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It’s been a few days sense Angie and I had sex. I’m still in a daze at how I was able to get such a beautiful and lovely woman to have mind-blowing sex with a 60+-year-old fart like me. Angie is my daughter-in-law. She’s 36, 5’4” tall and weighs around 110 lbs with an hourglass figure any woman would envy. Her black hair is down to about her waist and she has the deepest dark brown eyes you’ll ever see. Her breasts are round, firm and full. If I were to guess, I’d say a 34-B cup with nipples that stand up so nicely they beg to be sucked. Now that I think about it, when I was 36, my sex drive was insatiable. A knothole in an oak tree wouldn’t have been safe. Well, that sex drive hasn’t stopped but the ability to perform and last as long has certainly taken toll on me.

Work last night was a pain in the ass. At least the warm shower was doing the job in making me feel much more relaxed and looking forward to a good day’s sleep. I dried off and slipped on my robe to go upstairs for bed. As I top the stairs, I see Angie standing at the stove. She’s in her silk PJ’s and looks simply beautiful. As I say good morning, I step up behind her and place my hands on her neck, giving her a slight squeeze. She says nothing and stands there like a statue. I move my hands down her sides to her waist and slowly encircle her finally placing my hands just under each breast. Angie has the most sensitive tits. She starts saying we can’t do this any more; this isn’t right and that type of crap. Well, somebody forgot to tell her tits cause those nipples became as firm and hard as can be. The little moan coming from her mouth had given her away as well. I tell her we’re grown adults and can do whatever we wish. We have physical needs and they need attention. I said “let’s go to your room so we can be more comfortable.” It didn’t take a lot of talking as she just left her tea and headed down the hall to her bedroom. As I watched that gorgeous ass moving in front of me, I removed my robe and dropped it in the hall. As we enter her room Angie turned around and stood there. I told her to remove her PJ’s so I could look at that beautiful body. As she removed her PJ’s, Angie says we can’t be doing this again and stuff like that. I ask her, Do you want to have sex or not? Just give me a yes or no. She lowered her head as I heard a soft ‘yes’ escaped her lips. I stepped directly in front of her raised her face and looked into those deep brown eyes as I said, yeah me too.

She moved backward to the bed and sat down. I ask her to lean back and lay across the bed. As she did I moved to her side and began to feel those tits once more. I slowly ran my hands all over her breasts; I just had to get my mouth in on this action. I ran my tongue over her breasts and nipples, I’d give a little suck ever once in a while to one nipple and then the other. Angie would let out these low moans and signs that signal her pleasure. I let my hands softly rub her stomach and pubic mound. As I ran my fingers over her pussy, the heat was very noticeable and so was the scent of this woman. I just had to get a taste of that pussy. I started kissing my way slowly down her stomach stopping to stick my tongue into her belly button and suck it once or twice before continuing my journey. Once I reached her pussy, I ran my tongue around her outer lips, up one side and down the other. Over and over I traced my way around her love tunnel. Sliding my tongue up the outer lips and down through the enter lips and oh so softly at the entrance to your wonderful pussy. Angie was starting to move her pussy toward my mouth so I let my tongue slowly enter her. To say this lady tasted wonderful would not begin to cover it. She was so wet and my sucking was only helping her generate more nectar for my tasting. All of a sudden I felt my head being forced into her pussy. She started gushing the most wonderful pussy juice ever imagined. I simply loved going down on her. As her orgasm came to an end she released my head. I’m so sorry for grabbing you like that Angie said. I told her she could grab me that way anytime she wanted. I loved licking and sucking her that way.

I was now rubbing her pussy and pushing a finger into her as I played with her. She slowly took a hold of my cock and started moving her hand up and down my shaft. I’ve had this hard on ever sense walking into the kitchen and I dearly needed relief. I was ready to move on top of her when she said “I’m not so good at this but I’d like to give it a try.” Angie then turned and started to kiss and lick my cock. WOW was I about to cum. As she lowered her head and started to suck and bob, I knew I was going to loose it in just a matter of minutes. Angie, I said, I’m going to cum and I mean like right now. She slowly removed her mouth and started pumping my cock for all it was worth. I shot rope after rope of milky cum all over her and the bedding.

Angie said “I’ve never let anyone cum in my mouth and I’m not sure I’d like it.” I said, that’s something we’ll work on but for right now, I’m fine. I was still running my fingers in and out of her pussy while she slowly played with my cock pumping it back to life.

We lay there and talked and talked about everything. Our fantasy’s, likes, dislikes, everything. I ask her how many men have you had sex with. Angie said counting you, three; my ex- husband, my husband, and now me. I, on the other hand, could not tell her because I don’t know to this day how many I’ve fucked. One hell of a lot.

With all this talking, rubbing, feeling, and playing. I was now hard as a rock and she was extremely wet herself. As I started to kiss her she turned her head so I just ran my lips and tongue down her neck across her collarbone and ended up sucking and kissing her tits.

I was going to take it slow but after looking into those eyes I rolled over on top of her as she lifted her legs to give me access to that dripping pussy. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance and pushed hard. A small pop and I was in once again. Damn was I dreaming or is this girl really this tight. Never in my life had I fucked a girl this tight. I began taking long strokes in and out of her never bringing my cock head out but to the very top and back down again hitting that pubic mound with a thud. Our bodies slapped together and I was jamming my cock into her as hard as I could go. Angie started to moan much louder now and dug her nails into my back. The more she dug into my back the harder I tried to fuck that pussy. We went at it for about 15 or 20 min and finally I had that wonderful feeling every man gets just before he blows his load. Angie was now on the verge of her third orgasm as I let loose my first stream of hot cum into her. She screamed and became very rigid. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and milking me for all I was worth. I shot stream number two and three deep into her pussy as she moaned in delight, slowly relaxed and laid back on the bed. Her face had an angelic glow that was the picture of joy and peace. She was all sweaty and breathing hard almost as hard as I.

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2011-03-08 18:07:44
I gave you a positive rating, but I sure wish it had been longer


2011-02-02 00:31:09
Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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