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Dasha is kidnapped and raped.
Taken (Chapter One): Dasha

Dasha skated to the edge of the rink where Viktor was waiting for her with a cup of hot cocoa.

“How’d I do?” She asked, leaning over the rail.

He pecked her on the lips. “Great, baby.”

Dasha pouted, “Be honest with me, I need to know what to work on for the junior states next week.”

“Well, your landing on the second double axel was a little weak,” he said. “But you can work on it tomorrow, I made dinner reservations at 6:30 and it is 6 now. Go change and I’ll meet you outside.”

Dasha walked to the dressing room and took of her skates. She put on a pair of leggings over her leotard, which was dark pink with sequins, and a black sweater over that. She slipped her feet into her Ugg boots and tied her skates together, slinging them over her shoulder. Before she left the dressing room, she decided to weigh herself on the scale. Dasha was sixteen years old, 5’4” with medium length wavy blonde hair. She had tan skin and bright blue eyes. A Russian beauty. She set down her gear and stepped up onto the scale. 105lbs. Not bad, but she’d love to drop those last 5 pounds to be the skinniest girl in her level at the rink.

She heard footsteps behind her. Assuming it was Viktor, she said “I’m almost ready babe!” But then suddenly a hand was covering her mouth and an arm was around her waist, lifting her off the ground. Her skates clattered to the floor as her attacker threw her over his shoulder.

“I’ve got a knife,” the man hissed through his ski mask, “Scream and I’ll kill you.”

Dasha prayed that Viktor would see them as the man ran through the building to the zamboni entrance, but Viktor was already outside. They got to a white windowless van and the man threw Dasha into the back and then got into the front seat and drove off. Dasha tried to open the doors, but they were locked. She looked around the van for something to use as a weapon, but of course there was nothing. It was dark outside so she couldn’t see where they were going. They drove for about twenty minutes and finally stopped. The man got out of the van and opened the back door. Dasha tried to make a run for it but the man caught her, covering her mouth again and carrying her up to a house. They went inside and then he carried her down to the basement and set her down against a wall. He took off her leggings and sweater, and then chained her ankles to the wall, and chained her wrists together. Dasha was trembling in terror, tears streaming down her face. She hugged her knees to her chest.

“Hello Dasha,” the man said. “You’re very beautiful.” He sat down on a chair and removed his ski mask. Dasha gasped in horror. It was Karl, the zamboni driver at the rink. “Welcome to your new life,” he chuckled, “Here are some rules. No screaming or I will kill you. No running away or I will kill you. You are to remain in this room for the rest of your life, and do exactly what I say with no complaints. Understand?”
Dasha didn’t look at him.

“I asked you if you understood. Answer me!” Karl screamed.

Dasha nodded.

“Say ‘yes sir’,” Karl hissed.

“Yes sir,” Dasha whispered.

“Good girl.”

Karl stood up. “Are you hungry?” he asked her. Dasha shook her head. “Good,” he said, “Because from now on I will ration your food. You’re a little chubby around the hips, and I can’t have that. Now let’s see what you look like without your clothes.” He took a pair of scissors from the table and started to cut her leotard away from her body. Dasha shook with fear. He cut through the leotard and let it fall to the floor. Then he cut off her thong, and she was completely naked in front of him.

“Ahh beautiful,” Karl hissed. “Now let’s get down to the real business. You, my dear, are going to get pregnant.”

Dasha couldn’t help but scream. She bit her lip to muffle the sound. Karl glared at her, then slapped her cheek. “None of that,” he growled.

“I’m sorry sir,” Dasha whimpered.

“Good girl.” He unchained her feet from the wall, and rechained them to chains hanging from the ceiling. He hooked her wrist chains onto a pulley, and raised her into the air so she was hanging face up from her wrists and ankles. He placed a ball gag in her mouth and tightened it around her head. He adjusted the chains so her head was hanging lower than the rest of her, and her naked vagina was level with his crotch. Then he unzipped his pants to reveal an extremely large hard cock. Without preparation, he shoved himself into her tiny pussy. Her body was on fire, it felt like she was being ripped in half. He trust in and out hard and fast. Within a minute he came into her, spilling his hot seed inside her. Her body went limp with relief that it was over, until Karl plunged into her again.

“Got to fill you up with cum, to make sure you get pregnant.”

He came into her a total of 5 times, until his cum filled her up. Then he pulled up his pants and went upstairs, leaving her hanging there as his cum dripped down into her womb. She sobbed quietly, her body still trembling. She wondered what Viktor was doing now. He’d probably gone to the police. Maybe they were searching for her already. Maybe they would find her, save her, and she could get rid of this horrible man’s baby and forget all about this.

Finally about a half hour later, Karl came back downstairs.

“Ready for round two?” He sneered.

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2011-10-26 23:00:44
i hate storys with nothing but sex i like 4 there 2 be a build up a background nt just boy cs girl boy screw girl boy leave end of story so good story so far

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2011-10-15 17:15:44
I agree about the girl not liking the rape. I mean what girl would really like being raped? None that I've seen. And the rape was too small of a part. He should have been doing her fore longer and be more detailed in the actual rape.

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2011-07-17 21:09:49
Nice for once the girl doesnt like rape

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2011-01-30 17:36:44
good start but most of the story was the kidnapping

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