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Leah gets cheated on and fucked.
My name is Edward. Im eighteen, 5'9, i weigh 175, average build. Ive got brown hair and hazel eyes. It started out a little fling, after i got my heart broken i decided to give a girl who i met at my baptism a chance to prove to me that all other girls werent the same. Her name was leah. She was a short fifteen year old girl, she had a little extra weight in all the right places. She has sandy blonde hair, and the prettiest blue eyes. Leah had a face that looked like she could really suck a dick. She had huge 36D tits and a big juicy ass. Leah is a good apostolic girl, she didnt wear makeup, her hair is long and uncut, and she always wears dresses.
We had been talking for a while over text and on facebook, but we had only met one time. I felt so close to her even tho we had only met once at my baptism, I wanted to meet her again. The fair was coming up so we decided to meet at the fair. The day of the Fair was so hot that my whole body was sweating and my clothes were soaked, it was one of those balls stick to your leg kind of days. I payed for my stamp and went inside. I couldnt find leah so i decided to call her. "ring" "ring". "ring" "ring" leah answered, "hello?" "Hey leah, im at the fair but i cant find you anywhere. Where are you at?" "Im at the food place." "what food place?" I said. "Theres lots of food places around here." "The one with the coca cola sign" Leah answered. "alright i see it, ill be there in a second." "Okay you have to meet my mom." she said. "Alright, I dont mind" I lied. Truth is i didnt want to meet her mom, meeting parents scares she shit out of me. I walked to the coca cola place and it turns out it wasnt a food place it was a building with pop machines in it. Leah was inside with her back facing me getting a pop out of the machine, I walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder, "Hey Leah, I thought you said this was a food place?" i said. "Yeah well its right beside the food place where my mom is, Im trying to get myself a water but its not accepting my dollar and i dont have any change." " Oh okay, well maybe the machine is broke?" i said. Leah stubbornly looked at the vending machine. "No its not broke its just not accepting my dollar, this is the only machine with water, I dont want a pop." "Well just trade me dollars" i said. "Okay" we exchanged dollars and she got her water. I got myself a pop from one of the other machines. "Are you ready to meet my mom?" Leah said excitedly. "Yeah, I guess so, Leah i have to confess something" "What?" Leah said looking concerned. "I do not want to meet your mom, parents make me nervous" "Oh youll be fine you big baby. we are only gonna talk to her for a second and she wont be mean dont worry, shes nice." Leah said reasuringly. "Alright, i guess if you say so."

We walked to the building beside the vending machine building into the food court. Her mom was sitting at the counter. Leah had told me she was in her thirties and for a woman being in her thirties she looked a lot like leah, which means she looked pretty good. Leahs mother looked like an older version of leah. Except she had dark brown hair instead of sandy blonde. She had a big ass and big tits just like her daughter tho and the same face. Leah introduced us, "Hey mom this is Edward, Edwad this is my mom Nancy." "Hi Nancy, Leah has said a lot about you. Its nice to finaly meet you" "Hi Edward its nice to meet you too. Make sure you treat my daughter right or her father will kill you" "Dont worry i will treat her right, shes a great girl." I said nervously. At the same time i was thinking," Im going to fuck your daughter Nancy."

We stayed and talked for a little bit and then Leah and I went off on our own. We walked around and Leah tried to hold my hand, but i pulled away and refused. "Why wont you hold my hand?" Leah asked. "Because your younger and im not used to dating younger people and i do not know what everyone would say, plus I do not want it to lead into anything else." I knew that if i held her hand we would end up doing more. "We wont do anything else I promise" "You might not but I will. " I said with a smile suggesting i was joking, event tho i was serious. "Alright but i want to hold my boyfriends hand." "We have the rest of our lives to do that" "Please?" Leah begged. "Alright" I said giving in. We held hands and went into the building where the rabbits and chickens where at. There wasnt that many people so when we went in there i started getting horny and i could fill my dick getting plump in my pants. I held my hands in my pockets so no one would see. When we got to the big i hugged her, kissed her, and then hugged her tight so she would feel my hard dick against her. "I love you baby" I said. "I love you too, wow whats that i feel?" Leah said with a horny smirk on her face. "I dont know, why dont you find out?" i moved her hand to my dick and she started rubbing it on the outside of my pants. It felt so good. Every little touch sent shocks of pleasure through my dick. People came into the building so i put my hands back in my pockets and we went to another building where i pulled her tits out and sucked on them. she had sorta big nipples but it turned me on and her tits were nice. I loved giving Leah pleasure. Right then her phone started to ring and she answered it. "Hello...Alright....okay...Ill be there in a little bit." She hung up the phone. "Who was that?" I asked. "That was my mom. We are getting ready to leave. I have to go back. Im sorry. I love you." "that sucks. I love you too. I miss you already" "I miss you too baby." I kissed her and hugged her and she grabbed my dick one last time and she left. I Went home very horny.

I didnt see leah for weeks after that. We talked on the phone about meeting up, but we didnt know how she could manage because her parents didnt allow her to date or hangout with guys she liked by herself. There was only two guys who Leahs parents let her hangout with every now and then, Chris, and Tate, and they were gay. One night my ex Brittany texted me and said that she was back in town and wanted to see me. Brittany is 15, she has dark brown hair, and brown eyes. she is skinny, dark complected and has a model build. She has a small ass but very nice D size tits. I knew it was wrong but i missed her and couldnt deny that i still had feelings for her. Most of those feelings were in my pants tho. I let my dick lead the way and I drove to her house. We spent time talking and I played with her baby cousin Jake. Then we ended up being alone at the end of the night. It was pitch black out because her street was in the woods and there was no street lights. So it was just me and her alone now "I know youve been wanting to kiss me" Brittany said. "What makes you think that?" "I can just tell, I would of kissed you already tonight but i know your a good apostolic boy now." As soon as she said that i couldnt hold it back any longer. my desires got the best of me and i pulled her into me and kissed her. We layed down on the road and i layed on top of her. She took her shirt off and her bra off to see those amazing D size tits. She has dark nipples but not too dark. I sucked on them and she started breathing heavy, letting quiet moans escape her. I took her pants off and and her panties and began fingering her juicy pussy. She was soaked. Brittany lifted her hips into the air as a responce of me finger fucking her. "Put it inside me." she said "Do you really want it baby?" "Mhm, I want it." " Are you sure?" I said. I couldnt believe it. this would be the first time we fucked. "Yes im sure." i got on top of her and went to push my dick into her very wet pussy. I rubbed the tip of my dick up and down the flit of her slippery slit. She enjoyed it, but then i got stage fright for some reason and lost my boner. "I need you to suck it. Im soft for some reason" "Ive never given a blow job." "So suck it anyways." she went down to suck it and i started getting hard before she even reached my dick. "nevermind. im hard again ill just fuck you" I went to stick it in and the head went in. Then i heard a voice call out. "Its time to come in Brittany!" "Shit!" i thought. i wanted to fuck this girl and her family is making it impossible. I got off of her and pulled my pants up. "Im sorry" she said as she put her clothes back on. "Its okay." I said even tho it really wasnt. I kissed her, got in my car and left. As soon as i left i remembered Leah. "Oh shit what am i going to say to her, she will be devastated and break up with me. I cant tell her" I thought to myself. I called my friends mom, Misty, who was like a second mother to me and told her everything.She said I should tell Leah everything because she is a sweet girl, but i couldnt bring myself to do it. I got off the phone with Misty feeling like a piece of shit who didnt deserve Leah.

I kept my cheating from leah. and finaly we made a plan to meet up. We said we were just going to talk but i knew that we would end up doing more. She was going to go to the movies and meet with her friends Chris, and Tate. Then she was going to sneek out and spend the time with me instead of watching a movie. The day came and i drove over to the movies. I parked behind the building because that is where i always park and so I wouldnt be seen. I texted her and said "Im here" "Okay Im on my way out" she replied. She came walking out of the building toward the car wearing a pink flannel shirt and a jean skirt that went past her knees. her hair was straightened and pulled back in a pony tail with a bump on top of her head. She got in the car. "You look pretty" I said "Thanks, your car is really dirty" She said looking at all the burgerking bags in the floor boards. "Yeah i know i love it. I like it that way. Its my cars signature look." I said jokingly. "Well ill clean it up for you some time if you dont because i cant stand it" "alright" "I love you Edward." "I love you too." she said. " i leaned in and kissed her. I kissed her neck and reached my hands down her skirt, rubbing the outside of her already drenched panties. "We cant do this here. Its too bright. We wil get caught. My friend Curtis and his girlfriend had already gotten caught here before" I explained. "Alright. Lets go some where then." "I dont know where we will go." "Lets go behind the steak house over there." The steak house was the building right next to us. Behind it was darker tho and we could get away with things without being caught because no one went back there. I drove over and as we drove through the huge parking lot to the other building my car hit a huge pot hole "BABOOM!!!!!" "HOLY SHIT!!!" I yelled. "stupid pot hole!"
"hahahahahaha" Leah was busting out laughing. I started laughing too, even tho i was worried that my car my have damage. "I cant see at night. i cant believe i just hit a pot hole." "its alright, it happens to the best of us." Leah said jokingly. We drove behind the steak house and got in my back seat. Leah took her skirt off and her panties and i took my pants off and poked my hard dick through the hole in my boxers. I started fingering her drenched pussy. "Your so fucking wet." "I know baby you make me that way." Leah said while i pushed two of my fingers all the way into her. I put my head down between her legs and ate her out, making sure i got her pussy juice all over my face. She tasted sweet but bitter, it was a good taste tho that made me really hard. her clit stuck out like a small penis and i sucked it and licked it sending pleasure through her whole body. then I stopped and stuck my middle finger in her ass. We talked about it before and she said she wanted it. She was moaning so i decided to put my pointer and my middle finger in her pussy and put my pinky in her ass. I pumped both holes and watched her moan with the expression of pleasure written all over her face. This apostolic girl was a little slut. My little slut. "Fuck me daddy." "Okay baby daddy is gonna fuck that pussy up" I said. I pushed my cock inside of that slipper hole inch by inch and it felt amazing. As soon as i did tho i seen a man come out. He was talking on the sell phone and stood right beside the back seat. I know he could see us. "Leah theres a guy out there" "are you serious?!" she looked worried so i reasured her. "Yeah but its okay he doesnt notice. lets fuck anyways. Its kinda hot." I fucked Leah harder and harder, knowing that the guy no the cell phone was watching us. She orgasmed over and over and drenched my dick in cum. She reached down and held her pointer finger and thumb tight around my 6 inch dick. My dick slipped right through because of the slippery cum and pussy juice all over my dick. It felt amazing with the pressure of her squeezing me and the warm, wet pussy i was slipping into. We fucked for about an hour and I was still going strong. The guy finaly left. She had cum multiple times all over me. My boxers were stained with her cum. I got tired of fucking her pussy so i asked "Can we try anal?" "Yeah we can but be easy." "okay i will". I didnt realize how sensative that hole was and i tried to force my way in all at once. "AAAAAHH!!" she screamed in pain so i pulled out. "Whats wrong?!" "That kills Edward!, it felt like a knife going into me. please dont do that anymore" "alright, I didnt know it would hurt that bad baby. I wont do it anymore." right then the phone rang. "Dont answer it, im not done pounding that pussy" "I have to it might be my mom." "alright" she answered. and talked for a second and got off the phone. "thats my mom i have to go, shes picking me up." "Aw man do you have to?" "Yes I have to, Im sorry i didnt make you cum." "Its okay" We got dressed and got back into my front seat. before I dropped her off at the movies so she could be picked up I had her give me a blow job for a little bit. She was good. Leah sucked hard enough to give me pleasure but not hard enough to give me pain. I was in extasy. When she stopped i protested that she keep going but she told me she had to go or her mom would catch us, so i took her to the movies. We kissed and she went into the movies and waited for her mom, and i went home with blue balls.....This slut will make me be contintued.


2014-05-07 23:09:56
Thank you I am a freak

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2013-03-09 15:39:29
you are a freak. always have been and always will be (:

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2011-02-27 18:45:43
going for several hours at a time without cumming is justa matter of practice and self control in most cases. short story but otherwise fairly decent. 4/5

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2011-02-02 10:22:54
you fucked for over an hour and did not cum lets get real this is not a true story

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2011-01-31 08:22:34 got your heart broken and now you date 15yo girls?

Or did you miss the "Several years ago" part...

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