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Disclaimer these are not mine in any way shape or form, I'm just using them for
some hentai reason known only to Jessee and me hehehehe. If you haven't guessed
this is a LEMON yes that's right a lemon, which means it has SEX in it and a lot
of it. If this is something you don't like or enjoy reading then this fanfic is
not for you. If you do like it and enjoy reading it then go ahead and have at
it and let me know too, it's a great ego booster. Enjoy the final chapter.

Ranma laid by Akane in there shared bed. Gently stroking her soft dark hair
thinking about the last time they had all gotten together to play. The words
Kuno had said kept flitting through his head. *Your lucky to be able to know
what it's like as a man or women! I would love to know the feeling of a man in
my female body!*
This was something Ranma would never expect from Kuno after all he seems to
really enjoy fucking the girls, and even more surprising the girls enjoyed him
just as much. Ranma started to lick Akane's soft large tit, which was peeking
out at him from the blanket they had over themselves. Ranma loved her taste, the
feel of her nipple in his mouth as he continues to suck his wife's tit. Ranma
smiled as he remember their wedding when he found himself being felt up by so
many girls that he had dragged Akane in to a closet for some relief.
Ranma kept on sucking her nipple when he felt a soft hand stroking his back,
expecting his wife's hand he was surprised to see Shampoo behind him totally
"Nahao Ranma how you like being married?" Shampoo smiled at him.
"It's really great how are you doing?" Ranma reached out a hand to play with
Shampoo's large soft mounds.
"Shampoo do very good, she have many guys who love playing, but she also want
play with you two more." Shampoo slid her soft hand down to his large hard cock.
"Hmmm I think we could be persuaded to play." Ranma then moved to take her
breast into his mouth. Shampoo moaned as she felt his tongue moving all around
her soft plush mounds.
"I know I can be." Akane smiled then started on Shampoo's other tit. Shampoo
held both their heads as they played with her tits making her cum easily. Ranma
moved to slid his fingers in to a pussy when Shampoo laid down to offer hers to
him. Akane quickly moved above Shampoo's head to offer her pussy to Shampoo's
eager tongue. Shampoo eagerly licked and sucked at Akane's clit while she felt
Ranma fill her body with his large hard cock. Ranma moaned as he felt Shampoo
hot wet tight pussy wrap around his large meat. Ranma pushed slowly at first to
savor the feeling of her silky soft folds all around him, Ranma slowly picking
up speed as he thrust in deeper enjoying the tightness of her pussy. Shampoo
was happy to slid her tongue in and out of Akane's love hole very fast to enjoy
the feel and taste of soft wet cunt against her tongue.

Ranma played with Akane's soft large tits as he thrust himself into Shampoo's
body the feel of both women made him cum quickly into Shampoo's eager body.
Ranma kept pushing on anyways as he felt himself growing hard again very quickly
refilling her body again. Ranma kept pumping Shampoo's body while getting more
excited watching her eat his wife.

Akane bucked her hips eagerly into Shampoo's face enjoying her tongue sliding
into her pussy hole then out to tickle her clit, a soft moan left her lips as
she filled Shampoo's mouth with cum. Shampoo kept sucking her clit and sliding
her tongue in deep licking up her love juices. Akane then wanted to trade places
with her. "Let's switch Shampoo." Akane moved so Shampoo could move also. Ranma
pulled out slowly enjoying the way he moved in her then moved so he could drive
his large cock into Akane's soft body. Shampoo happily moved into suck and
licked him a few times while Akane lay down then spread her shapely legs for
him. Shampoo then crawled over the bed to place her pussy above Akane's waiting
tongue. Ranma thrust in hard and deep, happy to fill her hot wet tight cunt.
Ranma pushed in deeper while he kept his hands and mouth busy with Shampoo's
large soft tits. Sliding his tongue gently over one mound then slowly down the
valley to the other mound. Sliding his tongue around her harden nipple feeling
her nipple against his tongue he then bite down softly feeling her squirm
around. Ranma looked up from under his dark bangs smiling as he watched Shampoo
throw her head back her moans growing with the excitement. "Like that huh
Shampoo." Ranma then bite down on her nipple to watch her reaction. Shampoo
screamed out as she felt the sting of his bite against her soft nub. Pushing her
pussy down suddenly she realized Akane just received a face full.
"Oh so sorry Akane; Ranma bite Shampoo it made me feel so good!" Shampoo moved
to give Akane some more room for her own playing.
"Don't sweat it Shampoo, having your soft pussy in my face is not a bad thing."
Akane stroke her soft leg.
"Thank you Akane." Shampoo smiled beautifully at her.
"Anything for our lover!" Akane smiled her own beautiful smile. Ranma kept quiet
watching the two girls, his mind though was busy with thoughts.
*Akane so tight and feels so great. I am so lucky she'd let us share our self
with so many great people! I wonder if the other people will show up? Hope so
the variety so much more fun, feeling all the girls and guys heh heh heh heh.*
Ranma chuckled to himself as he slowly pushed his rod deep inside Akane's soft
wet love hole. *Hmmmm I can't decide do I like it fast and hard or slow and
soft. Both ways feel so good, guess I'll always be a hentai and love both!*
Ranma kept pushing inside slowly as he savored the feeling.

The three kept playing with each other and trading places.
"I'm gonna go change to my girl form I'll be right back." Ranma ran out of the
room. Both girls smiled as they moved to do sixty-nine. Akane was on top of
Shampoo her face between her shapely legs licking her thighs as she moved
downward to her soft furry delta. Licking her gently around her clit then down
the outside of her lips she then moved her tongue inside her lips to feel her
petals on both sides of her tongue. Slipping her tongue deep inside Shampoo's
cunt she wiggled it around bringing Shampoo closer to climax. Shampoo panted
heavily into Akane's wet pussy feeling her own womanhood being gently worked
over by Akane. Shampoo then used her teeth to nip at Akane's clit giving her a
startled jump causing her to push her cunt down into Shampoo's cute face.
Shampoo smiled happily as she moved her tongue into her pussy tasting her
Ranma ran into the bathroom where he quickly grabbed the cold-water knob and
turn it on high. The familiar change came over him as he felt himself becoming a
woman. Ranma reached down to pinch his own tit.
"Ooh that feels soooo good." Ranma turned off the water, and then quickly ran to
the door down the hallway, back to the room as a adorable shapely naked female.
*Aaah I shouldn't enjoy it so much but I do enjoyed feeling my pussy being
eaten hmm should it be by first Akane then Shampoo or both at the same time?*
Ranma licked her lips as she walked into the room to see both girls busy eating
each other. Walking over to the bed Ranma reached out and tickled Shampoo's
pussy with his fingers a soft moan at the feeling of Ranma-chan's fingers sent
her over the edge. Ranma-chan removed her fingers then sat on the bed feeling
her soft wet pussy with her own fingers while watching Shampoo and Akane. Akane
looked up from her eating of Shampoo to see Ranma using her fingers on her own
hole. "Ranma, why don't you come over and eat with us." Ranma smiled as she
fingered herself for another moment then stood up from the bed. Moving closer to
the other girls Ranma-chan moved in behind Akane slowly licking her wet pussy
while Shampoo licked her.
"Aaaaaaaah yes this is so great Ooooooooh ooooohhhhh ooooohhhhhh ooooohhhhh
yessssssssss." Akane moaned with endless pleasure as two tongues licked her soft
pussy. Ranma-chan then moved to Akane's head straddling her head while facing
"Time for you to eat me out." Ranma lowered her soft red pussy down to Akane's
adorable face. Akane laughed softly as she slip her tongue inside the soft wet
petals of her female husband. "Ooooooh yeah I'll never get enough of Akane
eating my pussy!" Ranma-chan moaned. She knew Akane was enjoying Shampoo's
limber tongue by the way she was wiggling her own sexy body as she was being
eaten. Akane kept moving her pussy down into Shampoo's face eager to have her
eating her faster and deeper. Shampoo kept a tight grip on Akane's ass so she
could keep her soft furry mound close to her face enjoying the taste of her
pussy honey and the soft wet feel of her.
Ranma-chan leaned forward licking the soft line of fur on Akane. Shampoo
looked up kissing Ranma's sweet tasting lips with her own before going back into
her muff diving.
Ranma-chan moved off of Akane's face laying down onto the bed wit her legs
spread wide open. Shampoo moved in between Ranma-chan's shapely tone legs her
tongue sliding gently between both lips. Shampoo shoved her tongue in deep
licking her fast and furiously a smile in her eyes as Ranma-chan groan with
pleasure. Akane watched for a moment pinching her own soft round buds, her body
moving automatically as she placed her self between Shampoo's legs. Akane laid
on her back, moving her face between the Amazons own sexy legs, Akane wrapped
her arms around her soft plush ass holding her tight as she rammed her tongue
between her purple pussy lips. Shampoo squeaked with the pleasure Akane's limner
tongue was giving her. Akane shoved her face in deeper enjoying the feel of her
soft skin against her face. Ranma-chan yelped wit the sensation of Shampoo
biting her clit bringing her to climax again.
"Oooh you two are wearing me out!" Ranma-chan spoke softly as she removed her
pussy from Shampoo's face.
"I guess Shampoo could take a break but not long one." Shampoo smiled happily.
Akane laughed as she nodded in agreement. Ranma-chan collapsed onto the bed both
arms flung outward. Akane and Shampoo moved over by her.
Akane lay down on one side of female Ranma while Shampoo cuddled up on the other
side. Soon all three were sound asleep not caring that Nabiki had her camera on

The sun rose up slowly; lighting up the morning sky with red and pink hues,
shining into the window over three sleeping lovers and one eager man.
Shampoo moaned gently as her dreams begun to take a interesting turn, she found
herself being worked over by several men she didn't know when she woke with a
"Oooh that dream no real wow that some dream though!" Shampoo looked to see
Mousse sucking her large tit while his fingers were fucking her hole quickly.
"Silly Mousse you wake Shampoo up in such fun way!" Shampoo's soft milky smooth
arms; wrapped gently around his neck, holding him snuggly at her generous chest.
Shampoo smiled brightly as she heard the door open up with many voices reaching
her ears.
"Oooh yes they all show up I so glad!" Shampoo spoke softly to Mousse who only
nodded his head not letting her soft tit go. Nabiki walked over to smile down at
"Hi lover when your done I have some packets of drown man and woman here for us
to use. I'm thinking of you as a man fucking me as a woman then a man. Then I
can fuck you as a woman then a man how does that sound to you?" Nabiki gave her
a very kinky smile as she moved her hands over her own chest then pinched her
"Shampoo think Nabiki more weird and kinky then usual but Shampoo always happy
to join in on it." Shampoo reached over to squeeze her hand gently.
Nabiki smiled happily down at her. "I'll be waiting for you lover." Nabiki moved
off to direct the men carrying in the large buckets with a hose for water.
Ripping the first packet open Nabiki sprinkled the content into the water, then
the second one.
Kuno watched with a lot of interest as he moved over to Nabiki.
"Is this something new for our sexual pleasure?" Kuno asked her softly as his
hands moved to grab her soft ass.
"This my dear Kuno, will allow us to try it as a man or woman just like Ranma
gets too!" Nabiki pointed out Ranma who was pressed against the wall with Ryoga
pushing his large thick cock into her pussy. Kuno looked at her with an
astonished look on his face before finding his mouth was able to still work.
"I can feel what it is like as a woman? I shall know multiple orgasm?" Kuno
looked down at Nabiki.
"Yes Kuno you shall and I think you'll like it." Nabiki smiled happily as she
stepped into the water with man powder in it. Nabiki sat down to feel the change
taking over her body. Slowly standing up Nabiki-kun looked down at himself. "Wow
I'm a great looking man with a huge piece of meat!" Kuno stood frozen in place
as his eyes wove all over Nabiki's well form male body.
"Time for a dunking Kuno baby." Nabiki stepped out of the large tub of water
shaking the excess water off of him self. Kuno looked at Nabiki then the other
tub his eyes wide with wonder as his legs slowly move into the large tub of
water. Stepping in slowly with one last glance back, Kuno steps all the way into
the tub then slowly sinking downward to feel him self-changing with the water.
A soft feminine voice rings out as Kuno stand up a head shorter then he normally
is with an extremely shapely body.
"I'm a girl a beautiful girl, I can't believe it! I look so great like this!
Men will all want me, women will want me, I will be in demand by all, I'm
gorgeous!" Kuno-chan slowly runs her hands up and down her large well-formed
mounds, feeling the nipples harden under her own hands.
"Your still conceited too bud!" Nabiki-kun glared for a moment although his
glare soon turns to a grin of intense pleasurable thoughts as Nabiki-kun grabbed
Kuno-chan by the hand to lead her to an empty place.
Nabiki-kun pushed Kuno-chan up against a wall, his hands slowly moving all over
her large tits, then leaning downward to lick her nipples. Kuno-chan moaned with
the pleasure of feeling her chest licked for the first time. "I the great one am
to now know the true pleasures of a female body." Kuno-chan spoke softly as she
gently ran her hands slowly up and down Nabiki-kun's back.
"Kuno shut up or I won't fuck you!" Nabiki-kun grumbled. Kuno-chan looked up a
hurt look in her soft eyes.
"I'll pay you if I need to Nabiki." Kuno-chan lets her lower lip quiver softly.
"Oh man Kuno baby you don't need to go that far unless you really want too!"
Nabiki-kun smiled gently down at Kuno-chan.
"Sure anything you want Nabiki!" Kuno-chan wrapped her arms around Nabiki's
narrow waist kissing his bare chest.
"Hmmm not as good as my normal chest but feels nice." Nabiki spoke softly. Kuno
glanced up into Nabiki's masculine face, an unreadable expression on Kuno's soft
girlish features.
Kuno-chan moved her small hands downward to Nabiki's large piece of meat. Barely
holding it Kuno could feel Nabiki shudder with the touch.
"Kuno baby hold it tighter." Nabiki-kun moaned softly as his hips begin to sway
back and forth.
Kuno-chan looked a bit fearful then tightens her grasp on Nabiki's member.
Rubbing his thick cock slowly then speeding it up Kuno-chan then slowly sunk to
her knees. Carefully with some hesitation Kuno gave Nabiki a small lick over the
head. Nabiki gasped then reached his hand down to pull Kuno closer. Kuno looked
up briefly to see Nabiki-kun's eyes were half closed with a pleased look on his
face. Kuno shrugged her small shoulders then open her mouth to suck the rock
hard rod inside. Sucking gently then sucking on him harder Kuno started to bob
her head back and forth quickly taking Nabiki in deeper. Kuno slid her tongue
all over Nabiki-kun's cock the feeling of his cock in his mouth making him hot
with desire. Kuno started to move upward letting go of Nabiki-kun's cock to lick
her way up her flat stomach. Kuno reached Nabiki's hard pectorals and stopped
there to look into Nabiki's eyes.
"Eat me please!" Kuno-chan begged.
"Sure thing Kuno." Nabiki dropped down to his knees. A smile plastered over his
face as he reached his hand out to gently rub at Kuno-chan's soft delicate fur.
Nabiki leaned in closer to slip his tongue in between the soft petals tasting
Kuno-chan's excitement. Nabiki shivered with the exhilaration she was feeling
then moved his tongue in deeper feeling the soft wet pussy all around his
tongue. Nabiki flicked his tongue in and out quickly, and then stopped just
before Kuno came. Kuno-chan moaned with the feeling of needing to cum but not
quite getting there. Nabiki started to lick her clit gently then sucked hard on
her clit. Kuno-chan groans even louder with the pleasure she was receiving from
Nabiki-kun. Nabiki-kun looked up for a moment the stood up. Nabiki smiled down
at the glowing Kuno-chan. "I can't hold out any longer Kuno baby." Nabiki
wrapped his arms around Kuno's small waist picking Kuno-chan up slightly Nabiki-
kun then moved his cock into Kuno-chan's soft body. Nabiki-kun groaned with the
feeling of the tight pussy around his cock for the first time. "Ooh yeah this is
great." Nabiki started to push himself in deeper feeling the slick soft wetness
all around him. Kuno-chan also moaned with pleasure as she started to move her
own hips back and forth. Nabiki-kun smiled down at Kuno as he watched him moving
his own hips back and forth a look of happiness and contentment on her face.
Nabiki moved to kiss Kuno-chan's soft lips as he kept his hips moving gently
now. "I'm gonna fill your body with cum." Nabiki whispered to Kuno-chan. Kuno-
chan gasped with the words then felt her body tighten with the pleasure she was
receiving. Kuno-chan felt her body gush cum all over Nabiki-kun's cock.
"OOOOh I did it I came as a girl." Kuno-chan gasped.
"Oooh yessssssss." Nabiki-kun gasped as the feeling of Kuno-chan's juices pushed
him over the edge. Nabiki felt his cock stiffen up as he released his seed into
her soft body. Nabiki-kun let go of Kuno-chan's body to stagger back from Kuno-
chan who landed lightly on her feet.
"That was unbelievable." Both spoke at once. They looked up at each other the
laughter coming out quickly.
"You Kuno baby were great, now go share your adorable body with some other lucky
person!" Nabiki whispered as he turned around to leave.
"Love them and leave them huh Nabiki!" Kuno laughed some more as Nabiki looked
back his eyes showing his lust clearly as he winked at her.
"You got it Kuno baby!" Nabiki noticed Shampoo was now done with Mousse so
quickly grabbed her by the hand.
"Come on lover." Nabiki spoke quickly to Shampoo who looked startled by the
strange man.
Nabiki-kun pushed Shampoo up against the wall his eyes moving to small slits as
he grabbed her soft pussy roughly in his hand.
"You mine bitch!" Nabiki gave a harsh chuckle as Shampoo stood surprised by this
new mans attitude.
"I no belong to anyone I free woman!" Shampoo glared up at the man as he
"What so funny?" Shampoo wanted to get mad but his hand was tugging her clit
bringing her to a very excited state.
"Shampoo my dear you are mine!" Nabiki-kun shoved his cock into Shampoo's wet
tunnel ramming him self in deep as he grabbed both her large mounds squeezing
them tightly.
"Your nice and tight Shampoo with large tits just the way I like my women."
Nabiki-kun whispered into Shampoo's ear as he maintained his pounding rhythm.
"Only women you get are dead one you keep talking like this!" Shampoo cursed
under her breath as she wrapped her arms eagerly around the man's neck brings
him down to her chest. Nabiki laughed loudly as he started sucking hard on
Shampoo's nipples leaving marks on her fair skin.
"You no have me after this no matter how good you feel." Shampoo tried to sound
angry but this man seem to know her body well.
"Shampoo my dear this is Nabiki and I'll have you when ever I want you!" Nabiki
gave a mighty heave into her cunt spilling forth his wad. Shampoo cried out with
the feelings of his sperm filling her.
"Nabiki you man why you no tell me?" Shampoo started kissing Nabiki's masculine
"It was too good of an opportunity to tell you who I was and now I was able to
do something I always wanted to try." Nabiki resumed his kissing onto Shampoo's
"What that?" Shampoo asked.
"To force myself on a girl like I did with you. Next time struggle more that
should be fun!" Nabiki looked up from under his bangs as Shampoo looked down
into his face a tit in his mouth.
"Sure I do that but I also get to force you and you need to try get away."
Shampoo smiled as she stroked Nabiki's handsome face.
"Anytime you want lover." Nabiki turned his attention back to Shampoo's soft
sexy body bring her closer to climax again.

Kuno-chan watched him leave then start playing with Shampoo. Kuno smiled
happily as he then noticed Genma walking over toward him with a clear message in
his eyes.
"Come on Genma lets see what the head of the Saotome family is like!" Kuno
winked at him.
Genma smiled back before speaking softly in a humorous voice. "Then we'll need
to bring Nodoka over to play she's the head of the family." Genma wrapped his
large arms around Kuno-chan's slender waist pulling her close. Kuno gasped at
the strength in his arms as he pulled him close then snuggled up to his broad
"I'll check her out when I'm done with you!" Kuno slid her leg up along Genma's
leg then wrapped it around his backside above his butt. Genma smiled as he moved
his own hands down to Kuno's soft ass then pulled her up to his waiting cock.
Kuno-chan gasped as she felt herself filled suddenly with a large piece of meat.
Kuno-chan started moving her own hips slowly to bring Genma in deeper as she
savored the feeling of her body. Kuno-chan noticed Soun walking toward them a
large grin on his face.
*Hmmm seems I'll be able to see what it's like from both ends.* Kuno-chan smiled
seductively then face faulted when Soun moved in behind Genma wrapping his arms
around his waist to rest under Kuno-chan's body. *Or maybe not, these two sure
are close!* Kuno watched fascinated as Soun nuzzled into Genma's neck while
pounding his ass and Genma welcomed it. *Very close.*
Kuno went back to concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving from Genma
ignoring Soun grunting behind him. Kuno-chan gasped suddenly when she felt her
ass being prodded turning her head to the side she noticed Tofu playing with her
ass before entering her.
"OOOh Tofu that feels so great." Kuno-chan spoke softly as she enjoyed the
feeling of Tofu moistening her butt with lotion then using his fingers to spread
it deeper inside. Tofu smiled gleefully.
"I love to take a new ass it's a thing I have for asses I guess." Tofu smiled as
he started a rhythm up. Slowly moving in deep then back out slowly. Tofu groaned
as he enjoyed the tight ass around his large meat.
"Where's Kasumi?" Kuno asked between moans.
"She's getting fucked by Taro and Ryoga right now!" Tofu grunted as he gave
another hard push spilling his seed into Kuno's tight ass. Kuno nodded
acknowledgment as she returned her looked to Genma who was busy kissing her soft
neck. Genma looked into Kuno's light green eyes deeply kissing her lushes red
lips. Kuno sighed with happiness her arms moving around his neck holding him
*This feels so good I could really get use to this!*
"Time to fill you up!" Genma shouted out as he rammed his cock in deep. Kuno's
eyes opened wide with surprise at being filled so suddenly. Kuno-chan watched
Genma's face as he squinted his eyes shut concentrating solely on her body.
Genma sighed softly as he released his seed into Kuno-chan's tight pussy. Genma
smiled gratefully as he removed his cock from Kuno's tight little cunt. A large
smile appeared on Soun's face as he grabbed Genma's balls once Genma had removed
his staff from Kuno. A large predatory smile on Soun's rugged face as he pounded
against Genma's ass harder then before his breath ragged as he felt his own
release into his partner's ass. Kuno-chan watched as they turned around gently
kissing each other; their hands moving slowly along each side of their bodies
giving pleasure to each other.
"Yup those two are very close!" Kuno-chan walked away looking for another body.
"Aaaah yes my beautiful chef, you shall do nicely for my entertainment." Kuno
grabbed Ukyo by the arm bringing her in for a kiss. After the kiss ended a
surprised Ukyo looked into a strangers face.
"Who are you?" Ukyo asked despite her hands roaming along her soft back.
"Oh sorry my dear lady I am Takiwaki Kuno in female form." Kuno-chan moved her
face down ward sucking her hard nipples. Ukyo shrugged her shoulders enjoying
the feeling she was receiving. Kuno-chan dropped to her knees pushing her face
into Ukyo's velvety fur licking her soft lips with strong strokes of her tongue.
Ukyo moaned loudly holding onto Kuno's head. Ukyo shifted her weight bringing
Kuno down on top of her sexy body as she lowered her self to the floor.
"Lets eat other out." Ukyo smiled adorably. Kuno-chan nodded as she turned her
body around positioning her self above Ukyo's face. Ukyo held her tight as she
sucked on Kuno's clit causing her to spill her honey onto her tongue. Kuno
yelped out as Ukyo bite down hard on her lips puling some hair with her teeth.
Ukyo grinned happily as she listen to Kuno moaning with the pleasure.
Kuno looked over her shoulder into Ukyo's soft color eyes.
"I feel the need to be a man with you now I hope this doesn't bother you?" Kuno
looked pleadingly. Laughter rang out as Ukyo looked around for some hot water.
"There's a thermos grab it and fuck me!"
Ukyo moaned as Kuno pounded his large cock into her soft tight hole. Kuno bent
down taking her left tit into his mouth sucking gently on her his teeth moving
slowly over her nipple to scrape along her milky skin over one mound to the
other. Ukyo moaned tenderly enjoying the feelings Kuno was putting into her sexy
body. Ukyo bucked upward toward his strong lean body letting her juices flow
over his large thick cock. Kuno smiled down gently at Ukyo as he felt her
"Your easy to please!" Kuno pushed deep with in her body letting his seed flow
into her soft velvety folds. Ukyo tried to relax as she pushed Kuno off her
"Thank Kuno it was a lot of fun with both your forms!" Ukyo walked away wiggling
her cute hips at Kuno as he admired her form.
"What a beauty!" Kuno looked around for a new lover his eyes searching out all
the possibilities.

Ranma-chan pulled Mousse over to the large tubs of water.
"Ok duck boy lets see what you look like as a girl." Ranma-chan slipped her
foot under Mousse's feet letting him trip into the tub of female water. A very
pretty long pink hair girl stood up her blue eyes blinking out the water.
"Ranma maybe I didn't want to try it as a girl." Mousse-chan glared at the lamp
while Ranma-chan chuckled behind him.
"You need to be open to all sexual experiences Mousse!" Ranma jumped into the
tub of man water standing up in his normal male form. Ranma smiled toward
Mousse who looked around not seeing the large hentai looks crossing his face.
Ranma stepped out of the tub sliding his hand gently along Mousse's slender arm
he then reached around Her waist to pick her up gently. Walking slowly over to
the bed that was just vacated by Akane and Taro Ranma laid Mousse down gently
then moved next to her. Ranma moved his hand gently, slowly up and down her flat
tummy feeling Mousse-chan shiver with each stroke. Ranma then moved to cup his
large breast giving it a gently squeeze. Mousse squealed with the pleasure she
was feeling from Ranma.
"Wow I'd never have thought it'd feel so good to feel your tit being squeezed
like that!" Mousse wiggled a bit as Ranma's hand trailed a finger over to the
other mound to squeeze her gently there.
"It's a lot more fun then a man can realize!" Ranma bent down to run his tongue
gently over Mousse's large soft tit. Sucking into his mouth the soft pink nipple
Ranma enjoyed the way Mousse's nipple hardens even more in his mouth as he kept
sucking on her chest. Ranma then stood up his large cock ready for action.
Pushing Mousse's small female body against the wall hard enough to make Mousse
lose his breath Ranma then thrust his large weapon into Mousse's soft tight
virgin female body. Ranma started to thrust harder enjoying the tightness all
around his cock.
"Hmmm Mousse you are so tight it feels great!" Ranma whispered into her ear as
his hips kept moving back and forth driving him deep with each forward thrust.
"Your…. gasp ….so big wow, this feeling is beyond… compare to what I feel as a…
man." Mousse moaned even louder then gave out a loud scream to which everyone
turn to see her and grin knowing he just climaxed as a girl. Ranma chuckled as
he pounded against Mousse's soft body harder feeling her wet walls around his
large penis. Mousse screamed loudly with the pleasure her body was receiving.
Ranma looked down at her his eyes wide.
"So your a screamer." Ranma leaned down licking Mousse's large breast, his
tongue moving from the right mound to the left then back again. Mousse wiggled
with the immense feelings as she held Ranma tightly.
"Make me cum hard again please." Mousse-chan begged. Ranma looked at her from
under his bangs. Slowing down his rhythm then speeding up again. Ranma watched
as Mousse reached screaming point then come to a stop as Ranma slowed down.
"Ranma you ass, stop teasing me!"
Ranma gave Mousse a quirky look as he slow down even farther. Mousse growled
deep in his female throat.
"Make me cum you ass!" Mousse warned again.
"Say please!" Ranma laughed as he stopped his movement.
"RANMA…..PLEASE ……MAKE…..ME…. CUM!" Mousse grounded out.
Ranma laughed as he moved his hips fast, driving his cock deeply inside Mousse's
soft curvy body.
"YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS." Mousse cried out as she let her juices flow over his cock.
"That's great now get offa me ya pervert!" Mousse walked away as soon as Ranma
stood up.
"Jackass why can't he just fuck a person and be happy why tease them into it,
even if it was kinda…. Well….. really good like that…. idiot." Mousse grumbled
with every step.
"Yup he really liked that, to bad he never let me cum oh well I'll find someone
new yeah!" Ranma walked off in search of a new lover.

Taro stepped out of the large tub his female body glistening with water.
Kasumi-kun smiled at her with a look of a predator.
"Shall we go play now?" Kasumi's deep voice resounded in Taro's small feminine
"Sure lets go and do it!" Taro grabbed Kasumi's large hand leading him to the
other room where several beds were pushed then tied together. Taro lay down on
the bed fluffing her hair out with one hand while stroking her soft plush breast
with the other hand.
"Do it to me big boy." Taro laughed at his words, giving Kasumi something to
chuckle about too. Kasumi started at Taro's feet kissing them gently then moving
toward her calves then her thighs. Kasumi moved her face between Taro's
beautiful legs licking each thigh slowly moving into lick her soft velvety
pussy. Kasumi gently licked her clit then nibbled gently on her clit, causing
Taro to moan and become weak with pleasure. Taro bucked her small hips upward
pushing her cunt into Kasumi's face. Kasumi smiled to her self as she wiggled
her tongue around Taro's clit, bring out another shudder from her.
"I'm going to come!" Taro gasped.
"Must be time to stuff my penis into your hot little body then." Kasumi moved
upward kissing her all over as she reached her lips. Kasumi pressed forward
feeling Taro's soft pussy nudging against the head of her staff.
"I'm going to shove my self in hard now." Kasumi warned taro as she gave a hard
shove forcing her penis into the wet folds of Taro's body.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh." Taro cried as she came onto Kasumi's meat.
"Do it again please!" Taro begged.
"Sure, I aim to please!" Kasumi drew out letting just the head barely touch her
wet delta. Kasumi again shoved inside her body hard forcing her way through her
velvety folds. Taro cried out again as she felt her body climax. Taro started
bucking her hips harder trying to bring in Kasumi's dick at a faster rate.
"Fuck me hard please, I need it hard!" Taro begged.
Kasumi gave her a satisfied look as she speeded up her rhythm feeling the tight
folds hold her tightly inside.
Kasumi grunted softly as she reached climax.
"OOOOh myyyyy." Kasumi gasped as she felt her body move over the edge spilling
out his seed into Taro's small soft body.
"I must say a man does have a lot of fun with a penis!" Kasumi looked down into
Taro's gray eyes.
"Thank you Taro, for letting me enjoy you as a girl, this is something I'll
never forget!" Kasumi kissed Taro gently as he removed his softening cock.
Kasumi gave Taro one more smile as he walked away noticing Tofu finishing up
with Hinako.
Taro lay in bed watching Kasumi walk away her eyes feeling heavy until a pair
of rough hands grabs her great size tits. Taro looked toward the grabber her
gray eyes narrowing.
"Mr. Tendo, feeling a bit horny, are we?" Taro laughed as Soun climbed on top of
her with out saying a word, shoving his large penis in deep. Taro watched amazed
as Soun continued to pound against her adorable body but kept quiet the whole
*Oh well at least he feels good!* Taro relaxed enjoying the feel of a thick cock
sliding back and forth in her tunnel. Soun groan as he felt his wad explode
inside Taro's velvety walls. Taro moved her hips upward trying to bring about
her own climax when Soun stood up abruptly walking away his cock going soft
"Ah man what a waste he left me horny."
"I'll take care of you." Ryoga climbed between Taro's shapely legs moving his
thick meat inside her tunnel. Pounding with even slow strokes Ryoga closed his
eyes enjoying the feel as Taro talked dirty in his ear.
"Fuck me go inside deep make me cum all over you."
Ryoga gasped as he shoved hard his cock letting out his supply.
"Oh yeah this feels great." Taro moaned as she came onto Ryoga's cock as he
gave a few last pushes.
"Thanks Ryoga. I think I'll go back to being a man for now. If you want to be a
girl I'll fuck ya!" Taro smiled happily.
"Sure lets go." Ryoga stood up walking toward the tub of water with Taro
following close behind.
Ryoga stepped into the tub of girl water letting the change take over his manly
Taro smiled happily as he poured hot water over his female head changing back
into a man.
Ryoga looked at him uncertainly.
"Do I look ok?" Ryoga asked softly.
"Hmmm." Taro looked over Ryoga's new female form her tits were large and perky
with large brown nipples. Her small waist was slender with well-formed hips.
Ryoga's delta was dark just like his thick mop on her head above her beautiful
"Your so beautiful I think you should just stay a girl!" Taro grabbed Ryoga's
small hand kissing her full lips deeply as he pushed his cock deep into Ryoga's
womanhood. Ryoga screamed as she felt her barrio break with Taro's rough
"Oh kami that's something else." Ryoga gasped as she started moving her hips in
time with Taro's.
"So tight so tiiiiiight." Taro gasped as he speeded up his ramming of Ryoga's
soft pussy.
Ryoga groaned as she felt her body move over the edge letting her self cum as a
girl all over Taro's cock. Taro gasp as her sweet honey coated his cock making
her wet hole even wetter and bringing him to climax.
"I'm cumming I'm cumming." Taro yelled as he filled Ryoga with his seed. Ryoga
sighed with the pleasure as she leaned against Taro's strong chest.
"Thanks man, that's great." Ryoga released Taro walking off in his new girl form
looking for a new lover. Taro placed his hand against the wall his breath coming
out raggedly.
"Being a girl sure has its plus side, I gotta rest before I can get any more
out!" Taro sat where he was breathing in deeply as he watched Ryoga-chan snuggle
up to Soun Tendo.
"Pervert!" Taro chuckled as he enjoyed the show.

Kasumi grabbed his body from behind shoving his meat inside his tight ass.
Tofu grunted as he was filled.
"I thought you needed some butt work now!" Kasumi smiled as Tofu looked over his
shoulder at him.
"Kasumi you make a very handsome man, with a big dick!" Tofu reached back
holding Kasumi by her slender male hips. Kasumi smiled as he kept his cock deep,
moving himself slowly back and forth enjoying the feel of his penis sliding
inside the man she loved. Tofu felt a tugging on his cock, looking downward her
noticed Nabiki sucking hard on his penis, while Genma was going at it in her
"Looks like we have company Kasumi dear." Kasumi looked over Tofu's shoulder
noticing Nabiki deep throat Tofu's manhood while Genma pounded against her ass.
"It's so much more fun with a crowd then just ourselves!" Kasumi leaned closer
kissing Tofu's neck, while licking ever few moments. Tofu nodded his head in
agreement as he tensed up feeling him self-reach the breaking point. Tofu
grunted softly his breath coming out raged as he felt his wad explode into
Nabiki's mouth.
Nabiki quickly licked his cock; cleaning off any cum left behind. Looking up
along his strong muscular body she smiled sweetly.
"You dear doctor taste great!" Nabiki resumed her licking. Genma reached down
around to Nabiki's sizable breast squeezing them gently while his cock drove in
"I can't hold off any long Nabiki dear!" Genma grunted as his seed burst into
her hot ass.
"I don't mind at all Uncle it feels so great!" Nabiki sighed as she felt his
warm wad fill her.
"Thanks for the fuck Uncle Genma, I'm going to see your beautiful wife now!"
Nabiki walked off leaving Genma standing there.
"No problem Nabiki." Genma quickly went to his knees leaning forward to lick
gently at Tofu's hard cock. Tofu sighed with pleasure as he felt him self-
growing closer to climax.
"Tofu I'm cumming." Kasumi grunted as he shoved his cock in deep letting a wad
spill out.
Tofu sighed with contentment as he felt his lover leave her seed in him.
"Thank Kasumi that was great!" Tofu smiled as Kasumi walked off talking over her
"I'll be back I want to be female for a while."
"Not to worry Tofu I'm not done with you!" Genma smiled as he resumed his
sucking. Tofu grabbed Genma on both sides of his head enjoying the man's tongue
work. Genma pulled on Tofu bringing him down to the floor.
"I feel the need for my cock being sucked on by you!" Genma moved his large
penis over Tofu's face. Tofu immediately began his tongue work on his cock,
licking gently while sucking hard on Genma's large hard rod his right hand
gently playing with his balls. Genma grunted loudly around Tofu's hard penis as
he moved toward climax. Tofu bobbed his head up and down faster taking Genma
deep into his throat. Genma released his seed filling Tofu's mouth with his
sweet tasting cum. Tofu shuddered with the excitement his own body going over
the edge leaving his own seed in Genma's large mouth.
Genma rolled off of Tofu's body gasping for breath.
"That was great!" Genma looked at Tofu as he repositioned himself to lie beside
the large man.
"It sure was great, now for some quiet relaxed time to enjoy the after glow of
making love!" Tofu whispered as he kissed Genma gently. Genma wrapped his arms
tightly around Tofu's slender body returning the kiss with gusto. Kasumi watched
from across the room her eyes misting over.
"He's such a caring man!" Kasumi returned her attention to Nodoka's soft pink
Nodoka sighed with happiness as she came onto Kasumi's waiting tongue.
"Kasumi dear you are as always great. I shall now go enjoy some time with my
son." Nodoka smiled as she walked away noticing Shampoo leaving Ranma alone
with a softening cock.

Ranma shivered as he felt soft hands wrap around his waist looking to see
which girl or guy as a girl wanted to play, Ranma noticed his mother standing
behind him.
"Mom?" Ranma wasn't sure if she was hoping to play or something else.
"Ranma, I have seen how manly you are with all these girls here and I have seen
how Soun has shown his daughters how much he loves them physically and now I'm
hoping to have you show me how manly you are!" Nodoka whispered into his ear.
Ranma shivered even more.
* I had not thought of sex with mom but my own wife had been with her father and
my own father in fact my mother so why not me too?*
"Sure mom lets play!" Ranma turned in her arms his own strong arms wrapping
around her slender waist. Ranma leaned into her kissing her neck then moved up
to her soft lips. Ranma reached one hand up to her large pert breast giving it a
squeeze with his left hand. Ranma bent down a bit to suck her nipple into his
mouth sucking gently then hard on her tit. Ranma then bite down hard on her
gaining a squeal of delight from her. Ranma moved his other hand down to
Nodoka's soft bare pussy where his hand rubbed her clit feeling how wet she
already was.
"Hmmm so who have you been with already mom?" Ranma asked her.
"The question dear son is not who but who haven't I been with. I must say your
wife in male form is very good!" Nodoka laughed at Ranma's expression.
"Come dear enough teasing, lets have sex." Nodoka wrapped her leg around his
waist pulling him closer. Ranma grinned as he felt his cock push into her bare
cunt ready to drive it's way inside.
"Ok mom you asked for it." Ranma rammed his penis inside very hard and fast
causing Nodoka to gasp with the sensation of being filled so quickly.
"You are quite large son!" Nodoka panted with pleasure as her hips moved slowly
back and forth in a slower rhythm then Ranma.
"Thanks and you're real tight too!" Ranma sighed as he felt her silky walls
rubbing against his cock bringing him closer to climax with each stroke. Nodoka
sighed with pleasure as his thick large cock rub the inner walls causing her
body to climb toward its peak. Nodoka swayed her hips gently against his.
*Glad I shaved it all off, it feels so good when my clit rubs against his cock.*
Nodoka sighed with contentment as her clit continued to rub his cock bringing
her pleasures of untold levels.
"Oooh son, yes you make your mother so proud the way you fuck my pussy. Please
suck my tits though!" Nodoka asked Ranma who immediately leaned down taking her
right nipple into his mouth sucking her gently. Ranma looked at his mother's
face noticing her look of happiness. Ranma bite down gently as he twirled his
tongue around her nub. Nodoka moaned softly as she climax spreading her juices
all over his ramrod piece. Ranma grunted hard as he shoved himself in deeper
letting his own juices flow into her sexy body.
"Thanks mom that was great. I'm going to be a girl for a while if you wanna try
it that way?" Ranma asked her mother.
Nodoka looked eager as she nodded her head in happiness.
"Ok mom." Ranma grabbed some cold water that was in a glass close by, changing
to her female form.
Ranma-chan climbed back on top of her mother, spreading her legs over her face.
"Eat pussy mom!" Ranma-chan wrapped her own arms around Nodoka's slender body
pulling her down ward as she immediately shoved her face into Nodoka's soft
pussy licking her clit then the inner walls of her petals. Ranma lapped up fast
taking in her juices. Ranma-chan smiled as she felt her mother cum easily
leaving her honey to be licked up by her. Ranma-chan eagerly lapped at the
liquid enjoying her mothers taste. Nodoka wrapped her arms around her
daughter's slender waist holding her securely as she licked the soft curly red
hair. Nodoka pushed her limber tongue in deep causing Ranma-chan to squirm with
the feeling. Nodoka smiled inwardly as she pushed her tongue back in twirling it
around her inner walls causing Ranma-chan to give up her dew.
Ranma-chan felt her body coming again filling her mothers mouth with honey.
Ranma-chan gasped as she rolled off her body hot and tired.
"Thanks mom, that was great!"
"It sure was son, now I think I play with your wife." Nodoka walked over to
Akane as she stood with one hand against the wall her other hand holding onto
Taro's side. Taro was pushing his cock inside her ass slowly savoring the
feelings her ass was giving him. Nodoka bent down moving her self in front of
Akane. Grabbing both shapely legs Nodoka shoved her face into Akane's pussy
licking at her clit. Nodoka bobbed her head back and forth quickly enjoying the
taste of Akane's sweet honey. Shampoo and Ukyo walked over eagerly to the three
lovers. Ukyo laid down on her back her head between Nodoka's soft shapely legs.
Shampoo placed her self between Ukyo's firm thighs licking at her bare cunt her
cute ass in the air. Akane moaned softly as she watched Nodoka eating her while
the other girls ate each other.
"See that Taro it sure does make a person hot!" Akane moved her small hand to
her sizeable breast rubbing each in turn bringing her self-closer to climax as
Taro panted over her shoulder.
" It sure does make ya hot watching chicks go down on each other." Taro grabbed
her tit holding it roughly as his body started moving faster in Akane's tight
ass. Taro groaned as he watched the girl's heads moving between each other's
"Look it that Akane!" Taro whispered into her ear. Akane looked to see Ranma
positioning himself between Ukyo's legs his large thick cock moving into her
velvety walls. Nodoka squealed with happiness as she felt Ukyo suddenly going
deep in her cunt licking her walls easily.
"Oh yeah that's so great to watch." Akane panted harder as she came onto
Nodoka's fast moving tongue.
Ranma looked up at Akane winked as he pounded Ukyo faster, causing her to scream
out loud with excitement. Akane smiled lovingly at Ranma as she reached climax
again, cumming onto Nodoka's limber tongue.
"Taste great Akane!" Nodoka said between her legs.
"Thanks." Akane sighed as she leaned back into Taro as he continued beating her
ass with his boner.
"Here it comes." Taro whispered into Akane's right ear. Akane nodded her head,
enjoying the feel of his hot seed filling her ass.
"I'm going to go visit Hinako's tight ass now." Taro kissed Akane's right cheek
before turning to leave. Akane smiled happily as she resumed her attention back
to Nodoka and her magic tongue.
Nodoka licked Akane clean as she came on her tongue once again.
"Thanks mother Saotome you are so great at this. I'm going to go find a penis
"I'll join you if you don't mind?" Nodoka asked.
"Not at all come on." Akane wrapped her arm around Nodoka's slim waist as the
two walked away leaving Ranma still pounding Ukyo's wet pussy who was now left
with out a pussy to eat.
"Ranma eat Shampoo while fuck Ukyo?" Shampoo asked softly her violet eyes
looking pleadingly with him.
"Sure thing beautiful." Shampoo giggled girlishly as she jumped up landing
easily onto Ranma's strong shoulders where he grabbed her plush ass holding her
in place while her sexy legs dangle down his back. Shampoo squealed with
happiness as Ranma's tongue repeatedly poked in and out of her love hole.
"Shampoo when you come lets trade places and then switch again?" Ukyo suggested.
Shampoo looked back over her shoulder down at Ukyo as she laid on the rug her
tits jiggling around as Ranma continued to beat her thatch with his cock.
"You know Shampoo do anything to feel all this pleasure." Shampoo wiggled her
hips pushing her tight pussy into Ranma's handsome face. Ranma made several
snarfing sounds as he licked her deeper trying to get all of her honey as she
came for him. Ukyo grunted hard, her pussy on fire with excitement as she came
repeatedly onto Ranma's thick penis.
"When you girls are done I get him." Genma smiled happily at the two beautiful
girls fucking his only son.
"I guess we can share huh Shampoo." Ukyo laughed as Shampoo nodded agreement.
"But we no share for to long." Both girls laughed happily as they enjoyed the
feelings Ranma's penis and tongue gave to them both.
Shampoo gave Ranma a long kiss before she walked away with Ukyo both holding
each other's tight ass. Ranma grinned like a cat with a canary as he watched
them leave.
"After I'm done with you I'll go after them again." Genma turned his son around
grabbing him tightly around his waist.
"Ah yes so tight!" Genma sighed with satisfaction as he moved slowly at first
gaining speed as he moved. Ranma grunted with the feel of his fathers cock up
his ass. Looking down Ranma saw his mother holding his dick her small hands
rubbing him gently.
"Time for a family affair!" Nodoka pushed her son's penis into her small hole
sighing with the feeling of being filled. Ranma moaned loudly as his parents
impaled him from behind and impaled them self in front of him.
"After we come lets turn our son into a girl what ya say Nodoka?" Genma asked as
he leaned over Ranma's shoulder kissing his lovely wife's lips.
"I could be talked into it!" Nodoka gave another hard push forcing her body to
soak Ranma's cock, bringing him to climax just after her. Genma grunted as he
shot his load into Ranma's tight ass.
"Now for some pussy." Genma grabbed some cold water from a water bottle dumping
the content onto Ranma's head while he kept his still hard cock in his now plush
"I love your curse." Genma smiled as he resumed his pounding watching his wife
lower her self to Ranma-chan's large tits. Suckling each in turn then licking
her between the mounds as she lowered her self further down ward. Nodoka pushed
her face into Ranma-chan's pussy licking the right side then the left her tongue
sliding easily along her silky lips.
"Ooh." Nodoka cried out as she felt Mousse filling her own pussy with his
immense rod.
Ranma-chan smiled at Mousse as he pounded against her mother's pussy causing her
to be pushed further into Ranma-chan's furry assets. Genma watched with interest
as Mousse played tenderly with Nodoka's large chest, his hands stroking each one
gently then pinching the soft nipple one at a time.
"I have to cum now Ranma, I can't hold off any longer." Genma strained to hold
it but finally let his sperm loose into Ranma-chan's slim body.
"Thanks son, I'm going to get those two beauties now." Genma walked away from
his wife and son in female form heading for Shampoo and Ukyo as they ate each
other out. Mousse watched as Genma entered Shampoo's body from behind her giving
Ukyo an intimate view of his cock moving in and out of her sexy body.
"I….I I'm cumming." Mousse moaned loudly as he filled Nodoka's love hole.
Ranma-chan smiled at Mousse her lips pouting cutely
"Mousse will you do me now?" Mousse looked started then grabbed onto Ranma-
chan's arm pulling her away from Nodoka's face. Mousse rams his cock into Ranma-
chan's tight cunt grunting with the feeling of her velvety walls holding him
securely in place.
"Mousse, your so big." Ranma-chan moaned softly as Mousse pounded her harder.
"Take it bitch!" Mousse growled out as he filled Ranma-chan with his cum.
"I need some of Shampoo's sweet loving body." Mousse walked away from Ranma-chan
and Nodoka.
"The poor boy he's so in love with Shampoo but I fear she doesn't love him the
way he needs her too." Nodoka smiled as she leaned over kissing Ranma-chan
gently before she walked away her arms immediately grabbing Nabiki. Ranma-chan
walked off in the other direction looking for a new partner wiggling her small
ass. Mousse was heading away from Shampoo as she squirmed on the floor with
Genma between her legs.

Genma breathed in deeply several times between Shampoo's sexy firm legs
inhaling her fragrant then pushing his nose between her soft wet petals. Genma
then licked her clit gently savoring her taste. Genma's long limber tongue
driving in deep to Shampoo's soft wet body tasting her juices as she came easily
onto his tongue. Shampoo held Genma's head in place as her hips swayed upward
helping him to push his tongue in ever deeper. Genma then moved upward to stick
his large thick meat in her small frame. Genma smiled as he watched Kodachi walk
by then sit on Shampoo's face a girlish laughter escaping her mouth as she
wiggled in delight at Shampoo's tongue exploring her nether regions. Genma
grabbed onto Kodachi's large tits while Kodachi grabbed Shampoo's squeezing them
happily as she kept her hips still to enjoy the feeling of Shampoo's tongue in
her cunt. Nabiki walked by so stopped to give Genma some more pussy. Flipping
her own soft leg over his shoulder to give him access to her pussy Nabiki
grabbed his head while Genma eagerly licked her clit. Nabiki moaned with
pleasure then gave a squeak of surprise as she felt a small body snuggled up
against her butt with his small cock driving into her ass very fast. Nabiki
looked behind her to see Happosai going at her with all his might, which she
admitted to herself, was a lot. "This old goat is quite fast and it feels rather
good." Nabiki let him stay put as she enjoyed the teasing from both sides. Genma
grinned into Nabiki's petals he knew the master was watching and had watched the
last two times they all got together to play. *I'm surprised he lasted this
long, I'd figured he join in long before now.* Genma kept licking Nabiki as his
hips kept pounding Shampoo's soft pussy, wrapped around his cock plus the
feeling of her tightness along with Nabiki's taste and soft folds around his
tongue, was driving him over the edge. *I can't hold out much longer these girls
are to hot!* Genma moan loudly then gave a final grunt as he rammed his rod in
deep releasing his cum to fill Shampoo's soft body.
"You girls are great!" Genma panted as he moved to sit on his butt.
"Thanks uncle Genma your great too!" Nabiki grinned as she moved to lie on her
stomach letting Happosai keep going at her ass. Nabiki moaned happily as she
felt Happosai hard dick pounding her body. Shampoo and Kodachi sat up to watch
them then Kodachi moved to place her self over Nabiki's back to give Happosai a
chance at her pussy. Happosai eagerly grabbed her by the hips as his old face
shoved deep into her curly fur to lick eagerly at her cunt.
"Hmm your right Nabiki this old goat is good!" Kodachi held his head in place
enjoying how long and limber his tongue was in her body. Happosai grunted with
pleasure as he felt a soft hand gently rubbing his balls.
"Let me try you cock in my pussy!" Shampoo spread her legs wide allowing
Happosai to have easy access.
"These girls have learned well." Happosai removed his cock from Nabiki to
eagerly jumped between Shampoo's shapely legs stabbing his cock inside her tight
"Oooh he make Shampoo's clit feel good. Now try licking Shampoo's boobies."
Shampoo moaned softly as Happosai used his long limber tongue to lick her right
tit then easily move across her valley to her left tit. Happosai continued
pounding against Shampoo's pussy when he reached climax.
"Shampoo I'm filling you up with my seed oh joy, oh rapture, oh happy days are
here again!" Happosai cried out as he squirted his load.
"Now do me!" Kodachi commanded as Happosai jumped between her silky white legs.
His softening cock regaining strength as he pounded against her pussy lips.
"I agree Shampoo this feels great!" Kodachi purred happily as Happosai gave her
the same treatment. Nabiki watched with interest as Happosai kept going from one
girl to the next not tiring but seeming to gain even more strength.
"Sex is a wonderful thing look what it's doing for grandfather Happosai." Nabiki
whispered to Kasumi who has walked over to play gently with Nabiki's adorable
"It's doing wonders for him." Kasumi agreed. Kasumi went back to licking
Nabiki's chest her tongue leaving them both wet. Nabiki sighed with happiness
wrapping her arms tighter around her sister's slender waist.

Genma moved on to see Nodoka finish up with their son, an evil smile crossed
his face as he ran over to grab onto Ranma himself. Grabbing his son by the hips
he rammed his cock inside Ranma's ass feeling how tight his hole was as he
enjoyed the feeling of a guy this time. Genma reached in front of him to play
gently with Ranma's large thick cock.
"Dad I didn't know you like it with guys so much." Ranma panted as he enjoyed
the feeling of a filled butt.
"There's a lot you don't know bout me son, and one of them is I enjoy sex with
men. Our master taught Soun and myself that giving each other love was a great
way to strengthen our martial arts." Genma groaned happily as he played with
Ranma's cock.
"How does it help the arts?" Ranma asked intrigued by this idea.
"I have no clue but it did teach me that sex with men was just as great as sex
with women!" Genma started to kiss Ranma's neck then suck and nibble gently on
him. Ranma laughed then relaxed enjoying the pleasure his father was giving to
him. Soun noticed the two so walked over then kneeled in front of Ranma.
Grabbing a hold of his balls Soun then gently removed Genma's hand as he started
to lick Ranma's cock. Ranma moaned even more feeling the intense pleasure the
two men were giving him. Ryoga watched for a moment then walked over to Grab
onto Soun's hips as he drove his own cock into Soun's tight ass. Soun let out a
grunt of surprised pleasure as he felt his body filled with a love rod.
"I knew you wouldn't disappoint me, Ryoga!" Soun gasped as Ryoga shoved his cock
in deeper and harder with each stroke.
"I found that being with a man is as pleasurable as women!" Ryoga smiled as he
started kissing Soun's neck while holding him around the chest.
Ranma grunted as he felt himself cumming inside Soun's mouth.
"Hope you don't mind but your tongue action is great Mr. Tendo." Ranma sighed.
Genma shoved hard letting his own seed fill Ranma's tight ass.
"Thanks son now I think I'll try another girl for a while but I'll be back for
you." Genma laughed as he walked away wrapping an arm around Akari pulling her
toward the corner.
Ryoga watched Genma slamming himself into Akari, his blood racing with
"Ok Mr. Tendo here it comes." Ryoga gasped as he squirted inside Soun's body.
Soun sigh contentedly with the pleasurable feeling he receives from Ryoga.
"Thank you son, I too shall have some pussy now." Soun walked away after giving
Ryoga a deep kiss.
Soun grabbed Kasumi kissing her deeply.
"Daughter I need your sweet sexy body." Soun moaned as he felt her arms wrapping
around him pushing her pussy toward him.
"Thank you daughter." Soun sighed as her tight body wrapped around his cock.
"My pleasure father." Kasumi moaned as she felt her father sliding back and
forth in her love tunnel her body heating up rapidly.
"Oh daddy I'm going to cum so fast on you!" Kasumi shuddered with the feeling of
her body going over the edge letting her juices coat Soun's large cock.
"Don't stop daddy keep fucking your little girl!" Kasumi begged as Soun doubled
his effort pounding her slender body with force.
"Yes daddy yes fuck me harder fuck me harder oh yes daddy." Kasumi yelled with
excitement then tried to stifle a scream as she reached climax again.
"Daughter I can't hold off much longer your talking and screaming is going to
push me over the edge." Soun spoke softly as he felt his seed explode in her
"Ooh daddy please eat me now!" Kasumi removed her arms laying slowly onto the
floor her legs spreading wide open.
"Anything my daughter." Soun knelt between her sexy legs licking her thighs as
he slowly moved upward to her soft pussy.
"Oh my." Kasumi exclaimed as Happosai started sucking her large soft tits.
Happosai moved his aged body around offering his small but very hard cock to
Kasumi who immediately started licking him. Happosai moaned around her nipple as
she brought him toward his climax.
Soun kept looking upward at Happosai's aged head as he moved his tongue quickly
over her breast wetting them down, so they shine brightly as the light reflected
on them.
"I need more this is going to drive me nuts." Soun moaned as he watched them.
"I can help you father." Akane smiled down at her father as he looked up at her.
"How daughter?"
Soun sounded hopeful.
"Here let me lay down under you. That way you can fuck me while eating Kasumi
and I can eat out Akari." Akane smiled as Akari nodded eagerly.
"Oh daughter you are to good to your poor father." Soun moved aside allowing
Akane to lay down in his place her shapely legs spread wide. Soun positioned
himself into her; moving his hips very slowly to keep his place as he leaned
down into Kasumi's hot cunt. Akari spread her legs over Akane's face allowing
her tongue to explore her delta. Akari moved her hips slowly back and forth over
Akane's adorable face as her tongue slid back and forth over her soft pussy
lips. Kasumi screamed loudly causing both girls to look at her as she shuddered
with release.
"Oh father thanks." Kasumi sighed happily her juices being lapped up eagerly by
Soun and Happosai. Soun redoubled his effort shoving himself deeper into Akane's
hot love hole holding him tightly as she came on him.
"I'm cumming daddy I'm cumming!" Akane gasp as she let her honey flow, coating
his cock easily. Soun shoved himself in deep a large jet stream filling her soft
Akari watched as Soun filled his daughter her own body heating up past the
point of no return.
"I'm cumming now, oh Akane bite me bite me." Akari begged. Akane bit her clit
causing Akari to scream. Using her teeth she pulled on her clit bringing Akari
to climax again.

Kasumi watched her sister and Akari as they came down from climax. Soun
stood up his cock limp from filling Akane's pussy. Soun walked away his eyes
glazed over as he moved to an empty bed laying down to rest. Happosai slid his
aged body down over Kasumi's silky soft body toward Akane's exposed cunt.
"Now to have this sister!" Happosai started ramming his aged body into Akane's
young sexy tight body his small thick cock tickling her clit as he moved. Akane
relaxed letting Happosai enjoy her body. Happosai gripped her chest tight as he
filled her with his seed, standing up a large grin on his winkled old face.
"Akane you are such a pleasure, now to try out your other sister!" Happosai
kissed Akane on her flat tummy before turning around his small legs leading him
toward Nabiki.
"Anytime Grandfather." Akane walked off leaving Akari and Kasumi to play with
each other. Akari immediately pushed her face into Kasumi's pussy while Kasumi
grabbed up a long double header to use with her.
"Akari love; lets use this." Kasumi showed her the double header a large grin
spreading over her face.
"Gladly." Akari flipped to her knees offering her cunt to Kasumi who stuffed the
dildo into her pussy then moved it into her own. Both girls pounded back and
forth against each other gasping with pleasure.
"I'm cumming again and again." Akari cried out as she soaked the rubber dick
with her juices. Kasumi cried out as Akari pushed her ass back wards very hard
shoving the toy in deep bringing a pleasurable pain to her body.
"Oh my." Kasumi felt her body release her honey dripping down her smooth leg.
Akari stood up panting heavily.
"I agree oh my!" Akari walked a couple of feet when strong hands pulled her
close. Looking over her shoulder Akari smiled up at Ryoga.
"Hello love, wanna play?" Ryoga grinned his fangs showing.
"Anytime my piggie boy." Akari tried to turn in his arms as he held her in
"I'm going in doggie style lover!" Ryoga pushed her to her knees where Akari
spread her legs inviting Ryoga in. Ryoga pushed into her cunt feeling her soft
tunnel grabbing him tight as he begun moving faster with in her. Akari moaned
loudly as she enjoyed his attention. Kasumi watched from her place on the floor
for several minutes before walking away to find Taro and Mousse finishing up
with Hinako and Akane.
"I want to be sandwiched!" Kasumi announced to the two men who goggled at her
before grabbing her and slipping their dicks into her pussy and ass. Kasumi
glowed with pleasure as she enjoyed their bodies and watched as Hinako started
muff diving her little sister. Kasumi groan with the pleasurable feelings of
both men beating her between them their hard cocks going in deep at the same
time to pull back slowly. Kasumi panted hard as she started to cum easily onto
Mousse's thick dick. Mousse moaned softly as he felt her juices his body
reacting quickly with his own seed filling Kasumi's sexy body. Taro felt Kasumi
shuddering against him. Reaching around to her front Taro grabbed her chest
squeezing her tightly as he filled her butt with cum. Both men sat down on their
backsides as they gasped for air leaving a blissful Kasumi to walk away her firm
ass wiggling for them.

Happosai finished up with Nabiki then turned to see Ukyo walk away from
Konatsu her pussy still dripping juices. Happosai felt his cock grow to its full
length rapidly. "If I die here then god hates me but if I live through this then
it proves he loves me!" Happy jumped over to Ukyo wrapping his small arms around
her body or at least part of her body. Happosai drove his cock into her wet cunt
feeling her soft fold around his short but thick penis.
"Hey old goat, I'm not at all surprised to see you here playing. I figured it
was only time before you'd want in on this." Ukyo stroke his baldhead gently as
she enjoyed the feeling of something smaller ramming her tight pussy.
"I'm so glad you ladies don't mind me playing with you!" Happy felt tears of joy
stream down his face as he snuggled into her flat tummy.
"We're not mean happy, we feel if anyone wants to join us for some wild sex and
games then they are quite welcome to do so." Ukyo kissed his baldhead as her own
hips swayed back and forth in time with Happosai. "We all believe that love
should be given to everyone who seeks it no matter who you are seeking it with.
Just look over at Ranma he's doing it with three other men and if you noticed
Nabiki is eating Kasumi out while Kasumi eats Akane who is easting Kodachi while
Kuno is fucking her ass. That is free love for you to give no matter who is
asking for it!" Ukyo kissed his head some more then turn to see who was ramming
her from behind. A smile made it's way across her cute face as she looked into
Taro's eyes.
"Good speech Ukyo." Taro grinned as he pushed his cock in deep then started to
pound her body gently.
"Thanks Taro but you know it's true, even if no one has said anything it's
true." Ukyo smiled brightly making Taro weak in the knees.
"How right you are lovely lady." Taro started to nibble on her neck while
wrapping his arms around to her front where he played with her chest. Ukyo
moaned softly enjoying the feel of Taro's large penis moving in her tight round
ass. Happosai grunted as he gave one last hard thrust his cock squirting his
seed into her velvety folds.
"Ukyo my dear you are as great as ever. I now shall find Shampoo and Kodachi."
Happosai gave a push with his arms to land easily on his feet, his large eyes
scanning the room for the two lovely ladies.
"Now that he's done I'm going to have some pussy." Taro whispered into Ukyo's
ear as he withdrew his cock. Turning Ukyo around Taro started kissing her gently
as he pounded her soft cunt.
"Your so tight Ukyo, I love tight women." Taro pounded harder his cock sliding
back and forth in her tunnel with ease.
"Taro love you are very big and thick, that's the way I like it too." Ukyo
kisses him passionately as she ran her hands along his back. Taro shivered with
the feeling his cock pulsing with excitement.
"Make me cum on you please!" Ukyo begged as he slowed his rhythm down.
Taro removed his cock leaving Ukyo gasping for release.
"Don't stop please!"
Taro smiled wickedly as he bent to his knees. Taro leaned into her soft body
licking her gently with his tongue.
"Taaaasty honey." Taro shoved his tongue in deep licking up her honey. Ukyo
moaned loudly as she felt her body going over the edge again.
"Thanks Taro that's great." Ukyo wiggled her hips causing Taro to let his wad go
onto the floor.
"Ukyo your great as always. I'm going to rest for a few minutes." Taro walked
away leaving a happy looking Ukyo.
"I love to wear the men out!" Ukyo walked off looking for a new lover. Ryoga
grabbed her by the slender waist pulling her in close to his rock hard chest.
"Hey good looking wants some meat?" Ryoga whispered into her ear.
"I always want some of you!" Ukyo turned around her arms eagerly wrapping around
his neck as she kissed him tenderly.
"Fuck me big boy!" Ukyo lifted her right leg up along his narrow hip allowing
him to hold her leg in place as he grabbed her left leg lifting her off the
ground. Ryoga pushed his large cock into her tight tunnel a gasp leaving them
both as they enjoyed the feelings of each other's sexy bodies.
Ryoga pounded her tight cunt with force his cock sliding in deep feeling her
silky walls around him his breath coming out ragged as he slowly moved his hands
down to her plush ass squeezing both checks tightly as he continued to pound him
self into her. Ryoga bent down as Ukyo let her head fall back her soft cries of
pleasure making him hotter. Ryoga licked her soft pink nipple feeling her nipple
harden under his tongue with ease. Ryoga grunted as Ukyo bucked harder into him
her juices coating his cock.
"I can't hold on much longer…. you are too hot and great to stop it….!" Ryoga
shot his load into her velvety walls his hands holding her ass tight leaving
marks on her fair skin.
"Ryoga…. Ryoga oooh yes Ryoga…. " Ukyo moaned softly as she continued to coat
his penis in honey. Ryoga sat down where he stood holding Ukyo in his lap.
"Give me a sec to catch my breath then it's round two." Ryoga gave her a cute
fang grin causing her to shiver with excitement.
"Anything for you lover!" Ukyo started kissing Ryoga feeling his hands move
slowly up and down her back as they French. Ryoga grinned inside as his cock
recovered quickly. Moving a bit Ryoga moved him self into her wet hole feeling
her velvety walls engulf him. Ukyo sighed with the feelings her hands holding
his back tightly as she moved her hips back and forth impaling her self deeper
onto his cock.
"Make me cum Ryoga make me cum…oh yesssssssssssssss." Ukyo cried as she wetted
down his cock again. Ryoga shivered with the feelings as he bite his lower lips
keeping his seed inside before she had enough. Ryoga once again started working
over her soft mounds licking then sucking on each in turn. Ukyo screamed out
with the pleasure as she came several times onto his cock. Ryoga grunted as he
tried to hold back then lost as his cum filled her once again. Ryoga flopped
backward his body limp and tired. Ukyo moved slowly down as she settled on top
of his lean body holding him by the bandana her breath slowly coming back under
control. Ryoga smiled at Ukyo holding her close as the rested enjoying the feel
of her tits pressed hard against his chest. *I going to fuck her again once I
get some rest, she is so great!*
*I hope when he recovers he makes love to me again he's so great at It.* both
relaxed in each other's arms resting for round three.

Soun dumped cold water onto Ranma's head a large grin on his face.
"Now to play with your girl side. Soun bent down to lick Ranma's red curls
before pushing his tongue in between her soft wet petals. Ranma moaned gently as
she reached for Soun's long silky hair, running her fingers through Soun's hair
Ranma-chan wrapped a leg around his neck as she felt Genma behind her licking
her ass cheeks. Ranma-chan moved her hips gently into Soun's tongue then looked
down to see Happosai suckling her large mounds. Ranma-chan wrapped one arm
around his small-shriveled body to help him stay in place. Ranma-chan moaned
louder as she felt Soun suddenly enter her body the same time as Genma. Soun
nuzzled into Happosai's neck kissing him as he pushed his large cock in deep
feeling Ranma-chan's soft flesh all around him. Genma meanwhile nuzzled Ranma's
neck from behind as he moved his cock back and forth in Ranma's soft tight ass.
Ranma-chan moaned loudly feeling her self-cumming easily onto Soun's cock
soaking him with her sweet honey.
"That's it I'm cumming." Soun cried out as he filled Ranma-chan's pussy. Soun
back off leaving Genma still pounding ass while Happosai moved his body down
ward to pound his aged meat into Ranma-chan's tight opening. Soun resumed his
position on the bed when Kasumi cuddled up next to him.
"I feel the need for some sleep father." Kasumi closed her eyes the soft sounds
of love making lulling her to sleep. Soun kept his strong arms wrapped around
her little waist as he too fell asleep. Ranma-chan cried out as she came several
times soaking Happosai with her pussy juices. Genma grunted as he pushed in deep
feeling her tight ass holding him in place as he filled Ranma-chan's butt with
his seed.
"I need some sleep too." Genma walked over to the bed laying down next to Soun
his arms holding him close as he gradually fell asleep thinking of his pleasures
tomorrow. Happosai chuckled as he watched them.
"The old farts you'd think they'd keep going all night." Happosai laughed loudly
as he walked over to Ryoga as he laid down on a bed Akari snuggling up close to
him both of them falling to sleep easily. Happosai cuddled up to Akari's ass
feeling her close to him as he conked out for the night. Ranma-chan walked over
to see Akane laying in bed with Shampoo and Nabiki all three wiggled their
fingers at her.
Ranma-chan climbed into the bed between Akane and Shampoo feeling their soft
warm skin against her own.
"I'll have a great dream tonight." Ranma-chan rested her head on top of Akane's
chest falling to sleep peacefully. Shampoo turned to rest her head on top of
Nabiki's chest her own body relaxing easily. Tofu snuggled up on a large stuff
chair with a child Hinako on his lap his fingers pushed into her small pussy.
Hinako slept soundly as did Tofu. Nodoka slept on a large mat with Mousse's face
between her amble bosom and Taro snuggled up to her back. Konatsu snuggled up to
Ukyo on another bed his hands holding her massive chest. Kuno laid down beside
Ukyo his own hand holding her small ass while he held Kodachi close to his chest
both falling to sleep peacefully.

Next morning (Can you guess what they'll do. EAT giggle)

Nodoka and Kasumi moved around the kitchen fixing many things for the morning
"Kasumi try this and see what you think?" Nodoka asked her softly. Kasumi walked
over quickly, holding Nodoka's hand as she nibbled the small bit of food on the
"Hmm delicious." Kasumi smiled cutely as she leaned into Nodoka kissing her full
lips. Nodoka dropped the spoon wrapping her arms around Kasumi's slender waist.
Nodoka moved to her milky mounds licking each in turn as her hand gently rubbed
her outer lips. Kasumi moaned softly as Nodoka played with her then gasped as
Nodoka picked her up placing her onto the counter.
"This isn't very sanitary." Kasumi chuckled as Nodoka wrinkled her nose.
"True; but only we'll know." Nodoka laughed as she bent down to eat Kasumi's
wet pussy. Kasumi wiggled as Nodoka reached up to squeezed her chest while
slipping her tongue in and out quickly bringing her to orgasm. Kasumi moaned
loudly as she soaked Nodoka's limber tongue. Nodoka cleaned Kasumi's hot pussy,
her tongue eagerly licking up all the juices. Nodoka looked up from between
Kasumi's shapely legs her eyes twinkling with mischief.
"I feel better now, shall we take breakfast out?" Nodoka asked innocently as she
turned leaving Kasumi sitting her legs spread wide with drops of cum on the
"Sure." Kasumi sighed as she jumped down grabbing up several dishes filled with
Kasumi stretched as she finished setting the table for breakfast, hearing the
sounds of people waking up from their slumber.
"Time to eat everyone." Kasumi called out to the guest and residence. Kasumi sat
down at the food-laden table her hands quickly scooping up food for her family
and friends as they gathered into the dinning room.
"Looks great Kasumi I'm starved." Akane sat in Ranma's lap feeding him bites of
rice balls as his hands gently stroked her smooth body. Nabiki pushed some rice
into her cunt walking over to Kuno she offered him a taste of pussy rice. Kuno
grabbed her ass holding her tight as he shoved his tongue in deep licking her
inner walls to clean them of rice. Everyone watched with anticipation of their
own ideas going around in their heads as they grabbed food up to use.
Akane stretched out as Ranma placed noodles and rice all over her chest and
tummy leading into her pussy. Ranma started licking her chest slowly eating the
food off as he worked his way to her cunt. Soun dripped some sauce onto
Kodachi's large chest licking her clean with each drip off of his spoon. Shampoo
rubbed several dimsum over her chest then pushed one into her vagina where Genma
grabbed her up shoving his face into her cunt his tongue eagerly pulling the
food out as Shampoo slipped another piece of food inside.
"I think we need a bath?" Akane chuckled as Ranma finished cleaning out her
"Sure we can have fun there too." Ranma picked Akane up in his strong arms
heading quickly for the bathroom followed by Shampoo, Nabiki, Kodachi, Ukyo and
As they entered the bathroom Akane sat down on a stool letting Ranma lather up
her body with soap as the four girls helped. Genma started lathering up his
son's ass as he then pushed himself inside. Ranma grunted with the feelings of
his father suddenly beating his ass with his cock. Shampoo stood behind Genma a
large vibrator in her small hands. Shoving it up Genma's ass fast and hard
Shampoo turned it onto high as she pounded him with it. Genma stopped moving as
he enjoyed the feelings Shampoo was giving him. Ranma looked down as Kodachi
started moving his cock easily into her tight pussy. Ukyo moved in between
Akane's legs her tongue moving around her petals bringing her pleasures with
each stroke. Akane leaned back against the side of the tub enjoying the
feelings. Ranma sighed as he started pounding Kodachi's firm body.
*I'll have Akane after her I guess, I hope Ukyo works her up really good.*
Ranma gripped her tighter as he filled her with his seed. Ukyo heard Ranma as he
gasped letting his body relax. Ukyo jumped up yelling.
"My turn." Ukyo happily moved into Kodachi's place as she moved over to Akane's
pussy. Ranma shrugged as he started licking and sucking her large soft tits
feeling his cock respond to her lushes' body. Ukyo squirmed with pleasure as he
left several hickeys over her smooth creamy skin. Ranma rammed his cock deeply
into her tight swatch as he continued to suck on her nipples. Ranma rubbed her
ass with his hands feeling his body move into an orgasm. Ukyo cried out several
times as she reached climax her honey coating Ranma's cock. Shampoo grabbed onto
Ukyo's butt playing with her as she readied a vibrator. Ukyo gasped as Shampoo
pushed the vibrator into her ass pumping her swiftly.
"I'm going to fill ya now!" Ranma grunted as his seed spilled into her cunt.
Ukyo sighed her body relaxing as she leaned onto Ranma's strong chest.
"Thanks sugar that was great." Ukyo removed her self as she turned to walk away,
being grabbed by Genma and Soun before she reached the door.
"She's really wet pop you'll love it!" Ranma smiled as his dad nodded eagerly
while Ranma grabbed a hold of Akane's soft ass.
Ranma finished with Akane his cock now limp as he walked out of the bathroom.
"Those girls are so hot." Ranma walked down the hallway when Akari grabbed him
by the hand.

Kasumi had watched the others leave and only Hinako and Ryoga left.
"Wanna play?" Hinako asked
"Sure." Kasumi removed her clothing. As she sat down again she spread her legs
wide for Hinako.
Hinako as a child started to eat Kasumi pussy tasting her sweet juices as she
rewarded her with her cum. Kasumi moaned as her hips swayed gently with Hinako's
tongue. Ryoga moved in behind Hinako kissing her back then kissing her small
child size ass. Ryoga moved his fingers into her soft small tight pussy feeling
how tight she is as a child. Ryoga stood up to move his cock into her tunnel.
Sliding in gentle so as not to hurt her Ryoga held her by the hips as he pushed
his cock in deeper with each thrust. Hinako cried out with happiness as Ryoga
moved with in her small body.
"I sure love the feel of a tight pussy." Ryoga continued to beat his meat into
Hinako's small body.
"I can never decide to I like it more as a girl or a woman." Hinako moaned as
she coated Ryoga's staff. Ryoga smiled shyly as he thought of her.
*I can't believe how great this feels I shouldn't enjoy this so much but as a
child she is old enough so it's not wrong but aaargh I don't know I just enjoy
this too much to stop.* Ryoga gasped as he filled her little pussy. Kasumi
screamed as Hinako bite down on her bring her juices to her lips. Hinako lapped
it all up leaving a panting Kasumi.
"Ryoga how about we do it as an adult male and female you being the female!"
Hinako smiled slightly as she ran a small finger over his chest.
"Sure thing cutie." Ryoga walked over with her to the tub of water. Hinako
splashed him with cold water.
"First lets try your pig side." Hinako laughed girlishly as Ryoga tried to look
angry. Hinako sat down her legs spread out. P-chan walked over pushing his snout
into her wet bare pussy. Akari watched from the other room with Kodachi who
talked quietly.
"I must say his pig snout does look interesting don't you think?" Kodachi looked
at Akari who nodded her head.
"Come on I left my favorite pig outside we can use him." Akari ran to the back
door where she saw her beloved pig.
"He's a large pig!" Kodachi observed as Akari trotted over to him.
"Yes he is we raise sumo pigs and these ones grow to very large size. I hmm
taught him a few non-fighting tricks.
"Play with me." Akari called out to her pet that quickly ran over mounting her
with ease. Akari gasped as his meat entered her body, his own large body pushing
her down.
"I umm may I try it with him when you done?" Kodachi asked truly curious about
this new style of sexual enjoyment.
"Of course he always enjoys this." Akari moaned loudly as she came quickly.
Akari stood up after her pet relieved himself into her body.
"Just get down onto your knees and call him over to play." Akari watched
excitedly as her pet mounted Kodachi.
"I must say this pig is rather heavy but it is quite interesting to do this."
Kodachi moaned as she found her self-cumming easily.
Nabiki walked over to the three her eyes wide with surprise.
"I had not thought of using animal but I must say this is intriguing." Nabiki
petting the large pig her eyes calculating the feel of this new adventure.
"Ok I'll do it too." Nabiki went down to her knees spreading her legs for her
turn. Akari jumped up and down squealing with excitement as she watched her pet
finish with Kodachi and quickly mounting Nabiki.
"I'm so glad everyone loves to try this." Akari continued to jump when a rough
paw grabbed her by the shoulder pushing her to her knees. Akari looked over
her shoulder to see Genma in panda form positioning him self behind her.
"OOOh Genma I like this idea." Akari sighed with pleasure as Genma pushed into
her wet cunt. Kodachi walked over standing next to Genma.
"Here panda lick these tits." Kodachi grabbed both in her hands giving them
several shakes. Genma panda slipped out his long tongue licking her sizable
tits. Akari looked over her shoulder to watch as her juices coming out quickly
to soak Genma panda's penis. Nabiki slumped to the floor her body exhausted
after the pig had finished with her.
"Wow no wonder Akari is a pig lover and so happy all the time!" Nabiki rolled
over watching the other three as Kodachi took Akari's place with Genma. Nabiki
looked up at the shadow of Taro as he dropped down to the floor going to her
soft wet pussy his face shoved in deep as he licked her tunnel.
"Aaaah no rest for the horny." Nabiki grunted as Taro bit down on her clit. Taro
gasped as a large panda saddening filled his ass. Nabiki tried to stifle a smirk
but let it go anyway. Taro gave her a dirty look then jammed several fingers
into her cunt pounding her hard with them. Nabiki gasped as she came repeatedly.
Kodachi looked up from between Akari's shapely legs then turn her attention back
to Akari's pussy. Both girls making loud slurping noises as they licked each
other's delta clean. Ukyo walked over to the group her eyes shining brightly.
"I've been watching you over here, I'd like to try it with Genma's panda form."
Ukyo got down onto her knees as Genma eagerly positioned himself behind her
thrusting his cock deep with in her velvety tunnel.
"Oooh this is a great way to do it." Ukyo moaned louder as P-chan quickly moved
under her licking her large soft tits while tugging on her swollen nipples.
"I'm cuming oooooh yes.: Ukyo moaned as Kodachi, Nabiki and Akari applauded.
"Welcome to the animal club." Akari smiled warmly as she knelt down to kiss her
"Thanks, that was fun now to find another lover." Ukyo walked away a pleased
look on her face.

Akane changed back into a man, she moved over to Shampoo and Ukyo who were
also in male form.
"Hi guys lets try it like this." Akane laughed, as did the other two girls.
"Sounds like fun to me." Ukyo-kun moved to start kissing Akane-kun's masculine
lips. Shampoo-kun started off by rubbing her hand up and down Akane's large
piece of meat. "Shampoo love try any thing with sex." Shampoo-kun whispered to
the to her two girls who nodded agreement. Shampoo-kun bent down to lick Akane-
kun's penis feeling the thick piece in her mouth pulse with excitement. Ukyo-kun
flipped over to her hands where she immediately used one hand to grab hold of
Shampoo-kun and start sucking Shampoo-kun's large cock. Akane reached her hand
out to take a hold of Ukyo-kun's large cock also sucking his cock into her mouth
feeling the thick head against her tongue. The three kept sucking on each
other's rods feeling the excitement build as they went deep throat.
"I'm cumming." Ukyo cried out as she filled Akane's mouth. Akane grunted as she
felt her ass filled suddenly. Looking over his shoulder Akane-kun saw Mousse
sliding in and out slowly enjoying the feel of Akane-kun's tight ass. Ukyo
smiled as he felt Konatsu filling his ass with his thick penis. Akane moaned and
grunted loudly as Mousse pounded against his ass. Akane filled Ukyo's mouth
again her meat now softening as s Ukyo let him go. Ukyo cried out as Shampoo
sucked hard with his teeth biting gently down.
Ukyo gasped holding Shampoo-kun's head tightly as he squirted a load into his
mouth. Shampoo-kun licked his lips after cleaning Ukyo's penis.
"I feel so good." Akane walked away her ass filled with Mousse's wad.
"So do I!" Ukyo kissed Konatsu as he ready filled her tight ass.
Nodoka noticed the three girls turn guys so moved over to help them play when
she noticed Nabiki also walking over to them. The two women arrived at the same
time. With an unsaid agreement the both moved into the nearest ass, kissing it
them licking the ass gently with several nibbles. Nodoka helped Ukyo-kun lick
Shampoo's large cock while Nabiki helped Akane-kun help lick Ukyo's penis. Ukyo
grunted loudly as he squirted out his load, while both Akane-kun and Nabiki
cleaned him up with their tongues. Shampoo grunted loudly, as he too let his
seed flow out into Nodoka's hot mouth. Nodoka lay down her breath coming out
raggedly as Akane-kun, Shampoo-kun and Ukyo-kun snuggled up to her all trying to
catch their breath. All four watched Nabiki as she stood up with an unmistakable
look of we're in for it now.

Nabiki looked around at the group her eyes showing a really mischievous
thought as she held her hands up for attention.
"I had thought of something we can all try and it'll hmm test the men to see
just how manly they are. You ladies want to try it out?" Nabiki's smiled widen
as the girls nodded their heads eagerly.
"Ok here it is all the girls shall lie down in a row with legs cross over each
others legs. The men will have only five minutes in each girl before he goes on
to the next one. I have a timer that is set to go off every five minutes. The
men who can make it through all of us before cumming will be declared a real man
and win an award. Are you men up for this?" Nabiki smiled as the guys looked
around dubiously at first.
"I can do it no problem!" Ranma boasted as Kuno, Ryoga, Taro followed suit.
"Great lets see who is and isn't manly." Nabiki lay down on a mat spreading her
legs wide. Shampoo got down on to the floor next to Nabiki with Hinako, Akari,
Nodoka, Kodachi, Kasumi, Akane, and Ukyo last. The men quickly lined up with
Kuno, Happosai, Genma, Soun, Ranma, Taro, Tofu, Ryoga, and Mousse.
"No problem for me I can do this easy." All the guys looked at each other as
they all shouted the same thing out, the girls snickered.

Nabiki moaned as Kuno slammed her body repeatedly with his rock hard rod,
feeling her tight folds around him. Kuno sighed as the five-minute bell rang.
"Tis a shame we have to end this so quickly but I shall enjoy my next lady as
much as you enjoyed having me." Kuno quickly moved onto Shampoo his still rock
hard cock at the ready as he plunged into her soft pussy looking at Happy who
was now fucking Nabiki.
"The timer wasn't long enough to prove my manliness my beauty." Kuno stood up
pulling his anxious hard on out to drive it deep into Hinako.
"Aaah beautiful teacher, feel the god like body of Takiwaki Kuno and rejoice in
life's pleasures." Kuno grunted as he pushed deep into her body. Hinako stifled
a yawn as she relaxed letting Kuno enjoy himself.
*Bore* Hinako thought as she looked to see how much longer it was till the bell
*Good only another minute left.*
The bell rang not fast enough for her as she plastered a fake smile on.
"Thanks Kuno have fun with the others!"
"I shall enjoy each and every lady as she too enjoys having myself." Kuno moved
over to Akari smiling down at her he dropped between her shapely legs.
"Now my little piglet, I shall give you what you desire most." Kuno shoved his
cock into her wet hole grunting with the exertion as he pounded her body over
and over.
*Hmmph he has no idea what I want. At least he has a big dick other wise this
would be a even bigger waste!*
Kuno walked up to Nodoka her eyes shining with happiness.
"Shall you show me how manly you are?" Nodoka smiled.
"Of course dear lady. You shall see I am the manliest man around here." Kuno
grabbed her large tits shoving his cock into her body, his hip automatically
swaying back and forth against her soft body.
"Am I not the greatest thing you have every had the pleasure of feeling inside
your sweet body."
*Not bad, he's large but to talkative.* Nodoka sighed with relief as she came
when the bell sounded.
"Thank you Kuno have fun with the other girls." Nodoka smiled happily as she
noticed Happosai was next in line.
*He maybe old but that old codger can really make a girl feel great.* Nodoka
winked letting him know she would be ready for his turn when Kuno was through.

Kuno looked down at his adorable sister.
"I know you want me you have always wanted me!" Kuno pushed his prick inside her
tight body.
"Brother dear it is you who has always wanted me, and here you shall feel true
bliss!" Kodachi sighed with happiness as Kuno glared down at her.
"Tis five minutes won't be long enough to show you how great you are my twisted
sister." Kuno kissed her passionately. Kuno sighed with disappointment as he
withdrew his penis from Kodachi's love hole.
"Now for the beautiful Kasumi. Kuno rammed his cock inside her tight fit
pounding her hard. Kasumi moved her hips gently upward bringing Kuno deeper
inside. Kasumi sighed with relief when the bell rang letting Kuno move onto her
sister and taking his poetry with him.
Kuno looked over at Akane eagerly moving to her soft body.
"I know you have yearn to feel me again my beautiful lover. I shall never
disappoint you!" Kuno started gently pushing into her soft body while kissing
her soft lips. Kuno's right hand moved to hold her large tits gently squeezing
them in turn. Akane laid still allowing Kuno his own pleasures of her body. As
the buzzer rang out Kuno looked upset.
"Must I leave my beautiful tiger lily?"
"Unless you want to lose."
Kuno looked toward Nabiki at the head of the line.
"Tis a shame." Kuno withdrew his cock pushing into Ukyo's with ease.
"With you I shall prove my manliness." Kuno grunted as he begun pounding against
her tight hole with all his force, a fierce look on his handsome face as he held
onto his load awaiting the buzzer. Kuno looked up as the buzzer sounded his eyes
wide as he realizes he made it through the line up of lushes ladies. Kuno pushed
him self in hard shooting his wad deep into her body. Kuno jumped up yelling.
"I am a MAN! I have proved my self worth to all the ladies here!" Kuno started
strutting around as the rest ignored him.

Happosai was glad he followed behind Kuno since his tender care and adorable
words about the ladies would impress them more then Kuno's boasting. Happy
smiled down at Nabiki his first one, as he was second in line. Pushing his small
but eager cock into her velvety walls Happosai whispered into her ear.
"What a beautiful lady you are, so soft sexy, desirable." Nabiki grinned knowing
a line when she heard it but enjoying it just the same. As the buzzer rang Happy
jumped up eagerly jumping onto Shampoo's well-formed body. Happosai started to
kiss Shampoo tenderly as he pushed his penis gently inside her wet folds.
Happosai smiled down at Shampoo as the buzzer rang out.
"Thank you my dear you are as always great." Happosai jumped easily over to
Hinako his face plastered between her large plush tits as he pushed his cock
easily into her tunnel.
"I'm sure that timer is set for less the five minutes." Happosai mumbled as he
moved onto Akari his cock still firm as he lightly pounded her pussy. Akari held
him tight her soft hands rubbing her old body firm but tenderly. The buzzer rang
out loudly Happosai looked toward the buzzer a sigh leaving him.
"A shame to have to leave you my dear." Happosai jumped onto the next flower
smiling down at Nodoka as he repeated his same movements and words. Happy smiled
as Nodoka held him close to her warm body. Happosai groan as the buzzer rang out
signally his end with Nodoka. Happy jumped onto Kodachi his hips moving swiftly
back and forth as he entered her soft body pounding her easily with his meat.
Kodachi sighed with pleasure her hands stroking him over his small back as she
listen to his mumbling. As the buzzer rang out Happy quickly jumped onto Kasumi
his firm dick still going strong. Happosai grinned down at Kasumi as he pumped
her up.
"I've always enjoyed the way you treated me here and now this, it's more then an
old man could hope for." Happy growled as the bell rang again.
"At least I get all of you ladies." Happy jumped easily from Kasumi to Akane
landing between her open legs. Happosai started pounding her wet cunt easily his
penis still hard and going.
"It's a good thing Ukyo is last I would never make it other wise." Happosai
moaned as his tongue snaked out licking Akane's chest from right to left then
back as the buzzer rang out.
"Last one I can do it all the way!" Happosai landed with a plop between Ukyo's
legs shoving his cock in as deep as it would go.
"You get the great seed of Happosai." Happy moved fast his cock bringing Ukyo to
climax as he started licking her tits. Ukyo moaned loudly as the buzzer rang
out. Happosai looked pleased as he felt complete relief in letting his seed go.
"I did it I'm a man I made it through all these beautiful women with out dying
to boot." Happosai started dancing around as Genma jumped onto Nabiki landing
hard on her plush body his cock ramming in deep and hard. "Take it bitch." Genma
growled at Nabiki as he continued his hard pace. Nabiki grunted as the breath
was shoved from her with each hard thrust into her soft pussy.
"Damn the buzzer." Genma jumped up to land down hard onto Shampoo's soft sexy
form his hard cock ramming her with force as he buried him self in deep.
"You want it hard don't ya warrior girl." Genma laughed as he moved faster
bringing a tear to her eye.
*Idiot.* Shampoo thought in disgust as he continued to beat his cock in hard.
*Finally buzzer ring get this oaf off me.* Shampoo breathed a sigh of relief as
Genma jumped off to land down hard on top of Hinako Pounding her with the same
force as the other two girls. Hinako tried to enjoy his rough treatment as he
beat against her.
"Oh darn the buzzer went off." Hinako smiled sweetly as Genma eagerly leaped
onto Akari's firm form. Akari cried out as Genma pounded her harder.
"Oooh Genma please beat me hard hit me please Genma please." Akari begged
causing Genma to grow more excited.
"You like it hard huh bitch?" Genma asked as he slapped her face a couple of
"Yes, yes, yes please do as you will with me." Akari begged as Genma slapped her
across the face again causing her to cum easily.
"Make me cum uncle make me cum." Akari begged as Genma strained to keep from
cumming him self.
"No more please." Genma struggled to say as he felt his body release his sperm
into her wet folds.
"Oooh uncle Genma please hit me again, make me cum please."
"Bitch you made me cum." Genma walloped her hard as her head rocked back she
soaked his large cock.
"Ooooh yes." Akari moaned softly as Genma removed his soft penis from her lush
body. Genma walked away an angry look on his face. The other girls looked at
Akari appreciatively.

Soun positioned himself between Nabiki's legs his eager cock filling her
quickly. After several moments of silence Soun looked down at his daughter a
pleased look on his face. Soun moved off of Nabiki his cock still hard as he
gazed down at the purple hair beauty. Soun smiled at Shampoo as he positioned
himself between her silky legs, his hard cock aching to enter her tight pussy.
"Only my daughter Nabiki would come up with something like this contest to test
the manliness of us men. I hope I make it through all the girls or at least half
of them." Soun felt his positioned between Shampoo's soft milky white legs
entering her womanhood with an easy thrust inside.
Shampoo sighed softly at the easy feelings after Genma's rough treatment of her
"You always so soft and easy." Shampoo purred into Soun's ear.
"I know I save my rough treatment for the guys the girls deserve to be treated
softly where as my friend Genma enjoys being hard on the girls and guys." Soun
gulped loudly as the five minutes buzzer went off. Soun quickly moved over to
Hinako pushing his still ready to shoot cock into her tight hole.
"Hinako my dear, you are as always a great fuck!" Soun started kissing her large
soft mound, moving from the right to the left then back again when the buzzer
rang out. Soun smiled as he pulled his firm dick out to move over to Akari
pushing into her very wet hole Soun gasped as he struggled to keep control of
himself. Soun closed his eyes concentrating on moving and not feeling her wet
folds around his hard prick. A sigh of relief left his lips, as he was able to
pull out and gain some control before slipping into Nodoka. Soun smiled down at
Nodoka as he moved inside her very slowly,
"I can't move to fast all this pumping of you ladies is driving me nuts!" Soun
kissed her soft full lips enjoying her tender body.
"Ahh the buzzer I shall now enjoy having Ms. Kuno." Soun quickly moved over to
Kodachi shoving himself in fast then moving with great tenderness with in her
fit body. Soun looked regretful as he pulled out of Kodachi's sexy body moving
onto Kasumi's body.
Soun stood up to position himself between Kasumi's wonderful legs.
"Hello daughter." Soun immediately begun pounding his hard cock; softly inside
her tight wet hole as his daughter thrust her hips eagerly upwards at him.
"I think the girls should only lie there no thrusting!" Cried out Soun as he
tried to keep from filling his daughters cunt. Soun looked at his friend Genma
as he growled loudly with frustration.
"Looks like he's still mad about not making it." Kasumi giggled softly.
"I agree, they move around it's hard to hold on." Taro yelled as he watched Soun
making his way through the line up.
"Ok guys we'll be nice and hold.... still." Nabiki gasped as she tried to
ignore the hot feeling in her nether region.
*I want to cum I sure hope dad gets done soon so the next guy gets me and makes
me cum.*
Soun whispered a thank you to any gods as the buzzer rang once again. Moving
over he slipped into Akane's tight pussy with ease his hand stroking her soft
firm breast as he moved slowly with in her walls.
"I only have two more to do my beautiful daughter, I bet you're proud of me now
huh." Soun smiled happily.
"We're always proud of you father." Akane grinned back as she felt her self-
moving to climax.
"Darn it would go off too soon." Akane grumbled as Soun moved over to Ukyo his
eager cock pounding her tight cunt easily.
"Time for Ukyo." Soun smiled as he pounded against her soft body slowly, as he
waited for the five minutes to end.
Ukyo moaned softly as he moved with in her his cock rubbing her folds easily
causing her to cum quickly.
"I hope that buzzer rings soon I have to cum now." Soun gritted his teeth as he
tried to hold on. Soun looked up as the buzzer rang tears in his eyes. I am a
man, I have made it through all these beauties." Soun started kissing Ukyo as he
pounded hard against her letting his seed go into her.
"Thank you my dear." Soun stood up looking proud up his head held high as he
walked over to the other men to watch the last guys.

Ranma moved in between Nabiki's tender legs, his thick cock filling her pussy
easily as he pounded against her soft body. Nabiki moaned loudly as she reached
climax quickly with his large cock so tight in her body. Ranma gave her his
patent grin as he moved easily onto Shampoo's sexy form his thick cock going
into her body deep.
"Shampoo you feel so good." Ranma gave her a tender kiss as he beat against her
"To fast darn it." Ranma moved happily over to Hinako his very hard penis going
in deep. Leaning down licking her impressive tits Ranma enjoyed her taste as he
beat against her body.
"I think this is faster then five minutes Ranma grumbled as it rang out.
"Hi Akari." Ranma smiled happily as he started his pace in her lush form. Akari
moaned softly with the feeling.
"I want to cum please." Akari begged as she tried to keep from beating her hips
against his.
"Here let me help ya." Ranma leaned down taking her soft nipple into his mouth.
Biting down very hard Ranma grinned to him self as Akari moaned loudly.
"Eeiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee you're making me cum oooh yes Ranma ooooh yes." Akari
moaned as she let her juices coat his cock.
"Time to go." Ranma quickly moved to his mother.
"Hi mom." Ranma greeted her as he shoved his cock in deep.
"Hello son, you seem to be doing very well, as I would expect from my son.
Unlike your father who couldn't even get half way through." Nodoka gave a dirty
look toward Genma who sat in a corner sulking.
"Don't worry mom, I'll make you proud." Ranma looked up as the buzzer rang once
"On ward and upward." Ranma moved over to Kodachi. Smiling down at Kodachi As he
entered her soft body.
"Ok black rose lets give you a good fuck." Ranma closed his eyes slightly as he
relaxed his body enjoying her feel. Ranma sighed with relief as the buzzer rang
Ranma jumped onto Kasumi pushing his penis deep into her pussy as she laid still
for him a few whimpers leaving her full lips as she tried to keep from moving.
"Kasumi my sister how are you." Ranma greeted her as he pounded his cock in
deep. Ranma smiled down at her watching her large tits wiggle back and forth
with each thrust forward.
"Looking good as always Kasumi." Ranma licked her right tit, down the valley to
her left to suck gently on her nipple.
As the buzzer rang out Ranma released her breast to give her a large smile.
"Time to leave ya." Ranma climbed onto his wife."
"This is the hardest one yet, I love to fill ya hole." Ranma whispered to her.
Akane giggled as she felt her body heat up faster.
"I enjoy cumming on you." Akane moaned softly as she coated his rod with honey.
"You always could make me cum easily." Akane moaned softly. Ranma gritted his
teeth trying to hold on.
"This better end soon of my manhood is over." Ranma groaned softly as he
concentrated on holding on.
"Done oh yes." Ranma moved onto Ukyo's firm shape.
"Hi Ucchan." Ranma happily entered her lush body her wet lips taking him in
effortlessly. Ukyo moaned softly into his ear as she held him close.
"You are so big." Ukyo stated between moans. Ranma nodded eagerly as he kept
beating in to her body.
"That's it I can fill your cunt now." Ranma cried out in triumph as his cock
exploded in her body.
"Oooh yeah I needed that!" Ranma crawled off his face showing pure rapture all
over it.

Taro eagerly climbed onto Nabiki his stiff rod pulsing with eagerness.
"I am so hot." Taro whispered as he moved into her wet folds eagerly beating her
body with his meat. Taro looked up surprised as the buzzer rang out.
"It was a lot slower when I was waiting to fuck!" Taro grumbled. Moving over to
Shampoo Taro moaned softly as his cock moved between her wet lips to her tight
"Feels so right." Taro moaned louder as he beat her adorable shape. Taro moaned
loudly his cock rubbing her wet inner walls, bringing her to climax.
"I hope I cum more, this feel like less then five minute to Shampoo." Shampoo
moaned loudly her self as she enjoyed his thick cock in her tight hole.
"Time again." Taro moved onto Hinako thrusting his meat deep with in her tender
body. Taro gritted his teeth as he tried to keep control of his body with each
forward thrust.
"I can do this." Taro growled. "If femboy can I can." Taro sighed with relief as
the buzzer sounded letting him jump onto Akari.
"As long as you don't cum I can make it." Taro smiled down at her.
"I ain't gonna beat on ya like Genma no matter how much you enjoy it." Taro
moved softly with in her causing Akari to moaned tenderly.
"I have bad news for you Taro. I enjoy it in all forms pain or pleasure it
doesn't make a difference I'll cum for you." Akari felt her body climax soaking
his cock.
"Ooooh yesssss." Akari moaned as she felt the relief of cumming.
"Oh no please let me make it." Taro moaned as he felt her honey.
"Finally!" taro moved over to Nodoka his cock still hard.
"More then half way through." Taro groaned as he pushed in deep enjoying his
time in her pussy.
"I can do this I know I can." Taro grunted with each thrust as Nodoka moaned
under him.
"I can't hold back." Both cried at once as Nodoka coated his cock, his cock
letting his seed fill her sexy body.
"I didn't make it I can't believe it man, this was rigged next time I go first."
Taro grumbled as he removed his placid meat from her soaking wet hole.
"Sorry Taro but you feel so good inside me." Nodoka smiled sweetly as Taro just
gave a wave of his hand as he walked toward the other men.

Tofu eagerly moved into Nabiki's wet cunt his cock pounding her with precise
even strokes.
"You sure feel good doc." Nabiki moaned.
"Thank you Nabiki, might I say you also feel good, enough to drive a man wild
with happiness." Tofu stopped talking as he kept up the same rhythm. Tofu
looked over at the table as the buzzer rang.
"It does seem faster then when your awaiting your turn." Tofu moved quickly onto
"Aaah my dear, I do enjoy our time together."
"Even when I'm a cat you kinky doctor you." Shampoo giggled cutely as she
enjoyed watching his red face.
"You do make things more interesting then just missionary style.
"Shampoo never want to just do one thing, I want lot of sex with everyone in all
sorts of fun ways." Shampoo grumbled when her turn ended.
Tofu happily planted his rod into Hinako, his same even pace as she grabbed her
own tits.
"Suck on these." Hinako asked as tofu leaned down taking her breast into his
mouth. Sucking hard tofu left several marks on her fair skin by the time the
buzzer went off.
"Thank you." Tofu moved onto Akari.
"I too enjoy it in all forms of treatments, from whips to beatings to feathers.
I enjoy any kind of sex, no matter what."
"Oh doctor you are a kindred soul. I had found so many who opposed my ideas of
sex with animal or to be beaten, that I had given up on finding anyone who had
ideas like mine." Akari kissed his soft lips holding him close. Tofu enjoyed her
warm body beneath him as his hands moved slowly up and down her side.
"I'm sorry it must end but let us do things after wards. I would so love to feel
some pain from you and try out your pet." Tofu winked at her as he moved onto
"Hello my dear." Nodoka smiled pleasantly as he gave her the same speed.
"I would enjoy joining you two if you'd have me?" Nodoka whispered into Tofu's
"Yes of course we'd enjoy another person who enjoys the same things we do." Tofu
moaned softly.
"I better not lose my concentration, or I'll never make it." Tofu closed his
eyes not seeing Nodoka's pleased look.
"Time to leave you." Tofu moved over to Kodachi his firm rod entering her tunnel
with ease. Giving her the same measured strokes tofu kept his eyes closed as he
leaned down to suck tenderly on her left nipple. Tofu climbed onto Kasumi his
eyes starting to glaze over.
"You would think I would have more control with you my love." Tofu mumbled as he
continued to move gently with in her body.
"I know you can make it my love." Kasumi smiled happily as she watched his face
in his deep concentration.
"On to the next beauty." Tofu sighed in relief.
Pushing his cock in deep Tofu moaned at her tightness.
"Your too tight." Tofu muttered as he continued to stroke her pussy with his
rod. Grabbing her tits in both hands tofu held onto her tightly.
"I don't mean to hurt you but I want to make it." Tofu sighed with pleasure as
the buzzer rang.
"I just have one more yes." Tofu moved into Ukyo's tight cunt his eyes squinting
"Why are you girls so tight." Tofu moved slowly his face showing sweat as he
held on.
"Please ring please ring." Tofu chanted to him self as he continued to beat
Ukyo's sexy body.
"Finally." Tofu shoved his cock in deep several times very hard filling her
"That was great." Tofu stood up walking over to the other men who slapped his
back in happiness.
"Great job doc."
Ryoga hoped in between Nabiki''s firm legs his cock eager to enter her.
"Man I was hot and ready to go." Ryoga beat her pussy with easy strokes enjoying
the feel of her body. Ryoga looked surprised as the buzzer rang out.
"It's to fast when you're doing it." Ryoga moved over to Shampoo eagerly
entering her lushes' form. Ryoga leaned down taking her left nipple into his
mouth sucking gently as he moved his penis in and out slowly. Shampoo moaned
delicately as she felt her body moving to climax.
"I'm going to soak you Ryoga." Shampoo sighed as her honey coated his prick.
"You sure feel good, Shampoo." Ryoga growled as the buzzer rang out.
"Damn this is to fast." Ryoga climbed onto Hinako his cock slipping in between
her petals easily. Ryoga bit down onto his tongue as he felt her tight cunt
wrapped around his thick cock.
"This is the life." Ryoga continued to beat against her body enjoying the
feeling as he started licking her mounds around the nipple.
Ryoga sighed as the time ended. Moving onto the next women Ryoga smiled down at
"Hello love." Ryoga pushed in to her wet hole feeling her body take him in.
Akari grinned up at him her eyes shining brightly.
"I know you'll make it my love, you are so manly like a pig so handsome like a
pig so strong so honorable like a pig. Ryoga leaned down kissing off her words
while thinking to himself.
*I hate pigs.*
"Time to move on my dear." Ryoga moved to Nodoka his hard cock leading the way.
Ryoga pushed slowly into Nodoka as he tried to ignore her lush body under his
hot one. Ryoga sighed with relief to have made it with her. Ryoga happily moved
onto Kodachi as his time was up with Nodoka. Kodachi grinned hugely at him.
"I know I'm going to cum for you darling." Kodachi sighed with the feeling of
his cock moving into her tight body. Ryoga suckled Kodachi's breast as he stroke
his cock with in her body.
"Times up." Ryoga spoke up as Kodachi's eyes glazed over as she let her juices
run down over his cock as he started to pull out.
"Almost got me Kodachi." Ryoga happily moved onto Kasumi's fit form, his cock
moving in deep. Kasumi started playing with her own chest as Ryoga moved slowly
back and forth ignoring her hands squeezing her mounds while pinching her
"I'm cumming." Kasumi whispered softly as she let her honey coat his penis.
"Feels great too." Ryoga moaned as he gritted his teeth holding onto his sperm.
"Time to move on." Ryoga happily jumped onto Akane's adorable body his eyes
shining brightly at her.
Ryoga grinned down at Akane his cute fangs showing as he kissed her tenderly.
"Love you beautiful." Ryoga whispered into her ear.
"The same as you do with Akari, Ukyo and Shampoo..." Ryoga kissed off her words
as he stroked her chest.
"There is different kinds of love and my kind for you is a secret." Ryoga
Gulped deeply as he looked into her deep brown eyes.
"Please don't let me cum yet." Ryoga whispered, as Akane giggle.
"When I figure it out you can tell me if I'm right ok?" Akane smiled adorably.
Ryoga nodded yes as he tried to ignore her delicious body. Ryoga stopped as he
leaned to down suckle her boobs enjoying her taste. Ryoga glared at the buzzer
as it went off.
"The buzzer figures, you feel too great." Ryoga leaped away to land easily onto
Ukyo's sexy form.
"Now you get me!" Ryoga happily pushed his cock deep into her fold pounding her
hard as he felt his body was ready to cum. Ryoga leaned down biting her nipple
causing her to shriek out loud.
"That hurts, but feels so good." Ukyo shouted as Ryoga continued to nibble on
her chest.
"Not yet, not yet, not yet." Ryoga chanted as he continued to beat his cock into
her cute body. The buzzer sounded loudly in the mist of grunts and groans.
"NOW!" Ryoga gasped as he felt his body cum hard his muscles tighten up with the
effort of filling her body.
"Oh yeah." Ryoga stood up facing the other men a pleased look on his face as he
turned to look back at Mousse as he started his time with the girls.
"You can do it Mousse." Ryoga shouted his encouragements.
Mousse pounded hard against Nabiki's wet tight pussy his eyes looking at nothing
with out his glasses on.
"Mousse why are you not talking?" asked softly.
"I am wondering why shampoo doesn't want to get married hmm it also helps keep
me from cumming to soon, after all you girls feel great and I only have nine
more girls to go to prove my manliness.
"I see." smiled cutely as she relaxed listening to the buzzer ringing.
"Go for it Mousse." Mousse nodded as he moved between the legs of Shampoo.
"Please let me make it." Mousse asked anyone who would listen as he sunk his
cock deep into Shampoo's hot pussy. Mousse tried to concentrate on moving not
feeling as her tight pussy rubbed him softly.
"I can do this I can do this." Mousse chanted as he listens for the buzzer to
ring. Mousse quickly moved onto Hinako as the buzzer ended its loud obnoxious
ringing. Pounding her gently with his eyes trying to focus on something else he
sighed with relief as the buzzer once again rang out. Mousse smiled down at
Akari his adorable eyes making her melt.
*He's just as handsome as any pig.* Akari complimented him in her head as she
enjoyed the feeling of his long cock rubbing her tight pussy.
"Another one done alright." Mousse shouted as he moved over to Nodoka his eyes
shining once again with happiness.
"Hello Mrs. Saotome." Mousse spoke politely causing Nodoka to chuckled cutely.
"No need to be formal Mousse please call me Nodoka or aunty." Mousse nodded
agreement as the buzzer rang.
"Thank you aunty." Mousse jumped between Kodachi's fine legs his cock going in
deep as he enjoyed her soft cunt.
"Finally." Mousse quickly removed his cock to shove him self into Ukyo his
thrust more hard as he grinned down at her.
"You're the last one and so am I this was a lot of fun but next time we should
have Ranma go first the have him change into a female give us real men more of a
challenge" Mousse laughed as Ukyo agreed.
"The buzzer I made it!" mousse shouted as he gave several more thrust his seed
flying loose into her wet folds.
"Oh yes I am a man." Mousse stood up his chest puffed up as he faced the other
"I DID IT, HA I am a man." Mousse boasted as he strutted over to the other men.
"Maybe he should do it again since he's so manly." Ukyo teased as the girls all
laughed then called out in agreement. Mousse looked horrified for a moment then
a proud look crossed his features.
"I could no problem but why make the other men feel so inferior." Mousse
chuckled as several guys rapped him on the arm.
Tofu grabbed up Akari and Kasumi walking to another room where they all gave
each other lustful looks. Ranma watched them walk away when Akane, Shampoo and
Ukyo walked over to him.
"Lets go as all girls." Ukyo dumped cold water over his head changing him to
Ranma-chan. Ranma-chan grinned happily as she shoved her face into the closes
pussy allowing Akane to move in between her own legs. Ukyo moved her face in
between Shampoo's while enjoying Ranma-chan's tongue in her pussy. Others sat to
watch while Ryoga walk off to see what tofu was doing with Akari. Soun and Genma
started sucking on each other as they ignored the rest. Nodoka joined Hinako
with Taro and Mousse.

Kodachi was in her normal form when she moved over to start playing with
her brother.
"Tachi, dear brother please eat me!" Kodachi cuddled up to him her hands moving
gently over his bare chest. Kuno grinned happily as he picked her up by the
slender waist to lift her up to his shoulders. Kodachi knew what he wanted she
wrapped her long slender legs around his neck, letting his face bury itself into
her pussy. Kodachi sighed happily as she then felt another tongue at her butt.
Kodachi looked back to see Tofu licking her posterior, eagerly cleaning ever
inch of her cheeks. Kodachi reached up to her own tits to start playing with
them squeezing them very hard then pinching her self.
Ooooooooh yesssssss." Kodachi moaned as Kuno pushed his tongue in deep, licking
her inner walls. Kodachi turned her head as she felt another tongue licking her
soft ass.
"Hello Shampoo, feeling hot and horny?" Kodachi giggled girlishly as Shampoo bit
down on her flesh leaving teeth marks in her skin. Kodachi wiggled a bit as
Kuno tugged on her clit.
"I'll join this fun!" Soun spoke behind Kuno thrusting his dick into Kuno's ass.
"Don't leave me out of this." Genma moved in behind Soun his thick cock slipping
inside easily.
"Hey lets try to get everyone lines up having sex at once." Ukyo suggested as
she sat down between Shampoo's legs licking her purple pussy. Ryoga positioned
himself between Ukyo's legs pushing his cock into her small wet hole. Mousse
grabbed onto Ryoga's hips pushing his rod inside Ryoga's tight ass. Nodoka
shoved her strap on penis deep into Genma's ass while Tofu started fucking her
from behind. Akane used a strap-on on Mousse while Ranma filled her from behind.
Kasumi used her strap on with Ranma while Nabiki sat under her legs licking her
pussy. Taro shoved his large meat into Nabiki while Hiroshi shoved his into
Taro. Densuki happily took Hiroshi from behind while Hinako used a strap on with
him. Akari sat between Hinako's sexy legs eating her pussy while Hikaru fucked
her velvety soft cunt. Everyone started looking around seeing that it was a
large line up of people having sex with each other.
"We did it!" Ukyo cried out as she returned to eating Shampoo pussy. Everyone
laughed as they doubled their efforts trying to get the one they were working on
to cum first.

Hiroshi walked in completely nude and trembling violently as his eyes took
in all the soft, sweaty flesh. Walking into the very heated room Hiroshi noticed
Akane back in female form eating Akari's pussy. Hiroshi walked over to her she
was his favorite and the one he wanted to have first. Grabbing her soft small
ass while it moved gently back and forth Hiroshi thrust his cock into her tight
pussy. Hiroshi gasped with the feeling of her flesh all around his virgin cock.
Densuki watched from the window his hard on trying to burst out o his pants as
he watched Hiroshi slowly moved his hips sending himself deeper into Akane's
body. Densuki quickly left the window eager to join in. Hiroshi moaned happily
as he kept pushing himself into her body running his hands over her soft silky
flesh, Hiroshi became braver and reached under to grab her large tit. Hiroshi
grunted as the extra feeling of her body pushed him over the edge. Akane smiled
happily as she looked back at him.
"I was wondering when you guys would finally come in to play." Akane chuckled,
as Hiroshi looked stunned.
"I also know your friend is with you and Hikaru is once again out there plus Ruu
Kumon is outside. I figure one of us girls will have to drag him inside."
Hiroshi felt his jaw moving with nothing coming out when a small hand rapped him
on the side of the head.
"Better?" Asked Akari as she spread her legs invitingly.
"Yeah thanks, uh so we could have join in at anytime?" Hiroshi asked scared of
the answer.
"Anytime you wanted we don't mind as long as you don't mind being here with us
and making love to anyone who wants it." Akane started kissing Hiroshi feeling
his strong hands roaming over her tender body. Hiroshi nodded yes as he pulled
on Akane's thighs bringing her leg up to wrap around his firm body. Akane moaned
as she impaled her self onto Horishi's cock. Akari fingered herself as she
watched Akane fucking Hiroshi.
"Harder Akane harder!" Akari cried out. Akane grinned broadly as she doubled her
efforts causing Hiroshi to climax quickly.
"Wow!" Hiroshi sat down his eyes wide as plates as he realized what he had done.
"Like it?" Akane asked.
Hiroshi nodded yes his tongue hanging out.
"Want to fuck Akari now?" Akane giggled mischievously.
Hiroshi nodded yes as Akari walked over to spread her legs over his thighs her
pussy in his face. Hiroshi grabbed her ass pulling her in to his face his tongue
eagerly licking her petals. Akane watched the two playing as her hands gently
stroked her own petals.

Gosenkugi watched from another window as Densuki also walked into start
playing with Akane who seem quite willing to let them take turns her and Akari.
Gosenkugi also jumped down this time he knew he would be a part of this since he
had already set up many cameras in the house and yard.
Gosenkugi watched as Densuki pushed on Akane's side until she was lying on her
back, Akari quickly moved to place her pussy above Akane's face. Akane wrapped
her arms around Akari's slim waist to hold her in place. Hiroshi moved in behind
Akari his large meat easily moving into her tunnel. Densuki laid down between
Akane's legs eagerly licking her all over her pussy then her legs then back to
her clit. Gosenkugi moved to kneel by her large tits licking one then the other
Gosenkugi used his left hand to rub circles on her hard nub, the feeling of her
excited breast in his hand and mouth making his penis ache with need. Densuki
looked up at Gosenkugi eagerly working over her tits so moved up to slide his
cock in her wet opening. Densuki groaned with the feeling as he started his hips
moving slowly in then part way out then back in deep. Hiroshi who was playing
with Akari's tits looked for a moment at his long time friend a smile covered
his face as he spoke to him.
"She taste and feels great huh, I told you they'd get back together for more
sex, aren't you glad I talked you into going tonight." Hiroshi grinned happily
as he went back to licking Akari's neck.
"Yeah your right and this is the best thing to happen to me in my whole life!"
Densuki kept his body moving into Akane's body.
"I'm going to cum inside Akane Tendo it's a dream come true ……. oh yes." Densuki
groaned as he filled her velvety folds with his seed. Hikaru watched as Densuki
walked away leaving Akane to grab onto Hinako. Hikaru quickly moved between
Akane's legs beating out Genma as he walked up. Hikaru pushed his meat into
Akane's pussy his eyes wide with excitement as his hips swayed back and forth.
Genma watched for a minute as Hikaru pumped up Akane's love hole. Genma moved in
behind Hikaru shoving his penis into Hikaru's small ass his momentum pushing
him into Akane.
Hikaru tried to stifle a cry of pain as Genma started pumping him hard and fast
continually shoving him in deep. Genma moaned with pleasure as he enjoyed
Hikaru's butt his hands reaching around to stroke his chest. Akane watched
Hikaru her eyes looking sad for him as he grimace in pain.
"I'll be over in a minute Hikaru." Akane reassured him. Hikaru looked up his
eyes moist with happiness
*She spoke to me again.* Hikaru tried to speak his mouth making the motions as
he looked at Akane with love.
"Great fuck kid thanks." Genma swatted his shoulder knocking him over and out of
Akane's tunnel.
"Yoo…yooo…your welcome?" Hikaru spoke uncertainly as he moved back to his knees
reentering Akane's soft pussy.
Akane smiled cutely as Hikaru started trying to pound against her with all his
might. Hikaru gasped for air as he tired out his body covered in sweat.
"I …. I cumming into you…Akane…" Hikaru spoke as though he couldn't believe this
was happening.
"It was great too Hikaru and you have done it with me before it wasn't a dream
honest." Akane kissed his cheek, before standing up and walking away. Hikaru sat
grinning ear to ear as her words filled him with joy.

Kodachi walked out side to the dojo her smooth skin glowing in the
moonlight as she slowly opened the door.
"Hello, your Ruu Kumon right?" Kodachi smiled adorably as she walked toward him.
Ruu stood still his heart racing as a beautiful naked girl walked toward him.
"We all figured you'd enjoy making love with us, I do hope you won't disappoint
m!" Kodachi moved her small hands slowly over his broad chest. Ruu gulped as she
started removing his clothing.
"I uh I never done this be…….fore.." Ruu felt his hard cock pushing to leave his
pants as Kodachi removed his shirt her hands swiftly going to the top of his
pants pulling open the button to loosen them up.
"I have done this many times with the people I love in there. if you will let us
we will gladly let you join us in there and make love to us all of us." Kodachi
emphasized as Ruu nodded his head in agreement.
"Great, now to give you a taste of the black rose." Kodachi jumped up her legs
curling around his waist as she impaled her self on this hard thick cock.
"Oh kami yes." Ruu whispered as he grabbed her ass holding her in place as she
bounced her ass back and forth beating her sweet sexy body against his tough
one. Kodachi reached climax moment before Ruu as he grunted with his first
filling of female flesh.
"Now lets take you inside to enjoy the rest of them." Kodachi unwrapped her legs
letting her feet fall down to the ground easily. Turning around Kodachi walked
out the door her small ass wiggling as she walked. Ruu stood for a moment before
running after her.
"I getta have sex with all those gorgeous girls this is my dream come true." Ruu
ran into the house her eyes scanning all the naked flesh when hands grabbed him
from behind.
"Wanna play?" Asked Ranma-chan. Ruu nodded yes as he reached down to gently rub
her large tits.
Ruu grinned down into Ranma-chan's cute face his cock sliding back and forth in
her velvet walls. Ranma-chan moaned loudly as Ruu's large dick brought her to
climax easily. Ruu grunted his cum filling her tight love hole.
"This is great umm you won't mind if I come here all the time and I have…Akane?"
Ruu asked in a very low voice.
Ranma-chan chuckled loudly as she tried to talk.
"Nope don't mind at all… and if you don't try Akane you'll be missing out on a
great fuck believe me!" Ranma-chan continued to laugh as she walked away leaving
Ruu standing by the door.
"Hey there handsome." Ruu turned to see Genma and Soun standing behind him both
with hard on. Ruu gulped softly as he realized what the two elder men wanted.
"Hello!" Ruu spoke uncertainly as Genma grabbed on arm Soun on the other.
"I get his ass first?" Genma shouted as he pulled him toward him his large cock
going for the gold. Soun grumbled as he bent down immediately taking Ruu's cock
into his mouth sucking him hard. Ruu stood perfectly still his eyes large as he
experienced his first man-to-man sexual fulfillment. Genma grunted hard his cock
ramming in deep and fast as he reached climax filling Ruu's ass with cum. Ruu
choked slightly as he felt Genma filling him is ass tender from Genma's hard
treatment. Soun stood up his cock throbbing for release as he moved n behind
Ruu. Ruu gritted his teeth waiting for Soun to take him the same way. Ruu sighed
with relief as Soun rubbed lotion over his opening then gently entered his body.
"I know you're new at this and I don't want to scare you away." Soun whispered
into his ear as he gently stroke his cock inside Ruu's tight ass. Ruu smiled
enjoying the easy feeling from Soun. Genma snarled under his breath as he bent
down going deep throat on Ruu's meat. Ruu came quickly into Genma's mouth as
Genma continued to go deep and Soun went easy.
"Thank you." Soun pulled his softening dick out a smile on his face as he turned
to walk away.
"Remember a man needs it hard and fast!" Genma walked away wiping his mouth off.
Ruu watched both men leave then turned around to look for female flesh.

Akane walked to the door with a large towel wrapped around her sweet body as
an insistent banging on its wooden frame was starting to disturb the guest.
Opening the door very carefully Akane looked outside to see her school principal
standing there in his loud Hawaiian shirt with his palm tree on his head.
"Umm hello may I help you? Do you need to see Takiwaki or Kodachi?" Akane asked
"I see them after I see you sweet wahine, my son he call tell his big kahuna to
come here and find a reason to live. I here to show you youngsters just what a
great Hawaiian man can do!" Principal Kuno walked in removing his clothing as he
entered. Akane's eyes went wide as she realized that he wanted to join in.
*Well we did say we'd take anyone who wanted in on it, I guess it means him
too.* principal Kuno grabbed Akane around the waist pulling the towel away from
her adorable body.
"I'm ready when you are Principal Kuno." Akane wrapped her arms around his thick
neck pulling him down to her impressive chest. Principal Kuno started sucking
her left nipple while squeezing her right. His left hand going down under her
soft plush ass pulling her in close. Principal Kuno started his tunnel work his
large long cock slipping into her tight hole easily. Akane moaned with the
feeling of his dick and mouth working her over.
"It looks as though you took my advice and came here to play!" Kuno stood next
to them drawing both their attention.
"How's the big kahuna's son you want to join in with us?"
Takiwaki grinned broadly as he moved in behind his father shoving his prick into
his tight ass easily.
"Oh yeah good boy fuck you father." Principal Kuno shouted drawing Kodachi's
attention over.
"Well, well I should have known father would be interested in this. I take it
you called him brother dear!" Kodachi grinned broadly as she started her small
hands stroking her fathers side.
"Youse brother he know his daddy needs to be with pretty girls. You show you
father just how pretty you are?" Principal Kuno stroked Kodachi's fine chiseled
chin with a thick finger. Kodachi sighed as she moved her face toward his
"Hmmm father slip out of miss Tendo and try me then you can see what a good
daughter I am!" Kodachi nibbled on his fingers causing her father to quiver with
"Let me fill her pussy and I'm all yours." Principal Kuno redoubled his effort
pushing himself in deep to Akane's soft pussy, leaving his son to stand still
enjoying the feel of his father's ass moving back and forth over his cock.
"This is it little wahine, I give you much good stuff." Principal Kuno grunted
with the effort of squirting into Akane's lush sexy body.
"Oh this is good." Principal Kuno kissed Akane's forehead as he pulled out of
"Now daughter show you father just how good you are." Principal Kuno grabbed
Kodachi around the waist pulling her in close.
"My pleasure daddy." Kodachi wrapped her arms around her father's neck her body
thrusting forward to bring his cock into her tight hole. Principal Kuno grunted
as he felt his cock slip into her body his eyes rolling back as he felt how
tight she was around his boner.
"Make me cum hard for you daddy dear." Kodachi whispered into his ear. Principal
Kuno grunted harder as he continued to pound her with great force then before.
Kodachi shouted as she climax her honey coating his cock.
"Cum for daddy cum again little girl." Principal Kuno whispered as Kodachi
moaned with pleasure her juices flowing again.
"Do it to me again daddy." Kodachi kissed her fathers lips her tongue entering
his mouth as he bucked hard into her sweet body.
"Taste my seed daughter." Principal Kuno told her as he removed her pussy to
flip her over. Kodachi immediately wrapped her mouth around his cock sucking
hard while scraping her teeth over the head. Principal Kuno grunted into her wet
cunt as he filled her with his seed. Kodachi sighed with pleasure as she came
again feeling his tongue lap up her juice cleaning her outer lips easily.
"Thank you father that was great, just like it was when I was very little."
Kodachi winked at her father who looked surprised for a moment.
"You remember that my daughter?" Principal asked.
"Yes and how mother didn't like it. How she said you'd hurt me when all you ever
did was show me how much you loved Tacchi and myself, thank you father. Now we
can resume what we had to end before." Kodachi flipped to her feet landing
gracefully as she kissed his lips passionately.
"There is no one to stop us now father." Kodachi whispered softly as she turned
around to leave. Principal Kuno watched her proudly as his arm grabbed Nabiki as
she walked by him.

Nabiki saw her dad with Ranma and Genma plus Ryoga so walked over to help
them. Nabiki moved down to her knees to suck on her fathers large dick, Soun
grinned as she went to work on him, he could feel her tongue whirling around his
cock then sucking hard on him to go back to licking him. Nabiki then moved him
in deep to her throat then back out then started moving her head faster so as to
force her father to fill her mouth with his seed. Nabiki grinned in her mind as
she felt a penis moving into her pussy and another one moving into her ass.
Nabiki looked down to see Ranma-chan with a strap on under her pushing her hips
upward shoving the long hard green rubber penis into her pussy. Nabiki looked
behind her to see Genma shoving his large cock into her ass a pleased look on
his face.
"Keep it up guys and I'll take something off your tabs." Nabiki laughed as the
guys started moving faster and harder.
Soun grunted as he filled Nabiki's mouth again. Nabiki licked his penis clean
before letting him go.
"I want some of him now!" Hinako grabbed Soun by the shoulders turning him
around and rubbing her very shapely adult against Soun's tone body. Soun gulped
as he felt his body quickly reacting to her. Nabiki watched with interest as she
relieved her self onto the green dildo. Ranma-chan started sucking her tits
bringing her attention to the feelings she was receiving. Genma started talking
to her telling him of her father's lovemaking.
"Nabiki your father is now licking her tits and his hand is pushed up her cunt.
It appears that he is biting her tits now and now he is going down to her pussy.
Oh yeah he's using his demon tongue on her pussy she looks ready to explode.
Nabiki moaned with his play-by-play comments her blood racing with excitement.
"Now your dad is fucking her he's shoving it in deep oh wow she's cumming
already guess it was to much for her." Genma grunted as he filled Nabiki's ass.
"Guess it was to much for me too! Thanks for the fun Nabiki." Genma pulled out
of her ass turning to walk away while grabbing Kodachi and Kuno by the arms.
Nabiki sighed with happiness as she opened her eyes looking into Ranma-chan's
cute face.
"Wanna be a man and fuck me?" Nabiki asked.
"Sure let me change." Ranma-chan pulled her toy out of Nabiki and quickly walked
over to the nearest teakettle. Ranma walked back to Nabiki his hard cock ready
to go.
"Aaah yes this is what I need." Nabiki spread her legs allowing Ranma to enter
her sweet body. Ranma held onto Nabiki's plush ass as he pounded deep into her
pussy. Nabiki squealed as Ryoga moved into her tight ass.
"I hope you don't mind me joining this fun but I need some Nabiki ass." Ryoga
reached around to her chest holding her tits tightly as he moved faster.
"I can beat her ass faster then you can beat her pussy." Ryoga challenged Ranma.
"Ha you wish." Ranma started moving faster the same as Ryoga both shoving
themselves deep into her body causing Nabiki to climax several times over.
Boys I …oh kami…I don't know… I oh yes I'm cumming again… slow…go faster
…no..slower…oh I'm cumming again…don't stop…" Nabiki moaned and screamed loudly
as the two men raced with in her tight body.
"Here it comes Nabiki!" Ranma grunted as he filled her tight cunt.
"I'm cumming too!" Ryoga shouted as he let his seed flow into her plush ass.
"Oh yeah the other girls have got to try this!" Nabiki smiled ecstatically as
she pushed the two guys away.
"Show that to Akane, she'll love it." Nabiki walked away on shaky legs, as Ranma
and Ryoga ran off to find Akane. Nabiki sat down on a chair waiting to hear
Akane's scream of pleasures.

Nabiki stretched her arms upward lifting her large tits with her stretch
enjoying the way the Mousse and Tofu watched her move.
"Thanks guys that was great fun!" Nabiki walked away from the men her arms still
above her head as she slowly lowered them. Nabiki noticed Shampoo laying on her
back her legs spread wide as Ryoga pounded against her soft pussy.
"I want some Shampoo now." Nabiki walked over to the two as Ryoga grunted loudly
shoving his cock deep in side Shampoo's curvy body letting his seed fills her.
"Looks like your turn is up Hibiki go fuck Akane now!" Nabiki demanded. Ryoga
looked over his shoulder at Nabiki.
"Looks like you want so Amazon pussy." Ryoga stood up from between Shampoo's
"So where is Akane? Ryoga looked around.
"Over there getting it on with Tofu. Go join them." Nabiki gave Ryoga a push
sending him toward the two his cock hardening as he walked. Nabiki turned her
attention to Shampoo who watched her with half closed eyes.
"Hello Nabiki." Shampoo whispered seductively.
"Hey beautiful." Nabiki lied down next to shampoo her hands immediately roaming
over her soft sexy body.
"I am so in need of you." Nabiki whispered back as her fingers found her g spot.
Shampoo shuddered with pleasure.
"You like that, don't you Shampoo." Shampoo nodded her head slowly.
"You want my fingers to fuck you make you cum all over my hand wetting my hand
down, so I have to lick my hand and your cunt clean, you want that don't you
Shampoo you naughty girl, you want to cum hard all over me." Nabiki gave
Shampoo's impressive tits a small lick Shampoo moaned with delight.
"Please make Shampoo cum all over Nabiki." Shampoo moaned.
"Oh your so bad, you want my fingers fucking you so hard, you want to hear me
say it, say it Shampoo say it." Nabiki chuckled as Shampoo moved her mouth
slowly to talk.
"Pppplease fuck Shampoo hard, please make Shampoo cum hard on you hand." Shampoo
gasped as Nabiki rammed her fingers in hard repeatedly.
"Cum for me Shampoo cum hard you know you want to cum very hard." Nabiki spoke
soft as her hand moved very fast in her small hole.
Aaaaaaahhhhhh" Shampoo cried out as she felt her body climax spreading her
juices all over Nabiki's hand. Nabiki smiled wickedly as she brought her hand to
her own lips licking each finger slowly sensually. Shampoo watched fascinated by
her tongue.
"Now to clean you up." Nabiki moved over above her pussy her tongue leading the
way as she started licking her lips cleaning the honey off her curly hairs.
Shampoo sighed with contentment.
Nabiki finished then moved up along her body lying down on top of Shampoo.
"Love ya." Nabiki whispered as she kissed her full red lips.
"I know you don't want a female lifestyle but if you ever change your mind I
want to be your lover and partner, I've never felt such a strong reaction to
anyone as I do with you." Nabiki kissed her neck feeling the good bumps rise up.
Shampoo's eyes widen in surprise.
"Shampoo no think of that, but if I think I ever want to have just woman for
partner I tell you first." Shampoo wrapped her arms around Nabiki's slender
waist kissing her fiercely. Nabiki smiled inwardly as she kissed Shampoo.
*At least she's not totally against the idea, there may be a chance yet.*
"Nabiki looked behind her as she felt strong hands pulling her upward.
"My turn daughter. Soun laid down between Shampoo's legs his large dick pushing
inside her small tight hole.
"Enjoy dad, I'm off to fuck Genma now," Nabiki walked away a smile on her lips
as she listen to Shampoo's moans. *I love you Shampoo!* Nabiki thought tenderly.

Ukyo gasped as a pair of strong arms wrapped her bindings around her body
quickly. Looking over her shoulders Ukyo smiled as Ryoga grinned sheepishly at
her his cute fangs showing.
"I felt like being your boss." Ryoga turned her around his mouth going straight
to her large tits. Ukyo moaned softly as he sat down on the table pulling her
onto his lap her arms still tied to her sides.
"Ryoga ooh." Ukyo whispered as he pushed his large meat into her small opening.
Ryoga grunted with the effort his arms holding her in place on his lap as he
repeated his thrusting motion into her tunnel. Ryoga groaned as he felt her
juices starting to soak his cock her tight body constricting even tighter as she
came some more.
"I gotta fill you up soon, but I want to hold off first." Ryoga grunted
straining to keep his seed in place.
"Too tight." Ryoga gasped as she came once more her honey dripping down to his
"I can't stop cumming on you Ryoga honey you're so big it feels so right." Ukyo
cried out as Ryoga rammed deep into her again.
"Ooh Ryoga honey I love you so much." Ukyo cried out as she came again eagerly.
"I love you Ukyo more then you'll ever know." Ryoga kissed her soft full lips
before moving back to her well define breast.
"I'm going to explode again." Ukyo warned him as he bite down on her nub.
"Here it comes." Ukyo sighed with relief as she let her honey flow down his
"That's it for me lover." Ryoga grabbed her ass tight his body rigid with the
effort to fill her body with his cum.
"Thanks Ryoga." Ukyo kissed her sot lips the two holding each other close as
they came back down to earth.

Taro was in female form with a male Nodoka licking her large tits, Nodoka-kun
started to nibble a bit on her chest while her hands kneaded Taro-chan's soft
ass. Nodoka then stood up a head taller then the young girl, pushing her roughly
against the wall Nodoka-chan shoved her cock into Taro-chan's cunt.
"Your tight lover." Nodoka grinned as he rammed his cock in deeper feeling the
wetness wrapped around his cock. Taro moaned softly her body feeling the
sensation of a cock deep in her small body.
"Your so big Nodoka." Taro-chan gasped as she felt her body climaxing.
"Ooh the little girl wants to cum." Nodoka-kun teased as he slowed his rhythm
"Please no teasing!" Taro-chan begged as she tried to push her pussy harder at
Nodoka's thick penis. Nodoka moved back leaving only the tip to touch her
petals. Taro-chan cried out softly in frustrations.
"No teasing please…..oh that feels so good…no don't move away….please go back
inside..ooooh" Nodoka-kun laughed happily as he rammed his cock deep inside
feeling Taro-chan soak her with her juices as his own cum filled her body.
"I had always wanted to try that. Genma had done it to me when we had first
gotten married. It felt good in such a irritating way." Nodoka kissed Taro's
lushes lips. Taro sighed as she wrapped her arms around Nodoka's neck her hips
resuming their movement to bring Nodoka-kun's cock back to life. Nodoka-kun
happily pushed his hardening cock back into Taro-chan's sexy body.

Ranma pounded against Kodachi's tight wet hole enjoying the feeling of her
inner walls around his large penis as he moved in her. Kodachi bucked her hips
upward her eyes closed as she held him tightly.
"Oooh Ranma-sama, I do hope now that you are married you shall always enjoy our
gathering like this. I would dislike terrible to never feel your cock up my love
hole again."
Ranma laughed as he licked her plush large tits.
"No worry there beautiful, Akane and I both enjoy fucking."
Slamming her hard repeatedly with his cock.
"I'm cumming darling I'm cumming." Kodachi groaned as she felt her honey
soaking his piece. Ranma sighed with satisfaction his own body reacting
positively to her liquid fire coating his manhood.
"Ooh yeah, thanks Kodachi your sure great at fucking!" Ranma stood up with
Kodachi in his arms. Giving her several feather light kisses. Kodachi smiled
gratefully as she turned to walk away.
*What a man!*
Ranma watched her walk away when a large amount of cold water hit her head.
"I want some red pussy." Ryoga grabbed Ranma-chan by her shapely hips pushing
his already firm piece into her tight cunt.
Ranma-chan squealed with pleasure as Ryoga pounded against her tight body. Ryoga
moaned loudly as he continued pounding Ranma-chan's velvet walls.
"Ranma…can I ask…you something." Ryoga continued pushing deep into her body.
"Sure…anything you …… want." Ranma-chan gasped.
"Should I get married to Akari?" Ryoga started kissing Ranma-chan's red lips.
"Don't…know…do you…love her?" Ranma-chan asked between kisses.
"I do but I also love Akane and Ukyo….also Shampoo well all the girls here…"
Ryoga trailed off as he gave a mighty push filling Ranma-chan's tight tunnel.
"Then don't get married right now just enjoy what we all have together!" Ranma-
chan kissed Ryoga's nose before walking away leaving a thoughtful Ryoga.
Ryoga jumped as Mousse pushed his cock into Ryoga's tight butt.
"Hey there Ryoga feel the need for seed?" Mousse laughed, as did Ryoga who
relaxed against Mousse's strong chest. Both men gasped as cold water hit them.
Muu-muu-chan and P-chan looked up to see Akari standing with a empty bucket in
her hands a large grin on her face.
"I thought you two might like going at it in your animal forms." P-chan looked
at Muu-muu-chan shrugged his piggie shoulders allowing Muu-muu-chan to finish
what he was doing. Akari sat down her legs spread open.
"When your done I'll let you do me like this." Akari rubbed her nipples as
Shampoo neko walked over her nose sniffing at Akari's cunt. Shampoo used her
rough cat tough to lick eagerly at Akari's juices. Muu-muu-chan pounded harder
into P-chan's ass as he watched Shampoo eating Akari. Muu-muu-chan felt his seed
entering P-chan's small body eagerly leaving him Muu-muu waddled over to Shampoo
neko. Muu-muu-chan quickly climbed onto Shampoo neko's back entering her with
his duck penis. P-chan walked over to Akari's sizeable tits sucking on each one
in turn. Akari moaned loudly as she came eagerly onto Shampoo neko's tongue.
Muu-muu-chan slid off of Shampoo neko's back as he finished filling her kitty
body. Muu-muu-chan pushed his beak into Akari's tight hole moving quickly with
in her walls. Shampoo-neko purred softly as she walked toward the bathroom
leaving the other three to play. Akari moaned loudly as she came hard onto Muu-
muu-chan's beak her hands gripping the rug tightly as she squirmed in place. P-
chan started to nibble causing Akari to scream out as she felt his teeth against
her skin. Muu-muu-chan started squirming as he grew excited climbing up onto her
velvety patch Muu-muu-chan shoved his member into her soft folds his eyes glazed
over as he felt her wet pussy lips around his cock thrusting in hard he reached
climax quickly as Akari continued to scream with delight. Muu-muu-chan slid back
off his body tired as he sat watched P-chan take his place at her pussy. Muu-
muu-chan quacked loudly as he turned to walk away leaving Akari and P-chan

Kasumi was bent over Happosai licking at the small piece of meat in front of
her; a soft moan escaped her lips as she felt Soun pounding her tight ass.
Happosai moaned with the pleasure of feeling Kasumi hot wet tongue licking his
cock pleased she didn't mind his small size. Kasumi suddenly stood up pulling
Happosai up with her placing him at her pussy. A soft gasp left her lips as she
felt Happosai push his cock into her tight pussy. Kasumi leaned back trusting
her father to hold her while he fucked her ass. Soun gladly wrapped his arms
around her chest to hold her in place. Giving both her large impressive breast
several squeezes Soun resumed his forward thrusting. Soun nibbled on Kasumi's
delicate neck tasting the salty sweat on her fair skin. "Hmmm daughter you taste
great like this." Soun kept his other thoughts to himself. *Hmmm I am so glad my
daughters allow this with me. Genma might be a great long time lover but I do
enjoy the feel of a woman!* Soun Felt his muscles tense up as his body neared
climax. Grabbing Kasumi's tits even harder causing her to yelp Soun thrust once
very hard in Kasumi's tight ass releasing his sperm. Soun rested his head
against Kasumi's shoulder his heart beating hard and fast.
"As always daughter you are great." Soun whispered into her ear.
"Thank you father, I enjoy this time we spend together." Kasumi kissed her
fathers lips then allowed him to walk on to other play toys.
"Just you and me grandfather." Kasumi spoke in her soft tones. Happosai looked
up briefly his eyes showing the lust clearly.
"That's fine with me sweeto, you feel so great and taste even better." Happosai
kept his age-old body pounding Kasumi's young tender body, his tongue licking
her all over her flat tummy.
"Thank you grandfather, I very much enjoy giving you pleasure as do everyone
here." Kasumi caressed his aged head fondly as she bent down a bit to use her
chest to rub over his bare head. Happosai purred like a cat as he felt her soft
tits rubbing his head gently. Kasumi giggled cutely as she kept rubbing her tits
over his baldhead.
"Kasumi if I were several years younger I'd marry you." Happosai grabbed on
tightly as his aged seed penetrated her body.
"Grandfather I would marry you no matter what your age, you are truly a
wonderful man." Kasumi started kissing his baldhead as he climbed up her lushes'
"Thank you my dear." Happosai kissed her soft lips his tongue invading her
mouth. Kasumi eagerly met his tongue for a wrestling match.
"Shall we go for another round?" Kasumi asked uncertainly.
"By all means." Happosai slid back down her body his penis growing stiff as he
moved along her milky white skin. Happosai pushed him self-back into her body
his cock moving quickly in and out bringing Kasumi to orgasm quickly.
"Faster master faster." Kasumi begged as Happosai doubled his speed. Happosai
gasped and panted as he filled her body with cum. Kasumi smiled adorably as she
felt her body honey coat his prick.
"Grandfather shall we sit down and cuddle up to each other?" Kasumi walked over
to the couch sitting down her breathe coming out in short gasp. Happosai nodded
his head as he snuggled between Kasumi's large tits.

Shampoo lied down onto the soft rug pulling Akane on top of her feeling her
soft back with her strong fingers. Akane sighed with pleasure as she started
kissing Shampoo's soft full lips, their tongues intertwining. Akane rubbed her
delta against Shampoo's feeling the heat radiating between them.
"Ooohhhhh.." Akane gasped as she felt a thick cock slid into her small hole.
Akane looked over her shoulder to see Kuno a pleased look on his cute face as he
slowly drove his penis home. Akane smiled happily as she resumed her kissing.
Akane gasped into Shampoo's mouth as Kuno suddenly pulled out while slapping her
"Is ok Akane?" Shampoo asked worriedly.
"Oh yeah I'm fine Shampoo." Akane chuckled, as Shampoo gasp herself as Kuno
pushed his way into her own pussy.
"Now know why you gasp he take it out." Akane laughed as she moved to suckle
Shampoo's soft large tit. Akane bite down lightly as she felt Kuno reenter her
love hole pounding her hard.
"Ooh yeah, this is kinda fun this way huh!" Akane looked over her shoulder so
see Kuno's face showing exertion of trying to hold on.
"Beautiful ladies I feel the need to shoot my seed into your tender bodies."
Kuno pulled out of Akane shoving himself back into Shampoo letting his sperm
fill her folds.
"Ladies that was a great way to play thank you for letting me join you!" Kuno
walked away leaving the two girls watching him.
"He still weird boy even if do feel good." Shampoo turned her attention back to
Akane as resumed her suckling of her tits.
"Oooh new man." Shampoo gasped as she looked over Akane's shoulder to see Genma
pumping her body.
"Watching Kuno fuck you both looked to good to not try it my self." Genma
grinned from ear to ear as he suddenly pulled out shoving his cock deep into
Akane tight soft body. Akane moaned gently as her body was filled with Genma's
large dick pounding her hard.
"You always seem to like it fast and hard Uncle Genma." Akane moaned between
Genma ignored her words as he resumed his hard pounding of Shampoo's body.
"He sure do, it nice like this I no sure which I like better slow or hard?"
Akane nodded her head as she felt Genma reenter her again.
"I know what you mean both feel so good it's hard to choose.
"I'm cumming." Genma shouted as he grabbed Akane's well formed hips pulling her
close as he shoved in deep and hard his seed bursting out against her walls
bring her to cum onto his cock.
"Yup hard to decide." Akane looked to her left to see Ukyo laying down on the
rug with Akari lying on her.
"Hi girls, it looked like fun." Ukyo smiled happily as Akari nibbled on her
Akane watched as Konatsu walked up to the to her two girls ramming his cock into
Akari's pussy.
"Oh yes thank you." Akari smiled down at Ukyo their tits rubbing against each
other, as Konatsu pounded against her.
Akane smiled as she looked back to see Ryoga gently rubbing her ass giving her
small kisses while easing his member slowly into her cunt.
"Ooh Ryoga is sooo good at the slow and tender mode." Akane purred.
Shampoo looked at Ryoga then to the right to see Nabiki and Hinako now lying on
the rug with Ranma slowly pounding Nabiki's tight cunt. Shampoo smiled as she
watched Kasumi and Nodoka also lying on the rug with Tofu using them.
"We start great thing." Shampoo whispered to Akane who smile then resumed her
passionate kissing.
"We sure did, I'm glad too this is really fun." Akane came onto Ryoga's cock as
he reentered her body. Ryoga moved slowly inside her delicate folds for several
strokes before pulling out to enter Shampoo's hot cunt. Ryoga moaned with the
intense pleasure of both girls as he finally pulled out of Shampoo to return to
Akane. Ryoga shoved hard one last time his seed filling Akane's pussy. Akane
gasped with the feeling her body quivering as she soaked his meat in honey.
"Ohhh yes." Akane purred.
"Thanks girls I'm going to try Ukyo and Akari now. Ryoga walked over watching as
Konatsu filled Akari's hole.
"I get to fill you up Ukyo." Ryoga replaced Konatsu between their legs his cock
going deep into Ukyo's fine pussy, his body pounding hard against her.
"Do it Ryoga honey." Ukyo moaned softly as he pounded her body.
"Oh too soon." Ukyo complained as Ryoga pulled out entering Akari's soft
womanhood with his large meat filling her completely. Ryoga moved back to Ukyo
after a few stroke into Akari then repeated the same movement.
"I gotta cum girls." Ryoga pulled out of Akari shoving himself into Ukyo's hole
his body slamming her hard pushing her tits into Akari's with each slam of his
"Here it comes." Ryoga grunted with the effort his seed filling her quickly.
"Thanks now for some more." Ryoga stood up to see the other girls being used by
Kuno, Principal Kuno, Hikaru and Hiroshi taking his place.
"Damn." Ryoga watched the girls as they kissed and stroked each other while the
guys beat against their soft bodies.
"I love the sight in this room." Ryoga turned at the sound of Nabiki's voice
carrying out through the room.
"Now what?" Ryoga asked of no one.

"Gentleman, I have a proposal for you five new guys here. The others have
already worked there way through it." Nabiki grinned devilishly at the five men.
"Wh..what kind of…proposal" Hikaru asked scared of Nabiki's moneymaking
Nabiki sauntered over to Hikaru placing a warm hand onto his bare chest.
"All the girls line up in a row their legs crossed. You men will go one at a
time with each of us for five minutes to test your abilities as men." Nabiki
chuckled, as Hikaru's eyes grew wide with fear.
"I'm game lets go for it." Ruu winked at Nabiki as Hiroshi and Desunki nodded
"The big Kuhuna is always a man I'll prove it with no effort at all." Principal
Kuno boasted.
"Your not allowed to cum in any of the girls until the buzzer rings for the last
time. Once that has happen you can let her rip."
"I'll give it a try." Hikaru sounded unsure as the girls started lining up first
Nodoka, Shampoo, Ukyo, Akari, Akane, Kasumi, Nabiki, Kodachi, Hinako and Ranma-
chan. The other men quickly started taking seats to watch the fun.
Principal Kuno placed him self above Nodoka awaiting Soun's shout of go as he
set the timer.
"GO." Soun yelled as Principal Kuno started his large cock pumping in and out of
Nodoka's fit body. Nodoka laid still her body reacting to his movement as she
started to climax. Principal Kuno jumped as the timer went off. Quickly moving
onto Shampoo his hard prick filling her full as he rammed himself into her
repeatedly. Shampoo looked over at Nodoka a large grin on her face.
"He got good dick for this, it feel tight in me." Shampoo groaned softly as she
started to reach climax.
The buzzer rang signally the end as Principal Kuno quickly hopped onto Ukyo's
soft lushes body.
"No fair I no cum yet, I so close." Shampoo complained.
"Oooh I was so close to cumming I won't be able to hold off." Ukyo whispered as
she quickly soaked his cock with her honey.
"Wahine no do that big Kuhuna no make it you wet me down!" Principal moaned as
he struggled to hold onto his semen from spilling deep into her velvety folds.
I can make it next time as long as sexy women no cum on me!" Principal Kuno
stood up from Ukyo a pleased look on his face as he walked away a few snickers
are heard from his son. Principal Kuno snuggled in between Akari's great legs
his hands stroking her smooth skin as he moved into her tunnel.
"You be good girl now." Principal Kuno started moving slowly his prick going
into her gently as he kept control over his body. Akari jumped slightly as the
buzzer rang out in the unusually quiet room saved for Principal Kuno's labor
"I know I make this good." Principal Kuno dove in between Akane's soft silky
legs his dick leading the way into her soft body.
"I already give you big load I know I can keep from doing so now!" Principal
Kuno groan softly as Akane's tight hole rubbed him to ecstasy his breathing
becoming more labored.
"Finally, I almost give it up in you girl!" Principal Kuno slowly moves onto
Kasumi his brow covered in sweat.
"Please let me do this." Principal Kuno slowly immerged his large penis his eyes
instantly glazing over.
"Oh my your so big." Kasumi spoke softly and sweetly her small hands barely
touching his large back.
"NO DO THAT, no do that, no do that!" Principal Kuno groaned as his seed flowed
into her velvety folds.
"You do that!" Principal Kuno sighed as he stood up his member as limp as a
Hiroshi quickly jumped between Nodoka's shapely legs his hips moving slowly
above her as he waited.
"GO." Shouted Soun as Hiroshi started beating his penis into Nodoka's shapely
body his eyes shut tight as he concentrated. Nodoka smiled encouragingly at him.
"You can do lover." Nodoka whispered to Hiroshi as the buzzer rang loudly.
Hiroshi quickly positioned himself between Shampoo's great legs his cock moving
in deep as he pounded against her soft pussy.
"Oooh you so good." Shampoo gasped as she climax soaking him with cum.
"Don't let me cum not yet." Hiroshi begged as the buzzer rang once again.
"Alright next one." Hiroshi moved between Ukyo's well tone legs his cock shoving
into her velvet walls quickly as he bite down on his lower lip. Hiroshi kept
pounding hard when Ukyo whispered to him.
"You might be able to hold on easier if you go softly." Ukyo grinned cutely at
him causing Hiroshi to shudder with excitement.
"I'll try it." Hiroshi removed his still hard cock as he placed him self between
Akari's legs, his body going slowly into her soft hole.
"Hiroshi this is the best it feels so wonderful when you move so slowly." Akari
moaned softly her hands starting to caress his back.
"Please stop…" Hiroshi moaned softly as the buzzer rang again. Hiroshi moved
himself between Akane's sexy firm legs his hard on pressing quickly into her hot
tunnel. Akane sighed her eyes fluttering with the excitement of his long cock
deep with in her folds.
"I hope I make it through." Hiroshi asked no one.
Hiroshi stared down into Kasumi's soft eyes his cock going into her body slowly
with easy movement closing his eyes to keep his concentration. Hiroshi looked up
his eyes full of disbelief as the bell rang.
"I made another girl yes." Hiroshi quickly moved between Nabiki's legs his hard
dick pushing easily into her soft folds.
"I can do this I can do this I can do this." Hiroshi chanted as he tried to
enjoy her body to the minimal amount.
"I DID IT." Hiroshi shouted only three more to go." Hiroshi jumped between
Kodachi strong legs his cock leading the way into her cunt pounding her readily.
Hiroshi opened his eyes looking into Kodachi's cute face her soft eyes shining
at him as she started to reach climax.
"I do hope the buzzer waits for a moment…damn." Kodachi glared at the timer as
it rang with Hiroshi pulling out. Hiroshi eagerly pushed into Hinako's sinuous
body, his confident growing with each stroke.
"Teacher you feel so great." Hiroshi kissed her full red lips his hands started
to stroke her large firm breast. Hiroshi grinned hugely as the buzzer rang out.
"One more yes." Hiroshi jumped onto Ranma-chan's lithe body.
"Hey Ranma this is great huh!" Hiroshi kissed Ranma-chan his hands grabbing her
chest tightly while his cock pounded hard against her pussy. Ranma-chan moaned
with excitement her juices starting to flow onto Hiroshi's large meat.
"Cum into me Hiroshi you can do it." Hiroshi moaned loudly as Ranma-chan
whispered to him.
"Not till the buzzer." Hiroshi groaned softly his body hurting to cum.
"THE BUZZER." Hiroshi yelled excitedly as he sighed with relief his seed filling
Ranma-chan's cunt. Hiroshi danced around the room shouting with happiness as
Hikaru took his place as next contestant.
Hikaru timidly positioned himself between Nodoka's soft lush body, his eyes
nervously looking around.
*If I don't make it, it'll prove I'm not a man in front of Akane Tendo and all
these other nice women I have to do it.*
Hikaru jumped as Soun yelled go gently pushing himself into her silky fold
Hikaru bit his lower lip to keep his mind on moving not enjoying. Hikaru let his
lip go as he realized it wasn't working. Hikaru jumped as the buzzer rang
"I made it so far so good." Hikaru whispered to himself as he placed his penis
into Shampoo's wet pussy. Hikaru smiled eagerly as the buzzer rang once again.
Ukyo smiled support at Hikaru.
"You can do it." Ukyo whispered as Hikaru moved slowly with in her walls his
eyes screwed shut as he held onto his seed.
"Alright." Hikaru yelled as he jumped up from Ukyo moving onto Akari his prick
easily going deep into her fit body. Hikaru faltered as he looked at Akane
laying nude before him his next test.
"You can do it" Akane shouted happily as Hikaru moved his dick into her tight
folds. Hikaru kept his eyes closed as he moved slowly with in her body.
*Don't look at her it'll be easier, but how I know this is Akane Tendo….argh why
won't that buzzer ring already.* Hikaru sighed with relief as the buzzer finally
"That's the hardest one yet. Hikaru moved between Kasumi's legs his penis easily
filling her as he enjoyed the test. Hikaru smiled down at Nabiki a pleased look
on his face.
"I made it through you too." Hikaru eagerly jumped between Kodachi's well-formed
legs his cock moving deep into her vagina. Hikaru grunted with the pleasure of
being between Hinako's legs his heart beating faster then before.
"I'm almost done…there's the buzzer all I have is Ranma." Hikaru spoke in a
dreamy voice as he pushed himself into Ranma-chan's tight hole his eyes wide
with delight.
"I can do this I can make it through all these women. I am a MAN." Hikaru
laughed happily as the buzzer rang loudly.
"Here it comes." Hikaru grunted as his body spasm letting his built up cum loose
with in Ranma-chan's pussy.
Ruu grinned down at Nodoka his strong lean body pressing against her.
"I can keep myself under control better this way." His soft whisper tickling
Nodoka's ear as his weight pressed her down. Ruu moved slowly his penis softly
rubbing her inner walls with each stroke as he listen for the buzzer. Ruu
grinned wide as he removed himself from Nodoka, to climb quickly onto Shampoo's
soft shapely body. Repeating the same words Ruu moved incredibly slow inside her
walls. Shampoo moaned softly as she felt his slow movement teasing her to
"Oooh no fair the dumb thing go off before I cum on you." Shampoo pouted as Ruu
quickly moved onto Ukyo once again repeated the same words as he took an
agonizingly slow time with her.
"I know what you mean Shampoo; he feels so good like this but so slow I need to
cum badly." Ukyo moaned as she tried to will him to speed up. Ruu grunted softly
as he removed his hard prick to slip into Akari's hot tight pussy. Akari moaned
softly as she felt his slow movement with in her walls.
"I bet you'd like it faster huh?" Ruu asked as Akari nodded eagerly.
"Tough luck cutie, I'm not going to cum to fast." Ruu smiled down at her as she
pouted cutely.
"Ahh good next lady now." Ruu quickly moved to Akane his large cock moving
slowly with in her body as he teased her with his slow movements. Ruu shouted
with glee as he moved onto Kasumi.
"Ha you girls aren't going to make me cum to soon." Ruu boasted as he took his
time with in Kasumi's folds. Kasumi whispered softly into his ear.
"Ruu dear wouldn't you prefer to fill my lushes body with your seed, I do so
need to cum for you." Kasumi batted her eyes as Ruu closed his quickly.
"Your not getting me I can make it through this." Ruu sighed with relief as the
buzzer rang allowing him to jump on to Nabiki.
"You have a very devious mind Nabiki Tendo." Ruu smiled down as he took his time
enjoying her feel with out getting to excited. Ruu grinned widely as he jumped
onto Kodachi's supple body his cock moving slowly into her tight hole.
"Hey there beautiful." Ruu gave her nose a small kiss causing her to blush
"Hey that went real fast huh." Ruu laughed as he jumped onto Hinako.
"Too fast if you ask me." Kodachi grumbled as she watched Ruu slowly pounded
against Hinako. Ruu sighed a breath of air in relief as the buzzer rang out.
"Last one I knew I could do it." Ruu smiled down at Ranma-chan his cock slipping
in quickly.
"You get it fast and hard." Ruu announced as he begun pounded hard against
Ranma-chan's pussy his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of her wet tight
walls around his cock.
Ranma-chan groaned with pleasure as she felt her self-climax.
"OOOhhh make me cum again pleaseeeee." Ranma-chan begged as Ruu grunted with the
"No problem." Ruu shoved his penis in deep with several hard thrusts causing
Ranma-chan to cum again.
"Oooh yeah do it again." Ranma-chan pleaded as the buzzer rang out.
"Too late sorry." Ruu shoved his cock in deep letting his control leave as his
sperm filled Ranma-chan's velvety hole.
Desunki looked nervously at the ladies all-waiting for him to begin their soft
shapely legs spread wide open.
"Oh please let me at least make it half way through." Desunki asked of no one as
he moved between Nodoka's firm legs.
"Go" Soun yelled as Desunki begun to enter her body slowly. Nodoka smiled up at
"You can do it, don't worry." Desunki nodded his head his face still filled with
worry. Desunki sighed happily as the buzzer rang slowly moving over to Shampoo.
"This is gonna be hard she is so cute."
Shampoo glowed with happiness as she listen to his whispered words.
"You do good you also make Shampoo cum right." Shampoo asked as she enjoyed his
slow but steady rhythm.
"I don't know if you cum then I'll cum too." Desunki whispered back as he
continued to gently beat against her soft body.
"The buzzer I made it through another one alright." Desunki looked at Ukyo.
"How can people think she's a boy look at her boobs and that flat tummy I'm
gonna die here." Ukyo giggled cutely as she welcomed his penis deep with in her
folds. Desunki gave a relief sigh as the buzzer rang out again. Looking at the
next lady his heart sank.
"Oh no I'll never make it not with Akane Tendo as the next one." Desunki moved
his thick cock into her tight opening his eyes screwed shut as he tried to
imagine someone else under him.
"You can do it, I know you can……oooh I'm cumming oooh yeeeeeeeeeeeees." Akane
moaned as his thick cock pushed deep into her body.
"Oh no……" Desunki groaned as his seed filled her body.
"Akane Tendo you're to great to be here you should have been the last one."
Desunki groaned some more as more cum spilled out.
"It's worth it though to fill you with my cum." Desunki smiled down at her as he
stood up his penis limp.
"Sorry." Akane spoke softly as Desunki shrugged his shoulders.
"Don't worry about it I rather cum in you!" Desunki smiled as he went to sit
down with the other men.
"Well guys that's it for this contest but rest assure we'll come up with more
ways to torture you." Nabiki laughed as the men cringed.
"Now for all the men to head into the dojo until we tell you that you can come
back into the house. The men looked around confused for several moments before
they started heading out into the afternoon buck-naked as they marched into the
Nabiki turned around a large grin on her face.
"Alright ladies time to talk about performances." The women all laughed as the
sat around the living room cuddled up to each other.

Ranma walked into the dojo with the other men all of them knowing why the
girls sent them out here all but one.
"I don't understand why have the ladies sent us to this room, what is the
purpose?" Kuno asked as he entered the dojo behind Ryoga who smirked to himself.
"Because man, they want to talk and compare notes and they are giving us the
chance to do the same thing!" Ryoga wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Come
on let's talk about the girls!" Kuno walked numbly by his side before speaking.
"Do you really think girls enjoy talking about guys and sex that way?" Kuno
shook his head slightly.
"Man you bet they do; the girls at school are always talking about guys and
sex." Ranma sat down with Konatsu and Tofu sitting on either side of him." So we
talk about what we thought of sex with the girls hmmmm." Kuno looked thoughtful
then a bit worried.
Ryoga noticed this right away.
"What's wrong man?" Ryoga looked him deep in the eyes trying to discover his
"I am not a good person. I enjoyed the sex with the women but I also enjoyed
using the girl water and having sex with you guys… having sex with you as
a man. I am not a true man for these sinful feelings." Kuno looked away until
Ryoga pulled his face back to him.
"Don't talk like that man, you are a man and a better one then most since you
are open to trying and enjoying all things not just what society perceives as
right." Ryoga pulled him in close while talking some more.
"I am no lesser a man for enjoying sex with nine beautiful women and nine
beautiful men then any other guy here, plus my love for Akari isn't any less. If
anything it's greater then before to know she loves and trust me so completely
that she does not mind sharing me with the other people I love and care about!"
Ryoga leaned in then gently kissed Kuno's lips. Kuno responded eagerly as his
arms wrapped around his waist pulling him in close. After the kiss ended Kuno
looked into his handsome face.
"Thank you Ryoga you have given me faith in myself and I know now that what we
did is perfect and no one can take that from us any of us." Kuno returned the
kiss again, as Ryoga smiled inwardly while thinking.
*I'm so glad I could help him.* The other men all started clapping loudly then
Ranma cleared his throat.
"I gotta say this to you Tofu, your Kasumi is one kinky girl almost as kinky as
Tofu laughed out loud while nodding his head.
"I can't believe some of the weird things those girls like to do. Did you see me
with Nabiki; she had me up her ass while sucking on Genma's cock while he ate
out Akane. Then Shampoo came up and started eating Nabiki while I was still
fucking her. That was such a turn on, after Shampoo started up I came so hard in
Nabiki that she probably tasted it. The room filled with laughter as Konatsu
spoke up softly.
"Kodachi is one hot babe that girl had me tied upside down while she fingered me
then she climbed up and fucked me like that. I couldn't believe her, it was so
great!" Konatsu looked dreamy for a while.

"Ranma my boy, I gotta tell ya your little wife has such a tight little hole
every time I slipped into her I felt like shooting a load immediately. Plus
those other girls, I could jump Ukyo's bones all day long that girl feels so
right under you!" Genma's large hentai smiled let Ranma know how happy his
father was.
"I know what you mean pop, I had Akane sitting on my face while eating out
Shampoo who was kissing and playing with Kodachi who was being eaten by Ukyo who
was fucking my cock so hard it hurt." Ranma smiled his own hentai smile. Life
doesn't get much better then a lot of kinky girls." Ranma flopped backwards
while the other guys all nodded agreement.

"I enjoyed the feel and experience of your mom, Ranma that is one fine woman."
Mousse looked thoughtful behind his thick glasses.
"Yeah she was riding me and kept talking dirty, I never thought a sweet innocent
looking women like her could know so many sexual words" Taro reached his arm
around Mousse's shoulders pulling him in close.
"I enjoyed the sex with you as a man and girl." Taro started kissing him lightly
while Mousse deepen the kiss his hands moving around to his growing cock.
"Hey cool we get a show." Soun said eagerly as he watched Taro lean backwards
with Mousse climbing on top of him. All eyes watched as Mousse began to lick his
hard chest then moved downward toward his large cock standing at attention.
Mousse licked the head then moved down the shaft feeling every vein in his cock
as it pulse against his tongue. Mousse then moved back upward to the head then
wrapped his mouth around the top slipping his cock in deep. Mousse then bobbed
his head up and down quickly taking his cock into his throat then back out while
Taro held his head moaning loudly. Mousse smiled inwardly as he moved back
upward where he settled himself above his cock. Mousse grabbed a hold of his
member then guided him inside his tight ass. A sigh left both of them as the
other guys cheered. Taro moaned even louder then grabbed Mousse by the waist
thrusting his cock in deep feeling the heat buildup as he felt Mousse's own cock
rubbing against his stomach as he begun to move his hips upward.
"I got to try that!" Genma shouted as he grabbed Kuno by the hand.
Ryoga grabbed Ranma as his cock grew in size.
"I'm not being let out of this." Ryoga started pounding his cock deep into
Ranma's ass while Ruu started deep throat Ranma's cock. Ruu grinned from ear to
ear as Hiroshi moved his cock deep into his ass.
"Come on Desunki do my butt too." Hiroshi yelled as Desunki started his cock up
Hiroshi's ass.
"I can't believe were doing this."
"Hell bud you know I always wanted to try it and now we can do what ever we want
with who ever we want and not be scared about it." Hiroshi told him as he gained
Kuno came quickly as Genma moved backward shoving his ass hard against Kuno's
penis his father pounding his own butt repeatedly.
"I gonna fill you up boy." Principal Kuno shouted as he let his seed flow into
his son's lean body. Kuno gasped with excitement as he came again.
"I need a rest." Kuno collapsed down with his father next time him. Mousse sat
back down with Ranma, Ryoga, Soun, Ruu, Hiroshi and Desunki following after him.
"Kuno I gotta ask this. When we first started having sex you didn't seem
surprised by Ranma's curse nor anyone else's how come?"
Kuno turned a few shades of red before speaking.
"Uh you see I knew about the curses I knew Ranma was really the pig-tail girl. I
had already done a report about Jesunkyo back in my sophomore year. So when
Nabiki in her unsubtle way try to explain it I knew she was doing it just to
goad me on and get money out of me. I played along for two reasons. One I had
hoped to get closer to not only Akane but also Nabiki she intrigues me for some
reason. But as a man of interesting taste I wanted to know what it would be like
with Ranma as a man and a woman; in both forms he is quite the looker. So I bid
my time knowing one day I would be able to fulfill my desires and that day has
come and for that I am eternally grateful." Kuno grinned broadly as he moved
over to Ranma.
"Forgive me but I do so enjoy both your forms." Kuno kissed Ranma tenderly as
Ranma held back his chuckle.
As the kiss ended Ranma smiled happily.
"No problem I too enjoyed the time together."
"Then you shall not mind this." Kuno turned him around pushing his large meat
deep with in Ranma's ass.
"Hmmm not at all." Ranma moaned as he enjoyed the feeling. Ryoga moved in behind
Kuno while the other men quickly lined up. Genma, Konatsu, Hiroshi, Soun,
Desunki, Ruu, Hikaru, Tofu, Happosai, and Principal Kuno who gladly let Ranma
ram his cock up his ass. Many moans and grunts were made as the guys tried to
keep the circle complete while ramming at different time and the same time as
they ass fucked each other.
After the last one came several sat down on the floor.
"That was so cool." Hiroshi said it for them all.
"I'm going to go fuck a girl now." Genma started walking out of the dojo quickly
followed by the rest.
"Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy." The men started chanting as the walked together to
the house.

The women sat in the living room all-full of giggles as they talked.
"Ok so who do you think was best?" Akari asked.
"Hard to say although Ranma and Ryoga both have big thick cocks they both felt
so great too. But Mousse was really long and he knew how to make you scream with
it!" Akane mused over the question.
"I want to say that Akane; you are so lucky to be married to Ranma. That is one
hot man!" Kodachi laughed as the other girls joined in.
"I think Ryoga is great, he does things to me that I can't explain. But also
Genma does some fantastic ass work. Konatsu is so tender it's wonderful" Ukyo
"Happosai has a great long limber tongue too bad his dick isn't as long." Nabiki
"True but he sure knows how to please women." Kasumi sighed as memories flashed
through her mind.
Soun is really good too. He's so affectionate with you makes you feel as though
you're a porcelain doll." Hinako spoke dreamily.
"Tofu is the kinkiest that's for sure!" Akari laughed.
"I'll say he is wow, what he did with me as a cat ooh." Shampoo giggled
"Ryoga as a pig was a lot of fun too. That snout feels so weird when it's in
side and he breath out I had shivers running all over my body." Yuka blushed as
the others all agreed.
"I want to know Akane how long have you've been sexually active with your
father?" Ukyo asked.
"Me, well not until a few days ago."
"Oh how about you Kasumi?"
"Me I would say I was about nine when we became sexual. It was just after mother
died I had made him some food to eat to snap him out of it. After he praised me
for my cooking he said in a wishful voice if only I cold take over all her
wifely duties. I knew what that had meant I had many times gone to watch them
make love to each other. I'd get so hot too. I knew what had to be done. I went
to him at night and stripped my clothes in front of him he watched so wide eyes
too. I straddled him and pushed him into me it was so wonderful just like I knew
it would be. I found myself going there just about every night pleasing us
both, it wasn't long after that that Nabiki joined us in there, The three of us
would go all night long some times. It was then we'd agree that Akane would
inherit the dojo and be the one to carry on so we kept it secret from her so she
would be pure for her future husband. I am most pleased she had learned on her
own what it means to give her love to all freely." Kasumi hugged her little
sister while giving her a soft kiss.
As this bit of news was absorbed by all the silence was broken by a soft voice
suggesting a new interesting idea.
"Hey I know since it's all women in here lets do a pussy eating circle." Nodoka
looked about eagerly.
"I'll go for it." Hinako grinned happily.
"Same here." Akane and Ukyo said at once then giving each other high fives.
"Sounds like fun to me." Yuka nodded her head eagerly.
"Ok ladies, let's line up." Nabiki walked over to Nodoka using her right hand to
push her over onto her back Nabiki went to her knees shoving her face between
her soft legs. Kasumi walked over placing her pussy above Nodoka's face while
leaning forward to eat Ukyo as she spread her legs for her. Akane moved over
Ukyo's cute face while Kodachi offered her pussy to her. Hinako straddled
Kodachi's face while Yuka spread her legs for Hinako. Akari pushed her cute face
into Yuka's pussy. While Shampoo's pussy was pushed into Akari's cute face.
Shampoo finished the circle as she started in on Nabiki's hot hole. Shampoo
looked up at Nabiki as she was eagerly licking deeply into Nodoka's cunt.
Looking to the side she watched the other girls of the circle as they all kept
pushing their faces in as deep as possible while making grunting, moaning,
slurping and snorting sounds.
*I never want this to end.* Shampoo thought as she turned her full attention
back to Nabiki's tunnel.
"My jaw and tongue is tired." Nodoka spoke up as she broke the circle. I need to
rest for a while." Nodoka sat back onto the couch as Kasumi joined her.
"Time for some cuddling and stroking." Kasumi started rubbing Nodoka's large
breast enjoying her feel as Nodoka moaned softly.
Shampoo cuddled up next to Nabiki slowly licking her nipples as Nabiki rubbed
her ass. Akane cuddled up with Akari, Yuka and Ukyo all four licking whichever
part they could reach. Kodachi sat with Hinako both still eagerly eating pussy.
"We're back!" The women looked toward the door at the men as they walked into
the living room wide grins on their faces.
"Great come over here and play." Akane held her arms out as Ranma, Konatsu and
Ryoga walked over to join them.
Soun and Genma started in with Nodoka and Kasumi while Mousse joined Shampoo and
Nabiki. Kuno and his father joined Kodachi and Hinako. Tofu and Happosai sat
together while Tofu started sucking on Happosai's cock while handling his own

Shampoo walked into the Cat Caf?er eyes shining with excitement and a
feeling of utopia. Shampoo called out to her grandmother as she headed upstairs
to clean up.
"Shampoo child where have you been these last few days?" Cologne looked out from
the kitchen. Shampoo's father standing a couple of feet behind her his glasses
as thick as Mousse's peering at her intently.
"Oh Great grandmother I at the Tendo's dojo. I have so much fun I forget to call
or come home. I need to clean up I be back down later." Shampoo hops up the
stairs her thick mane of purple hair bouncing with each step. Cologne watches
her leave before turning back to her cooking.
"Something's going on with the child, that much is sure but what could it be?"
Cologne resumed her cooking as he son-in-law walks quietly out of the kitchen to
head upstairs.
Knocking gently onto the bathroom door Shampoo's father Si-nk walks in.
"Shampoo my daughter where are you?" Si-nk looks around when a small cat paw
bats at his ankle.
"Aaah there you are daughter, you look as lovely as always." Si-nk picks up
Shampoo neko his strong hands stroking her lavender fur tenderly.
"I missed you daughter, as you know your Great grandmother has never cared for
me since I showed your mother why free love was best, but you know it don't you.
I had heard what was going on in the Tendo dojo. I am so proud of you daughter
and your mother would be very proud too." Si-nk slowly removed his clothes as he
held onto Shampoo neko.
"I know you won't mind" Si-nk turned Shampoo around as he slowly eased his cock
into her very small cat hole. Shampoo cried out as her father filled her. Si-nk
walked over to the hot water carefully pushing inside his daughter's small tight
"Now make your father even more proud." Si-nk sat in the hot tub of water
letting the change take over Shampoo's sexy body.
"Shampoo turned around removing his cock from her cunt, her eyes sparkling with
excitement as she eagerly kissed her father.
"Oh father I so happy you no mad at Shampoo for wanting to give love to all my
friends!" Shampoo rubbed her large tits against his strong chest, her smooth
hips moving upward to push her father back into her cunt.
"I make Father so proud of me, I make you cum hard!" Shampoo moaned happily as
she pounded against his staff, her tits bouncing with each thrust. Si-nk grunted
as her tight tunnel brought him to climax.
"WHAT IS THIS?" An angry voice screamed out from the doorway.
Shampoo and Si-nk both jumped as they looked toward very angry Cologne.
"Great grandmother, this is only an expression of love!" Shampoo said simply.
"Your father has taught you wrongly, this is not the teachings of the Amazons.
You give love to only one person not all who come in contact with you!" Cologne
glared at Si-nk.
"Cologne, I had not taught my daughter this; she has learn it on her own. I am
very proud of her she made a choice and that's to give her self to the ones she
loves including me!" Si-nk tried to keep his voice calm as he glared at his
"I shall have no part of this, you may leave my home at once!" Cologne turned
around leaving Shampoo straddling on her fathers lap in the bathtub.
"Daughter I am afraid we shall have to find a new home!" Si-nk tried to sound
apologetic as one thought ran through his head.
*No more cologne YES.*
"I no mind father we be together that what counts." Shampoo resumed her movement
bringing her self to climax quickly as Si-nk's cock grew inside her pussy.
"Ooh father I cum on you I cum." Shampoo moaned as her juices flowed over his
Si-nk grunted as he held tightly onto her soft hips, his cock filling her folds
"Thank you daughter, now shall we go pack our things?"
Shampoo smiled adorably as she nodded her head.
"I have things ready in no time!" Shampoo stood up the water cascading down her
defined curves. Si-nk admired her beautiful body as she walked out of the
bathroom buck-naked.
"Thank you kami, for such a wonderful daughter." Si-nk stood up the water
splashing back down into the tub.
Shampoo entered the bedroom her eyes scanning her few belongings when a knock on
the window was heard. Looking toward the window Shampoo noticed Happosai
standing there a eager look on his face.
Shampoo opened the window letting the elderly man inside.
"Hello grandfather Happosai!" Shampoo sat down onto the bed letting Happy
snuggle into her chest.
"Shampoo my lovely." Happy sighed as he kissed her before looking into her
pretty eyes.
"What's wrong beautiful?" Happy asked.
"Father and I need to move out, I have no clue what we do or where we go now."
Shampoo looked down at her feet sadly.
"I have an idea if you promise to give me head when you return!" Happy looked at
her seriously.
"What? Shampoo do anything?" Shampoo asked eagerly.
"Take my namban mirror and see what the future holds then you'll know which path
you have to take." Shampoo looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking.
"You think that work?" Shampoo asked uncertainly.
"Why not it works for so many other things why not this?" Happosai pulled the
mirror from his pocket.
"What have you got to lose anyways?" Happy handed the mirror to Shampoo who held
it up to her face.
"Please take me to future where I need be to find out my right path." Shampoo
let a single tear roll down onto the mirror. Happosai blinked as Shampoo
disappeared from her room.
"Now to wait for her return!" Happosai flipped his feet up onto the bed pulling
the comforter over his age body as he waited for her return.


Ok just so you know this ending will lead into a whole new series the HENTAI
CLUB WOOOHOOO Shampoo the little vixen will ….well you'll see giggle.

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