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I have a dick and a pussy II

Megan went looking at a site of read headed women only. She spent hours searching through it. Finally she found ’IT’ and the picture gave her jolting tingles in her pussy. She found a picture that looked exactly like Shan, except no dick, and printed it out on the computer. I got the web address.
Picture # 157, I printed one for my self.

Megan and I did a sneak fuck one night, and I had noticed again, she had a really nice big clit. I love it to play with and lick. She said it had a lot of feeling in it. It would puff up if she got aroused about a guy or a girl.
I had to find out something.
That night, I started sucking on it to get it all puffed up, and then took my two fingers and started jacking it like a dick. She whispered: (“…oh my god!, whatever your doing, keep that up, I’m getting new feelings that are wonderful!”) I asked…(”guy or girl urges?”) I asked. She said: (“Guy!….I have the urge to fuck a girl and I feel like I have a dick!”)

I knew now, my sister’s clit had the feelings of a dick. I wondered If I could get her aroused enough, her little clit/ dick would expand, come out or get bigger. There was only one way to find out. I wanted time to make my sister the hottest she’d ever been, and I knew just how to do it.

I called Shannon, and told her my plan. She was all excited and said we’ll bring her over here and just see if her clit/dick has been hiding in there all this time. I said what if she has a dick in there and it stays out? She said she could handle what to do if that happens. “I’ve been there, I know how it feels, don’t worry about that. I have the feeling that Megan is in for a wonderful surprise.”

“Mom…Megan and I are off to soccer practice…bye”. We walked to the end of the block where Shannon picked us up. We went in and I just let Shan do her thing. She started off talking to Megan, and soon they were kissing and feeling each other up. They went in the bedroom and they got undressed while they kept kissing and feeling. I sat in the chair and watched a hot show like I’d never seen before. Shan laid Megan down and they went 69. Megan was steaming hot sucking on Shan’s dick and fingering her pussy.

Shan started jacking and sucking on Megan’s clit. They were moaning and I was dying to fuck either one of the them or both. When Shan felt Megan was ready to have a big climax…she turned and rolled Megan on top of her and said: “Oh God…Megan…fuck me babe…fuck me now! Shan held her own dick tight to her tummy, so Megan’s clit, all puffed up, was starting to stick out pretty good now.

Shan said to put her clit in her pussy and fuck her Now! Megan was so turned on she put her little clit on Shan’s pussy and pushed it in and out like she was fucking Shan with a dick. Shan moaned…”That’s it baby...fuck me and fuck me hard and deep! Megan was so desperate to cum, she did it and kept it up. Shan reached down and started jacking Megan’s clit and pushing in her pussy over and over…I watched Megan’s face go from blank….slowly to a smile as she pushed her clit in harder and harder into Shan’s pussy. Shan let go and let Megan push more and more and then…Megan began to moan, and moan and shake and lose her breath. Shan went crazy feeling Megan all over to stimulate her more…Megan put her knees under Shan’s legs and started fucking her fast.

Megan’s eyes were closed and she speeded up and moaned louder and louder …“THERE!!!”…Megan yelled and started fucking Shan as fast as she could until she started shaking hard and ..moaned a long beautiful moan and said: “Ohhhhh Shannon….oh Shannon baby...oh baby yes…...yes baby …oh god yes!…and then felt her first cum shoot out of her big clit.. she sunk down on top of Shan and collapsed. Megan gasp for breath for a long time. Shan just held her and let all their feelings ride it out….. Megan finally raised up with her shaky arms, and pull out her clit and just looked at it in disbelief. Her clit had expanded out a good 3 inches into Shan. Shan smiled and heard her whisper: (“ will grow bigger with lot’s of exercise.”..”) They both giggled, and quietly laid on top of each other and went to sleep.
I left them to their bliss.

After an hour, I heard them giggling. Megan’s clit/dick had gone back like it was.
They slowly walked towards me…... Then both attacked me showing no mercy. Sucking my dick and fucking my pussy as they giggled. They held me down and forced me to fuck them both with my dick…..did I say forced? : )

We all slept good this night of nights….well except for Megan who played with her new dick most of the night.

Shannon had told Megan that making her dick come fully out, would take practice. Megan spend lot’s of time doing this. After a couple of weeks she could get a small hard on if she got turned on by a female. A few more weeks and she could get the size of about a 12 yr old boy.
Soon she came in my room with a big smile, and closed the door and locked it. I was sitting on my bed. She didn’t say a word, but just lowered her shorts.

I smiled and wondered what she was up to. I looked at her normal looking pussy, she always did have a nice sized sweet looking clit. She whispered: (“watch.”) She put her legs apart, hands on her tits. I watch as she closed her eyes feeling her tits and I saw her clit slowly start to grow. It kept going and going until it looked like a small dick. About 1 ½ inches out. It kept getting still bigger. 2-2 ½, 3, 3 ½, 4. Four and ½ inches long with normal around size.

I looked in amazement! She smiled so big. I ask her if I could touch it. She leaned over and kissed me softly and whispered: (“….you can always touch it, anytime you want“). I felt it and stroked it as she started to moan a little. My female urges want to suck her dick bad. She knew they would and she moved in front of me as I sat on the edge my bed. I started stroking her. Rather than ask, I just decided I wanted to see her cum. She figured I would want to know that too and to let me find out for my self. I was the only person to ever jack her, besides Shan and her self for the first time.

I figured she’d need lots of stimulation for a cum. I pulled her little shorts off. I started rubbing her tits and butt cheeks. She began to tremble a little. Her male urges were going crazy anticipating her first hand job by another person. I started slowly stroking her and watching her dick get harder. She was so nervous she had to steady herself by holding my head. She had no foreskin and her dick head was bulging full as I started jacking her faster.

Her hips started moving with my stroking and I felt her start to cum. A white shot of cum shot past my face as she moaned loud, with two more right behind it. I smiled knowing the pleasure she was having now, and in the future. Next would be her first blow job, and guess who she wanted to give it to her? A female. I stood up and we kissed as I held her dick while she moaned quietly. She finally said that her pussy was throbbing from all the excitement. She whispered: (“…will you come to my room tonight...please. I want us to just play with us.”) I smiled and told her now we can do the ‘hermie twist’.

She knew that was where we both got a dick in our pussy’s and a pussy for our dicks…or… I could fuck her and now she could fuck me. The awesome excitement got her weak and I took her to her room to rest. As I laid her down, she grabbed my neck and kissed me hotter than she ever had before. I whispered to her: (“…now you’ve done it you little brat. I got a boner and a wet pussy all at once!”) She giggled and tried to feel my dick and I backed out of her room.
That night I went to Megan’s room late, and quietly got in bed with her. She started in feeling me up and told me her female urges wanted a dick in her pussy.

I was of course all for that and we started in getting us hot, hotter and hottest, as only we could. When you’ve got 2 dicks and 2 pussy’s to stimulate, you get hot…real hot!…plus we had the hots for each other more and more lately. Now it’s was time for her first ‘hermie twist’ fuck. I turned and we put our dicks in each others pussy’s. It took a little moving to get it set up, but then we started getting it. We got build ups from both and we tried to keep it quiet, but….we must have gotten a little to loud. Our mom heard us.

She knew of course about me, but had no idea about Megan’s new dick. She heard us moaning. She opened Megan’s door quietly and luckily we had a sheet over us. She saw us laying heads opposed away from each other, moaning and moving. She figured I was having sex with my sister in some new way she had never heard of. She decided she better have a talk with me the next day.

She chickened out. All she said to me was that if our dad had heard us he would ask lots of questions and there would be trouble. As a mom she knew I couldn’t have kids with my vagina, and Megan was on the pill. I told her I would take care of it, and no noises anymore. Then she got this little smile on her face and said: “You have the best of both worlds, don’t you.”

Megan was looking for the right girl to have sex with. She wanted to try out her new dick to feel what it’s like in a woman.

Then she thought of Casey. A girlfriend of hers who was bi-sexual. Casey and her had felt each other up one time at a sleep over. Perfect, she thought.
When Megan told me about Casey, I said:…“Oh yes!…she’ll be hot for you when she finds out about your ‘extra’ special addition.”

Megan thought about Casey….
…..She already been tested that she can keep a secret. I called her and she coming over tonight…oh my…I’m nervous about this, but Casey is a very hot girl. I love her long blond hair and her tits are bigger than mine. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. My male urges are all excited about fucking her. I hope I can fuck her tonight!….I want to feel my dick go in her pussy and pump a load in her so bad.

Mom and dad will be out late playing cards, so we can make noise if we want to. I wonder what she would do if she knew about my brother and having a dick and a pussy to turn her on. If she’s ok, I might just turn her on to him…I’ll have to see…damn…what time is it…I better go take my shower….hurry time!…I wanna fuck!…..
Casey made it over and I stayed down stairs to give them max privacy. Mom and dad were gone. I wish I could watch or hear them, I bet it would be hot. Megan better give me all the details later. The next day I saw Casey leave as her mom picked her up. I raced in Megan’s room to get the details. Megan was smiling and said to have a seat on her bed. She started in:

“We got our little shear nighties on and turned the light down low. I told her how I liked our ‘feel up’ session a few month’s back. She smiled and perked up at that. I told her I had something top secret to tell her, but it must never leave this room. She got real close to me and agreed to it. I got stunned for a second, looking at her big tits. Damn those looked hot.

She noticed me looking at them and just took off her top and smiled. I tried to continue…as you know, I’ve always had a bigger than average clit….her eyes were glazed over thinking about my clit. She said she loved my clit and remembered it so well. I tried again to continue…but now she moved real close to me, our lips almost touching. My male urges wanted this woman so bad I was trembling inside. She knew it to, and just started rubbing my legs. Next thing I knew we were kissing and I gasp for breath.

I said to my self….just let her find our for herself when she feel my clit again, this time. We were on our sides and facing each other. I pulled down my panties, and lifted one leg. I took her hand and put it on my clit. It had just started getting a little big. I felt her fingers massaging it and she started really breathing hard. She whispered out of breath: (“…oh my god Megan, (gasp!) your clit has grown so big, I love it, I love it!”…) I whispered back: (“…that’s my secret Casey!...when it’s fully out, (breath) I can fuck like a boy.”) She was stunned and just smiled at me….”..your serious aren’t you..” she said. By now she had a hold of a 2inch clit in her hand. She began to get a little hyper and stroked my little dick. She asked how big does it get?

I said: (“….let’s find out, shall we?…”) She asked if I had fucked a girl with it yet. I said: (“…why do you think I invited you over tonight…”) We never said anything more, just moaned and gasp for breath. As we kept kissing and feeling us, the hotter I got, the more my dick came out.

She knew it and said if she closed her eyes I was like a guy getting ready to fuck her. I rolled on top of her and sucked on those big tits of hers, kissed all the way down to her pussy and started licking her pussy fast. When I got it all sopping wet, and moved up and we both held my dick. It was big now and we both guided it her pussy. I felt it getting bigger in her. It felt wonderful and I began to fuck her. This was all new to me as I felt her warm pussy surround my dick.

I was in heaven starting to pump my dick as far in as I could and stroking it back. She was a trembling mess. Moaning and twitching as she was for the first time ever, able to feel my tits while being fucked for the first time by a girls dick. Wow could she fuck good, she kept up with me as I speeded up to a fever pitch, my dick was so full now and ready to explode my cum in her. We started moaning together like one dual moan, as we started to shake as we fucked as fast as we could. She yelled first as I felt a huge load of cum burst out of my dick, over and over in her shaking pussy.

She held on to me tight and just kept fucking with me until we finally went weak and just shook a little as my cum was oozing out of us.
I don’t remember when we woke up, still locked together, but I felt my dick still rock hard in her. It was way over the 4 ½ inches we measured it. We just started in again and had to fuck again. I lost it when my cum filled her again, big time. It just knocked us out….. We finally just went to sleep again. Still locked together……..

Megan came in my room the next day, and sat on my bed. She flopped on her back and grinned. She rubbed between her legs. I looked at her and smiled. I knew she was still thinking about fucking Casey with her dick. She got up and stood behind me and kissed my neck…she whispered: (“unbelievable!…I fucked her twice!, it was so good!”) I stood up and kissed her as we felt us up.
She whispered: (“now, I want a blow job so bad, I want to feel what you and Shannon do when I cum in a mouth.” I said Casey?
She looked at me and said one word in my ear: (“…you”). I gulped.
I had never done that, but both my male and female urges just exploited. My male wanted to feel Megan’s mouth on my dick and me cuming in it. My female urges wanted to suck a dick and feel hot cum shooting in my mouth. I told Megan: “ I’ll do it as you suck me…deal?”

She drove her tongue deep in my mouth and then moaned ‘yes yes yes’. We waited until mom and dad were going to be gone all night.
We waited and waited for them to do some kind of overnighter thing. Finally they decided to visit my uncle, an all day drive, stay the night , back the next night. That left a whole night for Megan and I. I went right to Megan’s room and told her. She and I both got hardons fast, and we wanted to jack each other off right then… We waited till that night.

We had to be quiet, I didn’t need mom hearing us again. My room was the quietest, so Megan waited till it was all quiet and slipped in. She looked so hot in her long pink nightgown. I stood up and lifted up her night gown as we felt each others dicks. Hers came out fast and I was now holding at least a 6 inch dick. She leaned her head on my shoulder and we started in slow jacking us and both fingering our pussy’s. This was something very few people could do.
Megan was so excited about getting me to give her very first blow job, male urges were going crazy. I decided to give her a little preview. She knew I had never sucked a dick to cum before and down I went on my knees. I licked and fingered her pussy first as her dick got rock hard. I jacked it. I jacked her as she started fucking my hand. Just when I felt she was close to cuming,

I licked the head of her dick twice. She tried to moaned so quiet as I watched her face strain as she shot.
Her cum went all over my shoulder and back. The biggest cum for her so far. Her hips jolted as she shot more. She dropped to her knees and sucked my dick fast as she fingered my pussy fast. I almost yelled as I got a jolting double cum, one in her mouth and one from her thumb on my clit and fingers in my pussy. I almost blacked out as I saw my cum running out the sides of her mouth as she kept jacking and fingering me, over and over. The whole room smelled or our cum and sex. We finally laid on my bed and played with each other, just stunned.

I called Shannon and we talked a while about getting together. I told her I was going to give Megan her blow job. I heard her gulp…she said: “Oh my god…I want to be there!, I have to see it! I’ll do it anyway you guys want, hide in a closet or anything, but please let me see it live…Please!”

I told her I’d check with Megan, but the thought of her watching us got me hot. I said: “Hold on.” I went and talked to Megan. She jumped up and said: “Oh YES, that would be so HOT!…let’s do it…Ok?” I said, ‘deal’ and went and told Shannon, Friday night after mom and dad leave I’ll call you and you can watch me suck her dick…and then…’join in’ for whatever…..and I chuckled. She was so happy she squealed over the phone and made kissing sounds to me. I thought afterwards I just loved it when Shannon fucked my pussy. The thought of that made me shiver..

Friday came and mom and dad left about 6:30. Megan and I got showered (together) and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It was the first time we had ever showered together. We decided to do a little warm up. I didn’t play with her dick, I just teased it a lot. A little jerking, rubbing and I even licked it a little. She was going crazy with me. She teased my pussy, fingering it and teasing my clit, but no orgasms because I told her I wanted Shannon to fuck my pussy. That shower was so great, feeling us up with slick soapy hands and all that warm water running on our dick and dripping on our clits.

I loved feeling her slick wet tits. She loved getting behind me and playing with my dick, while hers rubbed on my butt crack. We agreed that we wanted to fuck in the shower before mom and dad came home. We kissed with our hands all over each other. Wow….what a great sister I had. We had to force ourselves to get out of the shower.
I called Shannon to come over at about 8.

It was so hard looking a Megan in a white full length see though nightgown that tied shut. I could see her sweets tits and her pussy with a big clit. I had on a shiny black robe. She flashed me, showing her pussy and tits. I flashed her back. Showing my semi-hard dick. I lifted it up and I fingered my clit. We walked around the living room, teasing each other. Brushing a hand here and there, we were go to fuck during this weekend and we knew it.
We heard a car pull up.
Ahhhh Shannon’s here, let the fun begin. I opened the door.
There stood Casey.

She snuck out of her house and want to see Megan. I grinned and looked at Megan who was smiling and said: “Come on in Casey!….your just in time for a little ‘private ‘party!” Casey smiled big and came in a little confused. Megan and Casey ran upstairs and talked in Megan’s bedroom. I could hear them squealing with excitement. I thought…well, the more the merrier! Casey already knew about Megan, but not me or Shannon having ’extras’. She was in for an exciting shock.

Shannon arrived and I pulled her aside and said that Bi- Casey was here, she was the first one that Megan had fucked with her dick. Megan had told her that I was going to give her, her first blow job tonight, I and Shannon had ‘extras’ too. Now Casey was really hot to watch us all. I told her that Casey had been tested and kept her mouth shout about Megan’s ‘extras’. Shannon smiled and said: “You say Casey is Bi?…, and has already been with Megan?,….well…I’d like to just give her the best of both worlds too, while we both watch Megan get her first blow job.”
We all went up to mom and dads big bed and with a low light all began to undress each other. Casey was the most excited of all as Shannon undressed her slowly, kissing her all over as she went. She held Shannon’s dick in amazement, and dropped to her knees to suck on it while fingering her pussy. They, Megan and I all got in bed and went into a 69 position.

The room filled with moans, as we all started licking, and sucking. Megan was gasping for breath while licking and sucking me. I licked her pussy and then started in sucking her dick. I put three fingers in her pussy and felt her G spot and started massaging it. She gave out a long moan as I let my female urges go and sucked her dick like a woman would want to. Megan licked my pussy like guy would, while jacking my dick as we both went for a double cum. We let it build up and up as we both began to shake.

Casey was moaning as she alternated between Shannon’s dick and pussy. Shannon jacked her dick as Casey went for her clit and sucked hard as their fingers moved in and out of their pussy‘s, to give her that double cum. Casey wanted her to cum in her mouth but was hoping for her to squirt in her mouth also. Shannon held Casey’s head in her pussy as she started to double cum, jacking her own dick. It was all coming together for all of us.

Shannon and Casey came first. Shannon sucked Casey’s clit while her fingers massaged her G spot, while Casey sucked Shannon’s dick and felt her pussy. Their moans were loud as Shannon filled Casey’s mouth with hot cum over and over. Casey’s fingers went crazy in Shannon’s pussy massaging her G spot and her thumb on Shannon’s clit. Shannon sucked Casey’s clit super hard as they squirmed and both squirted on each other. Megan sucked my dick as her fingers trembled in my pussy. I took all of Megan’s dick in my mouth and stroked it with my lips. My fingers worked her wet pussy in and out fast, as she did mine. Megan began to shake and I felt her cum blast in my mouth as she shook and pumped it out.

I came at the same time in her mouth as she rubbed my clit. We both had double cums each and we almost blacked out from the intense cums. The bed shook as 4 people trembled, squirmed and shook. The room was filled with moans from all of us for a very long time. Sucking and licking sounds went on and on. The smell hot sex and of a lot of cum filled the air.

Life is good when you’re a Hermie.


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"I Have A Dick And A Pussy-Part II" - Fifteen Year Old Hermaphrodite (Male Dominant) Brother, Unnamed And Thirteen Year Old Virgin Semi-Hermaphrodite Sister, Megan; and Twenty-four Year Old Hermaphrodite (Female Dominant) Friend, Shannon; and Thirteen Year Old Bi-Sexual Normal Genetalia Female Friend (Of Megan), Casey.

The addition of Megan's friend Casey to the group-mix served only to muckup and increase the confusion of the dick's and pussies of the three main characters (Unnamed brother, his sister, Megan and their friend, Shannon)! The organization and who's dick is in who's pussy--the individuals with three cocks and three pussies--is difficult to write comprehensively (understandable); and even more difficult to understand by the reader. One more bi-sexual pussied female (Casey) expodentially added to the confusion!! Less is more clarity and also less confusion...and not necessary to enhance the tone and context of the story subject!!

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