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A fun time with me and my family
To start off I wanted to say that this is a completely true story with no parts that are made up. Look at the tags and if there is something you don't like there then leave.

First I will give some background information. At the time of this occurance I was 19. My name is Jeff and both my parents died two years apart from each other. My mother was killed in a hit and run which inturn spirled my father to join the military and ended up dieing overseas. Being a minor at the time I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle. They are nice people and because I am unsure if they would want their names here They will be changed for their prefrence, nothing else will be changed. My aunt's name is Jennifer, she is about 5'8, medium weight, you couldn't tell she ever had a child if you looked. Nice ass, size 38DD breasts which held against the test of time. My uncle was never really around much, he worked from 8pm untill 9am inorder to finish payments on his new car. My cousin, Amanda was 18, had 32DDs following in the foot steps of her mother and finishing off like her mother with a nice tight ass.

It was summer time and my uncle went to go work some overtime. Amanda and my self were sitting around the pool trying too cool off because it was way to hot in the house. "Jeff lets get in... Its to fucking hot to sit here." She said as she jumped in purposly splashing me when she got in. It was that moment that would send shivers down my spine. When she came up she had lost her top to the fridged water. "What?" She said slightly confused but the moment the breeze blew and her nipples hardned up she knew what had happened. She tried to cover her chest as best as she could blushing and turning away. " Damnit jeff.. what the fuck are you staring at?". "Wow." was all that I could manage to say at that point as I felt a full blown hardon in my pants. "You pervert" amanda cried out and giggled as she saw the 10 inch buldge in my trunks. " You are the one looking at it stupid." I chuckled proud of the fact she took notice. After she took the time to get her top back on we tried to talk about what had happened. Meanwhile i was fidgeting uncomfortablly trying to get that damned erection down.

Amanda shook her head. " You are more needy then my boyfriend.. Jesus." She moved over to me and pulled me inside before pushing me on to the couch and pulled my cock out before I could react. " What?" Was all I got out as she stroked it making sure no one was around. "You tell anyone about this and i will deny everything." She shook her head. "Whats taking so long jeff?" She whispered to me still unsure of ewhere her mother was. "I don't know?" I groaned quietly.

She stopped and then took another check before dropping the top of her bikini to the ground. She shook her breasts infront of my face. " To be honest I 've wanted to do this for a while." She giggled and got back down putting her breasts around my cock and rubbing them around as she began to kiss the head softly. I reached down and groped her breasts softly. She stopped moving her breats so i could get my hands on them comp letely before she sucked a godo 5~6 inches in to her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. She pushed her face down so at some points her face was actualyl nuzzled in to her own cleavage so she could reach more of my cock. She was amazing at this and I didn't want to know why or how just that she was. Soon she dropped her breasts from my cock which made me groan and look down to want her to continue but before i could even look I felt the head of my cock slip down her throat and her throat clench around my cock as her nose hit my gut. She had managed to take my entire 10 inches. As she was about to pull back i grabbed her head and blew my load. I felt her gagging but I couldn't stop untill I was done. She swallowed heavily and then pulled back to show me she had swallowed it all. I reached down wanting to fuck her pussy now but she pulled back. " Later on... Before dinner." She said as she pulled her top back up to her and put it on before leaving.

I ended up going back to my room and fantasize fucking her as i rubbed one off before I would meet up with her. 15 Minutes before dinner I was in the garage replacing a tire because I had run over a nail or some crap like that. I heard Aunt Jennifer yell." Amanda get a garbage bag for me." And thats when it happened. Amanda came in to the garage. " Sure one second" She yelled back and with the flick of her wrist poped the button on her sweatpants which caused them to drop the the floor and reveal her pantyless pussy. She sat down on the hood of my car and spread her legs. " The fuck you waiting for?" So with my instantly hard cock i ran right to her and pushed about half in before she clenched and held back moans, quietly moaning in to my neck. In one hard jerk i pushed all 10 inches in to her and she whimpered as she clenched and came down my cock. She wanted to get up and she slid away perfec timing to stand there leaving me with a dick covered in cum. She giggled and then got over backwards on the car. "Stick it in me love." So i went to put it in her pussy. " Not htere... not now... I will let you do me there another time... I want you in my ass." So i looked arond for a moment and smirked. " Sure." I went to push at her asshole and my cock dwarfed it. I noticed she was bent over the hood orniment so i pushed foward hard forcefully impaining her on all 10 inches of my throbbing cock. " Lucky it was lubed." She whimpered out as i pushed foward and knocked her so the cold metalic oval stretched its way in to her. IT lasted a good eight minutes for me and about four for her. She came twice on the hood of my car and then i came in her ass. I got frightened cause she lost control and moaned out when she came with me in the end. She blushed and whimpered. " You couldn't have been more gentle? I loved it but i'l be walking funny for atleast a day. " She giggled and slid on a thing thong she had in her pocket of her sweat pants. As she bent over to pick up those pants i grabbed the little under piece of the thin material, pulled ack and snapped it so it hit against her ass and pussy with an audiable snap sound. Her knees buckled and she fell over blushing bright red and biting down on her lip. she jumped to her foot and smacked my dick which was more of a soft tap then anything. " You made me cum again damn it.... now im all wet.."she giggled asmy dick got hard. " Now live with it." She slipped her pants on and walked out to dinner.

It was a normal dinner everyone ate quietly but amanda left the table earlier thenmyself so i was making small talk with My aunt. Jenifer started to clean up so I helped her. " I saw you too in the garage." I almost died at that moment. " Why her? my ass IS so much better isn't it?" I blushed and noded. She pulled me up to her room and locked the door but left the adjoining bathroom open there. She pulled off her top and pushed her breasts in to my face. Soon my erection was throbbing in my pants and she obviouslyt felt it. She got down and began to kiss up my dick untill she reached the tip. She wrapped her lips tightly around the head and began to massadge my dick with her mounds. Before long i blew a huge mess in to her mouth. " I will prove I am better them my daughter for you.... Warning though I haventbeen fucked in over a year." She bent over the bed with only her jeans on and unzipped the front of them and pulled down only the back, just below her ass. " Cant I see your pussy?" I said. She shook her head. " Be happy with what you have." so i figured what the hell, stripped down bare nakedand began to fuck her over her bed It wasn't long before she groaned and came and clenched up which would make me push all 10 inches in to her and cum. Now that I was completely naked i went to get up and kiss her and she looked of a lusty slut now, with her messy hair and huge breasts facing me, asshole covered in my cum. " I need you now..." I paused and looked at her. " Gimme that pussy then..." I smirked and layed down. " Face away from me so i can get in to something more comfortable. " I laid on my side facing away. She pushed me face down and reached around me to wank me as she climbe over me trailing her breasts along my back. I felt her hand rubbing my back and my boner about to blow against the blanket. Then i felt a small slide against my back leg, i figured it was her knee so i laid there relaxing. I was fucking wrong. I felt a cock head much thicker then mine against my ass. I bounced in surprise which proded my asshole with her throbbing boner. " Sorry I didn't tell you... I am a shemale... Born that way at birth. I know it has alot of questions to be answered but they will happen in time. " She was now rubbing all of what i found out to be later, a 13 inch cock against my ass crack. I started to squirm but soon she pushed deep in to my ass and I couldn't do anything about it. She stood up on the floor next to the bed and began to fuck me. By then I stopped squirming and was moaning in the process. I was now moaning withmy mouth wide open as I watched her fucking my asshile from betwen my legs. " Ugh Ihave to come soon.... " I said as my dick throbbed. " She giggled . " Don't worry Ill cover you." So the put her hand on my d ick and pointed it away from my face and down at the sheets. Just as i moaned i was comming she pointed my dick at my face, jacked me off and before i knew what happened my cock shot cum in my mouth and on my face. Trying not to gag I had to swallow it all. As she fucked my ass amanda came out of the closet and watched as her mother was fucking me, the moaning man in the room. Jenifer spoke in pants as she was close and iw as clenching up. " I told you I could get him to swallow his own cum. " Amanda smiled and giggled stripping down aswell. IT wasnt' long before jenifer stopped fucking me for a moment and let amanda slip under my cock. " So..are you een my cousin?" Amanda noded. " I was a doner egg. MY mom's sperm and a doner egg. " She then hugged me tightly and my cock slid up in to her pussy. " Good think im on birthcontrol." She giggled and slapped her mom's back so jen kissed my neck and began to fuck me again. It didn't take long to realize that as she fucked me i was moved to fuck my cousin.

Nothing could ruin this perfect moment, fucking my cousin and my aunt, french kissing my own cousin as i was about to cum. I heard loud paw taps from the hallway and in ran my aunt's golden retriver with his 9 inch throbbing red cock and mounting my aunt fucking her ass like a brute as she fucked me. Soon she filled me with SO much cum that i ended up cumming in amanda's sweet pussy. I slid out from between then only to feel the sting of my sore, cum leaking gaping asshole. I watched my poor aunt getting smashed by this massive dog. She was moaning and stroking her self. Soon amanda got under her and began to let her own mother fuck her pussy.
IT wasn't long before jennifer came in her own daughter which left me hard as a rock, and fell limp against her orgasming daughter. The dog must have finished up before as the tog tried to pull off it was left notted to Jennifer's asshole.

After an hour or alittle less the dog curled up, freed from her asshole. It wasn't long before jen was hard again and looking for a relief. She looked at me. " I sucked you now you suck me..." i looked surprised " No way." The moment i said that she piped up. " Do it or we end here." So i sighed and got on my hands and knees to suck it. She forced me to deep thoat it. I coudln't get more ten half way as i gaged but it wasn't the point. She held my head there and whisteled and "losty", the dog ran up and mounted my sore ass and began to ruin me. Thats when jennifer let me bounce my head on her cock to get her to cum. IT hurt like fuck getting fucked by this dog but it made it better to let amanda blow me untlil i came in her mouth. Soon jennifer came in my mouth and had me spit it in to hers. She swished it around. IT was very salty and thick but what surprised me was when she tackled me, and spit it back in to my mouth leaving me to swallow it all.

She began to hump her cock against mine, whipping mine with hers, it showed that mine was half as thick as hers while a good three inches shorter. IT wasn't long before she picked my legs up to an elevaged level and smacked myt cock with hers before himping them together. I ended up cumming in my own mouth adin and she yellwed at me not to swallow. She then wanked her self off im to my mouth aswell to finish up. " Don't you dare close your mouth or swallow." She pointed it out to me andthen squated over my face and clenched before glob after glob of dog cum dripped in to my mouth. IT was roaring hot and had a hugely thick taste to it, almost a solid but still a liquid. She layed down and kissed me to use her own tounge to swirl it around in my mouth. By now i was gagging wanting to spit it out. She pulled back and squatted over me. This time putting her asshole against my mouth. " Work me with your tounge and then spit it all in. Ill tell you when." She left me there tounge fucking and licking her tight asshole that had now closed back up. i couldnt help looking in the mirror seeing my own asshole gaping open. She moaned out. " NOW." Ahs i spit every last drop that filled up my mouth in to her asshole. When I did that she blew a load of her cum on to my dick and then layed down. She took a small nap which gave me a chance to shower off.

It wasn't till an hour later she awoke and then got dressed and came down stairs. "Hey jeff." MY uncle said as he walked in. My aunt came down stairs with an orange plastic cup which i realized was full of the cum squeezed out of her ass when she handed it to me. " Drink your milk JEff..." I shook my head. " No thanks.." My uncle looked over at me. " Drink it... Im not wasting money on milk that you wont drink.... Now drink it... Im going to lay down." So i did it. I swallowed it all trying to ignore that flavor as i swallowed it. Once he was far enough away she wipped out her cock and smacked my lips with it once. " Iw as mastrabating to you before..." She giggled whispering this to me. " Watch.. I left you the surprise." I paused . " What?" She pushed in and then humped once and shot a few shots of cum in my mouth before fixing her skirt and going off to do other tings, leaving me there to swallow her cum.

My uncle died last year and I decided to get a part time job and stay at home when i was in college to help with the fees and such. A sudden heart attack left him dead in his sleep four months after that night. His health insurance was enough to put Amanda in to college for four years. To lives at her dorm now, we still fuck like animals when ever she is around and I am glad to admit that I still fuck and get fucked my my sexy aunt when ever she needs it.

100% of this story was true and there for I cant make a sequal to it untill something special happens. Whatcha guys think?

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The sex was hot, how ever shemales are sterile. Their little swimmers aren't developed enough to get someone pregnant.

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Great read loved it and wished it was me

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10 inch.
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10 inch.
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