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Chapter 6: Amends
Chapter 6: Amends

The next day, Harry awoke in a somber mood. He went to lunch all by himself and wondered when he was going to be called into Dumbledore's office. Every time an owl flew by, he thought it was going to stop in front of him and give him bad news. Nothing happened during lunch so Harry dragged himself to his first class, history. Hermoine was sitting alone in the first row and Ron sat in the last row, saving a seat for Harry. Harry contemplated sitting next to Ron but if this was his last day at Hogwarts, he would make the most of it. Harry sat in the second row, on the opposite side of the class from Hermoine. Throughout the entire lecture, Harry sat attentive, a first for Harry. At the end of class, Hermoine was the first to dash out and Harry was the last to leave. Ron knew that Harry wanted time alone so he didn't wait for Harry as he usually did. The next two classes went by in a similar fashion. At lunch, Harry sat at the end of the table, away from everyone else. Surprisingly, Ginny joined him.

“You look horrible, Harry. What happened, you are not eating with Ron and Hermoine today.”

Harry then narrated the events of the previous night to Ginny. Ginny looked appalled. “You violated Hermoine, your best friend. Have you lost it, Harry?” “I know what I did was stupid but I couldn't think straight at the time. I wanted her badly and liked her a lot so I did something stupid. Now she is going to tell Dumbledore and I will get expelled.” “I know Hermoine. If she wanted to tell the headmaster, she would have done it by now. Even now, during lunch, she could have gone and told him but she is here eating lunch. She is very upset and disappointed by you and Ron's actions. You should try and fix things before they get worse.” “How can I? She won't even want to talk to me.” “You are great at magic but horrible at understanding girls. There is more than one way of getting through to someone. You just have to think about the proper way of getting through to her.” The clock chimed, signaling the end of lunch. Everyone around them started to leave so Ginny got up and went to class leaving Harry sitting there, confused.

Harry skipped his next class and went outside by the lake to think about a way to get through to Hermoine. After spending hours thinking of various magical ways to the chance to talk with Hermoine, he gave up and sat by a flower patch. Even if he was able to get to talk with her, she was not going to listen, destroying the whole purpose. Exhausted, Harry laid down in the flower patch and closed his eyes. With his sense of sight turned off, his other senses heightened. His sense of smell picked up the smell of flowers which gave Harry an idea. Hermoine's favorite flowers were lilies so he grabbed a couple of those and went up to the common room. The common room was packed with people doing homework, but Hermoine was not present. Harry ran to his bed and took out the marauder’s map. It showed Hermoine alone in the girls’ dormitory. Harry quickly grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a letter to Hermoine saying he was extremely sorry. He put the letter with the flowers and walked down to the common room. He opened the door to the girl's dormitory and whispered 'Levantate'. The flowers and card hovered in mid air and Harry used his want to guide then up the stairs and to Hermoine.

Hermoine was on her bed, working diligently on her homework when a bouquet of lilies hovered up to her bed. Being her favorite, she grabbed them out of the air and looked at them. Upon closer look, she found the letter from Harry. Although the letter and flowers were really sweet, Hermoine was not over the events of yesterday. She ripped the note, burned the flowers and threw them down to the door where Harry stood. Looking at his destroyed gifts broke his heart but he was not going to give up.

The next day, Harry skipped his classes and went to Hogsmead under the invisibility cloak. He went and bought a large heart shaped box of Hermoine’s favorite candy. Next, he went to buy some vanilla scented candles. On the way back, he also picked up some lilies. With everyone at class, the common room was empty. Harry checked the marauder’s map to make sure that no one was in the girls’ dormitory and went up to Hermoine's bed. Her bed was easily identifiable as it had the largest stack of books next to it. He spread the lilies all over her bed and placed the box of chocolates next to her pillow. He lit the candles and put them out of sight so she would not know where the scent was coming from.

Harry waited in the common room till classes let out and everyone took a seat in the common room to finish their homework. Hermoine entered, looked around the common room, saw Harry and ran upstairs to her bed. Hermoine climbed up the stairs and was engulfed in a sweet aromatic smell that instantly relaxed her. She walked over to her bed and saw the flowers and the chocolate, which meant that they were from Harry. Only he and Ron would know her favorite candy and flower but Ron was too much of a dim-wit to set it up so romantically on her bed. She wanted to hate Harry for what he did but she saw the amount of love and care he put into this and her hatred melted. She laid on her bed and broke down crying. She was split in her feelings for Harry. He was a smart and courageous boy who also happened to have a romantic side. He did stop Ron from torturing me the other night but he also violated me and my trust. With no solution in mind, Hermoine laid on the bed and ate the chocolate pieces Harry had gifted her.

Meanwhile, down in the common room, Harry was get nervous as his gifts were not thrown down like the other day but there was still no word from Hermoine. Harry went to Ginny and told her to check on Hermoine and see what she did with his gifts. Ginny obliged and went upstairs to check on Hermoine.

Upstairs, Ginny could smell the sweat scent of vanilla and realized that it was part of Harry's gift to Hermoine. A spark of jealousy arose within Ginny but she pushed it out of the way and focused on the task at hand. She crept up to Hermoine's bed but saw that it was covered with a comforter. Ginny thought that Hermoine was sleeping so she turned to leave. As she was leaving, she heard a faint moan come from Hermoine's bed. Ginny slowly turned around and tip toed to Hermoine’s bed and placed an ear near the comforter. Through the comforter, she could hear continuous moaning, which slowly increased in pitch. Curious as to the origins of the sound, Ginny pulled back the comforter and was shocked at what she saw.

Hermoine was lying on her back wearing nothing but a pink top with a picture of Tweety and white cotton panties. Her left hand was underneath her top, playing with her round breasts while her right hand was underneath her panties. Hermoine had a startled look on her face as she saw Ginny staring down at her. With both her hands busy, she could not pull the comforter back over herself so she just turned around so her back faced Ginny. Within seconds, Hermoine freed her hands off her body and covered herself up. Ginny stared at the fingers on Hermoine's right hand as they glistened in the dim lighting because they were wet with Hermoine's juices. When Hermoine realized what Ginny was staring at, she pulled her hands underneath the comforter leaving only her face visible.

“Did I come at a bad time?” questioned Ginny.

“It's fine. What did you need?”

“Harry sent me up here to see how you were doing and whether you liked the gifts or not. Harry seems really sorry about what he did and has been trying really hard to make things better.”

“Did you know what he did to me? How do you expect me to forget that and be his friend again?”

“I know what he did and I can see what he is doing right now. He is really trying to gain back his trust. Besides, I know you pretty well by now. You are not mad at him; you are just trying to pretend to be mad because you don't want him to think you liked the events of the other night.”

“What?! You must be out of your mind. Why would I like myself getting violated?”

“Why are you masturbating then? You liked the feeling of pleasure that Harry gave you the other night but your ego is just too stubborn to admit that. You are trying to get the same feeling by masturbating.”

“Fine. You are right. I am masturbating because the thirst for that feeling is driving me insane. Harry sent me my favorite flowers and my favorite chocolates and I am surrounded by this sweet smelling mist. This is the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for me so I long for that feeling Harry gave me, bliss. But I cannot go to Harry. He will think I am weak and I am not going to portray myself as weak in front of him or Ron.”

“I understand but you eventually will have to forgive him or he will be heartbroken as for the sensual moment you are going through, I can help.”

Hermoine looked puzzled so Ginny just smiled and said, “Trust me.” Ginny climbed on the bed with her knees on either side of Hermoine. Ginny bent lower till her face was inches away from Hermoine. At this distance, Hermoine could smell the scent of strawberries from Ginny. Ginny softly blew on Hermoine's face, moving the strands of hair from Hermoine’s face onto her pillow. Ginny could now look into Hermoine's hazel eyes, which were filled with longing. Ginny hovered over Hermoine for some time as both just stared into each others eyes. Ginny's eyes burned with passion, scaring Hermoine at first. Ginny then bent lower till her lips lightly touched Hermoine's lips. The kiss was soft and lasted for a brief second. When Ginny backed away, Hermoine could now understand the passion within Ginny's eyes. It was not a passion of being sexually dominant as it was with guys but a passion for caring, respect and understanding. This understanding eased Hermoine's stress and allowed her to relax.

Ginny saw Hermoine relax, giving her courage to continue. Ginny bent down once more and pressed down on Hermoine's lips with her pink lips. Ginny's lips parted to allow her tongue to exit her mouth.
Ginny's tongue now stood in front of Hermoine's lips waiting for them to open. When they did not, her tongue started making circles on Hermoine’s lips, exciting them. Finally, Hermoine's lips parted and Ginny’s tongue could enter. Ginny's tongue roamed around Hermoine's mouth, licking her gums and then running over her teeth. Ginny's tongue explored the top of Hermoine's mouth, tickling Hermoine in the process. By second nature, Hermoine's tongue darted to the roof of her mouth to stop the tickling. Ginny's tongue was ambushed by Hermoine so Ginny fought back by circling Hermoine's tongue. The fight soon turned playful as Ginny and Hermoine's tongue danced around each other joyfully. Ginny's tongue retreated back into its own mouth and Ginny's lips parted from Hermoine.

As Ginny's head was retreating, Hermoine raised her head and mashed her lips with Ginny's. Hermoine's tongue darted out of her mouth and pushed through Ginny's lips. Ginny's tongue soon reciprocated. The kiss lasted a minute as both tongues were busy playing with each other. When the kiss ended, Ginny whispered into Hermoine's ear, “Do you want more?” Hermoine emitted a quiet “yeah!”

Ginny backed away and sat straight. She looked down on Hermoine in a new light. Hermoine's brown hair was fanned out all over her pillow. Her eyes were gazing directly at Ginny and her red lips were glistening with saliva. She had a weak smile on her face which showed faint outlines of her dimples. Ginny returned a smile and proceeded to move the comforter of Hermoine's body.

Ginny slowly moved the comforter to the side, revealing Hermoine's curvy figure. Ginny's eyes focused in on Hermoine's round breasts, which rose and fell, in a hypnotic rhythm as Hermoine breathed. As if in a trance, Ginny extended her hands and cupped Hermoine's breast in her palms. She held on for a minute, not doing anything, as if she was absorbing the moment. She then started massaging Hermoine's breasts by squeezing them with her fingers. After warming up, Ginny became bolder. Ginny took her hands and placed them on Hermoine's belly, underneath her shirt. She then started sliding her hands around her belly and eventually working up to her breasts. As Ginny's hands moved higher, so did Hermoine's shirt, until both stopped at the base of her breasts. There was a moment of pause before Ginny pulled Hermoine’s shirt above her breasts to her neckline. Ginny was mesmerized at the sight of Hermoine's perfect breasts. Her large round breasts stood out calling attention and her small red rosy nipples contrasted perfectly with her peachy skin. Her nipples extended a centimeter into the air in a semi erect manner from the fondling that Hermoine had done before.

Ginny slowly placed her hands on Hermoine's breasts causing Hermoine to lightly moan. Using the moan as encouragement, Ginny began squeezing and playing with Hermoine's breasts. In minutes, Ginny started fondling Hermoine's breasts as she fondles her breasts when she masturbates. She used her fingers to tease Hermoine by circling her nipples and then blowing on them with warm air. Hermoine started getting really turned on by Ginny's tactics and she started begging for some relief. Ginny complied by taking Hermoine's nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. Ginny's hot, wet mouth felt wonderful on Hermoine’s nipples. Hermoine arched her chest forward trying to get more of her breast into Ginny's mouth but Ginny just backed her head, leaving only Hermoine's nipple in her mouth. Ginny began flicking her tongue on Hermoine's nipples making Hermoine moan with pleasure. As Hermoine’s moans got louder and quicker, Ginny stopped flicking her tongue and instead, held her nipple between her teeth and lightly sucked on them. Hermoine's moans got quieter but still continued at a slow pace. Ginny released Hermoine's nipple from her mouth, allowing it to fall back in place. One of Hermoine's nipples was a centimeter high and plain red while the other was dark red, swollen, wet, and two centimeters in height. Looking at the difference in the two nipples made Ginny grin.

Ginny bent down and began teasing the second nipple by licking close to it and then moving away from it. When she finally took it in her mouth, it felt like heaven to Hermoine. Ginny's warm tongue over her nipples sent vibrations throughout her body. The feeling was short lived as Ginny backed away. Hermoine was now in a very aroused and agitated state as she wanted relief. “Don't stop! It feels so amazing,” begged Hermoine. “This is nothing. I can make it feel sensational, but there is a condition. You need to forgive my brother and Harry for what they did.” Hermoine was going to forgive Harry regardless as he truly cared about her and showed it through his thoughtful gifts. Ron, on the other hand, had shown no remorse for savagely torturing her. Hermoine was now in a dilemma: she could forgive Ron and enjoy the fruitful time with Ginny or stay stubborn, loose Ron as a friend and Ginny as a satisfying partner. “Fine, I will forgive them both. Your brother better apologize though.” “You don’t know what it has been for my brother. When Percy abandoned us, my parents were heartbroken. Soon after, the twins quit school to pursue a business in a joke shop. Now all my parents' hopes and wishes were on Ron's shoulders. If he had gotten kicked out of Hogwarts, my parents would have been crushed and Ron won't let that happen at any cost. Even though he doesn't show it, he has a lot of emotion and feelings inside him. “

“Wow, I never realized that. He has always put on the impression that he is care free and is not driven by emotions. I feel really bad for what I did.”

“Don’t tell him that you know any of what I told you or he won't trust me anymore. I will talk to him and he will apologize to you for what he did. I just hope you will be able to put that event behind you and continue being close friends with Harry and Ron. With all the emotional drama concluded, do you want me to finish what I started?”


Ginny grinned widely and yanked the entire comforter of Hermoine's body. Hermoine's body lay in front of Ginny as an offering. Hermoine was now only clothed in white cotton panties, part of which was see- through from the Hermoine's juices. Ginny moved down towards Hermoine’s legs and began kissing her foot. Ginny moved up Hermoine's long slender legs, planting kisses on her way. When she reached Hermoine’s thighs, she slowed down and began giving longer, more intense kisses. As she moved higher, her hair started to rub on Hermoine’s crotch and belly, making Hermoine tickle. With a kissing sensation just below her pussy and a tickling sensation just above her pussy, Hermoine was getting really turned on. Her pussy even started getting wet, making her panties even more see-through. When Ginny reached the bottom of Hermoine's panties, she was surprised to see it all wet. As she glanced up, she could the outline of Hermoine's pussy, underneath her panties. Her labia were slightly swollen, creating a gap in her panties where her slit opened up. Ginny traced the line of her slit with her finger, causing Hermoine to moan. Ginny then traced lines around the outside of her labia before pushing her labia against each other, making a bulge in her panties. Hermoine tensed up. Ginny bent down and ran her tongue up and down the bulge, tasting the juice on Hermoine's underwear. Ginny let go of Hermoine's labia, allowing her to relax. With her teeth, Ginny grabbed the upper portion of Hermoine's panties and pulled them down to her thigh. Hermoine's pussy matched in color with the rest of her body. Her shaved crotch beautifully connected her slender legs with her perfectly toned abs. The pinnacle of her crotch, her pussy, stood like a trophy awaiting its rightful winner. Ginny couldn't help but stare at this magnificent sight. This was her first encounter with a pussy other than her own and she felt invigorated by the sight. She bent closer, trying to take in the sweet smell of Hermoine’s pussy. The smell of nectarine with a hint of wild flower drove Ginny over the edge. Ginny's pussy started trickling with her own juices, wetting her thong.

Without warning, Ginny leaned forward and ran her tongue through Hermoine’s slit. The warm juices were quickly sucked up by Ginny's hungry mouth, while Hermoine let out a loud moan in response. Ginny's tongue dug deeper and deeper into Hermoine's pussy with each pass until Ginny's entire head was buried in Hermoine's crotch. With Ginny’s free hands, she began rubbing her own crotch above her pants, spreading her wetness all over her crotch. Meanwhile, Hermoine was in bliss with Ginny's tongue buried deep inside her. Whenever Ginny backed out to take a breath, Hermoine would push her head back down into her throbbing pussy. For minutes this continued till Ginny could sense the pressure inside Hermoine explode in waves of pleasure, which swept through Hermoine's body. Hermoine's tense body relaxed completely as Hermoine was experiencing pure euphoria. As the pleasure subsided, Hermoine returned back to normal, with her body at complete ease.

Ginny, on the other hand, was completely tense as her body craved for relief. With her face still on Hermoine's pussy, she put her hands underneath her pants and thong and began furiously pumping her pussy. The entire bed started shaking with the intensity that Ginny was pumping at. The sudden rocking of the bed alarmed Hermoine so she got up to take a look. Seeing Ginny masturbates herself turned Hermoine on in a way she had never felt before. She, instantly, grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled them out from underneath her pants. “You did a lot for me tonight. The least I can do is assist you with that. You just sit and relax and let me take care of the rest.” Ginny was reluctant at first but eventually agreed. Hermoine then sat up against the wall and pulled Ginny till she was lying on her back, with her head on Hermoine's breasts. Hermoine then out her arms around Ginny and unbuckled her jeans. Removing her jeans was a little tricky as Hermoine's arms could not reach farther than Ginny's thighs.
Therefore, Ginny assisted her by dropping her jeans and her thong to her ankles.

From Hermoine's vantage point, she couldn't see Ginny's pussy close up, but she could see her wet crotch shimmer in the light. Her pussy was also shaved completely, allowing Hermoine to clearly see Ginny's wet, glistening pussy lips. Unlike Ginny, who enjoyed teasing others, Hermoine was straight business. As soon as Ginny took off her pants, Hermoine ran her fingers up and down Ginny's slit. When her fingers were moist with Ginny’s juices, she inserted her middle finger inside Ginny. Ginny gasped with surprise at first but soon started to moan as Hermoine pumped in and out of her. Hermoine's finger slid up and down easily as Ginny's pussy was stretched from her experience with Harry. With one finger not being enough, Hermoine stuck her index finger Ginny as well. With two fingers inside her, Ginny started moaning loudly. Her hips, involuntarily, began buckling up and down to Hermoine's rhythm. Along with her hips, her ass moved back and forward as well, rubbing against Hermoine's groin. Ginny's ass cheeks were perfectly lined with Hermoine's body so that one cheek rubbed against one of Hermoine’s pussy lips while the other cheek rubbed against the other side of Hermoine's pussy lips. Hermoine now started to get aroused once more. Hermoine increased her pace, making Ginny buckle faster and harder to keep up with the rhythm. Ginny's ass cheeks pushed harder against Hermoine, surrounding Hermoine's labia with Ginny's ass cheeks. Hermoine's pussy was now squeezed into Ginny's ass crack. The pressure and warmth of having Ginny's ass fully surround her pussy was invigorating and drove Hermoine crazy with pleasure. Hermoine inserted a third finger, her ring finger, into Ginny and began pounding with extreme vigor. Ginny's body tensed up as it prepared to climax. Similarly, Hermoine's body also tensed up, preparing for relief. Hermoine gave one last thrust and buried her fingers deep inside Ginny. Ginny let out earth shattering moan and began cumming. Her body began to shudder and streams of juice poured out of her pussy, covering Hermoine's entire hand. Within seconds, Hermoine's body shuddered as juices gushed out of her pussy and dripped in Ginny’s ass. Both girls sat there for minutes as pleasure shot through their bodies, again and again. When the pleasure finally subsided, Ginny rolled over off Hermoine and lay on her side. “I don’t feel like getting up from here,” Ginny said softly. Hermoine laid down beside her, put one arm around Ginny and whispered, “You don’t have to go. You can sleep with me tonight. I'll cover us with a comforter so no one will know that you are there.” Ginny agreed so Hermoine covered herself and Ginny with a comforter, wrapped her arm around Ginny and slept beside Ginny in a spooning position.

Meanwhile, Harry stood waiting for Ginny outside the girls’ dormitory door. Hour passed and still no sign of Ginny so Harry discouragingly went back up to his bed.

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