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Superheroine Volunteers To Get Raped To Catch Rapists
M & M

Rape Bait

Chapter One

The Mayor’s Rape Plan & Negotiating A Cuckolding


The following story contains elements of an adult nature, and those under 21 years of age, or those who are offended by graphic fighting, bondage, non-consensual sex, rape and wonderfully extreme promiscuity, should read no further.

Everyone else, please proceed and enjoy the plights of our heroine’s as they look incredibly voluptuous, gorgeous and scantily clad, while they strive to make society safe from evil doers and, too often, get beaten, raped and totally debauched by their repulsive, disgusting opponents, in the pursuit of their worthy goals.

1. Rapist’s Sex Bait & Arranging For Payback (Cuckoldry):

Mike heard his secretary’s voice on the intercom announce, “The Governor is on line 2 for you Mr. Mayor.” Mike grabbed the phone and greeted his long-time political leader, ally, friend, and the Godfather of the Democratic Party, “Hello Governor.”

Bill’s voice boomed out in response, “Hey, mother fucker, those god damned rapists in your city have got me in a hell of a bind.”

“Ever since day before yesterday when State Senator Weiner went public with the claim that his wife was raped and beaten up by three guys in one of those cheap, fleabag motels you’ve got down there in San Diego, I have been getting nothing but grief from every newspaper, TV station and do-gooder in the whole god damned state.”

The angry Governor blustered on, “Of course that bastard Weiner didn’t bother to tell the press what really happened. That his wife let herself be lured to the motel room to cheat on her little dicked husband, and her blind date turned out to be three perverted rapists.”

When the aggravated Governor stopped to take a breath, the Mayor interjected, “Sorry about you getting caught up in this storm of bad publicity, Governor but, believe me, I have been catching the same kind of flack down here.”

“Well I don’t want to hear about your god damned problems, Mike, I want you to get off your ass and do something to catch those MILF fuckin’ rapists and get the heat off of me, and quick,” he barked. “This is an election year and I don’t need this kind of shit, right now.”

Choking down a shot of whiskey, the Governor went on, “Now have you got some quick answers as to how you are going to catch these assholes and get things back to normal, where it’s safe for wives to go out and cheat on their husbands in cheap motels, without the fear of being raped by some mother fuckin’ pervert?”

“Yes, Governor, I have come up with a plan that I guarantee is going to work, and I have already started putting it into action. And, my friend, I know that it is a plan that you are going to approve of, and enjoy the hell out of,” Mike promised.

“Great, tell me what you’re going to do, old buddy, and make me feel better about all this crap,” the Governor urged, his curiosity peaked?

“I am going to use one of our super heroines as sex bait to catch the pissant rapists, in the act of committing the crime,” Mayor Mike declared, proudly.

After spending a few moments savoring what the Mayor was proposing, the Governor’s face broke out into a broad grin and he said happily, “God damn I love the sound of the words superheroine sex bait and perverted rapists being used in the same sentence.”

“I thought you would,” Mike laughed, “that’s why I decided on using a superheroine as the cornerstone of my plan.”

Continuing to mull over the Mayor’s superheroine idea in his mind, the Governor asked, “By the way Mike, just to be perfectly clear, I am assuming that, by offering up the superheroine as sex bait, you mean that she is going to get beaten, fucked and be forced to perform all sorts of filthy sex acts, while she’s helping us catch these sick perverts?”

“That is exactly what I mean,” the Mayor crowed. “I knew that dangling one of our super babes out there as rape bait was exactly what you would want me to do, you raunchy, womanizing old SOB. I figured that, for the amount of flack we are catching, we deserve to have ourselves a little X-rated fun while we’re solving this problem for the citizens of our beloved state.”

“Damn, Mike, I love it. It’s hotter and dirtier than hell. Now tell me which superheroine you are planning to use for this disgusting, depraved job,” the Governor asked eagerly.” “None other than The Blonde Avenger,” Mike proclaimed.

“Oh man, what a perfect god damned choice. That smoking hot bitch has the best body I have ever seen. The rapists are going to love working that gorgeous, statuesque, super-hot bitch over, and degrading the hell out of her.”

The excited Governor hurried on, “Damn, I have been wanting to sink my gourd into that magnificent slut ever since I saw her super stacked curves, for the first time, at some fuckin’ awards banquet that one of those hair-brained, pansy sniffing, Hollywood “save the world” groups put on.”

”I remember, just like it was yesterday, that she was wearing a tiny little gold costume that showed off so much of her flesh that she looked like she was a walking advertisement for tits, ass and thighs.”

“Every cock in the whole god damned place had a boner, even the homos. She had such a sensuous look on her erotic face that it looked like she was begging to have a cock stuck in her mouth,” the Governor drooled, rubbing his crotch at the vivid memory.

His mind now racing, the Governor suddenly asked, “Damn, Mike, if I remember my facts right, isn’t she the one who’s married to that frigging asshole, Saul Feinberg.”

“You got it right, Bill, she’s Saul’s incredible beyond belief, trophy wife,” Mike confirmed.

“And wasn’t she your girlfriend, a long time ago?” “Yes she was.” “And didn’t you tell me that she fucks even better than she looks?”

“Best fuck I ever had, bar none, and her blow jobs are absolutely indescribable. The gorgeous honey even makes shaking hands sluttier than hell.”

The Governor’s demeanor suddenly brightened, and he said, “God damn, what a lucky fuckin’ break this rape problem might turn out to be for me.”

“Her being the wife of that rich Republican smartass could mean that I can take advantage of this rape epidemic situation and get me some payback for that shithead Feinberg always giving me a hard time, publicly,” he howled into the phone with glee.

His deeply felt anger returning, the Governor went on, with a nasty streak of venom, “As you well know, for years that lousy bastard, Feinberg, has given me nothing but grief with his non-stop public criticism of me and everything I do. Plus the pompous ass has financially supported my opponent in every election I’ve been in, and has never given my campaign a god damned nickel.”

Again choking on his anger, an anger that was apparently caused mostly by the fact that Feinberg had never put any money in the Governor’s coffers, the riled up Governor asked, “Does that rich prick know that his wife is a superheroine?” “Absolutely,” the Mayor affirmed.

“So the arrogant Republican, piece of shit is going to know that we have his wife staked out as sex bait for the rapists, and that she is going to get fucked over, but good, while she’s trying to help us catch these vicious perverts,” the Governor asked hopefully?

“Yeah, he will know. She has told me that she tells him every detail of what she does as a superheroine, blow by blow and in graphic detail,” the Mayor assured him. “She says that he loves to hear about all of it, and doesn’t consider what happens to her sexually, as a super heroine, as constituting her cheating on him.”

“Well, shit, that’s a hell of a note,” the Governor responded with disappointment. He thought for a minute, then said, “Well, even if Saul doesn’t consider her super heroine activities as being her cheating on him, at least he is going to know that I am the calling the shots on how his superheroine wife is being used and abused, and that I am the one responsible for making her go through all of the demeaning things she is going to be forced to do by these professional rapist creeps.”

“And knowing that will certainly fry his ass,” he concluded happily, smashing his fist down of the top of his desk, with a vengeance.

Lost in vindictive thought for a few moments, the Governor finally said to the Mayor, “Mike, if the Republican prick thinks that his wife’s superheroine activities don’t constitute cheating on him, then in order for me to be able to cuckold him, she’d have to agree to let me fuck her in her civilian role.”

“Sounds like that is the only alternative you’ve got, Bill,” the Mayor answered, nodding his head. “Well I’ve got no problem with that. She’ll just have to get fucked both ways, and I will enjoy making sure that the gorgeous cunt gets it both ways.”

With malice of forethought, he went on, “Well, there is no reason to waste any time. Since we are going to be working very closely with Mona, to solve this rape problem, there is no better time than today for me to nail her fantastic body and cuckold that Republican shithead, but good.”

Now having his thoughts crystal clear in his mind, the Governor went on excitedly, “So Mike, let’s do this, ole buddy. I am at my ranch about 20 miles north of you, and I’ll be free for the rest of the day, beginning at 2PM. You drive up here and meet me, then, and tell that gorgeous, blonde, superheroine Cunt to have her package of sex goodies here at the same time.”

“Then the three of us can have a nice little sit down meeting and discuss the full scope of your sex bait plan to catch the rapists. You can go over, with the two of us, all the dirty details of what her responsibilities will be, in performing her “I get fucked” rape bait role,” he said, with a ghoulish sound of pleasure in his voice.

“Now while you are telling us everything about the plan, I want to be feeling Saul’s trophy wife up and then proceed on to violating every hole she's got, as I cuckold the hell out of her Jew bastard husband,” he said menacingly.

Speaking almost like a Mafia Boss, the Governor said, “By cuckolding the Republican hot shot bastard, I will prove again that nobody gets away with opposing and attacking me, Mike, and those who do try, end up paying one hell of a price for doing so, or at least their wives do.”

The impassioned Democratic Party Godfather then quickly softened his tone and said to his closest friend; “Now, Mike, I am going to need your help to pull this cuckolding off.”

“I know that you still have a thing going for your former girlfriend, The Blonde Avenger, but for me to get to do what I have in mind for today, I am going to have to count on you to sweet talk her into giving it up to me, and letting me cuckold her asshole husband. Now can I count on you to do that for your old political buddy?”

Mike let out a loud guffaw, and said, “So you are telling me that you want me to pimp her out to you?” “Yes,” the Governor admitted, just a little chagrined.

“Well, of course I will, Bill. You know I am on your team, first and foremost, and that no hot fuckin’ piece of tail will ever get in the way of that. I’ll pimp the gorgeous Cunt out to you, no matter what my feelings might be for her, and you can ball the hell out of her, any way you want, and I’ll watch you do it,” he promised his leader.

“Fantastic, now do you think that you can talk her into doing this on such short notice,” the Governor asked hopefully.

“Well, it may take some real arm twisting, on my part, but what will help me be persuasive with her is the fact that, being the pure female prick teaser that Mona is, when she finds out that a Governor wants her to give it up to him, I know that her ego won’t let her pass up the opportunity of adding you to her list of sexual conquests. Even if it means cuckolding her husband with someone he truly hates,” Mike said confidently.

“Even a woman as beautiful, confident and experienced as Mona, can’t ever pass up the chance to let a powerful man, who wants her body, real bad, take her and use her any way he wants too.”

“When it gets right down to it, like every other truly gorgeous, stacked woman, Mona, no matter her accomplishments, is a still a Cunt who can’t overcome the fact that she was put here on earth to be fucked, especially by powerful men.”

“So knowing all about her natural female vanity and ego weakness’s, ones that are shared by all females, I am positive that, with a little shove from me, she’ll give in to the temptation of you wanting to do her, and will end up agreeing to give you all the gratification you want, by willingly cheating on her husband, with you, and letting you cuckold the hell out of him, in spite of the fact that she knows that Saul hates your guts,” Mike explained to his mentor. “Believe me; the Cunt won’t be able to help herself.”

“So don’t worry about a thing, Governor, I am almost positive that Mona and I will be at your ranch at 2PM today and that it won’t be long after that, before you’ll have your shaft buried in some part of her body, cuckolding her husband like the god damned vindictive vulture that you are.”

The emboldened Governor, leapt out of his chair and yelled into the phone, “God damn I love the way all these gorgeous, round-heeled sluts think. The stupid bitches just have to give it up to a celebrity, no matter what. Jesus, is it ever great to be the Governor of California,” he laughed uproariously, with his hand wrapped around 12 inches of thick, rock solid meat.

2. Negotiating For A Cuckolding / The Cuckolding Wins:

The Blonde Avenger had showered, dried off, and then stepped into a pair of silky white bikini panties, put on white short-shorts, and then added a skimpy halter top and a pair of four inch, high heeled wedges to complete her home hottie outfit, when her secret cell phone rang.

She hit the on button and said, “Hello,” then heard a very familiar male voice say, “Hi, baby, how is the world’s most beautiful and best stacked woman.”

“Well I am just fine when I hear compliments like that, Mr. Mayor,” Mona purred sexily to her close friend and former lover.

“They are well deserved you sexy god damned fox,” he assured her, then added “and are you taking good care of my favorite pussy?”

“Of course I am, Mike, you know that I always do that,” she teased, “But I’m glad that you’re still interested in it.”

“So tell me, Mr. Mayor, are you calling just too sweet talk me, or do you have something else on your mind,” she asked teasingly?

“Unfortunately I have much more serious problems on my mind today,” he answered grimly. Then he asked, “Have you been seeing all the uproar in the news about the cheap motel rapes that have been going on all over San Diego?”

“Of course I have, it is on the news practically 24 hours a day. Is it as bad as the media makes it out to be,” she asked?

“Yes it is, and that is what I am calling you about. The press is after my ass about this rape epidemic and the Governor is catching all kinds of flack about it, as well. He is absolutely livid, and is demanding that I do something about it, and quick, so that he can get his ass out of a sling, with the election being so near,” Mike stated flatly.

He went on, “So I need your help with this thing, real bad, baby. I have put together a sex crime task force to deal with catching these rapists and I need you to take the lead role in making my plan work,” he informed her. “And, to be blunt about it, I am counting on you to fuck our way out of this problem.”

“Oh Mike, you make my rapist catching roll sound so tantalizingly wicked,” she laughed sexily. “You know that I will do anything you want me to do to get you and the Governor out in this crisis, no matter what it might take. So please tell me exactly what you have in mind for me to do in the lead role.”

“Well, first let me say that you are absolutely perfect for the job, and I knew that I could count on you to do this for me, baby. Now, specifically, my plan is to use you as sex bait to lure these damned rotten bastards into a trap, then let them clearly demonstrate, by the filthy, perverted things they do to you, that that they are really rapists.”

“All of the nasty things that they make you do will be captured on film, and that film will be used in court as evidence to put them away for good.”

“Now all of our reactive steps are already moving very fast and I have put a lot of actions into motion at the task force’s offices and, if things go as I think they will, your first rape bait assignment will probably come tomorrow night,” he advised her.

“Wow, it sounds like I will have my hands full in the rape bait sex role,” she said excitedly.”

Mike wryly corrected what she had just said, “No baby, it is going to be more like the rapists will have their hands full of you and you will end up being full of the rapists.”

“Now, my dear, this rape crisis matter is so important that the Governor is going to be directly involved in the conduct of the project and, in that capacity, he wants us to meet with him out at his ranch at 2PM today. He wants me to give him a heads up on the nitty gritty details of the plan, especially the part about what you are going to be doing.”

“So first I need to know if you can rearrange your schedule so that you will be able to meet me at the Governor’s ranch this afternoon.” “Of course I can Mike,” she responded, without hesitation.

“Wonderful. Now, to tell you the truth, sweetheart, the primary reason the Governor wants to have this meeting with us today, is so that he can meet you in person.”

“He has seen you on TV and in newspaper photos and from a distance, and he has been very, very impressed with your accomplishments and even more impressed with your body. Based on that, he wants to get to know you better, today, on both a professional and a personal level. And, honey, I do mean a whole, whole lot better,” Mike warned her.

“Wow, I am very flattered that a powerful man like the Governor wants to meet me up close and personal and really get to know all about me. It is going to be a real honor for me to meet him in the flesh,” she cooed excitedly.

“Let me ask you a question, beautiful,” Mike said. “Okay, fire away,” she responded. “Have you ever done a Governor before?” “No I haven’t, as a matter of fact,” she admitted.

“Well, would you like to do one today and add another powerful man to the many celebrity notches you already have in your belt? Because, if you are interested, you are going to get the opportunity to bag the Governor this afternoon at his ranch,” he advised her. “He really has the hots for your body, baby.”

Mike could tell from the pregnant pause on the phone line that Mona was intrigued by the idea of getting banged by the Governor, and was mulling it over in her mind, very carefully.

Seizing on this moment of opportunity, he said, “Now don’t make a hasty decision, baby, and while you are thinking this proposition over, why don’t you rub your clit and finger your pussy a little for me.”

“Okay,” she responded, almost absent mindedly, and quickly ran her free hand down inside of her short-shorts and panties, then slipped two fingers into her already dampening twat, and began strumming her clit with her thumb, as she thought over what Mike had just told her.

He could hear her begin to breathe more rapidly, so he quickly interjected, “Also keep in mind, Mona, that the Governor will probably be the President of the United States very soon, something that will put him first in line of the checkered list of celebrities that you have let screw you.”

She finally responded, “Well, that is a very tempting offer, Mr. Mayor and, under any other circumstances, I would jump at the chance to give myself to the Governor, and possible future President, and let him pleasure himself with me.”

“But, as you know, my husband hates the Governor with a passion and I know that the Governor hates him equally as much, or maybe even more so. Therefore, I would be really be letting Saul down, badly, if I did it with the Governor, so I am going to have to pass.”

Mike responded, “I’ll vouch that they do hate each other’s guts, baby, but would you consider doing him as a personal favor to me? It would help me out with the Governor and it would greatly help my political career when he becomes President.”

“Damn, Mike, you are asking a hell of a lot of me,” she responded. “I know, baby, but keep in mind that your husband never needs to know that you let the Governor put the meat to you and made a cuckold out of him,” Mike responded.

“I also want you to know that the Governor’s reputation is very accurate. The big bastard not only looks like an even uglier version of our former president, LBJ, he is also hung like LBJ, too.”

“You’d be getting to service 12 inches of super thick cock meat and, as crude as he looks and acts, the Governor really knows how to give a woman a first class, raunchy fucking that she won’t ever forget,” he promised her.

After a slight pause he added, “Not only that, in the job I have planned for you with the sex crime task force, you’re going to be sex bait for the rapists and, in that role, you’ll be playing like you’re a cheating wife. So fucking the Governor today would give you some current, first-hand experience at being an unfaithful, round-heeled, Cunt wife, who is giving it up on the side.”

“So what do you say, baby, will you relent for me, and take this opportunity to add the Governor to your “I have fucked him” list?”

As she continued to stir her now oozing honey pot, having added a third finger to the action, Mona reminded herself, again, that letting the Governor fuck her, and make a cuckold out of Saul, would be an awful thing to do to her husband.

Wanting to do the right thing for her husband was the basis for the moral high ground position she had taken when she had rejected the Mayor’s offer that she let the Governor screw her.

Mike’s having cunningly added the additional bits of tantalizing information had made her pause and reflect on the wisdom of her moral high ground stance.

Now she was finding out that the things Mike had tempted her with were beginning to slowly tilt the equation in the Governor’s favor.

After all she had always had a natural weakness for huge cocks. And how many girls got the opportunity to fuck a man who might become the President of the United States. Plus, Mike was right, it would be good to get a little practice in at being a cheating wife.

The more she rationalized the more she felt her resolve weakening, and she was now beginning to lean more and more in favor of letting herself get screwed and giving the Governor the satisfaction that he so badly wanted to get from cuckolding his sworn enemy -- her husband.

Her fingers now dripping with her hot cuntal juices, she determined that the Mayor had been right; Saul would never know that she had cheated on him with someone he hated. Wavering mightily, she worked her clit hard and slipped a very wet middle finger into her anus.

The talented fingers, and the overwhelming temptations, finally drove her over the edge and she finally gave in to her ego driven need to have such a powerful man rutting between her legs, especially one who was a possible future President, with a 12 inch cock, who was dying to have her give it up to him.

Faithfulness having lost out, she breathed into the phone, to the anxiously waiting Mayor, “I’ll do it!”

The tension released from the Mayor’s body and he said, “Fantastic, baby. I knew that you would make the right decision. You have just made the Governor and me very happy men. Getting to put the meat to you and making a cuckold out of your husband is going to make the Governor’s day,” Mike enthused. “Thanks baby, this means a lot to me. I’ll see you at the ranch at 2PM.”

“I’ll be there, hot to trot,” she promised, then blew him a kiss and hung up the phone. Very pleased with her decision, she slid a second finger into her anus, thumbed her clit a few more times, and then climaxed with a deep, shuddering moan of pure animal passion.

Panting in climaxial heat, Mona pulled her hand out of her short-shorts, stuck her slick, tasty fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean, while she scolded herself for being such a very bad girl - again.

Mike immediately called the Governor and announced, “Great news, Chief, the temptation to bag you won out over being a faithful wife and Mona is going to let you boink her brains out and cuckold the hell out of her husband, just like I predicted.”

“Fuckin’ fantastic, ole buddy. You were right, all these fuckin’ broads are stupid Cunt’s when it comes to celebrities. Thanks for the great work of pimping her out her to me, I owe you, big time.”

“Boy it is going to be so good and dirty and gratifying for me to fork that fine bitch’s body and cuckold that pompous assed, Republican husband of hers while I’m doing it,” he laughed uproariously. “Talk about doubling your pleasure, it don’t get any better than this!

3. Mona’s Daughter / Prick Teasing To Incite A Gang Bang:

Simultaneously with her mother agreeing to let the Governor screw her brains out and cuckold her husband, her luscious daughter, Margie (the superheroine, Red Ryder), was lying on her back, on her bed, naked, her knees drawn up to her shoulders, with her thighs spread wide.

In her hand she had a long, narrow, lubricant dispensing, vibrating dildo. She inserted the tip of the pleasing instrument into her tight pussy, shoved it in deep, then pressed its plunger down, and squirted a little KY jelly out of the slit in the dildo’s head and into her warm cuntal channel, and then began stirring it around, slowly and sensuously.

This was being done to prepare her vaginal channel for the gang banging it was schedule to receive from three lusty Italians, just a few short hours from now.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth open, as she prepared her twat to be fucked today and, as she stirred herself, she began thinking about last week’s events that had led up to her having agreed to be the hostess, and starring female receptacle and performer, at today’s, no holds barred, orgy session.

Her industrial equipment salesman husband, George, had a big customer, whose plant was located right outside of San Diego. He was scheduled to meet with the customer’s representatives at noon today, to work on finalizing his proposal to sell them millions of dollars’ worth of manufacturing equipment. At his boss’s insistence, he was taking Margie along with him, today, to meet the customer company’s owners.

What George didn’t know was that his boss, Sergio Pensotti, knowing full well that George would never be able to close the deal by himself, had drafted Margie to use her amazingly statuesque body and abundant sexual charms, to encourage and convince the owners of the customer company to sign a contract with George’s company, and thereby enable him to earn a sales commission of over $50,000.

This was something George’s boss had called on her to do a few times before, when one of George’s important customers had needed of some sexual bribery to persuade him to close a deal with George, in spite of his incompetence as a salesman. Today was another one of those cases.

So last week, knowing the unfailing visual and sexual impact that Margie’s astoundingly curved body had on men’s cocks and brains, George’s boss had set up a luncheon meeting with the customer’s three Italian owners, in a private room in a local club. As a stimulating surprise for them, he had taken Margie along with him, dressed in the tightest, most revealing, flame red dress she had.

When the Italian brothers had seen her come into the restaurant with Sergio, they had been awestruck. She looked like a dark red haired Kim Kardashian, with a much, much better body and ass, but with that same beautiful and erotic “fuck me” face.

They were even more surprised when Sergio had told them that she was George’s wife. They couldn’t believe that such a slow-witted dork like George could possibly have landed such a stunning, superbly stacked, trophy wife like she was.

As they had ogled her absolutely stupefying body, George’s boss had gotten right to the point and had made them an offer he knew that they couldn’t refuse - if they signed the contract with his company for the new equipment, the dazzling, amazingly lush bodied, salesman’s wife would show them her appreciation by letting them fuck her any and every way they wanted.

While George’s boss had been explaining his offer to the Italians, Margie had been trying to keep from barfing.

The three brothers were all very short, under 5’6”, were heavy-set and they all had the typical, loud-mouthed, obnoxious, short man’s complex. In her five inch stiletto heels she had towered over them, a circumstance that had made their crude attitudes and antics become even worse.

The Italian sleaze balls had not only turned out to be rude and crude, they were also as ugly as sin. Looking at the trio of repulsive jerks, it had been painfully obvious to her that she was going to have to earn George his commission, the hard way.

That challenging fact had been made perfectly clear to her, during the luncheon, when she had heard George’s boss announce to the three sweating, oily, garlic smelling brothers, “I know how rotten you assholes like to treat women, so I want you to know that Margie, here, in order to get you to sign the contract, is ready and willing to take any kind of nasty abuse you boys want to hand out to her.”

“So, if you rotten assholes sign the contract, she’ll be here next week, eager to fulfill your every nasty and disgusting demand. You won’t have to hold anything back with her, you can just go ahead and make this fantastic body of her’s really earn her husband’s commission for him,” he encouraged them.

“And, believe me, the commission George will get is large enough to make her more than willing to put up with your raunchy behavior and perform any dirty sex act that you want her to,” Sergio added, with a flare.

The only rule that you have to agree to follow is that you will only slap her with an open hand. But you can slap the hell out of her, while you’re at it,” Georges’ boss threw in, with a knowing wink.

As the three dumb-founded brothers were digesting what they had just been promised, in order to give them an additional, very graphic, hands-on inducement to accept his proposition, George’s boss had let the trio of Italian pigs pass her around and feel her up and do everything to her body that they possibly could, but stick a cock in it.

She had spent the next three hours being kissed, fondled, bitten and fingered by the three dark-skinned, greasy, total jerks, who had been unbelievably callous and verbally abusive, as they handed her around like a piece of raw meat, and totally violated all of her orifices with their fingers.

Whenever she wasn’t planted in one of their laps, getting manhandled, she had been sitting on their hands, with the guy’s fingers stuffed up into her two lower channels, being made to squirm around on the stiff digits that were probing her moist orifices, and fuck herself with them.

This irresistible, private room luncheon, prick tease job had worked like a charm, as it always did and, at the end of the grossly erotic foreplay session, the three brothers had readily agreed to sign the contract in exchange for an afternoon of gang banging, during which they intended to totally debauche their equipment supplier’s salesman’s superbly curved wife, and treat her like the company whore that she was.

After the physically and mentally demanding luncheon, she and Sergio had left the club, gotten in his rental car, then had driven back to his hotel in San Diego.

Watching her get pawed and explored by the Italian oafs, for three hours, had given George’s boss a boner that wouldn’t go down. When they were on the highway, he had grabbed her by the back of the neck and shoved her face down into his crotch and demanded, “Alright you god damned prick teasing, over-stacked whore, suck me off and give me some relief before my nuts explode.”

She had fumbled around and gotten his large pecker out, then had gone down on it hungrily. Having had her two lower clits stimulated, and her pussy and anal passage wildly penetrated for three hours, had gotten her so hot that she needed relief as badly as Sergio did.

Lying face down across the front seat of the car, she had one hand wrapped around the base of Georges bosses cock, holding it steady, while her month bobbed up and down on the rigid weapon, giving it a complete, drooling deep throating.

Her other hand was thrust between her legs and her fingers were massaging her camel toe clit, frantically seeking a much needed climax.

Her cocksucking had been so hot that Sergio had to pull the car over onto the shoulder of the highway and park it, in order to keep from having a wreck.

As he watched her suck on his meat, he saw lights begin to flash and, in the rearview mirror, he saw a police cruiser pull up behind his car.

Sergio knew that they weren’t breaking any laws of any kind, so he put his hand on the back of her head and kept her sucking.

Soon he saw a big cop get out of the cruiser and walk up beside the driver’s side door.

Sergio rolled down the car window and she heard the cop ask, “Everything okay, buddy?”

“Absolutely”, Sergio responded. “Good, I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t having any problem with your car,” the cop responded pleasantly.

“No everything is just fine, I just pulled over to make sure I wasn’t a danger to the other vehicles on the road,” Sergio assured him.

The cop looked down at the top on the bobbing head and said, “Well I can see why your decision to pull over was a wise one. Damn your honey is really going after it, ain’t she? Looks like a beaver going after a tree trunk.” “She certainly is,” Sergio replied.

“Who, may I ask, do you have sucking your cock,” the cop asked with curiosity. “One of my employees,” Sergio told him.

“Good for you, tiger, the stuff inside the company usually suck the best and they give you the least amount of problems,” the cop observed.

“Boy, from the sounds she’s making with her mouth, this sure ain’t the first time she’s sucked a cock,” the cop said, impressed.

He leaned down and looked her prone body over, then said, “Wow, congratulations partner, she has got some kind of body on her. And, god damned, what an ass she’s got. I bet she fucks as good as she sucks.” “She sure does,” Sergio assured him.

Sergio, at a point of no return said, “Excuse me officer, but I’ve got to shoot my wad.”

“Go right ahead, buddy, but how about telling your cocksucker to keep your load in her mouth and, after you’ve emptied your balls into it, pull her head up and let me see how much of your spunk she has captured.”

“You heard the man baby,” Sergio said, as his cock exploded in her mouth.

When his climax was over, Sergio grabbed her hair in the hand he had on the back of her head, and lifted it up for the cop to be able to see her face and mouth.

The cop looked down into her open mouth and could see Sergio’s cum load swishing around in her mouth and covering her tongue.

The cop asked Sergio, “How about getting her to tilt her head back and gargle that jism real good?”

“Great idea,” Sergio responded. “Do it,” he ordered. She did and they both watched her gargle and make cum bubbles, as she churned up the thick, milky cream.

The cop said, “Okay, babe, now swallow it down.” She chug-a-lugged the aerated spunk down her throat and, that large gulping swallow, combined with the fingering she had been giving her clit, caused her body to shudder, as a full climax passed through it.

The cop said, “Damn she is really a hot one. Baby, how about sitting up and letting me get a good look at you.”

She did. “God damn would you look at those tits,” the cop exclaimed. “That is some kind of fuckin’ spectacular rack she’s got. Good for you, buddy,” the cop said, in admiration, “you have caught yourself a real winner, here.”

The cop had then pulled a business card out of his pocket and handed it across to her, saying, “Honey Chile, if you ever get into any trouble in this neck of the woods, give me a call and I’ll take care of it for you, in exchange for you treating me to some sex with that hot body of yours.”

He had then shaken Sergio’s hand and said, “Thank you sir, it has been a genuine pleasure to meet both of you, but especially the chick. Drive carefully now, you hear.”

At that point she snapped out of her trancelike thoughts about last week’s events, opened her eyes and closed her mouth, removed the dildo from her well stirred pussy, then returned to her preparations for today’s multi-partnered sex event

4. Tell The Hubby About Everything But His Cuckolding / Then Prepare To Do It:

Her hot climax completed, Mona had hung up the phone, brushed her hair, and then ran down the stairs to her husband’s study in her skimpy short-shorts outfit.

It was Thursday morning, the day each week that she and Saul treated themselves to staying home together in the morning, then having lunch at his private club.

Having committed herself to meet with the Mayor and the Governor at 2PM, she needed to push things along today, to make sure she got to the ranch on time for her fucking.

She entered Saul’s study, went behind his desk, knelt between his knees, pulled out his large cock and guiltily began licking its head as she said, “Darling, that was the Mayor who called. He says he needs me to work on a sex crime task force that he has just set up to catch those rapists who have been in the news the last couple of days.” She ran her tongue up the underside of his already stiff, throbbing tool, to try and keep him distracted.

“I’m not surprised that he picked you. Based on what has been on the news, the Mayor has a real public relations problem on his hands,” Saul opined. “Do you know what he wants you to do on this task force?”

Now anxiously running her tongue over his balls, she fibbed,” I don’t know anything about it yet, darling, but I will give you the full details as soon as I find them out.”

She lifted her face out of his crotch and said, “By the way, this rape problem is so big and important that the Governor himself is going to take a hands on leadership role in this project. He has asked the Mayor and me to meet with him at 2PM today, at his ranch out on Highway 16.”

“He wants the Mayor to go over his rape task force’s plan of action, as well as discuss the details of what my duties will be.” she said, hurriedly, then stuffed his ramrod stiff pecker back in her mouth, guiltily hoping to keep the discussion to a minimum.

But, just hearing the mention of the Governor caused Saul’s body to stiffen, and she heard him say, sternly, “Damn, so the Governor wants to meet with you two at his ranch. That really is something. This project must have an extremely high priority to cause that rotten asshole to get off his lying, lazy ass and actually do something besides hit on broads.”

Then he tilted her head up so he could look her in the eye while she sucked, and said, “You know that I can’t stand that lying, hillbilly crook and that, in return, he hates my guts for always opposing him in everything he does.”

She nodded her head “yes” and worriedly kept on eating cock, emptying her mouth only to free her tongue so that she could verbally respond to him.

Saul paused, then asked, “Have you ever met the Governor before, personally or as a superheroine?” “No,” she answered, happy that she could answer at least one question truthfully.

Luckily for her, Saul didn’t know that the Governor was on the superheroine approval board and, therefore, didn’t know that the Governor knew that she was his wife.

“Well let me take a minute and warn you about our miserable, asshole of a Chief Executive. I have never heard that political hack utter a single word of truth. The slimy son of a bitch would lie to his mother, and he is as crooked a politician as there is in the world. Plus the sleazy bastard is a world renowned womanizer,” he said in disgust.

“So you watch out for him today, because he will try and corner you, make a pass at you and grope you, in hopes of getting lucky. So, for my sake, keep the son of a bitch at arm’s length,” he ordered her.

Considering that she had just committed to letting the Governor cuckold her husband, she felt compelled to pull his cock out of her mouth and blatantly lie, “don’t worry darling, I won’t let him get anywhere with me.”

Saul leaned down and kissed her, then said, “Thank you darling, I just wanted you to know more about the skunk, so you will be prepared to fend him off.”

To quickly change the subject, she said brightly, “Now honey, let’s get down to much more important personal business. What do you want me to wear to the club for you today?”

“As always, I’ll leave it completely up to you to choose your outfit, so surprise me,” he smiled. “Something real hot,” she teased? “Of course,” he responded with a broad grin, “Something real, real hot and tight. We don’t want to disappoint the horny, gawking club members.”

“I will darling, just for you,” she lied again. “By the way, we will need to drive to the club in separate cars, today, because, after we have finished lunch, I will have to drive directly to the Governor’s ranch.”

Continuing, she said, ‘I will carry my superheroine costume in my car and change into it somewhere along the way. Since I don’t know how long the meeting will take, I’ll stop off at Margie’s on the way back and spend the night, and let you sleep in peace.”

She deep throated him a couple of more times, then jumped up, ran upstairs and started going through her closet looking for something the Governor would really enjoy fucking her in.

5. Working For The Muslims / A Religious Experience:

At the same time that her mother was running up the stairs to choose an outfit to be fucked in, Margie, her pussy lightly lubricated, and perfectly prepared to receive and entertain some very large and demanding cocks, shifted her attention to her soon to be plundered anal passage.

Like she had done with her tight twat, she inserted the long, narrow dildo up her ass and shot some KY jelly into it, then gave the, also very tight rear channel, a good, stimulating stirring. As she did it, her thoughts again returned to the rest of last week’s activities, those that had occurred after she had prick teased the three Italians into signing the sales contract with her husband’s company.

After the conclusion of the Italian’s three hour, all fingers, fuck fest, she and George’s boss had left the club and driven to his hotel in San Diego, parked, then had gone up to his room.

While she was freshening herself up, Sergio had placed a telephone call to another room in the hotel. As she was putting her panties and bra back in place, and straightening out her dress, she had heard him say, “We’re here, your excellency. Of course, we’ll be right up.

Sergio had hung up and immediately sat her down and told her, “There are a few things you must know, right this minute. First, our company is owned by an Iranian conglomerate. The President of that conglomerate, Abdul Achmed, is in his suite, upstairs, waiting to see us.”

“Now, Abdul is not only the President of the Iranian owned conglomerate, he is also a leading cleric in the Muslim world, and his fanatical religious followers are militantly dedicated to defeating America, who they consider to be a nation of infidels, and whose women are all considered to be whores.”

“This conglomerate is used by the Iranian Council to provide money to Abdul’s followers to finance their anti-American activities.”

“Abdul himself, in his secular role, is an astute, profit mongering, businessman who is using our company as a tool to run all of our American competitors out of business, in order to help cripple the US.”

“Your great success in winning sales contracts, like the one with the Italians, is helping our company increase its profits and reach its goal of destroying our American business competitors.”

“Because you have done so well, Abdul wants to see for himself the incomparable body and beauty that you use to persuade men to do what you want them to do.”

“Now understand that Abdul is not only a fanatical America-hating, Muslim religious leader, he is also a man. And as a man he has sexual needs. And tonight he wants to see your magnificent body and then sample your world class sexual skills, and use them to gratify himself.”

“For both of our benefits you must come upstairs with me and service Abdul’s needs. And, while you are doing him, you should keep in mind that you will be gratifying the man who has the power to terminate your husband, at any time, and thereby deny you the ability to keep on earning large commissions in the future.”

“There is one further thing you must know. In the Muslim world women have no standing, they are non-entities. Therefore they are treated with complete contempt by all Arab men.”

“So when we are with his Highness, you must ignore his demeaning attitude towards you and the insulting way that he will treat you, and just make the best of the situation and let him do whatever her wants to you. Do you fully understand me?”

Although she absolutely detested the idea of letting an America-hating fanatic, like this Arab cleric apparently was, put his cock in her and use her body to pleasure himself, she fully understood the ramifications of refusing to give it up to him and perform the despicable sex acts he would undoubtedly demand of her.

She and George needed that $50,000 commission very badly, and her refusing to have sex with the Arab cleric would not help she and George, or America.

Thinking practically, she elected to put her principles aside in favor of making sure George got the commission. She would fight America’s battle another day, on her own terms.

She looked up at Sergio’s and said, “Yes I understand completely, so let’s go upstairs and I’ll make sure that he is totally taken care of, in every way.”

Her yes answer in hand, the relieved and pleased Sergio had pulled her to her feet, slapped her on the ass, then had grabbed her by the arm and hustled his superbly bodied whore up to the the Arab cleric’s suite, to be sexually exploited.

As they made their way upstairs, she also knew that another factor had contributed to her making the degrading decision to let herself be hosed by an anti-American Arab cleric much easier.

She was still very hot from the three hours of finger fucking she had endured earlier, and that fact, combined with her having swallow the cum load Sergio had shot down her throat in the car, now had her sexually intoxicated.

In this over-heated condition she would have had a hard time resisting any man who wanted to stick his dick in her. She knew that, as soon as the priest had put his hands on her, she would have had to let the Arab cleric fuck her, anyway, in spite of herself.

Once in the suite, they were taken back to a living room area in which a tall, slender Arab was standing. He was wearing a golden robe that tied in the front, gold slippers and some kind of gold turban headpiece. He looked more like a clown than a powerful Iranian religious leader.

He had a full beard and the look of overbearing arrogance that one has who has always gotten his way about everything. His glowering eyes had a look of absolute contempt in them.

When Sergio had told him who she was, the Muslim leader didn’t even acknowledge her existence. He just looked her up and down and said, “So this is your company’s renowned Cunt. I commend you of finding such a magnificent creature to be your saleswoman/whore. With this spectacular body she looks like she could fuck an army.”

“I can see why she is so irresistible to men and why she has been so successful in persuading them to do business with our company. She is positively superb. I have never before seen such a body as this one.”

Walking around her, he asked, “So tell me, Sergio, how did your star whore perform her task, today?

“Your majesty, she had the three ugly Italian buffoons thinking about nothing but getting to fuck her. She prick teased them until they were ready to give their souls to get a piece of her hot ass.”

“It was no contest, they almost drowned in their own drool as they explored her body, and the deal is signed, sealed and delivered. The only thing left to be done is for her to go back next week and let them fuck her senseless.”

“And, I do mean senseless, your highness. These are three real badasses, who have Mafia connections, and they are going to make her earn every cent of her husband’s sales commission. They intend to wipe the floor with her like she was nothing but a common whore,” Sergio said, shaking his head, with a smile, at the thought of the carnage that they had in mind for her.

The religious leader responded, “What do we care what they do to her. All we want is their signature on the god damned contract. Her husband is making enough money on this deal that she should be willing to put up with anything they want to do to her. Let the SOB’s have their dirty sex fun, at her expense, they deserve it for signing a deal this large.”

Abdul, standing right in front of her, reached in and got her tits out of the top of her dress, squeezed them and pinched her hard nipples, as he asked Sergio, “So her pussy and ass haven’t had a cock in them today, is that correct?”

“No, they haven’t. The Italian’s have primed the hell out of them for you, with their fingers, but you are the one who gets to cock fuck them first.”

With an unreligious gleam in his eye, the very horny Arab cleric said, “Well then, let’s not waste any more time. I want to put my cock in this beautiful American slut and let her demonstrate for me her whoring skills.”

The bearded holy man untied the sash to his robe, shrugged his shoulders and let the robe fall to the floor, leaving him only wearing his turban and shoes.

She had looked down at his member and almost gasped. The Middle-Eastern religious leader had an almost black dong that had to be a good 10 inches long, and was as thick as her wrist. It looked like an elongated beer can with a cockhead on it.

Shaking her head in amazement, she thought to herself, “The Arabs must have a cock size contest to determine who gets to be a cleric, and this guy won.”

She licked her lips and thought, “Damned, I knew that I was going to get fucked tonight, to make the Arab happy. But now I see that I am really going to get fucked tonight.

The cleric said to her, “Get on your knees.” She did. He then stepped in front of her face, grabbed his monster meat pole in one hand and slapped it hard against the side of her face. The rigid tool was very hard and the blow stung her cheek. He repeated the head slaps several more times until her face was red from the cock whipping.

He had then told Sergio, “Get her up on her feet and pull her skirt up to her waist, remove her panties, then put her on the bed, on her knees, with her face down on the mattress.”

She had swallowed hard and said to herself, “Damn, wouldn’t you know it; the very first thing the Arab bastard is going to do is sodomize me with that damn orifice wrecker of his.”

“This is not starting out to be my lucky day! But at least, once he has opened me up with that damn thing, it will turn out to be my lucky day. She had inherited, from her mother, a serious lustful weakness for very large cocks.

Sergio prepared her as the Muslim cleric had instructed, then had watched Abdul step up behind her and put the head of his cock against her anus.

Grabbing her by the hips, he had quickly humped his ass forward and drove a third of his massive organ into her well fingered and loosened anal channel.

This first impaling thrust had caused her eyes to open wide and a long, loud groan gurgled from her lips, as the Arab’s dominator made its first serious impression on her.

The very turned on high priest then began pounding his rigid cock into her anal channel, saying to Sergio, “Ah, my friend, this American bitch has a nice warm asshole and it is very tight. How I love to ass fuck American women in the same way that I want to fuck America. It is more stimulating that Viagra.”

Abdul reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her mane of dark red hair, then jerked her head up and back, and started using the hair like bridle reins, to provide more leverage, as he to plowed his long, fat cock deeper into her swiftly loosening anal passage.

“Slap the white Cunt’s face with your cock, Sergio, while I slap her ass cheeks. It makes me hotter to have these white harlots beaten a little, and hear the sound of their flesh being slapped, while I sodomize their gorgeous asses.”

He then began cursing her in very un-cleric like English, while he continued to stuff his prick even further up her ass, thoroughly and viciously, and truly ball deep.

The pleased cleric said to Sergio, “Ah, my friend, this is how all American women should be. In the worship position, asshole exposed, and having an Arab cock shoved up their ass.”

Sergio nodded his head in agreement and had to admit that seeing his whore postured like this, offering her anus to the Arab cleric, and having a cock that size stuffed into her back channel was truly a stimulating sight to behold.

It hadn’t taken too many slaps by the two men for the cleric to be taken over the edge and blow his seed up her spectacularly curved, now very red welted American ass.

When his gun was empty, the Arab religious leader shoved her off of the bed and put her on her hands and knees. He had grabbed two handfuls of her hair, pulled her up strait, then stuck the cock that had just creamed her anal passage, into her mouth, and made her suck on the dripping, flavorful dip stick, until it was perfectly clean and gleaming with her saliva.

Leaving her on her knees, licking her lips, the two men had gone over to the room bar and poured themselves some wine and sipped it while the Muslim cleric explained to Sergio how the all-powerful Muslims were going to soon be taking over the world, and when they did they were going to make whore slaves of all of America’s beautiful women, and let them only be fucked by the men of Islam; many, many times a day.

After several minutes of crude, anti-American ranting, Abdul’s cock took charge of his brain, again, and he had said, “Now, Sergio, drop your pants and sit on the couch.

When Sergio was in place, the womanizing Arab cleric said, “Now, have her back up to you, then pull her ass down and force her anus down on your cock, until your dong is driven all the way up her ass.

Sergio followed the holy man’s orders and, as hot and juicy as her anal passage was from having the Arab’s huge cock shoved up it, it didn’t take long for Sergio’s cock to be fully buried in her back channel.

Abdul had then ordered her to lift her legs and aim them at the ceiling. Then he had Sergio grab a calf in each hand and split her legs into a wide V, exposing her pussy completely.

The now secular Arab looked at the graphically dirty sex picture that she was presenting, and observed, “Your American whore has a beautiful pussy, Sergio. She would make a perfect white slave for all Muslims to use.”

The stiff pricked cleric had then stepped in front of her waiting twat, as it perched right above Sergio’s, ass imbedded, cock shaft.

The very turned-on, ex camel jockey, had taken his very large cock in his hand and inserted the head into the puffy lipped, pink vagina slit.

The now sex crazed religious dignitary put his arm out and grabbed her behind the neck, for leverage, then, with one powerful thrust, sank his rigid tool half way up into her very wet and excited snatch.

With a groan of deep pleasure, the anti-American Arab had said, “Damn, her pussy feels as good as it looks. It is so god damned hot and juicy. These American women’s cunts are built for fucking. Allah, in his infinite wisdom, designed them all to be whores.”

The overheated religious leader then began rhythmically shoving his huge Iranian boner into her juicy cunt, until he had it in, full depth. Having hit absolute bottom, that gratifying sensation brought a very pleased smile to his face.

With his eyes half closed in sexual ecstasy, the whoremongering Arab priest felt her snuggly fitting pink vagina squeeze his member as it took her, plowing his formidable tool through her molten cuntal juices.

Her own mouth had begun to open in response to the pressure and friction that the two dongs were creating inside of her side by side pleasure channels, and the two men could hear their heated up bitch begin to moan with abject, animalistic pleasure.

Eventually the Arab sexual predator had lost control and emptied his balls into her steaming, very stretched pussy, howling, “Take my seed you hot assed American slut. Praise Allah for providing me with this perfect cunt to fuck.”

After the cleric had sent all of his spunk deep inside of her, he had pulled her off of Sergio’s stiff prick, and put her on her knees then had made her suck his prick clean again.

Temporarily satiated, his holiness had allowed Sergio to get his own boner taken care of by her mouth, the cleaning of that nasty dong resulting in her again swallowing down her throat another full load of Sergio’s thick, sticky ball cream, as she tasted the full flavor of her ass, as she did it.

The two well satisfied businessmen had gone over and sat down on each side of a wooden card table and poured themselves some more wine. The insatiable cleric looked over and ordered her to get under the table. He stuffed his limp penis in her mouth and had her chew on it, while he trash talked America.

While the fanatical cleric assailed Sergio with an anti-American tirade, she had mouthed his empty, slack cock meat, trying to coax the flaccid, shrunken tool back to life.

It took more than fifteen minutes for her very skilled mouth and wet, probing tongue to bring the Arab’s orifice wrecker back to full boner condition, again.

With his Arab pecker meat rock solid again, the Middle-eastern holy man had laid her down on a couch, with her head hanging over one of the couch arms. He had then straddled her head, inserted his cock in her mouth, then had sat down on her face, and started pumping his cock down her throat.

She ate his mouth stretching member for so long that her jaws ached. When his cock finally climaxed, he sent the first volley down her throat. The rest of the jism he shot right into her face. When his fire nozzle hose like cum shots had finished hosing her, she was gasping for air and looked like she had just won first place in a bukakke contest.

As she had knelt there coughing, her face a mask of thick cum, she had again realized that all men were alike, no matter their nationality and no matter what religion they belonged too.

They were male centric jerks who loved to use and abuse beautiful women, of all nationalities, in the raunchiest, most demeaning ways they could think of. And this terrorist plotting religious cleric/businessman was no different.

Abdul had used her body and sexual services, without ever even having said her name, and was sending her home with a body full of Iranian cum and no thanks for her efforts.

As she was still kneeling, licking her cummy lips, the arrogant cleric had grabbed her by the arm, jerked her to her feet, taken her to the door of the suite, opened it, tossed her panties out in the hall, then had shoved her through the door after them, giving her a hard kick in her gorgeous ass, that sent her sprawling across the hall floor.

She had gotten up, picked up her panties and used them to wipe the cum off of her face, then put them back on.

She had then gone outside and hailed a cab. The cab driver had immediately moved his rear view mirror so he could see her body, and his mouth was wide open as he watched her all the way home.

Doing her patriotic duty, she had called the Mayor the next day and told him about Abdul. Mike had told her to keep letting him fuck her while he checked the guy out and he would get back to her later.

That memory snapped her out of her thoughts and she pulled the dildo out of her very primed ass, stuck it in her mouth and licked it clean, then got up to complete her preparations for the commission earning, all Italian gang bang that lie just ahead.

6. Getting Dressed To Be Fucked:

a. The daughter:

At the same time that Mona was running up the stairs to get dressed to cuckold her husband, her breathtakingly luscious, superbly stacked, superheroine daughter, Margie, was busy putting on a sensational, one piece, preposterously tight, yellow summer dress.

This ultimate in prick teasing outfits was shoulder less, the top of the form fitting bodice having an elastic band around it, that securely kept the naughty, very revealing dress in place, just above the level of the nipples of her outrageously large and perfectly formed, braless, jutting torpedo breasts, that were practically spilling out of the top of the dress.

Its skirt barely covered her matching yellow bikini panties and was titillating tight to better show off her magnificent, irresistibly curved ass cheeks. Below the hem of the extremely short skirt, her fully fleshed, superbly toned, perfectly formed thighs were on full, mouthwatering display.

To complete the mind boggling, indecently sexy outfit, Margie had put on matching yellow, 5 inch, stiletto heeled shoes that had straps that wrapped sexily up around her ankles.

b. The mother:

Given the era the Governor was from, Mona decided that he would really like to see her in a garter belt and nylons. That election having been made, she picked out a pale purple, extremely tight, mid-thigh length skirt and a soft, body hugging, matching, extremely low cut, pale purple blouse.

Around her waist she strapped on a darker purple, five inch wide elastic belt that accented her fabulous hips and ass cheeks, as her lower body flared out seductively from her small waist.

Under the deliciously risqu?utfit, she put on a cleavage exposing purple bra and silky, matching bikini panties, whose teasing, pale purple crotch clearly showed the outline of her puffy lipped pussy and very prominent camel toe clit.

To complete the sensationally erotic looking ensemble, she stepped into a pair of pale purple, 5 inch high, stiletto heeled shoes that gave her the look of an, on the prowl for extremely young meat, Cougar temptress.

She stood in front of her full length mirror, hands on her dazzlingly wide hips, and knew that she had picked out the perfect outfit to let the Governor screw her in.

Smiling at her wickedly sexy reflection, she knew that this outfit would bring out the very worst in the potential future President.

She wetted her parted lips, in sexy anticipation of what things might be stuck between them today, and thought, “Men are so easy. They can be driven absolutely crazy by a beautiful woman wearing sexy, slutty clothing, and would make complete fools out of themselves to get into her body.”

“Despite men’s foolish, egotistical thoughts to the contrary, PUSSY’S rule the world,” she laughed out loud to herself, while she stroked hers.

Completely satisfied with the way she had decorated her superbly stacked, outrageously plush body, that she was soon going to soon turn over to the Governor to play with, plunder and debauche, all afternoon, she went downstairs and found Saul waiting in the living room.

She whistled at him and struck a provocative pose, then undulated over and pulled up her skirt, spread her feet and asked coquettishly, “Want to taste a little pussy before we go to lunch, baby?”

7. Leaving To Be Unfaithful:

c. The daughter:

Simultaneously with her mother pulling her skirt up and shoving her crotch in Saul’s face, Margie went into the living room and found her enormously cocked, zero personality, very poor salesman of a husband, George, tying his shoes.

Knowing how much he liked seeing her dressed like this, she struck a sexy pose for him to see, but he was so lost in the thoughts of getting himself ready to go and meet with his customer’s representatives, that he didn’t even notice her.

She knew that she should feel at least a little guilty about being unfaithful to George, today, but she didn’t. She never wanted him to find out about what she was going to be doing today, but a $50,000 commission was at stake, and she was going to do everything she could to make sure that her husband got it, even if it meant letting the Italians fuck her brains out. and use her like a $10 hooker.

The thought about what the Italian’s were going to be putting her through, today, made her think that she needed a stiff drink to really get her in the mood to be molested by the three crude animals.

Of course she knew that the best drink she could have for the occasion would a few shots of hot cum getting pumped down her throat. That was her perfect aphrodisiac and always put her in the mood for any and everything sexual. But since was so uptight, there was no cock available for her to suck off.

Fortunately, as luck would have it, she did have some cum available, right in her own refrigerator. Her twin cousins, Jerry and Larry, had left it with her two days ago, after they had spent several hours trying, unsuccessfully, to get her to commit incest with them.

She undulated over to the refrigerator and pulled out the jar of cum that the horny twins had left behind to tempt her. She took the lid off of the sinful jar, then held it up and looked at the almost full cup of their thick, creamy, incestuous, ball juice.

She scolded herself for even considering committing this form of absentee incest, but then told herself that it was, “any port in a storm,” when you are in desperate need.

She held the cup up to her mouth, tilted her head back then drank it all down in three large gulps.

She put the empty jar in the sink and, licking her cream covered lips, returned to her husband and helped him finish getting ready to go, already feeling the twin’s cup of illicit cum beginning to warm her up to be had.

d. The mother:

Saul had accepted her invitation to eat her crotch and had buried his face into the fleshy pussy lips that were clearly outlined through her pale purple, whore’s panties.

She watched him begin sinking his teeth into what the Governor was soon going to be sticking his big cock in the middle of, and fucking it deep and hard, while he enjoyed the complete satisfaction of cuckolding his hated enemy -- the husband who was currently munching on her excited, very ready to be eaten and plowed, vagina, unknowingly warming it up for the Governor 12’s inch cock to use.

As Mona watched her husband enjoy himself with her hot, tasty twat, she felt somewhat guilty for having agreed to cheat on him with the Governor while, on the other hand, she was feeling a terrific sense of excitement that such a powerful man as the Governor was soon going to be plundering her orifices, with very bad intentions.

She had no illusions about what was about to happen to her. She knew that, to the Governor, she was nothing more than a gorgeous piece of ass that he wanted to exploit and use to get a very gratifying revenge against her husband.

She also knew enough about the Governor to know that he thought that all women were just stupid, round-heeled broads, and that he intended to treat her accordingly and, with that bad attitude, was going to demean and degrade her as a part of his cuckolding revenge.

But her reward for willingly being little more than a whore for him today, was that she will have bagged a Governor. She smiled and thought. “Being beautiful and voluptuous and loose, certainly had its rewards.”

Having reminded herself of the depravity the Governor undoubtedly had in mind for her, she told herself again that what Saul didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him,. A truism that was especially applicable to today’s salacious events, since she was going to really enjoy getting taken apart by the Governor’s mammoth boner.

She did feel guilty enough, though, that she pulled Saul’s head up and leaned down and kissed and licked his wet face.

She was thankful that she had told her husband that she would be spending tonight at her daughter’s home.

That was the only way that she could keep him from finding out that her vagina had been plundered and ravaged, while she had been with the Governor all afternoon.

She didn’t want to have to try and explain why it was in such a fully stirred and completely ravished condition.

Besides she always enjoyed letting her daughter’s magic tongue clean up the mess men always made of her orifices, as only she could do.

8. Pre-Hardcore Activities:

e. The Daughter / Going To The Hotel – The Kid Gets His:

At the same time that Saul and her mother had gotten into their separate cars and left for the club, Margie and George got in their car and started the relatively short trip to his customer’s offices.

With a large volume of her twin cousin’s incestuous cum shots sloshing around in her stomach, Margie was sitting next to her unsuspecting husband, now in a great mood to face the gang fuck that lie ahead for her, this afternoon.

Arriving at their destination, they went in, and it didn’t take long for the Italian’s staff to hustle George out of their office, to spend his afternoon and all the next day, with the plant’s engineers, finalizing his proposal.

As he was led out of the office, the three brothers were slapping George on the back and promising him that they would take good care of his wife, all afternoon, and show her a really, really good time. They also told him that they would take him home the next day in a company car.

When George had left the room, the oldest brother came over to her, with a young kid in tow and said, “In order to avoid any chance of our wives discovering that we are cheating on them with you, my son Orlando is going to drive you to a really out of the way, dive of a hotel and check you in. We will make the trip separately, after you are in the room, and come up the back way to join you.

“Now my son here is only 15, but he is a horny little asshole who has fucked some whores before, so, while you are waiting for us to arrive, I want you to show him a real good time and give him a freebie. Got me, chick?”

“Yes,” she nodded, looking apprehensively at the scrawny, putrid looking little grease ball, who was barely five feet tall and probably weighed 90 pounds.

The father looked at his ugly little runt of a son and said, “She’s a whore, boy, so treat her like one and get you a little of her hot action, while you’re waiting for us to get to the hotel.”

The three Italians watched the boy lead George’s spectacularly curvaceous, preposterously stacked wife out to her car and leave the premises.

As they drove to the hotel, Margie looked the diminutive teen over and thought, Ugh,” to herself, realizing that she was now going to be spending the afternoon whoring herself to four grossly ugly males instead of just three.

She swallowed hard at the nauseating thought, then smiled at her repulsive looking, teen driver, knowing that she had a high paying job to do, no matter how disgusting and humiliating it might be.

Twenty minutes later she was in the cheap hotel room, where she was soon going to be gang banged, in the arms of the 15 year old kid, French kissing and swapping spit with the ugly little Italian teen, just like they were on a hot date. A true beauty and the dwarf scene, as his thin, boney body crawled all over her spectacular curves.

Five minutes later, with her skirt up around her waist, on her knees, with the repulsive, pint-sized, rodent like, teen’s cock stuck in her mouth, sucking it like it had never been sucked before and tasting its nasty, tart precum dribble, as it began to coat her tongue.

f. The Mother / A Teasing Lunch / Meat For Both:

Saul and Mona arrived at the club, were seated and had ordered their food and drinks at about the same time that the three Italians rushed into Margie’s hotel room ready for some very raunchy action, then had to wait their turn while they watched the horny 15 year old finish getting his knob polished by the equipment supplier’s magnificently built, cocksucking, drool dripping company whore.

Saul and Mona’s food came and, with every male in the club trying to get a look up her ultra-tight skirt, some of the lucky ones being successful, Mona stuck a fork full of meat into her mouth while, simultaneously, Margie, still on her knees, teen cum all over her lips and running down her chin, had a full sized Italian cock forked into her mouth. Both of the spectacular women chewed on their respective morsels of meat, with Mona swallowing hers first.

Seated directly across from Saul and Mona, four guys had the perfectly positioned table to be able to see up Mona’s skirt, and they were making the most of it and enjoying the erotic view.

Mona decided to provide them with just what they were hoping for, and every couple of minutes, would recross her legs, slowly, and give them a full upskirt peep at the crotch of her pale purple panties, the frilly tops of her nylons, the garter belt straps and the exposed thigh flesh between the tops of her nylons and the bottom of the panties.

While the four men were watching the risqu?ease show, very closely, Saul got up and went to the restroom. The three ooglers immediately waived to her to show them some more.

So she uncrossed her legs, pulled her skirt up to the tops of her nylons, parted her knees and let them get a full look up under her skirt, then blew them a kiss as she showed them absolutely everything they wanted to see.

Saul returned before the sweaty palmed foursome could do anything other than watch the super-hot tease show. The four, now fully bonered men, all agreed that, the next time she came to the club, without her husband, they were going to hit on her with the expectation of scoring.

Knowing exactly what they were thinking, she smiled. They wouldn’t be successful, but she, being the natural born prick teaser that she was, never tired of getting her ego stroked by showing off her goodies and then having men hit on her with the hopes of getting lucky and nailing what she h ad been showing off to them.

9. The Daughter / Oral Abuse For Openers:

As Mona continued her delicious meal, talked to Saul, prick teased the onlookers and dreamed about her coming sex session with the Governor’s 12 inch cock, her sexy superheroine daughter was addressing the frenzied demands of about 27 inches of thick, hard, dark skinned, very greasy Italian cocks.

Margie quickly found her head and mouth in the middle of a furious penis storm, as the three brothers stood around her kneeling form and took turns sticking their big, dark dongs in her mouth, and fucking it with callous abandon (actually raping it would be more accurate, from her point of view).

When one brother had her gagging on his rampaging cock, another brother would grab her head away from the one with his cock between her teeth in her mouth, then lewdly replace it with his own, then take his turn plundering her mouth, and yelling filthy insults at her, as he did his best to keep her choking by forcing his big tool all the way down her throat, face in pubic hair and ball deep.

The invading cockheads beat against her tonsils, went into the insides her cheeks or down her throat. Having no other alternative she just let them have their way with her mouth and took the oral abuse as best she could, letting them have their raunchy, lewd fun.

Finally they dragged her to her feet by the hair, picked her up and tossed her on the bed, on her back, then grabbed her by the neck and dragged her head over to the end of the bed, where they let it hang off of the edge of the mattress.

One of the brothers walked up and stuffed his cock into her wide open, upside down mouth and rammed his 9 inch dong right down her throat. He popped her tits out of the top of her dress, grabbed a big jug in each hand and used her superb rack as leverage as he fucked her mouth, brutally.

His two brothers got on the other end of the bed, got under her skirt, pushed the crotch of her panties aside, got her knees up, spread her thighs, then began running fingers into her pussy and anus, crudely fucking them both, as she got her face fucked.

As they explored and used all of her orifices, the room was filled with the noise of her oral juices being plowed, accompanied by the glub glub sounds of her mouth sucking on the invading cock, while she gasped for air, as well as the muffled sounds of her moans of pleasure, as she helplessly let them use her, and turn her on.

While she was eating their big, meaty boners, she had soon noticed that the three of them felt like they had a coating of bad smelling olive oil all over their bodies. They were all a little overweight and were sweating profusely, and even the beads of bodily fluids smelled of garlic.

As she looked at the balls that were bouncing against her forehead she realized that she was going to end up slick from their oil, sweat and cum and knew that it would take more than a few showers to rid herself of their stench.

10. The Mother Arrives For The Cuckolding:

At the same time that Margie was orally servicing the Italian’s cocks, the lunch at the club was over. Mona kissed Saul goodbye and got in her Jaguar and started the drive to the Governor’s ranch.

Mona pulled off the road just before she got to the ranch’s entrance and freshened her lipstick, then made sure that her clothing was perfectly in place, ready to be messed up completely by the Governor.

A couple of minutes later she pulled her car up to the front of the ranch’s huge house, parked and got out. She strutted up to the front door, hips swaying provocatively, looking sensational and more than ready to get banged by another celebrity. This time, one who would probably become President of the United States.

As the ranch house door opened for Mona, the third Italian brother was pumping his hot cum shots down her daughter’s cock stuffed throat



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