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My wife Sue and I were aged 32 at the time this story happened.Sue is very athletic and keeps fit at the local gym as well as running and walking with me.One Saturday as she was leaving for the gym, wearing tight lycra top and shorts, I asked her to pay my garage bill for me on the way home, as she passes the place. I gave her the cash(£150) and said " Shall we go out for the afternoon and get a bite to eat somwhere.""Yes that would be great ." she replied and went off in her car.
About 1 o,clock I was getting dried after having a shower,when I heard the door go and Sue run up the stairs.
"Sorry I am a little late. I will quickly shower and get ready to go out" she said.
She stripped off her top to reveal her wonderful breasts showing her nipples extended as she is when she is aroused. She turne d her back to me and took down her shorts. I saw on her buttocks two smudged greasy hand prints, one on each buttock. My mind started working overtime and my cock started to rise very quickly.
" Did you pay the bill for me" " Yes " she replied," that is why I was alittle late.
As she turned towards me she saw my hard cock sticking up in the air. " My my, what have we here" she said as she come over to me and placed her hand around my aching cock." This is harder than I have felt it for ages" she said and smiled up at me.
"How did you pay the bill" I asked.
She stroked my cock and said that old George,who owned the garage, had made her an offer she could not refuse but how did I know.
I explained about the grease on her bum and asked how long ago was it.
"It can only be 10 minutes as I drove straight here and came up stairs.It seems to be turning you on by the way this cock is throbbing".
" Did he come inside you" I asked
"Yes he did. It felt like loads." she replied
I put my hand between her legs and felt her hot pussy lips which were very slippery.
Sue pushed me down onto the floor and straddled me head and said" you tell me if there is much or not"
"It is oozing out of your pussy slowly" I said
"I can squeeze it out so you can see" she said as I saw her pussy lips move and the cum started to drip onto my chin.
"There's loads" I started to say as Sue lowered her wet lips onto my face. I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could as she forced the cum out of her cunt and into my mouth. I felt her mouth envelope my cock and knew that the moment she began sucking I would not be able to hold back for long.
She ground her cunt anto my mouth and moaned loudly. Sue cums very quickly and easily, so it was no suprise to feel her juices flow into my mouth and down my throat.
Just as I drank the last of Georges cum and came myself with such force that I must have squirted all the way to her stomach in one go.
As we lay there afterwards, I asked how it had happened.
"I am pleased you found it such a turn on.I was going to wash it all away in a matter of minutes." She said
She went on to explain how it had happened.
" When I arrived at the garage only the little door was open so I went in and shouted for George.He came in behind me,closed the door and said that he was just parking the last car away.I followed him to the office where I said I would like to pay your bill for you.His overalls were open to the waist showing his big fat belly and the top of his boxers,he is in his late 50s and not the most handsome of men.He picked up the bill and said" I could knock 50 quid off if you give me a blow job" Then he laughed loudly giving me a big grin.
I felt strangely turned on and felt my pussy tingle. I stepped up to him and stroked his belly moving my hand to the band of his boxers and said "Not for £50 but if you sign the bill ,as paid ,I will fuck you not suck you"
He turned bright red and spluttered "I was only joking." I moved my down onto his cock which was hardening rapidly and replied" I am not" I don't why I was behaving like this but I was so excited.
He shovelled to the desk and stamped the bill as paid and signed it. "Ok" I said and stripped off my shorts and lay back onto the desk." Come on George" He pushed his overalls and shorts to the floor and with a very large cock,got between my legs. Without a word he pushed his cock,and it was big,straight up my soaking pussy.I came almost straight away,as you know I can sometimes.
He rammed his monster in and out of me with great vigour,his huge belly wobbling all over the place.It did not matter that he was old and a little ugly, it was a great fuck. He did not last long and with loud grunts he came for ages. Then he pulled out with a plop and sighed. I sat up and saw his drooping cock but could not resist getting down and putting in my mouth and draining it of all cum.
I pulled on my shorts , picked up the bill and said "Thanks George .It was nice doing business with you". I left and came straight home."
I told her that it was an amazing turn on for me to hear her story and I never would have imagined how much I would enjoy licking someone elses cum from her cunt.
We showered and had a great afternoon out as we both seemed to glow.
A few days later Sue said that she had been thinking about what had happened and felt that the big turn on for her was the fact that she was actually paid for fucking.
"That reminds me.Where is my money" I asked.
"It is mine now. I earned it." Sue replied.

How Sue earns more next time.

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2014-11-07 08:30:41
Once a cheating bitch always a cheating bitch
Sounds like she has done it before you found out about this episode
Mate get rid of the cheating whore you will be better off without her.

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2011-01-31 06:44:11
to be honest i find this sort of thing disgusting, both the cheating and the guy eating cum and there the faults i found in the first couple of lines

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-30 15:25:38
Anon. Reader... apparently you didnt satisify must be a tiny dick

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-30 12:10:55
You say that's a true story? If it is, you have a prize there, pal. Makes you wonder how many other cocks have been buried in her while you figured her for a good and faithful wife.
I had a sixth sense and busted mine the first time because I set her up to test her. I unexpectedly walked in with two friends while she was fucking her cock on the side. While she was crying and pleading for forgiveness in the background, I called everyone in her family and told them what I walked in on and said for someone to come take their whore back home because when I hang up, she and her stuff is going out the door. I said "The Whore doesn't live here anymore." ... It made quite a scene in the neighborhood. She should have gotten dressed when I told her to. I threw her out naked... made a LOT OF NOISE doing it... and then she had to wait for her clothes. (The guy had already left.. he ran like a rabbit.) One of the neighbors shot a video. (not planned) I send copies to her whole family.

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