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This is a continuing story about a young white girls travels as a white slave to black men
White Slavery or is it Really
Part 6

Adanna who had been taken to the salon part of the store was nude, in only her high heels, and still having difficulty some standing in them. She was a little surprised to see that all the sales girls were also nude and wearing only devilish type masks over their eyes. Never having her hair professionally done before and having no idea what to expect, and thinking only that this must be a normal thing, did exactly what any of the sales girls asked. There was a small padded bench about 1 ' wide by about 2 ' long that stood almost 3 ' off the floor that also had a small padded head rest attached to one end. This bench was strategically placed in the middle of the salon and surrounded by several other similar benches that had different hair styling machines at one end. Adanna was asked to climb up and set on the end of bench, several of the girls were holding her hands, helping her up and then steadying her. With her legs spread and dangling off either side of the bench her toes did not even touch the floor, even with high heels. She was then handed a pair of tight fitting goggles for eye protection, after she had put them on, quickly realized she could no longer see?. This, was then followed by one of the girls telling her to just lie back relax, and spread her arms and legs, there seemed to be a girl holding on to each of her ankles and wrists that were not only holding her steady but were pulling on her arms and stretching her legs wide? At the same time she felt two belts being secured, one around her waist the other just above her breast's and under her arms. They were then cinched down rather tightly, and the results had taken her breath away and leaving her with a helpless feeling!

She heard one of the sales girls say okay, now!, and at the same time felt her arms and legs pulled tighter yet and secured to some sort of soft but a very tight fitting device that clamped and left her totally helpless an unable to move!. Addie, naively started to wonder?, that perhaps the position she found herself in was not just for having her hair done, or her body washed!.. This revelation quickly turned to concern, followed by the fear of a young helpless girl when she realized she could not move at all. She tried to gather her composure and calmly asked in a very soft and meek voice, you are, only going to do my hair aren't you? One of the girls closest to her said in a reassuring voice and matter of fact way, just relax and what you are experiencing is quite normal, and is just part of the treatment that you will have to undergo!. Addie, was trying to relax when again a rather uncontrolled, sensual and erotic feeling started to emerge from deep within the loins of her young body.

Addie found herself very flush and very wet, apparently being naked and forcefully held in this position brought back memories that her body just could not control, as she felt an overwhelming wetness running down from her slightly open and very wet pussy, through the crack of her ass and dripping onto the floor into an ever increasing larger puddle. She was becoming embarrassed hoping that no one would notice, her flush white skin instantly became red when one of the girls said to the others,Oh! My! Girls,.. Come here,.. look at this!. The feeling of laying there helpless totally nude and with all eyes looking at her added to this rather embarrassing, and erotic feeling. This did not last long as she felt some sort of thin warm cleansing oil being sprayed on to her naked body, followed by a number of hands starting to rub this mixture in. This sensation was quite wonderful and started to remind her of the erotic drug concoction that had been smeared on her gentiles when she and the other girls had been abducted by the mercenaries previously in the African community where she had lived!. The only thing different as they rubbed was that it did not seem to make her hips want to thrust out uncontrollably as they had done before..

This latest feeling was slowly replaced by very warm soapy shampoo being applied to her very coarse silver blond hair, followed by the most wonderful head rub, and scalp massage she had ever received, at almost the same time she felt this very warm and creamy shampoo being applied to her pubic area. As the shampoo and fingers were being rubbed around on this most sensitive part of her female anatomy, she was struggling, with her young heart pounding, and with all her might, trying so hard to hold back! But it was a slowly loosing battle to a most wonderful orgasm!. OMG!.. She was no longer able to hold it, and the girl doing the rubbing of her clitoris was rewarded with a very forceful orgasmic release that left a thin coating of pussy juice and shampoo all over her face, when Addie finally came!.

Addie again was so embarrassed, but this did not last long either, as the girl again and again went right back to doing the very same thing, the results of which were orgasm after orgasm until she started pleading very softly for them to stop!. This treatment eventually left her convulsing uncontrollably, and incoherently and barely able to speak when the girl finally slowed and quit. With her heart still pounding she was able to catch her breath and after several minutes her breathing finally returned to normal...

Addie was was so out of it from this wonderful experience, and everything they had done to her was so enjoyable, the forcefulness of being spread, bound and being unable to resist had left her so used and wanting. The next thing she felt was her pussy being treated to a very warm wash cloth, this was followed by a special shaving cream being applied, followed by one of the older women taking an extremely sharp straight razor and expertly shaving off every bit of her very coarse blond kinky pussy hair, in doing so this required the cunt lips to be pulled and stretched out in such a manor that would leave nothing, no hair at all !. Had Addie been able to see this woman sharpen and test the razor prior to it being put to use, she would have fainted!....

She was then washed and rinsed, her hair was getting the styling treatment that best suited her looks and incredible body. She was so clean and still laying there emobile and unable to move even if she wanted, when she felt her nipples being sucked this was a new and wonderful experience? The next thing she felt was a tongue slowly licking her slit and some one holding her cunt lips apart while this tongue continued to lick her opening...

This was followed by a repeat of the same, only each time it ended up closer and closer to her clit the sensation was maddening as each time it seemed to get closer, but never quite there! OMG! she tried to force her hips up and her clit out to where the person who was doing this tantalizing, and so delicious thing to her, would have no choice but to make contact with her now very erect and incredibly sensitive clit!. But her bonds would not allow her to move this short distance, and the person doing the licking new just how far to go in keeping her at this high peak of anticipation! OMG! She just could not stand it and was begging for some release, the minute this woman's tongue touched her clit, it was all over as, she again had another most wonderful and incredible shuddering orgasm! Oh, Oh,Oh.......ooooh!.

Apparently most of the women in the salon had taken turns sucking on her. Addie had got off so many times she lost count, and now did not know or care where, she was?. Especially when several of the older women just could not resist going after her youthful and very soft tender slit again!. For Addie this treatment left her used and the only way she could remain in this position was, because she was bound and strung out so taunt!. It did not matter, she would not have moved at all even if she could, she had never imagined she would be able to withstand so many orgasms, but her incredibly oversexed young body, that was so stimulated seemed to only want more?....

The girls and older women who worked in the store were fascinated by Adanna's ability to continually climax so forcefully, they had spent well over two hours of non stop manipulation of her body, and were rewarded each time with an orgasm!.
The two older gals on the sales staff had so wanted to taste the treasures of Adanna's beautiful young body, and at first not let any of the other girls work her over. Keeping this part only for themselves, they being more experienced had thought she could be used in this manor only so long. But now they were to a point where they had to ask the other girls for help! No one, they had ever done this to before was able to last and produce the orgasm's that Addie seemed to have in abundance!.
These women were seasoned lesbian veterans, both in there late thirties and with well toned beautiful bodies, they were not big like Trina but both had incredibly clits and cunt lips that had been well used over the years and both were as bare as Trina and now, Addie!. One of these older gals decided to try a different tact.

She moved around to Addie's head and removed the rest that supported it, along with her goggles, and at the same time had turned around and positioned her cunt directly over Addie's lips, this young girl had never done anything like this to another female, and only Sam had done it to her before, she was at first was a little reluctant as all she could see was moist mature cunt lips in her face?.. The older woman had reached down and around behind Addie's neck and had forcefully pulled her head and lips up into her very warm moist and meaty pussy!.
The feeling at first for Addie was mixed, but as she felt and tasted this other woman's incredibly soft cunt and sexual juices, hesitation quickly turned into an almost unquenchable desire to suck bite and nibble on this woman's full and formerly well used hanging lips and love orb!. This older gal at first was surprised by her timidness, and that it was quickly replaced by the most pleasurable, aggressive and abusive treatment her gentiles had experienced in some time!. OMG she was thinking this young girl was gooood!...
For Addie though having these large moist and very well used cunt lips and clit, first hanging down in her face, and then smelling the perfume and ambiance of this woman as she held her in this most perfect and forceful position, and seemed to be trying to hump and face fuck her, for Addie this made her new and most erotic experience a most interesting feeling...

Sam and Trina were now dressed after taking quick showers and were having the girls help them dress. Both were exquisite, Trina was an incredible woman even after all she had been through seemed to be viberant and acting as if nothing had happened. She looked like a professional wearing this very attractive business suit. Sam looked equally as attractive in her current fashion and New York style attire. Trina had offered to drive the girls back to their Hotel in her Mercedes as it was getting late. Sam had excepted the offer and had called Adanna's mother to tell her they would soon be on there way.

The salon girls had released Addie, and were finishing her hair as well as dressing her, in so doing they could not resist touching and squeezing her, thinking, OMG! was she ever ripe for the plucking every time an opportunity presented itself. She being innocent and naive was not sure at all as to what had just happened? Or was this just part of a normal massage and hair styling?. Not knowing what the proper response should be she had been thanking all the girls in the store by hugging and kissing them. The outfit the girls had picked to dress Addie in, was suppose to be less revealing than it turned out to be. Plus after being used in this manor, and being dressed in this way, was now projecting a sexually erotic image that was perked to the point of being hard for anyone to miss, especially a man!.

This plain young girl, who had walked into their store earlier, was now a very gorgeous young woman, the likes of which commanded more than just second look!. Both Sam and Trina were quite taken with Adanna's absolutely stunning emergence. Trina had brought her car around, and as Sam and Addie were walking out to leave, several of the sales girls were carrying all of the things they had bought. To look at both of these young women one would think that they were incredibly attractive, very worldly, and quite sophisticated. With Sam that observation would be fairly accurate one. However with Addie this picture of worldly self assurance was quickly dispelled by the fact she was still having difficulty walking in her new high heel shoes as she stumbled along several times, barely being able to stay upright!.

As the Mercedes drove off Sam was in the front seat taking in all the sites of New York City, the traffic was not bad even at this late hour. Addie of course due to her more than special hair do and massage treatment had quickly fallen asleep in the back seat, and by the time they had arrived at the Hotel they had to awaken her.

Once at the Hotel, and at this late hour only the doorman was there to help, he placed all their things on a luggage cart, and proceeded to wheel them into the Hotel. There had been some sort of a convention going on earlier at the Hotel, and a large number of men were present as they entered the lobby. The doorman could not believe that these were the same two, plain frumpy dressed young girls that had left earlier that morning ( Think Of the Movie Pretty Woman). He thought that at first that they were someone else!

The talking stopped as all eyes were now staring in "awe" at these two beautiful young women, but Addie was still having some difficulty in her heels. Several of the men, being true gentlemen and thinking that perhaps she might have had a little to much to drink immediately grabbed her arms and offered to help, not realizing she was just a well dressed young girl. Addie had no idea what she looked like, or the presence she commanded. These two men escorted her into one of the elevators and when the door closed proceeded to take advantage of the situation by aggressively fondling and manhandling her thinking she would be and easy mark! Addie was so naive and didn't protest at all as eager hands explored her on the way up to her room. Sam along with the bellman, helped get their cart with the rest of their things into the other elevator and up to their room.

Adanna's mother was happy to see them but was wondering why these two men had been holding on to her daughter? That question was quickly answered as they turned her loose and she stumbled into her mothers arms! Her her dress was partially unzipped and in disarray with one of her breasts bare, and showing much more than just cleavage!. The two men now disappointed, had finally realized that she was just an over dressed young girl and not a slightly drunk young woman that they could take advantage of!. Her mother had given the men a dirty look that quickly dispelled any more of their intentions! Adanna had by zipping up made herself a little more modest and presentable. Her mother then looked both of the girls over, she two could not believe the change that had taken place, and at the time thinking to herself would this new found attractive sophistication be for the best?

Adanna's mother had wonderful news, she had resolved most all the problems about school housing and their immediate future. The next morning they left the Hotel for there new home out on Long Island near River Head. The house was a very large old modest two story home. It was on 5 acres of secluded woodland, had six bedrooms three baths a big basement and an attic. When they had first moved in, Adanna's mother had told both her and Sam not to go into the basement or attic! She never said why?. At the time it did not matter as both had been occupied one with school and the other with her new job. Adanna's mother had registered them both at a near by all women's private College suggested by the trust. They had the option of living at home or in the dorm. Addie although home schooled and academically knowledgeable was still only 16 and behind the other girls in this school, her mother had paid quite a lot in extra tuition so that this would not be a problem.

The head mistress of this all girls College was a very unattractive older black woman that none of the girls attending the school seemed to liked, she was mean, intimidating belittling and very demanding. She had been a former woman's professional soccer coach, and rumor had it that she “really” liked young white girls, she looked acted and dressed more like a man than a woman. From her demeanor and looks, at any other college would easily be mistaken for the head football coach!. She was however academically equipped and very good at her job. This of course was the reason that she was the Head Mistress.

This big old house that they had moved into had been Adanna's grand parents and great grand parents before them. It had been in the family for many years and taken care of by the trust while her parents had lived in Africa.. There were several grounds people, a maid and a cook.

For their first day at college both Sam and Addie were required to take an placement exam, Sam passed with such high marks that she could have easily taken the test and accepted a four year degree! The fact that the head mistress, and Sam were the only two African American women in the entire school had not been lost at all on this woman. Addie on the other hand did reasonably well on academics but failed horribly on current events and social requirements of the day, the head mistress quickly spotting her, reluctant innocence singled her out for some special attention knowing full well she would easily submit to any of her demands and do exactly what she was told. Addie thought because of the time she had spent in Africa, and the stories she had heard about the African slave trade made this, the subject she would study. So decided to major in black African history, and all the problems associated with black slavery.

With there first day of school behind them it was decided that Addie would stay in the dorms at college, only going home on the weekends, and that Sam would make a token appearance only during finals. This would be so that she could spend the minimum time and take all the required tests to make her degree a truly valid one. Trina had offered Sam a job in the city at the store where they had met, thinking that an attractive young black woman would help the store profit in more ways than one, and that this would keep their new found friendship closer together. Sam at first was reluctant, but now with the problems of school out of the way and Addie's schedule decided little stood in her way. Adanna's mother had mixed feelings, but because Sam was adapting so well, decided that it would only make her more sophisticated and worldly to have some real world experience at a real job. Besides Trina had also offered her a place to stay in the city during the week.

Adanna's first week at school had not gone well, she never seemed to be able to please the head mistress. No matter what questions were asked her response had always been slow and not quite correct, the results would always mean demerits! By the end of the week, she had accrued so many more than twice the amount, that any of the other girls had incurred. The head mistress had told her that she could come by her office, anytime after classes for some specialized one on one tutoring, and if she did, could easily have a certain amount of these demerits removed for each of her visits.

Addie wasn't quite sure what the head mistress had meant by specialized tutoring? And had tried to ask some of the other girls what she should do? The fact that she was the new girl, and was perceived by them as being rich and buying her way into, and thus jumping past some of the requirements, along with being much younger than than the rest, had resulted in them being snobbish, and for her not making any friends!. The answers they gave as to what she should expect were quite vague?. The jest of it being that she would in some way?, only have to please the Head Mistress?.

The schools dress code requirements had been designed buy the head mistress and was quite simple, consisting of a short pleated white skirt well above the knee followed by, a red tight sweater with the schools motto "Knowledge& Submission" colorfully embossed just above the left breast. The required underthings were plain white panties and bra, with no slip, the required shoes were black 2” high open toed platform heels that that provided stable support but also added to the girl wearing them, a much more shapely pair of legs and ass!. After all the really nice things they had bought in the city Addie was quite disappointed that she would only be able to wear them on the week end.

She had been assigned to a dorm room with a much older girl, the girls name was Lane, who previously had this room all to herself, and was not happy about sharing it with anyone, especially with this so young, new girl!. Addie not realizing at first that this was the case, innocently confided in Lane many of her new found and uncertain fears. Lane viewed her as a very naive young girl. So that when the question about going to the head mistress's office for some special tutoring came up. Lane had only told her to be nice, and to not wear any panties!.., But, to do what ever the head mistress asked, and without question! Addie was quite puzzled by this statement?.

Addie had also heard several of the other girls talking about a special girls club and wanting to fit in, had asked Lane how she could join?. Lane had told her that a secret club like this did not exist! Thinking to herself that Adanna would continue her push to belong, and when she finally admitted that it did exist. She very devilishly had thought of all the possible things she could require Adanna do to in order to meet the requirements of membership, knowing full well there were none!.
Lane after finally admitting that it did exist had told Addie that in order to be part of this special girls club, she might have to do some very bold bazaar and risky things, thinking that this would keep her from perusing her interest to join. Later when Addie insisted, telling Lane that she was ready to do anything,.. required of her to be part of this girls group!. Lane had told Adanna that she would set up the first of several required pre membership initiations.

Adanna's mother had been attending a special clinic that specialized in treating the health problems that she had been battling, and after a short time came the news that her health would only get worse, this was not a shock to her mother, but was quite a shock to the girls!....

Continued in Part 7

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