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Karl kidnaps a third girl to join Dasha and Morgan.
Taken (Chapter Three): Jenna

It turned out that Morgan did get pregnant much quicker than Dasha. After just one week, her pregnancy test showed a little pink plus sign. Like Dasha, she was rewarded with chocolate cake, and then the anal rape began. And as Dasha and Morgan suspected, Karl brought home a new girl to impregnate. She was wearing a black hoodie and purple skinny jeans. Her name was Jenna, and she was sixteen. She had shoulder length straight brown hair, and was a little shorter than Dasha. She was skinny, but had enormous breasts, a D cup at least. Just below the left one was a tattoo of a rose and the initials HBL.

After Karl was through his first time with her, he told the girls that they could have one hour to talk before he gagged them again. Morgan’s first question was about the tattoo. “What’s his name?” she asked, eager to hear stories from the real world and not this sick reality they were stuck in now.

Jenna smiled, “Not a he, her name is Hannah. We’ve been dating for three years.”

“Is she pretty?” Dasha asked. Jenna nodded. “Beautiful,” she said wistfully.

“So what’s your story?” Morgan asked. “How did this happen?” she motion around at their surroundings.

“Me and Hannah were in the cemetery. We always went there after school to do homework and, you know, make out. We both fell asleep, and next thing I know, I’m being thrown into a van.”

Morgan put her hand on Jenna’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

“Fuck it,” Jenna spat, “It’s not like you can do anything about it.” She rubbed her temples. “Sorry didn’t mean to take it out on you. This just fucking sucks!”

“That’s an understatement,” Dasha gave a sad laugh. “But as long as you don’t talk back or do anything to piss him off, he’s not too bad. Aside from the sex…”

Morgan nodded in agreement.

Jenna bit her lip. “Guys, um,” she whispered, “I’m on the pill.” Dasha and Morgan both gave her blank stares, clearly confused as to why a lesbian would need birth control. “It’s for my migraines,” she explained. “But that means I can’t get pregnant until after I have my next period. Which is in at least a month… Will Karl be mad?”

Dasha shook her head. “It took me a month too. It just means he’ll fuck you more. And think, the longer it takes you, the longer it is before he kidnaps another girl, and the more time there is for someone to find us.”

They continued talking, about their lives before they were kidnapped, and about what they would do when they were finally rescued, until their hour was up and Karl came back down to gag them.

For the next month, Karl raped Jenna at least four times a day, and then took his frustration at her not getting pregnant out on Dasha and Morgan. He began experimenting new ways of having sex. One time he hogtied Morgan and inserted a giant hook in her anus to hold her from the ceiling while he shoved his dick down her throat. Another time he tied Dasha upside down to a chair and hung weights from clamps on her swelling breasts while he fist fucked her asshole.

In some sick, twisted way, the girls were beginning to feel pleasure when they were raped. Dasha even orgasmed once when Karl ass fucked her and held a vibrator to her clit. It must have been the hormones from her pregnancy, or her desperation to feel something other than fear or pain.

When Jenna finally got pregnant, Karl let them go ungagged for an entire day, telling them how proud he was of his little girls, and how excited he was for their babies. Dasha was now two months pregnant, and her belly was beginning to show. She was so skinny now, aside from the baby bump. Karl had begun increasing her rations to allow for the baby’s extra needed nutrition. He weighed them every day. Dasha was still 95lbs, Morgan had dropped from 90 to 83, and Jenna had gone from 100 to 90. He’d given them all haircuts after their hair got too long and stringy to brush. Their skinniness and short boycuts made them look like children.

That night Jenna curled up against Dasha to go to sleep. Dasha allowed her to snuggle close and rested her hand comfortingly on Jenna’s knee. Unexpectedly, Jenna began kissing Dasha’s neck. Suddenly the two girls were furiously kissing each other, taking out all their rage and sadness and despair. Jenna climbed on top of Dasha and began rubbing their pussies together. Her handcuffed hands massaged Dasha’s breasts as she sucked her neck passionately. They ground their pelvises together with desperation. Dasha felt herself approaching orgasm and pressed her mouth into Jenna’s collarbone to muffle her moans. Then they both came, bodies shaking against each other in an explosion of pleasure. Jenna rolled off of Dasha, spent and happy for the first time in a month. They fell asleep with contented smiles on their faces.

The next morning they heard Karl’s footsteps and all three girls waited in anticipation for who the new girl would be. When Karl threw her down against the wall, Jenna let out an involuntary gasp at who it was. The two girls eyes met, and they immediately welled up with tears.

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