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After a four yeat absense the ride sure to read parts 1 thru 3.
She was still light-headed as she awoke enough to feel herself fall backwards. But she never hit the ground. She felt several hands on her body holding her up. And then she felt herself being lifted up, her body swaying gently in their firm grip. She couldn’t understand why they didn’t just lay her down, her body rocked gently back and forth. Suddenly she felt herself spinning around. She was still being held up, but she was turning.
As her head began to clear she realized she was being lowered somewhere. Suddenly she felt something cool touch her ass, and then her back. As the cool feeling spread she realized she with being placed on some kind of table, with her head at one end and her ass hanging just on the edge of the other end. When her body was settled on the cool surface, hands grabbed her arms and legs. The handcuffs were taken off, but her wrists were then tied away from her head to either side of the table. As a pair of hands caressed their way down each leg, they began to spread her legs again, and then she felt her ankles being secured also.
When she was once again helpless, the hands began to slide over her arms and legs. They began to rub her muscles and relax her completely. With everything that had happened so far, she needed a break. As the hands continued to stroke and kneed her body her mind began to drift. Her body began to relax more and more as the hands continued to rub her from head to toe.
She fell into a dream like state and really didn’t think about anything except enjoying the change of attention. She remembered her cool satin sheets and how they felt the first time she made love on them. She started day-dreaming about the truck driver that kept looking over at her as she played with herself in the van. He watched her as she ran her fingers softly over her pussy. She was hoping that he would just drive away and she could finish alone, but he kept watching her. She didn’t understand why she just didn’t stop and wait for him to leave, but she couldn’t. She continued to softly run her fingers over her pussy and watch the trucker watching her. As her finger began tracing the line between her pussy lips she watched him open the door to his truck. Her fingers were sliding along her inner labia now. He stepped down from the door and began walking toward the van. Now her finger was inside of her pussy flicking back and forth. She watched him as he approached the van. She wanted her finger to go deeper but it couldn’t. He was close to van and she hoped he would open the door. Her finger continued its movement just inside her pussy as she waited for the van door to open. As he approached the door opened and he reached inside for her. His strong, but gentle hands grabbed her hips and she found herself facing him with her legs wide open. His dick replaced her finger and began to enter her slowly. As his dick reached up into her, her body came alive. As he continued to slowly push his way into her pussy and she arched upward in anticipation. When he finally got as far as he could, he began to pull out again. But she didn’t want him to pull out, she just wanted to keep him inside of her until the feelings passed. As she tried to reach for him she found that her hands were still tied above her head.
Then suddenly she was plunged back into darkness as she realized she was waking from a dream. But the dick was real, and now pushing itself back into her pussy. She tried to move, but found that her feet were also tied securely. Legs spread and arms above her head. As she fought the wave of panic welling up inside of her, a wave of pleasure crashed through her. Then suddenly a mouth began sucking on one of her breasts. As lips caressed and teeth bit the nipple she remembered her trip. She remembered being tied to some kind of bar and having wave after wave of orgasm wash over her as several people pleasured her body at once. She couldn’t quite remember how many people were touching her then, but she was probably going to find out soon.
As she was starting to get into the slow rhythm the dick was setting, it pulled out. And just as fast the mouth pulled away from her breast, raking her nipple between its teeth as it went, sending a shiver up her spine. She could hear people moving around her. Her breath was deep and she didn’t want them to stop.
She never imagined she would ever find herself a situation like this. If fact, she had never even been naked in front of two men at the same time. But now she didn’t care. She had already submitted to being seen and touched by more than one man today, and at the same time. That barrier was broken and was forever gone. In fact, she didn’t even know how many men were with her now. And she still didn’t care. She had just had the most powerful sexual experience of her life and she couldn’t take it back. And she didn’t think she would if she could. If she never did this again she wasn’t going to regret it.
As she was wondering whether she would do it all again, something touched her pussy. It was too small to be a dick, and the way it moved…it was a tongue. Someone was licking her pussy now. A shiver ran through her as the tongue parted her lips and reach inside of her. As she began to enjoy this new touch a mouth sucked on to her breast again. Then another one began sucking on her other breast. Each mouth began to bite and lick and suck and nibble all on their own. At the same time the mouth at her pussy kept doing its own thing. Nibbling on her clit one moment, then licking deep inside of her the next.
Suddenly all three mouths left her body. She was just getting into the action when it suddenly stopped. As she tried to get her breathing back under control she heard people moving around her again. She realized that they were switching places and that any moment they would be touching her body again. Her body ached as she waited for their touch again.
Then she felt the head a dick at the entrance of her pussy. It slid in easily, but stopped just past the entrance. A mouth grabbed on to her left breast and began to suck and lick her nipple. The dick was now sliding in an inch or so before sliding out again. As she started to raise her head in protest her lips bumped into something. She laid her head back down as she puzzled over what she had just felt. Now she could smell the unmistakable scent of her own sex. As the dick kept its slow pace and teasingly short strokes, she raised head up again. Her lips found the source of the scent as they brushed the underside of another dick. This must have been the one that had just been inside of her. She wasn’t sure what to do next. But as she was thinking it over, this new dick touched her lips again. At that moment the other dick pushed into her pussy a several more inches before pulling out again and resuming its short strokes.
As a shiver ran up her body again she came out of her wonder-lust thoughts long enough to try something. She opened her mouth slightly and tasted the new dick with her tongue. Again the dick in her pussy drove more deeply into her before pulling out and continuing its short strokes. Now she knew what she had to do. She lifted her head and took the head of the dick into her mouth.
When she did this the other dick dove deep into her again. And as she sucked more dick into her mouth, more dick got stuffed into her pussy. By the time she got all of the second dick she could into her mouth, she could feel the other guy hitting her clit on each down-stroke. His pace was still slow, but now it was deep. This was more than she had ever imagined doing. Ever. One guy was thrusting his dick into her pussy while she sucked on the dick of a second man. And a third guy was sucking her tit and biting her nipple. This was incredible. As she tried to visualize it she was coming closer and closer to yet another orgasm. And one of these guys was her boyfriend and she didn’t even know which one he was. Or even if he was playing at all. The thought of him standing back and watching the whole thing caused an incredible wave of pleasure to race through her. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she was twisting and writhing in ecstasy again.
All of a sudden both dicks pulled out of her and the mouth let go of her breast. Again she could hear them switch places. Then both nipples got sucked into two different mouths again. And two hands began to explore her pussy. As her nipples were bit and licked, her pussy was fingered and prodded. One hand began to explore the inside of her as the other played with her clit. She arched her back as fingers entered her pussy and began to feel around. A slow shiver began to work its way up her back. As the mouths continued to nibble, lick and suck on her breasts the two hands kept playing with her pussy. The fingers playing with her clit began to rock back and forth in a vibrating fashion. First one finger, then two, vibrating on top of her clit. Then one of the fingers slipped off her clit, as a third one joined the fun. Now she had a finger above and below her clit, with one right on top. And all three were vibrating slowly. All the while the one in her pussy was switching and reaching inside of her as far as it could go. Her breath began to come fast and deep. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. The hands weren’t even working together, but they were teasing her into a frenzy. All too soon the hands and mouths pulled away.
Her breath was deep and strong now and she couldn’t slow it down. She was pretty sure she knew what was coming next. As she waited she listened she again heard them switching places. She guessed they were rotating. Before she could continue that thought she was being touched again.
As a mouth attacked her breast again a dick slowly parted her pussy lips. Then it pushed its way into her in one smooth stroke. As it began moving in her in slow, deliberate strokes, and second dick brushed against her the lips of her mouth. She instantly raised her head, engulfed it with her mouth and began sucking. She didn’t know how long they planned to do this, but if the dicks kept getting a break every few minutes then they might be at this all night. Not that that kind of attention was a bad thing, she just wanted to cum again. And if she could make one of them cum now, they might decide to let her cum as a reward. It was worth a try. And she was starting to get into this double penetration thing. She couldn’t believe had sexy and naughty and turned on she was feeling. In fact, she only gave head before this because she knew how much guys liked it. Now the act itself was turning her on. She wished she was in a better position, so she could try and take all of him. As she sucked on one dick the other one was still moving in slow, deep strokes. She started to grind her hips to meet his strokes as she felt an orgasm building. As she got into time with dick at her pussy, both dicks and the mouth were gone.
“Nooooo,” she cried out, as her body quivered again with need. She was close again, and she knew they knew that. She also knew that He knew that she would probably do anything at this point to find release. The feelings weren’t going away this time. It was becoming agony, just lying there waiting to be touched again. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how long they planned to tease her. She could hear movement, but she didn’t know what they were up to.
Finally she felt someone climb up on to the table with her. She didn’t know who it was and she didn’t care. She just wanted cum. And she needed it now! She heard the others gather around the table. Someone had to touch her soon. This wasn’t fair. Then she felt the dick at her pussy again. It entered her about an inch or so. Slowly it began to rock in and out, never more than a couple inches entered her at a time. Then she felt the other dick at her lips and she quickly tilted her head and took it into her mouth. As she did this the dick in her pussy plunged into her again. The both took up a nice pace and she got into it quickly.
As quickly as it began it stopped. But she didn’t have time to get upset. For as fast as they pulled out of her, she heard them running around the table like they were switching places again. When they had made the switch the one at her pussy entered her about an inch, just like the first time. Then the one at her head placed his dick against her lips, just like before. And as soon as she sucked his dick into her mouth the other one shoved into her and began fucking. Soon the two dicks were stroking in time with each other, again.
And again they switched places. As she was fighting down the frustration she realized something. There was a difference between the two guys currently fucking her. She hadn’t noticed it before, but one was a little longer. And thicker, too. But she couldn't figure out which one was her boyfriend. Or if either of them was her boyfriend. And what was with that. What if he hadn’t even touched her yet. Like he was waiting for something.
Again they began their ritual. As they got into the slow steady pace she began to suck away on the dick in her mouth. She was beginning to enjoy the taste of her own sex on their dicks. It added something to their taste. She was really getting into it when she felt something touch her stomach. In fact, two something’s were touching her stomach. Then she felt something brush lightly over her inner thighs. Before she could figure out what the two things on her stomach were, the pair of lips locked onto her clit.
A wave of passion swept over her as a tongue snaked out of the mouth and began to lick her sensitive clit. She was in heaven as the two dicks kept their pace and a tongue began to cause shiver after shiver to race up her body. Her breath began to come in short, deep gasps as her body was overwhelmed with passion. Oh how much she needed this.
Suddenly the dicks were gone as they once again switched places. But the mouth remained. It moved down to work on her pussy. Licking and nibbling, exploring her pussy with its tongue. As two dicks went to work on her, she realized that what had tickled her inner thighs had felt soft and pliable like someone’s hair. Then she suddenly realized what had touched her stomach. It was a pair of breasts, another woman’s naked breasts. This was a woman eating her out! She must have been here the whole time. This was way too much for her to take in, as she had never been with a woman before. She wanted to yell or scream, but she couldn’t quite catch her breath. This woman really knew how to make her body respond. And as much as she felt some measure of disgust at the very idea, the thought of the woman stopping right now didn’t even cross her mind.
Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by two dicks. As one pushed its way into her mouth, the other pushed straight into her pussy. And the mouth moved back to her clit. She couldn’t believe the feelings racing through her. As the woman’s breast rubbed softly over her stomach as she lay there enjoying the feelings. The woman’s hair kept brushing back and forth over her thighs. And the dicks kept up their pace. Suddenly the dick in her mouth pulled out. The other one pulled just to the entrance of her pussy and gently rocked back and forth. Even the woman started teasing her with just the tip of her tongue.
Then she heard the woman moan and she felt the rocking motion above her head. It took her a moment to figure out that the other dick was now in the other woman. A minute later the woman let out a soft gasp. The dick in her pussy was still rocking back and forth just at the entrance of her, and the tongue was still tracing lightly over her clit. As another shiver ran up her body she began to focus on her need. She was getting close and knew they were going to decide when she got to cum. Then she felt the other dick touch her lips. As she reached out with her own tongue she got taste of something new. Then dick at her pussy lunged forward, and began to slowly rock deep inside of her again. As she took the other dick into her mouth she realized it was the other woman she was tasting. As she pulled back from the dick at her face, the one in her pussy pulled back. Then she felt the woman begin licking her again. Another rush of passion washed over her as she let the dick slide its way back into her mouth. As the other dick pushed back into her she thought about the difference between her taste and the woman’s. It was different, but similar. When the dick in her pussy began to quicken its pace she decided it wasn’t that bad a taste really.
When the dick in her mouth pulled out again, so did the one in her pussy. Her gasp came just before the other woman’s moan. Again she felt the rocking motion as the dick from her mouth was now inside the other woman’s pussy. When it came back down to her lips the other dick slipped back into her pussy and the woman began sucking her clit again. Once again she was plunged into a spiral of feelings and pleasures. She was getting close now and she didn’t want them to stop. Her back began to arch as a new wave of tremors wash over her again. The two dicks and the mouth on her clit were too much. Her hips began to rock in time with the dick in her pussy. She could feel the orgasm starting to build within her now. She sucked on the dick with abandon as she prepared herself for the coming relief.
Suddenly the dicks were gone. And so was the mouth. She lay there quivering, panting, and in desperate need. She felt the woman’s breast lower to touch her stomach again. Then she got a faint scent of the woman’s sex closer to her face. A moment later she felt the woman’s lips brush over her pussy again. As she lay there waiting she could feel movement. Then she caught a stronger whiff of the woman’s scent. It smelled fresh and close. As the woman’s lips continued to brush over her pussy, she felt the tongue again. Electric waves washed up her body and cause her back to arch. She needed that tongue now. She knew this woman knew what she was doing. As the scent got stronger, she knew what was coming. Again she felt the tongue dip into her pussy and again her body responded. She could almost feel the woman’s pussy just above her face now. She could feel its heat. If fact, if this woman was here with the men the whole time then she was probably pretty horny too.
Once again the tongue found its mark and her body responded. She couldn’t take much more of this. She had to have that tongue inside of her. She didn’t care anymore. She needed relief and she needed it now. The whole thing had her so turned on that knew she needed that tongue now. In fact, she didn’t even care at this point whose tongue it was. The woman’s, one of the guy’s, or some other stranger just walking onto the scene. Hell, at this point the neighborhood dog would do (Now where did that thought come from?). But she needed something in her pussy and she was going to get it.
She raised her head slightly and bumped into the woman’s pussy with the tip of her nose. She heard the woman’s sharp intake of breath. She sniffed the air and found the scent fresh and musky at the same time. She moved her face to the left slightly and her cheek brushed the woman’s thigh. With this as a reference point she brushed her lips up the woman’s inner thigh.
Her lips didn’t have to travel far until she found the woman’s soft pussy. But it wasn’t the pubic hair she found so soft. The woman was shaved smooth, but the skin was amazingly soft to the touch. She was rewarded when the woman began licking her pussy again. With long strokes of the tongue the woman began eating her with gusto. As she worked to control her breathing she continued to explore.
The scent was different. She reached out with her tongue and tasted the soft lips above her. They were freshly shaved and very smooth. She felt the woman’s breath quicken at her touch. She traced the lips upward and her tongue found where the lips met. Again the woman responded with a sharp intake of breath. She could feel her passion building and she tried to decide what to do. This was all too new for her, but the pleasure was undeniable. This woman knew how to please. And she knew she wasn’t going to last much longer. As her body began to arch slightly the tongue stopped.
She waited as her body trembled slightly. She needed someone to touch her and she didn’t know what to do. Then she could feel the woman’s breath on her pussy. She arched her hips upward in the hopes of being touched again. She felt the woman’s legs move as she lowered her hips down a little. This brought the heat of her pussy closer to her face. Need and curiosity made her reach up and lick the woman’s pussy lips again. She suddenly felt the woman lick her pussy again, a long, teasing lick. So she reached up and touched the place where her pussy lips met. Again she was rewarded with a long lick, this time running the length of her slit. She shivered as a new wave of pleasure ran up her spine. Another shiver ran through her body. When she paused, to savor the feeling, so did the woman.
As she thought about the situation her whole body began to quiver. She needed release bad. She reached up again and ran her tongue along the woman’s inner thigh. She felt the woman tremble slightly. Then the woman’s tongue began to trace her inner thigh also. As another shiver swept over her she decided to get bolder. She ran her tongue along the line between the woman’s pussy lips right up to her clit. She could feel the woman’s hot breath as the woman’s tongue traced the same line on her, except she parted her pussy lips as she went.
As yet another shiver ran up her body she began to tremble. She was getting closer and closer to another orgasm and she couldn’t wait any longer. Tentatively, she reached up with her tongue and began rubbing it back and forth between the woman’s pussy lips. As the woman did the same to her, she slowly pushed the tip of her tongue past the outer edge of the woman’s pussy and in between the lips. The taste was tangy and almost sweet. As she began to trace the inside of the woman’s lips the woman did the same. Her back arched as a wave of pleasure washed over her.
She realized that the woman was giving her everything that she herself was receiving. And that the woman’s reactions were similar to her own, which meant if she could bring to woman to orgasm then she would be brought there also. She continued to explore and found the woman was matching her almost lick for lick. As she continued to run her tongue in and out of the woman’s pussy she felt her own passion building. She could feel the woman’s body tremble again and again as she herself came closer to release. She began thinking of how she wanted the woman to eat her and began to do the things she wanted done herself. As if reading her mind the woman began doing the things being done to her.
Again she felt the woman’s body tremble as a shiver began to race through her body as well. Her breathing began to falter as she struggled to match the woman’s tongue, stroke for stroke. Her passion began to mount as she pressed her mouth harder against the woman’s pussy and the woman did the same to her. Her tongue lashed out again and again as her chin and upper lip rubbed back and forth against the woman’s clit. As the woman did the same to her she realized she wasn’t so sure if she was the one leading the dance or if she was following the woman’s lead. Another shiver raced up her body as the woman began to tremble again.
As they continued to play this little game she felt her shivers coming more often and getting stronger. Her body was now starting to tremble. Now she wanted release and licked and sucked with reckless abandon. She couldn’t get her tongue as deep as she wished she could, as deep as she wanted the woman’s tongue in her. And as her hips began to rock back and forth she felt the woman trying as hard as she was. Now she could feel the woman’s hot breath on her pussy, coming fast and hot.
The added feeling of the woman’s hot breath on her inner thighs was too much. Her back began to arch as a wave of passion washed over her body. She could feel her release coming as her hips began to rock on their own. As she continued to focus on her own pleasure she realized the woman’s body was no longer trembling with hers. She had become so engrossed in her own pleasure she had lost focus and begun to slack-off on her efforts to please the other woman. She reached up again and began to lick the pussy above her with as much force as she could apply. It was getting harder to keep her head raised as her own orgasm only moments away. Then she felt the woman lower her hips. As her head touched back down on the table she felt the woman’s hips begin to rock slightly. She too must be about to cum. Now they both were licking each other as hard and fast as they could. The woman’s trembling only added to her own need for release. Faster and faster she licked, rubbing her chin and lower lip into the woman’s clit. She couldn’t believe what she was doing and didn’t care at the same time. She needed release and she was going to give this woman an orgasm to get it.
Then she felt hands on her body. A hand was on each breast, squeezing and pinching. Rubbing her entire breast, then pinching and pulling on the nipples. ‘OMG,’ she thought, as the waves of pleasure began to wash over her.
Suddenly it hit her. As the first wave crashed over her body she lost all thought of what she was doing. She couldn’t believe the feelings she was experiencing as wave after wave washed over her body. As she lost track of what she was doing, the woman continued to lick and suck her pussy. Her hips were rocking back and forth in time with the woman’s efforts. She knew she should be doing something to the woman, but she couldn’t control her own body as her back arched and she shock with pleasure.
Again and again the combined feelings from the woman’s mouth and tongue and the hands on her breasts washed over her with incredible force. She shock with the power of her orgasm. She began to cry out as the waves of pleasure continued to wash over her. She pulled against her bonds in an effort to raise her legs upward or bring her hands up to grab on to somebody. Her cries of pleasure turned to deep moans as the orgasm shook her body from side to side. She could no longer control her body’s movements and she didn’t care. She couldn’t remember ever having an experience this powerful. It just continued with no end in sight.
As the waves of pleasure continued to throw her body into chaos, she felt something brush against her face. At first she didn’t understand why this would catch her attention, as the woman’s pussy lips had been gently rubbing against her the whole time. Her body shook again with the force of a new wave of pleasure. But this touch was different. It wasn’t soft, warm and wet, but hard and hot. As it continued to brush against her cheek it pushed the woman’s pussy away from her mouth. Then she realized it was a dick. The thought caused another wave of passion to crash though her.
As her arching body came back down on the table she knew that she had to have the dick. She turned her head to capture the head of the dick in her mouth. But she couldn’t find it. She found the shaft and began to trace it back. And another wave of pleasure washed over her sweat covered body. The shaft began to slide back and forth between her lips as she searched for its head. Suddenly she felt this soft tapping against her cheek. She had traced in the wrong direction and now his balls were lightly brushing against her as he continued his rocking motion. She felt her body arch again with another wave of passion as she traced his dick in the other direction to find the head. As the shaft continued to slide back and forth through her lips she found the woman’s pussy instead.
Then it hit her. The head of the dick was sliding in and out of the other woman as its shaft slid back and forth between her lips. As the next wave of passion to wash over her subsided, she felt the woman’s body begin to tremble with great force. The woman was cumming. As her own trembling began to become more controllable she felt the other woman’s increase. She found herself in the middle of the woman’s mounting pleasure. As she felt the woman’s tongue began to slow its pace on her pussy, she also felt the increased force of the woman’s breath. She knew that the woman was enjoying what feelings she had just enjoyed.
So with the dick still sliding back and forth across her lips she reached up and began to lick the base of the woman’s pussy. This seemed to add to the woman’s pleasure as she began to thrust backward against the dick that was fucking her. She could hear her the woman’s cries of pleasure now as she continued to give her as much pleasure as she could. The dick continued its pace, neither slowing down nor speeding up. But as the woman’s backwards thrusts got stronger, more of the woman’s pussy began to slide over her mouth and tongue. Then she got a wicked idea. She slid her ass as far down the table as her bonds would allow and reached up again with her mouth. Now she had what she wanted as found the woman’s clit sliding back and forth. She reached up with her tongue and allowed the woman’s movement to rub her clit back and forth over it.
The woman cried out again as her body shook with even greater force. As it shook it began to lose its backward pace. She felt the hands leave her breasts and slide up the woman’s thighs. Suddenly the woman’s body stopped its backwards thrusting. It continued to shake as her orgasm took control, but it was being held in place. As she renewed her assault on the woman’s clit, she felt the woman’s body begin to rock slightly. The man whose hands with holding her in place, and whose dick was fucking her pussy began to pound her from behind with long powerful strokes.
The woman’s cries of ecstasy changed to deep moans of pleasure and back again. The woman was caught in cycle of pleasure just as she herself had been a moment ago. As she continued to cry out her cries were muffled in an odd way. It was then that she realized that the other man was between her legs rocking back and forth. And that the muffled cries could only mean the woman was now sucking the other man’s dick.
This was incredible. Licking and sucking on the woman’s clit with a dick pounding into the woman’s pussy less so close to her that his balls were bumping her check had reawakened her own passion. And now the woman was sucking the other man’s dick as well. She couldn’t believe how erotic it was to keep someone in the throws of passion for this long. Since she had never known (or even heard of) a man who could maintain a multiple orgasm she had no way of realizing the feeling of giving this much pleasure to another person. No wonder her boyfriend enjoyed pleasing her the way he did.
The erotic feeling going through her now as she helped to bring someone this much pleasure was beyond anything she had ever imagined. She wanted more. She slid her tongue over the woman’s pussy and down the shaft of the dick. She scooted her up the table until she again found what she was looking for. As the two men continued to fuck the woman’s mouth and pussy, she found the first man balls began to lick them. They were slightly wrinkled, but shaved smooth. She ran her tongue all over them as she tasted his salty sweat for the first time. She then took them into her mouth and as she began to suck on them she felt the man’s pace falter and his legs tighten for a moment. This wasn’t her boyfriend. Though she now planned to talk to him about shaving himself for her.
The woman was moaning in time with the thrusts of the men fucking her. As the man fucking her from behind began to quicken his pace, her moans began to change into cries of passion again. She could feel his thighs begin to tighten and she knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. She continued to lick and gently suck as the man’s balls began to tighten even more. The woman’s cries came louder now, as if the dick in her mouth was gone. He must have cum in her mouth already. Over and over the woman cried out her passion as the man fucking her began to moan in short gasps. The man pulled the woman closer as he kept ramming it to her with short, hard thrusts. By the time the man began pumping his cum into the other woman’s pussy, her body was no long shaking, just trembling with the post-orgasm shivers. She marveled at how she recognized this response from her own experiences. She began to wonder what it would look like to see the other woman’s body looked trembling in the aftermath of this orgasm.
As his loud gasps told of the powerful orgasm now pumping into the pussy above her head, and as the couple above her began to slow down she couldn’t help herself as she reached up to taste the two bodies still joined together. Her lips found that the dick was still pumping slowly in and out of the woman’s pussy. She also found nectar of their passion starting to leak out from around the still pumping dick. As she tasted their passion she realized she was still breathing heavy. She couldn’t believe how turned-on she still was. She felt first the woman, then the man begin to shiver, possibly because of her tongue and lips now touching them both.
Suddenly her breath caught in her throat as she felt the head of a dick entering her pussy. She was so wet that it had no problem pushing itself all the way into her in one smooth stroke. When she felt his pubic hair tickling her clit she almost came off the table. WHAM! The orgasm started without warning. She was so hyped up from the passion of the two above her that her body responded like the release of a spring. Her orgasm started out slow, but she couldn’t deny its power. As her body arched and her hips bucked she cried out in lust filled gasps. Over and over the waves of passion swept her body away. She had no idea she was so horny. As she continued to twist and shake, the man fucking her continued his slow pace. She tried to catch her breath as the slow, deep strokes continued. She cried out again as another series of waves raced up her body.
As she started to catch her breath the waves of passion began to subside, but not quit. Again another wave caused her body to tremble and shake. And as it began to fade she felt yet another coming to take her place. It came slower, but just as powerful. Again her body shook with passion. She just couldn’t believe how turned-on she was that she could have this powerful a reaction again so soon. It was as if her body just couldn’t get and enough, but couldn’t keep up with what it wanted. As she started to catch her breath she waited for the next wave to hit her.
Suddenly she felt something touch her lip. Her tongue reached out and found a drop of cum. As she tasted it she remembered the thoroughly fucked pussy just above her. She reached up and more drops of cum hanging at the base of the woman’s pussy lips. After another wave of pleasure swept through her she began to eat the woman’s pussy again. The taste was so sexual that a small shiver raced up her spine at the thought of what she was doing. As she continued to eat the woman’s pussy the man fucking her continued his slow pace. Then she felt something brush her cheek again. Again a wave of pleasure washed over her body. As it subsided she found the head of a dick rubbing over her lips.
Quickly she took the dick into her mouth and began to suck it. It was semi-hard and covered with the sex of the woman. She cleaned it thoroughly and then went back to eating the woman. Then she took the dick back into her mouth.
At this point she felt the woman lower herself down to suck on her clit. Suddenly a huge wave of passion shot up her body. The thought of being fucked by two dicks with a woman sucking on her clit was too much. She body began to buck and twist uncontrollably as wave after wave of passion washed over her. The dick fucking her pussy began to speed up. Faster and faster it went as the woman sucked and liked her clit. The dick in her mouth also began to speed up. Hands began to move all over her body as she was again hit by multiple waves of passion. She cried out, but the sound was muffled by the dick moving in and out of her mouth. Her whole body shook with the force of the passion coursing through her as her body was once again overloaded. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t see because of the blindfold, but colors and images kept leaping past her. Again and again passion washed over her. She couldn’t have kept count of the orgasms she had even if she would’ve tried. They just kept coming, over and over.
After endless orgasms raced through her body the dick in her pussy pulled out. As it did the woman’s mouth replaced it. Again the waves began anew as the woman’s tongue began to explore her pussy. It didn’t have the reach and hardness of a dick, but it could move in ways a dick couldn’t. As she felt a new serious of waves begin to wash over her one of her feet was removed from it’s bonds. She spread her leg out to open her pussy even more to the woman’s probing tongue. A moment later her other leg fell away from its secure position. As her legs spread open on their own, a hand grabbed it ankle. Her legs were lifted up and she felt her knees come back toward her.
The woman stopped eating her long enough to reposition herself. Now her legs were positioned behind the woman’s arms as the woman resumed eating her pussy. New hands grabbed her ankles as the man fucking her mouth secured her feet with a strong grip. Her knees were almost touching her out-stretched arms. As the woman continued eat her pussy she felt the juices of her passion running down the crack of her ass. Again a wave of pleasure shook her body. Another wave of passion washed over her as she felt the cool tickling of pussy juice trickling down over her ass crack. As the woman continued eating her she felt an incredible orgasm building. As she tried to prepare herself her whole body arched with a sudden new sensation.
She felt the head of a dick press against her fully exposed asshole. Currents of electric passion shot throughout her body as the head pushed past her sphincter muscle. Her legs tried to come forward as she arched her back with the power of her passion. But the hands that held her ankles kept them in place. The woman’s mouth and tongue lost contact with her for only a moment, before they found her pussy again.
The orgasm that had been building had sped forward and was full upon her now. She bucked and twisted and cried out as best she could with the dick in her mouth. She began to lose track of direction. She had never felt such feelings before. As her body continued in its throws of passion her own gyrations caused the dick to slip further into her ass. And the further in it slipped the more powerful her orgasm became. She was on fire as strong hands grabbed her body. Again and again she screamed and moaned on the dick in her mouth, as the dick in her ass pushed deeper and deeper into her and the mouth on her pussy drove her wild. Over and over her body shook with feelings that overwhelmed her. She had lost track of time as wave after wave of pleasure and passion consumed her.
She didn’t know when the dick in her ass had stopped pushing into her, but she damn sure knew when it began to slowly pull out again. Another series of mini-orgasms washed over her and sent her body twisting and bucking again. She lost the ability to tell when an orgasm stopped, but she knew when each new one began. Again and again she shook as powerful feelings swept her consciousness into a world of lights, colors and sounds. Her muffled cries and moans echoed again and again in her ears.
She regained reality in time to feel the man fucking her mouth tighten-up and release his load of cum. She sucked him as his short thrusts pushed against her lips. As she swallowed his cum she realized that the dick in her ass had stopped moving. It was still in her and still hard. And the woman that had been eating her pussy had stopped, but was still just above her. As she sucked the last of the cum from the dick in her mouth it withdrew from her. Then she felt the dick in her ass twitch. A shiver ran through her as she realized it was her boyfriend’s dick. She remembered that he could make his dick twitch even while standing perfectly still. It twitched again and again an electric shiver ran through her body.
Then she felt the woman’s mouth on her pussy again. And once again the initial wave of a huge orgasm began to wash over her. Her body was just starting to arch with the new wave of pleasure when her boyfriend began to fuck her ass again. Now the world began spinning as she was rocked back and forth with the passions shaking her body. Again and again she cried out and moaned and cried out again. It was as if she had been on the edge of orgasm, again, when they began their new assault on her. She couldn’t believe the ferocity of the passion that now swept her back into her dream-like world of pleasure. The feelings washing over her took her beyond everything she knew about herself. She just couldn’t begin to define the pleasure she felt. Again and again she felt her body twist and shake and convulse as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Her mind reeled with sensations she couldn’t describe as the dick continued to fuck her ass. She had never felt more alive. Again she felt her body go through a series of convulsions as the woman concentrated on her clit and she was taken to new levels of pleasure. After awhile she lost touch with her surroundings and just drifted on a feeling of contentment. As she drifted she felt a profound sense of well being. She was relaxed and comfortable. She felt warm and safe. She drifted off to sleep.

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