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Karl's horde of pregnant girls is growing quickly.
Taken (Chapter Four): Hannah, Carli, Lucia, Nicolette

Six months went past. There were now seven girls in Karl’s basement. Dasha was eight months pregnant, her belly protruding in a firm round ball. Karl had stopped raping her for fear it would hurt the baby. Instead he made her suck his dick and then drink his sperm while he massaged her breasts. Every day he sucked on her nipples to see if she was producing milk yet. When she started to lactate, he had all the other girls suck on her breasts and drink her warm milk.

Morgan was also getting very large. She was so tiny that her huge stomach made it hard for her to stand up on her own. Karl rectified this by chaining her to the wall in an upright position and jerking off his cock to spray cum all over her breasts and stomach.

Jenna and Hannah were both six months pregnant. Every night they slept spooning each other protectively, stroking each other tenderly and lovingly. Hannah had jet black hair and green eyes. Her skin was milky white, with multiple tattoos. She had Jenna’s initials tattooed on her right ass cheek. She had a lip ring and a tongue piercing, and also a belly ring and two micro dermal piercings on her hipbones. She was seventeen, the oldest of the girls.

The youngest was Nicolette, a twelve year old ballet dancer with beautiful long blonde hair which Karl kept in a braid. Nicolette was the last girl that Karl had taken, and she had yet to get pregnant. The other girls weren’t even sure if it was possible, since she looked like she hadn’t even reached puberty yet. Her breasts were just tiny soft mounds with little pink bud nipples and she had hardly any hair on her little pussy.

The other two girls were Lucia and Carli who were both thirteen. Lucia was from Cuba and didn’t speak any English. The other girls tried to comfort her, but she shied away from their embraces. She was now two months pregnant. Carli refused to speak, but had latched on to Dasha, clinging to her constantly and crying nonstop when they were separated.

The girls had begun to get accustomed to their new way of life. They didn’t like it, but they weren’t as upset as when it had first started. Karl was only cruel to them when he was raping them. Other than that, he didn’t have much interaction with him, and they were allowed to do whatever they liked in the basement as long as they didn’t make enough noise for him to hear them upstairs.

Things were going well, their pregnancies were progressing nicely. Their bellies and breast swelled up, but they remained skinny and sexy as Karl liked.

Then tragedy struck. Morgan woke up in the middle of the night, clutching her swollen stomach and sobbing in pain. The other girls woke up, hearing her gasps and assuming she was in labor. Suddenly she started bleeding from her vagina. She was laying flat on her back writhing in pain when Karl came downstairs. He put a towel underneath her and instructed her to push. She obeyed, crying out as she did. Karl pressed his hand over her mouth to muffle the noise. Morgan kept pushing and pushing, until finally the baby’s head appeared between her legs. Karl put his hand under its head and helped guide the baby out of her birth canal.

The baby finally emerged, but it was silent. Karl cleaned the fluids away from its skin and they saw that the baby was blue and not breathing. It was a girl. Morgan had told the girls that she would name a girl “Alexis”. Karl took the stillborn baby Alexis upstairs. The girls guessed that he disposed of her somehow. Morgan sobbed endlessly for the rest of the day. Even though the baby had been made under undesirable circumstances, she was still attached to her, having carried her in her womb for eight months.
The next day, Karl came downstairs, angry.

“You killed my daughter,” he growled at Morgan. “You filthy little slut, you killed my baby.”

Morgan tried to protest, but Karl slapped her hard across the mouth. He dragged her across the room to where he’d put a dog cage. He put a dog collar around her neck and locked her inside. There was barely enough room for he, so she had to crouch down on her hands and knees to fit. He attached a chain to her collar and hooked the other end to the top of the cage. Then he went around to the back of the cage and stuck his dick in through a hole. He shoved himself into Morgan’s vagina and began pumping hard into her. At the same time he forced his fist inside her ass, punching it inside her. The other girls watched in terror as Karl came inside her over and over until cum was spilling out of her. He finally finished, leaving Morgan in a sobbing heap, and then began using the other girls.

Karl left Morgan in the cage overnight. He didn’t feed her for the next week so she would lose the belly fat from the pregnancy.

Lucia curled up in a ball, rocking herself back and forth, mumbling in Spanish. The other girls were terrified that they too would miscarry and be tortured like Morgan was. Dasha would be the next one to give birth, followed in a month by Jenna and Hannah, and then Lucia and finally Carli. On one hand, they hoped Nicolette would get pregnant so that Karl wouldn’t be angry, but on the other they really didn’t want another girl to be kidnapped.

Then, a week after Morgan’s miscarriage, Nicolette’s pregnancy test was positive.

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