Suggest You read pt 1 before this one.

It was about 2 months after our last little encounter, and me and our family were going back to our flat, and would be meeting up with nephew's, hopefully Joe too.

My parents were going out with their cousins to a bar, and I had to say at home since I was 14 or 15 and this was a 'no kids' bar, and I was told, 'we'll be back at about 2 in the morning so Joe will be come over if you can look after him', thank God I though. Their car pulled up at about 8pm, and my parents went and little Joe came running in, with his play station and sleeping bag, with a look of excitement and glee on his face.

He was in, and settled, and we watched a few DVD's and played some Grand Theft Auto, we were thoroughly bored by 10pm.

'Let's go the park down the courtyard' I said, 'there's a tree swing', 'cool!' replied Joe, with his little knee high shorts flailing in the background, and a great big badge '11 today!' on his t shirt. He was still tiny, about 4.5 ft and a very petite body and a round lil' butt, still with his swish, long blonde hair, blue eyes and delicate little face.

We proceeded to the park, Joe skipping and prancing along like he had 3 energy drinks. We got to the swing and had a good time for about half an hour, we had the whole area to our selves in a little isolated cove. Joe started to wander about as he had a short attention span, but still in sight, when I heard a 'woah, come look at this!' from him. I jogged over and looked about 'what the heck is it that tree swing will take ages to get down now'. He pointed at a rocky surface under the cover overhang. It was littered with graffiti. 'That's it Joe?', 'no look over at that corner, he giggled'. I looked over and there was a whopping great dick sprayed on the rock, pretty realistic. Joe stared for a bit with a smile. 'Huh huh, it's a willy Joe!' 'yeahhh' Joe replied, and seemingly moved on, but I wanted more, a bulge appearing in my jeans.

'Hey Joe, do you remember when I showed you Mr Willy!', 'haha, Joe chuckled, mmm, yeah, that was ages ago!'. 2 months must have seemed a while to such a small kid. 'The one an the wall is almost as big as yours was!' Joe said jokingly. 'Yeah Joe, it's even thicker than last time', Joe looking at me inquisitively and smiling. 'Well what do you wanna do' Said Joe, in a very slight suggestive tone, smirking. By now I was semi hard, my jeans were restricting, I looked around for somewhere to "settle", and found a low bench 20ft away. We walked over and sat, when Joe was behind I groped my bulge and readjusted my cock upwards. 'Hey Joe, you know that big willy on the stone over there' 'Yeah'. 'Well how about I show you a real big Mr willy right here, smiling at him'. 'What?, here? huh, it was fun last time, chuckling away'. 'yeah Joe, you can see my Huge Mr Willy and feel his hard muscles and big head!'. Joe smiled, and almost demand me whip it out. 'Ok then Joe, ready for my size!' I unzipped my jeans, and unbuttoned the top, and quickly pulled my boxers over my fully hard 7 inch long muscular monster'. It sprung back and stood straight into the air with a perfect little curve. Joe let out another huge laugh, 'yeah, hey there' Mr Willy hug huh'. 'Look how riged it is Joe, and the big fat purple end! 'yeah, it's huge! And even fatter than last time haha'.

'Well then Joe get get your tiny hands round this leviathan!' He reached right over, both of us sat on the bench, I was sat sunk back and my pelvis slightly up to let this boy wonder see my full meat shaft and shiny purple head shining in the moons light'. Joe got half his hand round my engorged cock shaft, rubbing slowly, chuckling away. This time without too much guidance, he pumped it slowly and gripping fairly had, his little hand must have felt like it was jerking an industrial cable!' It felt so good, I hadn't jerked off in about 6 days, so my cock was completely steel rigid. 'Grip it harder Joe, pump Mr Willy faster, right up and down it Joe, feel his full length' 'Mmm, it's rock hard' Said Joe. I could feel his little fingers dip in and rise with my ridges, and 2 or 3 fingers glide over the head, his fist must have been the same size as my helmet!'.

At this point I wanted more, something feeling better, feeling a tiny hand barely covering my girth wasn't enough, but for Joe, Jerking from the base to the head ridge must have felt as long as a barge pole.

'Slow down a bit there Joe' 'Do you know what else you could do to Mr Willy, it will make him happy and even longer!' 'What, what, Joe said anxiously, listening to my authority with Joy' How about you lick and suck my willy's big fat head!'. 'What? Really? I'm not sure, It looks too big to fit in my mouth!'. Joe replied. 'Sure you can you Joe, you can fit the big purple head of Mr Willy'. So I stroked the back of his neck, pulled my boxers a bit further down, and pushed my pelvis higher. We were sat next to each other, Joe almost laying down on the bench next to me, so my cock was in full frontal sight, he was seeing what I was, I didn't want him at the front, my gentle curve will have been awkward. 'Woah' Said Joe 'it's even bigger looking at it like this, he wasn't only a foot away staring slightly down'. 'Well then Joe, just lower your head a bit further so you almost in line with my willy' His head was between my cock and stomach, looking at it like a point of view, with the rest of his body to the right, laying with his belly on the bench, and butt slightly stood up, my cock twitched, it was so hard by now, almost as if the metal was trying to jump out of my skin.
'Ok then Joe', I said, I couldn't see his face now, but he was still giggling waiting for my directions. 'Just my you lips close to Mr Willy's big fat mushroom head'. His face approached it, my hand was grappled round the mid shaft pushing it slightly forward, swelling the head further, pushing nearer to his face. 'ok joe, lick that big ridge bump at the bottom of the fat head, lick up to the tip and then lick all over mr willy's giant head' joe giggled 'ok'. My cock was dry with no pre cum, I never get any of it, but the head was smooth yet hard, and shiny, he's mouth slobbering on the helmet bulge would feel great!'

As Joe's, lips opened slightly, about 3 inches from my cock, his face approaching, he chuckled and stopped 'cwooor, it absolutely Stinks!'. 'Um, erm, well Joe, that means Mr Willy wants you to suck him'. So I pushed my cock head right under his nose, the purple meat tip as big has his mouth. Joe pushed his nose down onto my helmet flesh 'go on Joe take a big sniff!'. He did for about 2 seconds 'pe-u, pwor', and he turned round and waved his hand in front of his nose, 'your fat Mr Willy is stinky'. 'Go on then Joe lick the fat chubby mushroom head'. He turned with excitement and like a bit and giggled, and suddenly licked all over my engorged cock head, sloshing his saliva all around it 'mmm' he muttered, 'it tastes funny, it's all slimy and smelly'. Well Joe, Mr Willy thinks it feels nice, open you mouth really wide and let me ram him in'. 'I'm not sure' said Joe, 'aww, come on, you'll like it'. So he opened his mouth very wide, and moved slightly to the front of me, and I sat up slightly, my cock wobbling about, and I slowly pushed my cock in his lips 'make your you move your teeth and don't bite Joe!', I pushed very slowly, and his lips were widening really far about, his wet lips lubricating my beast, half my head was in now, it felt unbelievable, 'ready Joe, I'll put him in a bit further, and you can feel how massive and fat he is. 'So I quickly pushed my whole head right into his cheek, and he groaned slightly, his saliva oozing down my shaft and glistening in the light'. I slid my full purple head right into his mouth and it was rubbing against his cheek flesh, hard to smooth, what a sight, just 2 inches of my swollen cock head right in his mouth, with a visible bulge on his jaw, with about 5 inches stuck right out'. His tongue slobbered all over the head as his tried to smile a bit, his mouth was fully stretched over my meat, saliva sloshed out of the gaps between my cock and his lips, there wasn't much room, it was like looking at a fat bannana being pushed into a pepsi bottle, with thick juice squelching out of it, 'right Joe, get sucking huge Mr Willy'. He couldn't even do it, his mouth was full with my purple helmet, he just continued to lick, his throat would have been way too small and he would gag all night. 'Ok Joe, just bob your head up and down the big fat end, and lick it all over', He did I said, only a quarter of the head coming out with a gush of saliva, and the back in, pushing is cheek flesh, stretching his mouth. He was quite slow but it felt brilliant, and the sight was unforgettable, I was approaching climax 'quick pull your mouth off Joe and Rub him really fast, he's going to cream like last time'. Joe pulled out, with a great smile on his face 'that felt funny, It stinks real something!'. I didn't want to cum all over this little kids face and in his mouth, we'd save that for another time. So he started pumping my cock that seemed bigger than ever, his hand ramming up and down my whole shaft, the lubrication from his mouth helped 'it feels really slippy' he giggled. His hand was rubbing right from the base, up the the ridge with more concentration here, he's learning, his hand was slopping everywhere, with squelches and saliva all up his wrist and fingers, I squirmed slightly and my cock head seemed to inflate as he squeezed hard and rubbed my thick shaft, his hand barely reaching round it still and I shot a thick wad of Juice right all onto my stomach, avoiding him completely unlike last time. He watched in amazement. I was panting and out of breath, so I quickly pulled up my trousers, 'that was fun Joe, let's go back now, Mr Willy likes you'. Joe was smiling and smelling his hand wipping his mixture of mouth to cock goo, 'yeah, that was fun!' 'Your willy was bigger even fatter than last time, and it was really stinky! Does Mr Willy like me sucking your huge wet smelly Willy?'. 'Yeah Joe, your a certified smelly cock sucker now, we'll have fun again sometime'. Joe looking perplexed at my wording but still smiling as we walked back, sniffing my cock stink and playing with the blowjob juice his his hand!.

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