me a little hug, I noticed her sexy little body hidden by her white tank top and oversized boxer shorts. My mind immediately went back to the skimpy little nightie my daughter had bought earlier. As Lacy strolled past me, I caught myself briefly examining her ass as it swayed by, and pictured the skimpy garment on her. My cock twitched inside my jeans.

“Shit…I gotta get a hold of myself.” I thought

I snapped back to reality and decided to get some cold drinks out of the fridge. I had just handed the girls their drinks when the door bell rang again. It was Brandy and Megan. Brandy was a sexy little brunette that even though I liked to think I only had pure thoughts, you just couldn’t help but notice this girl’s breasts. They were at least DDs, and always demanded visual attention. Megan was almost the opposite. She was also brunette, but she had a pair of little petite breasts, that normally required no bra. Her nipples seemed to be poking through her little t-shirt extra well tonight though, and once again I felt my cock twitch inside my jeans. This was going to be a long night.

Amber was the last one to show up. She was a little chunkier than the other girls, but she had a very cute face, and her breasts were almost as large as Brandy’s were. She was dressed a little more modest than the other girls, but her white blouse still managed to boast her soft silky cleavage out the top. Each girl had given me a hug as they passed by, and due to my attentive state, I couldn’t help but notice as each set of breasts pressed against me. By the time they were all in the living room snacking on food and drinking their cold beverages, my cock was semi-hard in my jeans, and I was having to turn away just in order to adjust it.

The girls were anxious to watch the chick flick they had rented, and I decided that was my chance to excuse myself for the evening and go upstairs. I figured the further I made myself get from these little vixens, the better of I would be. The last thing I needed was to get myself in trouble with a bunch of teenage girls. I went upstairs and noticed that even though I was out of sight of the girls, I could see them through the reflection in the mirror that set over my fireplace mantle. Periodically I was glance over the edge, and see them playfully whispering back and forth during the movie. The main lights of the apartment were out, but I could still see them pretty well, thanks to the light from the television. Amber and Jamie were sitting next to each other on the couch; Lacy was sitting in the big arm chair next to them with her legs pulled up ‘Indian style’, almost letting me see her panties through the small slit in her shorts; Brandy had taken up her place on the floor, laying down on her belly with a pillow beneath her. Her ass was so young and tight, and seemed to stop just short of her skimpy little shorts. I stared down at it for a few moments through the mirror before once again snapping back to reality and forcing myself to pay attention to my own movie again.

I must have gotten into the movie because I hadn’t heard Jamie come up the stairs. She startled me a little as she tapped me on the shoulder. (Guess it was a good thing I wasn’t watching porn…I would have been busted). Jamie told me that they were going to be changing for a few minutes, so I should not come downstairs for a bit. They were going to change in the living room so that they didn’t have to fight for space in Jamie’s bedroom. I agreed to stay in my “cell” for the evening. Jamie giggled and went back down to rejoin her friends.
Believe me when I say that I tried to resist the urge to peek, but…well…it just wasn’t in my power. The thought of those four sexy teenagers changing clothes had already been torturing my cock for the past hour or so. I adjusted myself in my chair so that if the girls happened to notice me through the mirror, it would just look like I was watching television instead of watching them change. Luckily, they never once looked in the mirror while they changed. Jamie had turned on the lights downstairs again, helping with my view. I was shocked as one by one the girls stripped completely naked. I know I didn’t blink as the shirts came off first; each girl somewhat putting on their own teasing striptease for the others. Brandy was the first one. I must admit, I was anxious to see those luscious DDs as she removed her t-shirt and displayed her cute little white bra covered in pink hearts. She spun around a couple times flaunting her wares before reaching behind her for the clasp. As the hook came undone, she allowed the cotton bra to drop down on her arms, and I was immediately blessed by this wonderful view of her gorgeous tits. They were huge and yet very perky. Her nipples were hard and erect, and she giggled a little then all of a sudden got a little embarrassed. She covered her hands over her breasts and then told Megan it was her turn.

Megan put on a similar show, though you could see that she was a little awkward, knowing that she was nowhere near as endowed as Brandy was in the tit department. But as she peeled off her t-shirt to reveal her lovely perky 32A breasts, the innocent look on her face made it seem like one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. She nudged Jamie and told her to strip. Now I had seen Jamie naked on more than one occasion, so I didn’t really worry about seeing her naked now. I was just anxious to see the other two girls strip in the same manner. As my daughter took off her top, I was still fixed on the little tender numbs that Megan had just revealed. I had always found that larger breasts were a turn on for me, but at that moment, all I could think of was how much I would love to suck that young teenagers silky pert nipples into my mouth…teasing them with my teeth. My cock was as hard as a rock, and I was glad that my own light was out to keep my naughty peeking at bay.

Next it was Lacy’s turn. She must have been the gutsy one of the group, because she actually made this stripping music as she teasingly pulled off her tank top and began twirling it around in circles over her head. Her youthful C cup breasts bounced slightly as she played. I noticed myself licking my lips involuntarily at how sexy she looked. She wasn’t a girl anymore…but a beautiful woman. The girls were making comments about how sexy and slutty each one was. Amber was the last one to take off her top. I figured the fact that she was larger was the reason she waited. But I was wrong…as she peeled off her t-shirt, Amber’s luscious tits bragged as they hardly moved at all. They were proud and firm tits that when covered with a loose t-shirt gave a false presentation. Amber had a beautiful frame; maybe the best out of the lot. She had been hiding this incredible body matched by one of the most perfect pair of perky tits I had ever seen. She reached both hands up to them and then squeezed them, pinching at both nipples with her forefinger and thumb. She leaned her head down and then playfully stretched one of her nipples up toward her mouth and licked at it with her tongue. My cock hardened even more in my jeans. I wanted to reach down and stroke it, but all it would take was one girl looking up in the mirror, and even in the shadows, might have noticed what I was doing.

The next few moments put me in this sexual euphoric haze. Each girl began the same sexy display as they peeled off their skimpy shorts and panties. I was surprised to see that thongs must have been what was in, because all 5 girls were wearing them….and then NOT wearing them. Lacy, Brandy, and even my daughter Jamie had shaved their pubic hair to imitate the landing strip you might find on the sexy models in playboy or penthouse. Megan had shaved her hair completely except for a small heart that she had formed directly above her clit. It was sexy. Amber was shaved clean though. Even from where I was sitting, I could tell how smooth and perfect this little vixen’s pussy was. I was salivating at how much I would love to feel my tongue slide over that smooth tender flesh.

The girls played around naked for about two minutes before finally putting on their sexy little nighties. Each girl had picked something much different than the flannel pjs I was half expecting. Some were silky, some see through lace, and one was even crotch less I heard the girls saying…but they said she would have to be careful if “MR. K” came downstairs. My cock was throbbing in my jeans now, and I wanted to cum so bad; but the bathroom was downstairs, and the mirror revealed too much to jerk off in my room. “SHIT!!” I mumbled under my breath.

I forced myself to watch television some more, and was trying as hard as I could not to fantasize about all the silky smooth teen flesh right below me. But it was not going to be that easy of a night to ignore something like that. Each time I heard them giggle or frolic around downstairs, I would take a peek in my mirror and marvel at each sexy beast. They started a pillow fight, and I just loved the way their sexy little tits swayed around with each swing of their pillow. At one point, one of Amber’s tits came out of her skimpy restraint, and all the girls teased her about it. There were a few times I would catch a girl looking upstairs at me, not able to see me past the railing. There were even a few times I thought I heard them questioning Jamie about me, but I could never quite make out the whispering. Of course my imagination had a field day with that one. Wondering what kind of questions four teenage girls would ask my daughter about her father. Part of me was hoping they were sexual in nature, just to believe that they found this old fart sexy.

I tried to get lost in my second movie of the night. I picked a good loud action flix to try and distract me from the eye candy below. The explosions and decapitations seemed to be helping to distract me, but once again Jamie managed to sneak up on me.

“Daddy…the girls are wanting to play truth or dare…”

“Well, don’t do anything that will get the cops called.” I said, and then chuckled a little.

“Well, ummmm, Daddy…they were wondering if you would like to play with us?”

“Baby, I don’t think you girls want an old guy spoiling your fun. Go on and play without me.”

Believe me…I was hating that I had to be the responsible adult. Nothing in the world pleased me more than the thought of playing truth or dare with all of these sexy underdressed vixens. But I knew that it was not appropriate….especially since my daughter was in the mix too. I know how fast things can get out of hand, and I just didn’t want to make a good relationship with my daughter turn into something weird.

“Daddy…pleeeeeaaaaaasssseee….they really are curious about some guy questions, and were hoping you would be willing to answer some juicy questions for them. I already told them that you and me had a good relationship, and even though it would be a little weird, that you would probably have fun with it.”

“Honey, I don’t know…truth or dare always gets out of hand. Me playing a game like that with teenagers could get me in trouble.”

“It’s a party daddy…and don’t worry…you won’t get into any trouble. I Promise.”
Every common sense fiber of my body was telling me to go back to my movie…every sexual fiber of my body was telling me to run down stairs as fast as I could…a chance like this was once in a lifetime.

“Please daddy…it would mean a lot to me.”

Jamie’s eyes were so sincere and sweet…begging me to come play with her friends.

“Okay…but only if they promise not to try and dare me to do anything with you.”

“I’ll tell them daddy…you’re the best.”

Jamie wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug. She quickly ran downstairs and started telling the girls what I had said. I stood up and turned away from the living room so that I could adjust my cock in my jeans before heading back down the stairs. The girls were all watching me from their seats. They had rearranged the furniture in the living room into a circle, and they had saved me a spot on the couch between Brandy and her luscious DDs and Megan and her tender little tiny titties. Brandy’s nightie was so sheer; I could actually see her nipples through the fabric. Megan’s nipples were so hard and excited; they poked out proudly against her nightie. I knew that if they looked at my cock, they would easily see the bulge reforming in my jeans. I quickly took my place on the couch between the girls, and took a moment to enjoy the view around me.

All five girls were smiling at me…which made me feel even more awkward.

“Girls, you realize this is probably inappropriate for me to be down here like this. I should probably go back upstairs. Thanks for the offer.”

I was about to stand up, but Brandy and Megan grabbed my arms as though they had anticipated this.

Lacy looked at me and said, “Look Mr. K, we know how this might look, but Jamie said you were really cool when it came to explaining things about sex to her. We all know about sex, none of us are virgins, but what we don’t know is exactly what guys really think about sex. So we just wanted to ask the expert. At the same time…well…Jamie said you haven’t had a woman for a while, so she thought a little playful flirting would be good for you.”

I was shocked to hear that Jamie had put them up to this. I guess as she got older, she realized that I had given up a lot of stuff to raise her…and she knew it must not have been that easy for me.

“Well, you girls have to understand though…if any adult ever found out that I was sitting here with you girls dressed like that…well…I’d be in a lot of trouble…and I do mean a LOT of trouble.”

Lacy continued, “We are all over 16…so its legal. And what’s wrong with how we are dressed Mr. K?”

She had a naughty grin on her face as she asked the question. She already knew the answer…but she wanted to see me squirm a little.

“Lacy…I think you know that answer…but just in case you don’t…well…I can see Brandy’s breasts through her top, I can clearly see how large Megan’s nipples are through her top; Amber is clearly the one with the crotch less panties I heard you girls giggling about, and from the way she has her legs spread…she is also the one that shaved herself completely; you on the other hand have been teasing me since I sat down by rubbing her hand in and out of her lap; of course add to the mix that my own 17 year old daughter is dressed just as provocatively…well, you can see why I would be a little worried about getting into trouble.”

“Don’t worry Mr. K…it’s just an innocent game of truth or dare,” Brandy chimed in as she gently massaged my arm muscle. “We will keep it all our own little secret.”

I looked around the room at each sexy teenage girl. My cock was doing a lot of the thinking for me, but the fact that they all looked so innocent and eager to play this game…well, I gave up the fight.

“Okay girls…what are the rules?”

Brandy quickly explained the rules, keeping her grasp on my arm. “Well Mr. K…one person starts by asking a person “TRUTH OR DARE”. If you pick truth, you have to answer the question no matter what. If you refuse, then you have to submit to the dare. If you pick dare, you have to do whatever is required of you. If you refuse…then you face the double dare…it will be even naughtier, and you cannot refuse no matter what. Understand?”

“I understand. Did Jamie give you my one main rule?”

“Yes she did…we promise..No daddy/daughter stuff. Shall we play?”

“Okay” I agreed, “Who is first.”

“Well duhhhh,” Lacy blurted out, “Who do you think? Truth or Dare Mr. K?”

“I think I better start out with a truth?”

“Fair enough.” I saw Lacy hesitate for a second as though working up the courage to ask the first question of the game…”Do you ever masturbate Mr. K?”

I was a little shocked by this being the first question, but I guess I agreed to play…this was what I was in for. “Yes Lacy…I masturbate. Pretty sure most men do.”

“How often?”

“Sorry Lacy, that’s a different question.” I spouted off…having fun teasing her. Lacy pouted a little, but knew I was just being fun.

“I guess I’ll pick Brandy…truth or dare?”

Brandy grinned wickedly and said, “DARE! Please a dare.”

I wasn’t really prepared for a dare. The fact was I was barely ready for a truth. I looked over at her, and then back to the other girls…”Well, ummmm….how about you give me a little dance.”

Brandy didn’t hesitate. She jumped up off the couch, and stood right in front of me. She really was a vision. My eyes were locked on her luscious breasts as she started to sway her hips around before me. The other girls started whistling and hollering at her. Brandy started sliding her hands all over her body, making sure to rub at her glorious globes, teasing me as she pushed them tight together. I could see her nipples poking out of the top of your nightie, but she didn’t care. Finally she gave me a little wink and sat back down next to me. She leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Hope you liked that Mr. K.” she whispered into my ear.

Liked it? Crap, my cock was as hard as a rock. I shifted a little in my seat, and tried to let me cock get a little more comfortable. It didn’t work

“Okay…now it’s my turn.” Brandy shouted. “I pick Megan…Truth or dare you little slut?”

Megan grinned back at her. “Dare bitch…and make it a good one.”

I couldn’t believe the two girls next to me. They were already getting into this far deeper than I thought they would. I expected questions about boys and things…but that was not the game we were playing.

“I dare you to kiss Mr. K…and you have to use tongue.”

“Wh…what?” I exclaimed. “Girls…I’m not sure this is okay.”

“Oh I’m sorry Mr. K…we forgot one of the rules. If someone is dared to do something to someone else; the third party has no choice but to comply with the dare. It is a rule of playing. So in other words…I’m going to kiss you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Megan quickly sat up on her knees and turned my face toward her. I glanced over at Jamie for a way out, but she was just grinning at the awkward look on her father’s face. I took her response as approval, and decided that I would go with it…after all…it’s just a kiss.
Megan leaned over, and I think I shocked her a little when I pulled her closer to me. Our mouths met, and instantly I pressed mine tongue in between her soft tender lips. I gently probed at her mouth, feeling her soft tender tongue as it danced next to mine. She started to moan inside my mouth as she started to lean her body even tighter against mine. I slid one of my hands around behind her and let it find the smooth silky flesh of her back. My other hand reached behind her head and teased my fingers into her satin hair. She was about to pull away, but I pulled her head tighter to my face, and worked my tongue even more eagerly inside her mouth. The girls were silent, I believe in shock, but I could tell that they were all watching very closely. Finally I slid my tongue back, and gave her a few more small gentle kisses before sitting back in my seat.

“OH FUCK MR. K…that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had. I wish those stupid teenage boys would learn to kiss me like that. I’m shaking here.”

I smiled back at her and gave her cheeks a quick rub with my fingers. “You taste like bubble gum…very sweet.” I said as I looked back at the other girls.

“That was awesome Mr. K…totally sexy.” Lacy added.

“Okay Jamie…truth or dare.” Megan asked.

Jamie quickly replied, “I’ll take truth.”

“Okay, but it is a two part question…part 1 determines part 2.”

“Okay, whatcha got.” Jamie replied.

“Have you ever seen your father naked?” Even though she asked Jamie, Megan’s eyes were fixed on me when she asked it.

“Yes, daddy and I have always been close. I don’t think he has ever thought about it, but he tends to leave the bathroom door open whenever he showers. It keeps the steam off the mirror.”

“Well then, Part 2…how big is his cock?”

I saw Jamie turn a little embarrassed by the question. I figured the thought of evaluating the size of her daddy’s dick had to be a little awkward. I started to interrupt her, but Jamie quickly pointed her finger at me in a “don’t interrupt” fashion.

“Well, based on the two guys penises that I have see…and the one that I actually measured…I’d have to say that it has to be at least 12-13 inches long. It’s really, really long.”

Now I was the embarrassed one. You’d think I’d just be proud, but when 4 teenage girls look at you in awe and wonder, you can’t help but feel a little out of place. But it was true…I had been blessed with a large dick. And it was getting harder to keep bound up in my jeans by the minute.

“Truth or Dare Amber?” Jamie asked, trying to help me out of my awkwardness.

“Dare!” she quickly replied.

“Amber, I know that my daddy hasn’t seen a naked woman in real life in a long time except for on television. I want you to strip completely naked for my daddy, and then turn around a few times to give him a great view.”

My own daughter just dared one of her best friends to strip naked for me. This game had truly gone places I have only fantasized about. But I wasn’t sure if Amber would do it. She seemed a little scared. But she slowly stood up and moved right between my legs. She smiled down at me as she slowly slid her fingers up to the slender spaghetti straps of her gown. My eyes were fixed on those gorgeous tits I had stolen a peek at earlier that evening. I couldn’t wait for the close up she was preparing to give me. Her hands slowly slid the straps down, and instantly the loose fitting gown dropped to the floor. There before me was the delicious teenage girl; Her breasts standing proud before my face for inspection. My eyes eagerly examining their way down her silky smooth frame to the cute trimmed heart shaved above her clit.

“You have a great heart Amber.” I said as I grinned up into her eyes. She started to cover her pussy up with her hands, but I quickly reached up and stopped them.

“Nope…my daughter said to give me a good look. Spin for me dear…show Mr. K your body.”

Amber blushed at my words, but she slowly started to spin her body around. I moved the hand that was on her arm over to her belly. As she spun, my hand traced its way around her body to just above her ass. I held my hand on her hip, stopping her spin. She gasped a little from the feel of my large hand on her naked flesh, and stood there frozen before me. I slid my hand back to her ass, and then over her to the silky line of her crack. I rubbed my fingers and thumb along her crack for a couple seconds before patting her other hip, telling her to continue spinning. I glanced up at the look of envy on the faces of all the other girls as my hand continued to follow her body around. As she was positioning herself back in front of me, she closed her eyes as she felt my fingers brush across the precious little heart shaped hair patch above her clit.

“Stop.” I whispered. Once again she stopped moving. Her eyes were closed as I gently slid a finger down lower and let it gently slide between her thighs, and gently brush across her pussy lips. Amber gasped out loud as she felt the roughness of my finger on her most tender spot. Again I glanced over at the other girls to see all of them focusing on my finger next to their girlfriend’s pussy. I curled my finger up very slowly, allowing it to gently start to separate her two pussy lips apart.

“Oh shit Mr. K….shit…” was all Amber could say as I curved my finger even more, gently penetrating the two tender folds of skin. Her pussy was soaking wet already, and it wouldn’t have taken any effort to drive my finger inside her…but this game was just getting started…that would have to come later.

I looked up at her, and her eyes were still shut as I slowly pulled my finger away from her wet slit. She continued to moan even after my finger had left her. She slowly opened her eyes, and I smiled at her as I slid my finger into my mouth to taste her nectar.

“Mmmmmm Amber, you are delicious.”

“Oh Fuck, that was hot Mr. K.” Amber said as she slid back over to her chair. She didn’t even bother with putting her gown back on…and I didn’t mind one bit.

“It’s your turn Amber…who ya gonna pick?” Lacy asked.

Amber snapped back to reality, and said, “Okay Lacy…Dare or Dare?”

Everyone giggled. “I’m not sure that is the game we were playing.” I interjected.

“It’s the game we’re playing now,” Amber grinned, “I just changed it.”

“I’ll take dare then…I was gonna say dare anyway after Mr. K did that.”

Again everyone chuckled.

“Well, I think we are all ready to see Mr. K’s cock. So I dare you to go over and take off Mr. K’s pants and underwear. And you might as well stroke you hand up his cock a few times just to tease him in the same way he just teased me.”

“I accept that dare happily.” Lacy turned to face me, and quickly commanded, “Stand up Mr. K…time to measure that cock of yours.”

I know I’ve been around a while, but having a seventeen your old beauty tell you that she wants to measure your cock has got to be the sexiest thing that has ever been said to me. I grinned back at her, and with all the naughtiness in the air, I wasn’t even thinking twice about whether or not I was going to do it. I was as anxious to show these girls my cock as they were to see it. I slowly stood up from my couch, and walked over to the mantle so that all of the girls had a good view of me. I decided to go all in, and pulled off my shirt over my head. I hit the gym pretty hard, so I was proud of my six pack and the dark thin layer of chest hair. The girls all gave me a little cheer as I dropped the shirt to the floor. As Lacy’s hand reached for the snap of my jeans, her hands were trembling and clumsy. She had to fight with the stubborn clasp for a few seconds before finally being able to undo the fly. She smiled up at me as her tender fingers slowly undid my zipper. I don’t think any of them were ready for the show my cock had planned. Immediately my hard on ejected itself from my jeans. I was not wearing briefs…the zipper and fly were the only thing keeping my beast at bay. Lacy actually jumped a little as my cock came flying out to greet her. All of the girls leaned in a little to behold the 13” giant strutting proudly from my jeans.

“Oh shit Mr. K…that fucking thing is huge.” Lacy exclaimed. So, ummmm, can I really touch it?”

“I don’t believe you have a choice Lacy, after all…you were dared.” I said, standing even prouder than before. “But why don’t you finish taking these jeans off of me first?”

“Ummmm…yes sir.” Slowly her hands reached for the side of my jeans, and started to slide them off of my ass. The jeans fit me rather tight, so she had to tug a little at first. As Lacy bent over, her face came incredibly close to my enraged cock. I could feel her breath move down it as she moved lower and lower down toward the floor. My desire was to grab the back of her head and just pull her face onto my cock…but I had a feeling that this was not a night I wanted to rush. I stepped out of both legs of my jeans, and couldn’t help but chuckle as she threw them over to Brandy. Brandy rubbed my jeans over her face with a seductive grin…

“Mmmmm Mr. K, you do smell like a man don’t you. Very hot!” she exclaimed as she continued to rub the crotch of my jeans over her face.

I watched as Lacy dropped to her knees in front of me and slowly reached for my shaft. Her eyes were fixed on it…as were all of the girls. Even my own daughter was interested in the sight of one of her best friends stroking her daddy’s cock.

Just as Lacy started to touch it, I flexed my cock and made it jump right in front of her. The action surprised her and she giggled a nervous little laugh. “Oh Mr. K….naughty naughty.” But then her small slender fingers wrapped their way around my shaft. My cock was super thick to match its length…I told you I was blessed. Lacy didn’t just use one hand though, she wrapped all ten of those lovely digits around my shaft and slowly began to tease them in and up and down motion.

“It is beautiful Mr. K. Absolutely beautiful. We had no idea Jamie daddy had such an incredible cock or we would have asked her to invite us over much quicker.”

“Ain’t that the fucking truth!” Megan exclaimed, licking her lower lip gently as she continued to gaze at my hard cock. “I would have spent my whole senior year at your house if I had known then what I know now.”

All of the girls started laughing, but Lacy just kept sliding her wonderful fingers up and down the full length of my shaft. I couldn’t help but let out the occasional moan indicating that she was doing a great job.

“Okay, fuck this…who’s next…please tell me it’s me…someone fucking dare me to do something to Mr. K’s cock.” I could see the anxiousness in Lacy as she reluctantly broke her grasp from my cock and turned to face the other girls. She was grinning from ear to ear, and was flushed red in the face.

“Well, hmmm…okay, that was great…why did my turn have to end so quickly? It just isn’t fair. Oh well, the night is not over yet. Okay I guess we will go with Mr. K…here is your dare…I know for a fact that Megan has never had a man eat her pussy. In fact, I don’t think she has ever even cum before. So I dare you to eat Megan’s pussy until she explodes.”

“Are you sure you girls want to go down this road? Right now we are really just playing show and tell…do you all want to take this to that level?”

All of the girls looked at each other, just to confirm that they were in this all the way. Then almost as though planned, all four of Jamie’s girlfriends looked over at my massive cock and smiled. “Fuck yeah Mr. K.” Brandy answered on behalf of the group, “I hope you realize that you are going to have to fill every one of our pussies with that beautiful cock of yours. The real question is…and please let the answer be YES…are you prepared to go down this road?”

The girls watched me intently awaiting my answer. I glanced over at Jamie, wondering what her opinion was on this matter. Jamie just gave me this wonderful loving smile and a little wink, letting me know she was fine with this. I looked back at the girls, and then over at the anxious look on Megan’s face. I could see the desire in her face…she really wanted me to say Yes to this. Without answering though, I moved over to Megan where she was sitting and I pulled her up to meet me. She was covered in goose bumps from her nervousness, and started to shake as I wrapped my arms tight around her. I leaned down and began to copy the kiss I had shared with her earlier. Megan quickly poked her tongue out to meet mine and began to feast on my mouth hungrily. I enjoyed the kiss for a couple minutes before sliding my hand down her arms and let them come to rest on her hands. I pulled both hands back behind her back and held them tight in the grasp of my left hand. I then slowly began to kiss my way down her neck. I sucked on her neck and ear for a few moments while my free hand slid up to her shoulder and slid the thin straps of her nightgown off her shoulders. Megan gasped out as she felt the air reach her bare breasts and pussy. I slowly kissed my way lower, keeping her hands pinned tight behind her. I let my lips find one of her soft tiny titties. Her large swollen nipple tasted like vanilla as I sucked it into my mouth. She moaned out even louder as I sucked it deep into my mouth and gently teased it with my teeth and tongue. I didn’t have to look around the room to know that my audience was captivated. I began kissing my way lower, pulling her hands tight against her ass as I dipped my tongue into her small little navel. I could smell her nectar already emanating from her pussy. My kisses moved lower and I could feel Megan tight against me as she could feel my hot breath reaching her tender clit.

I was less than an inch away from her clit when in one quick motion I released Megan’s hands, moved both of my hands to her perfect tight little ass, and then hoisted her up and set her up on the 5’ mantle over my fireplace. It was a strong sturdy shelf, and I heard her let out a startled gasp as I quickly moved my body between her now spread open legs. Her pussy was so soft and sweet looking as I moved my face closer to her pussy. She was breathing heavily as I got even closer. I glanced up into her eyes; I was sure she could feel my hot breath on her wet pussy. She was scared and excited at the same time. I kept staring at her as I slowly stretched out my tongue and allowed it gently trace its way across her clit. Megan’s body jumped from the sensations. I flicked at it again, receiving the same response. I went slow and easy with each flick of my tongue, making sure not to go to fast for her. I wanted to give Megan an awesome first orgasm. I slid my hands up both of her thighs, allowing them to slide gently beneath her ass cheeks.

Megan’s hand grabbed tight to the edge of the mantle, as my tongue took its first slow lick at her pussy slit. “Oh shit.” She mumbled as my tongue stretched her slick little slit apart. I paused for a second, and then began to work its way back up her slit before reaching her clit. I gently sucked the now swelling nub into my mouth, and began tracing my tongue in circles around it. Her nectar was delicious as it began to hit my salivary glands. I moved my tongue back to her slit, and pressed it slowly inside her…spreading her lips apart.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” she moaned out as I began to slide my tongue in and out of her pussy, stopping only long enough to suck her clit back in my mouth and tease it some more. My fingers dug deeper beneath her, teasing the crack of her ass as my tongue began to fuck its way more and more eagerly inside her. Megan was starting to gently pump her hips back and forth to meet each thrust of my tongue. I was getting drunk on the nectar pouring from her cunt now…eagerly devouring every drop she offered. I could feel her body tighten beneath me, and I knew she wasn’t going to last much longer. I increased the speed of my assault on her pussy while using my face to grind against her clit. My fingers had managed to find her tight virgin asshole, and I was teasing it with the tip of one of my fingers. Megan’s body finally betrayed her and she began bucking violently against my face as her fresh nectar exploded into my mouth and all over my face. I feasted as hungrily as I could on her pussy, making her shake hard against my face. Her hands moved from the mantle to the back of my head as she continued to fuck my face with everything she had left. As her orgasm finally started to subside, she fell forward, squeezing her breasts tight against my head. I slowly broke my face free from her pussy and helped slide her off of the mantle shelf. As I lowered her down, Megan quickly locked her mouth onto mine and shoved her tongue deep inside my mouth. Her tongue was thrusting hard and deep into my mouth, rewarding me for the job I had just done. I led her back to her chair and sat her naked body down in her chair.

“Okay girls, I believe it’s my turn to dare one of you.” Each of the girls just waited anxiously to see what the next command in this game would be. I studied the girls intently, and finally decided that my daughter was going to get a dose of her own medicine. “Brandy, you seem like the experimental type…I want you to go over to my daughter and do to her the same thing I just did to Megan.”

Brandy looked back at me, shocked by the dare. “But Mr. K…ummm…I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m not sure I can.”

“Hey, a dare is a dare, and I just gave you a great example to strive for. Now, get over there and feast on my daughter’s pussy.”

I looked over are Jamie, and she was as nervous as Brandy. I gave her the same smile and wink she had given to me, telling her that she was in this as much as I was. Brandy slowly moved over to Jamie and stood her to her feet. Brandy did just as I did and slowly helped Jamie take off her nightie. Her gown dropped to the ground, revealing the beautiful body my daughter had been blessed with.

“Don’t forget the kiss first Brandy.” Megan chimed in, “The kiss is very important.”

Brandy glanced over at her, but then decided to do as she was told. Both girls met, and their sweet lips began dancing together as they explored their first girl/girl kiss together. Brandy began to kiss her way down my daughter’s body, teasing her nipples and navel in the same way that I had done. She was a quick study. I watched my student as she began sucking on Jamie’s clit. She jerked beneath Brandy’s efforts which seemed to be getting more and more passionate by the minute. It didn’t take long before the lust took over and Brandy began to really get into the task at hand. Her tongue was thrusting in and out of her pussy while her fingers had moved to Jamie’s clit and began teasing it. I could hear Jamie starting to breath harder, and knew that she was about to explode. Apparently Brandy figured it out too, because she started sucking even harder and faster on her delicious snack, until Jamie finally exploded her juices into her girlfriend’s mouth. Brandy continued to lick her through her orgasm, until she broke her mouth free and quickly moved her mouth back to kiss Jamie a second time.

I don’t think the girls expected that to happen or expected it to be as sexy as they turned out thinking it was. I even looked over at Amber and saw that she had been rubbing her hand on her pussy lips.

“Hey sexy…we’re you told to masturbate?” I asked, causing everyone to look at the shocked and embarrassed teen. Her hand jerked free from her pussy, and she began to blush heavily. She looked sheepishly at me. “I asked you a question…did you get dared to masturbate?”

“Well, ummm, no Mr. K. I just got…ummm…well…you know.”

“No, tell me what you got.

I could see the fear in her eyes…thinking she was in trouble.

“Well…I got …you know…horny.”

I giggled and smiled at her. “Well, don’t worry beautiful…we’re gonna make sure we take care of that tonight. But first, I think it’s time for another dare.

“Okay, Okay…it’s my turn to dare someone.” Megan shouted out.

“Nope…I don’t think so Megan.” I interrupted. “From now on, I’m in charge of all dares. You girls will just obey.”

All of the girls looked at each other with curiosity. But none objected.

“Here is the dare…and it’s a two parter. Part one involves you four girlfriends. You see, in order to know how to please a real man, you girls have to know how to suck a real man’s cock. As you can see, I have enough cock to go around, so we are going to see how good your girls can feast on my cock.”

I went over to the couch, and I sat down directly in the middle of it. My cock was still standing tall and proud. I had Lacy sitting on one side of me and Amber on the other. I spread my legs apart and pointed at Megan and told her to come sit in front of me. Brandy crawled up next to her on all fours, and without hesitation decided to be the first one to suck the head of my shaft into her mouth. I immediately moaned out as I saw her stretch her mouth wide open to try and get the thick head past her lips. Her tongue quickly began licking around the slit at the end, allowing the sticky precum to coat it. I sat there for a moment enjoying the view as I used my hands to push the back of Lacy and Amber’s heads down toward my shaft. Neither girl resisted as they both found a place on my cock to lick and suck on.

“You start on my balls Megan.” I commanded, pleased at how quickly she moved her mouth down to start licking and sucking on my tender nutsack.

As I began to get even more and more lost in the sight and feel of these four vixens as they became more and more caught up in task of sucking my cock and balls. Each girl taking their turn as they sucked the head of my shaft into their mouths. I looked over at Jamie who seemed to have recovered from her orgasm.

“Hey baby, you have part have to come over and return the favor to Brandy. Make her cum just like she made you cum. Eat her pussy while she sucks my cock.”

Jaimi didn’t even hesitate. I think passion had taken over. She moved up quickly behind Brandy on all fours, and without playing just dove her face right into her pussy. Her tender fingers spread Brandy’s ass cheeks apart and teased at her asshole while her mouth devoured Brandy’s cunt like it was her favorite chocolate dessert. As Brandy’s mouth found my balls sack, I can truly say no woman had ever sucked my balls like this girl did. The more Jaimi devoured her pussy, the more anxiously she sucked and feasted on me.

Lacy had moved her mouth to the top of my shaft, and was gagging as she tried to take even more of the head into her mouth. My cock was too thick and fat to get it in very deep though. Megan and Amber were feasting just as hungrily on the long shaft though, and to be honest, I had never felt anything so incredible in all my life. Even the few years we had been married, my wife hated getting her mouth anywhere near my cock. Here I was now though, four incredible beauties devouring as much as they could get, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to last. But then Lacy decided to surprise me.

“Mr K…I really want to get more of your cock in my throat, but I’m finding it too hard…would you help me.”

Shit! What was she suggesting. I was dying to force her head down, but I was just too scared to be that mean. I must have let her see my nervous look, so she decided to answer the question before I asked it.

“Mr. K. I want you to force my head further down. Please, I want to see how much of your cock I can take in my throat. Then I want you to feed me your cum.”

Fuck that was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. She looked up at me so innocently and yet so motivated. She didn’t wait for my answer, instead, she just moved her mouth back to my cock and forced her way as deep onto it as she could. Who the fuck was I to argue with a request like that. I pulled back on her hair, wanting to see my cock as it slid deeper and deeper into her mouth. Lacy’s mascara was already starting to smear her cheeks from her tears, but I quickly fulfilled her request. My big strong hand found the back of her head and eagerly began forcing it downward onto my shaft. I could feel her trying to adjust her throat to accommodate my massive intrusion. For a moment, the other girls stopped sucking on me and just stared at Lacy as I pushed her further and further down my cock. Her eyes had begun to bulge a little, but she was slowly and steadily beginning to breathe through her nose. I paused for a second to ask if she wanted me to stop. She reached one of her hands up to the hand on the back of her head and pulled downward on it, encouraging me to continue. So continue I did...I forced my hand downward even more, watching her throat stretch as at least half of my cock was now stretching its way inside her. I pushed her a little deeper, and finally felt her nails dig into my tender thigh. I stopped pushing for a moment, allowing her to get used to it. After a few moments, her nails loosed up, and she patted my thigh. I took that as the go ahead, and I began pushing her down even further. I had never had a woman try to take this much of my cock before. She made at least three more inches go into her throat before digging her nails into my throat again. Jaimi was still sucking Brandy’s pussy, which was causing Brandy to distract herself a little from my cock. At the moment I didn’t care though. I had to keep moving my eyes back and forth from this sexy slut who was deep throating my cock to the sight of Brandy as she began to feverishly fuck her cunt against my daughter’s face. Her orgasm combined by the feel of Lacy’s tight mouth and Amber and Megan’s new found lust in feasting on my balls, I could feel my orgasm finally starting to surface.

“Lacy, get ready, I’m gonna fill your belly with my hot cum.”

Lacy began to pull her head up and down on my shaft. I could feel her throat muscles squeezing it like a tight vice. I could feel every ridge of her throat as it milked my cock in and out. I was getting even closer when Megan moved up from my cock and took one of my hands and immediately pulled it to her pussy. Amber saw what she did, and immediately stood up next to the couch and placed her pussy just above Lacy’s still bobbing head. She quickly grabbed the hand from Lacy’s head and drew it to her pussy just as Megan had done. I quickly moved my fingers to both girls’ pussies and began pumping two fingers into each of their lovely slits. The girls grabbed on to my wrists and began feverishly fucking my fingers with everything they could. I was losing it very quickly. I didn’t want to blink as I looked around at my little harem. Jamie and Brandy were curled up at my feet fingering each other’s pussies and thrusting their tongues into each others mouths as they shared a super passionate kiss. Lacy was still impaled on my throbbing cock deeper than any woman ever before; and Megan and Amber were fucking my fingers so hard I wasn’t sure who would cum first, me or them. I glanced down at my sexy little cock sucker as I started thrusting my hips up to meet each of her thrust. My balls were tightening, and when I saw Megan slide her hand down Lacy’s ass cheeks and start finger fucking her, it was the last straw. I thrust my hips up hard and fast against Lacy’s face. As I heard Jaimi starting to explode in another orgasm from Brandy, I felt Megan and Amber both start to flood my hands with their juices. I fired my first long thick string of cum deep into Lacy’s belly. She didn’t hesitate for a second. She just kept forcing her head up and down on my shaft. A second spurt of thick jizz forced her to quickly withdraw her mouth from my cock as she started choking on my cum. As Amber looked down and saw my cock squirting nectar, she quickly dove down and claimed it for her own. Her mouth feasted hungrily as she locked her lips around the head of my cock. I kept bucking my hips up as I fired even more and more cum from my cock. Megan kept fucking my fingers, but she rushed down and pushed her way past Amber to feast on the last few spurts of my semen. I was completely spent, but the girls weren’t. They hungrily continued to drain every last drop of cum from my balls. I was shaking violently as I felt one of the girls…I don’t even know which one…slide her fingers between my ass cheeks and start to tease my ass.

The girls seemed to still be filled with lust. They wouldn’t stop passing my cock from mouth to mouth, even though the cum had stopped flowing. Lacy was still laying on my lap, but I was pretty sure she hadn’t cum yet, so I wanted to help her finish. I reached down and grabbed her frail frame and pulled her hips up in the air, leaving her face buried on my cock. I straddled her legs over my face, and feverishly devoured the nectar from her pussy. It didn’t take long before she exploded in my mouth. I kept her there for a few minutes though, just making sure to drink every bit of juice she offered me.

After about 10 more minutes, we all finally relaxed a little and I lay on the couch with all five girls exhausted on my lap and at my feet. I looked down at each of their soft lovely faces, lost in this world of pure lust and satisfaction. My cock was still mostly erect from all the sucking, and as I still had at least four hands work up and down my shaft, it was getting harder by the second. I was far from finished.

“Mr. K….” Brandy was staring up at me from the floor.

“Yes baby girl.”

“I hope you haven’t forgotten what I said earlier.”

“And what exactly is that Brandy.”

“Well, we are not leaving this house until that giant cock makes its way into every one of our tight little pussies. I hope you realize that. I don’t care if we have to stay here all weekend long until you get it done.”

I smiled down at Brandy and then around at all of my girls. “Girls, I might not let you go even after that. After all, I’ve always had this fantasy of seeing just how far I could get my massive cock into a tight little asshole. So I hope you are ready for that.”
With that, Brandy stood up in front of me and began to rub her hands down her naked body. I’m not really sure at what point the other girls had finally lost their gowns, but I was happy they did. Brandy stepped forward and gently guided the other girls off of my lap. As she stood between my legs, she stepped on the couch and placed her hands onto my shoulders. I leaned forward and as she started to lower herself down to my cock I eagerly sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. I felt her wet slit come to rest on my sensitive hard on. The sight of her sexy little pussy pressing on my cock head was enough to help finish its transformation. “Help me Mr. K.” she whispered as she slowly lowered herself even further. I held her hips with my strong hands, not breaking my lips from her tits. I could feel the heat from her pussy as her juices started to gush down my cock. She hadn’t even managed to get the entire head in before she started to cum all over my shaft. I gave a little upward thrust, forcing my way past her pelvic bone. Brandy screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm intensified as my thick cock stretched her open.

Lower she moved on my cock, her legs and hands trembling as she fought to hold her thrashing body on top of my cock. Deeper and deeper my cock pressed inside her. I felt her pussy tighten even more around my shaft as a second orgasm immediately ripped through her body. I was working hard to keep her body still. I knew that she was not ready for all 13” though, so I slowly began to hoist her up and down on the cock that she had been able to take. Her tight pussy felt incredible as I fucked her through at least three more orgasms. She finally started begging me to stop, her frail body just couldn’t take any more. I lifted her off of my cock and placed her on the floor.
“Who’s next?” I asked. I was delighted when three other girls raised their hands. I glanced down at my exhausted first fuck, only to find Jaimi eagerly feasting on Brandy’s pussy once again. This was going to be a great weekend.

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