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This is the female point of view on a sexy incounter with a stranger there is some build up but i think it helps paint the picture.. i will post the male version if this one is liked.. this is my first story so please leave comments (please ignor any misspelling)
I had been in NYC for 2 weeks and had managed to escape the hands of 4 pimds so far (thank God for my period and my wits!) and was thinking of how to get away from my current one. The whole night i couldnt sleep. i was high on cocaine and needed a plan but Benny (my pimp at the time) wouldnt let me out of his sight. the moring came and Benny had went to get me something to eat he soon called and said he had got in a small accident and would be a little late. this was the chance i was looking for. i showered and packed at my own pace. I looked in my drawer and like i had suspected Benny had taken the $600 dollars i had hidden but the remainder of the cocain i had put into a 50 dollar bill for this purpose so i had some money even if i wasnt much. After i got my stuff together i headed out praying i wouldnt be seen (Benny had called and said he was on the way) I turned some unknown corners to get out of the path he would be taking. I turned this corner and there was a black BMW parked in front of a deli, me being a car lover I was checking it out when i noticed the persoin inside eating a sandwhich and looked away. He was a warm coco nut honey complextion much like my own with jet black curly hair croped low and neat with a youthfulness about him even though he had to be over 30. All i think was OMG he is so fine!! But what did that matter to me? I had to figure out my next move and him being fine wasnt going to help me any. I countinued up the street lost in my thoughts, as i was about to cross the street this same BMW came and crossed in front of me blocking me from going any further. He rolled down his window. To be honest i started to get wet which was a surprise because it had been so long since my pussy had reacted like this to a man since sex had become only business. "where you going?" he said with a sly look in his eyes.
"Nowhere really, just getting to know the neighborhood" I lied. Alot of thoughts were running through my mind is he a cop? Is he a pimp? is he a trick? "I Have to...." i started to say before he cut me off.
"Get in." He said not asking me but telling me. I was going to decline but he had this air about him i couldnt ignore on top of this mafioso vibe he was giving off that was making me hornier by the second. I reached for the handle and got in. Despite my want for him i was still a bit cautious and wast hoping he wasnt going to be yet another man i had to outsmart. We drove off. The conversation really didnt go over easy and since he hadnt mentioned anything about sex i was wondering where the whole thing was going. I smoked a cigarette and made small talk but honestly i was starting to think he didnt like my petiet body with my round ass and plumb b cup breast.. That couldnt be the case! "I have to use the bathroom," he said out of the blue " My house isnt to far from here." I must have had a weird look on my face because he continued "I dont want anything from you i will drop you off where ever you want to go." I agreed and we drove the short distance to his apartment. Once inside i could tell he was single and if not his woman had no say on the decor. He used the bathroom and came into the livingroom where I was sitting trying to find something on the radio. " You should show me how you make your money." A sexy evil smile across his lips. (I had told him i was a stripper.) "Okay." i said feeling the heat increasing between my legs. "Pick the outfit." i responded pulling 2 outfits from my bag. one was a hot pink fishnet mini and the other was a black domination style one peice. He picked the pink one. I went into the bathroom. i wasnt sure why i wanted him so badly, most guys in NY so far thought I was a stuck up bitch since thet couldnt get any action without paying my hefty toll. but him. i wanted him to whatever he wanted to me and i needed him badly even if it was just for that moment. I removed my clothes and admired my body in the mirror. i was about 5'5" 115 lbs. with asian eyes that make look exotic and sensual (people reffered to them as bedroom eyes) a tiny waist that goes down into a nice firm bubble but and strong stripper legs. i felt sexy. i withdrew the 50 dollar bill and did the remainder of the cocain. put on the dress as i felt the drugs strart to kick in. I was ready. Trey Songz was playing as i walked into the bedroom where he was waiting. any nervousness i was feel was long gone as i started my sinsual dance. he gave me all his attention as my hips moved this was and that. i did a move and bent over making my ass clap and giving him a good view of my ripe pussy and to my surprise I felt his tongue in search of my clit. i rewarded his boldness with the sweet taste of a wanting pussy. He grabbed hold of my firm ass cheeks and pulled my cunt further onto his adventures this i started to grind my hips hard into his face wanting more of what he was giving me. He took 2 fingers and parted my drenched pussy lips and sucked them hard then guided my jealous cliy back into happiness as he withdrew a massive orgasim from my deprived body. I had to taste him. i turned around lowered my self onto my knees infront of him and took is manhood into my mouth. i bobbed up and down teasing the head at the entrance of my throat sucking and realishing at the taste of his precum. I was enjoying the feel and taste of his cock so much i nearly forgot about the man it was attached to as he lefted my body and laid me on his bed. He bent down going for the milk as would a starving child sucking and biting at my nipples. I felt his fingers reach down and check the readiness of my throbing pussy. She was ready. He looked me in my eyes and kissed me so deeply before positioning his rock hard memeber at my opening. It was about to happen! He pushed his hips forward parting my pussy lips and causing my nearly virgin pussy to except him. He pushed but his 71/2 rod was forced back out. The fit was tight but i need to feel his grown man dick filling my tight little pussy. i was panting hard as me laid all his weight on top of me and with a grunt gave a few hard thrust and my young tender womb welcomed him. He wrapped his strong arms around my my upper body making it so i couldnt run as he pushed his entire length into my cave making me scream at th pain. Oh he fucked me so hard. I started to match his pounding pushing my hips up to meet each thrust. He lifted his body off of me and rolled me onto me stomach and before I could look back and see what he was doing he rammed all of his 7 1/2 insches into my rediculouly tight ass hole. i screamed so loud that he put his had over my mouth cutting my breath as he sodomized my virgin hole. Even with the great amount of pain my pussy couldnt stop dripping and when he stuck 3 fingers insinde of me my pussy i came so hard i stared to cry. Exausted and shaking he turned my my limp body over once again and renetered my slippery fuckhole softly slidding in and out of me couting his dick with my juices. i could feel his legs start to tense up and his breathing become more rapid. His strokes were increasing in speed and i could feel his balls tighten against my ass. he grabbed hold of my plump bottom and pushed in so deep i could feel the head of his prick pushing into my cervix. u pulled me even harder on to him a sinsual cry of pleasure escaped his lips and his dick started to jerk as he filled my pussy to overflowing with is warm creamy nectar. He just laid there as i milked every last drop of his seed. What bliss i felts as i reeched down to smear his cum on to my lips. I think at that moment i fell in love with that stranger.

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2011-01-31 16:18:59
She's a hole but a good one I need to meet a lady stander like that .....

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